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Flash Fic

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Unfortunate Scars

Heart beating so greatly Reiju shivered in her bed knowing her doom was fast approaching. A failure that had not escaped the grasped of her father and brothers maybe Sanji was feeling lucky as he traveled the sea with his companions and their father could not seem to care. After all, his family had another failure that was just waiting to be thrown into the new pits of hell. She awoke unwillingly wearing her white dress with gold embroidery lace on her collar snatching the red cape and tucking it nicely around her shoulder. She looked majestic yet the hideous scar that had replaced her delicate skin on her neck flaunted itself in the mirror.

Reiju scoffs."Ara, better hide this embarrassment." Reiju stated stroking the scar from her neck that could've been fixed if her father chose to but seeing it as a soldier's failure he forbids to.

"Reiju-sama, your presence is requested." a voice behind her door suddenly spoke.

"In a minute."

Arriving downstairs she could see her father and her brothers waiting for her wearing the stern looks that they have been known for years. Everything felt the same. Her father is still a lunatic bastard, her brothers are heartless bastards that made her think she's in a wrong dimension. Ten minutes have passed and they have arrived at the Yonko's palace.

"Oh, Vinsmokes! Welcome! I am Perospero, Charlotte Linlin's eldest son. A pleasure to meet you." A man wearing a big top hat welcomed them to the manor. He then glanced at Reiju wearing a big grin. "And I assume you are Vinsmoke Reiju, my brother's fiancee?"

Reiju gave a warm smile before she responds."I am honored to be here."

"Well then, shall we?" Perospero led them to a room where Big Mom along with her second son Katakuri sitting in a chair wearing a big ragged scarf around his mouth reaching to his shoulders.

Upon Perospero's arrival, both Big Mom and Katakuri's gaze darted at the door for they both knew what it meant. The negotiation will officially start. Both people who are about to wed for the sake of business had never been even properly introduced but then again this marriage is fixed. There's no love involved or lust even, purely business.

"Judge! Welcome to Totto Land. I assume everything is to your liking."

"Thank you for your hospitality. Shall we go down to business?" Judge replied sternly.

"Vinsmoke Reiju," Reiju introduced herself to the new hell she'd be put in.

"Charlotte Katakuri," the man replied and their conversation immediately dried up.

Reiju was later assisted by Pudding to her room after the negotiation ended and nothing unusual happened so far. She was given a tour of the palace and on the bright side, her room has a balcony and the view was splendid. She had been contemplating for a while when she saw a tall man wearing a dark cloak that walked right in and sat at the grass seemingly contemplating too. He didn't bother her and that was good so she chose to continue doing things in her own way when the man looked up at the balcony after he finished finding inner peace in his mind but being a pirate his whole life has he ever found one? Back to the story, Reiju just then realized the power the man holds when he glanced up.

"Predicting the future, huh," Reiju mumbled. "Oh..." Reiju hissed when she realized her mistake, predictable mistake.

Katakuri, for the first time, spoke to her."Why don't you accompany me?" and with that, something made of mochi appeared out of nowhere. "You have nothing to worry, you won't fall."

"I guess I can trust a man who can see the future." Reiju warmly smiled as she hopped on it and was dragged beside where Katakuri sat.

The first ten minutes were silence... what both of them had been wanting to meet for a while. Reiju glanced at Katakuri who was unbelievably tall. He was crossing both arms his brows knitted but still, he was adorable for her. Reiju's eyes widened upon realizing what she was thinking about.

"Hey, tell me... having a big family and being forced into marriage did any of them ever suffer from its consequences?' Reiju asked.

Katakuri pats her head before he spoke."The moment Mama decided my fate to be married to you I told my self to protect you at all costs because you are now a member of my family. You have nothing to worry about."

Reiju giggled. He never really answered the question but she was satisfied.

Katakuri was different from what he had been expecting. "I shall protect you as well, Katakuri-san. I promise you that." and like a child, she lifts her pinky finger playfully and urged Katakuri to do the same, to which he obliged.

