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When You Find Family Hold On Tight

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“Why are you being so mean? You’re making him cry, Kacchan. If you keep on hurting him, uh, I’ll uh… I’ll stop you myself.”

“Kacchan.” A stern voice spoke up.

The two boys gasped.

Shouta walked over from where he had been sat across the park.

“Shouza!” Izuku’s trembling tone cried.

He turned in the direction Izuku had spoken from. “Hey kid? You okay?”

“I’m fine.”

The boy Izuku had defended answered before he sprinted off.

“Zuku, you good?”


“We’re going home. And Kacchan…”

“Yeah, yeah, I know I’m a piece of shit.” The young boy muttered.

Shouta’s eyes widened.

“Where did you hear that?”

“Where do you think?”

The twenty-year-old knelt down in front of the boy and reached out, taking his hands gently in his own.

“What you did was wrong and you need to really think about how you treat others, but you’re not… that, okay? You’re a good kid just, relax a little bud.”

“Sorry Shouza.” Kacchan apologised sincerely.

“Good boy. Now come on, if we hurry up the ice cream shop might still be open on the way back.”

The two boys gasped in excitement as Izuku grabbed his hand and Kacchan took the elbow of the arm holding the cane before they practically pulled him out the park.

They had barely crossed the threshold before Inko’s soft voice carried through the kitchen.

“Welcome back, dears. Dinner’s ready so go wash up.”

“Hey.” He spoke quietly, crouching down to the two boys’ height. “We keep the ice cream between us okay?”

They both giggled.

“Okay, Shouza.”

Shouta smiled.

“Good, now run upstairs and get ready.”

Hurried footsteps rushed off as he collapsed the cane and replaced it on the sidetable in the hallway. Heading through into the kitchen he inhaled the scent of whatever Inko had been cooking with an audible sign of approval.

“Smell good?”


“Did they behave?”

“Are they still Izuku and Kacchan?” He smirked.

“I just don’t want them getting into trouble.” Inko’s typical worried tone followed.

“They’re five, that’s what they do.” Shouta walked over to the sink and washed his hands. “Tea towel?”

“Here, sweetie.” Inko handed him it.

“Thank you. This thing moves more than anything in this house.”

“You’re also going to trip over the cat if you step backwards so be careful.”

Oreo made her presence known as she rubbed against his leg.

Shouta smiled as he leant down to stroke her.

“Aww hello, you missed me?”

She meowed.

“Good girl.”

Kacchan and Izuku came barrelling into the kitchen.

Shouta sniffed before reaching for the glass of wine Inko had left on the bench.

Inko tapped him on the hand before handing him his own drink.

“Auntie Inko?”

“Yes dear?”

“I saw Shouza sneaking out last night.”

The twenty-year-old almost choked on his drink as he turned to Kacchan.

“You little snitch!”

“Shouta… we talked about this.”

“I’m twenty and I have my hero licence, it’s just a routine patrol, that’s all. I promise you I get up to nothing exciting at all.”

“What about Hizashi, can’t he go with you?”

“Zashi has three jobs already, and I don’t need a chaperone, I can take care of myself.” Shouta took a seat at the table. “Maybe you’d like to tell Inko what you and Zuku got up to today in the park, Kacchan, if you’re so open to sharing all of a sudden.”

Kacchan’s mouth clammed shut.

“Yeah, I thought so…”

“Shouza! Shouza!”

The door of his room was thrown open as Izuku burst in.

“Oof.” The air from his lungs left in one sharp exhale as Izuku jumped onto his chest. “Careful.”

“Sorry.” The young boy giggled. “I drew something.”

“You drew something, wow! Well you have to tell me what it is, remember?”

“Oh… right…” The small child shuffled nervously.

Shouta picked him up before sitting upright, positioning his younger brother on his lap.

“So, what is it?” He asked tone soft and purposely interested.

“I drew you and All Might and Hizashi and Mommy.”

“Really?!” Shouta beamed. “Well why don’t we show Hizashi?”

“Yes!” Izuku exclaimed.

“Video call Zashi.” He instructed before the dialling tone came a few seconds later.

“Shouta!” His overly loud boyfriend answered.

“Hizashi!” Izuku grabbed at the phone, pulling it closer to get a better look which Shouta allowed.

“You can hold it if you’re careful, okay? Don’t drop it.”


He handed the phone to his younger brother.

“So, what’s up little listener?”

“I have something to show you.”

“Really?! Then let’s see.”

Shouta smiled.

“Is that me? Awww Izuku I’m blushing, you really got my good side. Is that Shou all grumpy beside me?”

“Yeah!” Izuku confirmed before bursting out in a fit of cheeky giggles.

“Grumpy ehh? Hey Zashi, do you think that means he deserves tickles?”

“I think it does, Shou.”

“No!” Izuku screeched, grinning.

“Oh I think it does.” He stated before beginning to tickle his little brother who squealed and squirmed on his lap.

“Stop, Shouza!” Izuku hands lightly batted against his chest.

Shouta pulled him into a big hug.

“I’ll talk to you later, Zashi.”

“Have a good night, Shou.”

He hung up the phone before looking down at his little brother.

“Big day tomorrow, right?”

“Yeah! I find out about my quirk!”

Shouta couldn’t help but feel a little worried; Inko’s quirk wasn’t really much of anything and genetically probably wouldn’t be strong enough to carry over a generation. There was always his piece of shit Dad’s quirk but he almost hoped that Izuku wouldn’t end up with one like that.

“Just… don’t get your hopes up too much, okay?”


Shouta winced.

“Well, sometimes not everyone has a quirk.”

“You think I won’t have a quirk?” Izuku’s tone asked sadly.

“I didn’t say that, I’m just… there’s always a chance.”

“Hurry up Deku, All Might Adventures is on!” Shouted the voice of Kacchan from downstairs.

Izuku gasped before launching himself off Shouta’s lap and rushing out the room.

Shouta smirked.

It felt as if they’d been gone for hours, Shouta having spent the entire time worrying out of his mind sat on the settee in the living room waiting. It was late by time the front door finally opened.

Shouta quickly got to his feet and entered the hallway where he was bumped into by Izuku as he ran straight past him and up the stairs.

His heart sank.

Standing outside Izuku’s bedroom door he listened to the sound of his little brother’s light sobs. He sighed before knocking on the door.


‘He’s saved over a hundred people and it hasn’t even been ten minutes. This is crazy, I can’t believe it.’ The familiar audio from All Might’s debut played quietly. ‘Fear not citizens for hope has arrived; because I am here!’

“See that Shouza; there’s always a smile on his face no matter how bad things get.”

Shouta was near to tears himself at how broken his little brother’s voice was. He walked closer.

“Do you think; I can be a hero too?”

A tear trickled down the twenty-year-old’s cheek as he sniffled. Shouta crouched down to Izuku’s height and took his hands with a reassuring squeeze.

“I think that you can be whatever you want to be.”

“Even All Might?”

“There’s already an All Might, so why don’t you just be the first Izuku Midoriya?” Shouta offered a soft smile.

His little brother was still for a few seconds before he found himself with arms full of a sobbing Izuku as he wrapped himself around him.

Shouta held him tight.

After putting Izuku to bed, Shouta made his way downstairs to the kitchen.

“He can’t be a hero.” Inko spoke up.

He sighed before taking a seat at the table.

“If he wants to be a hero then he won’t stop until he is one.”

“But he doesn’t have a quirk.”

“And? You can be a hero and be quirkless.”

“He’d get himself killed!” Her tone rose.

“It’s not going to stop him. Zuku idolises All Might. Hell he knows more about pro heroes than I do and I’ve worked with a bunch of them. The last thing he’s going to do is admit defeat and give up, you raised him better than that.”

Inko was silent before she burst into tears.

Shouta reached out a hand and placed it on her back comfortingly.

“He’s gonna’ be fine, I’ll look after him, I promise.”

Ten Years Later

“Shouta!” His husband’s voice shouted across the office.


Breaking News – A slime-like villain is loose in the Tatooin Shopping District. Our helicopter is high in the skies to bring you the latest.” The news anchor stated.

Yes, it seems as if the villain has grabbed a child. The heroes have so far been unable to assist in any form of rescue.


Shouta’s eyes widened as he suddenly felt sick to his stomach.


Hizashi took his arm as they sprinted out of the office, racing down the hallway of UA and out to the parking lot.

At the speed Hizashi was driving it took them mere minutes to reach the shopping district. Practically abandoning the car they rushed to the scene.

“Izuku!” He heard Hizashi scream.

“What’s happening?!” Shouta panicked.

“He just ran towards the villain.”

His eyes widened.

“It’s heteromorphic, right?”


That threw his ability to erase it’s quirk out the window.

“Come on.”

The two men sprinted through the blockade, ignoring the shouts of those nearby.

Shouta heard the conversation going on between Izuku and Kacchan and used it to navigate towards them.

“Kacchan, I couldn’t just stand there and watch you die!”

“Get the hell off me!”

Shouta un-wrapped a length of his capture weapon and threw it in the direction of his brothers. As it made contact he carefully lifted Izuku away from the villain and deposited him down beside Zashi.

“Get him out of here!”


Shouta closed the last of the distance between himself and the villain, dodging a swipe sent his way before ducking as his hands found his little brother’s face.

“Kacchan, I’ve got you okay? You’re going to be fine, just hold on for me.”

“Just run, Shoza, please…” The boy’s tone desperate and afraid.

“I’m not leaving you.”

“On your left!” Kacchan shouted.

“You’re mine now, hero!” The villain chuckled before he swung once again towards them.

Shouta quickly placed himself between his younger brother and the attack before it made contact.

“Shouta! Kacchan!” Screamed Hizashi and Izuku.

Seconds later a blur of colour swooped into action.


As All Might’s punch landed Kacchan was thrown clear as the villain exploded into sludgy pieces throughout the alleyway.

Kacchan coughed and wheezed as he was finally able to get his breath back.

Izuku ran over.

“Shouza!” Kacchan crawled to the unconscious form of his brother, shaking him gently. “Shouza!”

Shouta groaned as his eyes flickered open.

“You’re an idiot!” Kacchan growled before helping his older brother to his feet, refusing to release the arm wrapped around his waist even once the two of them were standing.

Shouta smiled as he tightened his own grip of the boy in reassurance.

“Are you hurt?”

“No, my chest is a little sore but I’ll live.” Kacchan seemed to turn and look at something. “Is that All Might?” He paused. “Since when did Deku know All Might?”

That caught Shouta’s curiosity too.

“And why aren’t you at work, asshat?”

“Oh I wonder, Kacchan, maybe it’s because you and Zuku were being attacked by a villain.” He answered.

Kacchan shrugged it off.

“Come on, Mitsuki and Inko have probably seen the news by now, let’s get this over with. Would you mind?” He held out his elbow.


Kacchan took it and began to lead him out of the alleyway.

“Deku, let’s go.”

“Is your head alright?” Zashi’s voice fussed as he approached.

“I’m fine, that thing got lucky.”

Kacchan smirked beside him.

“Izuku, come on!” Zashi shouted.

“Coming!” His little brother’s voice replied. “See you around, All Might.”

“Don’t get into any more trouble.” The hero chuckled.

Footsteps could be heard catching up to them.

“So…” Zuku’s nervous voice began. “Am I in trouble?”

“What do you think?”

“I know it was stupid to run in there but-“

“Zuku, it’s okay, you were trying to help Kacchan. As much as I don’t particularly want you to be rushing into villain fights, you were very brave.” Shouta reassured. “Same goes for you Kacchan, you stayed calm and were able to hold it off long enough for help to arrive; that takes a great amount of strength and courage. You did good too.”

“Thanks, Shouza.” They both answered.

“One thing…” Zashi spoke up. “Where did we leave the car?”

Shouta smirked.

Chapter Text

He needed a job.

Over the years Shouta had become accustom to less than brilliant areas, with most of his group homes falling within them.

He'd grown up vigilant of walking around after dark after numerous kids had come back bruised and beat up, with another even going missing once.

The heroes didn't care about crappy areas of the city like this, and the government didn't care about the people who lived there either.

Mitsuki's flat being here meant something and like hell was he going to be a drain on money they potentially already didn't have. His fostering brought with it a monthly cheque which hopefully would help them. If he could get a job and never make them need to dip into that he'd be good.

And so he walked for hours around town trying every shop, cafe, restaurant, and business in the hope of finding something, but they all had the same answer.

Some at least showed him a little dignity when declining his request of employment. Others were less so, throwing his obvious and immediate flaws back into his face in fits of laughter.

"If I ever need a scrawny fourteen-year-old blind kid I'll let you know."

Fuck them all!

But it didn't solve his problem. He needed to pay his way, maybe then they would let him stay. He needed this. He was the closest he'd ever been to UA since he'd first been placed in the group home and he needed to stay.

There had to be something he could do to make them see how useful he could be to have around.

If they even wanted to keep him.

He wasn't deaf, he'd heard both the Bakugou's and the Midoriya's celebrating their pregnancies. Shouta had been a foster kid long enough to know what happens to you when a family finally gets the chance to have their own flesh and blood kid.

That's why he needed to be valuable, and so far he was coming up short on all fronts.

Free babysitting?

No, they'd never want him near their golden boy actual children, don't be stupid.

Should he just leave now and save himself the pain later of being sat down yet again and told that he's 'an amazing kid but they just don't have the space anymore'?

Shouta scrubbed a hand down his face.


A voice startled him making him drop his cane.

"You're new around here aren't you? Never seen a blind guy before. Maybe we should give you our famous welcome?"

Shit! You've got to be kidding.

Shouta tried to run but without his cane he was truly blind; and before long the thugs caught up to him, dragging him back into an alley and unleashing hell upon him for daring to try and get away.

"Hey kid!" An angered voice floated into his consciousness.

He groaned.

"Get lost before the boss sees you. We don't want any of your shady gang shit happening outside."

Shouta didn't have enough will left to argue as he slowly pushed himself up, using the dumpster he'd clearly been dumped behind to steady himself. The man shoved his cane at him, which was something at least, before he stumbled off.

He obviously didn't look so bad if the guy wasn't even concerned. Did that mean he could just walk through Mitsuki's door and not raise any red flags or did he need to time this right and sneak in?

Thankful that the flats were at least close by he navigated through the streets hearing gasps and mutters from those he passed before he finally arrived.

Extra thankful that the thugs hadn't taken his keys, which would have been another thing he'd have to explain, he buzzed in to the main building before using the lift to their floor.

Even just the short distance from the lift to the flat itself was torturous, his limp becoming more pronounced with every step, much to his own dismay. He slumped against the door as he fumbled the key into the lock and slowly pushed it open.

Voices silenced inside.

Footsteps rushed over accompanied by gasps of horror.


Inko? What was she doing here?

"Oh my god, what happened?"

Hands came to gently rest on his cheeks.

"I want you to tell me who did this because I am going to rip their throats out one by one."

And there was Mitsuki.

"I'm fine." He attempted.

"Shouta you have been missing since yesterday. On top of that you could home covered in blood and beaten half to death, don't you dare try and play this off as something minor."

Wait, missing?! How long had he been unconscious?

"Come sit down."

The two woman supported him to one of the couches.

"We need to get you cleaned up."

"He needs a damn hospital, Inko, look at him!"

"No hospital." He spoke up.

"And why the hell not?"

He remained silent.

"No, no, you can't just say something like that and not give a reason. Why not?"

"Because I'm not worth the money, okay?!" He growled, angered by her persistence. "I mean, why would you bother. No offence but you don't live in the best area, and you have a kid on the way, why the hell would you bother taking me to a hospital when there's a high chance you'll be sending me back soon anyway. Just save yourself the money and effort and send me back now. You wouldn't be the first."

Inko started to cry.

Great job Shouta, you literally just make people miserable.

"Inko, could I have a word with Shouta a minute?"

The other woman walked off towards the kitchen.

Mitsuki took a seat beside him.

A few seconds later he felt a slap on his hand.

"Oww!" He scowled.

"That is for being an idiot." She scorned before taking the same hand and lifting it. Shouta let her place it on her stomach. "Now, can you feel that? Masaru and I went to the doctors for our check up the other day and we found out that this little monster is going to be our little boy."

She paused.

"That little boy is going to be your little brother whether you like it or not so get used to it kid you've got responsibility coming just like the rest of us. I know you're still adapting and that this shit must be awful but I mean it when I say we care about you, and we want to help you. For us to do that though you gotta' let us."

Shouta dropped his gaze as he tried not to get emotional.

"When you didn't come home last night we were beside ourselves. Masaru checked everywhere and couldn't find you. That feeling of absolute terror doesn't come from anything but love. It means you care about that person so much that you're scared to lose them. And I know you've only been with us for less than a year so rightfully so we have no claim on you or anything like that. You're an old foster kid and I know you've been through a lot, but we truly mean it when we say that you're our kid, and fuck you scared us half to death last night, Shouta."

"Mm sorry..." He broke down.

"Come here." Mitsuki wrapped her arms carefully around him. "It's okay. You're back now and you're safe. You're okay. We're all going to be okay."

“Good morning!” Hizashi shouted on his way through the door of the staff room.

Shouta startled awake before he promptly shot daggers at his overly loud husband.

“You are too loud!” Shouta scorned.

“Sue me, I like this time of year.”

“You get way too excited about presenting these stupid exams.”

“And you don’t appreciate my MC abilities enough.” Hizashi replied, wrapping his arm around his husband’s shoulders. “You going to the assessment room this year?”

“There’s no point in me being there, I don’t exactly bring anything to the table.”

“Oh don’t be so gloomy, you of all people know that strength of character is far more important than anything flashy they could do in this exam. Don’t you want to find out more about your potential students before you’re assigned them?”

“Meh, you know me, I like to go in blind.”

Hizashi groaned.

“Your jokes are awful.”

Shouta smirked.

“You never know, you might actually like your class this year. Have you read the student transcripts yet?”

“Haven’t had the chance.”

“Izuku is on there.”

“Woah, wait, what?”

“Yeah, first choice UA, did he not tell you?”

Shouta shook his head.

“There’s something going on with him and I don’t know what. Inko told me she’s barely seen him these last few weeks and he’s coming home more tired than ever.”


“I know; I’m worried.”

“Maybe he’s just training for the practical exam?”

Shouta scrubbed a hand down his face.

“I'm going to have to talk to him about that.”

“You gonna’ try and make him change his mind?”

“I don’t want to… but I’d also rather he didn’t get his hopes up just to be smushed by a giant robot in the first few minutes of the exam.” Shouta paused. “It’s as if he’s been avoiding me recently, I’ve barely seen him. He usually tells me about everything, what happened?”

“Do some sleuthing; see what he’s up to.”

“And I’m supposed to do that how exactly?” He smirked.

“Oh yeah…” Hizashi paused, clearly in thought. “Take me with you and I’ll be your eyes while you use your bat hearing.”

“I don’t have…” Shouta shook his head. “Why am I married to you?”

“That’s completely on you.” Hizashi smirked before quickly kissing his husband on the cheek and racing off.

The day of the entrance exam arrived and with it came a sense of dread.

Having had the time to run over the transcripts Shouta couldn't help but worry.

'Examinee #2234 - Izuku Midoriya'

"Well I've gotta' go hype up some future heroes, I'll see you later." Hizashi pressed a kiss to his cheek before hurrying off.

"See you later."

Maybe going to the assessment room wouldn't be such a bad idea this year.


"Oh, I am so terribly sorry!" Apologised a familiar yet unaqquainted voice as someone bumped into him.

"It's fine, don't worry."

Shouta went to reach for his cane but the pro beat him to it.

"Here, I must apologise for my carelessness."

"Honestly, you're good."

“Are you Aizawa?”

Lost in his own thoughts he suddenly realised he hadn't replied.

“Yes I am. Sorry.”

Shouta was silent for a few seconds as he internally debated whether to mention something.

"All Might, right?"

A small chuckle followed.

"You can call me Toshinori."

He nodded.

“Both my little brothers were big fans of yours growing up, Izuku especially. Well, they still are I suppose. It’s just strange being on the same teaching staff as you now. As you can imagine I’ve seen… well, heard, you a lot over the years from them watching pretty much every rescue and campaign you’ve ever been in. I’ve also had to play All Might vs. the Baddies far too many times for my own sanity. You mean a lot to them.”

“I don’t know about Young Bakugou, but from my talks with Midoriya he speaks highly of you. You’re his hero.”

“No, All Might’s his hero.”

“I was quoting the boy, his own words.”

Shouta smiled.

“If you need help with anything just let me know.”

“I went to this school once too, granted it was a bit longer ago than you and Yamada but I’m sure I can still find my way around; it’ll be a nice challenge.”

“Oh, and by the way; thanks for saving my brothers back in that alley.”

“Give yourself some credit, you and Yamada went charging in there too.”

“Still, thank you.”

"Are you headed to the assessment room; maybe we could walk together?"

Shouta nodded.

"Of course."

"Well look what the cat dragged in." Came the voice of Nemuri as he entered.

"Someone has to do some work around here." He quipped back with a smirk.

"Present Mic is underway with prepping the students for the exam, we should be up and away in no time!" Nezu excitedly explained.

"Oh I do hope no one gets hurt this year." Recovery Girl worried.

So did Shouta.

Chapter Text

Sat in the assessment room, Shouta listened closely as Hizashi described through an earpiece what was happening below him. He had to admit that in times like these, having a radio presenter for a husband came in handy.

“Has Zuku got any points yet?”

“No he’s clearly panicking.” Hizashi relayed. “Oooh big pointless robot time, let’s see how they all do.

Shouta could hear the machine destroying the buildings in the mock city.


His eyes widened, leaning forward in his chair in a second.

The other teachers seemed equally as concerned.

“What’s happening?”

“It’s Miss. Uraraka, her leg seems to be trapped beneath rubble.” Ectoplasm answered.

“Present Mic, be ready to step in.” Nezu communicated.


Suddenly his fellow staff members gasped.


But he got no reply.

“Zashi, what’s happening?”

“It’s Zuku, he’s running towards the robot.”

Shouta’s eyes widened.

“Stop the exam!” He demanded.

“Shouta, chill, he’ll be fine.” Nemuri’s hand came to rest on his arm.

“You don’t understand, he’ll-“


He heard the impact before seconds later the almighty thump as the robot hit the ground.

Silence filled the assessment room.

“Ummm, what the fuck just happened?” Nemuri’s confused tone spoke up.


“Zashi. What happened?”

“Your brother may or may not have just jumped forty-feet into the air and took down a giant robot with one punch.”

“He’s falling!” Vlad stated.

“His arms and legs look broken.”

“Wait what?!”

“Recovery Girl, you better start heading down there, you’re going to be required.”

“Will do.”

“Zashi, is Zuku okay?”

His husband didn’t reply.


A big sigh came across the line.

“He’s okay, that Uraraka girl saved him with her quirk. Well, okay from the fall, the rest of him looks less than okay.”

“I’m coming down there.”

“No can do I’m afraid.” Nezu walked over to him. “You can’t be seen with examinees in case they accuse you of favouritism. You were a student here once; you know how effective Recovery Girl is at what she does. Leave this all to her, your brother will be fine. Now, we have scoring to do, if you would all like to follow me we have some replays to watch.”

Shouta held back, allowing his fellow staff members to pass to the next room before he held his earpiece.

“Zashi, is Zuku okay?”

“He’s fine; Recovery Girl’s healed him up.”

“That’s good.”

And after a few seconds…

“He really did amazing, Shou, you would be proud.”

“Excuse me, Sir?”

Shouta was on his way back to the staff room when he felt a hand gently tug at the material of his jumpsuit.


He turned to face the girl.

“I’m uhh, I’m Ochaco Uraraka. I was in the same exam building as uhh, I don’t know his name but he has really messy green hair and freckles.”

Shouta had to stop himself from smirking.

“Candidate Midoriya.”

“Yeah, uhh, I was wondering. Would it be possible to give him some of the points I earned in the exam? I heard him say something about wanting to just get one point in, which just seems crazy. How could someone who took down that huge villain all by himself not have any points in the end? He would have had a better score if he hadn’t have stopped to help me. He saved me and I have to make it up to him. Please Sir, can’t you just, give him my points?”

Shouta took in what the young girl had said before a smile came to his face. He crouched down a little and gave her a pat on the head.

“That’s very selfless of you. I’m sure Midoriya would be very happy to hear that, but you needn’t worry. It wouldn’t be a hero course if we just graded you all based on flashy quirks and your ability to fight, that’s why we have rescue points for scenarios such as this. You both stepped in to save the other when everyone else was running away, that takes guts which is exactly why you received additional points. I assure you that both candidate Midoriya and yourself will be happy with the scores you receive.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

He nodded.

“No problem.”

“Oh my husband’s a big softie.” Hizashi teased as they climbed in the car.

“That was pretty nice of her though, I’ve never seen anyone do that before.”

“Zuku certainly made a mark in the entrance exam.”

Shouta’s phone began to ring.

‘Inko. Inko. Inko.’ The robotic voice stated.

“Hey.” He answered the call.

“Shouta, it’s Inko and Mitsuki, how did our boys do? Did they get in? Are they alright? How did it go? What were they like? Did they get hurt?”

“You really need to chill.” Shouta heard Mitsuki state in the background.

He smirked.

“You know I can’t tell you.”

“Ohhh, Shouta don’t be such a stiff. Come on…” Mitsuki attempted.

“I can’t. Results go out tomorrow so it’s not like you have to wait long.”

“Boo! Boring!”

Shouta laughed.

“Thanks, Mitsuki.”

“You’re welcome; now hang up on the boring person, Inko.”

“Bye you two.”


Hizashi chuckled beside him.

The next day both Hizashi and Shouta were sat by the phone waiting.

“They’re opening them at Inko’s, yeah?”

Shouta nodded.

“Zuku was pretty upset last night after the exam; he thinks he’s not getting in. I wish I could have said something-“

“And gotten yourself fired? Shou it wasn’t worth it, not when he was gonna’ find out so close after.”

“I know; it still hurt though.”

The phone rang.

‘Midoriya’s. Midoriya’s. Midoriya’s.’

Hizashi grabbed the phone and hit accept.

“Shouza I got in!” Came the very excitable tone of Zuku.

“He already knows, idiot, he graded you!” Kacchan’s voice followed.

“Oh yeah.”

“Congratulations to the pair of you; get into 1-A is a huge achievement.”

“Ohhhh, all three of our boys are heroes.” Inko fawned.

Shouta smiled.

“Did Kacchan really get the highest score in the exam?” Mitsuki asked.

“Yeah, by a mile.”

“Well look at that, you are good for something after all.” She teased.

“Shut up, woman!”

Mitsuki laughed.

“Thanks Shouza.” Izuku spoke up.

“What for; this was all you Zuku.”

“I saw what you said to Uraraka, just… thanks.”

“No problem.” He replied sincerely. “So, I’ll see you in class.”

Hizashi, as he’d expected, had been merciless in his teasing with regards to Shouta being handed Izuku and Kacchan to look after.

At least Inko would be content, he wasn’t sure Kacchan would share the same sentiment though.

Approaching the classroom he already heard the voices of his new student’s from all the way down the hall.

“As the most notable school in Japan for heroes I am astounded that they allow their most exemplary students to be taught by a blind teacher.”

“You wanna’ say that again, four eyes?!” The very familiar voice of Kacchan challenged.

My name is Tenya Iida, and I’m just saying I expected more.”

Ahhh Tensei’s little brother. Oh just wait until he told him.

“I don’t give a crap what you’re saying; shut the fuck up before I throw you out the window…”

Shouta cleared his throat as he rested his hand against the doorframe.

He could hear the sharp inhales of the students inside the classroom.

“Sit down.” He ordered the younger Iida brother.

“Yes, Sir…”

Shouta made his way over to the front.

“Welcome to UA’s hero course, I’m Shouta Aizawa, your teacher.”

The muttering started once again.

“Any questions before we begin?”

He heard movement but no voices.

“You can’t just put your hand up, you know that, right?” Kacchan beat him too it.

Shouta exhaled as he reached into the duffle bag and pulled out a uniform. “Put these on and let’s head outside.”

“Here at UA we’re not tethered to tradition, which means that I get to run my class however I see fit. You’ve been taking standardised tests most of your lives, but you’ve never gotten to use your quirks in physical exams before. The country’s still trying to pretend we’re all created equal by not letting those with the most power excel. It’s not rational. One day the Ministry of Education will learn. Bakugou, you managed to get the most points on the entrance exam, what was your farthest distance thrown with a softball when you were in Junior High?”

“Sixty-seven metres, I think.”

“Try doing it with your quirk.”

The growl which passed his brother's lips told him exactly how much Kacchan put into the throw.

"All of you need to know your maximum capabilities. It's the most rational way of working out your potential as a pro hero."

His thoughts confirmed only a few seconds later when the talking measuring device cheerfully spoke up.

"705.2 metres!"

The students erupted in gasps.

"Woah, seven-hundred-and-five metres; are you kidding me?!" One student vocalised.

"I want a go, that looks like fun?!" Spoke another.

"This is what I'm talking about, using our quirks as much as we want!"

Shouta groaned.

“So this looks fun, huh? You have three years here to become a hero. You think it’s all going to be games and playtime? Idiots. Today you’ll compete in eight physical tests to gauge your potential; whoever comes in last has none and will be expelled immediately.”

The class sounded rightfully horrified.

Welcome to UA

“You can’t send one of us home, I mean, we just got here. Even if it wasn’t the first day, that isn’t fair!”

“Oh and you think natural disasters are? Are power hungry villains or catastrophic accidents that wipe out whole cities; no. The world is full of unfairness. It’s a hero’s job to try and combat that unfairness. If you want to be a pro then you’re going to have to push yourself to the brink. For the next three years UA will throw one terrible hardship after another at you, so go beyond, Plus Ultra style. Show me it’s no mistake that you’re here.”

The rest of the morning was spent recording score data and notes about each student, with Zuku scoring the lowest in each. His younger brother hadn’t exactly been thrilled when he’d cancelled his quirk during the softball throw, making sure to prove a point by proceeding to break his own finger in an act to demonstrate his capability of at least matching the numbers of some of his classmates in the trial.

Shouta was less than impressed but he had to hand it to the kid, at least he was taking this seriously, which was more than could be said for some of the students in his class.

Having shooed them all off to lunch he was soon greeted by Hizashi.

“Must you always terrorise your class on the first day, I mean, they’re scared enough as it is nevermind having to think that there was a chance you were going to expel one of them.”

