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After Eleven

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“Do you ever wonder how we exist?”
Midoriya raised his head to make a face. “What?”

Shinso was laying on his back on the bed, his hand dangling off the edge and staring up at the ceiling. “I mean like, how did we, of all the possibilities in the universe, end up being born at this time, in this age, at this point in history, in this society, this location, to our parents?”

Midoriya lowered his notebook, pausing writing notes from the sparring matching from class today, “Uh. I mean, not really…” he leaned forward, “Are you feeling okay?’’

Shinso shrugged. “Sure. I just have too many unanswered questions about my existence.”

“That’s it, I’m taking away all your existential crisis music.”

Shinso sat up a little, just enough to squint at him. “What music? I listen to normal music.”
“All your weird 80s goth stuff,” Midoriya said and went back to his notebook.

Shinso shot straight up and jabbed a finger at Midoriya. “Don’t insult Ian Curis like that. Take it back.”
Midoriya made a face. “Who?”

Shinso sat up and threw his hands up. “The absolute god of 80s goth music! Love will tear us apart? Disorder? She’s Lost Control? Fool!”

Midoriya just looked at him, blinking. “Shinso, I have no idea what you’re saying.”

Shinso turned his nose up at him and crossed his arms. “You just have no taste in music. All you listen to his All Might movie soundtracks.”

Midoriya frowned. “You say that like it’s a bad thing.”

Shinso simply gave him one very sharp look. Like he was silently saying, it is a bad thing. Midoriya disagreed. The All Might movies had great soundtracks and they always made him feel pumped up. Shinso just couldn’t appreciate the greatness of the soundtracks.

“Your music sounds like it could play at a funeral.” Midoriya said.

“And your music sounds like the inside of a dog’s brain.” Shinso said.

Midoriya paused. “Is that a bad thing?”

“Yes. There’s no depth.”

Midoriya was about to stand up to defend the honor of the All Might movies when his door opened.

Aizawa slowly leaned in. The yellow sleeping bag around his face still. “Do you even know what time it is?”

Midoriya glanced at his phone. The wallpaper was a photo of All Might holding up the time. “Uh, eleven?” he glanced back up at his teacher.

Aizawa glared at them both. “After eleven is silent time or extremely, extremely silent time.”

Shinso rolled his eyes. “Sure, whatever you say. You’re not the boss of me.”

“I am literally your father.”

Shinso shrugged and scrolled through his phone to further his look of not caring. “Well, you’re not the boss of me in this house.”

Midoriya scrunched up his face. “This is his house?”

Shinso gestured at him with his phone. “That’s what he wants you to think.”

What was that even supposed to mean

Aizawa sighed loudly. “Just be quiet. I am trying to sleep before I have to teach the disaster that is your class tomorrow. I need mental peace before I can deal with that.”
The door closed.There was a long moment of silence.

Midoriya glanced over to Shinso. “Uh, is he okay?”

Shinso shrugged. “I have long given up on trying to understand what he does and why he does it. He is a man of mystery.”

Midoriya sighed. Of course Shinso wasn’t actually going to give him any useful information. He remained as cryptic as usual.

“Silence!” Aizawa’s voice carried throughout the house.

Midoriya jumped.

Shinso grinned and walked across his room. To where his speaker was charging. He slowly turned back to Midoriya and grinned. Midoriya had long since learned that this smile meant something bad was about to happen. It promised nothing but chaos.


Shinso plugged it into his phone. He aggressively jabbed the volume up. Midoriya sat up and held out his hands. “No, don’t.”

It was too late. Shinso turned on the music. Very loud music started blaring. Shinso started screaming along to the lyrics at the top of his lungs. It was one of Shinso’s strange goth songs. The door flung open. Aizawa stood in the doorway, one hand still on the knob. Shinso grinned madly and ran away. Straight to the nearest window, he easily opened it. And without hesitating he jumped from the window. Midoriya shouted.

The music continued blaring. With Shinso standing on the grass outside, holding up his speaker. He was still screaming the lyrics.

Aizawa leaned out the window and shouted over the music, “Hitoshi, you better get back in here before I go out there myself and get you!”

Midoriya stood by Shinso’s bed, still holding his notebook. And he slowly walked out of the room, down the hall by one room. And went inside his own room. He quietly closed the door. The music could still be heard from outside.

Midoriya went to his window. Shinso was dancing in the grass, lights were turning on in other houses, people were looking out of their houses. Sometimes he really questioned Shinso’s sanity. Shinso always blamed it on his lack of sleep. But Midoriya thought it was more of his naturally chaotic nature. And the fact all Shinso had eaten today was coffee and pop tarts.

Midoriya left the window and fell onto his bed. He glanced at the time.


He still had time to watch some news reports from fights today. He heard Shinso scream from somewhere and the music abruptly shut off. Aizawa had probably caught him. Sometimes he wondered if Aizawa was really the best option for him to live with temporarily. Maybe All Might would have been a better choice.

Midoriya’s door slammed open.

Shinso pointed accusingly at him. “You left me. Traitor.” and he left.

There was one pro of living with Aizawa so far: it was never boring.

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Midoriya had been planning to get a head start on all his homework.

But that plan had been thrown out the window. He had barely sat down at his desk with all his textbooks and notes laid out when Shinso threw open his door.

Shinso was wearing an apron. “So my dad is out doing hero stuff and I’m hungry. Wanna make pancakes?”

Midoriya paused and glanced down at his desk. “Uhm, don’t we have homework to do?”

“But pancakes,” Shinso pointed out, “I’m going to add chocolate chips on it. And maybe chocolate syrup.”

Midoriya held back a sigh. “I’m surprised you aren’t making coffee infused pancakes.”

Shinso’s eyes got bigger. “Do you think that would work?” he immediately pulled out his phone and was tapping the screen rapidly.

Midoriya spun around in his chair. “No, you’re not doing that. That was not a suggestion.”

Shinso grinned. “Too late. I’m going to make coffee pancakes and you can’t stop me.” he left the room, laughing madly. Midoriya quickly got out of his chair and was racing after him.

“You don’t even know how to make pancakes!”

Midoriya made it into the kitchen just in time for Shinso to shove a bowl into his arms. “Take this. I’m going to get started on the coffee syrup.”

Midoriya froze and stared at the bowl in his hands. “I don’t know how to make pancakes…”

“That is part of the fun.” Shinso tossed an apron at his face. It had cartoon cats printed all over it.

“Sorry, we don’t have an All Might one.”

Midoriya set the bowl on the counter beside the sink. “Uh, are we allowed to do this?”

Shinso paused from where he was reaching into a cupboard to get out a bag of flour. He glanced around, “Yeah? I mean, why not?”

Midoriya shrugged. “I don’t know. Is Aizawa okay with us potentially destroying his kitchen?”

Shinso shrugged too. “No idea. I don’t cook.” he pulled out a whisk and a few smaller bowls. He set out a bag of coffee beans. It was Shinso’s fourth bag this month.

“But Aizawa doesn’t cook either…” Midoriya phrased it more like a question.

Shinso looked up from where he was pulling out other ingredients. “Yeah?”

“If neither of you cook, where does all the food in the fridge come from? You don’t eat take out all the time do you?”

“Nah, my dad just steals food from his coworkers. That’s why the quality varies so much. Midnight is not the best cook. Never try her curry.” Shinso looked like he was having traumatic flashbacks. He shivered.

Midoriya made a face. “He just steals their food?”

Shinso went to the fridge and grabbed a jug of milk. “Oh, yeah. Sometimes he just takes stuff from the fridge at UA. One time he accidently took All Might’s food and he just tossed it out. He said it was the most disgusting thing he’d ever had.”

That’s because All Might doesn’t have a stomach.

Midoriya put on the apron. “If we can’t even make pancakes, then how are we going to make coffee pancakes?”

Shinso stood up all the way and frowned at the stuff laid out on the counter. “That could put a wrench in our plan.”

Midoriya said nothing to this.

“We could just try to eat something out of the fridge,” Shinso glanced to the fridge. “But there’s the chance that it could be Midnight’s.”

“Or we could find pancake mix?” Midoriya suggested.

Shinso threw his hands up in the air. “Why didn’t you suggest this sooner?”

Shinso threw his apron over his shoulder and went to the front door. He pulled on his shoes. Then glanced up to Midoriya, “Are you coming?”

“Yeah!” Midoriya followed after him, tugging on his red sneakers.

They walked down the street. Aizawa lived in some tiny neighbourhood. Midoriya honestly hadn’t known what to expect when he first came here. He half expected that Aizawa would live in the yellow sleeping bag. The house was nice. Just very empty.

Shinso grabbed his arm and pulled him into a small convenience store on the side of the road.

“I’m sure they have pancake mix here. But I honestly haven’t really checked. I mostly come here for the double caffeinated coffee.” Shinso said quietly as they walked down an aisle.

Since moving in with Aizawa, Midoriya had also seen firsthand how coffee Shinso consumed. It honestly worried him a little. “Maybe you should try not to drink so much coffee?”
Shinso’s head whipped around. “How. Dare. You.”

Midoriya held up his hands. “Sorry, sorry.”

“I need coffee to survive. At this point, coffee now runs through my veins.” Shinso grabbed a box of biscuit mix. “They have biscuit mix but not pancake?”

The whole aisle was filled with different boxed mixes, but not a single one was pancake. Midoriya walked up to the cake section. There was a bright red, blue, and yellow box that caught his eye.
He grabbed the box and shoved it in Shinso’s face. “Look! They have an All Might cake!”

Shinso frowned. “What are you four?”

Midoriya frowned and hugged the box to his chest. “What? I like All Might.”

“We literally see him almost every single day. He’s our teacher.” Shinso said with a sigh and he sounded confused.

“So? He’s the number one hero and he’s amazing! Look the cake comes with All Might shaped sprinkles!”

“You’re such a fanboy.” Shinso sighed.

“Oh, look they have coffee cake.” Midoriya said after a moment. Shinso spun around to find what he was talking about.

He grabbed the box off the shelf. “Yes. This is exactly what I need. We can put real coffee in it.”

Midoriya made a face. “No, don’t do that. You already had two cups with breakfast.”

Shinso grinned. “Eight shots of espresso.”


They heard someone swear under their breath. Midoriya turned around.

Bakugo stomped down the aisle. He jabbed a finger at both of them. “What are you nerds doing here?”

“Oh, hi Kaccahn!”

“We’re making food.” Shinso said.

Bakugo’s eyes glanced down at the boxes they hold. His face scrunched up in disgust. “Are those box mixes?”

“Yeah!” Midoriaya showed him the All Might cake box. “The sprinkles are All Might shaped!”

Bakugo’s disgusted face remained. “I can’t believe you, Deku. Do you know what kind of crap is in that stuff? The chemicals? You’re going to get cancer or something.”

Midoriya frowned. “But it’s All Might.”

Bakugo rolled his eyes.

Shinso grabbed two more boxes of coffee cake. “Why are you here, if not for cancer causing box mixes?”

Bakugo scoffed and held up a basket full of random snacks. Most of them were chocolate or fatty. “Old hag wanted snacks for her book club and she made me go get them.”

Shinso silently grabbed another box of coffee cake. “Well, we’re going to go make coffee cake infused with espresso.” Shinso said with a wide grin.

Bakugo made another disgusted face. “With a box mix?”

Shinso said, “Considering neither of us can cook…”

Bakugo grumbled under his breath and pulled out his phone. He viciously tapped the screen. A few moments later Midoriya’s phone made a dinging noise. Bakugo shoved his phone back into his pocket. He pointed a finger at Midoriya’s face. “There. I sent you nerds a recipe for a real coffee cake. Don't put that crap in your body. You’re supposed to be keeping up with me, nerd. You can't do that if you get cancer from eating box mixes.”

He slouched and stomped out of the aisle.

Shinso and Midoriya both watched him leave.

Then Midoriya grinned, “That was nice of Kacchan.”

Shinso raised an eyebrow, “That didn’t seem like Bakugo.”

Midoroya shrugged. “Sometimes you just don’t question Kacchan.”

Shinso glanced down at him, “Are you going to let go of that box?”

Midoriya hugged the All Might cake box closer to his chest. “No, I’m buying this.”

Chapter Text

Midoriya was curled up on his bed, with his laptop on the table. It was playing hero documentaries softly. All the lights were off. He was wrapped up in his softest blanket.

The door slowly swung open. Shinso crept into his room after closing the door silently. Midoriya sat up a little.


“Shush,” Shinso sat on the edge of his bed, he was carrying a bundle of blankets. “It’s past eleven. It’s quiet hours.”

“Like you ever listen to that,” Midoriya said and rubbed his eyes. “What are you doing? Why are you carrying blankets like that?”

Without saying anything, Shinso pulled back a part of the blanket. He revealed a small cat curled up in the blankets. Midoriya gasped.


Midoriya pushed his laptop aside. “Where’d you find it? Oh my gosh. It’s adorable.”

Shinso looked smug. “I saw him hanging out around the backyard, so I left some food out for him. And now I shall adopt this small, fuzzy creature. If anything happened to him I would die.”

Midoriya moved closer. “Aw.”

The cat was fairly small. It’s fur was orange and black with spots of white. It’s eyes were a bright green.

Midoriya pat it’s head. “What’s its name?”

Shinso shrugged. “I’m feeling Ian Curtis.”

Midoriya gave Shinso a single look. “No. This is not a goth cat. Look at it, it’s not sad and depressing.”

Shinso frowned. “Fine, then what would you name it?”


“A name that doesn’t have to do with All Might.”

Midoriya’s mouth closed with an audible snap.

Shinso pet the cat’s head. “Maybe I should name it after my first cat.”

“You have a cat already?”

Shinso nodded. “He’s around here somewhere. He’s older than Gran Torino. He’s old and annoying.”

Midoriya blinked and frowned. “You have a cat? Why haven’t I seen him?” he hadn’t seen a random cat wandering around the house yet. He hadn’t seen anything set out for a cat yet either.

“Yeah, he’s a mangy old grump.” Shinso said fondly, “He likes to bite people’s noses. We’ve had him since I was five.”

Midoriya blinked. “That’s a long time.”

“His name is ABC.”

Midoriya took a moment to process this. “ABC? Like the alphabet or does it stand for something?” he asked, “Why would you name it that?”

“Because I named him when I was five and I looked at this mangy cat and thought I’m going to name it after letters. Also because it was peak humor for a five year old.”

Sometimes Midoriya wondered how Shinso’s thought processes worked. But maybe that was something that was better left a mystery.

Shinso held up the cat. “Any ideas?”


“Shush!” Shinso said loudly than Midoriya had been speaking.

Midoriya glanced fearfully toward his door. “Oops.”

“I mean, feel free to be loud. It’s really amusing how my dad freaks out. It is truly one of my favorite past times to annoy him.” Shinso booped the cat’s nose. “DEF.”


“DEF. The next letters in the alphabet after ABC.” Shinso nodded thoughtfully. “It follows the naming trend.”

Midoriya scrunched up his nose, “Please don’t name him DEF. That’s a terrible name. He’s a cute kitten-”

The cat bit Shinso’s hand and launched itself out of his arms. It landed in the middle of the floor. It took a moment to look at the two of them. Then it proudly walked to the desk, leapt up onto the desktop. It sat down. Then looked Midoriya directly in the eye and pushed his Limited Edition All Might mug off.

“No!” Midoriya launched himself forward. He caught the mug. If he happened to have activated One for All...well nobody had to know.

He stood up and protectively held the mug. He gave the cat a look. “That wasn’t very nice.”

The cat regarded him with a cool expression. Then pushed his pencils off the desk. They clattered to the ground.

“Shush, no, don’t do that.” Midoriya started picking up the pencils.

Papers came fluttering down above his head. Midoriya looked up at the cat. The cat stared down at him.

“That wasn’t nice.”

The cat jumped from the desk onto the top of the bookshelf. It’s paw poised beside the All Might action figures. As if it was threatening to push it off.

“What are you doing?” Midoriya asked the cat. Then stopped when he realized that he was attempting to talk sense into a cat. An animal that couldn’t speak.

The cat’s paw moved. The action figures all started falling.

Midoriya screeched.

Then the cat started running wild around his room. Knocking everything over it possibly could. Shinso and Midoriya were both running after the cat.

“Stop!” Midoriya dived at the cat as it neared his mug full of tea.

Too late. The tea spilled. And the cat dashed away.

Shinso was laughing while trying to catch the cat.

Midoriya stopped in the middle of the room. “Why are you laughing?” he asked frantically as more things fell to the ground.

“What are you doing?” the door flung open, Aizawa stood in the door. This time he wasn’t wearing his sleeping bag. Just normal pajamas. Before Midoriya had a chance to apologize, the cat jumped on top of Aizawa’s head. Then used his head as a launching pad to dash down the hallway.

“No! DEF come back!” Shinso shouted and shoved past Aizawa to chase after the cat.

More crashing and shouting came from the kitchen.

Aizawa slowly turned his attention to Midoriya, fixed with a blank stare. “What.”

There was the sound of shattering glass followed by Shinso shouting, “Let me love you! DEF I love you!”

Midoriya blinked. “Uh…”

“Or do I not want to know?”

The sounds of things falling echoed through the house.

“Shinso adopted a cat and he named it DEF?” he offered the only possible explanation.

Aizawa sighed and headed toward the noise. Midoriya vaguely heard him quietly mutter, “This is how we got stuck with that ABC in the first place.”

Chapter Text

Shinso decided to make dinner. And he decided that Midroiya was going to help him. He had just seen him walking from the living room and launched a balled up apron at Midoriya’s face. It had thrown him off balance for a moment. Then Shinso just announced, “Join me!”

So now he was watching a pot of water slowly boil. He slowly mixed it. “What are we making? Or is this another, fly by the seat of our pants sort of thing?”

Shinso spun around, “Nah, we have a plan this time.” he went back to trying to chop up vegetables quickly. But instead chunks of carrots flew off the cutting board. Scraps of peppers littered the floor.

Midoriya glanced at the growing mess. Then made the active choice to just look away. Hopefully Aizawa wouldn’t mind. 

“We’re making cold soba with fried tofu and baked fish.”

Midoriya glanced over his shoulder. “Oh, cold soba? Maybe we should invite Todoroki over.”

Shinso raised an eyebrow. “Todoroki? Really? I don’t think he likes anyone and I think the only thing he truly cares for is soba.”

Midoriya made a face. “Uhm, maybe that’s cause you don’t attempt to get to know him.”

“I do too.” he chopped more veggies. This time chunks of cabbage went flying into the air.

Midoriya stirred the water again. “If we aren’t in class you have your headphones in and you’re staring at your phone. If you want to make friends, you need to take the initiative.”

Shinso made a face. “Yeah. Yeah. But sometimes I just need to jam out to Blue Monday, man. Also I just know you’ll drag me around and force me to make friends.”

Midoriya made a face. “Is that bad?”

Shinso glanced over his shoulder, his expression clearly not amused. “Yesterday you grabbed me and dragged me over to your posse of other extreme extroverts. Then you kept making me interact with them.”

“You were complaining that you don’t have friends at breakfast!” Midoriya protested.

