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Fairy Of The Ice Dragon (Book 1 Of The Ice Dragon Series)

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Name: Luna Crystal

Age: 16

Hair color: Light Blue/Purple

Eye color: Dark Blue

Magic: Dragon's Ice power(identical and just as, or more, powerful than the Dragon's flame)

Luna Personality: Fun, silly, kindhearted, caring, loving, honest, sometimes cold

Parents: Elias & Marie Crystal.

Siblings Names:
Big sister, Angel Crystal
Twin brother, Jack Crystal
Little brother, Frost Crystal.

Family Magic/Royal Status:
Parents; King & Queen/warriors

Older sister; Princess/Sirenix Fairy(in Sirenix curse)

Twin brother; Prince/wizard/warrior

Little brother; Prince/soon to be wizard/warrior.

Bonded Pixie: Yuki of the cold

(Pictures avalible on my Wattpad: @JayaPrincess)

Chapter Text


That's all she could see. A girl with knee long purple/blue hair named Luna wandered around the snow filled land.

Luna was in a simple white summer dress. No shoes, no socks, no jacket. Just the dress. Most people would freeze to death, being in the cold with such light clothing on. But not her, she was used to the cold weather.

Luna continued to walk the snowy land aimlessly. Then she heard a voice.

"Luna, Luna."

A calm and soothing voice called out. The voice sounded so familiar to her, but she just couldn't place it.

"Luna, my sister. I'm over here."

Luna turned her body and came face to face with a girl.

She had beautiful brown skin with long gray/blue hair that was in a fish tail braid. She had a beautiful flowing blue dress on. Her shoes had blue and purple ribbons. She wore a blue and white mask, the finishing touch of her outfit was a beautiful snowflake tiara.

The two girls stared at one another for a few moments. Then Luna smiled and latched onto the girl in front of her.


Luna yelled as she buried her face into Angel's chest. Angel gave a smile and wrapped her arms around her little sister.

"It is good to see you again my dear sister. I have missed you and our family so much."

Angel said as she and Luna separated. Luna gave a nod as Angel ran her fingers through her Luna's hair. Her smile soon turned into a frown.

"Luna, there is a great evil coming. It is threatening to destroy the entire Magic Dimension. You must stop it."

Luna's eyes widened at this.

"What are you serious? What is it? When will it arrive? How can I stop It?"

Luna franticly asked. At that moment, Angel disappeared from view. Luna started to look around for her sister but could not see her.

"Luna you must stop this evil. But you can't do it alone. You must find the Dragon's Flame."

Angel's said as her voice echoed around the empty snow filled land.

"Wait Angel come back! Who is the Dragon's Flame? Who is this great evil? Angel? ANGEL?!"



Luna yelled as she shot up out of bed. Luna struggled to regain her breath as she checked her surroundings.

'Your in your room Luna. Relax.'

Luna looked over at the clock and it read 7:24.

'It's 7:24, gotta be at Alfea by 10:15. Better hurry.'

Luna told herself as she got out of blue bed and headed for the shower.

'Sis said there was a great evil coming, and that I must stop it. She also said I would need the help of the Dragon's Flame. But that power died a long time ago. Unless.... it didn't.'

Luna thought as she finished up her bath and got out. Luna grabbed a towel and went back to her bedroom. She then dried off and began to get dress.

Luna wore a black under shirt with a blue dress on top of it. She had a white and silver belt on the dress. She wore knee high socks with blue and black heeled boots. She had on black gloves with white wrist bands. She also wore a necklace with a diamond on it.

Once finished getting dressed, Luna walked over to her mirror and tied her purple hair into pigtails. Luna took a step back, and smiled at her work.

She walked over to the dresser next to her bed, and smiled down at the pixie who was fast asleep. The pixie was Yuki, the pixie of the cold. She was fast asleep in her tiny bed.

Luna quietly chuckled at her bonded Pixie. She gently poked Yuki in her side, trying to wake her. All Yuki did was swat Luna's finger away.

This caused Luna's laughter to increase. Which annoyed Yuki enough to make her get out of bed. The tiny silver haired pixie snapped her fingers so she was in her everyday clothes. Yuki stomped her tiny foot on the dresser and glared at her bonded fairy.

"How could you wake me up Luna! I was in the middle of an amazing dream. You better have a good excuse for why you did this."

Yuki demanded as she flew up to eye level with Luna. Luna continued to laugh as Yuki's rage continued to grow. Seeing this, Luna forced herself to calm down.

"Okay okay I'm sorry. But you gotta get ready. I'm enrolling in Alfea today remember."

Yuki's face lit up with excitement.

"Yeah!!!! I totally forgot. I get to see Lockette, Chatta, Digit, Piff, Tune, Amore, and all the pixie pets. This is gonna be awesome!!! I especially can't wait to see Chatta. She's my BPFF you know."(best pixie friend forever)

Yuki shouted excitedly as she flew off to pack her suitcases. Luna shook her head at her bonded pixie. As Yuki flew around the bedroom, Luna left the room and headed for the dinning hall.

She began to walk down the long hall, smiling as memories of her and her siblings running up and down these halls came to mind. She began to descend down the spiral staircase and then continued walking. It took a few more minutes to get to the dinning hall. When she got there she ran straight into her twin brother, Jack.

Jack had dark blue hair, smooth brown skin, and deep blue eyes. He wore a blue jacket with a vest under it. He had blue and black plaid pants, white shoes, and a dark blue glove on his left hand.

"Oh hey Jack. Did the chef finish making breakfast yet?"

Luna asked as she and Jack took their seats in the dinning room. Jack simply nodded his head and sat next to his sister. Luna gave him a smile and was about to ask another question, when their 8 year old brother Frost roller skated in.

He skated around the table three times and stopped in front on the twins. He gave them a bright smile and placed his hands on his hips.

Frost had dark blue hair, with mixed match eyes. He wore a black and white stripped shirt with black skinny jeans. He had on a dark blue jacket with white bandages covering his right arm. His roller skates were black with Gray.

Luna and Jack both just smiled at their little brother. Frost moved over and sat on Luna's other side. The three siblings started having a conversation when their parents walked in.

Their mother Marie, the Queen of Crystalia, smiled at the three children as she sat across from them. Their father Elias, the King of Crystalia, took a seat next to her.

Marie had light blue hair that went down to her knees. Her eyes were the same as Luna's. Elias had dark purple hair that went down to his shoulders. His eyes were a deep ocean blue.

"Hello children."

Their mother said as she began to eat the food on her plate. The kids and parents all engaged in a light conversation. The family was soon interrupted by a tiny silver haired pixie.

"Lunaaaaa. I'm all packed and ready to go. When are we leaving? Tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me!"

Yuki demanded as she flew around the dinning hall in a frenzy. This caused laughter to brake out from the family. Hearing this, Yuki blushed bright red. She slowly flew back down and stood on the table.

Clearing her throat, Yuki regained her composer and looked expectantly towards Luna. Seeing this, Luna stifled her laughter and gave Yuki her full attention.

"Well Yuki, I have a few more things to pack. But once I'm done we'll be leaving."

Luna said as she took a bite of her food.

"Don't worry sis, we'll miss you while your at Alfea. While you're gone can I sleep in your room?"

Frost said as he began to bounce in his seat. Luna giggled in response and answered with a maybe. Yuki and the Crystal family sat their finished breakfast. Once done, they went their seperate ways until it was time for Luna too leave.

Luna and Yuki wwnt back upstairs to their room. Luna cast a spell to retrieve the needed suitcases.

"Alright let's see. I got three suitcases for shirts. Three suitcases for pants/shorts. Four suitcases for shoes. Two suitcase for dresses. Two suitcase for bra's, underwear, and socks. Three Jewlery cases. And finally, two boxes of scrolls and spell books. All done."

Luna said as she magically stacked all of her things. She clapped her hands twice. This caused the bags and boxes to shrink so they could fit in her pocket.

"Alright Yuki, I'm all packed and ready to go."

"Good. Let's go say goodbye to Crystalia and hello to Alfea!"

The tiny pixie yelled excitedly. Luna smiled and made a hand gesture that signaled Yuki to come over. Yuki quickly grabbed her bags, and fluttered over. The two set off towards the front doors.

By the time the two got there, everyone was waiting. The parents and siblings gave bright smiles towards the two girls.

"Oh Luna. My little girl. You've grown up so much. I just wish your sister was here to see this. I know she would be proud."

Marie said as tears of joy slipped down her face. Elias placed a gentle hand on his wife's shoulder.

"Your mother is right. We are all very proud of you. I know you'll do great things Luna."

Elias said, giving his daughter a tight hug. Luna returned it gratefully. Once they separated, Luna and her mother embraced. They stayed like that for a minute or so before parting. Luna then turned towards her bothers. They both gave a smile, and walked up to her.

"Big sis, I remember when we were kids and you would always worry about me. You acted like the slightest scratch could kill me. I always complained about it. But I reality, I was happy that you were such a worrier. It made me feel safe. So thank you, for always worrying."

Frost said looked down with a blush on his face. Luna smiled at her brother sweetly. Seeing this, Frost started to fiddle with the bandages on his right forearm. Luna giggled at her brother and pulled him into a tight hug. Frost didn't return it, but after a couple of seconds he did. They separated and Luna turned to her twin.