“I was nice; I didn’t actually expel anyone this year.”

“Shouta…” He groaned. “You’re getting a reputation that I don’t like to hear about. Do you want the kids to all hate you, is that what you’re trying to do?”

“I’m just trying to make them understand that being a hero isn’t a joke. If they don’t realise that then they’re only going to put civilians and themselves in danger, I won’t-.” Shouta took a breath. “You know fine well why I do this. You can encourage them to ‘live their dreams’ all they want but the second they walk into my classroom they’re going to face reality.”

“You’re a dick sometimes, you know that, Shou?” Hizashi scorned before walking off.

“Zashi…” Shouta called after him before exhaling heavily. “Fuck.”

Sat at his desk in the classroom Shouta was busy transcribing his report on 1-A when there was a knock at the door.

“Come in.”

“Hey, Shouza… I mean, Mr.-“

“Shouza is fine when it’s just us.” He offered a smile.


Shouta stopped typing and turned to his brother.

“Something up?”

“Can I finish my student form in here, it’s just, it’s kinda’ loud in the lunch room and I wanna’ do it properly.”


“UA can be a little distracting. Of course you can.”


He went back to typing and after a few minutes he realised something.

“Hey Zuku?”


“If the lights not on you can turn it on you know?”

The chair scraped lightly against the floor as his younger brother stood to go and turn on the light. “Sorry Shouza.”

“And you don’t need to apologise.”


Shouta smirked.

“Oh, I almost forgot!”

He heard rustling before footsteps approached his desk and an item was placed down upon it.

“Mom made you lunch.”

Reaching out he ran his fingers across the furoshiki. Taken aback by the gesture he struggled to find the words he needed.

“Is this…” He paused. “Is this the same one from when I was younger?”

“I’m not sure, what colour-“ Izuku’s line of questioning cut off. “Nevermind. I’ll uhh, I’ll ask Mom.”

Carefully untying the wrap he folded it out before retrieving the two stacked bento boxes parcelled inside, he also found a piece of paper.

“Hey, Zuku, could you do your big brother a favour?” Shouta teased.

“Sure, what is it?”

He held up the note.

“What do this say?”

“Oh, ‘We couldn’t make lunch for the boys without including you. Mitsuki’s is tamagoyaki and mine is rice and tonkatsu. Have a lovely first day back. Love, Inko & Mitsuki. P.S. Hopefully Izuku is still around for him to read this.’”

Shouta smirked with a smile.

“Here, Mom gave me your chopsticks.”

There was a light clink as they were also placed down on the desk.


He took the chopsticks and tucked in.

Good those two could cook.

Chapter Text

An Hour Before First Bell

“Mr. Aizawa, Sir.”


“I can only apologise. My words on the first day were disgraceful. As a friend of Tensei’s I have acted most dishonourably towards you, but even so that would not excuse the shameful comment I made even if you were not. Your capabilities exceed mine tenfold and as an already licenced pro hero to make such an unjust and ableist remark about you was wrong and I understand how harmful such words could be.”

“Apology accepted.”

“Bakugou was correct; he should have thrown me out the window for my behaviour.”

Shouta smirked.

“You wouldn’t be the first Iida brother to jump out.”

“Tensei jumped out the window?”

“We were… wild during our time here, to put it mildly.” He rubbed the back of his neck. “Let’s just say he really wanted to win a bet. You might remember him having a cast on his arm when you were younger.”

Shouta could hear the youngest Iida brother chuckle under his breath.

“Now go on, there are far more useful things you could be doing with your time then being stuck in here talking to me. I’ll see you in homeroom.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

He smiled as the kid left the room going back to his marking.

“You sure you don’t want me helping you train them, maybe they need a little Mic Motivation.” His husband suggested.

Shouta shook his head.

“Yeah we don’t need any of that; it’s just going to be a nice, relaxed, quiet, training session in rescue.”

“You’re really boring.”


“Why did you choose Thirteen?”

“She’s rescue, I thought it might help them understand that you don’t need to have an fighting type quirk to become a pro.”


Shouta smiled.

“Thank you.”

“Be careful, I’ll see you later.”

Hizashi kissed him before leaving the room.

Shouta gathered his files before heading towards his classroom.


“Tomura; please!”

“You need to learn to keep your mouth shut, pet." He grinned. “But don’t worry; we’ll soon beat that right out of you.”

A hand fisted in his hair.

“And I know just where to start.”

“…today you’re going to learn how to use your quirks to save people’s lives. You won’t be using your powers to attack enemies or each other, only to help. After all, that’s what being a hero is all about; ensuring the safety of others.” Thirteen paused before bowing. “That’s all I have to say, thank you so much for listening.”

The students quickly applauded.

“Right, now that that’s over.” Shouta began before he was soon interrupted by a strange noise.

Lightbulbs smashed one by one around the perimeter.

“Eraserhead, it’s a warp gate.” Thirteen informed.


“Stay together and don’t move!”

“Who is that?” Izuku asked.

“Is he wearing a UA uniform?”

Shouta furrowed an eyebrow.

“It’s the League.” Stated Thirteen.

“Did they kidnap a student?”

“Thirteen, do you know the identity of the student?”

“Yes, first year from General Studies; Hitoshi Komatsu.”

Shigaraki smirked.

“I’d be careful how you throw around that concern there.” He abruptly let go of a squirming Hitoshi and shoved him down to his knees on the ground. “This one’s been feeding us information about your precious little school for months.”

Hitoshi’s gaze fell to the ground beneath him.

“And so here we are, all thanks to him.”

Something felt off. Why would a student just up and decide to work with the League? Every kid in General Studies desperately wanted to be a hero, doing something so reckless would be career suicide, they’d never be enrolled in another course again.

“Stay back!” Shouta shouted as he heard the students move forward. “This isn’t a test, they’re real villains.”

He had to keep them away from the kids.

“Thirteen; get them out of here and alert the main campus.”

“Wait, Shouza, what are you going to do? You can’t fight them on your own, even if you can nullify their quirks there’s too many of them, your fighting style isn’t suited for this!” Zuku worried.

He pulled down his goggles.

“You can’t be a pro if you only have one trick.” He attempted to reassure before jumping into battle.

“Midoriya, I know he’s you brother and all but remember we’re just here to see how things are going, okay?”

They’d successfully dealt with the villains set on them around the boat and made their way to shore.

Izuku could barely think beyond what could be happening to Shouza. He needed to know he was okay.

“Yeah, I know. We’ll get out of here the second it seems dangerous.” He lied.

If his brother was in danger there was no way he would ever run away. He would make sure Tsuyu and Mineta had an opening to make a break for the exit and then enter the fight himself.

Peering over the bank of the pool he could see Shouza still in the process of taking out the lackies. He looked exhausted.

The guy who had dragged out the UA student suddenly sprinted towards him and he was counting.

“First it was twenty-three seconds; then it was twenty-four seconds…”

“Final boss.” Shouza readied his capture weapon.

“Then twenty. Then seventeen.”

As soon as they were in striking distance of each of other Shouza delivered a heavy elbow into the stomach of the leader knocking him to the ground.

He beamed.

But it was premature.

The leader took hold of his brother’s shaking elbow.

Shouza’s hair fell back down.

“It was hard to see when you were jumping around but I found your tell, it was your hair.”

Within seconds his elbow was breaking apart.

“When it drops it means you’ve stopped using your quirk. You’re having to blink more often.”

Izuku gasped.

“Don’t push yourself too hard now, you might just fall apart. Wouldn’t that be a shame?”

Shouza groaned in pain before delivering another hit to free himself, but his elbow was useless, his arm flapping by his side. He took out a few more of the lackies who launched themselves at him.

“That annoying quirk of yours isn’t suited to long, drawn out fights in big groups, is it? Don’t you think you’re a little out of your element here, Eraserhead? You’re much better at working stealthily. You’re known for surprise attacks not fighting head-to-head. But despite knowing that you didn’t hesitate to jump into the middle of this fight to put your students at ease.”

That’s because Shouza is a true hero.

“And look at you, you’re still standing. You really are so cool!” The leader smirked. “Oh, and by the way, hero… I’m not the final boss.”

Izuku’s eyes widened in terror as he suddenly noticed the gigantic creature behind his brother.

Shouza seemed to notice at the same time too.

And what followed had his hands clasping over his mouth as he tried not to throw up.


Hitoshi sprinted through the training facility desperately trying to find somewhere to hide. A handful of students had gone through the warp gate but the majority remained.

And he’d just walked straight into their path.

“It’s him!”


Before he could even think ice forged a path across the ground freezing him in place.

“You’re not going anywhere!”

He gasped.

“Why did you rat us out?!” The one with the tail screamed in his face. “Why are you working with them?! What is their plan?!” A sucker punch to his stomach had him fighting for breath as the hit left him winded. “Why did you sell us out you piece of shit?!”

“Leave him alone!”

It was one of the girls.


Another of them walked over.

“Todoroki, unfreeze him.”

“You’ve got to be kidd-“

“Just do it!”

The second he could move Hitoshi made a break for it as he ignored the shouts of the class. He didn’t make it far though before his wrist became wrapped in tape and he was yanked back to the group.

It was then that he gave up, all fight leaving him.

Breathless and bleeding, pained and tortured he began to cry.

His hands moved.

And in that moment Kacchan, who had been silently observing from the back of the crowd, suddenly became interested. His eyes widened.

Hitoshi was signing ‘SORRY’.

He stormed forward.

“What are you doing?!”

Kacchan ignored them as he walked closer to Hitoshi and knelt down in front of him.


Hitoshi’s gaze rose.


The purple-haired boy hiccupped from a sob before shaky hands replied.


Kacchan wanted to know something else though, something that had been bugging him since they’d encountered the kid.


And the signs which followed almost made him throw up.

‘OWN’ before Hitoshi motioned to himself. ‘ME’

Kacchan growled.

“I am going to end those jumped up fuckers!” He screamed.

Hitoshi looked terrified as he stared up at Kacchan with wide eyes.


Hitoshi shook his head.


‘PROTECT’ Kacchan signed determinedly. ‘WE PROTECT YOU’

Hitoshi was less than convinced but still nodded.

He turned to the others.

“Touch him again and you’re dead, got it?!”

After that, All Might had showed up and saved the day.

Well, with a little help from Izuku, and not without severely weakening himself and potentially ruining his time limit for using One for All, but the League had ran.

Hizashi hadn’t let him see Shouza after that. He’d used the reasoning that he needed to get medical help from Recovery Girl but they both knew he was trying to be the grown up in the situation and save him from the sight of his older brother’s life hanging in the balance.

The battle at the USJ was over but a whole new chapter was only just beginning.

“Vital signs are dropping, he needs…”

“Stay with me, Shou...”

“Please, you need to be okay…”

He’d been fading in and out for what felt like weeks but must have been days or hours. People came and left; unrecognisable voices that didn’t make much sense.

Where was he?

And then…

“Inko… Inko, if you don’t calm down you’re going to wake Hizashi and we only just managed to get him to sleep.”

“Don’t tell me to calm down, not when he’s here again. Once was enough, Mitsuki.”


What was the first time?

Why couldn’t he remember?

He should be able to remember something like that, so what was it? When had he gotten hurt?

“And who the fuck are you to tell me that, ehh? You're nothing, you're worthless. Half of Japan didn't even want you looking at your file.”



It was back when he was sixteen. Blind for two years he had come to adapt pretty well. He knew braille… sorta. He could navigate himself with a cane and only fell over things a few times. And the Bakugou's had kept him just like they said they would. Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugou had arrived on the scene too, much to the displeasure of his poor ears. Things had been looking up, that was until Hisashi came home from one of his usual business trips and all hell broke loose.

Shouta had not been snooping on their conversation. No, he hadn’t tiptoed down the stairs to try and hear what Hisashi was saying clearer, and he definitely didn’t purposely forget to bring his cane so that it wouldn’t tap against anything and make a sound.

The problem was though he hadn’t liked what he’d heard.

A thump and Izuku’s crying.

He’d marched in like a tornado seconds later ignoring Inko’s attempts to hold him back. Seething in rage his feet just kept moving as he closed the distance between himself and Hisashi, smelling the stench of his foul aftershave before he socked his hard across the face.

Inko gasped with a sob.

And that was the last clear sound he heard before his ears rang for the rest of the night.

“Hisashi, no! Leave him alone! You’re going to kill him, leave him alone!”


Shouta groaned as he flickered his eyes open.

When did he end up on the floor?

How the fuck did he end up unconscious?

He reached around finding something.


It was then that he found himself wrenched up by the scruff of his shirt and shook by someone breathing heavily in anger.

“Fucking touch me again you little brat and I’ll kill you!”


“Shut up woman!”


“You leave her the fuck alone!” He tried to free himself from the brute’s grasp but was unable. “If you want a punching bag then you’ve got one right here, but you don’t touch Inko or Izuku.”

“And who the fuck are you to tell me that, ehh? You’re nothing. You’re no one, just some second-gen criminal in the making."

"Shut up..." He warned through gritted teeth at the man's comment. 

"Half of Japan didn't even want you looking at your file.”

“Bold words from a guy who hits his own wife and kid!”

“I took you in, fed you, clothed you, and this is how you repay me? I am your elder and you will treat me with respect!”

“Respect is earned.”

Shouta rubbed a hand across his lip to wipe away blood pouring from it.

“And besides, you have no power over me. The Bakugou’s are my foster parents, and Inko is a legal guardian, you’re not shit.”

“You are not a part of this family, I don’t care what rubbish Inko or that woman have been filling your head with. I may not be your legal guardian but this is still my house and if you want to stay under this roof and eat my damn food then you will learn your fucking place!”

“You don’t scare me, Hisashi. You are a sad, pathetic excuse for a man and you don’t even hold a candle to some of the foster placements I’ve been through so do your fucking worst.” He readied his stance for a fight.

“So what, you’ve been at UA for a year and you already think you’re a hero, boy?” Hisashi scoffed.

“I know I used to be weak and that I should have stood up to you sooner, that’s on me, but I am a hero and I’ll never let you touch them again!” Shouta roared.

Hisashi smirked.

“I don’t know much about UA or it’s so called ‘hero course’ but I do know that attacking civilians is a big no no, right? If I called the police and had you arrested for assault do you really think that the top school in the country, which prides itself on its incredible reputation wouldn’t kick you out?”

Shouta froze.

“They’d throw you to the dogs faster than you could beg, boy.”

He was right, they could expel him.

He’d dreamt of going to UA since he was a kid. He’d finally reached that goal and Hisashi had the power to take it all away just like that. If he got arrested then it was game over.

So why didn’t he care?

Shouta cemented his stance.

“Fucking touch them again and I’ll kill you.” He warned.

“Shouta, no!” Inko shouted.

“Quiet!” Hisashi bellowed. “If the boy thinks he’s a man then he can be treated like one; which means…”

In a matter of seconds the older man gripped his neck so tight that he couldn’t breathe before slamming him down against the ground and kicking him over and over again.

Shouta cried out as every hit became stronger, trying to curl up to protect himself against the attack.

“Stop! Stop!” Inko’s terrified tone panicked.

Hisashi ceased and knelt down beside him, taking his chin and raising his head.

“Ohh, did that hurt?”

Shouta spat a mouthful of blood into the man’s face.

“Fuck. You.”

Which only angered him more.

“Grrrrr!” Hisashi roared before he grabbed him by the hair and slammed his face down onto the wooden floor again and again.

Shouta knew he had to hold on. He was the only distraction between Hisashi and Inko, who he could hear whimpering a short distance behind him, and Izuku, who he hoped was still upstairs, the kid having sprinted off after the hit earlier.

But consciousness was becoming harder and harder to hold onto yet again.

His arms shook as he forced himself upright, willing himself to his feet.

“This is getting pathetic.”

“You could break every bone in my body and I’d still find a way to stop you from hurting them. Inko and Zuku are better people than you could ever be and they don’t deserve to be stuck with an abusive asshole like you.” He paused. “Plus, I have some advice.”

Hisashi scoffed.

“Oh yeah, and what is that?”

“You shouldn’t monologue so much. Zashi, you getting this?”

“Shou…” Came an incredibly weak reply.

“How dare you!” Hisashi bellowed, clearly having spotted the phone.

“Police!” Came a shout from outside before they burst into the house.

“You malicious little fuck! Just you wait!”

Shouta offered a smug smile as he heard the older man being dragged away. As soon as he allowed himself to relax even the slightest he stumbled, barely catching himself on the worktop.

“Oh my boy!” Inko rushed over to steady him.

Without a word he pulled her close against his chest in a hug.

“Never do that again.” She stated before bursting out into hysterical sobs seconds later.

He groaned.

A gasp came from close by.


He smiled.

There was only one person he knew who sounded like that.


Hitoshi felt tired.

Tired of life. Tired in general. Both.

The muzzle remained on as he found himself stuck in yet another of his daily routines at the police station which saw him dragged from his cell to the interrogation room, refuse to answer, and then dragged straight back and hooked up to an IV to keep him from giving out.

This wasn’t living.

Not that he knew much about ‘living’. Those few months he’d spent studying at UA had been a beautiful distraction and a means of forgetting about the mental torment and physical abuse he received when he returned back to the base.

But that was over now.

It all was.

UA was never his. It was always going to be temporary; he knew that, but it didn’t hurt any less to know he could never go back.

The door clicked.

The metal table was cold as he lay slumped against the surface; his stare blank and focused on nothing at all.

Footsteps approached as someone took a seat opposite.

They hadn’t removed the muzzle but why would they? The harsh leather continued to cut into the skin on his cheeks.

It was the man who’d attacked the villains. He could see the bandages peeping out from beneath the sleeves of his jumpsuit alongside some heavy bruising.

Hitoshi looked away.

Something else that was his fault. The man would probably get mad and finally have the chance to work out some of his anger on the reason behind his injuries.

“I asked Recovery Girl to perform an express treatment on me. The last week was…” The hero considered his words. “…tough, but I’m here to help you so I really need you to start talking.”

And what good would that do?

The man furrowed an eyebrow.

“Your breathing is off… you’re in pain. Is it the muzzle?” The man’s tone had changed and if Hitoshi was foolish he would have thought the hero sounded concerned.

A tear trickled down his cheek.

The hero slowly reached out and ran his fingers over the muzzle.


The jaw came apart as it separated before the hero unlocked the clasp behind his head and finally pulled the mask free. Only to hear someone curse down the line the man clearly had open with someone behind the glass.

He knew he couldn’t look pretty. A parting gift from the League they’d said. The process had been excruciating, various members having to hold him down as he shook, the pain surpassing a level he’d never thought possible. And then they’d thrown that muzzle on top.

“What is it?” The man asked but the question clearly wasn’t addressed to him.

“His mouth-“

The hero reached up to touch him once again.

He flinched away.

“I’m not going to hurt you; I just want to know if I can help.”

The hero’s cautious fingers found their target before he gently traced along his lips. A sharp inhale followed as he found the stitches.


The door to the interrogation room opened abruptly causing Hitoshi to jump. He watched as the loud hero from the USJ and a small woman entered.

“Oh dear…”

The old woman walked over and gave him a smile.

“Don’t you worry dear; we’re going to get all of this off you.”

Shouta stood outside the interrogation room with Hizashi as they waited for Recovery Girl to finish her treatment. They’d been shooed out by the nurse earlier when Hitoshi had been agitated and hadn’t heard a peep from her since.

Hizashi seemed to notice his husband’s restlessness and wrapped an arm around his waist.

“He’s going to be fine, Shou.”

But concern wasn’t his main emotion.

“They sewed his fucking mouth shut!” He growled through gritted teeth. “And they hid it beneath that fucking muzzle. This whole time he’s been…” Shouta paused. “They never even checked. Not a single police officer tried to help him or thought to take it off.” He shook his head rubbing the back of his neck. “He’s a fucking kid!”

The door clicked.

“I’ve healed the poor dear but he’s going to feel a little drowsy from the treatment. Try not to be too hard on him.”

“You still got your earpiece?” Hizashi asked.

He nodded.

“Then let’s get back to it then.”

Shouta walked back inside the room.

“I think we should just start a fresh. My name is Shouta Aizawa and I’m a pro hero; I’m also a teacher at UA. I’m here because I felt that maybe you’d be more comfortable talking to a faculty member rather than a police officer."

"He keeps looking like he's going to sign something. Try asking him if he wants to answer that way." Hizashi spoke up.

"Do you know sign language?"

"He nodded."

A rumble from Hitoshi’s stomach interrupted them.

Shouta sighed.

“We need to get you some food, kid.”


He furrowed an eyebrow.

“No, but you still need to eat.”

“The kid looks really confused, Shou.” Hizashi informed.

“You can ask me questions too you know.”


“You can decide when you want to control someone, right?”


“So it won’t work on me unless you want it to, which means that you can ask me anything you’d like.”

Hizashi didn't supply him with a translation for a short while before the kid finally continued.


“So I have eyes on the situation. He's the one translating your signs."

"Well that confused him." Hizashi stated.

“I’m blind.”

So the League didn’t have that information prior to the USJ attack? At least his status as a relatively unknown underground hero was still holding up.


The question caught him off-guard.

“Because you’re just a kid and you don’t deserve anything that’s happened.”


“No, you’re not.”


“Don’t… say that.”

Hitoshi silenced.


Shouta furrowed an eyebrow.

“What do you mean?”

No reply.

“Back with the League, were your meals conditional?”


“If you nodded or shook your head I won’t be able to tell, you’ll need to reply either verbally or with signs.”

“Sorry.” The voice was almost inaudible but it was the first time he'd heard the kid speak.

“It’s not a problem, my own class even forget sometimes, don’t worry.” He took a breath. “So were they, conditional I mean?”


“The more you ate.” Shouta completed, sickened by the thought of them starving him.

Hitoshi’s cheeks reddened in embarrassment as it was all laid bare, he was sure the hero would just walk out that door then and there.

But he didn’t.

“Access to food is a human right, you should never have been subjected to such inhumane practices; but I can assure you that you will never have to endure them again.”




“What about them?”


“You’re not a villain, Hitoshi, you’re an abused kid who’s been isolated from the outside world and groomed to believe you have to earn your meals. I promise you, you will never be hungry again.”

Chapter Text

Hizashi couldn’t help but wonder how it had all come to this.

Sat in hard plastic chairs beside the cell bed he tried to distract himself from the sight of the handcuff which dangled from the far too skeletal wrist of the young UA student/prisoner of the League of Villains.

The police were still insisting upon Hitoshi’s confinement, stating involvement with the criminal underground as their reason.

Involvement was the wrong word for it because talking to the young boy for only a few minutes gave you all the information needed regarding his previous situation. He did not have an active role in the League that much was certain, instead he was simply a tool for them to wield.

The scared child who looked like a spooked dear in headlights when anyone approached him clearly wouldn’t hurt a fly, so why the hell were the police so hell bent on keeping him locked up?

As he turned to look at his husband he smiled.

He watched as Shouta traced gentle patterns onto the boy’s arm, the simple motions having done just the trick in calming him down enough to fall asleep.

He knew the conversation they would shortly be having and had no doubt in his mind where his husband’s answer would lie to it.

Cutting to the chase, he spoke up.

“He should stay with us.”

Shouta’s paused before a smile came to his face as he continued.

“Then you should go and ask Tsukauchi for the papers.”

Meanwhile at UA

“I can’t believe it, this is bullshit!” Ojiro complained as he leant back in his chair. “So that traitor gets locked up like he deserves and Mr. Aizawa dumps us with a substitute to look after the bastard along with Mic-sensei?”

“It does seem unlike Mr. Aizawa to miss a class.” Yaoyorozu added.

“Hey, he’s your guys’ brother, what’s going on? You got any details?” Sero shouted across the room.

“We can’t tell you shit, get over it.” Bakugou answered.

“And he’s not a traitor.” Deku defended.

“Oh please tell me how he didn’t throw us and all of UA under the bus because to me it looks like he posed as a student to find out all he could about the school and then brought a bunch of villains to come and kill us.”

“They were here for All Might.”

“And that makes it better? The guy’s scum, he can rot for all I care.”

Bakugou growled.

“You have no fucking idea what you’re talking about so maybe try shutting the fuck up, Ojiro.”

“Oh and you do?”

“Yeah, I do.” He stated.

“Kacchan-” Deku attempted, trying unsuccessfully to stop him from blabbing confidential information.

“You wanna’ know what he signed to me back at the USJ? He said they owned him. Now if you want to be an insensitive piece of shit then go right the fuck ahead but don’t try and pull people on your side, Hitoshi ain’t a villain.”

Deku nodded in agreement.

Four days later Hitoshi was reluctantly released from police custody with a safety measure put in place to secure Hitoshi's agreement towards not using his quirk which the two pros were not overly pleased about but left with no choice in the matter.

Despite numerous days spent trying to convey the point that Hitoshi had simply been a victim of the League as much as every student and faculty member involved in the USJ attack the police just still weren't buying it.

‘Hitoshi Komatsu’, or as he was legally known, Hitoshi Shinsou, could only be described as a ghost. With only a surname and a birth hospital there were no leads regarding a potential mother or father, no relatives to speak of, no home address, school records, or in fact any proof of his very existence for fifteen whole years of his life.

A life spent in the clutches of one of the largest growing threats to Japanese society.

The police were however worried about how the League may respond and were concerned for the kid’s safety in case of any attempted hits which could be made against him, so Hizashi and Aizawa took that as at least something. The decision for the pro heroes Eraserhead and Present Mic to legally be allowed to foster the young boy was seen by the police as both a way to keep an eye on someone they still believed was going to stab them all in the back, and provide a deterrent to the League against any attempts to kidnap Hitoshi Shinsou.

The drive home saw Mitsuki up front with Shouta while Hizashi was in the back with Hitoshi for both moral support and translation.

The purple-haired boy’s gaze hadn’t strayed from the passing scenery out the window of the car since they’d left the hospital.

“You ever been in this part of the city?”

Hitoshi shook his head before signing back in reply.


They rounded the corner to the apartment block.

“Here we are, home sweet home.” Hizashi announced before opening the door. He tried to carry Hitoshi’s backpack for him but the kid quickly grabbed it.

Shouta, having walked ahead, unlocked the front door and held it open.

“So, Mitsuki and Inko did the best they could with the time they had to work on it but your room is all ready for you down the hall. There’s a bathroom next to it and then our room is on the other side of that so if you need us for anything just knock, okay?” Hizashi explained.

Hitoshi looked confused by the whole thing but still nodded regardless.

“I think we did pretty good.” Mitsuki spoke up from the doorway.

“Thanks for helping out by the way, we really appreciate it.” Shouta smiled.

“Hey that’s what we’re here for, now you guys get some rest, you deserve it. Especially you kiddo, just chill out and have some you time. I’ll see you later.”

Mitsuki waved before leaving the house, closing the door behind her.

“Well, you heard the woman, go check out your room. I’ll put something on for dinner.” Hizashi gave the kid a nod before heading off to the kitchen to start preparing.

‘OKAY’ Hitoshi signed before nervously walking to the stated room.

Hizashi sighed.

“Do you think he’s going to be alright?”

“This is, a lot, he just needs some time and some space to figure things out. He’ll talk if he wants to if he knows we’ll listen. For now all we can do is let him get the hang of things.”

Hizashi nodded.

A couple of hours later Hitoshi knew he was in trouble.

The room was confusing and strange. They’d said it was his but the thing was huge. How was this just for one person? Were all rooms this size?

Not that that was what he was in trouble for though. No, he was in trouble because he’d not given them the muzzle the police had sent him away with to use. It lay still in the black backpack the League had sent him to UA with tucked under the bed.

They could have been using it but he’d purposely not told them.

They were going to be so mad when they found out that there was a they could ensure he never used his quirk on them which he hadn’t handed over. He knew they’d been all protective and against the concept at the police station, in front of the police, but that was then and this was their own private home, there was no way they’d feel the same here.


“Hitoshi?” Yamada’s tone called as he knocked on the door. After a few seconds he pushed the door open ever so slightly. “Am I okay to come in?”

Hitoshi nodded.

He walked inside and looked around.

“You can unpack your stuff you know; this is your room now.”

This was it.

Hitoshi choked back a sob.

The voice hero’s expression looked even stranger.

He reached down to the backpack and with shaking hands took out the muzzle. He didn’t dare make eye contact with Yamada as he held it out to him.

A sharp inhale could be heard.

“Why do you still have this?”


Yamada seemed to really be looking hard at the muzzle after he’d replied.

“It’s so worn, you’ve had to wear this a lot haven’t you?”

Hitoshi nodded, hoping the quick responses might please the pro.

“I’m gonna’ raze the League to the fucking ground.” He vaguely heard Yamada mutter under his breath as he shook his head. “This is going in the trash.”

Hitoshi’s eyes blew wide as he frantically attempted to reach for the muzzle, but the pro lifted it out of reach. With shaking hands he began to sign once again.


“No, Hitoshi, you don’t need this.”

But Hitoshi persisted, desperate to explain how wrong the pro hero was.


“You’re not going to hurt people, and you quick certainly isn’t evil. Shouta and I aren’t scared of you, neither are Izuku or Kacchan, we just care about you.”


“Because you’re just a kid, Hitoshi and no kid should have to wear this, it’s abuse.”

He needed to wear the muzzle though otherwise he could make something bad happen to Aizawa or Yamada and he didn’t want that to happen.


The pro hero looked weird before he shook his head as he scrubbed a hand down his face. He held back a pained sob and Hitoshi guessed it was just the light when he thought he saw tears on Yamada’s cheeks.

“Shouta!” He called; fingers still over his eyes which remained closed.

The erasure hero walked quickly into the room.

“I just need a minute, yeah?”

Yamada shoved the muzzle against Aizawa’s chest with a sniffle as he exited the room.

The erasure hero ran his fingers along the object in his hands before a light inhale followed confirming he knew exactly what he was holding.

“You’re not wearing this.”

Hitoshi was both distraught and distressed.

‘NO NEED PLEASE’ He signed before he remembered he couldn’t around Aizawa.

“I just want you to listen, okay? Your quirk just needs some training, but this…” He held up the muzzle. “This is not how. Now I know this is what you are used to but I’m sorry, you’re never wearing this again and that is not something either of us are going to stand here and negotiate. This is going in the garbage when it belongs if I don’t just flat out burn the thing to ashes.”

Hitoshi slumped in defeat.

Aizawa approached his slowly before he dropped a hand into the purple hair of his ward.

“I know you think we’re being unreasonable but I promise you when I say this isn’t a solution to anything. You are not evil; do not ever think that because it is painfully untrue.”