Shinso kept talking, this time waving the knife around while he was talking. “Look, you human version of an over-excited puppy, introverts need human interaction in small amounts. Then I need to go back into the cave that is my room and recharge while listening to music.”

Midoriya stepped back to avoid the knife. “Okay.”

“Luckily the rest of the class didn’t decide to join the conversation. I don’t think I could have handled having Kirishima, Kaminari, Mina, and Sero thrown into the group as well.” he made a face of true horror. 

“They’re not that bad,” Midoriya said and took the knife out of Shinso’s hand. He set it back on the cutting board.

“They were literally talking about how to officially change Class 1-A’s name to Class 1-Meme.” Shinso deadpanned, “And then Kaminari started doing the weird meme dances on top of his desk and then the rest of them joined him without missing a beat.”

“You were literally dancing on top of the kitchen table last night while we were supposed to be doing the dishes.” Midoriya threw his hands up.
Shinso sighed and shook his head. “No, no. I wasn’t just dancing.” he said and put a hand on Midoriya’s shoulder. “I was performing. I was showing the true artistic meaning behind true music.”

Midoriya stared at Shinso. “Shinso, you were listening to Carmelldansen.”

Shinso knew the entire dance. He had been playing the song at almost full volume and he screamed the lyrics. He had the song on repeat for almost an hour. Before he accidentally fell off the table.  

Shinso put his back to him. “You say it like it was a bad thing. Also I saw you totally dancing to it too.”

He had been dancing a little bit too. But he wasn’t going to admit that to Shinso. 

Shinso grabbed a bowl from the cupboard. “I think I need to chop up the tofu.”

Midoriya glanced back down to the mess on the floor. Veggies covered Shinso’s slippers as well, the cat had pieces of carrots stuck in the fake fur. 

“Uh, maybe I can do that?” he suggested, “So then you can finish the veggies?”

Shinso shrugged and tossed the container of tofu at him. He caught it and managed to find another cutting board. For a moment, he stared at it. Was there a proper way to cut tofu? Did he need to do something to it before cutting it? 

Shinso leaned over, “Don’t overthink it. Just murder the tofu.”

Midoriya looked at him. “Why do you say things so weird?”

Shinso went back to trying to cut broccoli, by stabbing it. “Because it makes life more interesting.”

Midoriya decided not to comment.

Shino slammed the knife down. Midoriyajumped and spun around to look at him. 


“This is boring.” Shinso announced and marched out of the kitchen.

Midoriya stood there for a moment, blinking. “Shinso?”

Then Shinso came back, holding his phone and a speaker. “This was too quiet,” he said in answer. He set up the speaker. “Whatcha wanna listen to? I’m feeling something upbeat.”

“Please, no more Caramelldansen.” Midoriya begged. After cleaning up after dinner last night, Shinso continued to play it until ten fifty-nine. While reading his history homework assignments and walking throughout the house. 

Shinso over dramatically sighed. “Fine.” he scrolled through his phone. “Perfect.”

A loud bass began. Then followed by a very dancey and up-beat sound. 

Midoriya raised an eyebrow. 

Shinso grinned the chaotic grin. “90s Eurodance.”

Then Shinso went back to cutting the veggies while aggressively dancing to the music. He used the handle of the knife as a microphone.

Midoriya just looked away and went to slowly cutting up the tofu. He cut it into small cubes. He remembered his mom doing this a few times. 

“Also, look out for DEf!” Shinso shouted over the music.


He pointed up. Midoriya looked up to where there was vent on the wall. Past the vent he saw the shape of DEF’s face. Just watching.

“What is he doing?” Midoriya asked fearfully. Remembering just last week when the cat had gone wild and destroyed half the house. It took him hours to fix his room.

“Don’t question the cryptid cat!” Shinso shouted.

Midoriya continued to cut up the tofu while giving the cat fearful looks. It watched him in return. Probably planning how to destroy everything again or how to attack his All Might figures. 


It was less than an hour later and the whole kitchen was a disaster. Pieces of carrots, peppers, and broccoli were strewn everywhere. There was flour, bread crumbs, and egg splattered on the walls. The water had boiled over and now covered the ground. A light bulb had broken. Chunks of tofu were stuck on the walls, some were on the floor. Soy sauce covered the floor with the broken bottle kicked somewhere else. 

Midoriya just sat beside Shinso as they leaned up against the wall, looking at the mess. 

“Uh, should we tell your dad?” 

Shinso glanced down, “Well...Maybe he won’t see?”

Midoriya looked back to the kitchen. A whole egg slowly slid down the wall. It left behind a yellow smear. He cringed.

Then he abruptly stood up. “It was DEF.”

“What?” Shinso also stood up. 

Midoriya shook his head, like he was disappointed. “I can’t believe DEF did this again. It’s so weird he only did this in the kitchen though.”

Shinso slowly grinned. “I knew I liked you for a reason.” he said then added, “DEF really needs to chill out, dude.”

Shinso glanced back at the kitchen, “I’ll text dad to let him know.” he slung an arm over Midoriya’s shoulders. “Let’s go find somewhere that sells soba.”

They texted Aizawa then went out to eat soba. 

So much for inviting Todoroki over.

Chapter Text

Midoriya didn’t order soba. He instead got katsudon. A giant, huge bowl of katsudon. It may not have been the smartest idea of his but to be fair it was a giant bowl of katsudon.

Shinso shoved another mouthful of soba into his mouth. “Midoriya, that bowl is literally bigger than your entire head.”

Midoriya stared determinedly at the bowl that was almost two times the size of his head. 


Shinso looked a little impressed. 

They had walked around for a while, trying to find a restaurant. Until they found a little place about two miles from Aizawa’s house called the Noodle House. Neither of them had heard of it but it smelled good. There were only a few other people in the restaurant. But the smell of spices was too tempting.

So they found a seat and ordered their food. Midoriya had not been expecting a bowl of katsudon this large. But he wasn’t one to complain. 

“For once, I think you’re the one being more chaotic than I am,” Shinso said and took a bit of some soba. “You’ve almost finished that whole bowl.”

It was true. The whole bowl was down to a few more bites. “So?”

Shinso shrugged, “Nothing.”

He finished the last few bites. He stared at his bowl for a moment. “I’m slightly tempted to get another one.”

Shinso almost choked on his soba. “What.” he leaned across the table and poked Midoriya’s stomach. “How is that possible? You’re tiny and that was a huge bowl of highly filling food. Where did it go?”

Midoriya smacked Shinso’s hand away. “Hey. I’m always hungry, I’m supposed to eat a lot anyway. Because of my quirk.”

Shinso made a doubtful look. “Really? If you eat like that all the time, how come you’re still so short?”

“I am not short!”

Shinso made a motion, “This is how tall you are in comparison to me,” he gestured far lower to the floor than Midoriya actually is, then brought his hand way up. “And this is me.”

Midoriya rolled his eyes. “Please, I’m not Mineta.”

“Don’t even compare yourself to that oversized grape.” Shinso made a disgusted face. “There is a reason my dad kicked him out of class. But I stand by my claim, he should have physically kicked him out.”

Midoriya didn’t disagree. 

He was pushing around a few grains of rice in the bowl. Shinso leaned forward and propped his elbows up against the table. 

“Speaking about my dad, I’ve been meaning to ask. How do you feel about this whole situation?”

Midoriya glanced up then quickly looked back down at his mostly empty bowl. “Uh, I don’t know. It’s weird.” he slumped his shoulders and didn’t look at Shinso. “I really don’t know how to feel.”

“Dad still won’t tell me why you had to move in with us.” Shinso said with a tone more like a question. He loudly slurped on his water.

Midoriya glanced up. “He didn’t?”


Midoriya twiddled his thumbs. “I figured he would have, I mean, it wasn’t exactly a secret or anything. Well, the villains found out where I lived. My mom is actually on a long term business trip at the moment. So the police weren’t too worried about making sure she was moved somewhere safe too. At least yet.”

Shinso slurped on his water. “That sucks. How’d you find out the villains know where you live?”

Midoriya slid down his seat a little. “Toga. I noticed her near my house and I happened to mention it to my mom. And my mom said that Toga had come to the house and pretended to be some new neighbor.”

Shinso made a disgusted face. “Did your mom let her in?”

Midoriya sank farther into the seat. “Yeah. They had tea.”

“Dear god.” was all Shinso said along with a shocked expression. 

Midoriya threw his hands up. “I know! My mom had tea with Toga!”

Shinso burst out laughing. Midoriya looked betrayed. 

“Look, it’s a hilarious situation. Your mom invited Toga for tea. Your mom is too pure for this world.” Shinso leaned back in his chair, sipping on his drink as he did so. 

Midoriya groaned. “Don’t remind me. I’m still trying to deal with the fact Toga was in my house. She could have hurt my mom.” he slumped forward with his forehead on the table. 

Shinso hummed in agreement. “That’s rough.”


He sat up. Todoroki stood beside their table, carrying a tray with two bowls of soba noodles. 

Midoriya sat up, “Oh, hey, Todoroki!”

Shinso crashed forward. “Oh my god, we forgot the soba and forgot to invite Todoroki.”

Todoroki’s blank expression glanced to Shinso, “What?”

“We were going to make soba and invite you over.” Shinso said quickly then he shoved the other chair at the table out.

“Why?” Shinso asked after a moment.

“Because you’re a friend!” Midoriya said happily, “Are you here by yourself?” he glanced around the restaurant. He didn’t see any of Todoroki’s family members here.

“Yes, I was trying to avoid seeing my father’s face.” Todoroki said simply.

“Big mood,” Shinso said.

Todoroki’s brow furrowed. 

Midoriya smiled, “You can sit with us, Todoroki.”

Todoroki nodded and sat down at the empty spot. “Why are you here?”

Shinso grinned. “We destroyed my kitchen. And we’re blaming it on the cat.”

Todoroki looked a little more interested now. “You have a cat?”

“Two actually. Their names are ABC and DEF.”

Todoroki blinked, “I don’t think those would be considered names.”

Shinso huffed. “That is because nobody understands my genius. I am going to die an underappreciated genius of our time.”

“You’re not even the top five in our class?” Todoroki said glanced around the room. Midoriya choked on his water.

Todoroki blinked, “What, did I say something?”

Shinso stared at Todoroki, “How. Dare. You. I am a genius. Thank you very much. My naming skills clearly show that. I can memorize lyrics to an entire album in an hour. Genius.”

Midoriya snickered. “Memorizing the lyrics to Nyan Cat doesn’t count.”

Shinso pointed a finger at him. “Take it back, you backstabbing broccoli.”


“Midoriya isn’t a broccoli,” Todoroki said after a moment. “Nor is he a backstabber.”

Shinso looked tired. “We’re gonna have to fix your inability to understand jokes.”

“Is that an important skill?”

“Yes.” Shinso said, looking a little more tired than usual. 

Midoriya cut in before Shinso could go on a rant. “So, Todoroki, why were you avoiding your dad?”

Todoroki shrugged and ate some of his noodles. “His face was more annoying than usual. So I decided to just leave the house and walk for a bit. Then I saw a sign that said soba. And I ended up here.”

Shinso nodded, “Sometimes you just have to walk away from your father because his face is annoying.”
Midoriya blinked. “You have a great dad though.”

“Ah!” Shinso made a face, “That is what he wants you to think! Don’t let him fool you into believing his lies.”

Both Todoroki and Midoriya looked at Shinso in confusion. 

“He’s literally our teacher?” Midoriya pointed out, “He’s really great.”

Shinso scoffed. “Again, you just don’t know the truth of Aizawa Shota.”

Todoroki had already finished one bowl of soba. “I would like to point something out to you Midoriya.”

Midoriya turned away from Shinso, “Huh?”

Todoroki made eye contact and said, “Before we knew Shinso was Aizawa’s son, you said I was imagining that they were related and that Shinso wasn’t his secret love child.”

Midoriya groaned. “That’s because Shinso isn’t his secret love child.”

“You don’t know that,” Shinso said, raising his eyebrows. “I mean, for all you know, I could be a secret love child.”

Todoroki leaned forward and eagerly asked, “Are you?”

Shinso laughed. “Nobody truly knows my origin.”

Todoroki made a face. “I’m fairly sure that your origin comes from your parents. Unless it has something to do with a quirk-”

“I don’t know, maybe I was created from a quirk,” Shinso considered this for a moment then looked to Midoriya, “Do you think that’s possible?”

“Well, anything is possible with quirks, I guess. But a quirk that can create people? I mean, there would have to be so much to that. How would that work? Could they just think and bam-there’s a baby? Or would the people appear fully grown? Would it work like Momo’s quirk? Would the created human be directly from the person’s genetic makeup-”

Shinso threw a straw at his face. “Oi. Stop muttering.”

“You asked!”

Shinso rolled his eyes. “Not for a mutter storm. Also does this place sell coffee?” he looked around. “I need coffee or else I’m going to pass out right here on this table. I haven’t slept in two days.”

Midoriya sighed. “Oh my gosh, Shinso. Take care of yourself. Why haven’t you slept?”

Shinso was still looking around for coffee, like it would magically appear. “I was watching Mothman conspiracy theories on YouTube then I fell down the hole of other conspiracy theories.”

Todoroki blinked as he finished his second bowl of soba. “What’s a Mothman?”

Shinso spun around so fast, he almost toppled out of his chair. He quickly righted himself. He launched himself across the table and slammed his hands down in front of Todoroki.

“You’ve never heard of Mothman? Only the most famous cryptid ever.”

“Should I know what that is?” Todoroki asked curiously, seemingly unaffected by Shinso’s behavior. Maybe he was just used to loud, chaotic people from being part of Class 1-A already.

Shinso stood up. “You’re coming back with us and I’m going to introduce you to Mothman.”

Todoroki didn’t protest.

“Prepare to be educated.” Shinso took out his wallet.

Todoroki stood up, “I got this.” he pulled out a golden card. Midoriya thought the card had the name Todoroki Enji on it. But if he did it, he chose to ignore it. 

As they were leaving, Shinso announced, “But first, we’re gonna find some place that sells a whole mug full of espresso.”

Chapter Text

Todoroki stared at the photo in Shinso’s hand with an unnameable emotion. Midoriya couldn’t tell if it was confusion or indifference or disgust. 

So far Todoroki had a hard time grasping the concept of there being a giant human moth someplace in the US.  

Shinso held up another photo of Mothman, he had printed them off the Internet. This one had an ominous glow around a dark figure. “This is Mothman. He’s a folklore creature from the United States. And he is the most famous cryptid in history, don’t let people say it’s the Loch ness Monster-because it’s not. ”

Shinso held up a second photo, “Anyway, he exists near this area in the Appalachian Mountains, especially in Ohio and West Virginia. He has the appearance of a giant, humanoid moth-”

Todoroki blinked. “Is that his quirk?”

Shinso sighed and quickly lowered the photo. “What? No. He doesn’t have a quirk.”

“Oh, so he’s quirkless.”

“Again, no.”

“I don’t understand.”

Shinso sighed and slumped his shoulders. “Midoriya, please explain to this Icy Hot patch what Mothman is.”

Midoriya looked up from his notebook, where he had been writing about Shinso’s quirk. Since his entry about Shinso was very limited and living with Shinso gave him the great chance to understand it better. “Huh? Why me? You’re the Mothman Expert.”

Shinso waved the photo in his face to get his attention. “Hey, don’t sass me, you tiny little green bean.”

“Midoriya isn’t a green bean. Why are you so obsessed with calling people strange names instead of their actual names?” Todoroki asked.

“One, it’s funnier. Two, I find it amusing.”

“I just find it strange how you can call people names like that and it’s funny. But when Bakugou does it, you’re annoyed and say it’s rude.”

Shinso blinked several times and stared at Todoroki. 

Midoriya snickered and went back to writing in his notebook. “He does have a point. You do say it’s rude how Kacchan uses nicknames all the time but you do it too.”

Shinso frowned and looked horrified. “You’re teaming up on me. Stop it. That is illegal.”

Todoroki glanced at Midoriya. “I’m fairly sure that teaming up isn’t illegal. Doesn’t Aizawa encourage us to teamup?”

Shinso fell backward with an over dramatic sigh. With his arms splayed out to the sides as he stared up at the ceiling. “How are you ranked fifth in our class for academics?”

Todoroki simply said, “I study.”

Shinso raised up his head and raised one eyebrow. “Sometimes I can’t tell if you’re actually that dense or if it’s just an act.”

“Why would it be an act?”

Shinso sighed again. 

Midoriya closed his notebook and leaned over the side of the couch to get a better view of all the stuff Shinso had laid out on the floor. The living room floor was covered in papers, photos, files, and folders, most of which were labeled: Mothman. Shinso had even brought in his bulletin boards full of ‘photos’ of Mothman sightings with red string leading from one photo to another. These normally hung in the workroom that Aizawa claimed he used but in reality it was another place for Shinso to set up all his random stuff. The workroom was just as messy as Shinso’s room. Or at least what Midoriya had seen of it. Shinso always kept his door closed and said he was too busy of a man to clean it. So out of sight, out of mind.

Midoriya picked up a folder. “Where did you get all of these, anyway?”

Shinso swiped it out of his hands and moved it to a different pile. “Wouldn’t you like to know?”

“Midoriya did ask, so I’m sure he would like to know,” Todoroki said glancing through some of the photos.

Shinso gave him a flat expression. Midoriya snickered again.  

Shinso sighed and said, “I got them through sources. But it’s hard considering I haven’t been to these sights in a long time.”

“You’ve been there?”

Shinso looked proud as he nodded. “Oh course. We went to my tenth birthday party. I still don’t understand why nobody showed up to my party but it’s whatever.”

“That’s because it was a terrible party,” Aizawa said as he walked by, carrying a cup of coffee. 

Shinso rolled his eyes. “Please. It was amazing. Everything was Mothman themed, costumes, music, and we watched the Mothman Files movie.”

“I don’t get it,” Todoroki said as he stared at a photo of Mothman. “Was he a villain?”

Shinso gasped loudly. “How dare you! Mothman is a folklore from the US that warned people about impending disasters!”

“He was a hero?”

“No!” Shinso sounded personally offended. 

Aizawa stared at them. “Sometimes I wonder how we’re related.”

Shinso looked over his shoulder. “I don’t know, you created me, you should know.”

Aizawa gave him a hard look and sipped his coffee. “I used to joke you were a Changeling.”

“I think you two share too many similarities for that,” Midoriya said conversationally and drank from his water bottle.  

Aizawa and Shinso both looked at him with the same offended expression. 

Midoriya grinned. “I think Shinso’s unhealthy obsession with coffee was genetically inherited.”

“Are you sassing me, problem child?”

“It’s not unhealthy if you need it to live,” Shinso said, magically making a cup of coffee appear in his hands. 

“I’m fairly sure that’s what someone who is addicted to coffee would say.” Midoriya pointed out.

“That is because- '' Shinso bopped Midorya’s nose, “You have not tried true coffee and felt its power, my tiny green bean friend.”

“I drank coffee once.” Midoriya said.

Shinso leaned back and raised an eyebrow. “You said that rather ominously.”