"You know Luna, when we were kids I always thought that I was the better twin. With me being a wizard and you being a fairy I thought that I was superior. But seeing how much you've changed over these years. I think it's safe to say that we're on equal terms. For now."

Jack said giving an arrogant smirk. Luna gave him one in return. The two twins then hugged.

"Im really gonna miss you."

"I'm gonna miss you too bro."

The twins broke apart from their hug and Luna stepped towards the door. She glance back at her family and smiled.

"Thank you, everyone. I wouldn't be going to Alfea if it wasn't for you guys. If Angel was here she would be proud of me. I'm going to follow in her foot steps and be the greatest fairy Alfea has ever seen. I promise."

Luna declared as she placed a hand on her heart. Yuki came flying over and landed on top of her head.

"That's right she'll be an amazing fairy, and I'll be right by her side when it happens. Don't worry she'll be just fine."

Yuki said giving a bright smile. The Crystal family all smiled at the pixie. Luna took a deep breath and opened a portal that would take them to Alfea.

Luna gave Yuki a slight nod. The two began to walk through the portal, but Luna was stopped when a pair of small arms wrap around her waist. She looked over her shoulder and saw Frost.

"Please be careful. I don't want to lose you like we lost Angel."

Frost said in a small voice so that only Luna could hear. Luna smiled at her brothers actions. She slowly unwrapped his arms and turned around so she was facing him. Luna got down to eye level and placed her hands on his shoulders.

"I promise I'll come back to you safely. Remember, my word is my bond and I always keep my word. You won't lose me. Count on it."

Luna said softly. She stood up and began walking to the portal again. Yuki quickly flew over next to her.

"Luna! Be safe and show Alfea what a Princess from Crystalia can really do!"

Frost yelled to her. All Luna did was wave her hand in response. Then the fairy and pixie were gone.

♤♡◇♧ Alfea, Winx Dorm. Time is 7:24 a.m.♤♡◇♧

The sun shined brightly through the windows of the a dorm in the famous magic school, Alfea. In one of those dorms, a girl with bright red hair was just starting the day.

Bloom sat up and gave a yawn. She looked over at the clock which read 7:24 a.m. Bloom stood up and walked over to the foot of her bed. She smiled at the blue bunny who was fast asleep.

"Kiko time to wake up. We got a big day today."

Bloom said as she walked over to wake up Lockette. Kiko sat up and yawned. He looked over at Bloom and smiled. He quickly jumped off the bed and hopped over to her.

Bloom picked up Kiko and placed him on her shoulder. Bloom stood in front of the sleeping Lockette and smiled.

"Hey Lockette, wake up. It's a new semester. Which means new students and new pixie's."

Bloom said as she gently tickled her bonded Pixie. Lockette giggled and immediately flew out of bed.

"Yay!!!! A new school year. I can't wait let's go, let's go, let's go. Piff! Piff get up we're wasting the day away sleeping."

Lockette yelled as she flew across the room to shake Piff awake.
(A/N: In this story Bloom and Aisha are roommates. Tecna and Musa are roommates. Stella has a room to herself. And Flora will be sharing a room with Luna when she arrives.)

Piff gave a tired yawn and slowly sat up. Lockette pulled Piff by the arm and flew out the room to wake up the other pixie's.

Bloom giggled and shook her head. She walked over to Aisha and shook her awake. Aisha sat up in bed and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes.

"Wake up sleepy head. The guys are coming g over today."

Bloom said as she went to go get dressed. Aisha sat up in bed and started her routine. Once they were dressed and ready they went out to the main area. When Bloom and Aisha got out the room they saw the Winx doing their usually.

Tecna and Digit were playing a virtual simulator. Stella and Amore were looking through fashion magazines. Musa was listening to her music while Tune was dusting the coffee table. Flora was feeding her plants. While Chatta, Piff and Lockette were sitting on the armrest of the couch.

"Hey girls, you excited about tomorrow?"

Musa asked as she took off her headphones.

"I'm excited for the new faces we're gonna see today and tomorrow."

Flora said as she put the watering pot down.

"What I'm excited about is all the new classes we're gonna take."

Tecna said as she ended the simulator, much to Digit's dismay.

From her position across the room, Stella gave a loud annoyed sigh.

"I couldn't care less about the new classes Tecna. The only thing I care about is when the boys are gonna get here."

"Come on Stella, you know how busy they've been at Red Fountain. Have some sympathy."

Bloom said as she walked over to Stella and threw an arm around her shoulder.

"I know, I know. But it wouldn't kill them to stop by and say hello."

"Um Stella, you don't have to wait any longer. Their ship just touched down in the court yard."

Aisha yelled as she grabbed Piff and ran out the room. The Winx and Pixie's immedianly followed. Out in the court yard the Winx watched as the door opened. Some of the new girls stared in awe, while the older girls continued about their business.

The specialist walked out the ship and ran to their respected girlfriends.

"Hey ladies, did you miss us?"

Sky asked as he planted a kiss on Bloom's cheek.

"Of course we did. But how'd you guys get here. I thought you were too busy."

Stella asked as she slightly stepped away from Brandon.

"We got permission from Saladion to come here."

Timmy said as he adjusted his glasses.

Bloom gave a smile, happy that they were finally able to see the guys again. But her attention was averted from Sky to the ship. Leaning against the entrance was a boy with red hair.

"Hey who's that?"

Bloom asked, pointing at the boy by the ship. The Winx and Specialist all looked towards the ship. Helia gave a smile and motioned for the boy to walk over here.

"Girls I'd like you to meet Alister Danielson. He's a family friend. He is also the Prince of Excalibur."

Helia said as he place a hand on Alister's shoulder.

Alister wore a black zip up crop top with a red crystal necklace. He had fire red hair with red eyes to match. He wore white pants with a red belt. His shoes were black. He had a long sword on his hips and a #3 tattoo on his right shoulder.

"It's a pleasure to meet the famous Winx Club girls."

Alister said as he gave a warm smile. Which the girls graciously returned. Bloom was about to ask him something, when Griselda inturupted them.

"Ladies Mrs.Faragonda wishes to see you in her office. All of you, boys and pixie's included. Come along."

Griselda said as she lead the way to the headmistress's office. Once their Griselda let them in. She then left them to talk.

"You wanted to see us Headmistress?"

Bloom asked. Mrs. Faragonda turned around in her chair so she was facing the group.

"There is an important matter to discuss. This year, like every year, we are getting new students. But there is one student in purticular that stands out. Her name is Luna Crystal. She is the Princess of Crystalia. But their is something special about her magic. She has the power of the Dragon's Ice."

"Um Mrs.F what is the Dragon's Ice and why is it important?"

"Well Flora, the Dragon's Ice is an ancient power that dates back to when the Dragon's Flame was first created. The Dragon's Flame and the Dragon's Ice were the most power beings in all the magic dimension. This power is just as strong, if not stronger, than the Dragon's Flame. It is also very dangerous. I'm telling you all this because Luna is arriving here with all the other new students today. She is in the same year as you all so I want you to look after her. I'm not sure if she is an Enchantix fairy yet. You'll have to ask her yourselves now go."

Mrs.Faragonda said pointing to the door. The friends all left the office and went back to the court yard.

"This is crazy. A girl with powers like me, it's unreal."

Bloom said as she walked. Sky placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. He was about to say something when an ear piercing scream shot through Alfea.

Creatures of complete darkness were attacking the students. People were running and screaming. Griselda came out and began to direct traffic. When her eyes landed on the Winx, she gave them a nod telling them to go. The Winx nodded back in response.

"Ready girls?!"

Bloom asked/yelled.


"Magic Winx Enchantix!"

Chapter Text

"Winx Enchantix!!"

The six friends shouted. A bright light surrounded them as they began to transform. When the light vanished, the Winx stood tall in their Enchantix forms

"Alright girls, we gotta contain these creatures and keep them away from the school."

Bloom said as she stepped forward towards the creatures. The rest of the girls nodded their heads. Tecna flew over to the boys.

"Get your weapons and come help us. Stay on gaurd, these creatures aren't showing up in my data base."

The boys gave a various of okay's to Tecna and then ran over to the ship. Alister stayed behind to assess how dangerous the creatures were. When the specialist came back out they had their signature weapons.

"Okay boys let's go!"

Sky yelled as he readied his sword. The guys all charged towards the creatures closest too them.

Nabu used his staff and destroyed one of the monsters. But a few seconds later, it came back. It then shoot the same attack Nabu used right back at him.

Nabu was sent flying back and onto the ground.


Aisha yelled as she flew to her boyfriends side. She helped him sit up and then they both stood tall against the creature.

"It shoots our attacks back at us."

"How can we defeat it if it uses our spells against us?"

Nabu asked as the two rushed the creature. Meanwhile Musa, Stella, Riven, and Brandon where facing the same problem.

"Shinning Light!"

"Sonic Wave!"

Stella and Musa said as they sent their attacks to the monsters in front if them. But their attacks were blasted right back at them. The two girls were shot back onto the ground

Their boyfriends where immediately by their sides.

"How can we stop these things if they only shoot attacks back at us."

Riven asked as he prepared for the next attack.

"We just have to keep trying. If not all of Alfea will be in trouble."

Musa answered as she and Stella flew back up in the air. Brandon and Riven then charged at the two monsters.