Hitoshi glanced up to the pro hero unsure of how he was supposed to respond.

“You okay, Hitoshi?”

He nodded.

Shouta gave a soft smile.

“Good, then come and get some food.”

Chapter Text

Hitoshi looked confused.


"To wear to school."


"You're not a traitor, Hitoshi."


"Principal Nezu has worked everything out for your return and all that's left is for you to grab your uniform; you start again on Monday."


Hizashi exhaled.

"I know it's going to be, buddy, but I swear after a few weeks no one will even remember. You just gotta' get on with your life as normal."

'NEVER HAD NORMAL' Hitoshi admitted with a degree of embarrassment in his expression.

"And we're here to help with that, don't worry."

Shouta walked into the kitchen.

"Ooh, have you told him the best part yet?" Hizashi asked excitedly.


"Well, because none of the General Studies tutors know JSL you're being moved up."

"Welcome to the hero course, kid." Shouta smiled as he picked up the mug of coffee Hizashi had left on the counter top for him.

Hitoshi's eyes widened.

"It's pending authorisation from the hero governing body so right now you'll be in all classes but you're currently unauthorised to use your quirk both on school grounds and outside of them, and you're not permitted to train, same as you were in General Studies so you can observe training sessions but you'll have to sit them out. Aside from that though kid it's plain sailing."

"I- I'm, on t- the h- he-ro c-ourse?"

Hizashi smiled softly.

"Yeah you are."

"B- but I- I'm..."

"Just a kid, Hitoshi." Aizawa finished for him. "And it's about time you get the chance to truly be one. This is your time to prove people wrong and more importantly prove something to yourself."

Hitoshi looked close to tears.

"We believe in you."

Chapter Text

“Should we really be going ahead with the Sports Festival?” Snipe asked as he stood in front of Principal Nezu’s desk.

"We need to show the public the strength of this school in the face of that which seeks to cause harm. The students need this as much as our image does so yes, the festival will go ahead."

"And what about the League kid, do you really think it's a good idea to broadcast him after what's happened?"

Although Nezu didn't look pleased with the 'League kid' comment he continued.

"I think that's the best thing we can do. If they see him confident and integrated into school society there's less chance they'll try anything with the boy because they'll know he's got protection this time. Plus, I think it's about time Shinsou gets the chance to let his hair down and show us all what he can really do."

"So he starts back here again today; got anything planned?"

"Just a small message to all the students about acceptance.”

To say Hitoshi had anxiety about going back to UA would be an understatement.

Hizashi had let slip that morning that there was going to be a whole school assembly led by Nezu where they would be told to basically not be a dick to him, which in Hitoshi's mind seemed ridiculous, they had every reason to wanna' punch him considering he sold out the whole school.

Problem with doing a speech to everyone is that even if they didn't know they probably did now. People talk, rumours spread and then it's just wall-to-wall glares and snarks from that point on.

Plus his mutism wouldn't even allow him to say anything back so, there was that...

It was going to be great...

As Hitoshi suspected there were more than a few students who didn't agree with the forgiving nature the school had adopted towards him with most making their thoughts known as he walked down the hallway towards the 1-A homeroom.

He didn't want to think about the reason why he already knew where the classroom was, having spent a good ten minutes once trying to find something the League had needed but ultimately having come up short.

"Wow apparently they let villains in now!"

"You shouldn't be here!"

Was just some of the abuse hurled his way before…


The egg trickled down his face before another was cracked down the back of his neck, sliding down into his uniform before laughter erupted amongst the small crowd responsible.

Hitoshi just kept going and soon enough reached the homeroom.

"Welcome to-" A black-haired guy beside the door began to greet before he stopped, clearly having noticed the state he was in.

A chair was shoved backwards at speed causing a loud scrape against the floor before Kacchan appeared in front of him.


Hitoshi could barely look at him, shame heavy in his expression.


"You're not fine or you wouldn't have come here, now who did it?"


Kacchan's eyes widened before a smile came to his face. He reached up and began to scoop the egg into his hands.

Hitoshi tried to stop him but just got his hand batted away as he attempted it.

"I got it. Come on, we'll get you sorted out in the guy's room."

Hitoshi followed Kacchan out to the bathroom, taking his blazer off along the way to try and save it as much as he could.

Once inside his fingers moved to the buttons of his shirt but hesitated.

"Dude if you wait any longer it's just gonna' get eggier, come on."

Hitoshi exhaled before unbuttoning the shirt and slipping it off.

Revealing the scars and burns left behind by years of being captive to the League, and the enforcement bracelet from the police.

"Why's Deku never around when you need him for all this reassurance stuff?" Kacchan teased.

His joke had the desired effect as Hitoshi laughed.

He grabbed some paper towels from the dispenser before grabbing the clump of egg from his neck.

"There." Kacchan threw it in the bin. "I am going to kill them all, I swear to god."

Hitoshi tipped his head over the sink and brushed the egg and shells from his hair.

"Do I want to know what that bracelet does?"


"Will it hurt you?"

Hitoshi nodded.

Kacchan looked furious.

"Then why the hell is it on you?!"


"Protect everyone from what?!" He scoffed.


Kacchan was speechless.

"I hope you don't actually believe that. Please tell me you don't?"

Hitoshi didn't reply.

Kacchan cursed.

"Look, I don't care what anyone has told you on either side, you're not dangerous, I'm not scared of you, and I know you're selective mute but I would be perfectly fine with you asking questions too. You shouldn't have to be dealing with all this crap! And the police shouldn't be acting as bad as the League by putting that thing on you. Were Shouza and Hizashi okay with that?"


"You're kidding?"


Kacchan looked ready to punch something.


"Yeah, we do."

He grabbed more paper towels and wet then with water.


Hitoshi spent the next few minutes cleaning up before they both headed back to the homeroom.

Izuku looked confused as he entered before a huge smile came to his face. As for the others in the class though, some of them looked less than impressed by the new addition.

Hitoshi sat down at the empty desk, which thankfully ended up being beside Kacchan's, and got out the supplies Hizashi had bought for him.

It was going to be a long day.

After first bell Kacchan waited for him.

"You let me know if anyone says or does anything else okay. I'll deal with the bastards myself; no one gets to pick on you here, alright?"

Hitoshi nodded.

"Good, now come on, we got field practice."


"Don't tell me they banned you..."

Hitoshi rattled his bracelet.

"That has to be illegal."


"You didn't do that!" Kacchan retorted.


"So what does it do and what sets it off?"


"That's bullshit."


"Nice to see the school endorses torturing kids. So what, they're allowed to treat you like shit and make you feel on edge the whole time thinking someone's gonna' set that off just to 'protect' us? How is that fair?!"

Hitoshi shrugged.

Arriving at the training facility Izuku was waiting for them by the entrance.

"You get lost?"

"Shut up, Deku."

Izuku laughed.

Sat at the side of the gym Hitoshi looked around at those in his class. They all seemed so confident both in themselves and with their quirks. Plus it was pretty obvious why they were in 1-A to begin with, their quirks were amazing.

Izuku started to walk over.

"Midoriya, we're not done here." Aizawa stated.

"I just... I'm not feeling too good." He fibbed.

But Shouta knew the actual reason.

"Go on then."

Izuku took a seat next to him.


Hitoshi gave a small wave.

"It must be weird 'cause like, it seems like it's your first day, but it's not 'cause you've been here for ages." He muttered. "But it's really cool to have you and I'm sure you're gonna' be an awesome addition."


Izuku nodded.


"I- I wasn't." The green-haired kid scratched the back of his head with an awkward laugh. "I just wanted to be friends."


"Because you're cool! Plus I've never met anyone with your kind of quirk, well aside from Shouza of course but his isn't the same as yours. That reminds me, what is your quirk?"

Oh, so that's what Aizawa meant when he explained ADHD.


Izuku's eyes widened in awe as his jaw seemed to drop.

"Woah! That's so cool!" He exclaimed.

'IS IT?'

Izuku nodded eagerly.

"I'll write it all down in my notebook later. But what can you do with it? Do you have any limitations? How many people can you control at once?'

Chapter Text

Two Weeks Later

“What should you do against a villain whose quirk you have yet to identify?”

Kacchan noticed Shinsou’s head pop up.

“Hey, Shou-, uhh, Sir; Purple Hair wants to answer.”

That intrigued Shouta and terrified poor Shinsou whose eyes immediately shot to Kacchan in both anger and horror.

“Well sign then, moron.”

Shinsou cautiously signed.

“He says keep space between you and the villain and don’t attack until you know what the quirk is.”

Shouta smiled as he turned to face in the direction of Shinsou.

“Exactly; at least I know someone’s listening in my lectures.”

The rest of the class were as braindead as usual when it came to hero ethics and so didn’t even have much of a response to the dig but Kacchan couldn’t ignore the fact that Shinsou actually smiled before returning back to taking notes.

“And thank you Bakugou for the translation.”

He brushed it off.

It wasn't hard to notice how Hitoshi had made a habit of waiting for everyone to leave before going himself and he wanted to know why.


Hitoshi gave a wave.

"Do you wanna' talk?"

Hitoshi furrowed an eyebrow.


"Shut up!" Kacchan smirked. "Do you want to or not?"

Hitoshi nodded.

"So... how are you doing?"


"Anyone giving you shit?"

He doesn't answer.

"I told you to tell me and I'll sort them out!"


"That's bullshit, it wasn't your fault."


Hitoshi's breathing was heavy as he nervously ran a shaking hand through his hair.


"You were a kid."


"I've heard Shouta and Hizashi talking. Those fuckers kept you locked up and only fed you if you fed them information about UA; it was survival and you know it!" Kacchan emphasised. "You did what you had to do so don't apologise. If you asked Shouta, Izuku and All Might I guarantee they wouldn't have an ounce of regret about what happened to them."


"They saved you, idiot, do you really think they cared about having to get a few kisses off Recovery Girl?"


Both boys jumped at Izuku's call from the doorway.

"Deku!" Kacchan growled.

"Sorry." He apologised. "You're gonna' be late though."

Hitoshi walked off towards the door.

"We ain't finished this conversation, we'll come back to it." Kacchan stated quietly to him.


In bed Hizashi was sat in front of Shouta. He gently swept aside the hair hanging in front of his eyes.

“You shouldn’t hide them like that.”

Shouta tried to shove the hair back.

“Don’t, they look horrible.”

“How would you know?”

“I didn’t go fully blind straight away; I lost sight in one immediately so I had a few months of knowing what it looked like. Then they couldn’t save it in the other.”

“That must have been awful.”

“Ehh I don’t know, it was sorta’ nice in the end.”

Hizashi sounded very confused.

“Wait, what?!”

“Only being blind in one threw me off balance real bad, and the damage from the accident left me with these migraines that stemmed from my eyes. All of that went away when I went blind in my other eye too.”

“Well I think they look beautiful.” Hizashi leant forward and kissed him on the cheek.

Shouta smiled as he reached out to find his husband’s hand and gave it a squeeze.

“I don’t deserve you.”

Hizashi slumped against his side, leaning back against the headboard.

“You excited for the sports festival?”

Shouta nodded.

“The first years are amazing, this might be the best all round group we’ve ever had.”

“They’re definitely talented.” He agreed.

“Remember our first sports festival? That was back when you still hated me.”

“I hated everyone back then; don’t take it personally, things were a lot different for me.” Shouta looked to his husband and offered a smile. “Not that you gave me any choice on the whole friends front anyway. I seem to remember a certain someone pretty much professing their love for me there and then after that final match.”

“I did not! I was admiring your performance for someone who wasn’t even in the Hero Course, that’s all.”

“Sure babe.” Shouta smirked. “’Wow, you’re so amazing! You need to teach me how to do that. You’re so cool! Wow!’” He impersonated.

“I did not sound like that!” Hizashi gasped in offence.

“Whatever, you still beat me.”

“You came real close though, I’d never had to think about not having my quirk so when you took it away I was sure I was screwed.”

“Don’t give yourself so little credit, kicking that dust up into my face was clever and quick thinking on your part.”

“You know when I brought this up it wasn’t to just get praised, I meant it more along the lines of ‘can you believe your little brothers are in this thing’ in a 'fuck we’re old' kind of way.”

“I’m a little worried, I won’t lie.”

“About Hitoshi?”

“And Zuku too. He practically went from being quirkless to having some power that he has absolutely no control over which leaves him hospitalised overnight. He’s going to want to beat Kacchan because the two of them are far too competitive for their own good, and the way he’ll beat him is through doing something stupid with this new quirk thing.”

“Speaking of his quirk, have you got any leads on that by the way?”

Shouta exhaled.

“I may have one but I’m not sure I believe it myself.”

“What’s gonna’ happen with Hitoshi? I mean that stupid fucking bracelet basically means he can’t do anything, right?”

“It’s going to be a challenge, and the other kids aren’t exactly gonna’ be much help, but if anyone’s gonna’ pull something unexpectedly out of the bag it’s Hitoshi, I think he’s got more to him then he lets on.”

“I hope you’re right.”

The next morning Shouta made his way down to the kitchen to find Hitoshi already awake and at the island.

“Fifteen-year-old’s aren’t supposed to drink coffee.” He stated with a quipped smile.

“I- I knew who you were.”

Shouta furrowed an eyebrow.

“What was that?”

“I already knew who you were back at the police station… I remember you.”

“You remember me?”


“From where?”

“When I was little I saw you on TV once. You were in the background while they were interviewing Present Mic about his radio show. You had a villainous quirk like mine but you still became a hero.”

Shouta made no mention of the villainous comment so Hitoshi wouldn’t shy away from continuing. He was internally beaming with pride at the confirmation that the kid could talk when he wasn’t feeling stressed.

“And…” Hitoshi seemed nervous. “…you tried to help me once.”

He inhaled sharply.

“When was this?”

“I got scared one night and managed to run from the base. I wanted to get away from them so bad and I saw you on patrol. I remember they told us when we were little to always go to a hero if you’re scared or in trouble, so I did. Anyway, I was shy because I was a fan of yours but also I thought it was so cool that I would be able to meet you. Back then I still thought I could be a hero someday.”

“The sweater.”


“I gave you my sweater because you were shivering so badly.”

“Yeah and it was huge on me. You were so nice and it made me really happy because it felt like I was free, just for a moment at least.”

“Why can’t I remember anything else?”

“Well… you tried to convince me to come with you but I knew the League would be looking for me. You were on your own and would’ve been outnumbered. I wouldn’t let you get hurt because of me so, I uhhh, I used my quirk on you before the League dragged me back. You were long gone by time they found me.” Hitoshi exhaled. “And then I nearly got you killed anyway by telling them about UA so, you know…”

“The USJ wasn’t your fault.”

“Why does everyone keep saying that!”

“Because it’s true; the League would’ve attacked with or without the intel you gave them, it was only a matter of time.” Shouta took a breath. “Are you sure you’re going to okay at the sports festival?”

“I want to participate, even if I can’t use my quirk.”

“Okay, then we’ll be in the commentary booth if you need us, don’t hesitate to come up there.”

“Thank you.”

Chapter Text

“HEYYYYYOOOOO!” Screamed Yamada as he appeared on the giant screen at the side of the stadium. “Make some noise all you rabid sports fans. Get those cameras ready media hoards, because this year we’re bringing you some of the hottest performances in UA’s festival history guaranteed. I’ve only got one question for you before we start this show; ARE YOU READYYYYY?!”

The crowd erupted.

Hitoshi winced at the response that followed, the collective cheers almost deafening. Aizawa had said the first year arena had never seen this level of ticket sales before but apparently everyone wanted to see the kids who’d managed to survive an attack against the League of Villains.

How disgusting.

“Master Shinsou.”

He turned to see Principal Nezu standing beside Detective Tsukauchi.


“The police and I have come to an agreement regarding your enforcement bracelet and it has been decided that you would be placed at too high a risk if you were to participate without your quirk.”

Hitoshi’s heart shattered right there and then.

They weren’t going to let him take part. Just like in class he was going to be benched once again.

“And so they agreed that you can take it off for the duration of your time in the competition.”

His eyes widened.

“It will go straight back on after you are finished competing and as previously stated all members of staff have a remote for the device, including myself. You are not permitted to use your quirk when not in a festival activity announced by Miss. Midnight and we can still pull you from the festival if we believe that you are acting suspiciously.” Detective Tsukauchi spoke up.

Hitoshi had to hold back a growl at the accusations made against him by the detective.

“Do you agree, Master Shinsou?” Nezu asked.

“Yes, I agree.”

“Let me hear you scream as our students make their way to the main stage.”

The detective uncharged the bracelet and removed it from his wrist.

“I think that’s your cue.”

Hitoshi fixed a look at the detective’s smarmy remark before he headed down the tunnel. He thankfully soon spotted Kacchan and shuffled in alongside him.

“Where the hell have you been?”

Hitoshi held up his bare wrist.

Kacchan’s eyes widened.


“Take your places contestants!” Midnight announced.

Hitoshi was lined up beside Kacchan as they prepared to begin the obstacle race.

“We’ve got this in the bag.” He grinned.

Maybe Kacchan did but he wasn’t so sure about himself.


The herd of students all raced forward at once creating a crush in the tunnel.

Kacchan, who luckily had had the sense to take hold of his wrist, pulled him next to him once again. He looked Hitoshi up and down in thought.

“You’re taller.” He muttered to himself.

Hitoshi furrowed an eyebrow.


Kacchan maneuverered them to the side where the crowd wasn’t.

“Crouch down a little.”


“Just do it.”

Hitoshi followed the instructon before Kacchan jumped up onto his back. It was then that he realised Kacchan’s plan.

“That’s genius.”

He took hold of Kacchan to allow him to aim his hands backwards.

“Don’t set fire to us.” He teased.

“Shut up!” Kacchan laughed. “Ready?”

“Do it!”

Kacchan’s explosion blasted them high into the air before the blonde wrapped his arms around Hitoshi’s neck for stability.

“Woo hoo!” Hitoshi exclaimed in sheer amazement as they flew out of the tunnel and across wide expanses of the course.

“Is that fucking Todoroki in front?”

“I don’t know who that is but sure.”

“Is it. Great, we can beat him easy.” Kacchan stated.

“Are you sure about that; he seems to be getting rid of those giant robots down there pretty easily.”

“Well we’re gonna’ breeze straight past them. Be careful, don’t get burnt.”

“Thanks for the advice…” He replied sarcastically before he felt the heat of another blast send them back to their original altitude. “This feels very cheaty.” Hitoshi smirked.

“They said use your quirks.”

“Yeah but like, you can fly.”

“It counts.” Kacchan looked at his palms. “We’re gonna’ have to land I’ve not got enough sweat left.”


“Here we go.”

Kacchan used the last of his nitro-glycerine to aim downwards giving them a controlled landing.

The guy Kacchan had referred to as Todoroki, who Hitoshi recognised now that he’d seen him up close, seemed shocked by their sudden arrival on the scene and threw out a sheet of ice which froze both of them to the ground.

“Oh fuck you! Dick move, Todoroki!” Kacchan shouted before using a small explosion to burn away the ice, he then moved to Hitoshi and did the same. “Come on.”

“Go on ahead, you’ve actually got a chance of winning. If you lose me you can beat him and I really, REALLY want you to beat him.” Hitoshi stated.

“You sure?”

“Don’t waste time, go!”

Kacchan grinned before he sprinted off.


Hitoshi couldn’t be happier to see the inside of the arena as he almost collapsed against the wall trying to get his breath back.

Izuku had beaten Kacchan and Todoroki if the screen was correct but at least he was in the top three.

“You doing okay?”

It was Aizawa.

Hitoshi nodded, still bent double and near hyperventilating.

He walked closer and took hold of his wrist.

“So they did go through with it?”

“You knew?”

“Nezu mentioned what he was trying to do but even he wasn’t sure whether the police would agree. Hizashi and I didn’t want to get your hopes up just for them to say no so we kept it quiet. I’m glad Tsukauchi came to his senses, even though you shouldn’t have to wear something so barbaric at all…” He stated bitterly.

Hitoshi finally seemed to be able to breathe again and righted himself.

“You should be proud of yourself, Hitoshi, getting this far is an achievement in itself.”

“It is silly to say that I wanna’ win?”

Aizawa smiled.

“Of course not, I mean, that’s the outlook I had on it too and I ended up coming second. Just try your best and see where it gets you, okay, kid?”

Hitoshi nodded.

“Oh, I mean, yeah, I will.”

He shook his head with a smirk.

“Well go on then, Midnight’s waiting.”

Hitoshi ran off back to the others.

Hitoshi had a problem.

A problem that made the obstacle race look easy.

Midnight announced the next event to be a cavalry battle… which was a team event.

And no one wanted him on their team.

Stood on his own as everyone else set about finding teammates Hitoshi sighed.

Guess he’d just have to be auto assigned to a team when the numbers thinned out.

Footsteps approached as a hand came to rest on his shoulder.

“Hey Purple Hair!”


“Come on, you’re with me.”

Hitoshi smiled and followed.

“You’re kidding, right?!”

“You’re picking him over us?!”

“Are you insane?!”

Came responses from the other students around them.

“Shut the fuck up and go and find someone else!” Kacchan shouted back in response causing them all to leave before he turned to Hitoshi. “Nobody knows how your quirk works, right?”

He nodded.

Kacchan grinned.

“Then those idiots are gonna’ hand over their points to us.”

“Bakugou!” Shouted Kirishima as he walked over. “Oh, and Komatsu, right?”

“Shinsou, actually.”

Kacchan smiled.

“Oh, sorry.”

Hitoshi shook his head.

“It’s fine.”

“I was gonna’ try Todoroki but he already picked a group. So hey, we should team up.”

“Hey Dumb Hair.” Kacchan called.

“My name is Kirishima; and my hair’s not that different from yours.”

Hitoshi smirked.

“Come on, you wanna’ be the rider, right? So you’re gonna’ need a strong front horse who won’t be hurt by your blasts. That would be me.”

“Hmm, I need someone with guts.”

“My quirk was made for this; I’ve got you covered, man. Let’s go charging into battle together.”

Kacchan seemed to consider it.

“Hitoshi’s on my team too, if you’re gonna’ have a problem with him then I’m not interested, I’ll find someone else.”

Hitoshi looked embarrassed in seconds at the unexpected defence.


Kirishima walked over and held out his hand.

“I think the two of us were both a little in the moment the first time we met but I don’t hold anything that happened against you. Sorry I haven’t made an effort to talk to you, that’s completely on me, and it’s totally not very manly, but the fact that you’ve been in General Studies for most of the year and managed to get to the second round certainly is. So how about we get you to the third round too, as a team?”

Hitoshi smiled with a nod before shaking his hand.

“He hasn’t had the training we have so you’re gonna’ have most of the weight.”

“I can handle it!” Kirishima grinned as he demonstrated his hardening quirk.

“So, you’re the front defence, Hitoshi’s our secret weapon, now we just need someone everyone thinks it gonna’ be attacking so that they won’t focus on you.”

“What about Sero?”

Kacchan can’t help but notice Hitoshi’s flinch.

Of course, he and Todoroki were the ones who restrained him when he tried to get away during the USJ. No wonder he was a little anxious.

“We don’t have to pick him if you’re not okay with that, we’ll just find someone else.”

Hitoshi put on a brave face.

“No, we need him. Let’s win!”

Kacchan smiled.

“Sounds good to me.”

Trying to keep Kacchan off the ground proved to be a lot harder than Hitoshi had anticipated. However, it wasn’t from his lack of muscle, instead it was his insistence on trying to steal Izuku’s headband.

“Dude you need to stay here or we’re gonna’ get disqualified!” Kirishima stated.

“I know that…” Kacchan responded. “It was just a logical ruse, they think I’m the one who’s gonna’ go for the headband, either that or I’ll order Sero to make a grab for it, the last thing they’re gonna’ expect is Hitoshi.”

Hitoshi looked impressed as he gave a nod.

“If you get in close and distract the horses I’ll grab the rider.”

“Got it!” Kirishima and Sero answered.

“Hey Teeth!” Kacchan shouted.

The three of them traded conversation and insults while Hitoshi leant close to the steel type guy.

“Hey, do you really think you’re gonna’ win?” He whispered.

“Who do you think you-“

Got him.

“Give me your headbands.”

The steel type handed them over without his horses even noticing.

“Thanks, now order them to go after another team away from us.”

“Over there!” He complied before they all rushed off.

Kacchan turned to him with the widest smile of admiration as he took the headbands and put them around his neck.

Kirishima looked gobsmacked.

“That was AMAZING!”

Sero didn’t look so sold but didn’t say anything.

“Who’s next?”

“AND TIMES UP!” Midnight’s voice bellowed through the arena.

“Oh mannnnn…” Kirishima groaned.

“Damn it!”

Hitoshi quickly looked up at the scoreboard.

“We did it…” His voice was small in disbelief.

Kacchan, Kirishima, and Sero’s eyes all widened as they tracked to him then the screen.

“WE BEAT DEKU!” Kacchan shouted in sheer glee before bursting into laughter. He turned to his cousin. “HAHA, SUCK IT, DEKU!”

After lunch it was back to the festival, Hitoshi had to make a quick stop to get the enforcement bracelet removed yet again. Apparently they didn’t even trust him to eat lunch without turning evil…

But it was time for the third and final round and Hitoshi was nervous.

Two kids dropped out from illness meaning that the girl with the roots hair and steel guy moved up.

“Take a look at the screen my dears, these are your opponents.” Midnight announced.

Hitoshi took a breath before looking up.

‘Hitoshi Shinsou vs. Izuku Midoriya’

Oh god.


“Next up, the newcomer to Class 1-A Hitoshi Shinsou vs. Izuku Midoriya!”

There was a sharp inhale as…


Pieces of broken mug and spilt tea covered the floor.


Hajime sprinted into the room to find his wife almost hyperventilating on the couch as thick tears trickled down her cheeks.

“What’s wrong, what happened?” His voice was full of concern. “Mihoko?”

Her shaking hand slowly rose to point towards the TV.

“Our baby…” Her emotional tone responded. “That’s our baby!”

Hajime looked to the paused screen to see the purple-haired teenager. His eyes travelled to the name on the graphic before his knees shook as they gave way beneath him, sending him down to the floor.


Chapter Text

The stage was set for the first match of the third round and Izuku was already out there waiting for him.

“Fancy seeing you here.” Hitoshi smirked.

Izuku smiled.

“I wish we didn’t have to do this.”

“BEGIN!” Yamada screamed.

Sorry Izuku.

“You’re Aizawa’s brother, right?”

“Yeah, I-.”

Got ya.

Izuku’s eyes blanked out as he fell under Hitoshi’s control.

“Now walk out of bounds.”

Izuku turned and began walking.

Hizashi couldn’t believe what he was seeing; the power Hitoshi possessed had truly left him speechless, so much so that he forgot he was supposed to be commentating.

“Oh my god…” Shouta’s voice broke the silence.


He muted the mic as he turned to his husband.

“He’s incredible!”

“I’m still worried.” Shouta sighed.

Izuku was one step away from crossing the boundary and then-

Hitoshi had to steady himself as a huge gust of wind blew through the arena.

His eyes widened.


“No! How did you do that?!”

Izuku broke his control.

It was then that he noticed his fingers, more specifically how they were now broken.

But more importantly, he was charging towards him.

Oh shit, oh shit!

“Having a power like that, I’m quite jealous.” He attempted. “Because of my quirk I’ve always been at a disadvantage, and then the League got hold of me and I was just a tool to them, someone to open locked doors they couldn't talk themselves into. But someone as blessed as you wouldn’t understand that! You’re lucky enough to have a heroic quirk and a family that cares about you! It’ll be so easy for you to reach your goal!” He screamed.

Izuku’s hands grabbed the front of his gym uniform as he shoved him backwards towards the boundary.

“Say something, damn it!”

Hitoshi swung a punch and hit Izuku across the face.

Out the corner of his eye he could see Tsukauchi on his feet by the tunnel with an expression of concern.

But he didn’t care. Fuck them.

He wasn’t going to lose!

“You’ve got to be kidding me?!” He elbowed down to strike Izuku on his broken fingers before kneeing him in the stomach to dislodge his grasp.

Hitoshi then attempted to use the momentum to swing him round and out of bounds but Izuku recovered too quickly. They resumed their hold on each other’s uniforms as they pushed.

“Get out of this ring you lucky brat!”

Did he even mean that? Where was this all coming from?

Izuku grabbed his arm and flung him over his shoulder; he was simply a passenger as he flew through the air before slamming against the ground hard.

He cried out as the wind rushed out of him, the back of his head throbbing and probably bleeding from the impact, but he didn’t care.

You’re nothing; you better do well to remember that, pet…

Oh look pet got all dressed up. Is that supposed to be Eraserhead’s capture weapon? Oh it is… Pet reckons himself a hero, does he? Not with a quirk like yours. If you’re not imprisoned before you’re twenty it’ll be a miracle…

He screwed his eyes closed as the League’s words came hauntingly back.

“Damn it!” He slammed his hand against the ground.

“Hey.” It was Izuku.

“Get your hand off me!” Hitoshi slapped away the offer as he got to his feet with a wince and brushed himself off.

As he looked around he could see all the expressions he had expected from the start.

Disgust and fear.

He felt sick.

“Why do you want to be a hero?” Came Izuku’s voice. “What’s driving you?”

“You can't help the things your heart longs for.”

Hitoshi turned and walked back towards the tunnel.

He paused.

“You know, people usually tense up whenever they talk to me. You and your family have never been scared of me.” Hitoshi admitted with a small smile. “If you’re not on guard then somebody’s going to defeat you, so be careful. You better not lose and make me look bad.”

“I won’t!”

After the match was over Shouta made his way down to console Hitoshi leaving Hizashi to continue commentating.

“And our next match will be coming up in ten minutes folks so take the time to use the facilities or grab yourself a snack but be sure to be back soon because you won’t wanna’ miss more incredible quirks at work.” He muted the mic.

His phone began to ring.

“Weird timing…” He picked up. “Hello?”

“Yamada, the kid’s parents, they just saw him on TV and called us.”

His eyes widened.

“They know everything, his birthdate, the hospital he was born at, full name, they’ve even got pictures, they’re the real deal.”

“So how did he end up with the League?”

“I asked them to come to the police station; we can ask any questions there. I thought you and Aizawa might want to join in on this one, given the circumstances.”

“We can’t leave until after the festival ends.”

“It’s okay, from the sounds of it they’re travelling in from quite some distance so don’t expect them anytime soon, do what you need to do and then meet me at the station.”

