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Can’t relate

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I fucked up...even though i vowed not to. Mikoshiba whined internally. His goal of not being the nerd he was and embarrassing himself when watching Rei play the otome game was not met; he soon found himself commandeering Rei on the options to choose to get-who he thought to be- the best boy with the best ending. 

"I see you've played the game already. Did you play all the other routes too, i mean, since you know the best ending." Rei casually asked. 

"O-oh no I, uh, read about it online when Nozaki played it.” Mikoshiba’s voice quivered. 
“Ahh i see. Well it was an interesting route to say the least. Didn’t expect an otome game to be that dark.” Rei chuckled.

”Yea i know right! The game has a surprisingly complex and dark plot line for the characters.” Mikoshiba said excitedly and then proceeded to immediately burn up and turn bright red. 

Just then Nozaki interrupted the awkward silence by bringing in the food. “Hey let’s eat now. It’s not gonna taste good if it’s cold.” 
“Thank god, i was starving!” Rei exclaimed. 
The three sat around the table and started eating. 
“So did you guys have fun? Why don’t you talk about stuff you like?” Nozaki randomly suggested. “Uhh what are you my mom? Or are you just high?” 
“Well you’re both into similar stuff. Thought i could use the conversation and atmosphere as reference for characters in my manga.” 
“Well forcing a conversation is just gonna make stuff awkward though.” 
“As if you’re not the awkward one.” Nozaki remarked.

”Haha says the prince of air-headedness.” 

”I could remind you of the many instances of our childhood when yo—“ 

“Okok shut up. We’ll talk.” Rei turned her gaze towards Mikoshiba. “So, are you into anime and stuff?” 
Fuck you Nozaki you cannot be so dense!! 

“Uhh well yes kinda. I guess you are too since you collect figurines.” he stuttered in reply. 
“Yea. There’s just so much good shit out there. Hard not to get interested in some shows.” 
“I know right! Oh and one of the figures you have, *character* from *anime*, that anime is so good and so underrated. More people should definitely watch it.” Mikoshiba was starting to get passionate on the subject without noticing that it was about time to get embarrassed. “For sure. Surprised i found someone that watched that too.” Their conversation went on for the rest of the duration of dinner and soon enough it was time to split up. “It was nice meeting you. See you tomorrow i guess.” Risa said to Mikoshiba. 
“Nozaki I’ll take the figurines back tomorrow.” 
“Okay. Bye.” 
After she left Mikoshiba and Nozaki went to his bedroom to get ready to sleep. “So why are you staying over again?” 
“Too tired to head back.” Mikoshiba provided his excuse. 
“Hmm. You had fun talking with Rei huh.” Nozaki remarked nonchalantly.

Mikoshiba broke into a cold sweat. “W-w-what gave you that idea?! Don’t go misunderstanding things!” 
“Relax i was just saying you enjoyed talking about anime.” 
“Yeah yeah whatever. Ah such a shame. She’ll be falling for my charms soon enough.” Mikoshiba shifted to his confident playboy facade. 
“Yeah sure. But you always flip out of embarrassment after saying your pickup lines.” 
“Oh fuck off!” 


They eventually called it a night and fell asleep.