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Fairy Of The Ice Dragon (Book 1 Of The Ice Dragon Series)

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*Eleven days after the simulation*

The girls all walked into their room. They all but collapsed onto the couches a d the floor. Stella let out a heavy sigh.

"Classes are sooo much harder this year."

Musa hummed in agreement.

"And, when you add the training too it's just a lot of work."

Luna, who was squashed in between Flora and Aisha, sat up and gave a sigh.

"We need a break."

All the girls made a sound of agreement. The Pixies flew into the room and landed next to their bonded fairies.

"Sorry girls but we gotta go soon."

Yuki said while snuggling closer to Luna.

"Yeah, Mrs. Faragonda wants us to go and warn Pixie Village of the upcoming threat."

Chatta said quickly and she rested on Flora's head.

"Don't fret girls, we'll return in about three days."

Tune said in her proper tone. Musa smiled and nodded.

"Well to be exact, we'll be gone for 3 days, 8 hours, 43 minutes, and 2.34 seconds. That is if we are off of Alfea grounds in four minutes."

Tecna giggled at Digits calculations. The pixies said their final goodbyes and flew out the window. The winx watched the Pixies fly away until they were out of sight. Once again the girls went back to the living room and fell to the floor.

Bloom was stretched out on the arm chair. Stella and Tecna were leaning against one another on one couch. Flora, Luna, and Aisha were pressed together on the other couch. Finally, Musa was laying on the floor, her feet on the arm chair where Bloom was.

Musa suddenly shot up from her place on the ground.

"Luna, did you say something about a break a minute ago?"

Luna raised an eyebrow and nodded. A smirk came across Musas face.

"Hey girls, you thinking what I'm thinking?"

The girls, minus Luna, all began to smile. Luna looked between all of them, a confused look on her face.

"Am I missing something?"

The girls began to laugh at that. Which only made Luna even more confused. Stella pulled out her phone and dialed a number. It rung for a while before whoever she called picked up.

"Hey babe, are you and the guys busy right now?..... Okay, good. Go tell the boys that the girls and I are gonna be in the Magix mall. You guys should come, it'll be fun...... Good, we'll see you there. Oh and bring Alister! Bye!!"

Stella finished her conversation, with who Luna assumed was Brandon, and hung up the phone. She looked over at Luna and smirked.

"We, are going out with our boyfriends!"

"Um, I think you mean you guys are going out with your boyfriends and I'm tagging along."

"Not true!"

Stella had a mischievous smirk on her face. Flora turned and smiled at Luna.

"Don't think we didn't see the way you looked at Alister."

Luna immediately blushed and turned away. All the girls began to laugh at the sight.

"I knew that it was meant to be the moment you both locked eyes."

Luna grumbled under her breath at Stella's teasing. A blush still on her face.

"We're just friends, besides I don't even know him all that well."

"You say that but it doesn't stop you from drooling over him."

"Let's just go get ready!"

The girls all laughed, but stood up and went to get dressed.

♤♡◇♧♤5 minutes later♤♡◇♧♤

The girls were all cleaned up and got on the bus to Magix. They were all in their normal outfits.


Luna was seated next to Flora, Aisha, and Tecna. Bloom, Stella, and Musa were across from them. Tecna pulled out her phone and sent a quick message to Timmy. Who responded almost immediately.

"What did Timmy say Tecna?"

"The guys are by the fountain."

The bus came to a stop and all seven quickly got off. It was a short walk before they reached the fountain. When they got there the girls all immediately went and hugged their boyfriends. Luna gave a smile and glanced over at Alister. She took a deep breath and walked over to the prince. The redhead was in his casual outfit, as were the rest of the boys.


(Alister didn't have his sword on him)

"Hey Alister."

The boy glanced up and smiled at Luna. He pushed off from the wall he was leaning on and stood face to face with Luna. Even though he was a good 5 inches taller than her.

"Hey, how have you been?"

"Good, and you?"


After that the two just stood there staring at one another. Both had stupid smiles on their faces. The moment was interrupted by Stella coughing. The two turned their attention to Stella and the rest of the group. They blushed and looked away as the group all began laughing. Stella pouted and turned away, doing her best to fight back the smile pulling on her lips.

"If you two lovebirds are done, let's go shopping. After that we can go see a movie and maybe go out to eat."

The group all agreed and started walking through the mall. They had only been walking for about five minutes when Musa gave a squeal of excitement. Everyone paused and looked over to the fairy of music. She was staring through a window of a music store. It had all the songs Musa enjoyed for 50% off.

"Sorry guys but I need to go to this sale! Riven let's go!"

"Why me?"

"Because you're my boyfriend and you love me, and this place has the songs you like for half off too."

Riven raised an eyebrow and smirked. He waved bye to the group before taking Musa by the hand and pulling her into the store. The others just gave amused chuckles.

"That's Musa for ya."