Midoriya shrugged and started to read one of the files on the ground. “I drank it once when I was littler. There's a reason it’s banned in my house.”

Slowly, Shinso’s chaotic smile grew. “Well,” he drew out, “This isn’t your house.”

Midoriya looked up. “Wha-”

“Hey, Midoriya, wanna try my extra strength, triple espresso coffee?”

Chapter Text

“Just one cup,” Shinso said and shoved the mug of coffee in Midoirya’s face.

Midoriya leaned back, “Uh, there is a reason my mom banned me from drinking coffee-”

“She’s not here,” Shinso said, grinning widely. “It can’t be that bad.”

Midoriya pushed the mug away and gave Shinso a flat look. “You think you’re a menace to society when you drink coffee?”

Shinso sat back and looked disappointed. “I’m just trying to corrupt your soul and you can’t be that bad.”

Midoriya raised an eyebrow. 

Shinso sighed dramatically and chugged the mug of freshly made coffee. “It is now my life’s mission to get you to drink extremely strong coffee.”

Todoroki was still looking through the files on the ground. They were piled up around him in huge heaps. He hadn’t spoken for almost twenty minutes and he was intently reading the file in his hand. 

“Uh, Todoroki, are you okay?”

He slowly looked up. His eyes were wide and shocked. “Midoriya. Did you know that Mothman had another name?” he sounded very alarmed by this. “Indrid Cold. He’s still out there.”

Shinso started cackling. Midoriya sighed, “Todoroki, no. Mothman isn’t real.”

Todoroki’s eyes got wider and more alarmed. “Midoriya, how could you say that? Do you not see all this evidence? It’s all clear proof that Mothman is real and is still out there trying to warn us.”

Todoroki looked back down at the file in his hand, his grip on it tightening. “He knows all.”

“Oh my god.” Midoriya groaned. 

Shinso continued to cackle.  

Someone coughed. They all looked up at Aizawa, who stood in the doorway. He was wearing his hero uniform now. 

“Would someone like to explain to me what happened to my kitchen?”

“Your kitchen?” Shinso echoed and sipped on his coffee. “I’ve never seen you step foot in that kitchen unless it’s to grab a protein pack.”

Aizawa crossed his arms. “Hitoshi. What happened?”

Midoriya piped up quickly. “It was DEF! He went crazy again!” he made a whooshing motion. “He kept running around! And he just destroyed everything!”

Aizawa’s face didn’t change. “And DEF somehow put mixed flour, baking soda, and baking powder into a bowl and mixed it with a whisk?”

Midoriya forced himself to stay calm. “I know, it was a shock to us too.”

Aizawa stared at them. Then let out a long, drawn out sigh. “Sometimes I swear fighting villains is easier than dealing with kids.”

Todoroki looked up from the files, “Aizawa, do you believe in Mothman?”

Aizawa stared hard at all of them. He gave Shinso one accusing look then spun on his heel and left the room. Shinso cackled again. 

“Why are you so chaotic?” Midoriya whispered under his breath. Shinso leaned back into his hands. “It is one of my few talents in life?”

Midoriya almost didn’t want to ask. “And what are your other talents?”

He held up one finger, “Number one is obviously singing and dancing to Caramelldansen, if I do say so myself.”

“Number two is my uncanny ability to have dance parties at the drop of a hat.”

Midoriya had found in his time living here, that Shinso loved dance parties. Sometimes at two in the morning, he would throw open the door to Midoriya’s room. Then would turn on his giant speaker and play 90s Eurodance music as loud as it could possibly get. 

One time he had run into Midoriya’s room while he was doing math homework and jumped up on his desk. Then proceeded to try and break dance to Caramelldansen. Then when Midoriya tried to stop him, he tackled Midoriya. Then tried to wrestle him while singing Caramelldansen.

“Number three is my ability to function like a somewhat normal human being while not having slept in three days or more. Truly, it is a talent.”

“Shinso, that’s not healthy-”

Shinso scoffed, “Oh, don’t act all high and mighty. I have heard you watching All Might videos at four am before. And what about that one time, you decided to binge watch all of the reruns of that one weird American show-”

“It’s called NCIS and it’s not weird!” Midoriya jumped to defend one of his favorite shows. “You can say nothing, you watch X-Files all the time!”

“That is because I am a cryptid individual and you are the class green bean. You can’t be cryptid.” Shinso said like this should be common knowledge and that Midoriya was acting stupid.

“Midoriya’s not a bean. I guess he is green though,” Todoroki commented quietly. “Does that make you a purple bean?”

Shinso raised an eyebrow. “If anything I’d be Mothman.”

Todoroki’s eyes narrowed. “You don’t look like a moth.”


“Mothman is shaped like a moth unless he’s in the human form of Indrid Cold.” Todoroki said matter factly. “I thought you would have known this, if these files are yours.”

“Do not insult my knowledge of Mothman.” Shinso said. His phone buzzed and he answered it. 

“Hello?” he waited a moment then over the top rolled his eyes. “Dad, we told you. It was DEF. we should make the cat clean it up.”

Midoirya couldn’t help but start to giggle. 

Shinso grinned and said into the phone, “Yeah, yeah, yeah. Or I could call Present Mic over and he’s clean it up. You know how he likes to clean.”

Midoriya heard a loud, hard no come from the phone.    

“Okay, guess Present Mic isn’t coming over. I’ll have to find someone I know to clean it up.” he paused, “Really? Me? Do you think I’m going to clean it up? Have you seen what happens when I try to clean?”

Midoriya heard Aizawa grumble. 

“Remember that one time I tried to clean the bathroom? Yeah, we had to have someone professionally clean it up. What? How was I supposed to know those made a poisonous gas?”

Shinso scoffed, “Me? Common sense? Never.”

Shinso gasped and put a hand on his heart. “Whatever do you mean? I am not that dramatic.”

Midoriya kept giggling. 

“Okay, yeah. Bye.” Shinso closed his phone. “My dad says we need to clean the kitchen. Because apparently it’s irrational to think a cat would clean.”

Todoroki blinked. “Cats can clean?”

Shinso looked to Todoroki, “Hey, are you good at cleaning?”


Todoroki stood beside Midoriya and looked into the kitchen. Everything was exactly the same as it had been when they left. Todoroki said nothing but slowly poked a piled of flour with cracked eggs with his toe. Egg yolk slowly oozed out of the shell. 

“See, it’s not that bad.” Shinso said, stepping around piles of milk and various other cooking supplies. 

“May I make a suggestion?” Todoroki said. Which was surprising, considering Todoroki tended to be more quiet. 

Shinso nodded, “Sure.”

“Burn it.”



Chapter Text

Shinso’s eyebrows raised. “Burn it?”

Todoroki nodded. “I’m fairly sure that is the only way to clean this mess.” 

Midoriya’s shoulders slumped, “Oh man. Aizawa is going to kill us. We can’t burn down his kitchen.”

Shinso huffed and crossed his arms. “Like he ever uses it.”

Midoriya looked around in distress and slumped his shoulders. “Oh my god, he’s really going to kill us.”

Todoroki raised his hand slightly, “I have a suggestion.”

Midoriya was just tired, “No absolutely no burning of anything in this house.”

Shinso rolled his eyes, “Bleh, boring!” and he stepped in a pile of flour and egg. 

Midoriya gave him a very sharp look. “Do you want your dad to figuratively kill us?”

And in typical Shinso fashion, he answered mysteriously, “He can try.”

Todoroki looked down at the mess again, “I still think it would be easier to burn it than to try and clean it.”

Midoriya leaned against a cabinet that was mercifully clean. “I would prefer not to have an angry, annoyed Aizawa trying to kill us for not cleaning the mess we made.”

Shinso sighed dramatically. “I hate cleaning though.”

“Maybe Aizawa won’t kill you, but my life is on the line here,” Midoriya said, emphasizing each word. While Shinso lived here, Midoriya was only a guest that he knew Aizawa didn’t really want here in the first place. 

“I’m trying to stay in his good graces.”

Shinso shook his head, “Sorry, greenie, but that’s practically impossible. I think the only thing he would never get annoyed at is a kitten. Though even that is debatable.”

Midoriya had the sinking feeling that he was probably going to end up cleaning up the entire kitchen himself at this rate. An activity he did not want to do.  

He turned to Todoroki, who he was fairly sure had never cleaned anything in his life, and said, “Todoroki, if you help me clean this up, I’ll buy you soba.”

Todoroki considered this, “That is tempting, but I can easily buy soba with Endeavour's credit card.”

Midoriya huffed, “Fine, what do you want?”

Todoroki again paused to consider. “I’ll cash in that favor later,” was all he said. “Now how do we clean this? Fire?”


Midoriya had on a pair of yellow rubber gloves and was picking up the piles of baking supplies and placing them into a trash bag. He tried not to think too much about what was mixed into these piles. 

Todoroki was scrubbing down a cabinet wall. It had taken him awhile to understand what he was supposed to do. Midoriya had to show him how to clean anything. While Todoroki just seemed confused but did what he was supposed to do. It had taken him five minutes to understand the different settings on a spray cleaner bottle. 

Shinso had plugged in music and was having a one-man dance party in the kitchen entryway. He was currently blasting the Nightcore remix of Angel with a Shotgun. He was also singing along as he aggressively danced. He was also drinking straight espresso from a water bottle. 

Midoriya had given up trying to make him help. He insisted that he would only make things worse.

Todoroki set down his sponge, “Shinso, what are you doing?”

Shinso paused his aggressive headbanging, “Dancing, candy cane.”

Todoroki slowly blinked at this. “Candy cane?”

Shinso nodded, “Half and half.”

Todoroki still looked confused.

Midoriya narrowed his eyes at Shinso, “Can you at least attempt to help us?”

Shinso sipped his espresso, “I already told you, I am known to make things explode when cleaning.”

How. ” Midoiya asked in desperation and threw up his arms.

“I am a multi-talented man.”

“Are you sure that Mothman wasn’t a person with a quirk?” Todoroki asked suddenly, “How else could he exist? Unless Mothman was some sort of creature, but that doesn’t explain Indrid Cold though.”

Shinso nodded sagely, “That is the age-old question.” and he changed the song to What is Love by Nightcore. 

He started bouncing along to the song. “I can really vibe with Nightcore.”

Midoriya went back to picking up egg shells. “I can’t believe I’m cleaning up the mess you mostly made.”

Shinso made eye contact and dabbed. 

Midoriya gave him a flat look. “We are no longer friends.”

“Unfortunately, you are stuck living here. And our rooms are right beside each other, so you’re double stuck with me.”

Midoriya looked at Todoroki, “Do you have a spare room in your house?”

Both Todoroki and Shinso started talking over each other.
Shinso shouted, “Don’t you dare abandon me! And, Todoroki, don’t you dare-”

Todoroki looked shocked, “Midoriya, why would you ever want to live in the same house as my father, willingly?”

Shinso pointed accusingly, “I thought we bonded! I told you in-depth analysis of Moulin Rouge! Only my closest friends can know that information!”

Midoriya made a face, “You mean that one time you barged into my room?”

“I barge into your room a lot, be more specific.” Shinso said while he put a hand on his hip.   

“When you barged into my room and forced me to watch Moulin Rouge, then interrogated me about my opinions, then lectured me for three hours about your feelings and opinions on the movie?”

“Yes, that.” Shinso said shortly, “Only four other people have heard that.”

“For almost two hours, you laid on my bed and cried about the ending while talking about what the colors represented.”

“Don’t make fun of me, I have a lot of emotions.” Shinso huffed.

“Oh, I know.”

“You’re a sassy green bean today.” Shinso commented.

Todoroki cut in, “I still don’t understand why you would want to live in the same house as my father. Especially living there willingly.” 

Midoriya sighed, “I was joking-”

“I don’t see why you would want to joke about that.” Todoroki sounded vaguely distressed by this information and concept. 

Shinso turned down the song and leaned against the doorway. “By the way, why do you dislike your dad so much?”

Todoroki looked up at Shinso. Midoriya cut in, waving his hands around frantically, “Todoroki doesn’t have to say anything he doesn’t feel comfortable saying!”

“I do not mind,” Todoroki said. “I will say that my old man is obsessed with being the number one hero and he has a very one-track mind.”

Shinso raised an eyebrow. 

Todoroki continued, “In the simplest way possible, he only had children so that he could train them to overtake All Might as the number one hero. His marriage to my mother was a quirk marriage, which is how I ended up with half and half.”

Shinso stood there, open mouthed. His eyes were wide. “What the actual heck.” was all he managed to get out.   

They heard the sounds of keys turning, then someone stepping into the house. They heard footsteps nearing the kitchen, then Aizawa looked past Shinso’s shoulder. 

Shinso immediately spun on his dad, “How would you feel about adding another problem child to your collection?”

Chapter Text

Aizawa sighed deeply and rubbed his eyes. “Okay, with everything you’ve told me, I can’t just say no-”

Shinso cut in, “Exactly. We have to add another problem child to our collection.”

“Our collection?” Aizawa echoed and gave Shinso a flat look, “You are also a problem child.”

Shinso made a face at this. “I am not.”

Aizawa sighed loudly and glanced back into the kitchen where Midoriya and Todoroki were still scrubbing things off the floor. “Legally, I can’t just make Todoroki stay here-”

“Why not?” Shinso sipped his espresso. “You heard what he said about Endeavor. We can’t let him go back there. I mean it explains so much about him, especially how he doesn’t really trust anyone. Except Midoriya.”

“And if Endeavor gets mad and puts Todoroki in more danger? Because backlash on the child when someone tries to interfere is common in these sorts of situations.” Aizawa points out. “Which is exactly what we’re trying to prevent.”

“Or Todoroki stays over for very frequent, multi day sleepovers.” Shinso suggested and leaned against the wall. “I mean, Endeavor is usually pretty busy with hero stuff anyway.”

Aizawa closed his eyes and sighed. “Fine, we’ll ask Todoroki for his opinion.”

Aizawa entered the kitchen and pleasantly surprised that most of the ‘pancakes’ was cleaned up. “Todoroki, how would you feel about staying here?”

Todoroki didn’t even look up from where he was sweeping, “Any excuse to stay away from my old man.”

Midoriya jumped up, “We can have a sleepover!”

Todoroki looked at Midoriya and blinked. “What’s a sleepover?”


Midoriya, Shinso, and Todoroki had brought all the blankets out into the living room. They set them all up around the TV and piled the pillows up. Then they grabbed bowls of snacks, which included anything Shinso thought looked tasty. Which was half the kitchen. Midoriya regretted allowing Shinso to be in charge of snacks. 

Midoriya had grabbed two armfuls of Capri Suns and a box of hot chocolate mix as well. All the drinks were piled up on the couch behind them. Todoroki had awkwardly sat on the floor and watched them stock up from the sleepover in the living room. 

Shinso turned his music back on and was dancing to 90s eurodance music again. He was dancing on the couch and chugging espresso. Midoriya could already tell this would slowly spiral out of control. But that is what you’re supposed to do at a sleepover. 

Todoroki was reading one of the Mothman files. He glanced up, “I don’t understand this sleepover concept, it’s called a sleepover but so far we’ve done anything but sleep.”

Shinso paused his dancing, “The point of a sleepover is to not sleep.”

Todoroki blinked, “Then why is it called a sleepover?”

“So parents think it means you’re going to be sleeping,” Shinso said with a chaotic grin.

“That seems counterproductive.”

Midoriya sipped on his Capri Sun. “It’s true though. No one really sleeps at a sleepover. Kacchan mostly would climb tall pieces of furniture and launch himself off them. He said he was practicing flying with his quirk. But he really just would fall flat on his face on the carpet.”

Shinso made another one of his chaotic grins, “I forget that you have childhood stories about Bakugo.”

Midoriya shrugged, “We did grow up together.”

Todoroki glanced at the huge pile of snacks. “Do we actually need all of these?” he asked, and picked up a bag of green tea flavored chips. 

“Yes.” Shinso said and kept on dancing to What is Love.

Todoroki grabbed another bag of snacks. This time it was extra spicy, chili pepper flavored cookies. “Why is this something you would even want to eat?”

“The thrill of knowing it’s something disgusting.” Shinso answered easily, “Also I get weird food cravings when I can’t sleep. Sometimes you just gotta eat spicy cookies, you know?”

Todoroki made a face, “No, I do not know. That sounds terrible.”

Shinso changed the music to Say My Name by Destiny's Child. He used his water bottle as a fake microphone. He also was performing dramatic choreography as well.      

Todoroki kept going through the snacks. He held up a bag of dried pickles. He made a face of confusion and looked at Midoriya. 

Midoriya held up his hands. “I don’t eat those. That’s all Shinso.”

“My dad likes them too,” Shins added while dramatically flipping his hair. Or at least, he tried to flip his hair. Instead he just smacked his face.

Midoriya snickered at him. 

Shinso jumped off the couch and grabbed the bag of dried pickles. Then he proceeded to dump the entire thing in his mouth. 

Midoriya frowned and lowered his Capri Sun. “You are a menace to society.”

Shinso grinned and grabbed the green tea chip and poured them into his mouth. “I try to live up to my name.”

Todoroki furrowed his brows and picked up a bag of shrimp chips. “I think these are the only normal snacks.” he slowly ate the chips. Midoriya reached over and grabbed a handful of the shrimp chips.
“We have cookies, normal chips, and plenty of other things. Shinso just likes all the weird stuff.”

Shinso scoffed, “Rude.”

Midoriya grabbed the TV remote. “What should we watch? I’m thinking the new documentary about All Might. Apparently Nighteye even helped to check the accuracy of it!”

Shinso walked by and grabbed the remote. “Uhh, yeah. No. You may be a fanboy, but I don’t want to watch another movie about All Might. Last time you just complained how they messed up everything.”

“But Nighteye is helping with this one!” Midoriya protested and tried to take the remote back. Shinso lifted it above his head. “This is mine now.”

“But I don't want to watch the Ian Curtis movie again,” Midoriya said and stood up. He kept jumping to try and grab the remote. Shinso just raised his arm higher. 

Shinso ignored Midoriya. “Todoroki, what do you want to watch? We can watch the Mothman movie.”

Todoroki looked up, his eyes were wide. “Yes.”

Shinso grinned and Midoriya jumped on the couch then jumped at Shinso. Shinso tumbled into the pile of blankets and pillows. Midoriya scrambled forward and grabbed the remote. Then he bolted from the room. 

He heard Shinso shouting behind him, “Get back here, you backstabbing green bean!”

Midoriya ran down the hall and slid into his room. He slammed the door shut. Shinso crashed into the door and pounded on it. “Open up!”

“Never!” Midroiya held the remote protectively against his chest. The door knob jiggled. Frantically, he looked around the room. He couldn’t really hide. His eyes stopped on the window. He flung it open. He glanced over his shoulder. The door flung open. 

Shinso pointed at him. “Get back here and face your fate, greenie!”

Midoriya made a face. Then jumped out the window. It was only a three foot drop. And he ran. He saw Shinso jumping out the window after him. Midoriya ran into the backyard.

“You’ll never catch me!” he bolted into the backyard. Suddenly glad for his morning runs, he sprinted as fast as he could. Then hopped over the fence. 