Flora, Bloom, Sky and Helia were faring no better. All the attacks they did either had no effect or were shot right back at them. Thus battle was starting to take a toll on everyone.

"Dragon Furry!"

Bloom shouted as she gathered all her energy into on attack. But instead of being destroyed, the creature absorbed her attack which made it even stronger.

"What, how is that possible. There's no way it could absorb my flames."

Bloom said as she flew back to the ground next to Flora. The creature began to glow a bright red. It then gathered up Blooms attack and fired it at Flora.

"Flora dodge!"

"Look out!"


Bloom, Sky, and Helia all yelled. But it would be in vain. Flora had no time to dodge. But faster then anyone could see, Flora was suddendly gone from where she stood.

The attack hit the place were she once was. At this point the Winx and Specialists all regathered with the four creatures closing in on them.

"Where did Flora go?"

Helia asked in a panicked tone. But before anyone could answer a person fell out the sky and landed on their feet next to Helia. But that person was also carrying Flora bridal style.

"Alister, where were you? Why are you carrying Flora, and how did you fall out the sky?"

Stella asked as she pointed upwards. Instead of answering the questions, Alister gently set Flora down on her feet.

"Thank you for saving me. But how did you move so fast?"

Flora gently asked. Alister looked down at Flora and gave a slight smile.

"I used a speed spell, and I used a flight spell. That's how I came out the sky."

Everyone nodded their heads in understatement. The 13 teens turned their attention back to the four monsters.

They sent attack after attack at the four creatures. But none of their attacks or spells even fazed them. Bloom's fire just made the monsters stronger. Nothing seemed to work on these creatures.

♤♡◇♧With Luna & Yuki♤♡◇♧

Luna and Yuki had just came through the portal when they noticed people running and screaming. The two immediately went the direction everyone was coming from, but proved to be difficult with all the people pushing them the opposite direction.

When they finally got through the crowd of people. They were met with a terrifying sight. There were four monsters attacking 6 faries and 7 specialist.

The two quickly took cover behind a pillar where they were out of sight but could still see the battle.

"What are those things, and how did they get into Alfea?"

Yuki questioned as she peaked around the pillar.

"I have no idea Yuki, but we gotta help."

Luna said, determination sparkling in her eyes. Before Luna could go out there, a pixie in a pink bonnet flew over and landed on her head.

Luna looked up and smiled, knowing exactly who it was.

"It's nice to see you too Piff. I'm guessing you missed me right?"

Luna said with a giggle. Piff just nodded her head and dozed off in a light sleep.

The rest of the pixies soon flew over to where Luna, Yuki and Piff were standing.

"Hey Luna, hey Yuki we were wondering when you were gonna get here."

Chatta said as she landed on Luna's shoulder.

"I'm glade to hear it Chatta, but right now I need to help those faries. I'll be back in a bit. Tune, you're in charge."

Luna said as she handed Piff to Amore. She then turned around and headed to where the battle was happening.

"Be careful!"

The six pixies all yelled to Luna. She just simply waved her hand in response.

By the time Luna got over to the battle, the monsters used a type of purple gel to stick the Winx and Specialists to the ground. They were just about to finish them off when Luna got their attention.

"Hey uglies, why don't you pick on someone your own size."

The four creatures all turned their attention to Luna, who stood her ground.

"Get out of here kid, you can't beat these things!"

Riven yelled as he struggled against the purple gel. Luna just ignored their cries and stood tall in front of the creatures.

Luna took a deep breath and started to gather her magic.

"Alright here I go, Crystalia, Enchantix!!"

Luna shouted as a blue light surrounded her. Once the light dimmed there stood Luna but as an Enchantix fairy. She still had her purple hair. But it was now in a high ponytail with a single long white streak. A glass crown laid gently on her head. She was now wearing a blue fluffy dress with dark blue thigh high stockings. She had long blue gloves on with big shinning blue wings.

Luna stood tall as she stared down the creatures. The Winx and Specialists all looked on in awe at what they saw.

"You monsters are going down. I, Luna Crystal, will take you down so you'll never bother us again."

Luna declared as she charged at the four monsters.

Chapter Text

Luna glared dagers at the four beast and charged at them. The monsters snarled at her as she got closer.

"Ice Star!!"

Luna shouted as she blasted one of the monsters with her attack.

"No don't! It'll just fire the attack back at you!!"

Tecna yelled out as she struggled aganist her binds.

When Luna's attack hit, the others expected it to bounce right back at her. But it didn't. The attack shot the monster back and knocked it on the ground.

The others all stared baffled at that just happened.

"I'm not finished just yet. Ice Shards!!!"

Luna screamed as she blasted at another one of the monsters. Like last time, the monster was knocked back onto the ground. The monster began withering in pain from the blast.

The others watched the reaction the monsters had from her attacks.

"Hey guys is it just me or does it seem like her powers can actually harm the monsters."

Stella asked as she tried pulling the purple gel off of her.

"No Stella your right. Her ice powers can actually harm the monsters. That's amazing."

Bloom shouted with shock. A smirk grew on Luna's face as she got an amazing idea.

"Okay if you guys dislike the cold so much, then your gonna hate what I'm about to do."

Luna said as she landed on the ground. She took a deep breath and focused her energy. Everyone watched as her wings began to glow.

"Fairy Dust!!"

Luna cried out. She then began doing the fairy dust dance.

Luna then pulled out her snowflake fairy dust jar.

"Now, you four monsters are going down!!"

Luna cried out as she threw her fairy dust as the monsters. They all began screaming and squirming in pain. Smoke began to rise from them.

The beast all turned around and ran away into the forest. The gel that was holding the Winx and Specialists down disappeared and they all stood up.

Luna gave a big sigh of relief as she left her Enchantix form. She then slid to the ground and gave a slight smile.

The pixies all cheered and flew over too Luna.

"That was amazing!!"

"Well done."

"I knew you'd win!"

"How lovely!!"

"Patot a ptota!!"

"Yeah, what Piff said!"

"That was too easy for ya."

Luna blushed slightly at the comments.

"Guys it wasn't a big deal. I wasn't that good. All I did was drive them off with my fairy dust."

The pixies ignored what she said and kept praising her. The sound of someone clearing their voice was what sent all of their attention to the Winx and Specialists.

The pixies all smiled and flew over to their bonded fairies. The faries, who were still in Enchantix, all hugged their pixies. Luna stood back up and fixed her outfit. Yuki flew over and floated next to her bonded fairy.

"Okay start talking kid. Who are you and how did you beat those monsters?"

Musa questioned as she put her hands on her hips. Everyone looked at Luna waiting for an answer. Luna froze, being put on the spot. She glanced around nervously.

"Umm.. well.. my name is-

"Luna. Her name is Luna Crystal. Princess of Crystalia."

Miss Griselda said as she and Feraganda walked up to the group. Luna smiled at the two.

"Umm, hello."

The two just nodded at Luna. Tecna's eyes widened in surprise.

"This is the girl you told us about. The one who has the Dragons Ice? Not impressed."

Tecna said in a bored tone. Yuki puffed out her cheeks in anger.

"Well last time I checked My bonded fairy defeated the monsters, not you so there."

Yuki said as she crossed her arms across her tiny chest. Luna tried to calm Yuki down, but was failing miserably.

"Now now ladies let's not start a fight. I'm sure you all have questions."

"Yeah like how come she was able to beat the monsters and not the girls?"

Sky asked as his sword disappeared.

"Those were shadow ghoul monsters. We have very little information on them. They are very elusive creatures. They are from the dark demention and there only known weakness is ice magic. Which was why Luna was able to beat then."

Griselda explained. Luna nodded her head. Bloom looked over at her and smiled.

"So, you're the fairy of the Dragons Ice. Wow, I have so many questions for you. Like how did you know you had this power? What does it feel like? Do you ever have visions?"

Luna stood their thinking for a moment, but before she could answer Feragonda interrupted.

"Now now ladies their will be plenty of time for that later. For now let us get Luna situated. Boys I think you should all wait back at the girls dorm."

The boys nodded and headed to the dorms. The girls all turned around and headed inside the school.

Chapter Text

Luna tapped her foot as she sat in the chair. She, the pixies, and the Winx were all in Ms.Faragonda's office. The specialist were told to wait back in the Winx dorm. Ms.Faragonda smiled from her seat behind the desk. Griselda looked down on the students over her glasses. Luna coughed awkwardly. They had been in here for almost 5 minutes and no one has said anything.

"Umm, soooo. Why am I here?"

"Well your here for a few reasons actually. To learn more about magic. To become a stronger fairy. But I think there is a reason you came here yourself. I believe it was to find someone."

Luna gasped and covered her mouth. How could have she known about Angel? Ms.Faragonda laughed at Luan's reaction. Stella growled, she had grown tired of waiting in silence.

"Urgh!! Ms.F can you please tell us what's going on. What were those monsters? How did they get inside Alfea? Are they gonna come back? And most importantly, who is she?"

Stella said pointing at Luna. Aisha elbowed Stella in the side. Getting the message Stella shut her mouth, for now.

"Well, why don't you let Luna answer that last question?"

Realizing it was her turn to talk, Luna quickly did.