Tecna said with a shrug. Before the group could even continue Tecna gave a gasped in shock. She was looking in the window of a tec shop.

"Timmy this place has the newest updates of our phones. These weren't suppose to come out for another week! We have to go check this out!"

"Wait! Before everyone splits up let's make a plan. We should meet back at the fountain in 2 hours."

"Good thinking Nabu. Tecna, Timmy, could you guys tell Musa and Riven the plan?"

The two nodded hurriedly and went into the tec shop. Stella clapped her hands together excitedly. She quickly turned her gaze to Bloom, Brandon, and Sky.

"Bloom, my favorite shop is having an epic sale you have to come with me! Brandon and Sky can come and carry out stuff."

The previously mentioned guys both gasped in shock before sighing in sadness. The fairies of fire and sun grabbed their respective boyfriends and dragged them off. Aisha took Nabu by the arm and dragged him over to a video room where they were showing dancers performing.

Which left Luna, Alister, Flora, and Helia all alone. Luna and Alister still wouldn't look one another in the eye. But both had an obvious blush on their faces. Helia and Flora both looked at one another then nodded.

"Hey Luna, Helia and I are gonna go to a flower shop for a bit. We'll see you two around."

"W-what?! Wait, Flora!"


The couple just smiled and walked away from the two. Luna and Alister both glanced at one another and laughed awkwardly. Luna shifted side to side for a moment. Her gaze still on the ground. She was pulled out of her trance by someone taking her hand. Her head shot up to see Alister gently leading her by the hand.

"W-what are you doing?"

"Taking you somewhere nice, you like diamonds right?"

Luna just slowly nodded. He smiled, and damn it all if his smile didn't just melt Luna's ice heart. A strong blush rose to Luna's face as she looked down once more. The redhead simply chuckled as he continued to lead her. After about five minutes of walking he came to a stop.

Luna looked around him and saw they were at a jewelry store. She looked at Alister, who just smirked. They walked in and immediately saw so many beautiful pieces of jewelry. Earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, ect. Luna looked at him in embarrassment.

"No, you don't have to. Really, don't waste your money on me."

Alister simply smiled and went up to a case. He looked it over for a moment before pointing to one. The lady at the counter nodded and retrieved it. She scanned it and gave it to Alister. The Prince handed her his card which she scanned. The next moment he was standing in front of Luna, a box in hand.

"No please return it. I don't want you to have to buy me things."

"Just take it, consider it a gift. Even though having you here is a gift in itself."

Luna blushed brightly at that. She hesitantly reached up and took the box. She opened it and was immediately breath taken. It was a charm bracelet with a blue snowflake.

Luna looked up at Alister, teary eyed. Said boy just blushed and scratched the back of his head. Luna threw herself at him and wrapped her arms around his waste. She buried her face in his chest. Alister instantly returned it. After a moment they parted and Alister put the bracelet on her right wrist. Luna reached up and cupped his face in her hands.

"Thank you, you are just so sweet."

"I try."

They both laughed and stared into one another eyes. They slowly leaned in, but at the last second Alister slowly pulled away.

'Not here, the place isn't right.'

Alister took Lunas hand and lead her out the shop. He began leading her down another path, which they walked down for a few minutes. Alister soon came to a halt. Luna peeked around him and her breath was taken away once again.

They were standing in front of a beautiful astronomy building. The words, "Beautiful Universe" was written across the front. She looked up at Alister, questions written all over her face. He just smiled and gently lead her inside.

They walked past the entrance. The lady at the front desk just looked up at Alister and smiled. Alister just gave her a wave and headed through the doors. As the two walked down the corador Luna tugged on his arm.

"Who was that?"

"An old friend. She's the manager here so she let's me in for free."

"Ah, I see. So why are we here exactly?"

"You'll see."

He said with a teasing smile. Luna just sighed. They walked into the room and sat down side by side. The lights in the room went out. Then suddenly, they were on again. But it wasn't the lights from before, it was the stars. The stars swirled around the room along with all the planets in the Magix dimension. There were also constellations and shooting stars. Luna stared on in awe. Alister gave a small laugh. He once again. Took her hand and pulled her up to her feet.

"This is the Magix Dimension in real time. This is how all the planets and stars are currently moving. How the stars glide across the sky. How the planets rotate, all the Suns and Moons. The comets and shooting stars. All in perfect harmony."

"I've never seen anything like this... it's so beautiful..."

Alister looked down at Luna. The star struck look on her face as the stars and planets revolved around her. A soft smile graced his face.

"Yeah, it sure is..."

"I bet nothing could top this."

"One thing come to mind..."

Luna then turned her head so the two were gazing directly into each other's eyes. They both gave small laughs, turned, sat down, and continued watching the show. Nearly 2 hours later of literally watching the magic dimension it was time to go. Alister pulled out his watch, checked the time, and tapped on Luna's shoulder. When she turned he gestured to the door.