“Will do, thanks, Tsukauchi.”

Hitoshi made his way through the empty corridors towards the cooldown room.

“Shinsou, did you forget?”


He sighed.

“I’m not in the mood right now.”

“I don’t care.” The pro answered before walking closer. “Give me your wrist.”

Hitoshi reluctantly held it out before the enforcement bracelet was recharged.

“Can I go now?!”

Snipe scoffed before he walked off.

Hitoshi looked down at the bracelet, anger growing before he screamed.


Everything that had been brewing inside him, everything he’d never been able or allowed to show came pouring out of him in one long curse.

His breathing was heavy as he scrunched a hand in his hair.

“Fuck…” He sighed.

Arriving at the cooldown room he paused.

Aizawa was stood outside waiting.

“Hey, kid.”

He walked towards the pro before wrapping his arms around him.

Aizawa looked equally as taken aback but didn’t shove him off, instead reciprocating the hug and holding him closer.

“I think half of Japan heard your remarks back there in the hallway, I can imagine it made you feel better though?”

Hitoshi nodded.

“I’m sorry.”

“You have nothing to apologise for.”

“I lost control back there in the battle and hurt Izuku, I didn’t mean it though I was just so… I don’t even know what. I wanted to win so badly and it brought out the real me apparently. Guess everyone was right to be scared of me.”

“I’m not scared of you, neither is Hizashi, or Kacchan, or Zuku. And you were fighting to prove you could handle your peers and their quirks, there’s no shame in giving it your all. I know you’re scared that there’s some evil in you that’s gonna’ one day leap out and hurt people but there’s not. You are an amazing kid with a big heart and a lot of heroic potential; you just need the training for it.”

“The training they won’t let me have because they don’t even trust me to eat fucking rice!”

Aizawa held him a little tighter.

“I’m working on it, so is Hizashi, we’ll get that stupid thing off you.”

Hitoshi took a breath.

“Do you think Izuku hates me?” His voice was small and scared.

“No, Zuku will be more excited to write about what you can do in that notebook of his then he will be angry. You’re his friend.”


Aizawa smiled.

“Of course you are, Kacchan too.”

His phone began to buzz with an alarm alert.

“I need to go back up to the booth but promise me you’ll go back out there instead of staying in here on your own.”

“I will, don’t worry.”

Aizawa nodded.

“I’ll see you later; we can go out for pizza or something to celebrate.”

“Celebrate what, I lost?”

“You got to the third round kid, that’s definitely worth celebrating.” Aizawa smiled. “We’re proud of you, Hitoshi.”

He walked off.

Hitoshi didn’t know what to say, not quite believing what he’d just heard before a smile came to his own face too.

‘We’re proud of you.’


It was Kacchan.

“You’re not gonna’ miss my match are you?” He teased.

“Of course not.”

Hitoshi followed him out to the student viewing area.

As Shouta entered the commentary booth he immediately knew something was off.

“What’s wrong?”

Kacchan’s matches proved to be incredible to watch, it was obscene how much control he had over his quirk and the aerial moves he was able to perform in the sky to glide around the ring. He seemed to be the only one cheering him on though out of their class which was a little annoying but seeing the small group Kacchan had left him sat with did make him smile.

Kacchan had friends after all.

Kaminari was a new name to a face he’d come to learn while Kirishima obviously was chatty from the cavalry battle.

With the fights not lasting too long Kacchan was back up in the stands pretty quickly.

As he threw him his water bottle Hitoshi smirked.

“Save a kitten from a fire?”

“Shut up, Purple Hair.”

He took a seat.

“You could actually win this.” Hitoshi stated.

“Of course I can.” Kacchan quipped back with a grin.

“And now it’s time for our final match, Shoto Todoroki vs. Katsuki Bakugou!”

Hitoshi was probably more nervous than Kacchan as he watched the two of them walk out into the ring.

The hand on his shoulder made him jump.

“Hitoshi Shinsou?”

It was… a cat in a police uniform?

“Could you come with me please?”


Kacchan beamed as he looked around the crowd trying to find the student viewing area. When he finally spotted it he deflated.

The seat Hitoshi had been sitting in was empty.

He’d left.

Chapter Text

Hitoshi looked concerned as he sat in the corridor of the police station.

He’d briefly heard Aizawa’s voice earlier before Yamada’s voice followed a few hours later, the pro hero clearly having had to finish up the festival before he could come.

He hadn’t been given any explanation as to what was going on which was incredibly annoying because if they were going to just dump him out here then why couldn’t he have seen the rest of the festival?! They hadn’t handcuffed him again so it obviously wasn’t something he’d done, so why the hell was he not allowed to see the final?

He hoped Kacchan wouldn’t be too angry at him.


It was Aizawa.

“Could you come in here so we can talk?”

He nodded before heading inside the room.

“We were concerned that broadcasting footage of you might attract the League but it ended up having a different consequence then we had imagined.” Tsukauchi stated.

Hitoshi furrowed an eyebrow.

“This is Hajime and Mihoko… Shinsou.” Aizawa introduced. “Your parents.”

Hitoshi’s eyes were blank as he looked between the two purple-haired adults sat on the other side of the desk.

"Hello, Hitoshi." Mihoko spoke up, her tone soft to not spook him.

Hizashi found Hitoshi huddling close to him a few seconds later.

"Hey, it's okay, little listener." He whispered.


Hizashi's heart broke a little.

'NO GO ANYWHERE' He replied exclusively to Hitoshi. "Your parents just wanted to come and see if it was really you."

'IS IT?' Hitoshi's asked, clearly so far out of his comfort zone.

"Well they brought some pictures, right?"

Mihoko nodded and retrieved them from her bag before placing them down on the table.

Hitoshi looked at the man and woman in the photo; they were younger than the people sat in front of him but still the same. The child the woman was holding did look like him but he couldn't remember them.


Hizashi sighed.


The boy fumbled with his hands as he nervously thought over his response.


Shouta, having sensed the fear pouring from his ward, wrapped an arm around Hitoshi and pulled him into a tight, comforting hug.

"You're okay."

Mihoko began to cry, Hajime taking hold of her hand and giving it a squeeze.

Hitoshi looked at them before turning to Hizashi.




Hizashi considered his words carefully.


Hitoshi seemed to pause before he turned back to the couple.

"Ma- ma-" He began.

Shouta placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Take your time and think it out first." He encouraged.

"Ma... My n- name is... Hh- Hit- oshi Sh- in- sou."

"Good." Hizashi nodded. "Now put it all together."

"My name is Hitoshi Shinsou."

Shouta and Hizashi were practically beaming in pride. While it was true that Hitoshi could and had demonstrated his ability to talk freely, under stress they found his situational mutism to be at its worst. They’d been working on helping him overcome but seeing him able to do it in front of others he wasn’t comfortable with, especially in an environment such as this brought a smile to their faces.

"Yes it is." Hajime spoke up.

Hitoshi turned to Hizashi.


"Of course. Do you not want to try talking again, they were doing really good?"

The kid shook his head.

"Okay, no problem."

Hitoshi pointed to Hajime before he signed.

"He said Dad."

Hajime's lip trembled a little.

"Yeah, Hitoshi, I'm your Dad. And that's your Mom." He motioned to Mihoko.

In bed that night the mood was sombre.

“Is it selfish to say that I don’t want the kid to leave?” Hizashi spoke up after a few minutes of silence.

Aizawa shook his head.

“Of course not, I know he’s only been with us for a few months but I’ve gotten so used to him being around.”

“I know we fostered him and all but we don’t have any claim on him at all if his parents want him back, right?”

“No, we’re not anything to him and they’re his flesh and blood Mom and Dad.”

“His Mom and Dad who magically don’t know anything about how he ended up caught up with the League of Villains.” The voice hero muttered.

“Hizashi!” Shouta scorned.

“Well it’s true!”

“Keep your voice down or Hitoshi will hear you.”

The silence continued once again after that.

Shouta took a deep breath. “But we can’t say anything or he’s gonna’ consider our feelings rather than his own and he needs to make the decision for himself.”

Hizashi found himself tearing up.

“Even if it means losing our kid.”

Aizawa bit his lip but kept his composure.

“Even if it means losing our kid.”

Chapter Text

The next few days were strange. Hitoshi had just met his parents for the first time and yet seemed more uninterested in them than Shouta could ever have imagined.

He’d gone around the house with the same level of interaction he always had as if a life-changing revelation hadn’t just occurred.

Shouta knew they’d have to bring it up themselves if Hitoshi remained so casual about the whole thing because the Shinsou’s certainly weren’t looking at the situation with the same lack of interest, they wanted to see their son, and potentially even wanted to take him home with them.

He and Hizashi had briefly brought them up in conversation at dinner but Hitoshi again hadn’t shown much interest, the teenager seeming far more excited after finding out they’d be picking their hero names the day after.

So Shouta dropped it, for now at least.

Aizawa walked into the classroom and Hitoshi could barely contain his excitement for what they were about to do.

“We have a big class today on hero informatics. You need codenames, time to pick your hero identities.”

The whole class erupted in cheers.

“This is related to the pro hero draft picks that I mentioned the last time we were in class together. Normally students don’t have to worry about the draft, not until their second or third year actually, but your class is different. In fact, by extending offers to first years like you, pros are effectively investing in your potential. Any offers can be rescinded if their interest in you dies down before graduation though.”

“So what you’re saying is we’ll still have to prove ourselves after getting recruited?” The invisible girl asked.

“Correct. Now, here are the totals for those of you who got offers.”

Aizawa clicked the remote and the board lit up with names and numbers.

Hitoshi didn’t pay it much mind knowing that with not even being allowed to train there was no way they’d let him-

‘Hitoshi Shinsou – 1 Offer’


“In past years it’s been more spread out but there’s a pretty big gap this time. Despite these results, you’ll all be interning with pros, got it, even those of you who didn’t get any offers. You already got to experience combat with real villains during the attack on the USJ facility.”

Hitoshi winced, retreating back in his seat wanting to be anywhere but in the room.

“But it’ll still be helpful to see pros at work; up close and personal, in the field, first hand.” Aizawa explained. “These hero names will likely be temporary but take them seriously or-.”

“You’ll have hell to pay later!”

Hitoshi jumped as Midnight shouted from the doorway.

“What you pick today could be your code name for life. You better be careful or you could be stuck with something utterly indecent.”

“Midnight is going to have final approval over your names, it’s not my forte.” Aizawa began climbing into his sleeping bag. “The name you give yourself is important; it helps reinforce your image and shows what kind of hero you want to be in the future. A codename tells people exactly what you represent. Take All Might for example.”

“Shinsou, may I borrow you at the front to create some lovely name signs for these wonderful hero names we’re going to hear?” Midnight asked.

“Uhh sure.” He walked to the front.

“So, have you picked one for yourself Shinsou?”

Hitoshi nodded as he turned the board round to reveal the name written in purple marker.

“I want to be Mindjack which could be, hmm…” Hitoshi thought for a second before he raised one finger towards his head, swiping his hand over his eyes to represent control.

The class copied the name sign.

“Ohhh that one’s cool!” Ashido commented.

“Yeah, you’re awesome at name signs, Hitoshi!” Uraraka smiled.

“I love it!” Midnight grinned. “Do you have one for me?”

“Eraserhead and Mic use this.” He closed his hand in a fist in front of his mouth before opening it, extending his arm out and blowing softly, imitating her quirk.

“Amazing!” She swooned.

The French kid was up first with some name about twinkling. The length of his chosen name proved a challenge.

“Maybe…” Hitoshi closed his hands before opening them twice in two short ‘twinkle’ like flashes before swishing his arms past each other in a graceful movement which ended in an open-palmed x shape.

“Magnifique mon ami!”

Pink girl’s got rejected so frog girl was up next with ‘Froppy’.

He mimed the motion of her tongue with a sweep of his arm extending outwards before finishing with his hands in front of him pointing downwards as she sometimes stood.

She nodded her approval.

“I like it, Hitoshi, thank you.”

After that it was Kirishima with a name that was apparently inspired by an old hero.

He signed RED with a straight finger moving in front of his bottom lip before clenching his fists in front of his face and bringing his arms down in a motion similar to Kirishima’s hardening pose.

“Dude that looks so manly!” He complimented. “Thanks!”

A girl whose name he was still to learn came next with ‘Earphone Jack’.

He put his hands over his ears imitating headphones following it with a finger towards each ear in one short movement.

“Hell yeah, I like it.” She gave him a high five.

Then it was the guy with arms with ‘Tentacole’ which he simply signed with his extended arms and his hands rotating upwards.

“Looks good to me.”

Then tape boy which he stole from a comic throwing his upturned wrists forward to simulate the tape.


Guess he was still a dick too, good to know…

Tail boy went with ‘Tail Man’ a completely original idea all round. He used his arm at his side to simulate a swishing tail.

“Simple and easy to remember, thanks.”

Another person he didn’t know was next with ‘Sugarman’ which again proved a challenge.

“How about?”

He raised each arm one by one in a flexing pose.

“Well strength is my quirk so that works great.”

“PINKY!” The pink one screamed.

He raised one finger at a time to mimic her horns.

She squealed and bundled him in a hug.


“Stop screaming.” He smirked as she walked off.

Pikachu was next with ‘Chargebolt’ and Hitoshi realised he was spending far too much time with Kacchan to have this many nicknames for people he barely knew.

He raised a finger and swept up his body before cupping a hand as if holding a lightning bolt and imitated a throwing motion.

“Dude you made me look like Zeus, I love it!”

Next was invisible girl who went with… ‘Invisible Girl’. For this he simply made two sweeping motions in front of himself to imitate nothing being there.

“It’s so mysterious, thank you!” She also squealed.

After that it was another girl whose name he didn’t know with ‘Creati’. He held one hand flat with an open palm upwards imitating a book before using the cupped hand facing down on top of it. From there he turned his cupped hand the right way up as if presented a created item out to someone.

“That’s amazing, thank you Shinsou, I’ll make sure to learn it along with those of my classmates.”

Todoroki was next with ‘Shoto’ so he used the sign Izuku had been using of a hand with one finger pointing up in front of the face; a small rotation of the wrist to point it towards ‘the red side of his hair’ before rotating in the other direction to point towards ‘the white side of his hair’.

“Thanks.” Was the simple response before he took a seat.

Bird boy was an easy one with Hitoshi throwing out each arm one by one representing vast wings.

“To the point, perfect.”

Pervert came after with ‘Grape Juice’ and Hitoshi simply imitated him removing a ball from his head and holding it out.

“I suppose it’ll do.”

Hitoshi rolled his eyes.

Yet another person he didn’t know came next and their lack of verbal announcement left him having to look at the board to see the name ‘Anima’.

He imitated an elephant’s trunk with his arm for the first beat of ‘A’, brought up claws with his hands on the beat of ‘Ni’ before following with a wave-like motion with both hands in front of him for the beat of ‘Ma’.

The kid nodded with a nervous smile.

“King Explosion Murder.”

Hitoshi burst out laughing at Kacchan’s name suggestion.

“What’s so funny, Purple Hair?!”

“No.” Midnight simply answered.

“Oh come on!”

Uraraka was next with ‘Uravity’. He swished his hands down to his sides and up slightly to imitate zero gravity.

“Eeeeee thank you!”

The girls we so squealy!

Emergency exit was next with ‘Tenya’, again he used the sign Izuku had already been using of one arm going forward at his sides and the other going back to imitate running.

He knew something bad had happened during the sports festival, Aizawa had been on the phone with a near hysterical sounding woman. He hadn’t tried to eavesdrop but he’d overheard him talking to Yamada about someone called Tensei having been injured by a villain. They’d both been pretty shaken up by it so it had to be someone they were friends with.

The usually incredibly polite class rep simply offered him a small nod before returning to his seat.

“Okay, who’s next? Midoriya!”

Izuku walked up.

“My hero name is Deku.”

Kacchan smirked.

“Of course it is nerd!”

Hitoshi smiled.

“That one’s easy, I stole this from Kacchan, the question is which one do you want me to use?” He teased.

“You have two?” Kyoka asked.

Hitoshi shot a cheeky grin to Kacchan as they tried not to laugh.

Izuku shook his head.

“I hate you both.” He smirked as well.

Hitoshi put his fists to his hips, extending his elbows out into an All Might ‘I am here’ pose before putting his fist over his heart.


Kacchan erupted back on the scene a few seconds later.


“That’s basically the same thing…”

Chapter Text

Aoyama - Closed hands opening twice in two short 'twinkle' flashes before both arms swish past each other in a graceful movement which ends in an open-palmed x shape.

Ashido - One finger raised at a time to mimic horns on the head.

Asui - The motion of Asui's tongue with a sweep of the arm extending outwards before finishing with hands in front of the chest pointing downwards as she sometimes stands.

Iida - One arm going forward at the side of the body and the other going back to imitate running.

Uraraka - Hands swished down past the sides and then slightly up to imitate zero gravity.

Ojiro - An arm at the side to simulate a swishing tail.

Kaminari - A finger raised and swept up the body before cupping a hand as if holding a lightning bolt and imitating a throw.

Kirishima - The JSL sign for RED with a straight finger moving in front of the bottom lip followed by clenched fists in front of the face bringing the arms down in a motion similar to Kirishima's hardening pose.

Koda - A three beat name sign. When 'Anima' is mouthed imitate an elephant's trunk with the arm for the beat of 'A', claws with the hands in front of the body for the beat of 'Ni', followed by a wave-like motion with both hands in front of the body once again for the beat of 'Ma'.

Sato - Each arm raised in a flexing pose one by one.

Shoji - Arms extended outwards rotating the wrist in a movement similar to a tentacle.

Jiro - Hands over the ears imitating headphones followed with a finger towards each ear in one short movement.

Sero - Spiderman web sling throwing upturned wrists forward to simulate the tape.

Tokoyami - Each arm thrown out one by one to represent vast wings.

Todoroki - A hand with one finger pointing up in front of the face followed by a small rotation of the wrist to point it towards the red side of his hair before rotating in the other direction to point towards the white side of his hair.

Hagakure - Two sweeping motions in front of the face to imitate invisibility or dissapearance.

Shinsou - One finger raised towards the head before swiping a hand over the eyes to represent control.

Midoriya - Fists to the hips extending the elbows out in an All Might 'I Am Here!' pose before putting a fist over the heart.

Mineta - Imitate him removing a ball from his head and hold it out.

Yaoyorozu - One hand flat with an open palm upwards imitating a book with a cupped hand face down on top of it. Turn the cupped hand the right way up and extend as if presenting the created item out to someone.

Kacchan - Two clenched fists in front of the body which open like his blasts.

Present Mic - A backwards L with the thumb and forefinger turned on it's side over the mouth followed by a hand below the chin imitating holding a mic.

Eraserhead - A hand moving in front of the neck like his scarf which closes as if holding a length of it at the side.

Midnight - A closed hand in a fist in front of the mouth which becomes a spread open palm, extending the arm out and blowing softly immitating her quirk.

All Might - Fists to the hips extending the elbows out to imitate his 'I Am Here!' pose.

Chapter Text

Hitoshi hung back after homeroom to talk to Aizawa who had climbed out of his sleeping bag and desperately looked like he needed a cup of coffee.

“I really got an offer?”

Aizawa nodded.

“From a pro who’s never previously taken on a single student.”

“Really, who?”


Hitoshi’s eyes widened before he smiled.

“You didn’t have to do that.” He rubbed the back of his neck.

“I wanted to; I wasn’t lying when I said you had potential.” Aizawa stated. “Yamada wants in too so you’ll have him as well, and possibly Midnight.”

“So basically the UA staff that actually like me.” Hitoshi smirked.

“We never got to go out for that pizza to celebrate your victory in the sports festival either; we’ll do that tonight if you’re up for it?”

“Sounds good to me, and like I said, it wasn’t a victory I was the first out.”

“Third round counts.” Aizawa quipped a smile.

“I’m sure it doesn’t.”

“You’re going out for pizza, no fair; you never take us for pizza.” Izuku moaned from the doorway.

“Yeah, where’s our pizza?” Kacchan teased.

“Hitoshi it seems two Gremlins want to encroach on our trip for pizza.”

“I suppose they could come.” Hitoshi smirked.

“Suppose, I won the damn thing he’s taking you out for! Not that you were there to see it.” Kacchan mumbled.

Hitoshi recoiled a little, hurt by the words.

“I wanted to.”

“Sure you did…”

“Kacchan, something came up that was entirely not Hitoshi’s fault, you know that.” Aizawa stated.

“Yeah, a something that no one will tell us shit about…”

“Because it’s none of your business, it’s Hitoshi’s.”

“It’s fine.” Hitoshi shook his head. “Can I just tell them?”

“If you want.”

“During the sports festival the police got a call. When they showed me on the TV during our match my birth parents recognised me, I had to go and meet them, that’s why I had to leave just before your fight. I would’ve stayed if I could.”

Izuku and Kacchan’s eyes were both wide, the two teens rendered speechless.

“Your parents?”

He nodded.


“Now will you quit bothering him and let him work everything out for himself?” Aizawa spoke up.

They both nodded.

“Meet at the staff room if you wanna’ come and remember to actually text Inko and Mitsuki this time, I don’t want to get it in the ear again.”


The sound of them high fiving each other in success could be heard from the corridor.

“Let me just read that back; so you want a large seafood special pizza, a regular spicy pizza, a regular margherita pizza, a regular classic pepperoni pizza, a side of popcorn shrimp, a side of buffalo wings, two tiramisu, three matcha mousse, three shakes two strawberry one honey-lemon, one bottle of green tea, and a black coffee.”

Hizashi had to try very hard not to smirk at the size of their order. In their defence they were feeding two adults and three endless pit teenagers.

“Yeah that’s everything.”

“Have you really never had pizza?” Katsuki asked.

Hitoshi shrugged.

“I can’t remember.”

“That’s wild. You can try some of mine as well as your pepperoni.” He offered.

“Mine too.” Izuku smiled.

“Yeah, feel free to steal some of mine and Zashi’s too, there’s plenty to go around.” Shouta added.

“Why’d you have to get spicy, that’s gonna’ be gross.” Izuku pulled a face.

“Because I like spicy food!”

“What’s so fun about burning your tongue off?”

Shouta shook his head with a smirk.

Luckily his husband returned, sliding into the booth next to him.

“You’ve been nine years, how long does it take?” Kacchan teased.

“You try reading off an order a mile long.” Hizashi replied. “I know, next time you can do it.”


The waitress walked over with their drinks and placed them down on the table.


Hizashi reached over.

“Strawberry for Hitoshi, same for Kacchan, honey-lemon for Zuku, green tea for me, and one black coffee for the prince of darkness.” He teased as he deposited the drinks to the corresponding teen.

Hitoshi took a sip with the straw and smiled.

“Good?” Hizashi asked.

He nodded eagerly.

“Here.” Izuku held out his.

He tried that too but pulled a face.

“That is so sweet!”

“I know, that’s why I like it.” Izuku smiled as he picked up his buzzing phone.

“Is that Inko?” Shouta asked.

“Yep, she says thanks for taking us out she’ll bake you something to say thank you.”

“Score.” Yamada smirked.

“Say thank you from us.”

Izuku flicked through his phone to the camera.

“Here, smile!”

Hitoshi looked around to see how the rest of the table responded before Kacchan and Izuku wrapped their arms around each side of him as they both smiled. Yamada guided Aizawa into the frame before huddling into his husband as they smiled too, the voice hero holding up a peace sign with his fingers.

For a moment Hitoshi couldn’t help but consider how natural this all felt, being here with them, part of their family. It brought a smile to his face as he looked up at the camera.

Izuku took the photo with a ‘click’.

“Aww awesome!”

“Send me it.” Yamada asked.


“Can I see?” Hitoshi asked.

“Sure.” Izuku clicked up the photo.

He’d been thinking long and hard since that day in the police station. Yamada and Aizawa clearly believed he hadn’t been considering the numerous attempts to talk about it, but he had, and he was no closer to figuring it out then he was back then.

Those people across the desk were strangers, but if he was being fair he’d barely known the two pros for that long either. What’s a couple of months, right?


He had a home now, a room all to himself with clothes and a bookcase and a wardrobe and a window! He could go downstairs and make himself food without anyone getting mad, he could hang out with Kacchan and Izuku downtown or at their houses; he could communicate without having to talk with them all knowing sign language...


Jelly and Cream were precious and pure and he loved how they always came over when he was feeling all anxious and panicky and sat on his lap or let him stroke them.

They were good boys.

He'd dreamed of having a cat of his own and even though they weren't his he'd still heard Aizawa and Yamada talking about him like he was a parent to them too.

Everything that had once seemed alien was now the everyday.

A shower, clean clothes, the fact that they made him food at all.

Food was now just food; and it was in abundance at the pros house. He’d never realised how casual eating three meals a day was, not that he ever would’ve had the chance, he was lucky if they fed him a few times in the same week. Yamada and Aizawa were concerned about his lack of weight and so he’d been trying to follow the little schedule they’d made which was accompanied by the voice hero’s little encouragement doodles.

Was that what love is? He knew that caring about someone was considered love, so did they feel that way about him? They certainly seemed to be putting a lot of effort into him, but he knew that attention didn’t always have positive outcomes. But they’d never been like that. Aizawa and Yamada had never even hit him, or Kacchan, or Izuku.

So did he want to go with those people? Maybe?

No, he didn’t.

Did they want him to go? Maybe they want rid of him now that the people behind the desk have come out of the woodwork. For all he knew this could be the biggest stroke of luck for them, an opportunity to get him out of their hair without all the fuss.

What if he just never gave them an answer about the whole thing, would that work? Would they keep him then?

Yes, he’d do that.

If they brought it up he’d just dodge the question.


Aizawa’s concerned voice snapped him out of his thoughts. “Are you okay?”

“Uh, yeah, I’m fine. Sorry, just thinking.”

He turned to Izuku.

“The photo looks really good.”

Kacchan looked less than convinced but didn’t get a chance to question it any further as the food arrived.

Hitoshi’s eyes widened at the size of the pizza slid in front of him.


“That’s nothing, Deku and I finished the Double Deluxe once.”

“Yeah and the two of you destroyed our bathroom a few hours later.” Aizawa added.

“Worth it.”

Hitoshi looked around to see how you were supposed to eat it. Did you use the knife and fork?

Kacchan and Izuku answered his question a few seconds later as they tore a slice from their respective pizzas and took a bite.

His first thought as he copied their actions was that pizza seemed greasy, or was that just him being so unused to fast food? The crust was hot to the touch as he took a small bite.

Despite the temperature the taste of the cheese and what Aizawa had explained to be pepperoni along with the tomato sauce was SO GOOD.

“And the verdict is?” Hizashi asked enthusiastically.

“I love it.”

Chapter Text

Shouta’s phone began to buzz.

“Unknown Number.” The robotic voice stated.

He furrowed an eyebrow but answered regardless.


“Oh, hi, it’s uh, it’s Mihoko Shinsou, the detective gave me you and your husband’s numbers, I hope that’s fine.”

“Yeah, no problem, hi.”

“Um, we were wondering if Hitoshi might like to meet with us? If he doesn’t want to that’s completely fine, we just... we just really wanna’ see him. Obviously you both can come along too, from the police station I’m guessing he wouldn’t be interested if you didn’t.”

Aizawa felt for them, he couldn’t even begin to imagine what it must be like to lose your son for so many years, probably having even come to terms with the fact he could be dead, to then have him appear on national television and get the chance to meet him once again, just to then be effectively blanked by him.

Thank god they went ahead with the festival or they never would have known.

Since their trip to the pizza place Hitoshi had been even quieter on the parents front, simply shrugging off any questions he or Hizashi tried to pitch him. He had a bad feeling Hitoshi might just flat out say no to going out with them even if they came along.

Maybe they’d have to put their foot down and tell him he was going. Could they do that? Probably not. After all he was both a teenager, so he could just do what he wanted anyway, they were legally his guardians but not his parents; he didn’t have to listen to jack shit they said.

The short of it was if Hitoshi had no interest in seeing his parents then he just wouldn’t.

“We’ll talk to him and call you back.”

“Thank you.”

Getting Hitoshi to agree had been a nightmare but none of that mattered now, they were here and everything was just as awkward as he had expected.

Shouta was stood at the counter as he waited for his drink.

Footsteps approached.

“It’s Aizawa, right?”


“Call me Shouta.”

She seemed to pause before a few seconds later her hand came to rest on his.

“What are your plans for Hitoshi?”


“I don’t have any.” He spoke like a puppet on a string.

Did she, have the same quirk as Hitoshi?

“Why him?”

“I wanted him out of that cell.”

"You're related, to that Shūgo guy on the news. I saw the article."

"I am."

"Have you had contact with him since fostering Hitoshi?"


"What are your feelings about him?"

"He can go rot for all I care, three months can't come fast enough."

“Have you been treating him well?”

“Yeah, Hizashi’s been worried because apparently he’s too skinny but he’s been working on it with him. He eats more than he used to so we have to make more trips to the store than we did, and  he’s starting to ask questions, both signed and spoken. In general he’s talking more too so at least the training we’ve been doing with his mutism is working.”

Shouta heard her breath shaking.

“Is he okay?”

“He’s scared a lot of the time but he’s working on it, being friends with Kacchan and Zuku is really helping so he has people to hang out with at school, and he knows he can just come to the staff room if he needs us. He has nightmares of being with the League, and there’s still some students who treat him bad but the Principal and I are trying to weed them out. He’s a great kid though and he’ll get through all this.”

Mihoko sniffled.

“If he wanted to be with us would you let him?”


That seemed to catch her off-guard.


“Because you’re his parents.”

“Do you want him to go?”



“Because we love him.”

Mihoko retracted her hand from his and the control vanished.

He immediately shot her a furious look as he snatched his hand away, practically growling.

"How dare you! You had no right to do that!”

“I needed to know the truth.”

"My life is nothing to do with you."

"I had to make sure."

“You could have just asked.”

“People lie.”

“I don’t lie, not about that.”

Shouta grabbed his now ready drink from the counter.

“If you dare even try to do that to Hitoshi-.” He began.

“I won’t.”

“Why don’t I believe you?”

“He’s my son.”

“And right now I’m his legal guardian.”

Shouta walked off.

Hizashi noticed his husband’s anger immediately.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” He replied sharply as he sat down downing half his sadly non-alcoholic drink. “Where’s Hitoshi?”

“In the bathroom, and it doesn’t look like nothing.”

