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This Crazy Thing Called Life

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Judy had just finished seeing a patient when she got the message. A Jupiter full of survivors from the twenty-fourth colonist group had requested permission to land on Alpha Centauri. Judy wanted to believe that her parents and Don might be on that ship. It had been over three years since she last saw her them, and she truly believed that she’d never see them again, but for the first time in a very long time a spark of hope grew inside her. Suddenly the room started to tilt and Judy knew she had to sit down. Her thoughts were whirling around in her head so fast she could barely make sense of them, could her parents really be here, be alive? But what if they weren’t, how would her siblings cope if they learned that they were orphans?

“Judy? Judy are you ok?” Sarah, a fellow doctor asked.

Judy has been so caught up in her thoughts she didn’t hear Sarah open the door to the exam room.

“Uh yeah I’m ok Sarah, I just received a message that a Jupiter from the twenty-fourth is landing.” She said in a shocked voice.

“Oh my god Judy, what are you still doing here, go!” Sarah practically yelled at her.

“What are you talking about I still have three more hours on shift left, I can’t just leave because a ship that may or may not contain my parents is landing.” Judy said matter of factly.

Sarah sat next to Judy and took her hands in hers, “Judy you know that me and the rest of the doctors on shift can cover for the rest of the day. “ Judy went to protest before Sarah continued, “look I get that this is scary, but whatever news that ship brings at least it will be something. I know you’ve been dying to get answers these past three years and now you’ve got your chance.”

Judy looked Sarah, she’d been Judy’s first friend when she arrived at Alpha Centauri and she knew Judy better than almost any one on this planet aside from her family. Which meant Sarah knew all of the hell Judy had been going through internally since landing, not knowing if her parents were still out there somewhere.

“What if I don’t get the answer I want?” Judy finally admitted, glancing down at her lap trying to hide the tears in her eyes.

“Then at least you’ll have an answer Jude. “
Judy knew she was right, after all this time she needed to know what happened.

“You’re right.” She said drying her tears.

“Whatever happens I’m here for you ok?” Sarah said wrapping her friend in a hug. Judy just nodded into her shoulder. After a beat Judy pulled back and stood up.

“I need to go find my siblings, they’ll have received the same message I did.”

“Understood. Don’t worry about a thing here, I let the others in the office know.”

“Thank you Sarah.” Judy said with a smile.


Penny was sitting at her desk trying to work through a particularly tricky bit of writers block when her phone dinged. It was a message from her districts representative explaining that a Jupiter was landing. A Jupiter from the twenty-forth. Penny couldn’t believe what she was reading. It had been so long that she assumed everyone was dead. She knew Judy assumed the same but she put on a front for Will. Will, always the optimist, never gave up believing that they were still out there. A sad smile formed on Penny’s face, today they’d finally find out if Will was right, and Penny had never hoped he was more than right now.
Suddenly it dawned on her, Will was still in class. He wouldn’t have his phone on so he wouldn’t get the message.

Penny quickly grabbed her keys and phone and dashed down the stairs into the car. She made her way to Wills school as fast as she could.

When Penny finally arrived ten minutes later she wanted to kick herself for not looking up Wills schedule before leaving the house. She had no idea what class he was in, so she made her way inside the main building hoping someone there could help her. She made her way to the main office where a lady was sitting.

“Hello, I’m looking for Will Robinson, do you know where I might find him?”

Before the woman could respond Penny heard a voice from behind her.

“Excuse me, are you Penny Robinson? I’m such a huge fan of your work. Can I get a picture” A boy asked her.

“Uh nows actually not a good time, do you happen to know what class my brother, Will, is in right now?” Penny asked hastily.

“Yeah he’s in 114.” The boy replied disappointed.

Penny had already started walking away before he finished. “Thank you, I owe you!” She called out.

Penny found room 114 pretty easily and barged in with out a second thought.

“Can I help you?” An older man Penny knew you be the professor asked her.

Penny wished she thought this through more as one hundred and eighty pairs of eyes were suddenly starring at her.

“I’m looking for my brother Will, Will Robinson?”

Penny could see Wills concerned face as he made his way down to the front of the class.

“We are in the middle of a lecture, can this wait?” The professor asked.

“No.” Penny replied bluntly.

At that point Will had joined Penny at the front of the class, “what’s going on Penny?”

“I’ll explain in the car let’s go.” Penny said grabbing his arm and practically dragging him out of the room.

Once in the car Will dared to speak, “can you please explain to me what is going on?”

“I got a message that a Jupiter with people from the twenty-fourth is landing. We are going to the landing station.” Penny stated.

Will looked at his sister incredulously, “oh my god are you serious? Are mom and dad there? Are they ok? What about Don?” Will rattled off.

“I don’t know Will. They didn’t tell us anything. I’m not sure they know themselves yet.”

Will just nodded and looked out the window. Both siblings understood the magnitude of the situation they were in. Whatever happened today both of them knew it would be a day they’d never forget.

Suddenly Penny’s phone began ringing and Will grabbed it, “Hey Judy. Yeah I’m in the car with Penny. Yeah we are on our way. We’ll meet you there.”

They sat in silence for the rest of the ride, which Penny made in record time. As soon as they parked they saw Judy waiting for them at the entrance of the building still clad in her scrubs.

Both Penny and Will rushed to embrace Judy, and the three held on to each other for dear life. Finally, they broke apart and Judy looked at both her little siblings. They had all changed so much in the three years since arriving on this planet. At 22, 19, and 15 the Robinson children were hardly children anymore, but suddenly Judy thought they looked much younger. Judy wanted nothing more to protect them, but she knew she wouldn’t be able to. Not from something like this.

“Hey you guys I want you to know whatever happens today, we can handle it, just like we always have.” Judy said.

Penny and Will both nodded in agreement, “C’mon let’s go!” Will said rushing inside.