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After Eleven

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The entire Aizawa household was cleaned from the top to the bottom. The floors were scrubbed, swept, and now were glittering. The corners were dusted and cobwebs were gone. The tables cleared of all the trash and garbage. Everything had been rearranged and organized until it looked like Aizawa almost owned nothing. 

Midoriya looked over the house with a look of accomplishment. He had done it all himself, without the help of Shinso or Todoroki. Shinso had disappeared into his room to play Animal Crossing and muttered about catching some fish to give to someone. Todoroki just kinda stood around and watched him clean and offered help. Even though he had only ever made it worse.

He decided to just go with the Little Red Hen story and leave it at that.

Todoroki stood in the doorway, sipping on a Capri Sun. “It looks nice.”

Midoriya sent him a look. “You’re not getting on my good side,” he said, “You didn’t help.”

Todoroki glanced around, then looked back to him. “Uh? I helped?”

Midoriya raised an eyebrow. “How?”

“I was moral support.”

He let out a long, drawn-out sigh. “You know what? You’re right. Shinso is the traitor.”

Sounds of loud footsteps came around the corner. And Shinso slid into the room, holding onto the wall as he spun around the corner. He was now wearing a robe decorated with little cartoon cats. He held up his phone.

“They’re here!”

Midoriya let out a shriek of excitement and bolted to the front door. He practically tossed the broom and dustpan behind him. He grabbed the doorknob and twisted it open. He ducked outside.

Iida, Ururaka, and Momo all were walking up to the house. Midoriya waved wildly at them all.

Uraraka waved back frantically with a huge smile on her face. Iida gave him a stiff wave and Momo waved a bit less excited than Ururaka but excited nevertheless.

They walked up the front steps.

“Hi!” Midoriya said while bouncing. “I’m super excited that you guys are here!”

Shinso shoved him out of the way and leaned up against the railing. “Hello. Welcome to my humble home, please don’t catch anything on fire. The Mothman items are off-limits unless it’s for educational purposes.”

Uraraka blinked at him. “What’s a Mothman?”

Midoirya waved his hands frantically in front of Shinso’s face. “No. No. No. Absolutely not. No more corrupting people!”

Iida stood as he spoke. “Are there any rules we should know before we come in?” he asked.

Uraraka shrugged and pushed past Iida into the house. “Too late!” 

Iida began to protest. But Midoriya went after Uraraka. She was standing in the kitchen, glancing around. 

“Oh, wow. So this is Aizawa’s house? It’s very clean.” she said.

Midoriya crossed his arms and glanced over at Shinso. He had re-entered the house, he just grinned back at him. Not looking the least bit sorry.

Momo came in with Iida. 

“I was almost expecting everything to be all gray or all black,” Momo commented, looking around the house. 

Shinso sighed. “Not for a lack of trying,” he said and walked past them all into the kitchen. He grabbed a bag of dried pickles and tossed a couple into his mouth. 

“He tried to hire someone to paint the house a mid-tone of gray.” Shinso said, “But I stopped him. Well, I actually paid the painter more money to paint the house magenta. He didn’t find out for two days while he was doing hero stuff.”

Midoriya blinked. “Uhh, when did this happen?”

“What’s magenta?” Todoroki asked quietly with his eyes narrowed. “Should I know what that is?”

Uraraka and Momo both stared at him. “What?” 

Shinso rubbed his forehead. “How are you at the top of the class?” 

Iida began to defend Todoroki, “Because Todoroki is a very capable student and is very responsible-”

Midoriya cut in, “I have literally seen him chug ten milkshakes in three minutes then eat a whole box of soba.”

Uraraka let out a loud squeak. “What? Todoroki did that?”

Shinso snorted and shoved more dried pickles into his mouth. “You’ve never truly seen his levels of chaos.”

Todoroki blinked at this. “My levels of chaos? Midoriya always says you’re the human embodiment of chaos and bad decisions.”

Shinso gasped. Uraraka was almost keeling over, while Momo looked shocked, Iida looked to have no words. 

Midoriya crossed his arms and turned his head away from Shinso. “You heard me. Plus it’s true and you know it.”

Uraraka snickered. “Oh my gosh, Deku. Who knew you were such a savage?”

“The traitorous green bean has many secrets,” Shinso said. Uraraka wheezed at that.

Midoriya sighed. “I thought we were going to watch a movie?”