“Do not let her touch Hitoshi, okay?”

“Wait, what?”

He was interrupted as Mihoko returned to the table.

“Ahh, I was just talking to Hizashi about UA, did you know they’re teachers there? I knew you did Put Your Hands Up Radio but I never knew you taught as well.”

Mihoko didn’t reply.

Shouta scoffed before downing the rest of his glass.

“So what’s your quirk, Hajime, anything exciting?”

“Shouta…” Hizashi quietly scorned.

“Diagnosis, I can tell just by looking at someone what they’re suffering from.”


“How about yourself, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“I can erase quirks. It’s helpful because if someone catches me out once I’m always ready the second time.” Shouta stated, purposely turning to look at Mihoko as he said the second part.

Hitoshi returned to the table.

“You okay kiddo?” Before he could answer, and without even knowing if he had, Shouta continued. “Good, here you can have my seat I’ll go on the end.”

Shouta shuffled along allowing Hitoshi the seat in the booth beside Hizashi, which more importantly, was further away from Mihoko.

He could sense the fact that Hajime was starting to notice his wife’s discomfort and was ready for the oil to hit the pan. Hizashi could say what he wanted to him later about being difficult but he was in the right.

“Hitoshi.” She finally spoke up. “I want you to come with us.”

Shouta’s eyes widened.

“What?!” Hajime exclaimed.

“Hizashi take Hitoshi outside.”

“No you’re not taking him anywhere!”

Hizashi thankfully ignored this as he guided the teen out from the table.

Shouta gave Hitoshi’s arm a squeeze of reassurance as he passed.

“Mihoko, what are you talking about?”

“I can’t do this; I can’t watch them keep our son from us.”

“They’re not keeping him from us they fostered him.”

“He’s our son!”

“Hitoshi will always be our son, always, but he hasn’t been ours in a very long time, Mihoko.” His voice shook. “The last time we saw him he was not even two-years-old, a lot has happened since then. We need to do what’s best for Hitoshi, yes?”

“Yes, it’s just so hard to see him.”

“I know but all you’re going to do is scare him away if you don’t give him time.”

Mihoko began to cry.

Hajime pulled her close.

“I know it hurts to think about, but can you remember what it felt like when we first lost Hitoshi, how there was that hole in our lives we knew we’d never be able to fill and didn’t want to? You would never wish that upon anyone, no one should have to go through what we went through back then. If we make Hitoshi choose, if we give him that choice, what happens to them? Hitoshi is as much a part of their lives as he was a part of ours and I don’t ever want to make them lose him too.” He paused. “While you were talking at the counter Hitoshi was signing about how he’s at the top hero school in the country, that he’s friends with Aizawa’s brothers, and their Mom’s make him pro hero themed bento boxes with little rice ball All Might’s, they have two cats named Jelly and Cream, and he’s just started decorating his room, apparently he’s painting it purple.” Hajime wiped away tears from his eyes. “Our son is happy and after what the police told us don’t you think he deserves that?”

Mihoko turned to look out the window.

Hizashi and Hitoshi were sat down at one of the umbrella shaded picnic tables on the stretch of grass outside the restaurant watching something on the voice hero’s phone and laughing, Hitoshi huddled in against him, a sight which looked so natural.

"Is he safe?" She asked, voice shaky.

He took a breath.

"The League have been quiet recently, the police monitoring has only found extremely light activity of its members and so far nothing suspicious. I know the recent events would suggest otherwise but UA is built to keep out people like them and inside he's surrounded by a wealth of pro hero teaching staff as well. If the League want Hitoshi they'll have to go through Hizashi and I first."

Hajime cleared his throat.

"Everything the police said... what they said he went through, how could anyone come out the other side from that, especially a kid?"

"It hasn't been easy for him coming to grips with integrating into everyday life, but those months were they let him go to UA seemed to really resonate with him. Hitoshi is determined to be a hero and it seems he won't let post traumatic stress disorder slow him down."

"He has PTSD?"

"It's a given considering his treatment in their captivity, same with the mutism, he's functioning remarkably well for only a few months of being free from the League. The nightmares scale with some nights being worse than others. We don't even try to make him go to sleep on those occasions, we just sandwich him between us on the couch with blankets and the cats and watch a movie."

"Could he not see a therapist?"

"Hizashi and I want him to but the kid is terrified of the idea and on top of that even if he wasn't the police refuse to allow him anyway. Apparently they don't want him talking about confidential information regarding the League."

"He should come first."

"We're not trained in mental health or anything like that but we've taught a lot of kids. Hitoshi knows he can talk to us and we'll listen. He doesn't speak up about it often but I know Hizashi spent the night with him in his bed calming him down."

Mihoko sniffled.

"You really love him, don't you?"

Shouta was silent for a few seconds before he spoke up.

"I do, so does Hizashi."

“After everything that’s happened to him he deserves to feel safe and he feels that with you.” She sniffled. “So you look after our son, okay?”

He nodded firmly.

“With everything I have.”

“Good because I’ll come after you if you don’t.” Mihoko teased, taking a packet of tissues out of her bag and trying to clean herself up. “I’m sorry, I messed everything up, I must sound so horrible.”

Shouta shook his head.

“You sound like a mother who loves her child and is prepared to stand up against anyone to protect him, there’s nothing bad about that.”

“I won’t blame him if he wants nothing to do with me.”

“Hitoshi’s a good kid, he’ll be more worried about you then he will be about that.”

Shouta quickly sent a text to his husband saying everything was good before they returned a minute or so later. He could feel the unease radiating off the teen as he sat down.

“It’s okay, Hitoshi, they just want to talk.” He softly reassured.

“Yeah, your Mom and I have been talking and we think it’s best that you get to stay with Aizawa and Yamada. They’re both amazing people and we’re very lucky that they found you because they’re doing such an amazing job. We just wanted to know though if it would be okay if we could come and visit you sometimes, just every so often?”

“He says yes.” Hizashi translated.

Mihoko and Hajime smiled.

“Hey, it’s okay little listener.”

Shouta guessed that Hitoshi must be getting a little upset as he heard his husband shuffle along the bench closer to the teen.

“And you can call us anytime if you just want to talk, or ask us anything, we’ll always be at the end of the line.”

He found himself a little close to tears himself.

Stood in the parking lot after the meal Mihoko opened the trunk and pulled out a bag. She held it out to Hitoshi.

“This is for you.”

Hitoshi looked inside to find a folder of photos.

“We got them all scanned for you so you could have your own copies. They’re all from when you were little; most of them are of you but some are your old room, your Grandma holding you, and your first birthday.”

Hitoshi smiled.

“Thank you.”

Mihoko went to hug him but restrained herself.

“Sorry, you don’t have to-.”

Hitoshi wrapped her arms around her.

And after that there wasn’t a dry eye amongst them.

“We’ll see you around, Hitoshi.” Hajime smiled as he got a hug of his own.


The couple waved as they climbed into their car before starting the engine and driving out of the parking lot, giving the horn one last honk just before they disappeared out of sight.

Aizawa released a deep breath as he walked over to his husband and his foster son. Wrapping an arm around each of them he pulled them close against his side, Hizashi’s head coming to rest on his shoulder as the sun set on the horizon.

“I’m the luckiest person alive.” Hitoshi’s small, tearful voice spoke up. “I used to have no one and now I have four people who care about me so much they’re willing to fight for me and it’s…” He paused. “Thank you.”

“You don’t ever have to thank us, Toshi, we’re the lucky ones.” Hizashi added.

“Our lives would be a whole lot emptier with you, kiddo, remember that.”

Chapter Text

Shouta woke up early the next morning and walked downstairs to find Hitoshi already awake and eating what sounded like cereal.



He went to grab his coat but paused, turning back to the kitchen.

“You wanna’ take a walk somewhere with me?”

“Uh sure.”

Shouta smiled.

“Finish your breakfast and we’ll head out.”

"A cemetery?" Hitoshi questioned as they approached the black iron gates after their walk through town.

Shouta gave a nod as he walked inside, flipping down his cane for the next stretch.

"It's been a while so let's see how good my memory is. If I remember correctly its thirty steps forward and six right, then eighteen forward twelve left."

"Is that how you work out where you're going?"

"Usually I get the layout down and memorise it so I don't need my cane but for this I don't visit enough to just know it so I made sure to count to where Hizashi told me they were."

"Are we visiting someone?"

"Yes." He nodded. "Come on then."

They headed through the graveyard, Hitoshi following the path set by the pro before they came to a memorial in the ground.


'Kaiyo Aizawa ~ 2116–2148

Loving Mother'


"She was your Mom?"

Shouta nodded.

Hitoshi worked out the age before wincing. He knew Shouta had spent a number of years in foster care before he was adopted by the Bakugou's but seeing it laid out in front of him was hard.

"Some kids at school, I uhh, I heard them talking about you the other day. They said something about, your Dad?"

"Shūgo Inagaki." Shouta supplied.

He'd heard that name before; Tomura had talked about him with Kurogiri. Something about him killing a bunch of people and then...


His wife.

They were both silent after that.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't be nosey, and it’s really none of my business."

"She was amazing." Shouta continued undeterred. "She would always make the best bentos for my lunch at school and we'd spend hours on the beach together when I was growing up."

Hitoshi smiled.

"I wish I could have met her."

He smiled too, the soft words of the teen warning his heart.

"Me too Toshi."

Shouta kissed two of his fingers before pressing them against the top of the stone memorial.

"I love you Mom, if you're around, watch out for Hitoshi for me, okay?"

Hitoshi gently linked his arm with the pro's.

Shouta extended his cane.

"Come on, the last stop here isn't far."

The next memorial was newer than the previous and carried another life span that made Hitoshi feel for the pro even more.


'Oboro Shirakumo ~ 2139–2155

A free spirit'


"My Mom transferred me to a different school a year or so before everything happened. It was well into the school year and I’d already missed the first one so everyone had their friends already. I was timid back then, scared of my own shadow but Oboro saw me sat on my own and practically refused to leave me alone until we became friends. After that we went to junior high together, then UA. I remember not long after... something happened, some guy at school decided he wanted to give me his opinion and Oboro, the stupid idiot, decked the guy and got his nose broken for the trouble."

"Sounds like he really cared about you."

"Oboro was just a beautiful person and he didn't have a bad bone in him. Most kids aspire to take down huge villains and save big cities from destruction; Oboro never lost sight of the little guys. He wanted everyone to be able to smile and you always did when he was around."

“2155, you would still have been at UA, right?”

Shouta nodded.

“There’s a reason UA hasn’t offered work placements to first and second years in nearly fifteen years.”

Hitoshi smiled as the pro’s hand came to mess up his hair.

“Anyway, enough with the morbid stuff, fancy grabbing some bubble waffles on the way home?”

“Sounds good to me.”

He couldn’t help but think about what Shouta had said though. As they walked back through the gates and down the street he turned to look up at him.

“So why now?”

“Like I said in that homeroom, 1-A has already faced worse and this time they’re all supervised by ranked pros. What happened back then was a freak accident, it wasn’t anyone’s fault but the school still took a hit, the only way they were able to start these up again was because of the pro hero involvement.”

“Is that why you have me, because of the police?”

“You’re with me because there’s no one in the rankings with quirks like ours. I know exactly how to train you because I trained myself.”

Hitoshi’s eyes widened.


“They didn’t offer any more placements while I was at UA so we had random pros come in to give training sessions every so often, I was… focused back then and knew what kind of hero I wanted to be.”

“An invisible one?” He questioned.

“I never wanted to be in the spotlight, not really, when Oboro, Hizashi and I were talking about having our own agency I was willing to put it with it if it made them happy but after he passed that all changed and Zashi and I decided on vastly different career paths. Well, sorta, he still bullied me into being a teacher, aided by the fact that Oboro thought I’d be a good one too.”

“You and Hizashi couldn’t have more different personalities, huh?” Hitoshi smirked.

“I like to think we balance each other out.”

“It’s sweet.”

Shouta smiled.

“Placements start next week and it’s going to be tough, you sure you’re ready?”

Hitoshi nodded.

“Of course.”

Chapter Text

In bed that night Shouta took a deep breath before he spoke up.

“I took Hitoshi to the cemetery today, to see Mom and Oboro.”

He caught the inhale, Hizashi clearly having been caught off-guard by the comment.

“I didn’t think you visited at all.”

“I like to go at least once a year.” He explained.

“I miss him so much.” Hizashi admitted.

“I told him about our plan to have our own agency together.”

“Oh yeah, that was like the smallest of our plans back then.” He smirked. “Awww the rooftop gang, that’s when Nemuri used to pretend to hate us, I still think she was the one who stole Sushi by the way, I know she had him last. I’m honestly amazed that we only have two cats considering your tendency to become the mother to any kitten or cat you found.”

“The woman at the store always used to give me weird looks when I’d buy a whole pack of kitten milk. There was an abandoned litter at the back of UA I used to go and feed, the council took a pathetic amount of time to come and collect them.”

Hizashi smiled as they reminisced.

“You know, I see a lot of Hitoshi in you.”

Shouta pulled a face.

“That’s insulting to Hitoshi.”

“Oh shut up, he is and you know it, that’s why I think you like the kid so much.”

“We have… similarities I’ll admit.”

“Shou he is identical to how you were back at UA and now you’re gonna’ be training him so I’m just prepared to come home one night and see him wearing your capture weapon.”


Hizashi’s eyes widened in joy.

“You’ve got him one haven’t you?!”

“I thought it could be part of his training.”

“Eeeeee!” The voice hero squealed. “That’s so cute.”


“Sorry I’m just very excited.”

Shouta smiled as he reached out a hand and gently stroked a hand down his husband’s cheek before pressing a kiss to his lips.

“I love you.”

“Aww Shou.” The kiss was returned a few seconds later.

He heard the sound of Hizashi clicking the bedside lamp off.

“I love you too ya’ big softie. Goodnight.”

He shuffled against the pillow until he was comfy before his husband gently came to rest against his chest.

“Night, Zashi.”

He wasn’t shivering anymore. That was bad, right? He couldn’t remember. His brain was fuzzy and it was so cold. He tried to curl up further but it made no difference.

He couldn’t help but wonder if he went to sleep whether he’d even wake up? He wasn’t sure if he even wanted to.

“Inko! Help me take these out!” Came a voice before a door was heaved open.

Shouta held his breath.

A cry later and he knew he’d been spotted.

“Holy shit is that a kid?!”

Footsteps trudged through the snow before soft, warm hands came to rest on his cheeks.

“Hey, are you okay?”

“Fuck, Inko, we need to get him to a hospital.” The louder woman stated. “Come on; let’s get him inside before he gets any colder.”

He groaned as he was lifted, his weight supported between the two women.

“Jeez kid, how long have you been out here?”

“Two weeks.”

“How the fuck aren’t you dead?!”

“Mistuki!” The other woman scorned.

“Oh come on Inko, have you seen what it’s been like? Kudos to you kid, you’re clearly made of tougher stuff.”

Shouta eyes flickered.

“Woah, woah.” They quickly readjusted to keep him on his feet as his body felt heavier and heavier by the second. “Kid, stay awake, okay? Kid? Kid!”

“Mmmhm.” He groaned as he cracked an eye open.

The scent of hospital hit his nose confirming the women had taken him in like they’d said. Reaching out a hand he came across numerous heavy blankets thrown over him.

Frantic footsteps approached from the hallway before the squeak of rubber soles making an abrupt stop.


He furrowed an eyebrow.


His sprinting friend burst into the room before he found himself engulfed in a warm, desperate hug.

Oboro’s cheeks were wet.

“Where the hell have you been?” His weak tone asked. “I’ve been so worried.”

“I got kicked out.”

“Then you should have come to mine, what you did should never even have been an option. What were you thinking?”

“I’m sorry; I just didn’t know what to do.” Shouta answered honestly as he lip quivered. “Did you see it?”

“Yeah, it was in the paper, Dad found it.”

Which is exactly what he was terrified about.

“And?” He sighed.

“And what?”

“Well they can’t possibly want you to be anywhere near me.”

“Shouta they’re more worried about you, Mom was furious. That paper shouldn’t have even been able to publish something like that because you’re too young, it’s illegal.”

“Didn’t stop them though.”


It was the voice of his social worker, Sakura. He heard her walk towards the bed.

“Don’t you ever do that again, do you hear me?!” She shouted before he found himself pulled against her in a hug. “God I was so worried.”

“So what happens now?” He asked unenthusiastically.

“I’ve got you an emergency placement. One of the women who brought you in has filled out the forms to get checked and approved as a foster parent, because of what’s happened I’ve rang around and got them expedited so they should be ready in the next day or so. If they are approved then you’ll be staying with her.”

Shouta furrowed an eyebrow.

“They really give that much of a shit?”

“You’re a good kid; I’ve been telling you that for years, Shouta.”

“He won’t have to move schools, right?” Oboro asked nervously.

“No they live nearby. And, they’re also close to UA too.”

Shouta’s eyes widened.


“That’s awesome!” Oboro exclaimed. “That means if we get in we can walk together!”

“Do they let blind kids go to UA?”

“If they try anything like that then they’ll have to endure the wrath of me, I’ll get them sorted out don’t you worry, Shouta, you just focus about getting the grades you need.” Sakura stated defensively.

Shouta smiled.


Chapter Text

As the bell rang to signal the end of the school day Hitoshi made a detour to the support workshop.

“Oooooh a new person!” An excited voice spoke up before a blur of pink appeared out of nowhere in front of him. “Nice to meet you I’m Mei Hatsume!”

“I’m uhh Hitoshi.”

“What brings you to our lair?” She teased with a giggle.

“Apparently this is where you get support item forms?”

“Oh!” Mei rushed away before returning with a few sheets of paper. “Normally you would fill it out and send it back to us but we’ve been light on orders recently so we can probably start on it straight away. What are you looking for?”

“Well it’s two things actually, one isn’t really a support item though it’s just sorta’ costuming.”

“Not a problem.”

One Week Later

Hizashi was in the process of putting his hearing aids in as there was a knock at the door. He turned to see Hitoshi.

“Uhh Hizashi?”

“What d’you need, little listener?”

The shirt Hitoshi was wearing looked as if it had shrunk, the material reaching just below his belly button with the too-short sleeves restricting his arms.

Hizashi smirked.

“I think you had a growth spurt, either that or that muscle building routine Shou gave you is doing its job.” He stood up from the bed and walked over to the wardrobe, rifling through it until he came to a plain black t-shirt. “Here, you can wear this, it might be a little long but it’ll do for now.”

Hitoshi pulled off the other shirt and replaced it.


“You free to go shopping?”

“You don’t have to.”

“You need clothes, Hitoshi.” Hizashi stated firmly. “Come on.”

“Have a look around and pick out some things you wanna’ try on.” He instructed as they reached the clothing department.

Hitoshi seemed amazed by the scale of it all as he began to walk down an aisle looking at the racks. Soon a particular section caught his eye.

‘The Pro Collection’

All Might merchandise was EVERYWHERE, including a hoodie that he was ninety-percent sure he’d seen Izuku wearing at some point. As well as the number one there was also Best Jeanist’s jeans line, Wild Wild Pussycats dresses, one in each of their colours, Ms. Joke bandanas and smiley face pin badges, Mirko dress-up ears, Mount Lady and Midnight swimsuits.

There was also an Endeavour t-shirt which was aptly on the floor which made Hitoshi smirk.

Good, it’s what you deserve.

To the side of the main display was a rack full of singular style hero t-shirts carrying their logos. With a quick flick through he found: Fat Gum, Kamui Woods, Ryukyu, and Edgeshot as well a few he’d never heard of.

Turning round he jumped as he came face to face with a Present Mic standee, knocking into it.

His cheeks went beetroot red in embarrassment as he quickly looked around to make sure no one had seen, which luckily they hadn’t before he righted the cardboard prop noticing what it was standing in front of.

A smile came to his face as he reached up picking a hanger from the rack and holding it in front of himself in the mirror.

Hitoshi mentally recounted the shopping list Hizashi had given him as he sat on the stool in the dressing room flicking through the clothes he’d picked.

Two hoodies, at least seven t-shirts, and three pairs of jeans

The shirts had been the easiest with aside from his first choice, the rest just being various shades of purple with the rest being black. He’d picked a purple zip up hoodie with grey sleeves and a hood alongside an insanely cool Hawks hoodie with the pro’s signature red wings sewn onto the back. The jeans were just… jeans, he didn’t really care what he wore as long as they were comfy.

Traipsing out with his arms full it didn’t take long to find the voice hero.

“Ooh I like this.” He picked up the Hawks hoodie. “That is so cool.”

“If it’s too expensive I can put it back, I don’t mind.”

Hizashi pulled a face.

“Nah, you’re good, kiddo. You finished?”

He nodded.

The pro helped lighten the load by taking half of the pile as they headed to the checkout. The woman scanned them through one by one as Hitoshi carefully folded them into a carrier bag. As she lifted the last t-shirt he saw Hizashi’s eyes widen a little before a quick smile came to his face.

After paying they loaded the car up and headed home.

Shouta was on the couch in the living room when they got back.

“Tedious isn’t it, Hitoshi?” He teased.

“I enjoyed it. Thanks for taking me.” Hitoshi admitted truthfully. “And uhh for buying it all, obviously.” He nervously rubbed the back of his knew. “I really appreciate it.”

“Hey I told you before, that’s our job.” The voice hero smiled.

The teen walked off upstairs armed with his new wardrobe.

“You seem very chipper.” Shouta noticed as his husband walked round the couch and took a seat next to him.

“He got a really awesome Hawks hoodie, some purple t-shirts, and a uh… a Present Mic shirt.” Hizashi explained.

He smiled softly.

“Aww, you’ve got a fan.”

“I’m serious, Shou, it really got to me, I nearly broke down crying right there and then in the store, it just took me by surprise.”

“He mentioned your radio show to me a couple of weeks ago; he probably listens to it, or at least did at some point because this was years ago that he was referring to.”

“Do you still have your shirt?” Hizashi asked.

“Of course I do.” He retorted. “I’m offended that you think I wouldn’t. I was so proud of you when you first ranked, having the very first Present Mic shirt ever produced is pretty special, especially when I got to take the hero home with me too.” Shouta kissed him on the cheek.

Hizashi blushed as he giggled.


He smiled.

Chapter Text

To say Hitoshi was excited about the placement was an understatement with the kid being up and downstairs before either of the two pros.

Hizashi yawned as he walked into the kitchen.

“Morning, little listener.”

He smiled.


“You ready for today?”

Hitoshi nodded.

“Would you mind if I joined you both?”

His eyes widened as a huge smile came to his face.

“I would love that.”

Shouta knocked on the door of the Nezu’s office before hearing the call to come in.

“How can I help you all?”

“Any chance you could get this stupid thing off Hitoshi’s arm, we can’t train otherwise.”

A drawer slid open before footsteps crossed the floor.

“I must say the police need to learn to accept feedback, there is no reason for you to still have to wear this Master Shinsou and I can only apologise that it is still a requirement. It must be quite unpleasant.”

“I’m getting used to it.” Hitoshi sighed.

The bracelet clicked open.

“There we go; I hope you have a productive training session.”

“Thanks, Nezu.”

“You need to keep your balance when striking or you won’t be able to put your full power into the-.”

“Hitoshi!” A familiar voice shouted.

“Mei.” Hitoshi smiled as she entered the training facility.

“I’ve got your stuff and they’re really cool!” She squealed.

“What’s this?” Shouta asked.

“Hitoshi asked me to make a support item for him and design something for his costume.” Mei explained before holding out the briefcase and clicking open the locks. “Ta dah, my babies!”

Inside sat the voice manipulator he’d requested and the replica set of Eraserhead goggles this time painted purple.

Hizashi was uncharacteristically silent.

Hitoshi felt emotional as he carefully removed the items from the case, scared he was somehow going to break them.

“Thank you so much Mei.” He smiled.

“It’s no problem, I’m glad you like ‘em.”

“I love them.”

Her watch began to beep.

“I need to go, see you around Mindjack.”


That was the first time anyone had ever used his hero name.

If he thought he was getting emotional, he was practically drowning in it now as he took a moment to look down at the creations.

This was really happening; he was really training to be a hero.

“So what did you order?” Shouta asked.

“Is that…” Hizashi cleared his throat as he finally found himself able to speak. “A streamlined version of my directional speaker?”


Hitoshi handed Shouta the mask, the erasure hero’s fingers tracing the shape.

“Will you be able to wear this without, you know?” He asked.

“Mei and I tried out a few different designs and fits; this one is reinforced carbon fibre so it doesn’t weigh enough to trigger anything.”

“And the costume item?”

Hitoshi suddenly felt nervous, turning the goggles around in his hand he hesitated for a few seconds before finally handing them over, almost scared in case the pro wasn’t going to take too kindly to the infringement.

Shouta recognised the design in only a few seconds before he looked up at the teen.

“Why these?”

“Well it’s what people do, right, when they admire a hero? Most people grow up watching animated cartoons about heroes or have visits from pros when they’re at school. You get older and you start watching them on the news, or buy their merch to show your support and admiration. Even before all this happened and you fostered me you were always the most prominent figures in my life. I had a really old radio in the room they kept me in at the facility and I would lie in the dark and just listen as you talked about songs you liked, the dinner you’d cooked the night before, the weather, or even how you described going for walks with Shouta, I obviously knew you weren’t there with me, and you didn’t even know who I was, but your show was a lifeline to me. Even on the nights when I felt like death itself, bloody and drained and sometimes not wanting to be alive anymore I would turn on your show. I told myself that I had to keep going because Present Mic said tomorrow needed me and so did he so that was my mantra, just one more goodnight monologue, which then became another goodnight monologue and so on until it became my entire reason for living.”

Tears were streaming down Hizashi’s cheeks at this point.

“And as for you.” He turned to Shouta. “I saw the interview you did with Present Mic while hiding in the doorway of the room where they kept the old, beat up TV. It was the first time I’d ever seen heroes so I was really excited. Then when I saw how close by you were I got the courage to run. I was so young on the night we met that I flat out blabbed the names of the people holding me not knowing how much danger that put me in if the League found out. I listed some of the most prominent villains in Japan at the time and your first reaction was to pick me up and tell me that everything was going to be okay because you were a hero and you weren’t going to let anyone hurt me.”

Hitoshi's breath shook a little in his throat as he held onto his composure.

“You’re an underground hero who doesn’t have any of that commercial stuff, or a known presence on radio shows, you’re not even ranked, but despite all of that you’re the hero I wanted to be growing up. I still remember every word you said to me that night, and I can quote whole monologues from your show, Hizashi. I never mentioned it because I didn’t know you’d react but the reason I sneak off to my bedroom is so that I can listen to your show. On the nights when I’m scared and the nightmares are really bad I’ll pull up one of your podcasts and listen to it just so I can fall asleep. That’s how much of an impact the two of you have had on my life both directly and indirectly. Present Mic gave me a reason to stay alive, and Eraserhead showed me that there is good in this world and you can be a hero regardless of your quirk if you truly believe in yourself.”

He looked down at the mask and the goggles.

“These are my tributes to the two of you and I promise that no matter how long it takes me or how many stupid enforcement bracelets the police throw on me before they decide I’m not evil, I will become a hero. I will be there to listen and reassure people that everything is going to be okay. I will fight for the thousands of kids out there who are in situations like I was where the world has given up on them. I want to be their Symbol of Hope and their reason to fight. I didn’t make the decision to commission copies of your equipment lightly, I know how vital image is to a hero and I would never wish to destroy the reputations you’ve both built over the years as pros which is why I’m going to prove to you that I’m worthy of wearing your speaker and your goggles and I will make you proud.”

As he finished Hitoshi looked to the two pros to find them both quietly sobbing.

“I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to make you both cry.”

Hizashi closed the gap between them.

“Oh come here you incredible boy.”

The voice hero pulled him into a big, reassuring hug.

Shouta took his hands in his own and offered them a squeeze with an accompanying smile on his face.

“We’re already proud of you, Hitoshi, you come on in leaps and bounds every single day and your determination in the face of past adversity is just incredible. I think I speak for the both of us when I say for you to wear our support items would be an honour.”

Hizashi sniffled.

“When I first came up with the idea to do the monologues I had no idea what to write. Oboro told me one day about how he always felt like he needed to be the sunshine on the rainy day and the effect that had on him sometimes. Even on the days were he himself felt down he told me he would fake it because he knew there were people at school who needed to see his smile or have a ‘hello’ directed at them so that they knew they weren’t alone. After he died I knew then that it had nothing to do with what I wanted to say, all that mattered was what people needed to hear. My show never ventured into any serious topics not even back when it was just a podcast, but I wanted there to be some kind of message for people to hold onto and that’s when I wrote ‘and remember my beautiful listeners, tomorrow needs you and so do I, look after each other and I’ll see you again’.”

Hitoshi smiled as he lifted the mask to show the inside to the voice hero revealing a quote written in gold calligraphy.

tomorrow needs you, little listener and so do I’

“You said that the first night you stayed with me through the nightmares, and because some of them are about having to wear something so similar to this I thought having a reminder there to ground me would help. Those words mean so much to me so it was important that my costume incorporated them somehow.”

Hizashi hugged him even tighter.

“I always knew that there had to be listeners out there who’d I’d helped with those words, even in just a small way, but to have you be one of them makes me very thankful that I did because a world without you in it would be a much sadder place, Hitoshi, I hope you know that.”

Hitoshi’s lip wobbled before he burst into hiccupping sobs, burying himself against the chest of the voice hero.

“Thank you for helping me live.”

Chapter Text

“So, back in the sports festival when you guys were here, who was on your team for the cavalry battle?”

“Zashi, Vlad King, and Best Jeanist.”

“Really?!” Hitoshi laughed. “Did everyone you went to school with stay and become a teacher here?”

“I think Oboro would've if he’d still been alive, he always talked about it. Tensei didn’t but he obviously had his whole family agency thing waiting for him when he graduated, and Best Jeanist decided to get rich, which wasn’t a bad idea.” He smirked. “Vlad and I didn’t talk at all really back then but he has a competition going between our classes.”

“Well there’s a reason your students are in 1-A, which means there’s a reason you’re their teacher too.”

“Oh don’t get all soppy it doesn’t suit you.” Shouta teased before throwing out the material of his capture weapon and pulling Hitoshi’s foot out from under him, he heard the sound of the kid quickly trying to keep himself upright a few seconds later. “And too slow.”

“That was a dirty move.”

“Do you think villains play it by the books, no.”

“We were having a moment.” Hitoshi faked offence.