"Oh well, my name is Luna Crystal. I'm the princess of Crystallia. I have the power of the Dragons Ice. I always knew I had this power. My twin brother Jack is a very powerful wizard. My little brother Frost is a wizard in training. I have an older sister named Angel. She was to become the queen one day. But she can't, not anymore anyway. My sister was one of the nine nymphs of sirenix. So she's trapped in the sirenix curse, forever."

Luna's eyes dimmed slightly at that last part. Blooms eyes widened and she shot up out of her chair.

"Your kidding? My sister Daphne's also a nymph of sirenix."

Luna's eyes widened.


Bloom nodded her head.

"What are the chances?"

"Well as interesting as that was, we still know nothing about Luna's powers. You know, besides that they're a knockoff of Blooms."

Luna pouted at that statement. She felt slight anger boil inside her. If anything Bloom was the knockoff. Luna always knew she had her powers and trained to control them longer than Bloom did.

"Well Tecna, you may know her power, but not from where they originate. The Ice Dragon is the twin of the Fire Dragon. They are pollar opposites. Like Ying and Yang. Not many people know about the Ice Dragon. Hundreds of years ago the Fire Dragon rested on a planet. That planet was Domino."

"Ms.Faragonda, you already told us the story about my planet."

"Yes Bloom thats true, but there's another half to that story. While the Fire Dragon rested on one planet the Ice Dragon rested on another. The Ice Dragon rested on a beautiful flower filled planet. Because of the Dragons ice ability that planet soon became covered in nothing but ice and snow. That planet was Crystallia."

"Its crazy. Luna and Bloom both have similar powers and similar back stories. What's next, did the three ancestral witches also attack your planet?"

Stella asked crossing her arms. Luna just slowly shook her head. Ms.Faragonda cleared her throat to get the attention of everyone in the room.

"Well now that we know more about Luna it's time we discuss those shadow monsters that attacked earlier. They are monsters from the shadow realm. We don't know how they got here but we will do our best to stop them from coming back. What I'm worried about is if this is just the beginning. There could be someone in control of these creatures. They might also try to destroy the magic dimension. That is why the three magic schools will be on guard from now on."

"Well Winx, you and the Specialist have saved the magic dimension more than once, if there is another threat I'm sure you'll be able to handle it. You will all have to do more training to be prepared if these creatures do return. I will see to it that you don't miss any sessions."

Girselda said as she pushed up her glasses.

"Don't worry miss G, we will do our best like we always do."

"Musa's right you guys don't worry. We beat the Trix, Lord Darkard, and Valtor. What ever comes at us we'll be ready."

Flora said having confidence in the Winx. Ms.Griselda smiled and nodded.

"I am happy to hear that from you Flora. But you and the Winx won't be alone in this fight. So far you 7 girls are the only faries in Alfea who have achieved Enchantix. So we will be depending on you 7 to protect and defend Alfea with all your might."

"Wait Ms.Griselda... what are you saying?"

"Well Stella I'm saying that from this point on Luna will be apart of the Winx Club."

Luna looked shocked at the fact that she was included in with the Winx. The Winx, the same Winx who have saved the magic dimension at least three times. Luna looked back at the Winx to see there facial expressions.

Bloom, Flora, Musa, Aisha, and all the pixies had happy and excited looks on their faces. Not so much for the other two. Stella looked upset and angry and Tecna looked bored. Luna turned back around in her chair suddenly feeling very small.

"B-b-but Ms.Faragonda it's always been the six of us not seven! You can't just change everything. We've been working together since like forever. You can't just randomly choose someone to join our group."

Stella said in anger. Luna frowned at hearing that. Ms.Faragonda narrowed her eyes at Stella.

"Miss Stella I'd advise you to warm up to the idea of Luna being with you. So far her powers are the only way we know of to beat the shadow creatures. We need her as much as she needs us."

Stella just gave a huff of disapproval as she turned away. Amore flew over to her fairy and glared at her.

"Stella that was not very nice, you should apologize."

Stella just crossed her arms and turned away from the pixie.

"Ladies your first day of classes start tomorrow go back to your rooms and prepare. After your classes you will begin training under my supervision. Now go, also introduce Luna to the Specialist."

Ms.Griselda said pointing to the door. The girls and pixies all nodded and walked off.

As they walked down the hall to the dorm, Luna and Yuki trailed behind. Noticing this Flora, Chatta, Aisha, Piff, Musa, Tune, Bloom, and Lockette all came back to where Luna was. Chatta flew over to Yuki and the two girls immediately started catching up. Lockette, Tune, and Piff joining in at certain points.

Flora put her hand out to Luna and smiled.

"My name's Flora I'm the fairy of nature. It's very nice to meet you."

Luna shook her hand and smiled.

"My name's Aisha fairy of waves and princess of Andros."

"Yeah I think we've meet once or twice. On my ninth birthday, my family held a ball for me and my brother. I think you were there."

"OH yeah I remember. Those cupcakes where the bomb."

Luna just blushed at the comment.

"My name's Bloom fairy of the Dragon flame. Sorry about Stella she can be kinda prickly. She's the fairy of the shinning sun. She's also the princess of-"

"The princess of Solaria I know. When I was younger her parents held fancy balls, which my family would attend. I only talked to her a few times though."

"Really? Wow cool. Well the one with purple hair is Tecna she's the fairy if technology."

"Yeah if you have a broken gadget Tecna can fix it and make it better than before."

Aisha said with a bright smile.

"Patota patota!!"

Luna giggles at what Piff said.

"Hey my name's Musa the fairy of music. If you ever wanted to hear some quality music then come to me."

Luna nodded her head and smiled.

"So who are these specialist? They were the boys from earlier right?"

"Yup that was them."

"There also our boyfriends."

Stella said looking over her shoulder. Luna eyes widened at that. She tilted her head slightly.

"Your boyfriends? But if I'm correct, there were seven boys. But there are only six of you."

"Yeah the boy with red hair is new. He's a friend of my boyfriend."

Flora said smiling.

"I can't wait to meet them.

After that the seven girls continued walking in silence until they reached the room. Tecna opened the door and they all walked in. The specialist all got up and ran over to their girlfriends.

Luna stood there, quietly waiting until they were done. When they were, Bloom turned to introduce Luna and Yuki.

"Guys this is Luna Crystal. The newest member of the Winx. And she's Yuki, Lunas bonded pixie."

Luna and Yuki just smiled and waved at everyone. Sky walked up to shake her hand.

"Hi my name's Sky these are the guys. Thats Timmy, Helia, Riven, Nabu, Brandon, and that's Alister our newest member."

The guys all waved at Luna.

"You look a bit familiar, have we met before?"

"Maybe, are you by chance a prince?"

"Yes actually."

"We could have met at a royal ball. I'm a princess so the odds aren't impossible."

Sky just nodded his head and gave a small smile.

"So another member of the Winx don't worry theres never a dull moment with these girls."

Brandon said smirking. Stella just smiled at him. Timmy looked at his watch and realized the time.

"Uh oh, sorry ladies we better get going. We shouldn't keep Salidon waiting."

The girls all said goodbye to their boyfriends as they left. As they walked out Alister walked past Luna. The two locked eyes and Alister smiled down at her. He winked at her and with that he was gone.

Luna stood there staring at where Alister just stood. She smiled to herself and let out a sigh.

Maybe this year wouldn't be so bad after all.

Chapter Text

Luna slowly sat up in her bed and gave a loud sigh. She looked over to her clock and saw that it was 6:30 a.m. Luna climbed put of bed and looked over at Flora who was sleeping peacefully.

Luna carefully walked over to Flora and shook her gently.

"Flora, we have classes. It's time to get up."

Flora sat up and yawned. She reached over and tied her hair back into a ponytail. She climbed out of bed and smiled at Luna.

"Good Morning Luna. Thanks for waking me up."

Luna just nodded at her and went to make up her bed. Once that was done Flora and Luna went to wake up their bonded pixies, only to see them gone. The two looked at one another and shrugged their shoulders.

They both left their room to see the rest if the Winx getting ready for their first day back. Luna looked over and saw that all seven pixies were flying around in a rush.

Luna and Flora just laughed. Flora went over to water her plants and Luna walked over to the couch to where Tecna was. She was still in her pajamas while typing away on her computer.

"Ummm, hey Tecna. How'd you sleep last night?"

Tecna glanced up at Luna and gave a somewhat smile.

"I slept fine. Thanks for asking."

"Your welcome. So, what are you doing?"

"I'm just adding an update to my laptop is all. I'm almost done so I'll get ready soon."

Luna nodded her head. She looked at the others and saw all of them getting ready. So the ice fairy turned on her heel and headed off to get dress.

♤♡◇♧Ten minutes later♤♡◇♧

Luna and Flora both walked out of their room. The girls had both bushed their teeth, washed their faces, and were ready for their classes.

When they walked out They saw everyone there but Stella. They were wearing their usual outfits. As were everyone else.
"Okay Winx. Today's the first day of classes for the year. Let's go eat and get to class."

All the girls nodded and stood to leave. But a high pitch scream stopped them.


The Winx all turned in shock to see Stella. She looked like she was having a heart attack.

"Stella what's wrong?"

"Our outfits. It's the first day back. As the Winx we need to make an impact. You girls know what that means"

The Winx, minus Luna, all laughed. They looked excited. Luna tilted her head in confusion.

"What does that mean?"