“Oh right,” Shinso said, then reached into his robe pocket. He pulled out a DVD container, Moulin Rouge. “I thought this would be fun.”

Midoriya raised an eyebrow. “Huh? Are you sure that’s appropriate?”

Shinso scrunched up his face. “What? Of course it is. What wouldn’t it-” he looked on the back. Iida went up to his side to look over his shoulder at the back as well. 

Iida gasped. “We cannot watch that!”

Shinso glanced over his shoulder at Iida. “It’s PG-13? It’s not that bad-”

Midoriya shook his head. “Have you ever watched that? It’s not exactly kid-friendly-”

“We’re not kids-”

“We were watching it, then you covered my eyes for a couple of scenes.” Midoriya reminded him. 

Shinso blinked and stared off in the distance for a moment. “Oh,” he drew out for a long time. “Right, I did, didn’t I?”

Iida took the case for Moulin Rouge. “We should not watch something like that then. As class Rep, I suggest we watch something a little less-”

“Risque?” Uraraka suggested. Iida nodded.

Todoroki raised his voice. “Mothman Files.”

“No!” Midoriya quickly said, “Nope. Nope. Triple no.”

Todoroki seemed to deflate a little. “What? Why not?”

“Because we’ve watched it like ten thousand times this month!” Midoriya said as he walked into the TV room. He crouched beside the small shelf that held all of their movies. He heard everyone else walk in behind him.

Uraraka plopped down beside him and pulled a couples movie cases off the shelf. “Ooh, what should we watch? I think we should watch something with action!”

“Moulin Rouge has lots of action!” Shinso said, his voice coming from the kitchen. 

Momo sat down beside Uraraka. “I think we should watch something fun!”

“Moulin Rouge is fun!” Shinso shouted.

“I thought we had established that we were not going to watch Moulin Rouge!” Iida said, directed as Shinso.

“I have no idea why none of you understand the cultural importance of Moulin Rouge!” Shinso threw his hands up into the air. “It is a masterpiece!”

Midoriya gave him a look. “That is debatable.” 

Uraraka grabbed a few more movies and handed some to Momo. “I think we should watch something fun!”

Shinso huffed somewhere behind them. Todoroki shuffled beside Uraraka, Momo, and Midoriya. He grabbed the case for the Mothman Files and held it up. Midoriya gave him a look. Todoroki sighed and set it down with a sigh of disappointment.

Uraraka grabbed the case. “Oh, what’s this?”

Midoriya grabbed it from her and threw it somewhere over his shoulder. “Nope!”

He crossed his arms, giving Todoroki a look to let him know that there would be no Mothman Files tonight. He had legit watched the movie eight this week alone. It was getting out of hand. And the last thing he wanted was for Todoroki’s obsession to spread to other people.

Todoroki looked down at his hand. Horrified. “Midoriya, why-”

Midoriya reached for another case. “Oh! Look! It’s Ponyo!”

Uraraka and Momo both perked up at that. “We should watch Ponyo!”

Shinso yelled from the kitchen.

Iida was doing his hand slicing motion. “I agree with this idea! It is a very enjoyable movie!” Uraraka grabbed the movie and ran over to the TV, searching for a DVD player somewhere. While they were doing that, Midoriya grabbed some blankets from behind the couch and laid them out. He grabbed several large-sized pillows, and bean bags. He tossed them into the pile as well. 

Ponyo was starting. 

Shinso flopped into the pile of blankets, pillows, and bean bags face first. His voice was softened by the pillows and blankets. “I shall stay here in misery since I can’t watch Moulin Rouge.”

Midoriya patted the back of his head and nodded considerately. “It’s okay, Shinso. We understand.”

Shinso burrowed further into the pile. “I rule this mound of blankets now.”

Midoriya shrugged and got up. He headed into the kitchen, grabbing a couple of his favorite snacks. He grabbed a box of Capri Suns and some cookies as well. Behind him, someone else followed him into the kitchen. Todoroki came up beside him. 

“Since it’s a special day, could we make milkshakes?” he asked. His eyes were wide open, practically pleading. 

He glanced at the time. “Todoroki, it’s only five. We haven’t even had dinner yet-”

“Make him a milkshake, you monster!” Shinso shouted from the other room. 

Midoriya sighed.

Todoroki was beaming. 

Midoriya sighed again. He couldn’t say no when Todoroki was smiling. Todoroki rarely smiled, let alone so wide and happy. He would not be the reason that smile was gone. So he walked over to the fridge and pulled out the milk and ice cream.

