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Fairy Of The Ice Dragon (Book 1 Of The Ice Dragon Series)

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The now transformed Winx glared at the Shadow Ghoul.

"As Princess I order you to leave my planet at once!"

The beast merely snarled and charged them. The girls all flew into the air. The monster stood on his hind legs and grabbed Flora and Texna by the feet.


The ghoul dragged them down and threw them into a book case.



Aisha and Musa flew over and helped the two up. Luna looked over at Bloom and Stella.

"Girls, lets attack together."

The two nodded.

"Brilliant Flame!"

"Shinning Light!"

"Ice Shards!"

The three attacks hurled toward the beast at lightning speed. The attack hit head on. Smoke gathered as the three flew back to the floor next to the others.

"Did we get him? We got him didn't we? I knew it!"

Stella cheered. A dangerous look crossed Luna's face.

"No, not yet!"

The princess shouted. She quickly made an ice barrier and let is surround the seven faries. Just as she did, a fire ball was shot out and hit it. The girls almost lost balanced, but remained standing.

As the dust cleared the Winx could clearly see the beast. It stood on its hind legs as it gathered up more fire in it's lungs. Luna barred her teeth.


She dropped the barrier and all the girls flew up in the air. Just as they did the attack hit where they were just at. The archive shook from the power. Books began falling off the shelves.

"No! Girls we can't let him destroy the archive. Or anywhere else in my home for that matter."

"Where can we take him?"

Luna was silent for a moment as she thought about it.

"The training room. Its three halls down. Let's go!"

The seven faries flew out the doors. The Ghoul growled and chased them. Luna led the path down the halls, the Winx beside her. The Winx turned the first corner, the Ghoul didn't break pace. The Ghoul shot a fire ball at them. Bloom raised her hand and used a spell to absorb the flame and fired it back. The attack stunned the beast momentarily. But it gave the girls enough time to turn the next corner.

"Come on girls. Straight ahead. We're in the home stretch!"

The seven faries increased their speed as they got closer. Luna gathered magic in her hands and fired at the door. The doors flew open and the girls quickly went in. They landed on the floor, while Luna flew to a control panel. She hit a few buttons just as the Ghoul came in.

"Training simulation. Level 10."

A robotic voice stated. Luna flew over and landed next the the girls.

"Aganist the far wall, now!"

The girls ran over to the furthest wall. A control panel rose from the ground and Luna pressed a button. A barrier appeared around the 7. Lasers locked in on the Ghoul. Luna smirked.

"Game on."

♤♡◇♧♤With the boys♤♡◇♧♤

Frost gave a grunt as he took cover. The specialist were fighting while he tried to hide. He glanced over and crawled to where the pets were. He leaned against the bubble holding the wolves, Sun and Moon, and the dove, Maricle. The three whined and tweeted at the sight of him.

"I'm okay guys, but I gotta get you all out of here."

He glanced around trying to find anything to destroy the bubble, but came up short. It was then that he remembered a spell he learned recently. It might be able to help free the pets. Frost took a deep breath and began reciting the spell. Slowly, but surely, pouring his magic energy into it.

Meanwhile the specialist were having a bit trouble handling the Trix. Riven, Timmy, and Nabu were fighting Darcy while Sky, Brandon, and Helia fought Stormy. While this was happening Icy and Alister were having a stare off. The witch gave an arrogant smirk, while the prince narrowed his eyes in anger.

"If you wish to keep whatever dignity you have, I suggest you and your sisters leave at once."

"Haha! You may be cute but you sure are stupid. Like I'd EVER listen to you."

Alister glared at her as he summoned his magic energy.

"Your funeral."

Icy glared daggers at him and shot ice at him. Alister waved his sword and cast a spell aloud.

"Thy enemy I battle
Cannot be tamed,
Now I summon,
Deadly Flame!"

A large flame surrounded his body. He brought his sword in front of him just as Icy's attack hit. The flame negated the attack and shot Icy back a couple yards. Icy sat up and glared while screaming in anger.

"You. Are. So. Dead."

Alister just smirked and winked at her. Icy let out a deep growl and sent another attack at him.

A little away from them Stormy gave a laugh as she shot her lightning bolts at Sky, Brandon, and Helia. Sky turned to his friends.

"Helia used your ropes and hold her down. Brandon and I will attack while you do!"

The two nodded. Helia pulled out his ropes then tucked and rolled when lightning was shot at him. Brandon and Sky got her attention while Helia went behind her. When she let her guard down he shot his ropes. They wrapped around the witch and Helia pulled her to the ground. Stormy screamed as she hit the ground. When she tried to sit up Sky and Brandon raised their swords and swung. Stormy growled and blasted them back with her magic. She stood up, enraged.

Darcy smirked at Timmy, Nabu, and Riven.

"You fools think you could beat me? So funny."

Timmy pulled out his blaster and fired some shots at Darcy deflected then easily. Nabu pulled out his staff and cast a spell. Darcy was blasted out of the skies and his the ground. Riven ran up with his sword drawn. He swung and it went right through Darcy. But then she turned to smoke. Anither one of her tricks.


Riven turned just in time to get attacked by Darcy. Nabu and Timmy both charged at her, but she deflected them. Sky, Brandon, and Helia turned to help them but Stormy blasted them when they did.

Alister glanced and saw his friends on the ground. He growled under his breath and cast a spell strong enough to blast all three witches back.

"These witches I must tend
Let this spell protect my friends"

The Trix screamed as they all hit the ground hard. Alister ran over to his friends.

"Are you guys ok?"

Brandon gave a small laugh.

"Banged up but I'll live. Thanks."


"Alister look out!"