"Pinky promise! Or so what I like to call it." Reiju declared.

"Reiju-san... I have something I've been meaning to show you."

"Oh? What is it?" A confession? Highly unlikely. Reiju thought and chuckled.

Katakuri then proceeded to unveil the scarf hiding his monstrosity of a mouth. He did it with such confidence that Reiju was left in awe. "I guess we're not so different, Katakuri-san," Reiju stated then grabbed Katakuri's huge hand leading it to the scar in her neck. Was it necessary? Probably.

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Amidst the joy for Sanji's wedding and the affiliation of the Germa 66 with the Big Mom Pirates, a determined pirate crew will not let their cook go. Breathing heavily, Robin with Usopp and Chopper infiltrated the Germa's castle as their main problem, which is the Germa 66 princes were having a tea party with their soon to be mother-in-law. Split into two groups, they went their separate ways to investigate the castle. The castle was quiet, you could say not heavy guarded as to who would dare infiltrate a powerful kingdom like Germa in the territory of Big Mom, a yonko? Robin begins her search to understand further the enemy for an effective counteract that may drive Germa away from Sanji. All the luck in the world seemed centered at Robin until a pair of hand snatched her away (thinking it was Usopp she didn't mind) and cornered her with his intimidating height which Robin knew exactly wasn't Usopp yet she dared to look up and saw the man's face. Stern and his eyebrows crooked she knew instantly he was a Vinsmoke. And she thought the bastards were at the tea party.

"What kind of idiot are you?" the Vinsmoke asked.

"What kind of Vinsmoke are you?" Robin retorted, making Ichiji glance at her with death visible in his eyes.

Leaning closer to the woman trapped in his arms he asked in a deep voice. "Woman, you are one of his pesky crewmates aren't you?"

Robin's breath hitched before she could utter the courage to ask. "I'm flattered you know me at all. Seeing I'm Sanji's pesky crewmate, or so you would say."

"You are the Nico Robin, woman. You're infamous even when you stand alone." Ichiji blandly replied not realizing the feeling she had given Robin.

She knew it was a compliment but shocked and confused for earning it from an enemy Robin turned her glance away from the man as she tried to process what the man just utter in the blandest manner she had ever encountered. Upon doing so she noticed a man walking in their direction and Ichiji who followed her gaze saw that it was one of Sanji's crewmates who immediately disappeared after seeing what he thought to be one of Germa's army. Towering Robin over Usopp mistakenly took the man cowering in a corner, cowering wearing a royalty's cape.

"Robin, let's abort the mission!" Usopp whispered in a panic, never even bothered to explain why.

Robin stared at Ichiji for a while before answering Usopp's call. "You and Chopper go ahead, I'd be fine," Robin replied.

"Where was I?" Robin uttered.

"Nico Robin, you want Sanji back don't you?" Ichiji asked as he caresses Robin's face before he continued. "I cannot comprehend why you want such failure in Germa to be with you but I'm willing to make a deal especially for you."

"And what is it that you propose?" Robin reluctantly avoided his gaze.

"Marriage. I can convince father. You are far more worthy than the failure he had brought back here. You are a woman every man would want and wouldn't I be more befitting than anyone?"

"What makes you think I'd agree? Our sole purpose was to steal Sanji back... with your proposition we'll gain Sanji they'll lose me. Believe me, we've already done that." Robin mentioned.

"Ah, yes, the infamous Enies Lobby breach." Ichiji chuckled upon remembering the well-drawn poster of Sanji. His deep hatred for his brother had let him brought his guard down.

"You understand now, don't you? Our choice, well supposedly plan was to stealthily snatch Sanji but here I am, caught."

"Oh no... if you chose to sacrifice yourself to me you could still have your freedom. We just want your-

Ichiji was cut off when Robin spoke in a menacing manner. "Such a pity for us to meet in such weird circumstances but nonetheless this was pretty fun. I sincerely hope we meet again."

Indeed it was for what he captured was merely Robin's clone.