The girls all looked at her and smiled.

"It means it's time to for a....... wardrobe change!!!!!"

Suddenly magic surrounded Stella. She pointed her hands at the Winx and her golden magic surrounded them. Suddenly there was a bright flash of light. When the light dimmed it showed all seven Winx girls in totally new outfits. The girls all stared in awe as Stella smirked I pride.

"These outfits, ladies are Stella originals that you will not find anywhere else."

The girls were all happy with their outfits. They all turned to Stella and immediately began thanking her. Luna blushed slightly as she thanked Stella. Stella just looked at her and nodded.

In all honesty Luna didn't think that Stella would give her an outfit. She wasn't all that close with the sun fairy so when she received her outfit she could hardly contain her exciement.

"Well girls what are we doing standing here, let's get to class."

All the Winxs nodded in agreement to what Bloom said and headed for the door. After getting a quick breakfast, they headed to class. As the seven fairies walked down the hall a bunch fairies, new and old, stopped to admire the outfits the girls were wearing.

A few even complimented them. All the girls minus Stella blushed at the comments they received. When they arrived in Professor Palladium's class everyone stopped and stared in awe at them.

"Ah ladies so nice of you to arrive. Please take your seats and we can begin our lesson."

The girls all sat down and faced the board.

"Now, in today's lesson we will be learning about the history of transformation magic."

♤♡◇♧♤♡After School♤♡◇♧♤♡

The classes for the day were over and the Winx and pixies were told to head to the training simulator room. The Winx and pixies walked in and lit up in joy at what they saw. The specialist, donned in uniform, were all standing in the room waiting for them. The girls eagerly ran and embraced their boyfriends, the pixies right behind their bonded fairies.

Luna giggled and leaned against a wall. Yuki floated right next to Luna and gave a sigh. Alister gave a small huff and walked over to stand by Luna. The two smiled at each other.

"So how are you liking Alfea?"

"Its a nice change. What about you in Red Fountain?"

Alister just gave a simple shrug and said that it was okay. Luna just nodded and looked away. She could feel her cheeks burn slightly when she realized he was starting at her.

"Nice dress."

"What was that?"

"I said I liked your dress. It suits you."

Luna was stunned for a moment before shaking her head. She then gave him a warm smile.


The sound of someone walking got their attention. Mrs. Faragonda and Griselda walked into the room.

"Ladies, gentlemen, so good to see you all. Now let's cut to the reason you are all here for. Those monsters are creatures known as Shadow Ghouls from the Dark Dimension. Those creatures in particular appear to be capable of absorbing any and almost all magic attacks. Though we still know next to nothing about them. As of now we have suspicions that they didn'tescape their dimension on their own."

Bloom took a step forward.

"So what you're saying is that someone set them free? So there's another villian on the loose who wants to attack Alfea?"

"Yes indeed Bloom. Maybe even Red Fountain, Cloud Tower, and Pixie Village. Which is why we need the Winx and Specialist to team up once again and put a stop to whatever this coming threat may be."

The Winx girls, minus Luna, took a step forward.

"Don't you worry Mrs. F, we'll beat those creatures and send them back to wherever they came from. Just like the Trix, Lord Darkar, and Valtor."

"I appreciate the enthusiasm Stella, but as of now there is only one person among us who is capable of beating them. As I said yesterday their only known weakness is Ice magic. That is where Luna comes in."

All eyes turned to Luna, who gave a shy wave.

"We'll need Lunas magic in order to beat these things. But she can't do it alone, we'll have to find a way to beat these monsters which is why we're here. We will be running a simulation to see how you will react to fighting these monsters again."

The Winx, Specialist, and Pixies all nodded. The Winx and Specialist entered the simulator room while Mrs. Faragonda, Griselda, and the Pixies all stood in the tec room. Griselda grabbed the speaker.

"All right children, we shall begin the simulation."

The room began to morph as everything vanished, leaving them in a forest. They all looked around curiously. Bloom suddenly turned serious.

"Winx, transform!"

The girls and guys looked around cautiously. Bloom turned and faced the group.

"I think we should split up, we don't know how many Ghouls are in this simulation so we should pair off and get a feel of it. One Winx and one Specialist."

Each girl immediately went to their boyfriend. Luna looked around until her eyes landed on Alister. She smiled at him and walked over to stand near him.

"If you spot a Ghoul signal the others for help. Let's do this team!"

With that they all went off into separate directions with their partners. Luna looked at Alister and smiled. The two began walking through the forest. After about five minutes of silence, Luna got sick of it.

"So Alister, you're a prince?"

"Yup, from Excalibur. You're the Princess of Crystalia right?"


"I thought there were two?"

"There are, my big sister is just... preoccupied."

Alister, sensing how uncomfortable it made her he decided to drop it. Just then they heard a rustling from a nearby bush. Both immediately turn their attention and readied their magic/weapons to fight. Then, one of the Shadow Ghouls jumped out from behind the bush and growled at them. Luna took a step back but then glared down at the beast.

"Ice Star!"

She yelled and shot her attack at the monster. The monster quickly dodge and shot out purple gel towards the two. Alister grabbed Luna by the hand and pulled her away.

"Keep him distracted for me, I have an idea."

The redhead said as he quickly began drawing special circles in the ground. Luna simply nodded as she fired more attacks at the beast. Soon enough it became a bit difficult for her to maintain this constant use of her magic.

"Are you almost done?"

She asked in an almost desperate tone.

"Almost there.... done! Get behind me quick!"

When Luna move to stand behind him it was then that she realized that the two of them were standing in the magic circle he drew.

"What are you doing?"

"You'll see."

The beast then jump at them, but it screeched in pain. Luna looked down to see that it couldn't cross the circle lines, then realization struck her.

"You made an Ice binding circle.

"Yep, it can't touch us as long as we're standing in here and since ice is the only thing that could hurt him he's done for."

The two watched as it slowly disintegrated into nothing they stepped out of the circle and smiled at one another.

"Great teamwork."


"You know, it must take a great wizard to pull that off."

Alister simply shrugged his shoulders and smiled. He tilted his head to the side and carefully reached out a hand. He gently tucked a stray strand of Lunas hair behind her ear. A slight blush dusted her cheeks.

"Come on, let's go find the others."

Luna nodded and began flying towards the direction the monster came from. Alister cast a quick flying spell to chase after her.

The two flew for a few minutes until they heard a scream. They went towards it only to see that the group had met back up and were cornered.

"Hang on you guys!"

Luna and Alister both landed on the ground. There were six more monsters.

"Luna take em' out in one move!"

Luna nodded in understanding.

"Fairy dust!"

Luna raised her fairy dust into the air and threw it out onto the monsters. They all wrenched in pain and disintegrated. The Winx all sighed in relief and the Specialist all smiled. Alister walked over and checked on his friends while Luna did the same to the Winx.

"You girls okay?"

"Just a little banged up but other than that, peachy!"

Flora said, giving Luna a hug. Luna just smiled gently. She gave a sigh and faced the girls.

"This isn't going to work. There's no special technique or spell. We need to figure out a way to give you guys ice powers. It doesn't even need to be permanent, there has to be a way."

The girls all shared a worry glance.

"I can't do this alone, what if an army of them attack Alfea, or Red Fountain, or Pixie Village, or even Cloud Tower? What if they attacked the people in Magix? I'm not able to be on five places at once."

Lunas voice was laced with worry and fear. Bloom smiled and wrapped an arm around Luna.

"Don't worry, if there's a will there's a way."

"Yeah, as long as your with us, you'll be okay!"

"She's right."

"We'll always be there for one another."

"So don't fret Luna, we got your back."

"Yeah, there all right."

Luna smiled and blushed at there kind words. The seven all hugged and laughed. The Specialist smiled from where they stood. The simulation ended and the girls detransformed. As the group walked back inside Luna couldn't help but smile. She had a feeling things were going to get better from here on out. As long as she had her new friends by her side.

Chapter Text

*Eleven days after the simulation*

The girls all walked into their room. They all but collapsed onto the couches a d the floor. Stella let out a heavy sigh.

"Classes are sooo much harder this year."

Musa hummed in agreement.

"And, when you add the training too it's just a lot of work."

Luna, who was squashed in between Flora and Aisha, sat up and gave a sigh.

"We need a break."

All the girls made a sound of agreement. The Pixies flew into the room and landed next to their bonded fairies.

"Sorry girls but we gotta go soon."

Yuki said while snuggling closer to Luna.

"Yeah, Mrs. Faragonda wants us to go and warn Pixie Village of the upcoming threat."

Chatta said quickly and she rested on Flora's head.

"Don't fret girls, we'll return in about three days."

Tune said in her proper tone. Musa smiled and nodded.

"Well to be exact, we'll be gone for 3 days, 8 hours, 43 minutes, and 2.34 seconds. That is if we are off of Alfea grounds in four minutes."

Tecna giggled at Digits calculations. The pixies said their final goodbyes and flew out the window. The winx watched the Pixies fly away until they were out of sight. Once again the girls went back to the living room and fell to the floor.

Bloom was stretched out on the arm chair. Stella and Tecna were leaning against one another on one couch. Flora, Luna, and Aisha were pressed together on the other couch. Finally, Musa was laying on the floor, her feet on the arm chair where Bloom was.

Musa suddenly shot up from her place on the ground.