“What are you two doing!” Aizawa’s voice came from somewhere behind him. Midoriya kept running. Shinso was laughing.

Luckily, Midoriya knew he could outrun Shinso. So he kept running and he ended up back in the front yard. He kept running. Then he slid around the corner and dived into a hedge on the side of the house. Moments later, he saw Shinso run by. Midoriya snickered.

He waited a few moments. Then he climbed back up onto the porch. He quietly slipped back inside the living room. Todoroki looked up from a container of mini mochi. His face was covered in white dust. 

Midoriya froze. 

Todoroki looked up at him, then quickly wiped off his mouth. “My dad never lets us have sweets.”

Midoriya plopped down beside him and turned on the TV. “I’m not judging. I’ve seen Ururaka eat eight mochi the size of her hand in one sitting.”

Todoroki nodded and looked down at the mochi still left. “That’s fair. I almost ate all of these in less than five minutes. That sounds reasonable.”

Todoroki looked back at the TV. “What are we going to watch? I do not mind All Might shows or movies.”

“We’re going to watch my favorite show actually,” Midoriya said.

“I am assuming it has something to do with All Might?”

Midoriya didn’t answer as he turned on the first episode. As the X-Files theme began, Shinso burst into the room and started dancing to it. He called the dance the ‘Orange Justice.’ 

Aizawa followed after him, looking more tired than usual. “Why.”

Todoroki ate another mochi, “As Shinso said, sleepovers are for doing anything other than sleeping.”


They watched X-Files for two hours before Shinso lost interest. So he decided to make milkshakes and became more determined after Todoroki said he had never had one before. Shinso pulled a blender out of the cabinet and was putting at least two cups of chocolate syrup into it. Midoriya frowned.

“Are you sure that’s the right amount?” he asked.

Shinso waved him off, “Of course. Do you not trust me in the kitchen or something?”

Midoriya made a face. “Considering I just cleaned that, no I don’t.”

Shinso rolled his eyes, “Do you want a milkshake or not?”

“I do,” Todoroki said. 

Aizawa shuffled into the room, he said nothing and went straight for the coffee machine. He poured a full thermos worth of coffee.

Shinso glanced at him, “Father.”

“Child,” Aizawa greeted then shuffled out of the room, then paused. “Also it’s twenty minutes until eleven. Remember, after that, it’s quiet time.”

“When have I ever listened to that?” Shinso asked, “It’s one of my favorite pastimes to not listen to that rule.”

“Oh, I know.” Aizawa left. 

Shinso scooped out the entire container of chocolate ice cream. Then he added half a bag of chocolate chips, then added chocolate sprinkles. “This is gonna be so good.”

He highly doubted that. Midoriya grabbed the bowl of popcorn. “All Might is gonna kill me for messing up my diet.”

Shinso turned on the blender.

Todoroki was still staring at the screen. He had been absolutely fascinated by X-Files and had barely looked away from it. 

“I doubt All Might would kill his son,” Todoroki said off-handedly. Midoriya turned towards him.

“I told you! All Might isn’t my dad!”

Todoroki glanced over at him, looking like he highly doubted this. “Then how come no one has met him?”

Midoriya made a face. “That doesn’t mean All Might is my dad-”

“Bakugo would know,” Shinso cut in as he added cocoa powder to the milkshakes.

Todoroki’s eyes got wider. Midoriya did not like where this was going.

Todoroki grabbed his phone.


Todoroki scared at the lockscreen. “It’s All Might’s birthday, isn’t it?” he typed in the date and the phone opened. Then he went to Midoriya’s contacts.

“Todoroki, I highly doubt Kacchan will answer-”

Todoroki hit the call button. 

Only a few moments later he answered. “Who is this?”

“This is Todoroki-”

“Why are you on Deku’s phone, half and half?”

Todoroki’s face remained unchanged. “I need to ask you a very important question.”

There was a long moment. “Is someone dying?”


“Are villains attacking you?”


“Are you in imminent danger?” Bakugo asked. 

Todoroki sighed. “No-”

“Then you don’t have an important question.” 

“Is All Might Midoriya’s father?” Todoroki said quickly before Bakugo could hang up. Silence went on and on. Midoriya couldn’t hear anything. Which was rare for Bakugo. 

Then Midoriya heard Bakugo snicker, “Yeah, I thought you all knew that. Get with the times, half and half.`` Then he hung up.

“Kacchan!” Midoriya grabbed the phone. “Why!”

“I knew it.” Todoroki said, looking satisfied.

He lowered the phone, “Kacchan was just trying to be annoying and cause trouble. All Might is not my dad!”

“You’re officially All Might junior.” Todoroki declared.

Shinso walked in with cups. He handed them the milkshakes. “Here you go.”

Midroiya took his. “Why is it green? I thought you were making chocolate ones?”

Shinso shook his head, “Nah. the chocolate one was for me, you have green tea. Because you’re green. Todoroki has a strawberry and vanilla one. Because he’s half and half.”

By the time Midoriya turned to look at Todoroki, the entire milkshake was gone. He gaped at him. “Todoroki-”

“Like I said, my dad never let us have sweets,” he said.

Shinso looked impressed. 

Aizawa shuffled back into the kitchen, poured himself another thermos full of coffee. He turned to look at them. “It’s eleven. Quiet.”

Shinso just looked at him. “Rules and laws are just strong suggestions.”

Aizawa sighed. 

Todoroki set his glass on the table. Then laid down. “I’m tired.”

“Weak,” Shinso said and flopped onto the pillows. “I haven’t slept in two days.”

Midoriya gave him a look. “That’s not healthy.”

“Who ever said I was trying to be healthy.”

Todoroki spoke up, “That’s not a good habit. Sleep is very important. And you should not brag about not getting a healthy amount of sleep.” his eyes closed.

Midoriya huffed, “See? Even Todoroki agrees with me.”

“You should know by now that I do not listen to good advice.”

Midoriya gave him a flat look. “Oh, I know.”

Aizawa shouted from his room, “It’s after eleven! Be quiet!”

Chapter Text

Shinso had grabbed two pans from the kitchen and was slamming them together and screaming at the top of his lungs. He was singing the lyrics to Caramelldansen and standing on top of the counters. He was also doing the Cotton Eye Joe while doing everything else.

Todoroki was attempting to make himself another milkshake, by slowly squeezing the entire bottle of chocolate syrup into the blender. He was holding the ice cream in his right hand to keep it cold. He was slightly swaying to Shinso’s singing. 

Midoriya was wrapped up in eight different blankets and was sipping on his Capri Sun. He was watching X-Files and trying to guess what would happen next. So far he’d been right about fifty percent of the time. He had one earphone in to listen to his All Might podcast as well. This episode was focused on All Might’s iconic fights and team-ups. 

Aizawa was standing in the kitchen, just watching all of this happen. He held his coffee in one hand and looked extremely disappointed in all of them. But then again, that was his usual face and expression. So it wasn’t that different than usual. 

Midroiya’s attention was fixed on the TV. Scully was currently lecturing about how it is impossible for aliens and other things to exist. “I disagree with Scully,” he commented, “I think that with the size of our universe it’s impossible that there’s other intelligent forms of life out there somewhere.”

Aizawa let out a very long, deep sigh. “Why do I even bother?”

Todoroki looked over at him, “You try more than my dad,” he said with his usual flat expression. 

Aizawa sighed again. 

Todoroki squeezed the chocolate syrup bottle, “I just want to let you know, I am enjoying myself a lot. This sleepover is fun.”

Midoriya perked up and smiled at Todoroki. “You are? I was worried you wouldn’t have fun and that’d you feel awkward!”

Todoroki gave him a look, “Midoriya, I am always awkward no matter what I do.”

Midoriya slumped back into his blanket mound. “Well, I was hoping that you felt comfortable here.”

“I do. Anything is better than having awkward dinners with my old man while he tries to prove he is getting to be a better man,” Todoroki commented, “When I’m eating dinner I just want to eat my soba in peace.”

Aizawa sighed again and slowly looked to Shinso. He was dancing in front of the window, he was now doing the macarena while hitting the pans together. He was dramatically singing David Bowie now and was emoting over the top as well. Aizawa slowly left the room.

Todoroki poured the last of the chocolate syrup into the blender. “Now I just add the ice cream?”

“Of course, no need to sound so doubtful, Canadaian flag boy.” Shinso said while hitting the pots together louder. “I would never lie to you or any of my friends.”

Midoriya narrowed his eyes. “Really? What about that time you said that we were going to an All Might movie and instead we went to a movie about Ian Curtis? Huh?”

Shinso hit the pans together louder. “If I can’t hear you, what you’re saying doesn’t matter!”

Todoroki turned on the blender. Moments later the mixture went flying over the entire kitchen. Everyone froze. 

Midoriya set down his Capri Sun. “Todoroki! I just cleaned that!”

Todoroki slowly turned to face him. His eyes were wide and his mouth was hanging open. There was ice cream and chocolate syrup covering his entire face and shirt. It slowly dripped from his chin onto the floor. The nice, clean floor that Midoriya had just cleaned four hours ago. 

Midoriya gaped at him. 

Shinso started laughing. “I’m not cleaning it!” then he jumped down from the counter. And the moment his feet hit the ground, his feet went out. Shinso fell onto his back and went the pans flying across the room. 

Midoriya screamed.

The pans hit the counters, knocking the blender over and the other crashed into Todoroki. Who went falling to the ground moments later and dropped the container of ice cream. Which went flying. 

Midoriya continued to scream.  

The ice cream landed on Todoroki’s head.

Aizawa was suddenly there in the kitchen, “What happened-”

A loud yowling zoomed into the room as DEF raced into the room. DEF dashed over Shinso and Todoroki and straight onto the counter. The cat immediately started hitting things off the counter and sent them soaring then crashing onto the floor. Milk, cocoa powder, ice cream, chocolate syrup, and ice cubes. 

DEF jumped into a puddle of melting ice cream then dashed across the room into the living room. The cat launched itself onto Midoriya. Who screamed in shock as the cat knocked him over. Sending the bowl of popcorn flying. Midoriya felt the cat smear melted ice cream all over him and his face. 

Then DEF jumped onto the coffee table and started screeching. 

Aizawa dropped his coffee mug. “What.”

Midoriya slowly sat up. Shinso was still laying on the ground, staring up at the ceiling in surprise. Todoroki slowly lifted his head, ice cream dripped down his face and mixed into his hair. He blinked slowly. 

His eyes settled on the still-screaming cat. His eyes got wide again. “You have a cat!”

Shinso groaned, “I think that cat loves chaos more than me.”

Aizawa finally spoke, “I was gone two minutes. Two minutes.”

Todoroki looked up at him, “Things quickly spiraled out of control. It was rather uncontrollable.”

“I see that.”

Midoriya fell back into the blankets. “I am not cleaning this up by myself. And Shinso, I will force you to help me.”

Shinso groaned again. “You will have to literally fight me for that to happen.”

Midoriya sat up, “I’m fairly sure in a fight I would win, don’t try me.”

Shinso made a surprised face, “Someone has been spending too much time with Bakugo.”

DEF jumped off the coffee table and jumped onto Midoriya’s lap. The cat curled up and fell asleep moments later. Midoriya grinned, “Oh no, I have a cat! You know the rule, I can’t move now! How tragic! I can’t help with the cleaning!”

Shinso’s face fell. “Don’t use my strategy against me!”

Midoriya pet DEF’s head. 


After they had all cleaned up the mess together and thirty minutes later, Midoriya was wrapped up in his blankets again. Todoroki was half under a blanket only covering his right side and he was already dozing off. Shinso was slowly head banging to whatever music was playing through his headphones. Aizawa had gone to sleep after yelling about the after eleven rule. 

Todoroki rolled over, “Midoriya, have you ever wondered about aliens?”

Midoriya glanced up from his notebook. “Uh, yes of course I have.”

“Have you ever considered if humans are actually the aliens on this planet?”

Midoriya blinked rapidly and honestly he couldn’t think of anything to say. Shinso slowly took out his earphones and looked up with his eyes wide open. 

“Oh my god, Todoroki you have solved the mystery of human origin,” Shinso whispered, “We’re aliens.”

Todoroki sat up a tiny bit, “I did?”

Midoriya thought about this, “But wait, how did we end up on Earth then? And also we would technically be aliens to any other aliens who aren’t from Earth anyway.”

Shinso and Todoroki both stared at him. 

“Oh my god, greenie, you are a genius!”

Todoroki stared up at the ceiling like he was trying to process this information. Shinso was pulling out some notebooks, “We are all aliens to aliens!”

“It’s quiet time!” Aizawa’s voice echoed from his room.

“Have you ever wondered why we were born as humans?” Todoroki asked.

Shinso raised an eyebrow, “What else would you want to be born as?”

Todoroki turned his head and with a completely deadpan expression said, “A soba noodle.”

Shinso blinked and then without missing a beat said, “I would want to be a cat. And Midoriya would have been a brocoli.”

“I would not! I think I would have been-”

“A rabbit.” Todoroki said calmly, “Your hero costume already has rabbit ears.”

Midoriya sputtered, “Wha-”

“You are a rabbit, Midoriya. Accept that truth.” Todoroki’s face still showed no emotion as he spoke. “You are a small, green rabbit.”

Shinso was snickering. 

“Then you’re a candy cane,” Midoriya shot back. 

Todoroki blinked once. “I don’t understand.”

Shinso comfortably leaned back into his seat, “I would be a troll doll.”

Midoriya started laughing so hard he hunched over. Todoroki of course just watched in confusion. 

“I don’t understand.”

Chapter Text

Midoriya woke up to the sounds of someone softly singing Phantom of the Opera. He slowly opened his eyes, the living room was still dark and there was no sign of sunlight coming through the window. He slowly sat up and rubbed his eyes.

Todoroki was passed out on the floor, with the blanket covering his right side. He was snoring softly and several Mothman files were still on the floor around him. Midoriya glanced around to not see Shinso anywhere. 

He picked up his phone from the coffee table. 


Midoriya rubbed his eyes again. He could vaguely hear someone singing Phantom of the Opera somewhere in the house. So he stood up and slowly stumbled down the dark hallway toward the voice. He slowly pushed the extra bedroom door open. 

Shinso had on headphones and was dressed as the Phantom. He had on a black suit, the mask, a wig, and the dramatic cape as well. He was standing on a small wooden stage that was shoved up against the wall.

Midoriya just stood in the doorway. 

Shinso slid off the head phones, “Join me.”

Midoriya blinked. “It’s four am?”

“So? The Phantom never rests.”

Midoriya rubbed his eyes. “Why did you decide to perform the Phantom of the Opera by yourself again?”

Shinso huffed and stepped down from the stage while whipping his cape around. “Because of insomnia, tiny little green bean.”

Midoriya sighed. Shinso leaned over a large chest in the corner. “Now, who would like to play? You could be Raul? Nah, he’s not in the musical enough.” He pulled out a huge armful of clothing and dumped it by Midoriya’s feet. 

“Wanna be Christine?” Shinso held up a curly, dark brown wig. 

Midoriya logically knew it was a school night and that he had class tomorrow. But somehow Shinso always managed to convince him to do stupid things. He took the wing and tried to put it on his head. The wig couldn’t fit over his hair. So it just laid on top of his hair.

“I don’t think this is going to work.” he announced.

“Not with that attitude.” Shinso remarked and grabbed the wing and pulled it down hard. Hard enough Midoriya lost his footing. He fell to the ground and the wig fell off.

“I have underestimated the green bean hair,” Shinso said with a sigh. “I guess Todoroki will have to be my Christine.”

“Does Todoroki even know what Phantom of the Opera is?” Midoriya asked while still sitting on the floor. 

“He had never had a milkshake before, I doubt Endeavor thought to introduce him to the wonderful creation that is Phantom of the Opera.” Shinso remarked, “He was probably like, ‘no, my perfect creation can only do nothing all day but train. I am a terrible human being, my name’s Endeavor.’ That's probably what he did.”

Midoriya raised an eyebrow. “Because that’s exactly how Endeavor talks.”

Shinso crossed his arms while making sure that his cape fluttered with the movement. “And how would you know?”

Midoriya made a face. “I met Endeavor once. I mean sure Kacchan is angry, but like not that angry.”

“To be fair, Bakugo does look like an angry pomeranian.” Shinso said happily, “I’m going to wake up Todoroki!”

 He dashed out of the room. 

Midoriya leapt up and followed after him. “No!” he whispered louder than a whisper should be. “Let him sleep!”

Shinso crouched down beside the sleeping Todoroki. He grinned his chaotic grin once then shook Todoroki awake.

Todoroki’s eyes immediately flew open. But he didn’t seem to see Shinso and threw his hands up. Both hands smacking Shinso in the face.

Shinso shouted and fell backward. 

Todoroki scrambled upwards, glancing around frantically. He stared at Shinso. “Who are you?” he demanded. 

Oh. Shinso was still wearing the costume. 

Midoriya quickly stepped between them both, “Hey! It’s just Shinso! He’s wearing a costume because he’s being irresponsible.” he glared at Shinso.

Shinso rubbed his face, “My beautiful face.”

Todoroki stared down at him, breathing heavily. Midoriya stepped forward and reached toward him. “Are you okay-”

Todoroki looked scared. Midoriya was going to have to talk to Shinso about scaring people in the middle of the night again. Last time he woke up Aizawa in the middle of the night by screaming at the top of his lungs. And Aizawa had thought they were villains. That ended badly.

Todoroki took in a deep breath of air and whispered, “I thought you were Mothman.”

Midoriya froze. “Wait, what?”

Todoroki breathed a sigh of relief. “I thought Mothman was here.” he said and took a deep breath.

Shinso snickered under his breath. 

“So you aren’t upset?” Midoriya asked after a moment. 

“No, I am. I wanted to sleep and I am disappointed it was not actually Mothman.” he glanced at Shinso. Midoriya sighed.

Todoroki crossed his arms. “I am sorry, Shinso. But our friendship is over, I cannot believe you actually tricked me into believing Mothman was actually here. Midoriya?”

Midoriya glanced over at him, “Yeah?”

“You’re my only friend now.” he announced then walked into the kitchen. 

Shinso gasped. “Hey! I made you milkshakes!”

Todoroki looked barely affected and gave him a cold look. “And Midoriya helped me use my left side.”

Midoriya couldn’t help but stick his tongue out at Shinso. Who just looked at him with pure betrayal. “I trusted you, greenie.”

Midoriya hopped up and went over to Todoroki. Who seemed to be making a milkshake again. “It’s four am, Todoroki?”

Todoroki glanced up, “Yes?”

“Oh my gosh, there’s two of them.” he groaned in despair. 


The trio went to school barely awake and very tired. Shinso and Todoroki had ended up wrestling over the remote. Since Shinso wanted to watch Phantom of the Opera and Todoroki wanted to watch the Mothman Files again. Midoriya had just been watching the 24/7 hero news channel while wrapped up in a blanket.

Aizawa had come home from his patrol at that time. He just saw Shinso dressed up as the Phantom, Todoroki yelling at Mothman, the five empty milkshakes cups, and Midoriya in the corner. He just sighed and grabbed a juice pack from the fridge and disappeared into his room. 