Shouta shook his head.

“Come on, laps.”

“Yes, Sir.”

The teen bounced on his heels a few times excitedly before running off.

“You’re going to need one of these.”

“A blindfold?”

“You gonna’ be okay wearing it?”

“Yeah they didn’t use these too much, not enough where it bothered me. So what’s it for?”

“People look at blindness as something debilitating but out there on the streets it can be a blessing. If you’re too reliant on your sight then you’re not focusing on what’s important. Paying close attention to an enemies’ breathing and movements can help you to predict their next move. We’re going to train your senses by isolating them which in turn will improve your combat skills too.”

“That sounds awesome.” Hitoshi smiled.

“Put it on.”

The teen followed the instruction.

He took a step to the side.

“Now I want you to take three steps forward.”

Despite being unable to see his attempt he couldn’t help the smirk on his face as he heard the squeaks on the floor.

“How do you make this look so easy, I mean you run like this?”

“Years of practice. If I couldn’t hold my own fighting solo then there’s no way I’d be licensed. If you can lose that reliance then your defence will improve tenfold. It also means if you’re ever in a situation where the lights go out you'll know what to listen out for.”

He moved to stand behind Hitoshi.

“Do you trust me?”

“Of course.” The teen answered.

Shouta smiled.

“Glad to hear it.”

He unravelled some of his capture weapon.

“If you fall I’ll catch you. So, now that you don’t have to worry about falling I want you to turn round and try and land a hit on me.”

“Why did this go from ‘take three steps’ straight up to ‘punch me in the face blindfolded’?” Hitoshi teased.

"Just shut up and do it.” Shouta shook his head.

The teen spun around, tripping over himself before finding the capture weapon wrapped around him.

“I wanna’ go again.”

“Good, I like that spirit.”

Shouta reset Hitoshi before awaiting the move.

The teen tried again, this time successfully managing to turn without stumbling but missed him.

“There we go, you missed but you got the footwork down.”

“Aww man…”

Shouta smirked.

“Are you really that excited to punch me in the face?”

“Meh if you’re offered the chance of something you might as well take it, you know?”

When lunchtime came Shouta accompanied Hitoshi to Lunch Rush which was strangely quiet with half the school away on placements.

“It’s been a while since I’ve ate in here. The three of us used to just eat on the roof.”

Hitoshi smirked.

“The cool kids.”

Shouta smiled.

“We were anything but that; there were like two people who talked to us.”

“Midnight-sensei and Tensei?”

“Yeah, Nemuri likes to make it out like she was too cool for us back then but she knows she was honorary rooftop gang.”

“Rooftop gang, that’s so sad.”

“Thanks, Hitoshi…”

The teen laughed.

“Anyway, eat up, you need your energy.”

He heard the sound of Hitoshi’s chopsticks clinking against the bowl a few seconds later before continuing with his own meal.

Footsteps passed them a few minutes later before he could practically feel the teen flinch from across the table.

Paying closer attention he could hear snickers as the footsteps faded in the distance.


“It’s fine.” The teen replied quickly before attempting to start eating to avoid his questioning.

“It’s not fine, what did they do?”

“Just leave it, Shouta… please.”

He sighed.

Hitoshi didn’t say anything for what felt like a millennium until…

“Will they ever let me become a hero?”

“What do you mean?” He asked softly.

“I’m a traitor and that’s never just going to disappear. If I went to the exam would the commission even want me out there, no one will trust me?”

Shouta took a breath.

"I know what it's like to be deemed dangerous by society. My Dad killed seven people including my Mom. I have a quirk similar to his so everyone expected me to end up like him, despite the fact that he tried to kill me too.” Shouta stated. “You can’t let them get to you or you’ll never climb out of that hole, trust me. I’ve already been talking to the police and the commission, they are starting to come around more it’s just going to take a bit more time but once that bracelet’s off you’ll have the same chances as every other kid in the country.”

Hitoshi was silent for a few seconds before he spoke up.

“Can I ask you something?”


"After everything that happened, why did you keep the surname?"

"I didn't."


"Aizawa wasn't his surname, it was my Mother's." He explained. "After the trial revealed just how busy he'd been, the police were worried the victim's families would track me down if I didn't just pick a random surname. Plus they didn't think anyone would adopt a kid with the surname of a serial killer on death row so there was that too. I didn't budge on my choice and so I legally became Shouta Aizawa, and later Bakugou, technically."

"They really thought people would hurt a kid?"

"Back when I was fourteen some newspaper did a spread covering the case. It was supposed to be some kind of expose about the real story of what happened and it was all lies. The police tried to shut it down quick but they'd already doxxed me, which is not only illegal, but very illegal when against a minor, especially one who's vulnerable and in police protection. Nothing they did mattered though 'cause the story was out there and suddenly everything felt different. People didn't look at me the same and I even got death threats. Some of the families did like a national TV appeal asking everyone to remember that I was as much of a victim as them and to stop the hatred but people could click over to the next channel and see my Dad on death row with a guy in a suit talking in depth about how evil he was. They couldn't draw the line in the sand between me and him."

Shouta fiddled with the material of his capture weapon.

"I remember being so scared to back to school on Monday but turns out I had a much bigger problem. The foster placement I was in saw the picture and knew it was me so they called my social worker and demanded I be sent back. The group home I used to live in was full and the church funded one didn't want me so I ran. And because I'm just that lucky, the second week I was out there saw some of the heaviest snowfall in the history of Japan. So there was me outside on the streets like the idiot I was freezing to death. That's when Mitsuki and Inko found me and every single part of my life got better from then on."

He cleared his throat.

“Sorry, you probably didn’t want my entire life’s story.”

“No, I’m honestly honoured you told.” Hitoshi replied sincerely. “Thanks for telling me, I’m sorry you had to go through that.”

Shouta smiled.

“You’re a kind kid, Toshi.”

He heard the sound of the teen putting his chopsticks down.

“Do you think I could get more food?”

“Eat as much as you want.”


Hitoshi walked off to get a second helping.

“I wonder how the rest of the kids are getting on?”

Later That Week

There’s terror on the streets of Kamino Ward tonight as strange creatures have descended upon the city. We are hearing reports that numerous heroes are already on the scene but the scale of the damage is already widespread with fire raging through the city. And… what’s that? Breaking news, the hero killer Stain has been sighted, the police are telling locals to stay in their homes and if you’re on the streets find somewhere to hide if you are in proximity of the West Side…

Chapter Text

This just in, the police have confirmed that the hero killer Stain is in their custody after being brought down by none other than number two hero Endeavour in Kamino Ward last night. The number of casualties is unknown at this time but the police and local pro heroes are hard at work evacuating all those trapped and providing support to the injured.

Hizashi heard a groan from the bed and turned to see the youngest Iida awake.

“So, back with us at last? You’ve beaten these lazy bones.” He motioned towards the beds the unconscious forms of Izuku, Kacchan, and Shoto were occupying. “I would expect this kind of reckless behaviour from them but not you.”

Tenya hung his head.

“I know with everything that’s happened recently that you’re upset and angry about Tensei, but this isn’t the answer, trust me.”

“I’m sorry.”

Hizashi took his phone out of his pocket and clicked through until he found what he needed, holding it out for Tenya.

“This was taken the day after you left for your placement.”

It was a photo that had clearly been taken by Mic-sensei with the voice hero in the front of shot. Midnight-sensei was leaning into the frame beside the bed Tensei was occupying, while Aizawa-sensei had his brother's arm wrapped around him at the other side. They were all smiling and laughing.

“He’s okay. Your brother is stronger than you give him credit for. He’ll bounce back from this. If there’s anyone stubborn enough to do it it’s Tensei.” Hizashi explained.

Tenya nodded with a smile.

“Thank you.”

Footsteps approached before a flash of purple appeared leading his husband.

He smiled at the sight.

“Welcome to the fun house.”

Groaning could be heard before Kacchan’s head rose from the pillow with sleepy eyes.

“The hell happened?”

“Recovery Girl needed to heal a pretty nasty cut across your back so her treatment took a lot out of you.”

“Amazing…” He stretched, wincing as it pulled at stitches before sitting upright and swinging his legs over the side of the bed. Kacchan turned to Tenya. “Hey emergency exit, you good?”

“Yes.” Was the simple response.

“Good to hear it.” He noticed Hitoshi in the doorway. “You just gonna’ stand there?” He shuffled along.

Hitoshi took the cue and sat beside him.

“Why is it always you two?” Shouta asked.

“Someone has to stop Deku from trying to get himself killed.” Kacchan replied.

“You cut my training short you dick.” The teen punched him lightly on the arm.

“I didn’t do shit, purple hair!”

“Stop yelling…” Hizashi spoke up.

“Oh that’s rich…” Kacchan retorted.

Shouta had to try very hard not to laugh at that.

Chapter Text

UA High School - 2157 (12 Years Ago)

Shouta fiddled with the gown, the material already getting on his nerves as they stood in line beside the stage.

The principal adjusted the microphone to the right height before clearing his throat.

"Good morning. Today we are here to celebrate our graduating classes as they prepared to make their next steps. We thank you all for coming and hope you cheer on all of our students as they make their way onto the stage to accept their diplomas."

He took a breath.

"First up we have Class 3-A. Now sadly we must start on a lower note than we usually do. During his second year, Oboro Shirakumo a student on the hero course tragically lost his life saving a group of school children. His actions that day saved thirty young lives and his bravery will never be forgotten. I would like to thank those of you who came to the memorial ceremony where we unveiled the plaque dedicated in his name out in the gardens beside the school's east wing. His name shall live on as part of UA's history and we honour him today by presenting his diploma to his Mother and Father."

The parents and family sat in the balconies were on their feet as they clapped in support of the couple.

Inko shook her head as she struggled to hold back tears.

"I can't even imagine what that must feel like; oh I do hope they're doing okay."

"I don't know if I can forgive them for how they treated Shouta afterwards."

"Mitty they were going through a lot."

"He was sixteen and they blamed him for the kid's death! The whole thing was a fluke, a damn accident on all sides and that's all. It should have been left at that."

"If you were in their position and that had been Kacchan you would want answers too and you know it."

"I wouldn't ever blame a kid, I don't care what mental state you're in, if you take your anger out on someone as vulnerable as a grieving child then you can go rot in my opinion." Mitsuki sighed. "The sad thing is the kid would never have wanted this, everytime he was round our place, Oboro always used to tell me about how much better Shouta was getting and their plans for the agency they were gonna' create when they became pros. He would hate a damn plaque in a garden, and he sure as hell wouldn't stand for his Mom and Dad victim blaming his best friend."

"You need to calm down, babe." Masaru's calm voice spoke up.

She took a breath.

"Hizashi was there too." Fumiko Yamada spoke up. "His voice quirk was the reason that building came down but it wasn't his fault, the villain absorbed the sound waves and amplified them to bring down the structure." She paused. "It took four months for him to be able to use his quirk again. Those boys had lost enough already, to see them climb out the other side was a miracle."

Shouta froze as he watched Yui and Aito walk up onto the stage.

He couldn't do this.

Making his way through the huddle of students he headed off towards the main school building.

"Shouta!" He heard Hizashi call after him but he didn't stop.

Masaru adjusted a sleeping Kacchan against his chest before softly nudging Mitsuki with his elbow and pointing towards the students.

"Shouta's gone."

Mitsuki tried to spot him but couldn't, only managing to find a distraught looking Hizashi instead.

"What's wrong?" Inko asked, Izuku squirming on her lap to try and catch a glimpse of his older brother.

The three of them watched as Hizashi took off towards the school.

Mitsuki sighed.

"Shouta Aizawa." The Principal announced but the stage remained empty. "Okay... em, Keiji Azuma."

Inko turned to Fumiko and Hana next to her, the two women having noticed their son leave too.

"I'm sorry about this." She apologised.

"Hizashi doesn't care about a piece of paper. Today was always going to be hard but they've got each other to get through it, that's what matters."

Inko smiled.

Izuku, who had grown accustomed to seeing Hizashi's parents, shuffled along to crawl onto them.

Just as Inko was about to scorn him, the two women immediately began to fawn over the three-year-old, Hana wrapping her arms around him as he contently sat on her lap watching the ceremony.

"He has a lot more energy than Kacchan, huh?"

"He certainly does." Inko smiled.

Masaru couldn't just sit anymore.

"Could you take Kacchan?"

"If you hand him over you'll wake him up and then he'll never go back to sleep, it's probably gonna' be best to just take him with you."

"Okay." He nodded before standing up and shuffling out the row, gently stroking a comforting hand through his son's hair as he did so. "Come on buddy, let's go see if your big brother's okay."

Crossing the courtyard and entering the school building it didn't take him long to locate the two boys.

Shouta and Hizashi were both sat on the floor leaning back against a set of lockers, their cheeks wet as they huddled against each other, hands intertwined.

They looked up as he approached.

"Who is it?" Shouta asked Hizashi.



He thought that maybe his adopted son would hide the intimacy the two were currently sharing but neither of them made a move.

He remembered when Shouta fearfully came out to them, clearly terrified he was going to get sent back because of it. Even after they told him there was nothing wrong with being gay and that they still loved him regardless he still shied away from any displays of affection towards Hizashi when they were around.

The two of them had been dating for nearly a year now and it never failed to make Masaru smile seeing the effect Hizashi had on the kid. Shouta was happy and that's all he could ever have asked for.

"And a sleepy Kacchan." Hizashi added with a smile.

"You boys doing okay?" Masaru asked softly.

"We'll survive. Sorry I ruined everything." Shouta apologised.

"You didn't ruin anything, we know why you couldn't and that's fine, it was your choice."

Losing Oboro had changed both the teens.

Since joining the hero course in his second year Shouta had dramatically transformed as a person, the scared, quiet boy having become a typical, chatty high schooler with friends. After Oboro's death Shouta blocked people out, hid away, and basically shut down. He was barely eating, hardly sleeping, training 24/7, and throwing up almost daily thanks to pure stress from the police investigation. Masaru remembered clearly the day when he'd reached his limit, the boy having broken down, sobbing in his wife's arms as everything he'd held in, everything he'd refused to feel came rushing out.

And then he'd asked for help and Masaru couldn't have been prouder.

Therapy did the kid a world of good as he was finally able to take about his father, the death of his mother, his life in foster care, those two weeks on the streets, and so on. That coupled with the joint grief counselling sessions he had with Hizashi, the two teens slowly and surely came back into their own, returning to UA a few months before the end of their second year and adjusting well.

Seeing them looking so much older and mature in their gowns made him smile.

He needed to remember to take a picture.

"You two doing okay?"

"Yes, sir." Hizashi replied with a grin.


The boy nodded.

"I'm fine."

He picked himself up off the ground, dusting off before walking over to him.

"May I?"

He motioned to Kacchan.

Despite Mitsuki's warning he handed the sleeping child gently over.

Shouta smiled as he held his younger brother close, the boy not stirring at all.

"Is Zuku with Inko?"

"Well actually he's currently on Fumiko and Hana's laps."

Hizashi looked up and laughed.

"Of course he is."


"Master Aizawa."

Shouta paused at the voice of Nezu-sensei; his old homeroom teacher back in General Studies.


He crouched down.

"I have this for you." The teacher handed him the rolled up diploma. "I know it's only a prop until your real one arrives but it's still part of the experience."

"Thank you."

"It was nothing."

"I mean for everything. I know you had a part in selecting me during the entrance exam despite, you know." He vaguely motioned towards his eyes. "And you recommended me for transfer after the sports festival."

Shouta paused, taking a breath.

"There aren't many teachers who would implement an open door policy for a single student. It really helped knowing there was always someone on campus I could talk to.

He held out his hand.

"So thanks."

A hand came to take his own, shaking it.

"You are a very strong-willed young man and you're going to go far. It was an honour to teach you even for a year. From General Studies to a licensed pro, I must say we've never had a student like you and you did that all yourself. I assure you there will be many a future student who will walk these halls talking about your achievements. You should be proud of what you have accomplished and the friends you made along the way. Your family are very proud and I'm sure your Mother will be too."

Shouta paused, his breath catching in his throat at the mention before a soft tearful smile came to his face.

"I'm sure she will."

"I hope we may meet again in the future." Nezu gave him a pat on the arm. "Enjoy the festivities."

"Shouza!" The excited voice of Zuku shouted.

"I know they definitely will." He smirked.

One Year Later

"He lives!" Nemuri exclaimed sarcastically as he answered the phone.

"I will just hang up on you..."

"Oh don't be a grump."

"What do you want, Nemuri?"

"Did you give it some thought?"




He heard her groan down the line.

"Why not?"

"I have zero interest and I'm not good with kids."

"That is absolute bullshit, what do you call all that with Zuku and Kacchan then?"

"Having brothers?"

"They're still kids!"

"You're not gonna' let me say no, are you?"

"Hizashi already signed up."

"Hizashi is a mad man."

"Just give it a go, come on."

"I'm not working for that buffoon."

"Good 'cause he doesn't even work here anymore, he hasn't for months."

"So who's the principal then?"

"Nezu. He’s always asking after you.”

His old teacher had got a promotion it seemed.

“Do you really think the top hero school in the country would be interested in a blind teacher?”

“There you go again, just stop with the self-deprecation would you? You’re the best hero of the three of us.”

Shouta scoffed.

“Nezu wants you to teach the A class, the job’s waiting for you if you accept.”

“Wait a minute, I haven’t even applied.”

“He wants alumni not hired in tutors, the money’s average but it’s rewarding as hell. You’ve always said you wanted to help people in your position so why the hell not?”

He exhaled.

“I’ll think about it.”


“That wasn’t a yes…”

“It might as well have been. I’ll see you next week for the faculty meeting.”


The line went dead as she hung up.

Shouta groaned.

“I’m going to regret this.”

Five Months after Oboro's Death

The night before they were set to return to UA, he and Hizashi had gone to the graveyard for the first time to see Oboro's memorial. Their plan however had one small hurdle.

Mr. and Mrs. Shirakumo.

"We just want to say goodbye, you didn't let us at the time."

"No! You have done enough! Our little boy is dead and it's..."

Shouta's breath caught in his throat as he forced the words forward.

"Say it." He challenged.

"The building came down because of your quirk, and you're blind! Oboro might still have been alive and in urgent need of medical care but you couldn't see him."

A finger jammed against his chest.

"You killed our son!" She screamed.

Heavy footsteps could be heard before Shouta was suddenly shoved backwards, losing his footing and falling to the ground.

"Hey!" He heard Hizashi shout.

"I think it's time you go."

Shaking, he struggled to hold onto his composure as he bit his lip, never having felt more blind.

A hand came to take his own before he allowed himself to be pulled to his feet and led away from the memorial, barely reaching the gates of the graveyard before he violently threw up.

"This is my fault..." His weak tone shook as the words stumbled out. "The police know it, they know it, I'm so sorry."

"Look at me."

Shouta didn't.

"Look at me."

Hizashi placed his hands on the sides of his friend's face and lifted it so that he was facing him.

"Everyone's reason for blaming you is what, because you're blind?!" His friend paused, the voice hero's anger rising. "Don't ever apologise for that, do you hear me?"

Shouta nodded.

"You have a provisional license in the top class of the top hero course in Japan; do not let them undermine you or your abilities. You're not a hero because of your disability, or a hero despite your disability, you're a hero with a disability. You're gonna' inspire a hell of a lot of people, Shouta."

He reached up and gently tucked Hizashi's hair behind his ear, fingers coming into contact with his plastic hearing aids as he did.

"Speak for yourself."

"The world needs us regardless of whether they know it yet. I am not giving up, and neither should you."

"Who said anything about giving up?" Shouta quipped.

Hizashi smiled.

Chapter Text

“This is…” Hitoshi groaned as he tried to avoid swearing in front of the entire UA staff. “So I come third in the midterm exam and then what, I’m just not allowed to participate in the final exams at all?”

“That’s not what I said.” Shouta replied.

“Then what? I have trained for every second you’ve allowed me to have this stupid bracelet off, and I am more than ready to prove that where I finished in the sports festival wasn’t just some fluke, so why won’t you let me?!”

“Master Shinsou.” Principal Nezu walked over.

“No! I’m sick of being treated like I’m different. Like there’s something wrong with me. I know you don’t trust me, and I know that the police are on your backs saying that I’m probably gonna’ just waltz back to the League, but my loyalty is with UA and my classmates, just… give me a chance… please.”

“You are taking the final exam.”

“Just not with them or any of the teachers, that’s not fair.”

“Life isn’t fair, kid.” Snipe retorted.

His anger grew as he glared at the pro.

“Hitoshi.” Hizashi walked over. “You need to calm down.”



Hitoshi looked hurt as his gaze dropped.

“’You’ll have the same chances as every other kid in the country’.” He began voice quiet. “You said that to me less than a week ago. It certainly doesn’t feel like it.”

“Hitoshi…” Shouta sighed.

“So what is it? What reason did the police give for why I can’t take part? Is it because I could hurt a classmate? Or are they scared I’ll target one of you guys? I live with two of you!” His tone rose a little once again. “It’s hard to believe your speeches about me not being a villain when you’re so determined to treat me like one. ‘Oh no Hitoshi, you’re nothing like them. What’s that, oh that’s just a precaution, you have to be at least eight miles away from any student or staff member on campus just in case you try and kill someone’…”

“You need to learn some respect.” Snipe stated warningly as he stood up from his seat.

“Oh yeah, what are you gonna’ do?!” He challenged.

“Hitoshi, what is your goal here?” Shouta asked, tone showing how unimpressed he clearly was with his behaviour.

“You talk about how you ‘saved’ me, and I got used to that idea in my head, but moments like this, or just being at school in general reminds me how far away I actually am from that concept.” Hitoshi began. “I’m not free, I’m just not being punched or bled or injected with shit, oh and you’re feeding me, those are literally the only differences. You don’t let me train; I have a friggin’ limit to how far away I’m allowed to go before this stupid thing sets off.” He shook the bracelet on his wrist. “I have this, which I suppose is a torture device considering it apparently electrocutes me if I use my quirk.” His breathing raced as he got riled up. “So what happens if someone attacked, hmmm? Am I supposed to just stand there while everyone else fights? Just hold my hands up and ask them politely not to kill me if they pick me out of the group? You’re so scared that I’m gonna’ do something that you haven’t even allowed me a way of defending myself. And you and the police can justify it anyway you want, I know who I am and I’m not one of them.”

Hitoshi’s lip shook.

“After everything they did to me, all those years, why would I ever want to be? I was here for months before the USJ and not one of you even noticed something was wrong with me. None of you asked if I was okay, or why I was covered in bruises, or nearly passing out from starvation, you just didn’t care. Then when I got pulled through that warp gate you saw me as the perfect scapegoat. Like your neglect of a student was now justified because said student ended up being mixed up with the League of Villains. Fucking Kacchan was the only one who stopped them from hurting me.” He pulled at his hair as the panic set in. “I want…”

He willed himself to stay composed.

“I want to believe that if the League ever came back I could protect my friends because I don’t want to lose them. I’m having nightmares all the time where they attack and I can’t do anything. I watch my friends die every night and I can’t get it to stop. I just don’t want to be scared anymore. I want to be stronger!" He roared.

They all looked shocked, their eyes wide as Hitoshi finally came back to himself, realising just where he was, and most importantly, just who he’d screamed in the faces of.


“Eraserhead, Present Mic, could you please take Master Shinsou somewhere to cool down?”

Twenty minutes later and Hitoshi was sat in the homeroom with Shouta’s sleeping bag wrapped around him, the warmth keeping him grounded.

He fiddled with his fingers, gaze downcast as he spoke up quietly.

“What I said back there, I didn’t mean it.”

Hitoshi saw both Shouta and Hizashi’s gaze raise to him as he avoided eye contact, not wanting to see the disappointment.

“Living with you is nothing like being with them, and I didn’t mean to sound so ungrateful. I really appreciate that you feed me, and don’t hurt me, and I uh.”

Words became harder to produce, his throat hurting as he felt the muteness pushing forward. Hitoshi fought it back as he bit his lip, trying not to cry.

“I’ll be better, I’ll talk less, I’ll do everything you say, just please don’t send me away.”


He panicked.

“I’m sorry.”

Hizashi, clearly having enough of seeing his ward in such emotional distress, closed the gap between them. The flinch from Hitoshi as he reached out a hand made him feel almost sick as he gently wrapped his arms around the young boy and began offering soft coos of comfort.

As Shouta walked over, the voice hero moved around so that he could hug the teen from behind while allowing his husband space to crouch down in front of Hitoshi.

Hitoshi’s breath caught in his throat.

Shouta gently took his ward’s hands and offered a warm smile.

“I think everything just got a little too much back there, and you had some things you clearly needed to get off your chest. I know the timing may not have been great but I’m glad that you did.” He reached up and stroked a hand through the teen’s hair. “If you ever feel like that again, angry or sad, or worried, I want you to talk to us, okay? I know it might feel better to keep it all in but the only person you’re hurting is yourself by doing that.”

“Are you happy living with us Hitoshi?” Hizashi asked.

The teen’s expression crumbled as he looked down.

Shouta rubbed his thumb against his ward’s hand reassuringly.

“Hey, we’re not getting rid of you, okay?” He took a breath. “Clearly we haven’t been doing our jobs properly because otherwise we would have noticed something was bothering you.”

Hitoshi looked horrified as he shook his head frantically.

“No, no, it was me. You didn’t do anything I was just being stupid and-.”

“You were not being stupid, your emotions are important and I’m sorry that we didn’t help you when you needed us to. That changes today. From now on, no matter how inconsequential you think someone you’re feeling upset or scared about is you come and see us, okay?”

“And just to add onto that, it doesn’t matter if it’s 4AM and we’re asleep or if you physically have to tap me on the shoulder and ask me to put my hearing aids in, you come and tell us so we can help you. Don’t think that there’s ever a time when you can’t come to us.” Hizashi explained.

Hitoshi met their gaze for the first time.

“Did I get you in trouble? Because I was so rude and you could lose your jobs because of me and…”

“No one is losing their job, not over that. Yes you shouldn’t have talked to members of staff the way you did but no, you didn’t do anything to warrant something like that.”

There was a knock at the door as Principal Nezu peered round.

“Sorry to interrupt.”

“No come in.” Hizashi invited.

Hitoshi turned to the Principal.

“I’m really sorry.”

He got a smile in return.

“Apology accepted, Master Shinsou. Are you feeling better?”

Hitoshi nodded.

“As much as I don’t agree with the manner in which you aired your thoughts about the proceedings, I do agree that it would be unfair for you to not participate in the final exams, especially given your performance in the midterm; therefore I have some news which might make you smile a little more. As you know Midoriya and Bakugou were assigned All Might as their opponent. It was always going to be a challenge to face a hero such as him two on one so placing you in the group with them should hopefully help to balance out the odds of success."

“Thank you, Sir.”

"I think it would be best if Hitoshi went home, I'll arrange cover for you both, the schedules light today anyway."

Shouta stood up before offering his arm to the teen.

"Come on, you need some rest for tomorrow."

Chapter Text

After yesterday’s… events, Hitoshi was glad that he had the night off to fully calm down before the final exam. Once they’d returned home he’d felt nothing but sheer embarrassment and shame for how he’d acted. How dare he make Hizashi and Shouta feel like they hadn’t given him the world? Stupid Hitoshi, so fucking selfish.

Hizashi had left food for him outside his room which he ate with Jelly and Cream curled up beside him, earphones in listening to an old Put Your Hands Up podcast.

They’d placed him on a team with Kacchan and Zuku.

He couldn’t let them down.

He wouldn’t.

He needed to give it his all and make up for what he’d done.

His mask felt tight as he nervously walked towards the starting gate of the practice area. He noticed Kacchan already there and waiting, he turned to him as he approached.

“So he is taking part after all.” His cousin smiled, slapping him on the back. “We’re not gonna’ need you ‘cause I’m gonna’ take down All Might all on my own but it’s nice to know you’re there anyway.” Kacchan smirked.

Hitoshi rolled his eyes.

“When you get your dumb ass captured I’m not coming to untie you.”

“Yeah right…”

“Hey!” Zuku ran over.

“You’re late, Deku…” Kacchan stated.

“I know, I’m sorry.”

“Whatever, just get ready.”

Things seemed frosty between the two of them, had something happened? Hitoshi knew that Kacchan was always softer in how he treated him, that hadn’t changed since he’d defended him back at the USJ, but he wasn’t usually this abrupt with Zuku, they were cousins and they fought a lot but they still cared about each other.

A horn sounded.

This was a bad time for a family fight, they had to face All Might and Hitoshi was sure that even with the three of them it was still going to be a challenge. He needed them at their best but if they were going to be at each other’s throats the entire time they were never going to pass.

“Team Midoriya, Bakugou, and Shinsou Practical Exam. Ready, go!”

The gates slowly opened.

They walked inside.

“So what’s the plan?” Hitoshi asked, jumping a little as they slammed closed behind them.

“Well normally I’d suggest that we analyse the hero’s combat ability and choose to fight them based on that, but in this case the villain is All Might so we don’t need to think about it because combat is out of the question. It would be impossible to beat him in a fight.” Zuku explained. “All Might is probably waiting for us on this main road, we should take another route.”

“I’m not going to run away from this fight.” Kacchan stated. “It will look better if we blast that smile off his face.”

Hitoshi furrowed an eyebrow.

“You want to fight All Might?”

“We should avoid fighting him no matter what it takes!” Zuku continued.

“I’m gonna’ toy with him until time is almost up and then knock him unconscious for real.”

“Think about this, you know what All Might can do. Even with those handicap weights, it’s impossible for you to win in a fight against him.”

“Just because you think you’re getting stronger doesn’t mean you get to tell me what to do!”

Hitoshi was in disbelief as he looked between his cousins.

“We don’t have time for this!”

“All I’m trying to do is get us to pass the final; this is for the three of us.” Zuku spoke up.


“WILL YOU STOP YELLING?!” Izuku retorted, by yelling…

Hitoshi took a breath trying to stay calm as his moronic teammates seemed more interested in fighting each other than their teacher. He was just about to intervene when a gust of wind blew them all of their feet, the buildings and cars around them truly being destroyed as they tumbled to the ground metres away.

He coughed as the wind was knocked out of him on impact.

“Ow.” Hitoshi winced as he picked himself up. His arms and face were scraped up and bleeding with road rash from skidding along the concrete, his gym uniform already looking worse for wear.

Looking around he couldn’t see shit through the enormous dust cloud engulfing what had been the main street.

