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Can’t relate

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“Ahem, attention class. I know it’s odd timing but we have a transfer student joining us this semester. You can introduce yourself now.” the homeroom teacher signalled. 
“Uh hello. I’m Fuyumaki Rei. My family recently moved so i had to change schools. Nice to meet you.” Her voice was a bit shaky and she fixed her gaze downwards. She bowed and then walked to her assigned seat. She noticed Nozaki Umetarou who was indeed a familiar face. Her seat was coincidentally right in front of his. 

“Oh Rei! This is a surprise, didn’t know you moved.” Nozaki said in the most nonchalant tone ever. “Yeah cause I didn’t tell you, idiot.”  
“Indeed you didn’t.” 
Class started and with that their conversation ended till they had their lunch break. “So Rei, help with my manga.” 
“Nope.” she rejected with a monotone expression. 
“N-nozaki! Who’s this?” She noticed a tall, good looking red head appear beside Umetarou. He looked like he was either scared shitless or was about to take one, at this point who knew. 
“Ah, we’re childhood friends.” he replied bluntly.

”Eh more like neighbours.” she retorted. 
“Anyways she’s gonna start helping me with my manga. Filling in the parts that need to be inked. It’ll reduce the workload off of everyone else.” 
“You shithead, forcing me to work. I never agreed.” she scowled. Mikoshiba was too awkward to interject in their conversation. Wahh she looks scary; she’s so tall too. The same as me and Kashima but a bigger build...
”Of course there’s a reward!” 
Reward?! Wait why don’t i get anything for working tho? Mikoshiba wondered.

”Hmm go on.” Rei’s interest was now piqued and she finally made eye contact with Nozaki-well it was more like glaring at him. “Chocola—“ “Ok fine I’ll do it. You needn’t say more!” She gave Nozaki a dramatic thumbs up and smirked, and then immediately went back to eating her lunch like the conversation never happened. “Oh right Rei, could you bring some of your figurines? I need some as reference.” 

“F-figurines?! You collect figurines?!” Mikoshiba blurted out in excitement, and then immediately melted into oblivion due to embarrassment. “Y-yea” she was taken aback. Damn he’s awkward huh. And here i thought i was the most awkward person...she thought. 
“Ahh don’t mind him. He’ll warm up to you eventually.” Nozaki explained. “Ah i see.” she sounded disinterested. Warm up to me? What is he a cat?! 

Their almost dead conversation was interrupted by a very shocked Sakura. “N-n-n-n-NOZAKI KUUNN!!” she exclaimed, very, very loudly. “Oh Sakura hi. This is Rei, she’ll be helping with my manga.” Nozaki introduced Rei to a clearly frozen Sakura. Is she...his GIRLFRIEND?! Noooo nozakiiii!!! Sakura silently screamed on the inside. “Hello.” said Rei. “H-hello” stuttered Sakura. 
Damn Nozaki’s friends are awkward. To be fair what could i expect from his acquaintances anyways. Rei thought. 

After school, she went home to bring some of her figurines to Nozaki’s house. Mikoshiba and Sakura were already working intently on the manga before becoming alert and awkward as soon as Rei came to his place.