They both stood up and it was then that the realized they were holding hands the entire time. So as they stood hand in hand, with the stars and the planets revolving around them, something clicked. Slowly without either of them realizing it, they were once again drifting closer and closer together until their lips were only inches apart. It was then that reality stuck Luna and a blush crossed her face. She turned her head to the side and gave a small laugh. She looked back at Alister.

"It's getting late, I think it's about time we meet up with the other."

Alister, who was still looking dazed from earlier, just gave a soft sigh and nodded. The two then exited the planetarium.

♤♡◇♧♤At the Fountain♤♡◇♧♤

When Luna and Alister arrived at the Fountain, the others were already there. Stella and Bloom were chatting as Sky and Brandon were surrounded by shopping bags. Tecna and Timmy were testing out their new phones. Musa had her headphones on and Riven was tuning a guitar he bought. Aisha had a box of what Luna could only assume was new dance sneakers. While Flora and Helia were both just wearing flower crowns.

Stella looked up from her conversation and smiled.

"Well, now that we're all finally here, let's go see a movie! I'm thinking romance."

"What no way! Let's see an action movie!"

"I agree with Stella, I want to see something romantic."

"No offense Bloom, but those movies are always boring."

The groups were quickly divided. The guys wanting to see a action movie, and the girls wanting to see a romance. Even Aisha and Tecna. The only ones who didn't decide were Luna and Alister. Everyone turned their attention to them.

Luna smiled and looked down shyly. Alister gave a small cough and scratched the back of his head.

"Well, how about a compromise. A good action film, with some romance."

"Yeah, I agree with Luna."

The guys grumbled for a moment before agreeing. The girls also reluctantly agreed.

"Oh! I know the perfect move, come on!"

Within minutes the group was inside the movie theater watching Love and Pain.
(Just made that up)

♤♡◇♧1hr & 40min later♤♡◇♧

The group walked out the movie smiling. Riven and Brandon talking the loudest.

"When that car exploded on the bridge, I for sure thought they were dead."

"Yeah, and the fire around the house it's a shock they escaped."

Sky turned and smiled at Luna.

"Good movie selection."


Suddenly, a loud stomach grumble was heard. Everyone turned to Stella in shock. The blond blushed.

"What can I say, a girls gotta eat."

"On that note, let's get some food, I can look up a good restaurant."

"Nice thinking Tecna."

As they walked to the restaurant, Flora and Musa came up to Luna and nudged her.

"Cute bracelet Lun, I wonder who got it for you?"

Musa said in a teasing tone.

"Yea, whoever got it must reallly like you."

Flora giggled as she spoke. Luna frowned and blushed brigtly. The two simply laughed at her reaction. About 20 minutes later the group was siting down at a restaurant looking through the menu. Stella, Luna, and Aisha all drooled slightly at the options. The group laughed at their reactions.

The waiter arrived and took their orders, he came back a minute later with their drinks and appetizers. Luna sipped her shirley temple and sighed. Flora seemed to notice.

"Hey Luna what's up you look sad."

Luna glanced up and gave another sigh.

"I'm just thinking about these shadow ghouls. I still really want to know where they truly came from and who sent them."

"Don't we all."

Bloom grumbled, frustrated at the situation.

"It just dosen't add up. Creatures appear out of nowhere. There's very little knowledge on them, and we don't know why there attacking."

Tecna laid her head on her hand as she scrolled through the web of magically creatures. Nabu look up and shrugged.

"Well we know they're vulnerable to ice and snow. But it's not like there's a book of creatures vulnerable to just ice."

Everyone gave a defeated or annoyed sigh. Then suddenly, Luna stood with a jolt. Nearly flipping the table over in the process. Everyone looked at her in surprise.

"I got it! You're wrong Nabu, there is a book with creatures vulnerable to ice magic! This specific book hold all the creatures in the magic dimension that are weakened even in the slightest by ice magic! Mrs.Faragonda dosen't even know about this book. It's as old as time. Even older than the ansestrial witches!"

Musa stood up and smiled.

"Well don't leave us in suspense! Where is it?"

Everyone leaned closer to Luna. All wanting to know. Luna smiled confidently at the group.

"Ladies and Gentlemen prepare yourselves. We're going on a one way trip to Crystalia!"

**Somewhere in the shadows

A live video feed was playing of where the Winx and Specialist were. Three girls watched and growled.

"We escape that stupid forever peacefully place to get some revenge. But we get stopped by some dumb princess!?"

"If it was up to me we'd blow those fairies to bits right now."

"Patients sisters. Remember, we're not the ones pulling the strings here. Its him."

The three female figures turned to look at the man sitting on a throne. His long black trench coat reaching to the floor. His long black hair laying on his shoulders. He had an eye patch over his right eye. His left eye was gold and held a subtle darkness to it. His eye watched the video. Specifically the bluenette and the redhead. But especially the bluenette.

"Ladies, I advise you to pack warm. We're going to Crystalia."