"Luna, did you say something about a break a minute ago?"

Luna raised an eyebrow and nodded. A smirk came across Musas face.

"Hey girls, you thinking what I'm thinking?"

The girls, minus Luna, all began to smile. Luna looked between all of them, a confused look on her face.

"Am I missing something?"

The girls began to laugh at that. Which only made Luna even more confused. Stella pulled out her phone and dialed a number. It rung for a while before whoever she called picked up.

"Hey babe, are you and the guys busy right now?..... Okay, good. Go tell the boys that the girls and I are gonna be in the Magix mall. You guys should come, it'll be fun...... Good, we'll see you there. Oh and bring Alister! Bye!!"

Stella finished her conversation, with who Luna assumed was Brandon, and hung up the phone. She looked over at Luna and smirked.

"We, are going out with our boyfriends!"

"Um, I think you mean you guys are going out with your boyfriends and I'm tagging along."

"Not true!"

Stella had a mischievous smirk on her face. Flora turned and smiled at Luna.

"Don't think we didn't see the way you looked at Alister."

Luna immediately blushed and turned away. All the girls began to laugh at the sight.

"I knew that it was meant to be the moment you both locked eyes."

Luna grumbled under her breath at Stella's teasing. A blush still on her face.

"We're just friends, besides I don't even know him all that well."

"You say that but it doesn't stop you from drooling over him."

"Let's just go get ready!"

The girls all laughed, but stood up and went to get dressed.

♤♡◇♧♤5 minutes later♤♡◇♧♤

The girls were all cleaned up and got on the bus to Magix. They were all in their normal outfits.


Luna was seated next to Flora, Aisha, and Tecna. Bloom, Stella, and Musa were across from them. Tecna pulled out her phone and sent a quick message to Timmy. Who responded almost immediately.

"What did Timmy say Tecna?"

"The guys are by the fountain."

The bus came to a stop and all seven quickly got off. It was a short walk before they reached the fountain. When they got there the girls all immediately went and hugged their boyfriends. Luna gave a smile and glanced over at Alister. She took a deep breath and walked over to the prince. The redhead was in his casual outfit, as were the rest of the boys.


(Alister didn't have his sword on him)

"Hey Alister."

The boy glanced up and smiled at Luna. He pushed off from the wall he was leaning on and stood face to face with Luna. Even though he was a good 5 inches taller than her.

"Hey, how have you been?"

"Good, and you?"


After that the two just stood there staring at one another. Both had stupid smiles on their faces. The moment was interrupted by Stella coughing. The two turned their attention to Stella and the rest of the group. They blushed and looked away as the group all began laughing. Stella pouted and turned away, doing her best to fight back the smile pulling on her lips.

"If you two lovebirds are done, let's go shopping. After that we can go see a movie and maybe go out to eat."

The group all agreed and started walking through the mall. They had only been walking for about five minutes when Musa gave a squeal of excitement. Everyone paused and looked over to the fairy of music. She was staring through a window of a music store. It had all the songs Musa enjoyed for 50% off.

"Sorry guys but I need to go to this sale! Riven let's go!"

"Why me?"

"Because you're my boyfriend and you love me, and this place has the songs you like for half off too."

Riven raised an eyebrow and smirked. He waved bye to the group before taking Musa by the hand and pulling her into the store. The others just gave amused chuckles.

"That's Musa for ya."

Tecna said with a shrug. Before the group could even continue Tecna gave a gasped in shock. She was looking in the window of a tec shop.

"Timmy this place has the newest updates of our phones. These weren't suppose to come out for another week! We have to go check this out!"

"Wait! Before everyone splits up let's make a plan. We should meet back at the fountain in 2 hours."

"Good thinking Nabu. Tecna, Timmy, could you guys tell Musa and Riven the plan?"

The two nodded hurriedly and went into the tec shop. Stella clapped her hands together excitedly. She quickly turned her gaze to Bloom, Brandon, and Sky.

"Bloom, my favorite shop is having an epic sale you have to come with me! Brandon and Sky can come and carry out stuff."

The previously mentioned guys both gasped in shock before sighing in sadness. The fairies of fire and sun grabbed their respective boyfriends and dragged them off. Aisha took Nabu by the arm and dragged him over to a video room where they were showing dancers performing.

Which left Luna, Alister, Flora, and Helia all alone. Luna and Alister still wouldn't look one another in the eye. But both had an obvious blush on their faces. Helia and Flora both looked at one another then nodded.

"Hey Luna, Helia and I are gonna go to a flower shop for a bit. We'll see you two around."

"W-what?! Wait, Flora!"


The couple just smiled and walked away from the two. Luna and Alister both glanced at one another and laughed awkwardly. Luna shifted side to side for a moment. Her gaze still on the ground. She was pulled out of her trance by someone taking her hand. Her head shot up to see Alister gently leading her by the hand.

"W-what are you doing?"

"Taking you somewhere nice, you like diamonds right?"

Luna just slowly nodded. He smiled, and damn it all if his smile didn't just melt Luna's ice heart. A strong blush rose to Luna's face as she looked down once more. The redhead simply chuckled as he continued to lead her. After about five minutes of walking he came to a stop.

Luna looked around him and saw they were at a jewelry store. She looked at Alister, who just smirked. They walked in and immediately saw so many beautiful pieces of jewelry. Earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, ect. Luna looked at him in embarrassment.

"No, you don't have to. Really, don't waste your money on me."

Alister simply smiled and went up to a case. He looked it over for a moment before pointing to one. The lady at the counter nodded and retrieved it. She scanned it and gave it to Alister. The Prince handed her his card which she scanned. The next moment he was standing in front of Luna, a box in hand.

"No please return it. I don't want you to have to buy me things."

"Just take it, consider it a gift. Even though having you here is a gift in itself."

Luna blushed brightly at that. She hesitantly reached up and took the box. She opened it and was immediately breath taken. It was a charm bracelet with a blue snowflake.

Luna looked up at Alister, teary eyed. Said boy just blushed and scratched the back of his head. Luna threw herself at him and wrapped her arms around his waste. She buried her face in his chest. Alister instantly returned it. After a moment they parted and Alister put the bracelet on her right wrist. Luna reached up and cupped his face in her hands.

"Thank you, you are just so sweet."

"I try."

They both laughed and stared into one another eyes. They slowly leaned in, but at the last second Alister slowly pulled away.

'Not here, the place isn't right.'

Alister took Lunas hand and lead her out the shop. He began leading her down another path, which they walked down for a few minutes. Alister soon came to a halt. Luna peeked around him and her breath was taken away once again.

They were standing in front of a beautiful astronomy building. The words, "Beautiful Universe" was written across the front. She looked up at Alister, questions written all over her face. He just smiled and gently lead her inside.

They walked past the entrance. The lady at the front desk just looked up at Alister and smiled. Alister just gave her a wave and headed through the doors. As the two walked down the corador Luna tugged on his arm.

"Who was that?"

"An old friend. She's the manager here so she let's me in for free."

"Ah, I see. So why are we here exactly?"

"You'll see."

He said with a teasing smile. Luna just sighed. They walked into the room and sat down side by side. The lights in the room went out. Then suddenly, they were on again. But it wasn't the lights from before, it was the stars. The stars swirled around the room along with all the planets in the Magix dimension. There were also constellations and shooting stars. Luna stared on in awe. Alister gave a small laugh. He once again. Took her hand and pulled her up to her feet.

"This is the Magix Dimension in real time. This is how all the planets and stars are currently moving. How the stars glide across the sky. How the planets rotate, all the Suns and Moons. The comets and shooting stars. All in perfect harmony."

"I've never seen anything like this... it's so beautiful..."

Alister looked down at Luna. The star struck look on her face as the stars and planets revolved around her. A soft smile graced his face.

"Yeah, it sure is..."

"I bet nothing could top this."

"One thing come to mind..."

Luna then turned her head so the two were gazing directly into each other's eyes. They both gave small laughs, turned, sat down, and continued watching the show. Nearly 2 hours later of literally watching the magic dimension it was time to go. Alister pulled out his watch, checked the time, and tapped on Luna's shoulder. When she turned he gestured to the door.

They both stood up and it was then that the realized they were holding hands the entire time. So as they stood hand in hand, with the stars and the planets revolving around them, something clicked. Slowly without either of them realizing it, they were once again drifting closer and closer together until their lips were only inches apart. It was then that reality stuck Luna and a blush crossed her face. She turned her head to the side and gave a small laugh. She looked back at Alister.

"It's getting late, I think it's about time we meet up with the other."

Alister, who was still looking dazed from earlier, just gave a soft sigh and nodded. The two then exited the planetarium.

♤♡◇♧♤At the Fountain♤♡◇♧♤

When Luna and Alister arrived at the Fountain, the others were already there. Stella and Bloom were chatting as Sky and Brandon were surrounded by shopping bags. Tecna and Timmy were testing out their new phones. Musa had her headphones on and Riven was tuning a guitar he bought. Aisha had a box of what Luna could only assume was new dance sneakers. While Flora and Helia were both just wearing flower crowns.

Stella looked up from her conversation and smiled.

"Well, now that we're all finally here, let's go see a movie! I'm thinking romance."

"What no way! Let's see an action movie!"

"I agree with Stella, I want to see something romantic."