      Now they were walking to school. Shinso carried an entire extra bag filled with water bottles filled with coffee and espresso. Todoroki calmly sipped on a thermos of hot tea. While Midoriya chugged his Extra Plus Ultra Super All Might Protein Energy drink. Shinso had tried it once and described it as liquid sugar.   

As they walked, Midoriya was practically bouncing in place. “Why are we walking so slow?” he asked, several steps ahead. “We could’ve been there ages ago.”

Shinso sighed, “Because some of us don’t have the energy of a wound-up rabbit.”

Midoriya sent him a look. “Hey.”

Todoroki said, “It’s always loud.”

“And Shinso isn’t loud?” Midoriya asked.

Todoroki shrugged, “That’s because I willingly chose to be around him. Sometimes I cannot escape some certain people in our class who are known for being very loud-”

As if he summoned those certain classmates, a loud shouting came from behind them.
“Hey! Guys! Wait up!”

Kirishima ran up to them, waving wildly above his head. “Hey!” he jogged up beside Shinso. 

“Hey, guys! You ready for class? I’m super excited, we’re talking about some older heroes today! It’s gonna be awesome.” Kirishima said happily. He glanced down at the bag of coffee Shinso was carrying. “Whoa man. That’s a lot of coffee.”

Shinso sipped on his coffee, “I need a lot of coffee.” was all he said.

Kirishima grinned. “You know, that’s pretty manly. You’re just doing your thing.” he said happily, “It’s cool that your dad lets you have coffee. Anytime I try to drink coffee, my parents immediately make me get rid of it.”

“That’s a tragedy,” Shinso said mournfully. 

“I know, man. But I do get pretty hyper when I drink coffee. So that’s fair.” Kirishima said with a shrug, “Also when I try to drink coffee, Bakugo just gives me this look. A look that just says he judges me for being unhealthy.”

“Kacchan hates coffee,” Midoriya added, “He always said it’s super unhealthy.”

“Aw, who woulda guess Bakubro was a health freak,” Kirishima laughed. 

Midoriya nodded, “There’s a reason he’s at the top of the class.”

Kirishima sighed dramatically, “I wish I was as manly as Bakugo.”

Todoroki glanced over at him, his expression barely changing. “You are manly. Just because you’re not Bakugo doesn’t mean you’re not manly.”

Kirishima stopped in his tracks, his eyes wide open. “That was so nice of you Todoroki.” 

Todoroki looked a little alarmed, “Are you crying?”

Kirishima grabbed Todoroki into a hug and picked him up. Todoroki gave Midoriya a very distressed look. 

“That’s it!” Kirishima said, “We’re bros now. We’re friends now and you’re stuck with me.”

“I am acquiring too many friends very quickly,” Todoroki said quietly. Kirishima laughed and slung an arm over Todoroki’s shoulder.   

“And since we’re friends now. That automatically means the rest of the Bakusqaud are your friends now too. Kaminari, Mina, and Sero are all your friends now too. Blasty may take a little longer to come around but he’s not bad.”

Todoroki gave Midoriya one very distressed and confused look. He mouthed; help me.

Chapter Text

It was supposed to be a quiet night in the Aizawa household. But as always, Shinso somehow stopped that from happening. Already he was blasting Caramelldansen for the hundredth time in a row. Midoriya was sitting on his bed, a pillow over his face. 

He just wanted to sleep. 

His door slowly swung open. Midoriya was ready to throw a pillow if it was Shinso. But instead Todoroki stood in the doorway.


“Can I stay here?” he asked, “Shinso is playing music and it is right beside my room.”

Aizawa had practically given Todoroki one of the spare rooms in the house the morning after the sleepover. Which Todoroki had already taken several naps in after they got back from school. 

Midoriya scooched over, “Yeah.” 

Todoroki walked forward and fell face forward into the bed. And just laid there without moving and saying anything. Midoriya had learned in the past couple days that Todoroki liked to sleep a lot and would get grouchy if someone interrupted his naptime or bedtime. 

“Do you want a blanket?” Midoriya asked, pulling the blanket up over his own shoulders. Todoroki nodded his head while still buried in the comforter. Midoriya put one of his extra All Might blankets over his right side. 

Only moments later he could hear Todoroki snoring softly. Midoriya huffed and went back to scrolling through his phone. Apparently not much was happening in terms of hero news, which was really sad. He needed something new to analyze soon. 

His door slowly opened again. 

Midoriya sighed, already knowing was about to walk through the door. Shinso stepped through with another chaotic grin. 

“Hey,” he drew out.

Midoriya gave him a look. “What? Actually don’t even tell me what you did.”

Shinso’s shoulders slumped, “You’re so mean to me. You don’t even know if I did anything yet.”

“Yes, I do. Your face says it all.” Midoriya pointed out, “Also, be quiet. Todoroki is trying to sleep.”

“You sound like a mom,” Shinso huffed and spun around on his heel with a flourish. “I guess I’ll just watch Moulin Rouge by myself then.”

Shinso shut the door and Midoriya sighed. 

Todoroki slowly lifted up his head and glanced around. “What?”

“Nothing, go back to sleep.”

Todoroki’s head fell into the comforter. And moments later he was asleep.

Then the music started. This time it was Beetlejuice. Playing very, very loudly. Then Midoriya’s door flung open as Shinso kicked it open. He was carrying a speak over his head and screaming the lyrics.   

Todoroki jumped and let out a screech. 

Shinso jumped onto Midoriya’s chair. But he seemed to forget it was a rolling chair. The chair slid out from under him and Shinso crashed into the ground. The speaker also crashing into the ground.

Shinso coughed loudly.

Todoroki stared down at him emotionlessly then spoke, “Big oof.”

Shinso’s eyebrow both jumped up. “Who taught you that?” he demanded, “That sounds so wrong coming from you.”

Todoroki looked down at him, “Kirishima, Kaminari, and Mina taught me. They also introduced me to something called Twitter. It is amusing.”

“Oh my gosh,” Midoriya whispered, “You have a Twitter?”

Todoroki glanced over at him, “Yes?”

Shinso was up in seconds and jumped on the bed and demanded, “Where’s your phone? I need to know what you’ve posted.”

Todoroki looked at Shinso with his usual flat expression and handed Shinso his phone. Shinso grinned and started scrolling. 

“Hey!” Midoriya interrupted, “Maybe let Todoroki have his privacy-”

“Oh my god,” Shinso said under his breath and shoved the phone into Midoriya’s face. “Please look at his username.”


Midoriya was not surprised in the least. 

Shinso leaned back, “First tweet: Today I ate a bowl of soba. It made me very happy.”

Todoroki’s expression did not change, “I think that is a reasonable statement. I do enjoy soba.”

“Second tweet: I believe that Mothman is real. I am waiting for him to contact me.” Shinso looked up at Todoroki with an unbelieving look. 

Todoroki shrugged. “It’s true.”

“Third tweet: I have a question: why does Bakugo shake like one of those angry little dogs?” Shinso snickered and glanced at Midoriya, “It’s funny because it’s true.”

“Fourth tweet: Mina and Kaminari have informed me of something called T-Posing. Apparently it asserts someone’s dominance over someone else. I think I will try it with Shinso so he will make me another milkshake.”

Shinso gave Todoroki a look, “This is the most amazing thing I’ve ever read, oh my god.”

“Fifth tweet: I think Endeavor should get new stylists, whoever designed that flaming beard should be fired.”

Midoriya couldn’t stop himself from giggling at that. Todoroki looked pleased, “I’m glad someone found that amusing.”

“That got retweeted like 15,000 times,” Shinso said while laughing, “Oh my god.”

Todoroki took the phone back and moved so they could all read them together. 


IcyHot_SobaMan tweeted: I wonder if I took a nap at my desk if Aizawa would notice or if he’d just think “Big Mood”

IcyHot_SobaMan tweeted: How does Shinso survive on only coffee? I think his blood is only coffee at this point.

IcyHot_SobaMan tweeted: I relate to Mothman on a spiritual level because I too like to hide from people and stay in my room and I only talk to three people.

IcyHot_SobaMan tweeted: If I was a food I’d be a singular soba noodle. 

IcyHot_SobaMan tweeted: If Midoriya was a food he’d be a green bean.

IcyHot_SobaMan tweeted: I just watched Aizawa wake up from a nap then stand up and immediately walk into the door #bigmood

IcyHot_SobaMan tweeted: Shinso won’t stop playing that Caramelldansen song. Is it reasonable to freeze him or lock him outside? #askingforafriend 

IcyHot_SobaMan tweeted: There is only one (1) individual that I truly appreciate in this world: Mothman

IcyHot_SobaMan tweeted: I lied, it’s actually Midoriya. He walked into my room and gave me a bowl of soba and a milkshake. Then said he was sorry he couldn’t save me from our very loud classmates today #ihaveonetruefriend #anditsnotshinso #friendshipwithshinsoisover 

IcyHot_SobaMan tweeted: I am going to take a nap or I’m going to fight Shinso until he stops playing Caramelldansen. I’ll decide after finishing my soba and milkshake. #lifechoices 


Chapter Text

Midoriya sat at the table and ate some Super All Might cereal. Todoroki sat across from him but he laid his head on the table. He was pretending to be asleep or trying to sleep. Which was honestly pretty relatable. 

Midoriya finished his bowl of cereal. “Uhm, Todoroki? Are you feeling okay?”

One of Todoroki's eyes slowly opened. “I am deeply tired. I want to sleep but we have school in thirty minutes. I am currently debating how much I want an education.”
“Big mood,” Shinso said as he walked into the kitchen and flopped into a chair. “I go through the debate every single morning when I lay in bed and think about if it’s worth it to get up.”

Midoriya sighed.

Shinso grabbed the box of cereal. “Sometimes I don’t get up then my dad pushes me out of bed.”

Todoroki sighed. “I wish I could sleep every moment of my life.”

Midoriya shook his head. “The two of you are absolute mad men.”

“Thank you,” Shinso said and poured a bowl of cereal. “I am a mad man. I should change that to my nickname.”

Aizawa shuffled into the kitchen, a blanket thrown over his shoulders. It dragged behind him as he walked up to the coffee machine. He dumped all the coffee remaining in the pot into his tall thermos. He turned around to face all of them. 

“What are you problem children doing?” he asked.

Midoirya held up his bowl of cereal and smiled widely. “We’re eating Super All Might cereal for breakfast!”

“I’m secretly dying on the inside,” Shinso said and leaned back into his chair. “But I’m sure you are all very well aware of this information.”

Aizawa sighed, “Unfortunately, considering I live with you.”

Shinso grinned. 

Todoroki slowly raised up his head and glanced at the cereal box. He squinted at it. “Should I go back to sleep?”

“Yes,” Shinso said.

 “No,” Aizawa said, “You have school. And you only have twenty-five minutes till we have to leave.”

Shinso screamed and launched himself out of his chair. “I’m taking a shower!”

Oh no. When Shinso took showers he was in there for twenty minutes at least. Midoriya jumped out of his chair and rushed after Shinso. “No! You’ll hog the entire bathroom!”

Shinso manically cackled as he slammed the bathroom door shut. Midoriya slammed into the door and started pounding his fists against it. 

“Shinso! You have to let us get ready! That’s not fair!”

From inside the bathroom Shinso shouted, “If you snooze, you lose, greenie!”

Midoriya frowned deeply then started smacking the door. “Shinso Hitoshi! You open this door!”

“Never!” Shinso was laughing loudly from the bathroom, it echoed off the walls. The water turned on.

“Shinso!” he smacked the door. “I swear to All Might I will never make you grilled cheese sandwiches again.”

“That’s awfully bold of you!” Shinso laughed.

“Midoriya,” Todoroki came up beside him, “What did Shinso do?”

Midoriya spun around and wildly gestured to the door. “Shinso takes over twenty minute showers! And we still have to get ready!” he pointed down to his All Might pajamas and rabbit slippers. 

Todoroki slowly looked up the door. He had only rolled out of bed ten minutes ago. His hair was messy and looked like someone had taken a towel and rubbed it over his hair. His eyes narrowed at the door. 

“He did that on purpose,” Todoroki said.

Midoriya nodded, “We have to stop him.”

“How do you suggest we do that?” Todoroki asked. 

Midoriya paused for a moment to think about it. Then he nodded once, “I’m not sure yet. But I’m going to keep pounding on this door to annoy him.”

He went back to pounding his fists against the door. “You are a mean, mean man! Shinso Hitoshi! I am going to throw pillows at you!”

Shinso's laugh echoed in the bathroom.

Midoriya hit the door harder. “I will eat all your dried pickle chips!”

“I dare you to try!” Shinso said back and began to sing Caramelldansen as loudly as he could. 

“You better stop singing that or else!”

Shinso stopped singing. “What? You’re going to threaten me by eating foods I like?”

Midoriya put his hands on his hips. “Do you want me to act like Kacchan? Because I can threaten you by challenging you to a fight.”

“I’m fairly sure I would lose that fight, you’re feral in fights,” Shinso said.

The water stopped. 

Shinso cackled. “Oh no, wouldn’t it be terrible if I took forever to fix my hair? Wouldn’t it be tragic if I moved like a sloth while brushing my hair?”

“Don’t you dare!” Midoriya hit the door again. “I will not help you make pancakes at midnight again!”

“Hah. Like you’d actually do that, green bean. You like midnight pancakes too much for that.” Shinso made a bunch of noise as he went through drawers. “Oops, I suddenly can’t find my hairbrush. So tragic.”

Todoroki sighed. “I guess I will be going to school dressed in my pajamas. This is alright.”

“Todoroki, your pajamas are a matching silk top and bottom set with your name embroidered on the pocket,” Midoriya slumped his shoulders, “I’m wearing the same All Might pajamas I’ve had since I was in middle school.”

Todoroki’s eyes moved up and down to take in his pajamas. His mouth drew into a thin line.
“I do not see why that’s an issue. I think your pajamas are quite nice. I think they match your personality quite well as well.”


“How terrible would it be if suddenly I took a nap in the bathroom?” Shinso said.

Both Midoriya and Todoroki spun toward the door and shouted, “No!”

Aizawa shuffled by them with a deep sigh. “Please go put on your school uniforms already. And Hitoshi, get out of the bathroom. Stop hogging the entire room.”

He went into his room. Likely to change into his hero costume.

Shinso let out a dramatic sigh. “I suppose I should get out. But my hair isn’t done yet.”

Midoriya hit the door. “Shinso, we have ten minutes left.”

The door opened and Shinso walked out with his hair done perfectly. He was already dressed in his UA uniform. He grinned at them both as he walked by. “You two can fight over the bathroom.”

Todoroki looked at Midoriya then turned around and started walking to his room. “No thanks. I don’t want Midoriya threatening to eat all my favorite foods. I want my soba intact.”

Midoriya shrugged and pushed past Shinso. “Bathroom hog.” he muttered.

Shinso laughed and walked off. “You would be bored without me, don’t deny it,” he said as he strolled into his room.  

Midoirya went to the bathroom mirror. He began the process of at least attempting to make his hair look somewhat proper and less like an explosive bomb of green. But alas, he should have known by now that it would be impossible. 

He brushed his teeth while trying to pat it down with the other hand. Which did not work as to be expected. 

Shinso strode back into the bathroom. He stood behind Midoriya and tied his tie in the mirror.

“It’s nice you’re so short,” Shinso said, “I can just look above you, you’re a tiny green bean.”

Midoriya frowned at Shinso through the mirror. “Rude,” he said while still brushing his teeth. Shinso made a disgusted face, “Don’t speak while brushing your teeth, you little monster.”

Midoriya made a face then finished brushing his teeth. He stood back up and went back to trying to get his hair to lay a little flatter. Shinso came forward and pressed his hands into his hair. Also attempting to make it behave. 

Shinso raised an eyebrow. “And I thought my hair was uncontrollable.”

Midoriya sent him a flat expression. “Shinso, you purposely style your hair to stick up like that. It normally looks like Aizawa’s. You choose it. My hair naturally does this, I can’t control it.”

Shinso patted the top of his hair with care. “It’s so fluffy.” he said, like he was talking about a kitten.

Midoriya swatted away his hands. “Stop it. I’m trying to make it look a little less like I just woke up.”

“Nah,” Shinso said, crossing his arms, “Don’t change it. It’s part of your whole sunshine child look.”

Todoroki walked into the bathroom, “Excuse me, can I look in the mirror?”

Shinso spread out his arms and started dancing in front of the mirror. Particularly doing the Caramelldansen dance, effectively blocking Todoroki’s view of the mirror. Midoriya snickered as he washed his face.

“Why are you like this?” Todoroki asked, “I just need to look in the mirror.”

Shinso laid a hand on his shoulder. “Todo, listen to me.”

Todoroki’s face scrunched up at the nickname. Shinso ignored it.

“This is what it’s like to have good friends.” Shinso said, “Because, friends are annoying and never stop trying to bother you. Kinda like siblings. But can’t get in trouble with your parents.”

Todoroki blinked. “My siblings never act like this. I am fairly sure this is just how you act.”

Shinso gasped. “Greenie, did you just hear what he said? Rude.” 

Midoriya rolled his eyes. “How exactly is that rude?” 

Shinso shrugged. “I don’t know. But I’m sure it is.”

Todoroki pushed past Shinso to the mirror. He stood beside Midoriya and started to tie his school uniform’s tie. He fluidly tied it perfectly in a matter of moments. Midoriya frowned. He had never been able to tie a tie properly. No matter how hard he tried and all the online tutorials he watched in the hopes of learning the secrets.  

“We have five minutes!” Aizawa shouted as he rushed past the door.

Midoriya screamed and rushed past Shinso and Todoroki. He dashed into his room. He was still screaming while he frantically changed into his uniform and practically jumped into his shoes. He bolted out of his rooms, his tie still loose around his neck. He grabbed all his books off the kitchen table and ran back to his room.

Midoriya dumped all the books, notes, textbooks, and calculator into his backpack. He tugged it on and dashed out of his room. He ran past Shinso. 

“Whoa, chill out my dude.” Shinso said, “We have like four minutes left.”

Midoriya spun around to him. “You’re not even wearing shoes yet! Where’s your backpack?”

Todoroki walked past both of them, fully ready. And seemingly unaffected by Midoirya’s frazzled behavior. He went to stand by the door. “Are we walking today?”

Midoriya slumped his shoulders. “How are you always so calm and composed?”

Todoroki looked at him with a blank expression. “Only on the outside.”

“Big mood,” Shinso said.

Midoriya gave him a look and raised his eyebrow. “Uh, Shinso? You are neither calm on the inside or the outside.”

“That’s true.”

Aizawa rushed past all of them, looking a little more wild than usual. His hair stuck up in random places, his hero costume was bunched up and wrinkled, and his shoes were untied.

“Alright, all of you. Get in the car. We’re going to have to rush to get there in time.” he said as he was already out the door. 

Midoriya rushed after him. “Uhm, Aizawa? You have a car?”



Todoroki somehow ended up in the front seat beside Aizawa. Midoriya and Shinso sat in the back. 