Frost shouted from where he was. Alister turned only to also get blasted back by Icy's attack. The Trix laughed as they walked over to the fallen Specialists.

"You guys are pathetic."

Darcy said, smirking.

"This is the end, say goodbye."

Just as the three were about to attack, Stormy gave a scream. Everyone looked at her puzzled.

"Someone just shocked me!"

She whipped around to she Frost with his hands outstretched at Stormy's back.

"Get away from them!"

"Little boy thinks he can play with the big girls. Fine, let's play!"

Icy shot a powerful blast at Frost. The Specialist all yelled to move but he couldn't. He closed his eyes and looked away, expecting pain. But it never came. He opened his eyes only to see bright red hair.


Alister stood there breathing heavily. He had his sword in front of him horizontally. He glanced over his shoulder at Frost.

"You ok kid?"

Frost just nodded numbly. Alister just nodded before dropping his sword and falling face first to the ground. Frost quickly ran over and kneeled next to him.

"Sorry kid, blocking that attack took a lot out of me."

Frost just sniffled as tears came to his eyes. Alister offered a small smile before passing out. Frost began to panic.

"N-no, wake up. Please, w-wake up!"

The Trix laughed as the Specialist stood up, all ready to attack for there fallen friend. Suddenly, the wind picked up and there stood Jack. He glared at the Trix. His eyes glowed a light blue color and his hair stood almost on edge. There were white tribal tattoos on his arms that weren't there before. The tattoos were also glowing.

"You are going to regret ever coming here."

The prince said through gritted teeth. He raised one of his hands high in the air. A ice and snow strom formed around him.

"I call upon the powers of Ka Hoʻoilo. I summon, deadly blizzard."

He pointed at the Trix and the strom went and sucked them up. The three screamed as they got pulled up into the air. Once the sky cleared the Trix were gone and so were the barriers around the pets. All the animals quickly came over to Jack and Frost. Lulu the dragon sat near them, but also gave them space. The guys came over and helped Alister stand. Helia took one arm and Riven took the other.

"You ok?"

Timmy asked. Allister just groaned and opened one of his eyes.

"I'll live."

He said, a smirk pulling at his lips. Frost looked up at Alister with teary eyes. Alister smiled softly at him. He let go of Helia for a moment and ruffled Frost hair.

"Don't feel guilty. It's not your fault."

Frost just looked up at him with his big innocent eyes. The small boy gave the red head a hug around his mid section. Alister just gave a one arm hug in return.

"Hey, thanks for keeping him safe."

Jack said with a smile. His eyes were back to normal and the tattoos were gone. Alister and the rest of the Specialist just nodded. Nabu looked around for a moment before noticing something.

"Hey, where are the girls?"

♤♡◇♧♤With the Winx♤♡◇♧♤

The Ghoul yelled in pain again as another blast hit him. The training simulator wasn't holding back. Luna and Tecna kept pressing different buttons on the panel which caused the beast to be attacked by different weapons.

"We can't just do this all day girls."

Musa said. The other four agreed. Tecna and Luna both sighed.

"Okay, we'll turn off the system and when we do we'll do a convergence. That should be enough to destroy it."

Luna said. The girls agreed and Tecna turned off the system. The Ghoul struggled to stand as the Winx flew up in the air. They all held hands and began glowing.

"Winx! Convergence!"

The combined magic attack hit the beast head on. The monster groaned and was turned to dust. The girl carefully touched down.

"Okay so so far, whoever is doing this has two types of Ghouls. One that has a weakness to ice and one that is destroyed when we use convergence. They must have the one with a weakness to fire too.

Tecna said.

"Well we still don't know who is doing this. We need to figure that out first."

Flora said, crossing her arms.

"Let's go meet back up with the boys."

Aisha said. The girls headed out the door, but Luna stopped.

"I'm gonna go make sure the archive is ok. You guys go ahead. Just go back to where we entered the castle. Try not to get lost."

Luna said that last part with a wink. The girls laughed and headed out. Luna flew back to the archive. When she got there she noticed a larger mess than when they left. She cautiously ventured deeper into the archive. The sound a pages turning got her attention. She carefully turned the corner and saw someone.

It was a man, about 6 feet tall with pale skin. He had black hair and an eye patch over his right eye. His left eye was golden. He wore a black suit with black gloves.

The man was looking through the books in the restricted section. Luna glared and made her presence known.

"Hey! Who are you, and why are you in my home?"

The man turned to Luna and smiled.

"Hello Princess Luna. It is good to finally meet you. Don't fret, I will be out of your hair momentarily. What I am searching for appears to not be here. Also, your friends are coming so I should be departing."

After he said that, footsteps were heard coming towards the archive.

"You're the one who did this aren't you. You sent those Ghouls after us. Why?"

"All will be revealed in due time child. For now, sleep."

He flicked his wrist and suddenly Luna felt very tired. She fell to the floor as her eyelids became heavier.

"Who.... who are you?"

The man smiled. A portal opened behind him and he turned to walk through it.


Then, Luna was asleep.

Luna awoke to hands shaking her. Her eyes cracked opened as she looked into a pair of blue eyes. It was Bloom.

"Luna, wake up! What happened?"

Luna groaned. She looked around and saw the Winx, Specialist, and her brothers. She gave a grunt as Bloom helped her stand.

"What happened to you boys?"

"The Trix happened."

Alister said.

"What happened to you? Beside the Ghoul?"

The red head asked. Luna rubbed her arm and looked at them.

"I think I know who is causing this."

Everyone leaned in closer.

"Have you guys ever heard of a wizard named, Zeref?"

Ka Hoʻoilo means Winter in Hawaiian