“Who cares if I destroy this city?” A booming voice announced.

Oh great, All Might was here…

And where the fuck were Kacchan and Zuku?

Seeing a side street through the clearing he ducked into it and threw himself flat against the wall hoping the number one wouldn’t notice him. He quickly slid down the mask to allow him to breathe more effectively.

All Might stomped down on the ground, the new, smaller gust of wind blowing away the dust in seconds revealing his cousins.

“If you think of this as an exam and not a real fight you’ll be sorry. I’m a villain now heroes, remember that.”

The fight between him and All For One, he remembered the boss talking about how even though he’d taken great damage the number one had faired far worse, even going as far to say that his days as a hero would be numbered. What did he mean by that? What had happened that made All For One smile so much even in defeat?

Was there some kind of weakness he could exploit?

“You better come at me with everything you’ve got, I won’t pull my punches.”

Maybe he hadn’t even noticed he was missing.

“And where’s that little friend of yours?”

Oh boy…

“It’s over if we fight him head on.” Zuku stated as he got to his feet. “Let’s run!”

“Don’t tell me what to do!” Kacchan echoed from earlier.

Zuku took off running.

All Might charged at the two of them.

“Kacchan no!”

“How about a stun grenade?!”

His cousin pulled the pin on his arm gauntlet

“You want everything I’ve got All Might, like that wasn’t my plan! I-.”

Kacchan was cut off as the number one grabbed him by the face.

Despite the numerous blasts he fired in the hero’s face All Might was undeterred as he let out a chuckle. In a matter of seconds he adjusted his grip, grabbing Kacchan’s arm and swinging him over his shoulder, slamming him into the ground.

Hitoshi couldn’t help the gasp that burst from his lips as he felt the impact.

Kacchan gasped for air.

He shoved the mask back on.

“Hey All Might!” He called out, imitating Zuku's voice.

“Oh I’m sorry I promise you’re next.”


Hitoshi grabbed control of the number one but it felt different. He was so mentally strong, he had minutes at best.

“We need a fucking plan and we need it now!” He shouted, his breathing harsh as he screwed his eyes closed against the pins and needles stabbing at his brain. “Fuck!”

Kacchan was on his feet once again.


“Out of the way!”

Hitoshi was ready to kill the pair of them.

“Haven’t you been listening to me? It would be insane to fight him head on.”

“Shut it! I will win this! That’s what it means to be a hero, Deku!”

“At the very least we should be trying to avoid him.”

 “Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Hitoshi screamed as he collapsed to his knees, the number one finally having fought his way back to control.

Zuku’s eyes widened.

“Hitoshi…” His breathy tone called.

All Might became animated once again, zooming off in seconds. They were unbeknown to his position until…

“Incoming, heroes!”

A large span of broken fencing was thrust into the ground trapping the two heroes against the ground.

“Hmm.” The number one walked into the alley and grabbed Hitoshi by the throat, lifting him from the ground and making his way over to Zuku and Kacchan. He held him out like it was nothing as Hitoshi kicked and squirmed, hands trying and of course failing to make All Might release his grip.

“Nice trick you’ve got there, shame it has such a small time limit, and I now know what to look out for next time so you’re basically out of ideas.”

It felt familiar which only made Hitoshi feel sick deep inside. But this time, he was stronger. He could fight back.

“Zuku…” He forced out.

“Hitoshi.” The fearful tone of his cousin replied.

“Use your quirk and lift that thing off you.”

Zuku’s eyes blanked as he took control, it felt as if he was giving himself a haemorrhage but his idea seemed to be working.

“Ah, ah, ah, that’s not going to cut it.” All Might covered his eyes with his hand.

“It… doesn’t work through sightline.”

Zuku, aided by Kacchan, was making quick work of the railing.

The hero genuinely looked a little stumped.

“I know you saw me at the sports festival, how I used it in my fight against Zuku, but you clearly weren’t paying attention.”

“Ahhhhhh!” His cousins roared as they were finally free.

Hitoshi released control, his head feeling lighter.

A few seconds later, he was flying through the air before he collided harshly with the wall of one of the buildings.

“Gahhh…” He cried out on impact.


He slumped down to the ground, falling on all fours as he barely had the strength to keep himself upright. He could hear Zuku cry out once again.

“YOU BASTARD!” Kacchan bellowed.

Hitoshi managed to pull his head up just in time to see Zuku trapped once again beneath the railing. His gaze was stolen however by the sight of All Might landing an extremely heavy punch dead centre into Kacchan’s stomach. He flew through the air, before landing a few feet away where he violently threw up.

“KACCHAN!” He screamed, the anger building up inside he powering him to his feet and back out into the fray.

His cousin had yet to move.

All Might was stalking up to him slowly and menacingly.

“Hah, I know why you’re so angry, young Bakugou; because of young Midoriya’s sudden improvement, right? But you have to remember each of your rankings when the year first began. It’s much easier to level up when you’re a novice. You’re wasting your full potential. Do you see that?”

“Shut up, All Might…” Kacchan spoke up. “If I can’t win without relying on Zuku, then I’d rather lose this, do you hear me?”

“I see.”

“Don’t you dare say that you’d rather lose, let’s win this, Kacchan!” Zuku shouted as he blasted through the air.

Hitoshi found himself swooped into his hold, his cousin grabbing Kacchan too before he took them down one of the side streets far out of reach of the number one.

“Drop me you bastard!”

Kacchan fought his way free from Zuku’s grasp.

Hitoshi, who wasn’t too thrilled about being carried either, also righted himself before panting heavily against the wall.

“Kacchan…” Zuku began, equally out of breath. “I can’t think of a way for us to beat All Might, or to make a clean getaway without him swooping in and stopping us. But before you give up, we can at least try using my power, you can’t say you’re okay with losing! You’re you because you never give in, you’re always fighting. ‘The most amazing hero always wins’; you’ve been saying those words since we were little kids. How can you give up now?”

Kacchan growled before causing a blast into the wall beside Zuku.

“Listen because I won’t say it again, nerd. All Might’s speed is insane, no matter where you try to run and hide there’s no way you could avoid fighting him.”

“Yeah but we don’t stand a chance in combat, I mean you saw him back there.”

“Shut the hell up!” Kacchan shouted, effectively silencing Zuku. “He won’t be stopped by anything less than a full power attack; I learnt that earlier with my mini blasts. So, we give him everything we’ve got at point blank range. Our only option is to inflict damage and then put some distance between us.”

Hitoshi took a breath as he counted down.

Kacchan flew from the side street just as All Might passed.

“You’re going the wrong way!”

He fired a blast directly in the number one’s face, a cloud of smoke shrouding him before he followed it up with concussive fire.


Zuku flew in from behind, Kacchan’s gauntlet on his arm.

“So that’s your game.”

“Shoot now!” Kacchan bellowed.

Zuku pulled the pin as fire erupted through the street and his cousin was thrown backwards.


“Purple hair!”

“Right.” Hitoshi nodded, repeating their tactic from the sports festival and flying through the air with Kacchan’s blasts.

“Run you idiot!” Kacchan instructed Zuku down below.

By time they’d made it halfway the three of them all knew something wasn’t right.

“Where the hell is he? There’s no way that attack K.O.’d him.” His cousin stated.

But apparently they’d spoken too soon.


“Woah!” Kacchan was plucked from his back causing him to fall to the ground without the propulsion of the blasts.

He felt his arm snap as he hit the concrete.


There was a shatter as All Might’s punch shattered Kacchan’s gauntlets.

The number one laughed.

“All right heroes, it’s time for you both to die.”

Hitoshi could barely see what had happened in the seconds that followed, only hearing Zuku’s scream of his cousin’s name. As the dust cloud cleared it revealed Kacchan on the ground, All Might’s boot keeping him down, and Zuku held by his wrist in the air.

“Damn it…” Zuku squirmed as he tried to get free.

“What kind of face is that to make young Midoriya?”

He threw him across the ground like it was nothing.

“You planned to get away from me using maximum fire power and then make a run for the escape gate. It wasn’t a terrible strategy but I can’t help but notice that you failed to include young Shinsou in your plan. However, now that I’ve destroyed Bakugou’s gauntlets you’ve lost your heavy attack; you’re helpless. This is over.”

“SHUTTT UPPPPP!” Kacchan fired a large blast straight into the number one’s face sending him flying. He quickly grabbed Zuku. “Get ready to fly.”


“I don’t like the idea of running, but with the crap that we’re in right now this is the only way to pass the practical.”

Within seconds Kacchan had launched his cousin through the air towards the finish gate.


All Might collided with Zuku’s back causing him to cry out in pain.

Hitoshi’s eyes widened.

He had to help!

“Those gauntlets were only so I could use maximum fire power with no risk, but now I see that was stupid. If I don’t take any risks there’s no way I can beat you, right All Might?!”

The blast which erupted was ridiculous in size and unsurprisingly his cousin looked spent after it, the sheer agony written in Kacchan’s face.

“Deku go! Hurry up!”

But Zuku wasn’t going anywhere; there was definitely something really wrong with his back.

Hitoshi held his useless arm to his chest as he sprinted towards Kacchan.

All Might had other plans though as he grabbed his cousin and once again slammed him into the ground, this time more definitively.

“It’s time to sleep, boy.”


It was so close to…

“What’s the matter, pet?”

Hitoshi’s eyes blew wide.


“Hurry up and go you damn nerd... I’ll keep fighting, I’ll break myself, even if there’s nothing left of me, I will win the way I want to. I’ll destroy myself before I accept defeat at your hands…” Kacchan’s weak tone spoke up.


Hitoshi sprinted over, placing himself between the number one and Kacchan on the ground.

“I don’t care who you are, I’M NOT GOING TO LET YOU HURT THEM.”

All Might laughed.

“And how exactly are you going to do that?”

Hitoshi smiled.

“That’s the problem with you villains; you really like the sound of your own voice.”

He took control and this time, the number one didn’t have the same strength.

“It may have took me a while but I figured it out. After you took on All For One he mentioned a weakness he could exploit, I always thought he meant it figuratively but it turns out it was actually literal. I saw you coughing after Kacchan’s blast, you can’t hold out in fights like you used to which means you’re not getting free from me this time.”

Hitoshi looked down at Kacchan, his cousin unconscious at his feet and he hadn’t heard anything out of Zuku in a while. Rage grew inside him as he glared at the number one.

“I don’t know much about heroes, not like Zuku, but I know enough to understand what they’re supposed to do and I don’t think beating up kids until they're unconscious or their backs are broken fits the description. So did it finally make you feel powerful again after all those years, All Might?.” He shook his head. “They look up to you and this is what you do?"

Hitoshi winced as he reached behind to his belt with his not broken arm.

“I don’t care if you were just playing a part, everyone has their true colours and I know that better than most. The way you fought them like they were beneath you, you could fit right in with the League. You hurt my family." Hitoshi stated through gritted teeth. "And you’ll never be a hero to me.”

He threw the handcuffs down in front of the number one.

"Now put them on.”

The horn sounded a few seconds after the click of metal.

“Team Midoriya, Bakugou, and Shinsou have completed the exam." The announcing voice stated.

Hitoshi released his control.

“Young Shinsou… I-.”

He crouched down and pulled his unconscious cousin across his back before standing upright.

“Go to hell All Might.”

Chapter Text

Shouta walked into the room.

“Look, Aizawa, I-“

He landed a punch hard across Toshinori’s face.

“Hizashi told me everything, what the fuck were you thinking?!”

“I’m sorry I tried to get into character for the exam and it got away from me a little.”

“You could have killed them!" He shouted.

Toshinori silenced.

“Recovery Girl described everything. You punched Kacchan so hard that he threw up, you damn near broke Izuku’s back, you forced both of them to have to overuse their quirks, Hitoshi’s arm was shattered from the fall, Kacchan’s was a clean break, and then you smashed him into the ground and he fell unconscious…” He growled. “If Hitoshi hadn’t have grabbed you with his quirk then who knows what else you might have done.”

Shouta paused.

“They’re just kids for fuck sake, it was an exam, you were never supposed to go that far with it.”

The erasure hero stormed off.

Hitoshi sat quietly in the corner of Recovery Girl’s med wing attempting to blend in with the furniture as she lectured All Might. He hadn’t failed to notice the additional bruise on the number one’s cheek that definitely hadn’t been there when he’d left with Kacchan and Zuku.

There was no way Hizashi would have done it; he didn’t seem like the type to slug a work colleague which only left Shouta. He couldn’t really imagine him doing it either but considering it was his two little brothers that were injured his money was on the latter.

His arm was in a sling due to Recovery Girl’s inability to source enough energy in his body. The nightmares had only been getting worse recently meaning the bags under his eyes were heavier than ever. He’d barely been sleeping and on top of that he felt incredibly guilty for keep dragging Hizashi and Shouta out of bed every time he was too much of a baby to deal with it himself.

As much as he was embarrassed to admit it, the nightmares never hung around whenever Hizashi stayed with him. The voice hero had better things to be doing than being stuck with him, like sleeping, in his own bed, with his husband. Hizashi seemed to shut down any attempt at telling him he’d be fine, clearly and correctly knowing he was lying, and so more often than not the two of them would just lie there and talk about… anything really. It reminded him of falling asleep to the sound of his voice on the radio back at the facility and he was sure Hizashi knew that.

Kacchan was still deeply unconscious, Zuku however was awake but clearly in pain as Recovery Girl continued her treatment.

“Thank you, I’m beginning to feel a lot better.”

She huffed before walking over to the number one and hitting him with her cane.

“All Might you really don’t know how to hold back! If you’d hit these boys any harder they’d have permanent damage. Midoriya’s back was horrible, I was barely able to heal it. Hghh, Bakugou probably won’t wake up for a while. For now, the two of you should stay here and rest.”

“Yes Ma’am, thanks again.” Zuku replied.

Hitoshi didn’t answer.

The number one coughed.

“You too All Might, come on I’ll get you a bed round here.”

Even though he knew the pro could probably still hear, Hitoshi was thankful for the distance at least. He had no intention of talking to All Might and it was pretty clear the number one knew that judging by the guilty expression he’d seen on his face as he’d looked over the three of them.


His thoughts were interrupted as he turned to Zuku.

“I’m sorry.”

Hitoshi furrowed an eyebrow.

“What for?”

“I couldn’t help you, in the exam. I saw your eyes; something All Might said triggered you.”

‘It’s time to sleep, boy.’

‘What’s the matter, pet?’

He took a shaky breath before smiling at his cousin.

“It’s fine. I’m fine, I promise.”

“I’m sorry Kacchan and I argued the entire time, we… kinda’ had an argument about something the other day and never really worked it out. You shouldn’t’ve had to deal with that.”

“Hey, we finished, that’s all that matters, right?”

Zuku smiled with a nod.


Kacchan’s unconsciousness lasted for a couple more hours and when he awoke Recovery Girl discharged them from her ward.

A very pissed Shouta and Hizashi took them home that night.

Recovery Girl had prescribed him some sleeping medication in the hope that they might help him get enough rest where she could finally heal his arm.

The idea of being drugged to sleep didn’t exactly bring back great memories, but if it meant he would stop being a burden to the two heroes then he’d do it.

School on Monday saw a bunch of people in the class freaking out about the exam and potentially not being allowed to go on the camping trip.

“Once the bell rings you should be in your seats.” Shouta stated sternly as he entered the room.

They quickly sat down.

“Morning. Now unfortunately there are a few of you who did not pass your final exams, so when it comes to the training camp in the woods, everyone is going.”

“YESSSSSSSS!” The classroom erupted.

Ughh why was everyone so LOUD.

“The good news is that no one bombed the written exam, five failed the practical badly, two teams of course, and then Sero failed as well. Allow me to explain, for the practical battles, the teachers made sure to leave a way for the student’s to win.”

Are you sure about that???

“Otherwise you never would have stood a chance. We were interested in observing how you each worked together and approached the task at hand.” Shouta explained. “The training camp will focus on building your strength. Those who failed need those lessons the most, we were never going to separate you, that was just a logical deception we used.”

Kacchan groaned.

“But regardless, failure is still failure. We’ve prepared extra lessons for the five of you. Frankly they’ll be far tougher than what you’d face at Summer school.”

The five being Ashido, Kaminari, Kirishima, Sato, and Sero; meaning…

He’d passed!

His excitement was short-lived however as Hitoshi somehow found himself forced into going to the mall with them all. Kacchan had managed to worm his way out of it but he hadn’t been as lucky.

Seeing Ochaco try and ultimately fail to flirt with Zuku had been… interesting, the gravity hero having ran off shortly after. He was just about to walk over to his cousin when…

“Oh it’s someone from UA, nice.”

A voice appeared that caused Hitoshi to gag.

“I want an autograph.”


An arm wrapped around him.

“Long time no see, pet, I can’t believe I just ran into you like this. It makes me think that it might not be a coincidence.”

Shigaraki’s hand snaked up to his neck, pale fingers wrapping around it.

“No… this feels like it’s destiny. And what happened to your arm, that looks painful.”

Hitoshi’s breathing was harsh and shaking.

“Oh right, from your point of view we haven’t seen each other since the attack on UA. Why don’t we spend some time catching up?”

Tomura’s menacing grin froze him in place.

“Don’t make a scene; I’m just a family member who ran into you at the mall. Calm down and wipe that look off your face, I think we should have a conversation, that’s all; a friendly chat between old friends. Oh and if you run or fight me in any way, well…” He grinned. “I was going to say I would use my quirk on you but, we both know you already know how that feels. So no, even though I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t try anything given how you immediately reverted back to the old pet the second you caught sight of me. Your own pain is nothing to you, so how about there’s? I’ll kill your cousin over there and everyone else in that so called ‘family’ you seem to have acquired so maybe you should just be a good boy.”

“There are so many people here; this is reckless, even by your standards.” He forced out.

“Just look at these sheep, any one of them could use their quirks and start a massacre whenever they wanted, and yet they’re all here, smiling think laws and rules will protect them because they assume everyone has their same morals. They’re convinced nothing bad could ever happen to them. After you I could kill twenty, thirty, maybe even more before a pro showed up and managed to stop me.”

“I get it, let’s talk.”

Tomura laughed.

“This is nice, a real moment. Let’s go grab a seat and get comfortable why don’t we?”

He walked them over to a bench and forced Hitoshi down next to him.

“I saw you in the sports festival, pretty villainous stuff you pulled off to back there just to achieve your own selfish goal.”

“I’m not-.”

“Oh save it… So, what do you know about the hero killer?”

“My friends took him down.”

“Yeah well he pisses me off the most.”

“Wasn’t he one of your guys?”

“Not technically, but the media made it look like he was, and that’s what my problem is. It’s like suddenly everyone is obsessed with that stupid hero killer. The attack on UA, the one that you helped us carry out, the nomus on Hosu, he upstaged all of it. No one’s even giving me a second thought; why is that? Despite what he claims to believe, all he really did was try to get rid of whatever things he didn’t like.”

Tomura’s grip tightened on his throat.

Hitoshi gasped for air, futily struggling against the hold.



He saw Zuku’s eyes widen as he realised who he was standing in front of, and the significance of what was happening.

“Let go of him.” His voice was fearful and lacking strength.

“Everything’s fine, just stay back, don’t come closer.” Hitoshi instructed, desperately hoping his cousin would listen.

Tomura released his grip causing him to cough as air was finally able to fill his lungs once again.

He doubled over, his good arm wrapping around his stomach as he hacked and spluttered.

“Oh you were here with a friend, I didn’t know. Sorry about that. You try following me and I’ll get angry.”

Shigaraki stood up and walked away.

“Bye bye now, pet.”

Zuku rushed over and sat beside him. He felt his cousin’s arm wrapping around him.


“Hold on, Tomura!” He wheezed. “What is All For One after?”

“Who knows really, but here’s a little word of advice, pet, be careful, the next time we meet I’ll likely have to make good on my threat.”

Zuku gasped.

Shigaraki soon went out of sight amongst the large droves of shoppers mulling about.

Zuku called Shouta and Hizashi after the incident and the shopping mall was temporarily closed. The two heroes accompanied him to the station after the police demanding his questioning about the turn of events which took place.

Hizashi had to translate for him thanks to Tomura’s hand having caused light damage to his throat.

Convinced that it hadn’t been an arranged meeting between him and the League, he was released a few hours later.

‘Oh right, from your point of view we haven’t seen each other since the attack on UA.’

What did that mean?


He blinked from his thoughts, looking to Shouta sat in the passenger seat up front.

“What happened today won’t happen again, we’ll make sure of it.”

“I’m fine, honestly.” His voice was croaky and barely audible. “He’s done worse.”

He heard the pro sigh.

“That’s not the point.”

“Can we just, leave it, please…” He faked a smile that hopefully looked reassuring. “At least for tonight.”

Shouta nodded.

“Of course, Hitoshi.”

Chapter Text

“Oh I hate the camping trip.”

Shouta furrowed an eyebrow.


“Because I don’t get to see you for a week.” He wrapped his arms around his husband. “And Hitoshi’s going so I’m just gonna’ be here on my own.”

“I always call you.”

“I know, I just miss you, that’s all.”

Shouta smiled, kissing his husband softly on the lips.

“We’ll be back before you know it.”

“I know you have to be Mr. Responsible about all the kids but send me a text every so often about Toshi, I get worried you know.”

“I will, don’t worry.”

On the bus ride to the forest Hitoshi was sat beside the window with Kacchan and Izuku next to him on the back row.

Neither one of them had yet to bring up the whole Shigaraki incident which made him suspect Shouta and Hizashi may have had prior words with them.

“I heard Shouza arranging something over the phone with someone, I wonder if there’s gonna’ be like a special guest pro?” Zuku spoke up.

“Or it’s just going to be a week in a damn forest.” Kacchan groaned.

“Are you excited, Hitoshi?”

“I read up what camping was and it sounds awful.” He admitted.

“It is.” “It’s fun.” Kacchan and Zuku answered in unison, their replies vastly different to one another’s.

Hitoshi smirked.

Kirishima turned in his seat and leant over the headrest.

“Hey, Shinsou! How come you still have to wear that bracelet thing, aren’t you gonna’ be training with us?”

He shrugged.

“No one tells me shit, I don’t know what I’m gonna’ be doing.”

“Surely they wouldn’t have made you come if you weren’t.”

“Maybe they want me to kill you all just to prove their investigation right?” He joked but as he looked around no one laughed. “Nevermind.”

Hitoshi wrapped his arms around his stomach as he went back to looking out the window.

Kirishima sat back down as Kacchan turned to him.

“Hey, stop putting yourself down like that and stop saying you’re evil. You’re pretty far from evil.”

“How would you know if I was exactly?”

“You’re reading ‘Tales from Moominvalley’.”

Hitoshi looked horrified about his cousin’s knowledge.

“What’s that got to do with anything?”

“Oh yeah, I can imagine it now, All for One sat with his feet up after a hard day of being evil reaching over and grabbing his copy of the fucking Moomins.” Kacchan sarcastically retorted. “Why are you so determined for people to think of you that way?”

“I obviously don’t want them to.”

“Then why keep bringing it up?”

“Because I get nervous and that’s the first thing that comes out.” He admitted. “I don’t know if you’ve noticed but no one talks to me and when they do it’s usually because they wanna’ know something about my quirk or this stupid bracelet. On the rare occasion they don’t ask about either of those things I have nothing to talk about. I don’t know music, or films, or TV shows, I don’t have memories from school or ‘remember when’s’ to bring up in conversation, I just have shit that people would start pitying me over, either that or they’d just get awkward and wish they’d never came over in the first place. I’m not good at talking to people; I’m also mute half the time which doesn’t exactly help either in case you forgot.”

Hitoshi exhaled as he slumped back in the seat.

Kacchan, not expecting a full blown rant, nodded.

“Sorry I just… that whole thing with Tomura really threw me off, I…” He didn’t continue.

“Getting all that off your chest probably made you feel better, right?”

“Yes…” The purple-haired teen reluctantly agreed.

“If you don’t have any good memories then you just have to start making some.”

“I wasn’t eavesdropping on purpose, but when we get back home we could always go out and do stuff together. There’re plenty of places in town we haven’t took you yet.” Izuku piped in as he peered around Kacchan.

Hitoshi nodded.

“I would like that.”

“Good, then we’ll do that.”

When the bus stopped somewhere that clearly wasn’t the forest he could see miles in the distance, Hitoshi groaned.

“They’re gonna’ make us walk all the way there aren’t they…”

“Okay, everyone off the bus.”

He threw his head back against the seat.

“Kill me.”

“Come on Purple Hair.” Kacchan grabbed his wrist and pulled him up.

“Ughhhhh but whyyyyy?”

“Because I’m stuck doing this shit then so are you.”


Hitoshi followed his cousins down the aisle of the bus as he threw on his Hawks hoodie, really glad that he hadn’t packed it in his backpack now.

Kacchan smirked.

He scowled and stuck his finger up at him.

“Woah, that’s so cool!” Zuku’s eyes practically lit up as he came closer to inspect his jacket, hands extending the wings hanging from the back. “I should have worn my All Might one.”

“Ooh then you could have been matching!” Kacchan teased with a grin.

“Mitsuki said you have the same All Might hoodie as Zuku so you can shut the fuck up for a start.” Hitoshi retorted.

His eyes widened, cheeks going blush as he growled, turning away.

Hitoshi turned to Zuku and gave him a smile.

“I got you.” They high-fived before standing next to each other as the class lined up beside the bus. “Let me guess, the bus magically broke down, sensei?” He called out, knowing he was pushing his luck but not really giving a shit.

“Heyo Eraser!” Came a voice as the doors of an expensive looking car opened.

Shouta smiled.

“Long time no see.”

In a matter of seconds two brightly coloured… women dressed like cats??? emerged and began introducing themselves, twirling around like something from that stupid show he’d caught Zuku watching once. What was it called?

“…but you can call us, The Wild Wild Pussycats.”

“Kawaii Kawaii Pussycats.” He turned to his cousin and gave him a nudge, raising his eyebrows to purposely annoy him. “On a scale of one to ten how embarrassed are you in this current situation?”

“Shut up…”

Hitoshi laughed.

“I’m Mandalay and this is Pixie-Bob.”

“Oh you’re also the dress people.”

The red one furrowed an eyebrow.


“Sorry, do carry on with… whatever it is you’re doing.”

Kacchan was beside himself laughing.

“Anyway, these are the heroes you will be working with during the summer training camp.” Shouta explained.

“Great…” His cousin groaned under his breath.

Hitoshi nudged him.

“Stop it or we’re gonna’ get in trouble off the cat lady.” He tried to hold back his own laughter as he lectured him.

“The camp you will be staying at is over there in the distance.”

So he was right.

“The current time in nine thirty in the morning, if you’re fast enough you might make it there by noon.”

Hitoshi took Kacchan by the arm and moved them both back two steps just before the ground disintegrated beneath the rest of the class sending them toppling down.

“Bye!” They waved with wide grins.


Shouta looked less than impressed.

“That means you too…”

“It’s fine, Howl's Moving Castle over here’s got us covered. Ready?”

Kacchan climbed up onto his back.


Two blasts later and they were in the air.

“How far do you think you can get us?”

“I’ve been sweating to death on the bus, I’d say at least three or four miles.”

“Sounds good to me.” Hitoshi nodded. “And if you burn my fucking hoodie I will kill you!”

“That’s my line!”

Kacchan sent out another blast.

Chapter Text

Hitoshi and Kacchan arrived at the camp having only had to walk a few miles.

Shouta was there waiting.

“Have fun?”

“Ughh.” They both slumped down on the crappy plastic camping furniture.

“You’re only about…” He traced his finger across the face of his watch. “Three hours earlier than everyone else.”

“Because we’re the best.” Hitoshi teased, plucking a grape from the punnet on the table and popping it in his mouth.

“Says the one who basically got a free ride here.”

“Ummmm, he was on my back, and then we walked the rest of the way. Don’t diminish my accomplishments.”

Shouta rolled his eyes, shaking his head with a smirk.


The erasure hero walked to the shed and opened the door.

“These all need peeled ready for dinner tonight, seeing as you have so much time on your hands you can get started.”

“You’ve gotta’ be friggin’ kidding me?!” Kacchan exclaimed as they took in the seven or eight sacks full of vegetables.

“You’ve got about three hours, good luck.”

Shouta grinned as he walked off.

Hitoshi slumped his head back with a groan before reluctantly getting to his feet and heading over to the cooking stations which luckily had already been set up.

A kid walked over. He just stared.

“Ummm…” Hitoshi crouched down and offered a smile. “Hi.”

“Why are there wings on your hoodie?”

Hitoshi smiled, pulling the jacket forward a little so he could flap one of the red wings. “It’s supposed to be Hawks’ hero costume.”


The kid looked unimpressed.

“Is he your favourite?”

He shrugged.

“To be honest, I don’t know that many heroes. Eraserhead and Present Mic are my favourites though.”

The kid turned to look over at Shouta before turning back to him.

“That Eraserhead?”

“Do you know any other ones?” He teased but the kid didn’t laugh. “Okayyyy, nevermind.”

“Aren’t you a little old to be wearing hero merch?”

Hitoshi smirked.

“I’m fifteen, that’s not that old, and stuff like this doesn’t really have an age limit.”


Clearly the kid didn’t agree.

“So who’s your favourite hero?”

“Heroes are dumb and you’re training to be one which makes you dumb too.”

The kid walked off.

Hitoshi’s eyes were wide as he was caught off-guard by the abrupt statement.

“What the hell just happened?” He mumbled to himself.

The next day arrived and it was time for training.

“Morning class, today we begin the training class that will increase your strength. Our goal is to develop your skills exponentially so that each of you earns a provisional license. This will allow you to face the dangers that continue to fester in the darkness.”

Basically they were each told to go away and improve their quirks power by pushing past their previous limits.

It also meant that he had nothing to do.

No one to test his quirk on meant no training for him which was annoying so he leant his help to anyone who needed it while wishing he had a better power.

Luckily later that night brought with it something he could actually take part in. After being paired with Kacchan and Todoroki, because Zuku had gone off god knows where, they headed into the forest to retrieve the tags they needed.

What had seemed an interest concept at first soon just became miserable as they endlessly walked for what felt like hours clearly no closer to whatever the hell the objective was.

“Can we just go back to camp?”

“We haven’t found our tags yet.” Todoroki stated.

“Uhhh who cares!” Kacchan echoed his sentiment. “I have better things to do than wasting my time walking round a friggin’ forest.”


“Gahhh!” The three of them winced as Mandalay’s quirk burst into their heads.