Shinso leaned over to Midoirya and whispered. “Watch this. My dad’s bought to lose his crap.”

Midoriya raised an eyebrow.

Shinso grinned the chaotic grin. This was going to be bad. Shinso got out his phone and brought out his large speaker from his backpack. 

Oh no.

Midoriya subtly shook his head. This was going to end really badly. Aizawa already looked highly stressed as he navigated the morning rush traffic. The last thing he needed was the blasting of either Caramelldansen or some 80s goth music.

Midoriya grabbed the speaker and shook his head again. Shinso frowned and then went back to his phone. 

Midoriya grabbed his phone. Shinso stared at Midoriya in complete and utter shock. It was more akin to betrayal than anything. 

Midoriya whispered as quietly as he possibly could. “Your dad is having a bad day already. Don’t make it worse with Caramelldansen or something.”

Shinso made a face. “Don’t tell me what to do,” he whispered back just as quietly. Then he reached toward the phone just as Midoriya moved it farther from his reach. Shinso looked offended by this. 

“What are you doing?” Shinso whispered.

“Stopping you from making your dad kick us out of the car and making us walk to school.” Midoriya kept the phone out of his reach.

Shinso looked shocked by this. In a normal voice he said, “How dare you? I trusted you to have my back.”

Aizawa spoke up, “Can you two stop bickering while I’m trying to drive? Can’t you be like Todoroki? He’s being completely silent.”

“Only because I am stuck in the front seat by myself,” Todoroki said and glanced over his shoulder. He actually looked a little sad up front by himself. 

Shinso leaned forward. “You should unbuckle and climb back here. So then we can all watch cat videos together.”

Aizawa gripped the steering wheel harder. “No. Absolutely not.”

Todoroki reached for his seat buckle. 


And thus began another typical morning in the Aizawa household.

Chapter Text

“I think the house is too quiet,” Shinso announced during dinner. 

Or what should have been dinner. Instead they were all gathered around the TV with all the random snacks they bought at a local 7Eleven on the way back from school. Slushies, pork buns, chips, cookies, and random snacks from around the world covered the coffee table.

Midoriya raised an eyebrow. “Huh? What do you mean, quiet? This house is almost never quiet.”

Shinso shrugged. “I mean, we should invite some of our classmates over.”

“That is a terrible idea,” Midoriya said, “Let’s do it.”

Todoroki shoved another dumpling in his mouth then said, “If they try to mess with the Mothman stuff, then there’s going to be a problem.”

Shinso waved away his concern. “I doubt any of them would be able to understand the importance of Mothman to even think about messing with the Mothman stuff.”

Todoroki nodded at this, seemingly satisfied. Midoriya could already tell this was going to end badly, but if he tried to stop Shinso, it would only end up worse. So he might as well help him.

“So what did you have in mind?” Midoriya asked and munched on an All Might Super Snack.

Shinso leaned back. “I’m thinking maybe like a game night or movie night. But we only invite people in smaller groups, more manageable that way.”

That was probably a good thing. If the whole class showed up, he doubted it would end very well. It would only end up in chaos and probable property destruction. 

“I joke we invite Momo,” Todoroki said, raising his hand a little. “She’s very nice and doesn’t try to make me do weird dances. Kirishima kept trying to get me to do this thing called a floss.”

Shinso laughed. “Oh, I would pay good money to see that.”

Todoroki tilted his head to the side. “Why would you pay money to see me floss? That is a little strange.”

Shinso blinked then let out a long sigh. “Oh my god. How are you so socially awkward? I thought Midoirya was bad at first.”

“Hey,” Midoriya said, “I don’t want to hear it from you of all people. The first night I was here you burst into my room blasting that 7 Elements song and then proceeded to challenge me to a dance off.”

Shinso narrowed his eyes. “How dare you? I am a perfectly socialized human being.”

“The other day you asked the cashier if they had found their lord and savior, Ian Curtis.” Midoriya gave him a flat look.

“And I meant it.”

Todoroki cut in. “I think we should also invite Iida and Ururaka as well.”

“Oh! Good idea!” Midoriya grinned. “We should definitely have them over! I haven’t hung out with them in a while so it’d be super nice!”

Todoroki nodded calmly.

Shinso shrugged. “I guess? I barely know them-”

“That is because you don’t put any effort into getting to know them,” Midoirya said, crossing his arms. “Ever since you’ve joined class 1-A, you always avoid everyone like they have the plague. You’re almost worse than Todoroki before the Sports Festival.”

Midoriya winced at that and glanced over at him. Todoroki shrugged.
“It’s true.”

Shinso flopped backwards. “Uhg, but talking to people is hard.”

“That’s why we have Momo, Ururaka, and Iida over!” Midoriya jumped up in excitement. “So that way it’s a smaller group! And you can make more friends.”

“Not until you clean up this house,” Aizawa walked by without pausing. 

All three of them started to protest. But Aizawa held up a hand, “None of you have straightened up the house in almost a week. It’s a mess. It’s completely irrational for it to be this messy.”

“Uhg,” Shinso made a disgusted face and grabbed a bag of Cheetos. Then started shoving them into his mouth. “I hate cleaning more than anything. More than talking to strangers.”

“Oof,” Todoroki said in his usual deadpan voice. Midoriya started giggling. 

Aizawa sighed.


Midoriya was put in charge of cleaning the kitchen and living room the next morning. They weren’t allowed to invite anyone over before the house was clean. Which he found ironic, considering when he first moved in the house had been an absolute wreck. 

Shinso was put in charge of cleaning the bathrooms. Which Midoriya knew was a bad idea. Considering he apparently made poisonous gas last time he cleaned them.

Speaking of Shinso, it had been strangely quiet from where he was. Midoriya leaned the broom against the counter. That wasn’t suspicious at all. He left the kitchen and went down the hall to the bathroom. 

No noise.

He pushed open the door. 

Shinso was sitting on the floor, with his Switch. He barely glanced up.

“Shinso,” Midoriya crossed his arms. “What are you doing?”

“Catching butterflies for my neighbour. I gotta make level six friends with him.” Shinso said, while tapping on his screen. 


“Animal Crossing. I need to become best friends with all the animals. Jay is going to be my best friend. We’re talking about working out right now, but I need to go catch some butterflies. I also need some grapes.” 

Midoriya sighed. “Is this all you’ve been doing?”

“This is important.”

“Catching butterflies?”


Midoriya sighed and left Shinso to his Animal Crossing. He went in search of Todoroki. He found him in the hallway. He was holding a broom in one hand and a dustpan in the other. He was attempting to do both activities at the same time.

For a moment, Midoriya stood in the doorway, just watching. Todoroki frowned at the two objects like they had personally insulted him. 

Todoroki stared down at the dustpan and broom. He whispered, “How do these work?”

“Uh, Todoroki? Do you need some help?”

His head snapped up and his eyes were wide. “Oh thank god. Midoriya, how do these things work?”

Midoriya bit the inside of his mouth to stop himself from laughing. But the look of desperation in Todoroki’s eyes was just too funny, at least to be about a broom and dustpan. 

He took the dustpan. “That’s usually because someone else holds the dustpan.”

Todoroki stared at it for a moment. “Oh.”

It was definitely going to take them a while to finish getting the house clean at this rate. 

Chapter Text

The entire Aizawa household was cleaned from the top to the bottom. The floors were scrubbed, swept, and now were glittering. The corners were dusted and cobwebs were gone. The tables cleared of all the trash and garbage. Everything had been rearranged and organized until it looked like Aizawa almost owned nothing. 

Midoriya looked over the house with a look of accomplishment. He had done it all himself, without the help of Shinso or Todoroki. Shinso had disappeared into his room to play Animal Crossing and muttered about catching some fish to give to someone. Todoroki just kinda stood around and watched him clean and offered help. Even though he had only ever made it worse.

He decided to just go with the Little Red Hen story and leave it at that.

Todoroki stood in the doorway, sipping on a Capri Sun. “It looks nice.”

Midoriya sent him a look. “You’re not getting on my good side,” he said, “You didn’t help.”

Todoroki glanced around, then looked back to him. “Uh? I helped?”

Midoriya raised an eyebrow. “How?”

“I was moral support.”

He let out a long, drawn-out sigh. “You know what? You’re right. Shinso is the traitor.”

Sounds of loud footsteps came around the corner. And Shinso slid into the room, holding onto the wall as he spun around the corner. He was now wearing a robe decorated with little cartoon cats. He held up his phone.

“They’re here!”

Midoriya let out a shriek of excitement and bolted to the front door. He practically tossed the broom and dustpan behind him. He grabbed the doorknob and twisted it open. He ducked outside.

Iida, Ururaka, and Momo all were walking up to the house. Midoriya waved wildly at them all.

Uraraka waved back frantically with a huge smile on her face. Iida gave him a stiff wave and Momo waved a bit less excited than Ururaka but excited nevertheless.

They walked up the front steps.

“Hi!” Midoriya said while bouncing. “I’m super excited that you guys are here!”

Shinso shoved him out of the way and leaned up against the railing. “Hello. Welcome to my humble home, please don’t catch anything on fire. The Mothman items are off-limits unless it’s for educational purposes.”

Uraraka blinked at him. “What’s a Mothman?”

Midoirya waved his hands frantically in front of Shinso’s face. “No. No. No. Absolutely not. No more corrupting people!”

Iida stood as he spoke. “Are there any rules we should know before we come in?” he asked.

Uraraka shrugged and pushed past Iida into the house. “Too late!” 

Iida began to protest. But Midoriya went after Uraraka. She was standing in the kitchen, glancing around. 

“Oh, wow. So this is Aizawa’s house? It’s very clean.” she said.

Midoriya crossed his arms and glanced over at Shinso. He had re-entered the house, he just grinned back at him. Not looking the least bit sorry.

Momo came in with Iida. 

“I was almost expecting everything to be all gray or all black,” Momo commented, looking around the house. 

Shinso sighed. “Not for a lack of trying,” he said and walked past them all into the kitchen. He grabbed a bag of dried pickles and tossed a couple into his mouth. 

“He tried to hire someone to paint the house a mid-tone of gray.” Shinso said, “But I stopped him. Well, I actually paid the painter more money to paint the house magenta. He didn’t find out for two days while he was doing hero stuff.”

Midoriya blinked. “Uhh, when did this happen?”

“What’s magenta?” Todoroki asked quietly with his eyes narrowed. “Should I know what that is?”

Uraraka and Momo both stared at him. “What?” 

Shinso rubbed his forehead. “How are you at the top of the class?” 

Iida began to defend Todoroki, “Because Todoroki is a very capable student and is very responsible-”

Midoriya cut in, “I have literally seen him chug ten milkshakes in three minutes then eat a whole box of soba.”

Uraraka let out a loud squeak. “What? Todoroki did that?”

Shinso snorted and shoved more dried pickles into his mouth. “You’ve never truly seen his levels of chaos.”

Todoroki blinked at this. “My levels of chaos? Midoriya always says you’re the human embodiment of chaos and bad decisions.”

Shinso gasped. Uraraka was almost keeling over, while Momo looked shocked, Iida looked to have no words. 

Midoriya crossed his arms and turned his head away from Shinso. “You heard me. Plus it’s true and you know it.”

Uraraka snickered. “Oh my gosh, Deku. Who knew you were such a savage?”

“The traitorous green bean has many secrets,” Shinso said. Uraraka wheezed at that.

Midoriya sighed. “I thought we were going to watch a movie?”

“Oh right,” Shinso said, then reached into his robe pocket. He pulled out a DVD container, Moulin Rouge. “I thought this would be fun.”

Midoriya raised an eyebrow. “Huh? Are you sure that’s appropriate?”

Shinso scrunched up his face. “What? Of course it is. What wouldn’t it-” he looked on the back. Iida went up to his side to look over his shoulder at the back as well. 

Iida gasped. “We cannot watch that!”

Shinso glanced over his shoulder at Iida. “It’s PG-13? It’s not that bad-”

Midoriya shook his head. “Have you ever watched that? It’s not exactly kid-friendly-”

“We’re not kids-”

“We were watching it, then you covered my eyes for a couple of scenes.” Midoriya reminded him. 

Shinso blinked and stared off in the distance for a moment. “Oh,” he drew out for a long time. “Right, I did, didn’t I?”

Iida took the case for Moulin Rouge. “We should not watch something like that then. As class Rep, I suggest we watch something a little less-”

“Risque?” Uraraka suggested. Iida nodded.

Todoroki raised his voice. “Mothman Files.”

“No!” Midoriya quickly said, “Nope. Nope. Triple no.”

Todoroki seemed to deflate a little. “What? Why not?”

“Because we’ve watched it like ten thousand times this month!” Midoriya said as he walked into the TV room. He crouched beside the small shelf that held all of their movies. He heard everyone else walk in behind him.

Uraraka plopped down beside him and pulled a couples movie cases off the shelf. “Ooh, what should we watch? I think we should watch something with action!”

“Moulin Rouge has lots of action!” Shinso said, his voice coming from the kitchen. 

Momo sat down beside Uraraka. “I think we should watch something fun!”

“Moulin Rouge is fun!” Shinso shouted.

“I thought we had established that we were not going to watch Moulin Rouge!” Iida said, directed as Shinso.

“I have no idea why none of you understand the cultural importance of Moulin Rouge!” Shinso threw his hands up into the air. “It is a masterpiece!”

Midoriya gave him a look. “That is debatable.” 

Uraraka grabbed a few more movies and handed some to Momo. “I think we should watch something fun!”

Shinso huffed somewhere behind them. Todoroki shuffled beside Uraraka, Momo, and Midoriya. He grabbed the case for the Mothman Files and held it up. Midoriya gave him a look. Todoroki sighed and set it down with a sigh of disappointment.

Uraraka grabbed the case. “Oh, what’s this?”

Midoriya grabbed it from her and threw it somewhere over his shoulder. “Nope!”

He crossed his arms, giving Todoroki a look to let him know that there would be no Mothman Files tonight. He had legit watched the movie eight this week alone. It was getting out of hand. And the last thing he wanted was for Todoroki’s obsession to spread to other people.

Todoroki looked down at his hand. Horrified. “Midoriya, why-”

Midoriya reached for another case. “Oh! Look! It’s Ponyo!”

Uraraka and Momo both perked up at that. “We should watch Ponyo!”

Shinso yelled from the kitchen.

Iida was doing his hand slicing motion. “I agree with this idea! It is a very enjoyable movie!” Uraraka grabbed the movie and ran over to the TV, searching for a DVD player somewhere. While they were doing that, Midoriya grabbed some blankets from behind the couch and laid them out. He grabbed several large-sized pillows, and bean bags. He tossed them into the pile as well. 

Ponyo was starting. 

Shinso flopped into the pile of blankets, pillows, and bean bags face first. His voice was softened by the pillows and blankets. “I shall stay here in misery since I can’t watch Moulin Rouge.”

Midoriya patted the back of his head and nodded considerately. “It’s okay, Shinso. We understand.”

Shinso burrowed further into the pile. “I rule this mound of blankets now.”

Midoriya shrugged and got up. He headed into the kitchen, grabbing a couple of his favorite snacks. He grabbed a box of Capri Suns and some cookies as well. Behind him, someone else followed him into the kitchen. Todoroki came up beside him. 

“Since it’s a special day, could we make milkshakes?” he asked. His eyes were wide open, practically pleading. 

He glanced at the time. “Todoroki, it’s only five. We haven’t even had dinner yet-”

“Make him a milkshake, you monster!” Shinso shouted from the other room. 

Midoriya sighed.

Todoroki was beaming. 

Midoriya sighed again. He couldn’t say no when Todoroki was smiling. Todoroki rarely smiled, let alone so wide and happy. He would not be the reason that smile was gone. So he walked over to the fridge and pulled out the milk and ice cream.

Todoroki grinned wider. 

Gosh, dang it. He really had no spine. 

“What flavor do you want?” he asked as he pulled out the blender.

Todoroki stood right beside him. “Strawberry.”

“Are you making milkshakes!” Uraraka shouted as she suddenly appeared in the kitchen. “Can I have one?”

Momo and Iida both slowly appeared in the kitchen as well. Shinso’s head poked around the corner, raising an eyebrow. 

Midoriya looked over to his friends. “What do you guys want?”

“Pickles,” Shinso said.

Midoriya scrunched up his nose, while everyone made noises of disgust. “First off, that is a horrible thing to even say. I refuse to even think about that concept.” Midoriya fake gagged as he blended the milkshake for Todoroki. 

Todoroki blinked. “I do not think pickles and ice cream would have a pleasant flavor,” he said. “But if Shinso suggested it-”

“Then it’s instantly a bad idea,” Midoriya said while pouring the milkshake for Todoroki. He grabbed one of the milkshake straws from the drawer. This one had an All Might pattern on it. He handed Todoroki the milkshake. 

“Here you go!” 

Todoroki happily took it and immediately started to chug it.

Midoriya watched him for a moment and he counted. It took him fifteen seconds to drink the entire milkshake. He hadn’t even looked at the All Might straw. 

Midoriya blinked. Todoroki handed him the glass. 

Uraraka burst out laughing. “Oh my gosh! Who knew Todoroki liked milkshakes so much.”

Todoroki glanced over at her. “They are very nice. Even if they do make my head hurt sometimes.”

Shinso was now sitting on the kitchen counter with his legs crossed, munching on pickles chips. “It’s called a brain freeze, icy hot.”


Uraraka piped up. “I also want a strawberry one!”

“Me too!” Momo added.

“I would like one as well,” Iida said as he pushed up his glasses. 

Midoriya glanced over to Shinso, with a little bit of fear. “What do you want?”


Midoriya made a face. “No, absolutely not. I refuse to make a pickle milkshake. Do you have any idea how gross that would be-”

“Make all strawberry milkshakes. And if there are any extras, I will happily eat them myself.” Todoroki cut in.

Everyone agreed, other than Shinso who kept shouting that he wanted a pickle milkshake. Midoriya made everyone strawberry milkshakes and gave Todoroki an extra one. Which he downed in fifteen seconds again. 

Midoriya wasn’t sure if he was impressed or not. Shinso jumped off the counter and moved beside Midoriya. 

“I want a pickle milkshake,” he said again. 

“Nope. Not gonna happen.”

“Why is this so much to ask for?” Shinso asked and threw his hand up. “I mean, you’re not the one drinking it.”

Midoriya looked at him for a long, hard moment. Then turned around, grabbed the jar of pickles. He dumped the whole jar into the blender while maintaining eye contact with Shinso.

Shinso’s eyes widened. 

Midoriya scooped the ice cream into the blender, still not looking away from Shinso. “You are going to eat this.”


“I triple dog dare you.” Todoroki piped up, his voice monotone. 

Midoriya blended it. 

Shinso looked slightly afraid now. “Uhh. Maybe this isn’t the best idea-”

Uraraka was laughing so hard she was struggling to breathe, but she was also filming the whole thing. “Mina’s not gonna believe this!”

Iida seemed too surprised to try and stop them. Momo had a hand over her mouth, but she was giggling as well.

