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I Believe in Happy Endings

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    Now the fight with IT was not all rainbows and sunshine, even if the Losers had an extreme advantage IT had not seen coming. Richie, fresh and sober for several years, was comfortable in his own skin in a way he never could have been as a teenager (the way he immediately began hitting on all of the Losers at the Golden Lotus for example). Beverly, strong and confident, had no bruises and was not looking over her shoulder for someone who would hate to see her being with friends (whether they were laughing, smoking, or flirting in this case). Eddie, though still a fast-talker who was easily irritated with a loud set of pipes, wasn’t taking any medicine whatsoever and didn’t feel the need to (though of course he still had a fanny pack, Trashmouth, it never hurts to be prepared). Ben, quietly confident, knew that he was where he was meant to be- helping his friends as they had helped him, both in the past as children and their memory which gave him a purpose in life. Mike, a man who didn’t just guess, but knew, that their combined power would defeat IT once and for all. Bill, who fell back into the leader role so easily because that’s where he wanted to be, so he took it. And Stan. Stan who was alive and well and ready to end a reign of terror.

    Of course, IT didn’t just roll over and die. Eddie still ended up being stabbed in the face. Mike was almost stabbed before Richie put an axe into Henry Bowers. Bill was still devastated by the loss of Dean. But, when the Losers entered Neibolt House, Eddie valiantly defended Richie. When the Ritual of Chud didn’t work, Mike’s friends didn’t immediately blame him or leave each other. When IT tried to pierce Eddie with a giant pincer, Stan was there to push Eddie and Richie out of the way. And as the Losers gathered around the shrinking form of the clown, covered in greywater and slime, they smiled vicious smiles because they knew they were victorious. As IT’s heart was crushed between their hands, they threw back their heads and laughed, blood and mud staining their teeth and hands, but no longer their hearts.

    And as their memories recovered, so did their feelings for one another. They weren’t sure who the first to kiss was after they crawled out of the sewer, so they settled on it being a three-way tie (Stan and Bill, Richie and Eddie, and Beverly and Ben), with everyone kissing Mike as second. For a few months, they tried long distance, but it had been years and they were tired of being apart. So they settled on living in Los Angeles. Everyone could find work there (not that they all needed to work, but it’s the principle of the thing), the weather was lovely, and LA didn’t look at them weird when they all went out together. They constantly touched each other and were always looking at each other. They never hid their relationships with each other. They had fought too much to ever give up again.

    Richie continued rocking stand-up, eventually working on his own Netflix special, as well as a show. Beverly continued growing her fashion empire and was a name that was constantly mentioned on red carpets. Eddie started a new branch of his driving company. Although he was the head, he still made an effort to drive some (he would never give up something he loved again). Ben continued his efforts in putting his Clubhouses in impoverished neighborhoods across the States with the loving support of his partners; with Richie and Beverly’s help, several celebrities donated time and money to his project. Mike, although he still loved visiting the library, decided he was tired of books. He got a job as a tour guide for the natural history museum. He was happy telling others of history, as opposed to searching through it for the solutions to his problems. Bill continued writing books, though he also enjoyed the odd TV show now and again (though he was always very firm in his contracts. His endings were not to be changed). Stan was an excellent accountant who never missed leaving work at 5. His family always had dinner together (even if someone traveled, they always called in while they ate). The Losers were happy and somewhere, so was the Turtle.