Todoroki grinned wider. 

Gosh, dang it. He really had no spine. 

“What flavor do you want?” he asked as he pulled out the blender.

Todoroki stood right beside him. “Strawberry.”

“Are you making milkshakes!” Uraraka shouted as she suddenly appeared in the kitchen. “Can I have one?”

Momo and Iida both slowly appeared in the kitchen as well. Shinso’s head poked around the corner, raising an eyebrow. 

Midoriya looked over to his friends. “What do you guys want?”

“Pickles,” Shinso said.

Midoriya scrunched up his nose, while everyone made noises of disgust. “First off, that is a horrible thing to even say. I refuse to even think about that concept.” Midoriya fake gagged as he blended the milkshake for Todoroki. 

Todoroki blinked. “I do not think pickles and ice cream would have a pleasant flavor,” he said. “But if Shinso suggested it-”

“Then it’s instantly a bad idea,” Midoriya said while pouring the milkshake for Todoroki. He grabbed one of the milkshake straws from the drawer. This one had an All Might pattern on it. He handed Todoroki the milkshake. 

“Here you go!” 

Todoroki happily took it and immediately started to chug it.

Midoriya watched him for a moment and he counted. It took him fifteen seconds to drink the entire milkshake. He hadn’t even looked at the All Might straw. 

Midoriya blinked. Todoroki handed him the glass. 

Uraraka burst out laughing. “Oh my gosh! Who knew Todoroki liked milkshakes so much.”

Todoroki glanced over at her. “They are very nice. Even if they do make my head hurt sometimes.”

Shinso was now sitting on the kitchen counter with his legs crossed, munching on pickles chips. “It’s called a brain freeze, icy hot.”


Uraraka piped up. “I also want a strawberry one!”

“Me too!” Momo added.

“I would like one as well,” Iida said as he pushed up his glasses. 

Midoriya glanced over to Shinso, with a little bit of fear. “What do you want?”


Midoriya made a face. “No, absolutely not. I refuse to make a pickle milkshake. Do you have any idea how gross that would be-”

“Make all strawberry milkshakes. And if there are any extras, I will happily eat them myself.” Todoroki cut in.

Everyone agreed, other than Shinso who kept shouting that he wanted a pickle milkshake. Midoriya made everyone strawberry milkshakes and gave Todoroki an extra one. Which he downed in fifteen seconds again. 

Midoriya wasn’t sure if he was impressed or not. Shinso jumped off the counter and moved beside Midoriya. 

“I want a pickle milkshake,” he said again. 

“Nope. Not gonna happen.”

“Why is this so much to ask for?” Shinso asked and threw his hand up. “I mean, you’re not the one drinking it.”

Midoriya looked at him for a long, hard moment. Then turned around, grabbed the jar of pickles. He dumped the whole jar into the blender while maintaining eye contact with Shinso.

Shinso’s eyes widened. 

Midoriya scooped the ice cream into the blender, still not looking away from Shinso. “You are going to eat this.”


“I triple dog dare you.” Todoroki piped up, his voice monotone. 

Midoriya blended it. 

Shinso looked slightly afraid now. “Uhh. Maybe this isn’t the best idea-”

Uraraka was laughing so hard she was struggling to breathe, but she was also filming the whole thing. “Mina’s not gonna believe this!”

Iida seemed too surprised to try and stop them. Momo had a hand over her mouth, but she was giggling as well.

Todoroki was sipping on the last of his milkshake. Looking a little too smug about the whole thing, and looking highly amused as well. 

Midoriya poured the pickle milkshake. Then he held it out to Shinso. “Here you go, as requested.”

Shinso stared at the glass with something akin to fear. He swallowed and took the glass. 

“Alrighty then. Nobody’s gonna say I’m a coward.”

He continued to stare at the slightly off-greenish colored with small chunks of pickle floating in the milkshake abomination. 

Midoriya crossed his arms and raised his eyebrows. “You sure?”

“Well, I ain't no coward,” Shinso said. He grabbed started to chug the milkshake.

Uraraka, Momo, and Iida all screamed. Either in horror or disgust. Midoriya started to laugh, as Shinso’s face scrunched up. Todoroki just grinned. 