Todoroki was sipping on the last of his milkshake. Looking a little too smug about the whole thing, and looking highly amused as well. 

Midoriya poured the pickle milkshake. Then he held it out to Shinso. “Here you go, as requested.”

Shinso stared at the glass with something akin to fear. He swallowed and took the glass. 

“Alrighty then. Nobody’s gonna say I’m a coward.”

He continued to stare at the slightly off-greenish colored with small chunks of pickle floating in the milkshake abomination. 

Midoriya crossed his arms and raised his eyebrows. “You sure?”

“Well, I ain't no coward,” Shinso said. He grabbed started to chug the milkshake.

Uraraka, Momo, and Iida all screamed. Either in horror or disgust. Midoriya started to laugh, as Shinso’s face scrunched up. Todoroki just grinned. 

Shinso immediately stopped drinking and shoved the glass on the counter away from him. “That was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever tried in the entirety of my life.” he rushed over to grab a rogue Capri Sun, and he viciously stabbed it with the straw. It exploded all over his face, and he ignored it to chug the rest.  

Midoriya held onto the counter, he could barely support himself while laughing.  

Uraraka was on the floor, laughing so hard. Iida seemed completely frozen from shock, his hand frozen in the air as he stared at the scene. Momo leaned forward, holding onto her knees as she laughed. Todoroki had another strawberry milkshake somehow, and he was sipping on it quietly. 

Shinso gagged. “You are an evil green bean,” he gasped out. “Why would you give me that?”

Midoriya laughed harder.

Shinso pointed at Todoroki. “Where did you get that?”

Todoroki raised an eyebrow. “It’s Iida’s, but he doesn’t look like he needs it anymore.”


They were all gathered around the TV, watching Ponyo now. Midoriya was wrapped up in five different blankets, one of them was pulled up to cover the top of his head. Shinso was laying on the couch, his legs up on the back of it. He was upside down, his head was hanging off the cousins as he watched the movie.  

Uraraka was wrapped up in blankets and she was eating a bag of chips. She leaned up against Iida’s legs, who was sitting on the couch like a normal person. Momo was also sitting on the couch, though she was wrapped up in some blankets.  

Todoroki was laying on the floor, a blanket over his right side. He was completely engrossed in the movie, not having looked away from it since they restarted it. 

“I forgot how much I loved Ponyo,” Midoriya said quietly. Uraraka glanced over at him, “When was the last time you saw it?”

“Probably with Kacchan.”

Uraraka made a face. “Bakugo?”

“Oh, yeah. Kacchan used to love Ponyo. We used to sing the song all the time when we were in school. It drove our teachers crazy. Kacchan refused to eat fish for a long time because the fish might have been Ponyo. We also used to play Ponyo all the time too.” Midoriya said, a bit sadly. “I wonder if Kacchan still likes Ponyo?”

“You could ask him,” Shinso suggested.

“Oh, yeah. That’s a hard no.” Midoriya said, shaking his head. “Kacchan would never tell him. He’d be too embarrassed, to tell the truth.”

“That’s kinda adorable,” Uraraka said, giggling at the image. “I can’t imagine him doing that now.”

Shinso slid off the couch, and flopped down beside Midoriya. “You should text him and ask.”

“Uh, no-”

Shinso grabbed his phone. Then he took off down the hallway, his door slamming shut. Midoriya let out a screech of panic and dashed after him. He hit the door. 

“Shinso, no!”

Shinso was cackling maniacally in his room. “What’s your password?”

“I’m not telling you that!” Midoriya clenched his fists. 

“It’s All Might’s birthday, isn’t it?” 


“Ha,” Shinso said in a monotone voice. “You’re too predictable. Now let’s see here. Here he is, Kacchan. I like the explosion emojis, it’s a nice addition.”

Momo, Uraraka, and Iida all came around the corner. 

“Shinso!” Midoriya grabbed the doorknob. “I’m going to-”

“Threaten to eat my snacks again?” Shinso asked, “I don’t think so.”

“Dear Kacchan,” he paused, “No, that’s way too formal.”

There was a long moment of silence.

“Hey, Kacchan. I was wondering, do you still like Ponyo? We should repair our friendship and mutually bond over our love of Ponyo. Right after you apologize for being all gremliny and yelling all the time. Then we can be best friends again.”

Shinso paused, “Anything else?”

Midoriya rested his head against the door. “Why are you like this?”

“Should I add some crying emojis?” he asked. 

“Yes!” Uraraka chimed in. “He always sends crying emojis!”

Midoriya spun around to face the person he thought he could trust. “Uraraka! How could you!”

Shinso cackled again. “There, added some crying emojis!”

“Sorry, Deku. I want to see you and Bakugo be friends again. Also Kirishima mentioned that he thought Bakugo might be ready to figure it out too.” she held up her hands. “Because, if you guys are friends again - imagine if you guys became friends and worked together! You’d be unstoppable heroes!” she made a punching motion. 

Midoriya dropped his head and sighed. “It’s not like I don’t want to be friends with Kacchan again. Because I do! But if he isn’t ready, then this could ruin any chance I have at fixing my friendship with Kacchan-”

“I sent it!” Shinso said.

Midoriya screeched. 

“Now we see if Blasty is ready to get over himself, and become friends with our cinnamon roll!” 

Chapter Text

Midoriya stared down at his phone in utter horror. The message to Bakugou on the screen, mocking him. What if Kacchan hated him after reading that message? But what if it fixed his friendship with Kacchan and they became best friends again? 

Shinso leaned over his shoulder to look at the phone. “Has he read it yet?”

Midoriya turned around and smacked him with the phone on the arm. “This is all your fault!” How dare he try to act like everything was perfectly okay, after causing this whole mess himself. 

Shinso snickered, he was not the least bit concerned.

Todoroki came into the living room. He had another strawberry milkshake and he slurped on it. “That is what you would call a big oof.”

Midoriya groaned. “Who taught you these things?”

Uraraka came up beside Todoroki. She had a large bag of chocolate mochi bites. She slid onto the couch beside Midoriya. She had just come back from saying goodbye to Momo, who had to leave for a fancy dinner with her parents and grandparents. “Are you still waiting to see if Bakugou is going to reply?”

Midoriya sighed. “He hasn’t even opened it yet.”

Shinso kicked his legs up onto the table. “I vote, we all prank call our teachers.”

Iida came into view, chopping wildly. “Absolutely not!”

Uraraka gave Midoriya the side-eye. “I bet Deku has All Might’s phone number.”

Midoriya jumped off the couch. He held his phone protectively against his chest. “No! Nope! You are not going to prank call All Might! I will not allow that. I was entrusted with All Might’s phone number. I will not break his trust.”

“Secret love child,” Todoroki said monotonically and sipped on his milkshake. 

Midoriya gave him an exasperated look. 

There was a loud, rapid knocking at the front door. They all froze. 

Midoriya slowly went over to the door. He glanced back to Shinso. “Uh, was anyone else supposed to show up?”

Shinso made a face and shrugged. “I have no idea. You planned this chaos party.”

Midoriya turned away and muttered under his breath. “Thank you for the help, pickle boy.” he went over to the door and slowly opened it. He was half-expecting to see Aizawa or the mailman. But instead, outside of the door stood Kirishima and Kaminari. Both were grinning madly and were holding at least ten plastic bags. The bags were stuffed full of snacks and drinks.  

He blinked. Then slowly opened the front door. “Uhh, hi?”

Kirishima grinned wider if possible. “Hi! We heard you guys were having a sleepover and party thing-”

“And we decided that sounded boring! So we decided to come and liven the party up!” Kaminari pushed past Midoriya into the house. He laid a hand on his shoulder. “Because, my man, you’ve never struck me as a party planner. But no worries! Me and Kiribro have got ya covered!”

Kirishima grinned as he also came into the house. He held up the plastic bags. “We brought snacks and drinks!’

Uraraka cheered and leaped off the couch. “Ooh! What’d you bring? Is there mochi?”

Midoriya glanced helplessly over to Shinso, silently asking for help. Shinso just shrugged. 

“I guess it’s too late now, wishing for blessed silence,” Shinso said with a long sigh. 

Midoriya put his hands on his hips. “Oh please, you blast Caramelldansen in the middle of the night for no reason and scream 80s goth song lyrics at six in the morning.”

Kirishima and Kaminari put all the plastic bags on the counter. Kirishima pulled out six bags of chips, two of which were Mountain Dew flavored. He held them up excitedly, “We weren’t sure what you guys wanted, so we got a little bit of everything!”

Iida came up beside them. “Kirishima, Kaminari, this is all junk food. As future pro heroes, we should attempt to eat healthier-”

Kaminari waved his concern away. “But my bro Iida, if we don’t eat junk food sometimes life would be sad.” he pulled out a bag of double chocolate snacks that were filled with a hazelnut spread. “Five of these are five-hundred calories. Which means they are automatically tastier and better than veggies.”

Todoroki opened one of the bags. “Did you buy milkshakes?”

“Oh, no-”

Todoroki looked away, looking slightly disappointed. “Oh, nevermind then.”

Kirishima pulled out a card game and he held it up above his head. “I bought a game of truth or dare!”

“Yes!” Uraraka grabbed it. “Let’s play right now!” 

She dashed into the living room. She set the game up on the table. 

Kaminari plugged in a speaker. “Let’s get some tunes blasting!”

Shinso looked more tired than usual. He slumped on the couch. “Why?”

Some crappy techno-pop started playing on the speaker. Kaminari started to awkwardly dance by himself by the speaker. “This song is a bop!”

Shinso gave Midoriya a look, pleading for help. Midoriya looked back at him without remorse. “This is what we feel like every single day living with you.”

Kaminari jumped onto the couch beside Shinso. “Kiri! It’s time for truth or dare!” he practically screamed. Shinso cringed away from him a little. 

Midoriya sat down on the couch. “So, who’s going first?”

Todoroki sat down quietly. He looked over the table and the game for a long moment. He leaned over to Midoriya and whispered. “Do I have to play??”

“Deku!” Uraraka pointed at him, “Truth or dare?”

“Uhh, truth?” he was probably going to regret that. But it was too late now.

Uraraka grinned madly. “Is All Might your real dad?”

Midoriya groaned and shoved his face into his hands. “Why are you all so obsessed with the idea that All Might is my dad?”

Todoroki seemed to jump up at this. “I have my reasons, and I have given you these reasons many times.”

Uraraka pointed at Midoriya. “Answer the question, Deku.”

“No! All Might is not my dad for the millionth time!”

Todoroki raised an eyebrow and sipped on his milkshake. “Is that so?”

“Oh my god-” Midoriya cut himself off, “Okay, fine. Kirishima, truth, or dare.”

“Dare! Dares are manly, my dude.”

“I dare you to prank call Kacchan and tell him you don’t like Ponyo.” Midoriya held back the giggles. Maybe that was a little bit too mean, but Kirishima didn’t know how much Kacchan loved Ponyo. So he held back the laughter. 

Kirishima raised one eyebrow. He picked up his phone and held it haphazardly. “I mean, I don’t know why Bakubro would care about that. But whatever you say…” he poked each number into his phone and waited for a moment.

Uraraka, Shinso, and Todoroki were all seemingly holding their laughter back. Midoriya had a hand clamped over his face, holding back the giggles. “Oh my god, he’s actually doing it.”

“What do you want, crappy hair?” Bakugo’s voice came from the phone. Annoyed as usual.

Kirishima grinned. “Hey, bro. I just wanted to let you know that I really, really, really, really hate Ponyo. I think it’s a total crap movie.”

Midoriya wheezed. When they were little, Kacchan was extremely defensive of Ponyo and if anyone talked bad about it he would fight them. But he was hoping that Kacchan had learned better by now.

There was silence for a moment. Then someone breathed in sharply. “What.”

Kirishima snickered. “I said-”

“I know what you said, you idiot. Why are you telling me this? Anyway, why would you say that about Ponyo? How could you say that about Ponyo? That is an absolute classic of a movie-” he fell silent as they all burst out into laughter and Kirishima quickly hung up. 

“Oh my god, Bakubro’s a fan of Ponyo.” Kirishima wheezed. 

Kaminari smacked the table. “I will never see him as scary again.”

Midoriya leaned against Shinso as he laughed harder. “I wish I could have seen Kacchan’s face!” Shinso snickered loudly.

Kirishima looked proud of himself. “That was amazing. Shinso, truth or dare.”


“I dare you to go lick a doorknob.”

Shinso blinked at him for a moment, then shrugged. He stood up and walked up to the front door. He glanced back at them. He threw up a peace sign, “YOLO.” and licked the doorknob.

Midoriya scrunched up his face and waved his hands out in front of him. “Do you know how many germs there are on that? Why-”

Shinso shrugged and flopped down beside him. “I don’t have emotions anymore. So I don’t care anymore.”

“Okay, Edgelord,” Kaminari said and chugged a whole cup of Mountain Dew. 

“Iida, truth or dare.”

“Truth,” he pushed his glasses up. 

“Have you ever broken a rule in school?”

Iida put a hand on his chest and looked completely offended by the mere thought of breaking a school rule. “I would never-”

Shinso fake yawned. “Boring. You mean, you’ve never cheated or broken a rule in your entire life?”

Iida vigorously shook his head. “I would never-”

Midoriya faked coughed into his hand and if he quietly said Stain as he did so… Nobody had to know. Iida gave him a scathing look but said nothing.

“Never.” Iida insisted. “Anyway, Uraraka, truth, or dare?”


“I dare you to finish all that homework you said you were going to do yesterday.” Iida gave her a look. Uraraka rolled her eyes and shoved mochi in her mouth.

“Why would you call me out like this?” she said, “Anyway, my homework is at home.”

Iida crossed his arms. “Fine. Truth then. Who is your inspiration in your education?”

“Uhh, my parents?” Uraraka said, “I guess?”

Midoriya reached forward to grab a pack of shrimp chips. He offered some to Shinso who grabbed the entire bag. He poured them into his mouth and handed the empty bag back. 

“Kaminari, truth or dare?”


“I dare you to call someone and fake confess your love to them!” Uraraka said cheerfully. 

Kaminari shouted and already had his phone out. “Imma call Mina!” he said and excitedly typed in the number. 

“Hiya!” Mina’s excited voice answered. “What’s up, Pikachu?

Kaminari was holding back his laughter. “Mina, I need to tell you something super important.”

“Uhh, yeah?”

“I am deeply, deeply in love with you,” Kaminari said and quickly added. “You are the only thing that keeps me living in this cold, hard world-”

“Uhh, I thought you said that was your collection of video games?” Mina said. She did not seem very convinced. Kaminari shrugged, “Uh, bro. I love you both equally.”

Kirishima made a face. And he whispered, “Dude, that was so unconvincing.”

Mina sighed. “Sorry, Kami. But I have to go now. Blasty is threatening me into finishing my homework on time. Which is so rude.”

Kirishima grabbed the phone. “Bakubro is making you do homework?”

“Oh, hi, Kiri!” Mina said happily, then sounded deflated. “Yeah, we’re studying at the library right now. But right now he’s grabbing snacks. Which is like kinda nice of him, which is like kinda weird.”

Kirishima seemed surprised by this. “Wow, that’s nice of him.”

“So,” she drew out, “What are you two doing?” 

“We’re crashing Shinso’s party at Aizawa’s house.” Kaminari supplied helpfully. 

“You’re doing what?” Bakugo’s voice cut in before Mina said anything. He did not sound happy about this. At all. 

There were the sounds of fighting, then Bakugo’s voice grew louder. “You’re doing what, Pikachu? You crashed their party? What kind of behavior is that?” 

Midoriya cringed and glanced at Shinso. Who just shrugged in a non-caring way. “Bakugo cares about strange things. I have decided he is more complex than his loud, angry behavior implies.”

Midoriya raised an eyebrow as Bakugo started yelling at the ‘Bakusquad’ for being rude. “Of course Kacchan isn’t some blockhead. He has some of the best grades in our class, and he won the Sports Festival-”

“Hush,” Shinso held up a hand. “You do not need to cite the ‘Kacchan is amazing’ speech to me again.”

Midoriya crossed his arms. “Rude.”

Kaminari hung up on Bakugo. Kirishima gaped at him, “Bakubro is gonna fight you.”

Kaminari waved his hand, uncaring. “He was ruining the vibe.” he turned to Shinso, “Truth or Dare?”

“Dare me. I will do anything.”

Kaminari gave him a look. “I highly doubt that. You don’t wanna know what I can come up with.”

“Dare me, coward.”

“I dare you to perform a concert on the front steps of your house. With music, backup dancers, and everything.” Kaminari leaned back into his chair, looking highly satisfied with himself. He grinned at Shinso. 

Shinso laughed once. He set his cup of Ginger Ale on the table. He cracked his knuckles and grinned back at Kaminari. “Oh please, as if that will be hard. I do that every day of my life anyway.” 

Shinso stood up and glanced down at Midoriya. “I will require you as a backup dancer.”

Midoriya cringed and held on tighter to his cup of orange soda. “What? I’m going to say I decline.”

Shinso gave him a look and shrugged. “Fine.” he turned to Todoroki, who was scrolling through his food while sipping on another glass of strawberry milkshake. “Todoroki, be my backup dancer.”

Todoroki’s head slowly raised from his phone, the straw still in his mouth. “Yes? Did you say something?”

Shinso said, “Be my backup dancer for my performance of Caramelldansen.”

Todoroki blinked slowly and lowered his milkshake. “Why?”

“Because I need to win a bet.”

“Okay,” Todoroki said and went back to looking at his phone. Kaminari leaned over and glanced at his phone.

“Whatcha doing?” he asked.

Todoroki showed him his screen, “I was tweeting on my Twitter. Specifically, I was mocking my father’s social media pages.”

Kaminari grabbed his phone and gasped loudly. 

Shinso was grabbing items for his performance. He ran out of his room carrying all of his speakers. He gave Midoriya one of his chaotic grins before disappearing out the front door. Iida was following him and trying to tell him to not be loud. Since that would be very rude to the neighbors and they might call the police. 

Kaminari wheezed. “Oh my gosh, these are amazing! How have I never seen these?” he cleared his throat and began to read out the tweets. “Endeavor tries too hard to be cool. What adult his age actually writes ‘lit’ in their posts unironically? #Fail.”

Todoroki shrugged. “It’s true, though. He tries too hard.”

Shinso burst back into the room. “Come watch my performance!” 

Iida came in behind him, chopping wildly in the air. “Stop this at once, this is highly irresponsible-” Shinso slapped a hand over his mouth. 

“Let’s go!”

Midoriya shuffled out of the house and onto the lawn. Todoroki was stiffly standing beside him, he had handed his milkshake to Kirishima. Kaminari was already filming and giggling.

It was nighttime now. And most people were either eating dinner or trying to sleep by now. Shinso picked up a microphone and coughed. It echoed. 

“This is going to end so badly,” Midoriya whispered to Kirishima. He nodded enthusiastically.

The beginning of Caramelldansen started. Shinso instantly snapped into place, exactly how the music video began.