"No offense Bloom, but those movies are always boring."

The groups were quickly divided. The guys wanting to see a action movie, and the girls wanting to see a romance. Even Aisha and Tecna. The only ones who didn't decide were Luna and Alister. Everyone turned their attention to them.

Luna smiled and looked down shyly. Alister gave a small cough and scratched the back of his head.

"Well, how about a compromise. A good action film, with some romance."

"Yeah, I agree with Luna."

The guys grumbled for a moment before agreeing. The girls also reluctantly agreed.

"Oh! I know the perfect move, come on!"

Within minutes the group was inside the movie theater watching Love and Pain.
(Just made that up)

♤♡◇♧1hr & 40min later♤♡◇♧

The group walked out the movie smiling. Riven and Brandon talking the loudest.

"When that car exploded on the bridge, I for sure thought they were dead."

"Yeah, and the fire around the house it's a shock they escaped."

Sky turned and smiled at Luna.

"Good movie selection."


Suddenly, a loud stomach grumble was heard. Everyone turned to Stella in shock. The blond blushed.

"What can I say, a girls gotta eat."

"On that note, let's get some food, I can look up a good restaurant."

"Nice thinking Tecna."

As they walked to the restaurant, Flora and Musa came up to Luna and nudged her.

"Cute bracelet Lun, I wonder who got it for you?"

Musa said in a teasing tone.

"Yea, whoever got it must reallly like you."

Flora giggled as she spoke. Luna frowned and blushed brigtly. The two simply laughed at her reaction. About 20 minutes later the group was siting down at a restaurant looking through the menu. Stella, Luna, and Aisha all drooled slightly at the options. The group laughed at their reactions.

The waiter arrived and took their orders, he came back a minute later with their drinks and appetizers. Luna sipped her shirley temple and sighed. Flora seemed to notice.

"Hey Luna what's up you look sad."

Luna glanced up and gave another sigh.

"I'm just thinking about these shadow ghouls. I still really want to know where they truly came from and who sent them."

"Don't we all."

Bloom grumbled, frustrated at the situation.

"It just dosen't add up. Creatures appear out of nowhere. There's very little knowledge on them, and we don't know why there attacking."

Tecna laid her head on her hand as she scrolled through the web of magically creatures. Nabu look up and shrugged.

"Well we know they're vulnerable to ice and snow. But it's not like there's a book of creatures vulnerable to just ice."

Everyone gave a defeated or annoyed sigh. Then suddenly, Luna stood with a jolt. Nearly flipping the table over in the process. Everyone looked at her in surprise.

"I got it! You're wrong Nabu, there is a book with creatures vulnerable to ice magic! This specific book hold all the creatures in the magic dimension that are weakened even in the slightest by ice magic! Mrs.Faragonda dosen't even know about this book. It's as old as time. Even older than the ansestrial witches!"

Musa stood up and smiled.

"Well don't leave us in suspense! Where is it?"

Everyone leaned closer to Luna. All wanting to know. Luna smiled confidently at the group.

"Ladies and Gentlemen prepare yourselves. We're going on a one way trip to Crystalia!"

**Somewhere in the shadows

A live video feed was playing of where the Winx and Specialist were. Three girls watched and growled.

"We escape that stupid forever peacefully place to get some revenge. But we get stopped by some dumb princess!?"

"If it was up to me we'd blow those fairies to bits right now."

"Patients sisters. Remember, we're not the ones pulling the strings here. Its him."

The three female figures turned to look at the man sitting on a throne. His long black trench coat reaching to the floor. His long black hair laying on his shoulders. He had an eye patch over his right eye. His left eye was gold and held a subtle darkness to it. His eye watched the video. Specifically the bluenette and the redhead. But especially the bluenette.

"Ladies, I advise you to pack warm. We're going to Crystalia."

Chapter Text

***Three days later***

The girls were in their dorm. They had just recieved permission from Mrs. Faragonda to go to Crystalia. The specialist were going to be arriving soon.

"Luna I'm so excited to go to your home world. I hear it has some beautiful ice flowers."

"Thanks Flora. If you want you can check out our family's garden. I'll even show you."

Flora smiled brightly and nodded. Tecna checked a message she got from Timmy.

"Timmy said that they're 5 minutes out."

Bloom nodded, she took a glance around the room before looking back at the girls.

"Ladies, let's go!"


The girls quickly looked back to see Stella. She had just emerged from her room and was out of breath.

"We can't go to an Ice planet without the proper attire."

The girls all looked at Stella curiously. The blonde smiled before waving her hands.

"Ladies, allow me to show you these designs I made just for this occasion "

A bright light covered the girls, and when it died down they were all in beautiful winter outfits.

The girls all stared in awe. They looked at Stella and began complementing her.

"Stella, you've out done yourself again."

Stella flipped her hair and smirked.

"It's what I do. And don't worry, I used a special spell so we'll stay warm and look cute."

The girls walk out the school and to the courtyard. The boys were already outside, their ship ready to go. The guys looked at the girls and smiled. They came up to their girlfriends and gave them a hug. Luna came up and smiled at Alister. He smiled back and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"You look really nice."

"Thank Stella, it's her design."

"She made it, but you're the one rocking it."

Luna giggled at the sweet comment.

"Come on, let's go. My home awaits!"

The group quickly made their way onto the ship. Timmy sat at the wheel with Riven, Helia, Brandon, and Sky at the other control panels. Everyone else just took a normal seat.

Luna sat towards the back and looked around the ship. It was very high tec. She felt the bench dip and looked to see Alister had taken a seat next to her. She looked away as a small blush crept up her face.

"Setting coordinates to Crystalia."

Timmy pressed a few buttons and soon they were off.

♤♡◇♧♤25 minutes later♤♡◇♧♤

The group was talking when Sky asked a question.

"Luna on average what's the daily temperature on your planet."

"In average, about -5° Fahrenheit."


"Yeah, but on the really cold days it can be about -18°, the coldest it's ever been was -36°. But that was like 11 years ago. It's never been even close to that since. The warmest it's ever been was 48° Fahrenheit. If I were you I wouldn't get my hope's up."

Luna gave a small laugh at their reactions.

"Do you have any pets?"

"Yes actually. Two white wolves, a white dove, snow leopard, a white and blue feathered hawk, oh and a crystal dragon."

"What?! No way!"

"Yes way! Is that weird or something?"

Everyone just laughed nervously. Alister just smiled.

"Not weird in the slightest. I have a flame lion."

Luna smiled at him.

"Wait I'm lost, what's a Crystal Dragon?"

Bloom said as she leaned in closer, the interest clear on her face.

"Well, it's a white dragon with crystalized scales. Their eyes are a brilliant blue. They even breath blue fire. My family's dragon is named LuLu. My brother and I named her when we were five."

"Do they only live on Crystalia?"

"Nope, they live all across the magic dimension."

"Guys we are touching down now."

Timmy said as he slowly brought the ship down into the planets atmosphere. Luna stood up and walked to where Timmy was. She leaned against the side of the chair and placed her right hand on the control panel.

"You can bring the ship down right over there. They know we're coming."

Timmy nodded and followed her directions. He gently steered the ship to where she pointed. The boys began hitting a few buttons as they slowly lowered the ship. The ship landed on the ground with a soft thud. Everyone stood up and went to the exit. Luna stopped them before they did.

"Are you boys sure you'll be okay in those?"

"Don't you girls worry, these suits were specially modified so we won't freeze."

Brandon said confidently. Luna just shrugged. Helia pressed a button and the door opened. The cold air and light snow immediately hit everyone, but due to the outfits they barely felt it. They walked off and were immediately met with the royal guards. They saluted when they saw Luna.

"Princess Luna, we are pleased to see you have returned safely. The King and Queen have left the planet to handle royal business. They will return later tonight. For now allow us to escort you and your guest to the castle."

Luna smiled and simply nodded. The group followed the guards to the castle. They marveled at the size and beauty.

"Luna, your home is beautiful."

Alister said softly. Luna just blushed. Once they were inside, Luna dismissed the guards. She turned to her friends and smiled.

"Alright guys. We should probably start in the archive. Follow me."

Luna turned and was about to lead the way. When the sound of wheels against the ground caught her attention. She gave a small groan. The others all looked around curiously.

"What is that?"

Aisha asked.

"That would be the sound of my little brother."

The next second, a little boy with blue hair and mixed match eyes came up to them on a pair of roller skates.



Frost jumped up and landed in Lunas arms. He hugged her tightly, which she returned. The two separated and laughed.

"I heard that you were coming back. Any specific reason?"

"Yes actually. We need to get a book from the archive."


Luna stepped aside, and it was then that Frost noticed the other people.

"Frost, meet The Specialist and The-"

"The Winx."

Frost cut off quietly. Luna just smiled. Stella lit up and smiled.

"Ah, a fan I see. Would you like an autograph?"

Frost just pressed his lips together. He slowly skated back to Luna. He slipped behind her. He gripped onto the back of her shirt. He peeked out slightly and shook his head. The blush was noticeable. The Winx all giggled at his reaction.

"Luna, he's so adorable."

Musa said sweetly. Frost muttered his thanks quietly. Musa went over and grabbed his hand. She ruffled his hair and pulled him in for a hug. Frost blushed and returned the hug gently. Musa laughed at this and picked the boy up. She had him resting comfortably on her hip. Frost slowly twirled part of Musa's hair as he held onto her. The girls all awed at the scene while the guys laughed.