Shinso immediately stopped drinking and shoved the glass on the counter away from him. “That was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever tried in the entirety of my life.” he rushed over to grab a rogue Capri Sun, and he viciously stabbed it with the straw. It exploded all over his face, and he ignored it to chug the rest.  

Midoriya held onto the counter, he could barely support himself while laughing.  

Uraraka was on the floor, laughing so hard. Iida seemed completely frozen from shock, his hand frozen in the air as he stared at the scene. Momo leaned forward, holding onto her knees as she laughed. Todoroki had another strawberry milkshake somehow, and he was sipping on it quietly. 

Shinso gagged. “You are an evil green bean,” he gasped out. “Why would you give me that?”

Midoriya laughed harder.

Shinso pointed at Todoroki. “Where did you get that?”

Todoroki raised an eyebrow. “It’s Iida’s, but he doesn’t look like he needs it anymore.”


They were all gathered around the TV, watching Ponyo now. Midoriya was wrapped up in five different blankets, one of them was pulled up to cover the top of his head. Shinso was laying on the couch, his legs up on the back of it. He was upside down, his head was hanging off the cousins as he watched the movie.  

Uraraka was wrapped up in blankets and she was eating a bag of chips. She leaned up against Iida’s legs, who was sitting on the couch like a normal person. Momo was also sitting on the couch, though she was wrapped up in some blankets.  

Todoroki was laying on the floor, a blanket over his right side. He was completely engrossed in the movie, not having looked away from it since they restarted it. 

“I forgot how much I loved Ponyo,” Midoriya said quietly. Uraraka glanced over at him, “When was the last time you saw it?”

“Probably with Kacchan.”

Uraraka made a face. “Bakugo?”

“Oh, yeah. Kacchan used to love Ponyo. We used to sing the song all the time when we were in school. It drove our teachers crazy. Kacchan refused to eat fish for a long time because the fish might have been Ponyo. We also used to play Ponyo all the time too.” Midoriya said, a bit sadly. “I wonder if Kacchan still likes Ponyo?”

“You could ask him,” Shinso suggested.

“Oh, yeah. That’s a hard no.” Midoriya said, shaking his head. “Kacchan would never tell him. He’d be too embarrassed, to tell the truth.”

“That’s kinda adorable,” Uraraka said, giggling at the image. “I can’t imagine him doing that now.”

Shinso slid off the couch, and flopped down beside Midoriya. “You should text him and ask.”

“Uh, no-”

Shinso grabbed his phone. Then he took off down the hallway, his door slamming shut. Midoriya let out a screech of panic and dashed after him. He hit the door. 

“Shinso, no!”

Shinso was cackling maniacally in his room. “What’s your password?”

“I’m not telling you that!” Midoriya clenched his fists. 

“It’s All Might’s birthday, isn’t it?” 


“Ha,” Shinso said in a monotone voice. “You’re too predictable. Now let’s see here. Here he is, Kacchan. I like the explosion emojis, it’s a nice addition.”

Momo, Uraraka, and Iida all came around the corner. 

“Shinso!” Midoriya grabbed the doorknob. “I’m going to-”

“Threaten to eat my snacks again?” Shinso asked, “I don’t think so.”

“Dear Kacchan,” he paused, “No, that’s way too formal.”

There was a long moment of silence.

“Hey, Kacchan. I was wondering, do you still like Ponyo? We should repair our friendship and mutually bond over our love of Ponyo. Right after you apologize for being all gremliny and yelling all the time. Then we can be best friends again.”

Shinso paused, “Anything else?”

Midoriya rested his head against the door. “Why are you like this?”

“Should I add some crying emojis?” he asked. 

“Yes!” Uraraka chimed in. “He always sends crying emojis!”

Midoriya spun around to face the person he thought he could trust. “Uraraka! How could you!”

Shinso cackled again. “There, added some crying emojis!”

“Sorry, Deku. I want to see you and Bakugo be friends again. Also Kirishima mentioned that he thought Bakugo might be ready to figure it out too.” she held up her hands. “Because, if you guys are friends again - imagine if you guys became friends and worked together! You’d be unstoppable heroes!” she made a punching motion. 

Midoriya dropped his head and sighed. “It’s not like I don’t want to be friends with Kacchan again. Because I do! But if he isn’t ready, then this could ruin any chance I have at fixing my friendship with Kacchan-”

“I sent it!” Shinso said.

Midoriya screeched. 

“Now we see if Blasty is ready to get over himself, and become friends with our cinnamon roll!”