The music was loud enough to echo. It could be felt as well. Midoirya wheezed and leaned against Kirishima. “Why-”

Shinso started the dance and sang the lyrics as well. Todoroki just stood there by himself, doing nothing. Shinso on the other hand was giving his performance everything he had. 

The neighbor’s door opened and the elderly couple that lived there looked out. The lady’s face was shocked, and her hands covered her ears. “What is that noise-”

Shinso only sang along with the lyrics louder. Other lights in houses started to flip on. Faces moved in the windows, all watching. 

Midoriya hung onto Kirishima’s arm while laughing maniacally. Kirishima was almost screaming from how loud he was laughing. Kaminari leaned over while laughing, but was still filming the whole time. Uraraka was on the ground in laughter. Iida was rigid and shocked.

The whole neighborhood had turned on their lights to see what was happening at the Aizawa household. Many of them were elderly and retired. And many of them were watching their group as if they were crazy. But Shinso did not seem to care, he just put everything into his performance.

Then the song ended. Shinso paused it from playing again. He glanced around the street, he took a deep, sweeping bow. He brought the microphone up to his mouth. “Thank you, for coming to my performance of Caramelldansen. I hope you come again, I appreciate it a lot.”

He bowed again. Midoriya scrambled up the stairs and took away the microphone. “No more,” he said while still laughing. “Aizawa gonna be mad-”

Shinso shrugged. 

“What are you all doing?” a very angry voice cut in. Midoriya turned around as Bakugo walked through the yard up to the front of the house. He did not look amused. 

“It’s nine at night, why are you blasting the crap too loud?” he demanded. Then looked directly at Kaminari. “I know this is somehow something to do with you, Pikachu.”

Midoriya turned around to face him. “Oh, hi Kacchan. Um, why are you here?”

Bakugo slowly turned to look at him, he quickly crossed his arms. “I came to control my idiots.” 

Kaminari and Kirishima gasped. “So we are your friends!”

Bakugo gave them withering looks. Then focused back on Midoriya. “And we need to talk, Deku.”

His stomach turned. Oh no. Was Kacchan angry with him? Was he going to say he was never going to talk to him again and refuse to work with him in class? He balled up his hands into the fabric of his shorts. He looked away from Bakugou. Why did Shinso send that text? He would have been perfectly content with never knowing if Kacchan wanted to be friends or to have Kacchan apologize. 

But he knew that was a lie. He wanted Kacchan to be his friend, and he wanted to fix their friendship. He would never be okay with this forever. 

When he didn’t say anything, Bakugo made a noise of annoyance. Then he grabbed the sleeve of his shirt. “Come on, nerd. You said you wanted to talk.”

Midoriya blinked quickly and let Bakugo drag him away from everyone else. “But you didn’t reply to the text-”

Bakugo glanced over his shoulder. “How is that something you answer over text?” he asked sharply. Right.

They were standing on the back porch. Midoriya looked at Bakugo for a moment. Should he say something? Nobody was talking and it was too quiet back here. He glanced around the porch. There were several dead plants, rotting in their pots. Two bowls full of cat food were pushed up against the wall but were mostly empty.

“Do you want to talk or not, Deku?” Bakugo spoke up. His back was turned to him, his hands shoved in his pockets. 

Midoriya blinked a couple times then looked away. “I mean, I know you don’t hate me and you know I’m not looking down at you. Since that fight and everything All Might said-”


“I mean, even with that I feel like we’re not friends-”

Bakugo scoffed. “Deku, I don’t have a friend-”

Midoriya crossed his arms. “Then what is Kirishima?” he asked. Bakugo turned around and crossed his arms. 

“Fine, whatever. Kirishima is my friend. I don’t know how else to fix what happened in the past, especially middle school-”

Midoriya was honestly surprised he even mentioned that. “I know you don’t like fixing things by saying things, so why not fix it by being my friend?”

Bakugo’s head snapped up. His eyes were wide and more than a little shocked. “Just like that?” he sounded angry, but then again Kacchan always sounded angry. He stepped forward. “Why are you so nice all the time-”

Midoriya smiled widely at him. “Because you’re my friend.”

Bakugo stared at him for a very long moment. Then reached into his pocket, he held out a movie case. Midoriya blinked and grabbed it. It was a special edition of Ponyo. 

Bakugo wouldn’t look at him now. “Fine, we can watch Ponyo or whatever. Like you said in the text, bond over our mutual appreciation of Ponyo or something dumb like that.”

Midoriya broke into an even wider grin. 


Midoriya went back inside, Bakugo trailing after him. His hands were still shoved in his pockets, still embarrassed by admitting they could be friends and saying Kirishima was his friend. And of course for handing him the Ponyo movie. 

Shinso was standing on the coffee table, a black blanket draped over his shoulders. He was dramatically reading the lyrics of a song out loud. One of his 80s goth songs. 

He paused when he saw them come back in. “How’d it go? Did my divine intervention work? Are you friends again?”

Bakugo paused and made a face. “You sent that, Einstein?”

Shinso froze. “Einstein-” his voice went up and became high pitched. “How dare-”

“You call me green bean all the time.” Midoriya cut in.

Todoroki added. “I do not understand, how is he a green bean?”

Shinso looked offended at Bakugo, a hand on his chest like it hurt. “Einstein?”

Bakugo rolled his eyes. Then he looked around the room. Food wrappers, empty soda cans, card games, and food was laying out everywhere. He scrunched up his nose in disgust. “What happened here? Did toddlers decide to decorate?”

“We were having a party!” Kirishima said, throwing his hands up. “No party is complete without junk food?”

Bakugo made a face. “You all ate all of this?” he pokes an empty box of cookies with his boot. “Do you have any idea how unhealthy that is?”

Kaminari sighed and flopped backward. “Oh no, here it comes. Bakugo’s acting like our mom.”

Bakugo tensed up. “What was that? Did you just call me a mom?” he shouted. 

Midoriya sighed. Of course, Bakugo not shouting could only last so long. He really wouldn’t be Kacchan without shouting or yelling sometimes. Midoriya glanced down at the Ponyo case in his hand and smiled. 

Well, it seemed like one very good thing happened from this party anyway. 

Chapter Text

Bakugo walked through the Aizawa’s household, barely concealing his feelings of disgust. He looked disgusted at everything he saw, pausing to stare at things as if they had personally offended him and his bloodline. This time, he stopped completely. 

He threw open the fridge with one hand and gestured at the inside of the fridge with the other one. His head whipped around to face them now. 

“How can you even expect to be heroes if you can’t even take care of yourselves?”

Midoriya shuffled awkwardly beside Shinso. Shinso, on the other hand, looked like he did not care whatsoever. Todoroki had the same blank expression as he always does as he listened to Bakugo’s lecturing.

Bakugo reached into the fridge and pulled out a Rubbermaid container. He shook it, the food rattled inside. “This was vegetables at one point.” he opened it and immediately thrust it away from his face. His face curled up in disgust. The disgust could be for the food or their living conditions.

“It’s grown its own ecosystem.”

He closed it and threw it across the room. The container crashed into the trash. He pointed aggressively at the trash can with one finger. “That was disgusting,” he said, looking at them. “I hope the rest of your fridge isn’t like this-”

“Our fridge?” Shinso said, sassily gesturing with one hand, “My dad owns this house, not me.”

Bakugo narrowed his eyes. “Aizawa only eats those gross fruit pouch things, don’t lie to me, Einstein. I know this is all you three.”

Midoriya shifted feet, his hands behind his back, “Uhm, Kacchan? When I said we should be friends again, I didn’t mean for you to barge into the house I’m living in, and walk through the house talking like Gordan Ramsey.”

Bakugo reached back into the fridge, a new container in his hand. This container was completely blacked out by what was most likely mold. 

“Is this supposed to be tofu?” he opened it and his nose immediately scrunched up. “I think Darwin would be impressed by the level of evolution happening here.”

Shinso sighed. “Are you just here to insult our way of living?”

Bakugo’s head snapped up as he threw the tofu away. “You live like this? You’re okay with living like this?”  

He slammed the fridge door closed. Midoriya jumped when it closed with a loud crash. The fridge shook with the impact. Bakugo stalked toward them, pointing one accusing finger at them.

“Listen up, you three.” his eyes focused only on Midoriya while he spoke. “If I am going to be your ‘friend’ you need to know, you can’t slack on this sort of thing. I’m not gonna be friends with incompetent fools.”

Shinso rolled his eyes and crossed his arms. “Oh please, you decided your first friend was going to be Kirishima.”

Bakugo’s eyes narrowed at him. He also ignored the slight dig at Kirishima’s lack of ability to function as a responsible person. “What I am trying to say, is take care of yourselves, fools. You wanna be heroes?”

Midoriya eagerly nodded. 

“Then put some effort into taking care of yourself first,” he said, crossing his arms. “That goes ‘specially for you, Deku.”

Midoriya frowned. “Why are you singling me out?”

“Because I know that you at least have potential to not live like this-” he broke off to glance around the living room from the kitchen. 

The living room was covered in wrappers, empty bags of chips, and snacks. Crumbs had fallen out of most of the bags onto the floor. Cans lined the windows, the sides of the couch, some rested on the cushions of the couch, and some cans were hidden in a pile under the coffee table. At least eight different guitars were lying about the room, along with books upon books of guitar tabs. A few wigs for Shinso’s random musical performances were tossed around as well. 

Not to mention the dishes. There were dishes everywhere in the living room. On the couch, the floor, the coffee table, and stacked up in front of the TV. The TV screen wasn’t even visible anymore at this point. The number of glasses lined up under the window was rather ridiculous. An ever-growing pile of silverware and chopsticks laid on the coffee table. None of them were washed.    

Bakugo slowly looked back to them, his face one of utter confusion. “Honestly, how do the three of you manage to make that many dishes?”

Midoriya rubbed the back of his neck and looked at the floor. “I have no idea-”

“We eat a lot,” Shinso said, tapping his foot on the ground. “I sometimes eat five different meals. Mostly of cereal, if I’m being totally honest.”

“I usually eat soba noodles and strawberry milkshakes.” Todoroki added after a moment, “And that’s mostly it.”

Bakugo let out a long-suffering sigh. “How are either of you even remotely healthy?”

Shinso held up his hands and shrugged. “Magic? Science? Who knows?” 

Bakugo looked up. “Alright, that’s it. No more of this. You all need to stop eating take out all the time. And don’t say you don’t eat take out that much, I saw the amount of packaging from restaurants.”

Shinso closed his mouth before he could interrupt.

Bakugo continued. “I’m going to teach you fools to cook and how to eat healthy.”

Shinso groaned and made a face of utter horror. “I’m sorry, you mean I can’t just eat a chocolate cake because I feel like it?”

“No!” Bakugo threw up his hands. “What part of healthy did you not get?”

Bakugo marched into the kitchen and threw open the cabinet doors. “But before I can even think about the monstrosity that is going to be teaching you three, we need food to cook with-”

Shinso gasped. “Yes! Shopping trip!” he seemed much more excited about this. “Can we stop by Hot Topic-”

“No.” Bakugo slammed the cabinet door closed. “We’re shopping for food. At a food store. Like responsible people.”

Shinso sighed. “God, you and Midoriya both want to ruin all my fun.”

Midoriya frowned at him. “We both know you can just order new black t-shirts online or something.”

“I suppose.” Shinso sighed again.

Todoroki slowly raised his hand and cleared his throat. 

“What, half and half?”

“Can we buy soba?”

Bakugo sighed. “Fine, we can buy soba.”

Todoroki seemed pleased by this as he reached into his pocket. He pulled out a credit card of some sort. “We can use my dad’s credit card.”

Midoriya stared at him. “Todoroki! You can’t use other people’s cards-”

“So?” he asked, “It’s nothing he doesn’t deserve.”

Bakugo snorted. “God, you’re so petty.”

Todoroki blinked a few times. “Is that a good thing?”

Bakugo only looked more amused. “Come on, let’s go,” he said, as he grabbed his jacket. Shinso followed after him to the door. 

As they were leaving, Todoroki leaned down to Midoriya. “What does petty mean? Is it a good thing?”


They walked to the food store that was a few blocks away from Aizawa’s house. As they walked, Todoroki was typing furiously on his phone. Midoriya walked up beside him.

“What are you doing?” he asked, “You’ve been staring at your phone for about five minutes now.”

Todoroki turned his screen around to show his Twitter profile. “I was tweeting about today’s experiences so far.”

IcyHot_SobaMan Tweeted: Bakugo Katsuki said I was petty. I think he meant it as a compliment. Does that mean we are friends now? #friendship 

The tweet had over fifty thousand likes already. 

Midoriya glanced up at him. “Wow, you’ve gotten very popular on Twitter. That’s a lot of likes.”

Todoroki looked back to the screen. “Oh.”

“What? Why are you making that face?”

“Is that what those little numbers are? I was very confused about what they meant,” he said. 

“Oh my gosh,” Midoriya whispered under his breath, then said louder, “Yeah, that shows how many likes and retweets your posts get.”

They walked by a group of kids who were playing some hero game. 

“Oh,” Todoroki said after a moment, “Does that mean a lot of people like this?”

Midoriya laughed. “Yes!” he said, “Anyway, how many followers do you have?”

“What?” Todoroki asked, blinking slowly, “Followers? What does that mean, I keep seeing it but I don’t know what it means.”

“Oh my gosh,” Midoriya muttered and clicked on his phone to show how many followers he had.

He let out a small squeak. “Two million!” he shrieked. Todoroki blinked quickly as he looked down at him. 

Bakugo and Shinso glanced back at them. 

“You have so many followers,” Midoriya said after a moment. “That’s a lot-”

Todoroki furrowed his brows and a dark look crossed his face. “I bet they only follow me because of my father.”

Midoriya didn’t even try to argue with him on that. So he walked silently into the food store. Bakugo grabbed a buggy. He also seemed very at ease here, while Midoriya couldn’t remember the last time he had gone shopping in a food store. Maybe it was the 7/11.  

Todoroki was slowly looking around the store and stopping by small display tables to look at them. He stopped by a table of flowers. Then he stopped by a shelf of noodles of all types. Bakugo sighed and walked back to him. “Half and half, just grab some soba noodles already.”

“There’s so many,” Todoroki’s eyes were wide open, a little bit shocked. There was a bright sparkle in his eyes as he gazed lovingly at the soba. There was a section of soba noodles, with dozens of different brands. “How am I supposed to choose?”

Bakugo leaned forward on his shopping cart, rolling his eyes. “I don’t know, whichever one is cheapest?”

Todoroki looked slightly offended by this notion. “Why would I want to spend the least amount on something as important as soba?”

“To save money?”

“But soba-” he turned away, still looking rather conflicted. He grabbed a package of enough soba for a family of ten, that would last them months if they ate it every day. “I think this will be enough.”

He set it in the cart. 

Bakugo looked from the package back up to Todoroki. “You really need that much?”

“I think you are underestimating how much soba I eat in a week,” he said. 

Bakugo rolled his eyes as he grabbed a pack of glass noodles from the shelf and tossed them into the cart. “Fine, whatever.”

“Alright, listen up. We’re going to buy healthy foods that are good for you-”

Shinso came back from another aisle. Shinso tossed a pack of pop tarts into the cart without missing a beat. Bakugo stopped in his tracks and faced Shinso. 


Shinso put another box of pop tarts into the cart. “I need these to survive. Also, we’re going to need to stop in the coffee aisle. I need some more instant coffee and espresso.”


Shinso waved a hand as he walked past an elderly lady. “I’ll be waiting for you.” he left the noodle aisle and disappeared from view. 

Midoriya tried not to laugh. Bakugo was most likely not ready for Shinso and how little Shinso cared about anything in the world. At least, besides his coffee and the many bands and musicals, he obsessed over. Shinso probably didn’t care what Bakugo did, let alone shopping for food.

Bakugo was aggressively muttering under his breath. “How does he expect to ever learn how to shop-” he stopped to grab a couple packs of noodles. “Come on, we have to get some vegetables.”

Midoriya scurried after him. He watched closely as Bakugo picked up different peppers and inspected them before putting them back down. 

“So Kacchan, I was wondering about your workout routine-”

He held up a hand. “I’m going to stop you there, nerd. Before you start asking a billion questions.”

Midoriya’s shoulders sagged. “But I’ve been wondering-”

“I know, you wondering about everyone’s workouts.” he picked up a pack of onions and stared at them for a moment. Then set them in the cart.

Midoriya sighed and glanced over his shoulder. He froze. “Um, where’d Todoroki go?”

Bakugo spun around. 

The spot where he had been standing before was empty. He was nowhere else in sight. Bakugo let out a long string of swear words. 

“Where’d half and half go? Did you see him leave?” he asked, as he let out more swears. 

Midoriya darted into different aisles. But there was no sign of him anywhere. Not the soup section, not the noodles. Where did he go? Now it was getting a little bit concerning that he had just disappeared like that. 

Midoriya turned a corner. A flash of red and white caught his attention. 

Todoroki was standing in the fruit section. Oh good, he was okay. Midoriya walked up to him. As he approached, he noticed Todoroki had two shopping baskets on either arm. One was filled to the brim with strawberry containers. The other one was filled with vanilla ice cream tubs and strawberry syrup. 

Midoriya came up beside him and glanced down at the baskets. “I see you found the strawberries.”

He nodded seriously. “I thought these were important.”

He paused. “There’s an awful lot of them…”

Todoroki just looked at him, clearly not seeing the issue at all. “Yes?”

Midoriya sighed and decided to just give up. “Well, we won’t have to worry about running out of supplies for strawberry milkshakes for a long time.”

“Half and half, we can’t buy all that,” Bakugo stomped up to them. “We don't’ have room in the fridge-”

Todoroki slowly turned to look at him. His eyes were wide and round, and looking very sad. He looked like a small puppy who just got kicked. His shoulders sagged. 

“I have to put it back?”

Bakugo stared at him for a long time. “I-” he trailed off, “Yes-”

“Kacchan!” Midoriya gasped, “How could you? Do you see how sad he looks?”

“Just buy another fridge,” Shinso said, as he walked by, sipping on an iced coffee. He went back into the candy section. 

Bakugo facepalmed. “I swear to the gods above-” he broke off, “Fine, whatever. You wanna rot your teeth out from sugar intake? Be my guest.”

He marched back over to his cart and went back to inspecting different veggies. Midoriya glanced back to Todoroki and grinned. 

“See? That’s Kacchan language for yes,” he said with a smile.

Todoroki nodded slowly. “Does Bakugo consider me his friend?”

Midoriya put a hand on his shoulder and whispered. “I think Kacchan has considered you his friend since you guys were in the remedial classes together.”

Todoroki’s eyes lit up.

“Stop your conspiring,” Bakugo called across the veggie section, “And help me find the bok choy.”

Later that night, when Midoriya checked his Twitter he saw Todorki’s tweets.

IcyHot_SobaMan tweeted: It is confirmed, Bakugo is my friend. #friendshipgoals

IcyHot_SobaMan tweeted: Unfortunately, someone in the store today recognized me. They had the audacity to say I look like my father. #okboomer  

IcyHot_SobaMan tweeted: Aizawa was not pleased we bought a second fridge. It was necessary to store the strawberry milkshake supplies.