Nabu elbowed Riven softly.

"It looks like you have some competition my friend."

Riven just scoffed and rolled his eyes. This cause the guys to laugh even more.

"Come on, the archive is this way."

Luna lead the group through the halls of the castle for a few minutes. Eventually they came to two large crystal doors. Luna grabbed the handle and pulled it open. The group walked in and was immediately wowed. There were shelves upon shelves of books, there had to be at least 50 shelves piled high. The room was so large you could get lost. There were stacks on the floor and tables.

"Wow, where do we start?"

Aisha asked. Luna pondered this for a moment she was about to answer, but the sound of books falling caught their attention. They turned to see a boy. There were books all scattered and there was one resting on his head. The young man sighed and removed the book from his head.

"Stupid books. Always falling."

He continued to grumble for a few more moments. He soon noticed that he had an audience. He gave and awkward laugh and shuffled away from the books.

"Um, hi."

"That my friends, is my twin brother Jack. Jack these are the Winx and Specialist."

Jack gave a shy laugh. He waved slightly. He stepped out of the pile of books and walked over. He pulled Luna in for a hug.

"Hey sis welcome home. So is this the crowd you're running with?"

"Yup. Oh Jack, we need some help."

"With what?"

As Luna explained the situation, Frost shifted in Musa's hold. He glanced over at Flora. Said girl caught his gaze and smiled. Frost blushed again and reached over to her. Musa giggled and passed Frost over to Flora. Flora gently held him and placed him on her hip. Like before he began playing with Flora's hair. Helia noticed and smiled. He walked over and ruffled his hair. The boy smiled and gently held Helia's hand, all the while still holding on to Flora. The couple smiled at Frost.

"-and that's why we need your help."

Luna said, finishing her conversation. Jack nodded in understanding. He walked over to a container that had scrolls and maps. He looked through them and eventually pulled out one. He walked over to a table and opened it. The group walked over and looked.

"The book we're looking for is the Magic Dimension Book of Creatures. That should tell us what we need. Start searching the M section. Its down there."

"Alright girls. Let's split up and search."

The Winx all separated and started searching the very large M section. Flora passed Forst to Helia. She winked at her boyfriend and walked away. Helia gave a content sigh. Frost looked up at Helia and smiled. He returned it.

"Hey, do you guys wanna go see our pets?"

The Specialist all shared a glance before nodding.

"You'll love them! We have a Dragon, and a two wolves, and a dove, and a leopard, and a hawk! I'll take you to the dragon stable. The others usually all hang out there."

Frost started to squirm in Helia's arms. Once he was let down he started to skate to the door.

"Frost! Take off you roller skates before going in the snow. You'll get stuck again!"

Jack scolded.

"But they're alllll the way upstairs."

"I got you little dude."

Alister said as he put his hands together. A small magic circle appeared. He cast a quick spell and before they knew it, Frost was wearing his sneakers. The boy squealed in delight. He thanked Alister. He walked over to the redhead and took his hand. Frost then proceeded to drag him out of the room while telling the others to follow.

Once Frost and the Specialist were gone, Jack went over to help the girls. They spent about ten minutes searching the shelves until Tecna came across a book.

"Hey everyone, over here!"

The group all hurried over to Tecna. Said girl passed the book over to Jack, who read the cover aloud.

" 'Magic Dimension Book of Creatures'. Let's see what the glossary says."

He flipped to the next page and began searching the rows until he came across a particular section.

"Creatures with ice weakness, pages 338-425."

"That's a lot of pages."

Stella groaned slightly.

"It shouldn't be too hard, just tell me a description of these creatures."

"Large black inky beast. Around 6'6. Four legs, three claws on each paw. Its eyes are a deep red."

Jack began looked thought the book to find creatures to this description. He was muttering under his breath until he found the page.

"Ha! Here it is. Their species is Shadow Ghouls, but they have three different types. No wonder you guys couldn't find any information on them. They've been extinct for over 10,000 years. The first type is weak to ice attacks. The second type is weak to convergence magic. The third is weak to heat. All three are capable of absorbing almost all types of magic but the one they're weak to."

Bloom blinked in confusion.

"So not only are there more than one type of Ghouls, you're saying someone brought these guys back to life? How?"

"I have no idea. I've never heard of a spell that could bring back creatures that have been dead for over a century."

Aisha tilted her head to the side. She pointed to a picture on the next page.

"What is that?"

They all leaned in closer.

"This says that special items can be used to defeat the creatures for good. Iceix Charms."

They girls all looked at one another in confusion.

"What are Iceix charms?"

"Well Aisha, according to this they are charms that fairies are capable of achieving. They must first find the three Iceix guardians. Each one can give a fairy the ability to defeat  the Shadow Ghouls. But finding these guardians are difficult. No one's seen them in over a two thousand years."

The Winx were all silent as the information sunk in. Stella took a deep breath and looked at everyone.

"Come one ladies, we've bounced back from worse. Just because they haven't been spotted in a thousand years doesn't mean there dead. They have to be out there, and once we find them, badies beware."

All the girls brightened up at this. Even Jack had a small smile on his face. The Winx looked at Jack, determination written across their faces.

"Where can we start?"

♤♡◇♧♤With The Boys♤♡◇♧♤

Frost and the Specialist walked out the archive. Frost was going on and on about how cool their pets were.

"Lulu, our dragon, just gets cooler by the day, always showing new tricks. Sun and Moon, the wolves, are always putting on a show. Miracle, the dove, sings the best songs. Our leopard is named Claw, you'll see why later. Finally our Hawk is named Talon."

Frost came to the front door. He pulled it open and stepped outside. The guys followed, and Sky closed it behind them. Frost lead them to a side building a little ways from the castle.

"Soooo, any of you guys royals?"

"Well I'm Alister, prince of Excalibur. He's Sky, prince of Eraklyon. That's Brandon, Riven, Helia, Timmy, and Nabu. That's all of us."

"Cool. Hey, we're here!"

Frost ran up to the large shed and pulled the door opened. Immediately Sun and Moon came running out and tackled Helia and Timmy. Miracle flew out and landed on Nabu's shoulder. Claw slowly stalked out and circled Riven, before rubbing up against his leg. Talon let out a cry and flew around for a moment, before landing on Frost's shoulder. Frost giggled and scratched his head. Finally, Lulu slowly made her way out the large shed. The 45 foot dragon ducked as she climbed out. She let out a roar before sitting on the ground. Sky, Alister, and Brandon all walked up to her and ran their hands along her scales.

"These guys are insane."

Helia said with a laugh as Moon continued to lick at his face. The young wolf wouldn't back down. Timmy also laughed as Sun rubbed against him.

"Moon has always been the crazy twin. He has no chill. His sister Sun on the other hand, is calm mostly."

Riven smirked as the leopard purred slightly. Riven rubbed the large cat's head. Nabu looked over and laughed while Riven just rolled his eyes. Frost simply smiled at everyone.

Talon suddenly looked up sharply and started to screech in alarm. The other pets soon started to panic too. Lulu looked up and growled fiercely. She stood up and glared into the sky. The boys all looked around in confusion.

"What's happening?"

Riven asked.

"I-I don't know. They've never acted like this before."

The sky turned dark and lightning began flashing.

"T-this isn't possible. There hasn't been a thunderstorm on Crystalia in over 2,000 years!"

"This isn't any ordinary thunderstorm."

Brandon said through gritted teeth. The others soon also recognized it. Alister and Frost were left confused.

"Wait, Helia what is this."

"Nothing good Alister."

Suddenly, evil laughter was heard. The pets were all on guard as they barked, screeched, and roared. A spell was shot out and trapped the wolves and dove in one bubble. Another trapped the leopard, hawk, and dragon. Frost turned in fear and shock.


He started running to them when he got blown back. He slid across the snowy ground before stopping at Sky's feet. The blond helped him up sit up as the smoke cleared. All the Specialist pulled out their weapons and glared. There, in the clearing, stood the Trix. Darcy, Stormy, and Icy.

"Well, well, well look what we have here? The same stupid pretty boys."

"But wait Darcy, there's a new one?"

"Stromy's right. Sisters, we have a new toy to break. Along with a small one."

The three witches laughed as the boys prepared to attack.

♤♡◇♧♤With The Girls♤♡◇♧♤

The girls all looked up in shock at the sound of lightning. Luna looked worried.

"Theres hasn't been a lightning storm on Crystalia for over 2,000 years."

"I'll go check on Frost and the guys, you girls be careful."

"Okay, watch out Jack!"

Her twin just nodded and headed out the door. Tecna grabbed the book and cast a shrinking spell and shoved it in her back pocket, just in case. The next thing they knew, the wall was blown down and the girls were launched back. They sat up and saw only one Ghoul standing there. Only this one wasn't like the Shadow Ghouls. It appeared to be immune to the cold.

"This one must be immune to the cold. Which means it's weakness is either fire or convergence attacks!"

Flora shouted over the raging storm. Bloom and Luna stood first and glared. The others all stood around them.

"How dare this beast have the audacity to even think of stepping foot on my planet!"

"Don't worry Luna, we'll make it pay. Winx, Enchantix!"