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Fairy Of The Ice Dragon (Book 1 Of The Ice Dragon Series)

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Name: Luna Crystal

Age: 16

Hair color: Light Blue/Purple

Eye color: Dark Blue

Magic: Dragon's Ice power(identical and just as, or more, powerful than the Dragon's flame)

Luna Personality: Fun, silly, kindhearted, caring, loving, honest, sometimes cold

Parents: Elias & Marie Crystal.

Siblings Names:
Big sister, Angel Crystal
Twin brother, Jack Crystal
Little brother, Frost Crystal.

Family Magic/Royal Status:
Parents; King & Queen/warriors

Older sister; Princess/Sirenix Fairy(in Sirenix curse)

Twin brother; Prince/wizard/warrior

Little brother; Prince/soon to be wizard/warrior.

Bonded Pixie: Yuki of the cold

(Pictures avalible on my Wattpad: @JayaPrincess)