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After Eleven

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“Do you ever wonder how we exist?”
Midoriya raised his head to make a face. “What?”

Shinso was laying on his back on the bed, his hand dangling off the edge and staring up at the ceiling. “I mean like, how did we, of all the possibilities in the universe, end up being born at this time, in this age, at this point in history, in this society, this location, to our parents?”

Midoriya lowered his notebook, pausing writing notes from the sparring matching from class today, “Uh. I mean, not really…” he leaned forward, “Are you feeling okay?’’

Shinso shrugged. “Sure. I just have too many unanswered questions about my existence.”

“That’s it, I’m taking away all your existential crisis music.”

Shinso sat up a little, just enough to squint at him. “What music? I listen to normal music.”
“All your weird 80s goth stuff,” Midoriya said and went back to his notebook.

Shinso shot straight up and jabbed a finger at Midoriya. “Don’t insult Ian Curis like that. Take it back.”
Midoriya made a face. “Who?”

Shinso sat up and threw his hands up. “The absolute god of 80s goth music! Love will tear us apart? Disorder? She’s Lost Control? Fool!”

Midoriya just looked at him, blinking. “Shinso, I have no idea what you’re saying.”

Shinso turned his nose up at him and crossed his arms. “You just have no taste in music. All you listen to his All Might movie soundtracks.”

Midoriya frowned. “You say that like it’s a bad thing.”

Shinso simply gave him one very sharp look. Like he was silently saying, it is a bad thing. Midoriya disagreed. The All Might movies had great soundtracks and they always made him feel pumped up. Shinso just couldn’t appreciate the greatness of the soundtracks.

“Your music sounds like it could play at a funeral.” Midoriya said.

“And your music sounds like the inside of a dog’s brain.” Shinso said.

Midoriya paused. “Is that a bad thing?”

“Yes. There’s no depth.”

Midoriya was about to stand up to defend the honor of the All Might movies when his door opened.

Aizawa slowly leaned in. The yellow sleeping bag around his face still. “Do you even know what time it is?”

Midoriya glanced at his phone. The wallpaper was a photo of All Might holding up the time. “Uh, eleven?” he glanced back up at his teacher.

Aizawa glared at them both. “After eleven is silent time or extremely, extremely silent time.”

Shinso rolled his eyes. “Sure, whatever you say. You’re not the boss of me.”

“I am literally your father.”

Shinso shrugged and scrolled through his phone to further his look of not caring. “Well, you’re not the boss of me in this house.”

Midoriya scrunched up his face. “This is his house?”

Shinso gestured at him with his phone. “That’s what he wants you to think.”

What was that even supposed to mean

Aizawa sighed loudly. “Just be quiet. I am trying to sleep before I have to teach the disaster that is your class tomorrow. I need mental peace before I can deal with that.”
The door closed.There was a long moment of silence.

Midoriya glanced over to Shinso. “Uh, is he okay?”

Shinso shrugged. “I have long given up on trying to understand what he does and why he does it. He is a man of mystery.”

Midoriya sighed. Of course Shinso wasn’t actually going to give him any useful information. He remained as cryptic as usual.

“Silence!” Aizawa’s voice carried throughout the house.

Midoriya jumped.

Shinso grinned and walked across his room. To where his speaker was charging. He slowly turned back to Midoriya and grinned. Midoriya had long since learned that this smile meant something bad was about to happen. It promised nothing but chaos.


Shinso plugged it into his phone. He aggressively jabbed the volume up. Midoriya sat up and held out his hands. “No, don’t.”

It was too late. Shinso turned on the music. Very loud music started blaring. Shinso started screaming along to the lyrics at the top of his lungs. It was one of Shinso’s strange goth songs. The door flung open. Aizawa stood in the doorway, one hand still on the knob. Shinso grinned madly and ran away. Straight to the nearest window, he easily opened it. And without hesitating he jumped from the window. Midoriya shouted.

The music continued blaring. With Shinso standing on the grass outside, holding up his speaker. He was still screaming the lyrics.

Aizawa leaned out the window and shouted over the music, “Hitoshi, you better get back in here before I go out there myself and get you!”

Midoriya stood by Shinso’s bed, still holding his notebook. And he slowly walked out of the room, down the hall by one room. And went inside his own room. He quietly closed the door. The music could still be heard from outside.

Midoriya went to his window. Shinso was dancing in the grass, lights were turning on in other houses, people were looking out of their houses. Sometimes he really questioned Shinso’s sanity. Shinso always blamed it on his lack of sleep. But Midoriya thought it was more of his naturally chaotic nature. And the fact all Shinso had eaten today was coffee and pop tarts.

Midoriya left the window and fell onto his bed. He glanced at the time.


He still had time to watch some news reports from fights today. He heard Shinso scream from somewhere and the music abruptly shut off. Aizawa had probably caught him. Sometimes he wondered if Aizawa was really the best option for him to live with temporarily. Maybe All Might would have been a better choice.

Midoriya’s door slammed open.

Shinso pointed accusingly at him. “You left me. Traitor.” and he left.

There was one pro of living with Aizawa so far: it was never boring.