“Two villains attacked us and it’s possible there are more coming. Everyone return to camp immediately, we’re regrouping. We have discovered one of the villain’s targets, it’s a student named Kacchan.”

Hitoshi’s eyes blew wide as he turned to his cousin, his expression that of horror.

“Kacchan, you should try and avoid combat and stick to a group. And for everyone else, all students of Class A and Class B, in the name of the pro hero Eraserhead you are granted permission to engage in combat. I repeat, use your training, you may fight these villains. I hope you can all hear me.”

His breathing was heavy as panic set in.

“We need to get you to Shouta, and the Pussycats, now!”

After an eventful sprint back through the forest they finally reached the clearing where they’d set up camp. And that’s when he saw…

The League.

“No… No…” He shook his head.

Kacchan, seeing his cousin’s distress, dived forward, placing himself between the villains and Hitoshi, putting a hand out behind him to keep him there.

"Stay behind me."

"Ohhhh, it's so exciting to meet you." The blonde girl grinned.

“Yeah we’ve heard so much about you!” Another guy added. “Fresh meat!” He exclaimed seconds later, his tone changing.

Another new face wearing a mask and a top hat walked closer to them.

“Shigaraki regrets ever letting you go, so now he wants you back. We’re here to collect on his behalf.”

“Over my dead body!” Kacchan growled.

“That can be arranged.”

“Stop it!” Hitoshi shouted. “I’ll go with you.”

“Hitoshi, no…”

“I know you said you wanted Kacchan, but I’ll go with you without a fight if you leave him alone. I’ll do whatever you want, just don’t hurt my friends.”

It was then that a battered and bruised Zuku came onto the scene alongside various other members of the class.

“Get away from them!” He screamed.

“Time to go.” Mask guy stated.

Despite the enforcement bracelet on his wrist, Hitoshi turned to Kacchan.

I’m sorry.

“We’re gonna’ be okay, right?”

“I’m gonna protect-.”

Hitoshi could feel the bracelet vibrating as it charged.


Kacchan’s eyes blanked as he took control before he began to run.

“Gahhhhh!” Hitoshi screamed as the electric current ran through him from the enforcement bracelet, the strength almost doubling him over.

“Nice fucking try.” Spinner was holding an unconscious Kacchan.

The pain soon became too much as his eyes flickered; Kurogiri’s warp gate began to engulf them.

“Run, Zuku…” He spoke weakly.

The last thing he heard was his own name and Kacchan’s screamed furiously before everything went black.

Chapter Text

Shouta hadn’t slept that night, the dark bags under his eyes even darker than usual. He’d been out with Tsukauchi looking for any form of clue imaginable that could lead them to the League.

Villains had walked straight into their camp and taken his foster child and his little brother, the guilt was eating him alive. He tied his hair up reasonably tidy before the door of the staff room clicked open.

“That you, Zashi?”

The reply was small but there.

Shouta closed the distance between himself and his husband as he pulled him in for a hug.

“We’re gonna’ find them, okay? They’re tough kids, they can hold their own.”

“You couldn’t see the picture they sent, Shou, they’ve got Hitoshi muzzled, and Katsuki…”

Hizashi’s voice broke off as he buried himself against Shouta’s chest.

Hitoshi was five seconds away from a panic attack as he winced and jumped at every moment and sound. The muzzle attached to his face was heavy and cutting deep into his skin. The disassociation was all encompassing as he found himself falling back into the memories of his captivity, staring nowhere in particular.

Kacchan noticed this.


He reached out and gently placed a hand on Hitoshi’s arm who immediately flinched, reeling away in panic as his breathing became heavier.

“Woah, woah, it’s okay. Look at me.”

Hitoshi didn’t.

“Look at me.”

Kacchan offered a small squeeze to the arm he was holding and slowly but surely terrified purple eyes came to rest upon his.

“You need to breathe, dude, can’t have you passing out on me. It looks like it sucks to breathe through those things but you have to try.”

Hitoshi nodded.

“By the way… what were you thinking?” Kacchan’s tone rose slightly. “You shouldn’t have gotten yourself hurt like that over me.”


Kacchan took a breath.

“I don’t know who’s going to be freaking out more about this, Mom and Auntie Inko, Hajime and Mihoko, or Shouza and Hizashi. There’s no way those Dads of yours aren’t already out looking for you.”

He noticed Hitoshi’s hands move and furrowed an eyebrow.



Kacchan scoffed.

“Sure.” He replied sarcastically before noticing his cousin's expression.


“You really are an idiot aren’t you? Is this why you were in General Studies?”

Hitoshi shot him a look.

“Shouza and Present Headache talk about you ALL the fucking time; it’s annoying. You're their kid and they care about you.” Kacchan explained. "You obviously like them too or you'd have gone with your birth parents, right?"

Hitoshi shrugged.


Kacchan nodded.

"When your parents came on the scene Shouza and Hizashi were really upset because they didn't want to let you go."

Hitoshi looked a little taken aback.

"They made us promise not to say anything because they didn't want you to feel like you were in a position where you had to consider their feelings. If you had decided that you wanted to go with your parents then they would have let you, despite how much it would have broken them."


"Because you're their kid and they love you." He paused. "They love you so fucking much that they were willing to make themselves miserable as long as you were happy."

A tear trickled down Hitoshi's cheek.


Kacchan smiled.

"You would make them the happiest people alive if you told them that."


He nodded.

"Right." Kacchan took a breath. “These pricks aren’t going to lay a finger on you, okay?”

One of the League members laughed as they looked up at the TV mounted on the wall upon which the news was playing.

“I’ll make sure of it.” Kacchan muttered under his breath.

“And now we cut live to the press conference at UA High where Principal Nezu and teachers Eraserhead and Present Mic will release a statement regarding the incident which saw two of their students kidnapped by the League of Villains.”

Hitoshi’s eyes widened.

Aizawa looked… dead. And was that a suit? Mic didn’t look much better beside him as the camera panned down the table the three staff members were sat behind.

“Mr. Aizawa, is it true that your own history is intertwined with both the student who was kidnapped and one of those injured at the training camp? From your file it states that you were legally fostered by the Bakugou family but shared residence with the Midoriya family as well.”

“Where did you-.”

“Additionally you are also the son of serial killer and death row inmate Shūgo Inagaki, are you not?”

Shouta’s breathing was heavy in anger as he tried desperately to keep his composure.

"I fail to see how that is relevant to anything that has happened." He replied simply and to the point.

“So you are his son?”

“By blood, yes; but I struggle to remember a time when I would ever consider that man to be my father.”

“Could we return to the matter at hand, if you don’t mind?” Nezu assisted.

“Of course.” The reporter responded. “So tell me, if you can’t even protect those inside your own family how can we expect you to be able to protect the children of this nation?”

“I have never treated either of those boys differently inside the classroom, and the case was the same at the training camp. My priorities were to protect all of my students the best I could in the situation we were in with the number of staff and pros we had on hand. No one could have expected or predicted what happened but we avoided worst case scenarios from taking place and managed to regain control.”

“What do you mean ‘worst case scenarios’? You don’t consider twenty-six victims and two abducted students the worst possible outcome; one of them is your own foster child and the other is your younger brother?”

“No one died. Bakugou and Shinsou may have been taken from us but they are both strong, I have no doubt in my mind that they’ll hold out until we infiltrate.”

“And what about you Present Mic, where were you during this attack? You are here at this press conference but you contributed nothing when the students needed you most.”

Aizawa’s gaze shot up as he glared furiously at the reporter.

“The League caught us off guard and used that to their advantage. We had a large number of pro heroes on hand to make sure the students were safe but the League arrived without any prior warning. Present Mic was never scheduled to accompany the students to the camp and therefore is not responsible in any way for what happened. 1-A is my class. They are my students. I was the one who let them down. I let my son and my brother down; so leave Present Mic out of your questioning and have some respect.”

Hitoshi’s eyes widened.

Kacchan turned to him.



Kacchan looked confused.


“Ohhh.” He smiled. “Told you they love you.”

Hitoshi smiled beneath the muzzle.

Kacchan was right. Aizawa saw him as a son. Did that mean Hizashi did too? Probably.

He took a breath to compose himself. He could do this. He knew how to survive here, Shigaraki would never want them dead so it was just a case of playing ball until help arrived.


Difference was he had Kacchan this time. Hitoshi could take hits; he'd been taking them his entire life. Name calling, food insecurity, sleep deprivation he could handle it. But Kacchan had never experienced anything like that of which he couldn’t be more thankful.

He had to step up to save his cousin.

“Shut the fuck up over there!” The voice of one of the League members interrupted his thoughts.

“Oh fuck you!” Kacchan retorted. “And while you’re feeling chatty, when the fuck are you going to take this shit off him?!” He motioned to the muzzle.

“If I had my way, never; I don’t fancy being brainwashed by the little shit.”

His cousin growled.

“You bastards, take it off him!”

“Fucking…” The League member walked over and sucker punched Kacchan hard in the stomach. “…learn some respect.”

He doubled over in pain, coughing harshly with a groan.

Hitoshi growled as he threw a punch which landed across the jaw of the member sending him to the ground before he grabbed him by the neck, hand tight around his throat.

“It's good to see you so lively, pet."

Hitoshi’s eyes tracked to the familiar voice.


He turned to Hitoshi. “Let go of him or your friend here loses a limb.”

Hitoshi retreated immediately.

“Good boy.”

He winced at the pet name; the familiar words making him feel sick to the pit of his stomach.

Kacchan growled.

“You fucker…”

“So protective of your…” Shigaraki seemed to pause in thought. “…what is he to you now, cousin? How sweet, you’re all just one little makeshift family aren’t you?”

“You’re messing with the wrong people.” Kacchan stated.

“And why is that?”

“Because one of his Dads took on fifty of your goons without batting an eyelid then looked you in the eye and didn’t give a fuck. We’re not scared of you.” He grinned.

“Oh, he is.” Shigaraki smiled as he turned to Hitoshi. “This one knows his place in the dirt at least; muzzled and obedient.”

Hitoshi growled.

“You shut the fuck up!” Kacchan bellowed. "You dickless fuckers might have treated him like a possession before but that shits over now. I don't care who you are, if you touch one hair on his head I will burn you!"

'STOP' Hitoshi signed.

He scowled.


"Why the hell not?"


"I'm not scared of these morons..."


"No way in hell!"

'TRUST ME' He paused before he added. 'PLEASE'

Shigaraki walked.

"Are you two finished being rude, it's not nice to exclude people from your conversations?" He crouched in front of Hitoshi. "I suppose there's not much you can do with this thing on. But if I hear a peep out of you when I haven't asked for a response then I'll think of something fun to do with my quirk on your cousin, okay, pet?"

Hitoshi nodded.

Shigaraki clicked open the muzzle before removing it.

Kacchan couldn't stop the low growl as he saw how red Hitoshi's jaw and cheeks were from wearing the device.

Shigaraki leant forward and pulled Hitoshi into a hug. "Oh we've missed you, pet, it feels like so long."

Hitoshi closed his eyes and tried to keep his breathing steady as Tomura’s arms wrapped around him.

“Now, let’s have a little fun, shall we? Why don’t we play the needle game?”

“No!” Hitoshi cried out, bucking in Tomura’s hold but finding himself held tight seconds before his arm began to burn in pain as the leader’s quirk began to affect him.

“HITOSHI!” Kacchan screamed.

Tomura laughed menacingly as he removed his thumb leaving the skin on Hitoshi’s arm broken but not disintegrated.

Hitoshi’s breathing was wild as he tried to block out the pain. He looked across to Kacchan.

“Do you trust me?”


“I don’t want you involved with this… please” He stated desperately before pausing and taking a breath. “Do you trust me?”

“I trust you.” Kacchan answered.

“I’m sorry.” He apologised. “But you need to stay there and don’t move, no matter what happens.”

His cousin’s eyes blanked as he took control.

“How very admirable of you, pet protecting your little friend like that.” Tomura smiled before dragging him out of the room. "You know where to take the other one."

Kacchan took control of himself once again as he was unceremoniously shoved into one of the room's in the facility.

He looked around the small expanse of the room.

"This is where they kept you."

The room was badly lit and damn near falling apart with just a bedroll on the ground and a pillow so old it was barely holding on.

“You better fucking come back to me, man, or I’ll kill you myself.”

He sighed.


Chapter Text

It was an hour or so later before the door clunked open revealing Hitoshi hanging limply in the grip of one of the League members. He deposited him down on the floor.

“What did you do to him?!” Kacchan growled.

Shigaraki appeared in the doorway.

“Pet here needed to be reminded where his place was. He can't just be allowed to think he can behave however he wants, no. He's become far too mouthy in his teens it seems so we did what we had to to correct him. We found years ago that the quickest way to do that was bleeding him.”

His eyes widened in horror.

“He can’t fight us if he has no energy and it’s amazing how effective the treatment is.”

“What the fuck is wrong with you, you bastard?!” He growled.

Shigaraki grinned.

“Have fun!”

Kacchan crawled over to his cousin and gently shook him, being careful to avoid the bandages all over his arms as he did so.

“Toshi. Toshi…” He called softly.

“Mhmm…” Hitoshi groaned as his eyes flickered opened, wincing in pain as he screwed them closed a little.

“Hey, I got you.” Kacchan helped pull him gently upright, guiding his cousin to lie back against his chest.

“I don’t know who half these people are.” Hitoshi spoke up. “And that worries me.” He painfully admitted, retreating back to his old tick of pulling his hair. “Fuck… I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.”

“Hey.” Kacchan took his cousin’s hands so that he couldn’t hurt himself anymore. “It’s okay.”

“It’s not okay. It’s different and there’s new people and I don’t know what they’re like or their quirks and I can’t protect you if I don’t know that stuff. Why couldn’t everything have just been the same?”

Kacchan slowly wrapped his arms around Hitoshi, judging the reaction before committing to it.

“So which ones were here when you were?”

“Tomura, Kurogiri, Slice, Fear, Takahashi, Giran, and All for One.”

Kacchan’s eyes widened.

“All for One was here?”

“Yeah he used to be around quite a lot, he thought my quirk could be useful so he kept me, apparently he was the one who ‘acquired’ me in the first place. After he fought All Might he didn’t come back, Tomura, Kurogiri, and Giran used to just talk to him through the TV.”

“You know so much.”

“Not as much as you’d think. They only started telling me stuff when they put me in UA and even then it wasn’t that useful. Aside from that anything else I know came from them either being drunk or just too loud, most of the time I was either in the medical lab or locked up in here away from them.”

“Medical lab?!”

“Yeah it’s…” Hitoshi began to violently shake.

“Woah, woah, shit, hey, we don’t have to talk about that right now, okay? Let’s talk about something else. Uhh, Hizashi said you and him started watching Ghibli's, which ones have you seen so far? I know you’ve at least seen ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’ ‘cause you called me that at the training camp."

Hitoshi took a few seconds before he could even begin to consider putting a reply together. He closed his eyes and took a breath.

"’My Neighbor Totoro’." His very small voice replied as he huddled in a little closer to Kacchan.

"Oh Deku loves that one, I think everyone in our family has a different favourite. I like ‘Princess Mononoke’ because she's a badass, Mom likes ‘Spirited Away’, Dad likes ‘Grave of the Fireflies’ because he's boring, I think Hizashi said his favourite was ‘When Marnie was There’, and Auntie Inko likes that weird raccoon one." He rattled on, hoping that if he just kept talking it would distract and eventually calm Hitoshi down. "I'm not sure if Shouta likes them, I've never seen him watching one, I can imagine they're a bit weird to have audio described."

"We watch Disney films together when I can't sleep. I saw ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ and I really liked it."

Kacchan couldn't fathom the fact that Hitoshi hadn't seen so many 'everyone on earth has seen these' films but it didn't surprise him. I mean, he was sat where his now cousin had spent most of his life and it didn't scream of a loving childhood.

"You need to watch ‘Big Hero 6’, it's like Japan but also not for some reason, but it's really cool. It has a big robot in it that reminds me of you a little."

Hitoshi turned and looked up at him with a furrowed eyebrow.

"Not saying that you're like a robot, just you're similar personality wise, or at least I think so anyway. Feel free to punch me after we've watched it if you're still offended and disagree." He teased.

"I will."

Kacchan smiled.

The old Hitoshi was slowly coming back.

"I fucking hate this room."

“We’re gonna’ get out of here and then I’ll kill every one of those fuckers. No one gets to hurt you!”

“Just, don’t do anything stupid.”


“I don’t want you hurt either.” Hitoshi’s small voice stated as he closed his eyes. “I’m sorry you got stuck here with me.”

“Hey, that wasn’t your fault, and in a way I’m kinda’ glad they did take me.”


“Because the idea of you having to go through all of this again on your own scares the hell out of me; at least I can look after you when those fuckers mess you around.” Kacchan admitted.

“I miss Shouta and Zashi.”

He smiled.

“I’m sure they miss the hell out of you as well, Zuku too.”

Hitoshi’s eyes widened as he suddenly remembered.


Kacchan furrowed an eyebrow.


He slowly pushed himself upright a little before looking around, trying to rack his brain for the exact location. After a few seconds he found it.

“There.” Hitoshi pointed to the far wall. “The row of bricks second row from the bottom, feel around the concrete, one of them is loose.”

Kacchan still didn’t know what the hell his cousin was talking about but still went to investigate, going to the bricks he’d pointed to and, just like he’d said, it was loose. Pulling out the brick revealed an old radio with an antenna.

His cousin’s eyes lit up almost emotional at the sight.

“Don’t touch the frequency it’s already set.”

He handed it to Hitoshi before pulling him back into the same position he was in before he moved. He watched as Purple Hair extended the antenna and clicked it on.

A song was playing.

“What is this anyway?” Kacchan asked.

“Shh, wait.”

Thirty or so seconds later and the music came to an end before a voice came through the airwaves. A very familiar voice; one that was sadly lacking its usual trademark spark.

“You’re listening to Put Your Hands Up Radio on this Wednesday evening, it’s 10PM so it’s time for the news. The main story is still the same, the police are asking for anyone with any leads on the League of Villains and its members or their whereabouts to come forward. Any information is vital to the search for Hitoshi Shinsou and Katsuki Bakugou in this time sensitive situation. The two teens were taken by the League during an annual training camp and have not been seen since.” The voice hero sighed. “Now a lot of you loyal listeners will know that I am one to keep my professional and personal lives separate so I rarely talk about really serious topics affecting myself and my family, but on this occasion listeners I need your help more than ever. The boys who were taken were my son and my nephew, you may already have seen the press conference held earlier today at UA and heard more about what happened but so far the leads have ran cold. So please, if you have seen anything suspicious, or if you think you may have even seen two boys, one with purple hair and the other with spiked blonde hair being transported anywhere then please call the police immediately and report what you saw, your tip can be anonymous and it could save lives.”

Hitoshi fiddled with his fingers nervously.

“So, before I leave you with the last song of the show I think it’s time for the goodnight monologue. Now I usually plan these monologues and write them a few nights before so they're all set and ready to go, but right now, my head is so loud that it’s hard to put pen to paper, so instead I hope you, my lovely mic-ies will allow me to talk to my son, just for a little while.”

Kacchan held Hitoshi a little tighter.

“Toshi, if you’re listening then I want you to know that your Dad and I are going to find you and Kacchan and bring you both home to us. Your greatest strength right now is each other. The house has been far too quiet without you and we hate it, and Jelly and Cream are missing you too. I don’t know how long it will be before we get a lead but don’t ever give up hope, remember, tomorrow needs you, little listener and so do I, now more than ever. We love you Hitoshi, and I hope that somewhere you can hear me. See you again soon listeners and goodnight kiddos.”

Hitoshi’s lip trembled as he smiled through the tears.

He clicked off the radio, hugging it close against his chest.

“I love you too.”

Chapter Text

After being at the mercy of Takahashi’s quirk, Hitoshi was not doing so hot. Kacchan had been left with the job of carrying his unconscious cousin back to the room, pure fear being the motivator to make it in record time.

Carefully depositing him down on the floor, head supported by his leg so that he was leaning across him, Kacchan repeatedly begged him to wake up.

“Come on man, please.”

Hitoshi’s eyebrows twitched before pain came to his expression and a groan followed. He cracked an eye open.


“Oh thank god.” He took a deep breath. “Don’t scare me like that.”


Hitoshi went to push himself up but cried out halfway and lowered back down.

“Just lie still; they really did a number on you.”

“It’s their favourite thing to do.”


“You know, I really thought that I’d changed. That I wasn’t just destined to be their property anymore, and that I was a different person than I was back then. But as it turns out in just four days I’m already back to being their play toy.”

“No! You’re stronger now.” Kacchan sternly stated.

“Am I?”

“You’re weak because they took pints of your blood, stop acting like you have any control over this. They think they own you but they don’t. And you are stronger; you did that all on your own. You’re better than them, and I don’t fucking wanna’ hear any of that shit again, you hear me? You’re in our family now, and this family ain’t full of pathetic losers.”

Hitoshi smiled.

“You have such a way with words.”

“Shut up.”

Kacchan smirked a few seconds later.

“Thank you… for that.”

“I mean it.”

“I know you do.”

The purple-haired teen took hold of his cousin’s bandaged wrist.

“What happened?” He asked in concern.

“It’s nothing, honestly. They just didn’t like me mouthing off, that’s all.”

By day six Hitoshi was barely conscious as they dragged him back into the room.

As had become routine, Kacchan positioned his cousin so that he was resting in his lap, head resting on his leg.

Hitoshi groaned lightly.

“I’m going to kill every single one of those fuckers.”

“You already said that.”

“Then I need to hurry up and fucking do it then, don’t I?!” He growled.

“Just… talk to me, please?”

Unwilling to say not to the soft request Kacchan sighed.

“About what?”

“Anything, surprise me.” The purple-haired teen shuffled a little to get comfy, hiding a wince as he did so.

And so he did, talking about times playing in the park or down by the river with Zuku when they were younger, life at school, how Zuku once broke his arm when they went fishing, Shouta’s first attempt at cooking when he nearly burnt the apartment down, their first time going to see a movie at the cinema, his Mom’s birthday when they ate so much ice cream that all of them were sick the next day, and so much more.

He was willing to share it all in the hope it would give his cousin some kind of comfort through the darkness shrouding them in the facility.

Kacchan looked down to see Hitoshi fast asleep and smiled.

“Just sleep, Hitoshi.”

It was later that night when they’d been forced back into the bar area of the facility as per routine for food. Tomura was complaining to Kurogiri about the hero killer yet again as they sat eating the disgusting oatmeal prepared by one of the League members

The door clicked open.

Blue eyes tracked to him before they widened.


"Ahh Dabi, pet's back." Shigaraki commented.

"Uhh yeah, so I can see."

"Perfect timing, you can take pet to his room. I suppose you can drag the other one with you as well."


He grabbed them both by the collar as he dragged them to the now annoyingly familiar room, clunking the door closed behind them.

In mere seconds he pulled Hitoshi into a tight hug.


Hitoshi gasped at the nickname. Having forgotten just how much he'd missed hearing it, tears came to his eyes as he smiled returning the embrace.

"I have missed you so much!"

"I've missed you too."

Kacchan looked disgusted.

"Kacchan, this is Touya, he uhh... he looked after me over the years, we grew up together."

"Uh huh..." He sounded less than convinced.

"He's never hurt me if that's what you're worried about, and he has enough scars on him to prove that he always tried to protect me from them."

"Toshi what the fuck are you doing here?!"

“That new guy, uh, Compress or whatever the fuck he’s called, he said Tomura wanted me back so here I am.”

Dabi shook his head, scrubbing a hand down his face.

“I never wanted to see you back here, ever.”

“If it’s all the same, I don’t wanna’ be here either.”

His friend paused, clearly in thought before looking back at the two of them.

“Good, ‘cause you're not staying. There's something going down tonight with the boss which means it's the perfect opportunity to get you both out of here."

"How are you gonna' do that? You can't exactly just walk us out the front door."

"That's exactly what I'm going to do."

"Touya, they'll... I don't want them to hurt you."

"You have a brainwashing quirk, Toshi, you could very easily make me do it, it's the perfect alibi."

"Why tonight?"

"I saw some kids hanging around in some god awful disguises; I'm guessing they're friends of yours here to break you out. Not to mention half the hero charts have also been deployed around the city, if I can get you guys to All Might or your stupidly dressed classmates you're good to go."


"Just, trust me, okay? I'm the oldest so I know best, right?" He teased with a smile, ruffling up Hitoshi's hair.

The purple-haired boy protested as he tried to swat the hands away.

"Okay, we'll do it just, be careful."

Touya quipped a grin.

"I'm always careful."

Chapter Text

Later That Night

Hiding near the crater of destruction caused by the League, Izuku, Kirishima, Iida, Yaoyorozu, and Todoroki were shaking as they tried to come up with a plan of their own and fast.

"Kacchan are Hitoshi are really close, there's no way he'd let us grab him first so we have to take Hitoshi. I saw them during the obstacle race back at the sports festival; Kacchan blasts were strong enough to support himself and Hitoshi into the air. If we can clue him into what’s happening he might be able to get them both enough propulsion for Kirishima and Todoroki to grab hold of them.”

"That could work."

"There are so many factors that could go wrong." Momo worried.

"We don't have a choice."

As he’d said, Touya simply walked them out the front door of the bar, the three of them dipping into the shadows as they made their way through the city, making sure to check they weren’t being followed.

They walked for about twenty minutes before they heard Touya curse.

“What is it?”

“Tomura and Kurogiri.”

Hitoshi peered round the side of the building.

He was right.


Looking down at his now fried out enforcement bracelet he nodded.

“Are you sure our friends are over here?”

Touya nodded.

“Okay, then here’s what we’re gonna’ do.”

“Hey boss!” Touya shouted as he walked him and Kacchan out into the street, their hands tied behind him back as he paraded them out towards the League members. “Look who I found, apparently they thought they could actually run away from us.”

Tomura laughed.

"I was wondering where they’d gotten to, Dabi you do need to be more careful, we can't have all of our guests just leaving willy nilly now can we?"

"I promise it won't happen again."

Hitoshi watched Touya smirk maliciously before a white hot flame erupted from his palm, his friend faux taunting him with it. He acted his part, eyes wide as he pretended to panic, trying to struggle away from the quirk.

“What’s the matter pet, scared of a little fire?”

Kurogiri’s warp gate opened before any of them could respond.

Footsteps approached from behind them.


And Hitoshi’s body began to shake there and then.

No, it couldn’t be.

All For One.

“I see you brought along pet and our guest, how delightful.” He paused. “It’s your turn, Shigaraki, the board is yours.”

This was bad, even Touya looked worried.

They couldn’t take on All For One, he’d seen first-hand what had become of All Might after their fight years back and he was the number one hero, with his array of quirks they didn’t stand a chance. They had to run, but where? Could they even get away? It was like the final exam all over again.

“Ahhh, another guest.”

Hitoshi didn’t even have time to react to the statement before a gust of wind announced the arrival of All Might.

“I’ll have you return my students!” The number one bellowed as he attempted to land a punch on All For One.

“Have you come to kill me a second time?”

The shockwave from the blast sent both him and Kacchan flying backwards, landing awkwardly as their bindings didn’t snap. Visibility disappeared seconds later as a dust cloud swept through the crater.

He felt hands tearing the ties on his wrists, the footsteps then running over to where Kacchan had been. As the cloud cleared, Touya had made his way to stand beside the other members of the League who had now arrived, blending back in amongst them.

“I won’t repeat the mistake I made five-years-ago, you hear me? I will take young Bakugou and Master Shinsou back, and I will make certain you’re locked up for the rest of your sad life, right along with your despicable League of Villains!”

“Sounds like you’ve got your work cut out for you; this will be hard for us both.”

In a flash All For One landed a hit with his quirk which sent All Might crashing through four blocks of the city, smashing through the buildings as he did.

“ALL MIGHT!” Kacchan shouted.

“Don’t you worry; it’ll take more than that to kill him.”

The League seemed to suddenly remember they were there.

Tomura stalked over, grabbing him by the collar and leaning close with a menacing grin.

“Oh what’s wrong, pet, is seeing the big flashy hero giving you hope of rescue? You're ours, pet and those pro 'parents' of yours need to learn the rules about taking things that don't belong to them."

Despite his heavy breathing, the violent shakes wracking through his body, and the unadulterated fear he felt, Hitoshi stared Tomura straight in the eye.

“Fuck. You.”

Tomura was silent before he began to laugh, his chuckles getting louder and louder.

“Oh pet… that doesn’t sound like someone who’s scared of me.”

“That’s because I’m not.”

“You should be.”

Shigaraki’s fingers traced down his chin before they tightly gripped him by the jaw.

“They say kids wanna’ be just like their favourite heroes, and you’ve always fanboyed over Eraserhead, haven’t you, pet? Well why don’t I just help you along the way a little.

Kacchan had just turned to his cousin in time to see Shigaraki's arm swing.

Hitoshi gasped before he listed to the side, slumping to the ground.

"HITOSHI!" Kacchan fired a blast knocking the villain away before resting his hands against his cousin's back and shaking him gently. "Hitoshi?! Hitoshi?!"

It was then that he noticed.

"No... no, no, no, no, no... Toshi!" His breathing raced in horror. "YOU BASTARD!" He screamed.

“GRRRRR!” All Might flew back onto the scene; the punch he went to make was once against blocked by All For One.

“Are you holding back against me, trying to keep the boys from being blown away? You’ve put yourself in quite the predicament, so how will the hero prevail?”

Lying on his back amongst the broken concrete and glass, Hitoshi’s breathing was sluggish as he coughed, staring up at the sky.

In the distance he saw something.


“Kacchan?” He weakly called out.

“I’m right here.” Hands came to rest against him. “I’m right here, Toshi.”

His lip wobbled as a tear trickled from his eye.

“Thank you, for everything.”

Kacchan’s eyes blew wide as he suddenly realised his mistake.


He took control just as their friends flew over them.

“Use your quirks and grab onto them. Get out of here.”

His cousin fired off his blasts, propelling him into the sky where he was grabbed by Kirishima’s waiting hand.

“HITOSHI!” He heard Zuku scream.

His breathing sounded horrible as he wheezed, the pain ever-growing.

Like a shooting star they passed him by.

Hitoshi smiled.

Kacchan was safe and that was all that mattered.

“We must go, Shigaraki!”

He heard the sound of the warp gate transporting away the League members leaving only him, All Might, and All For One on the battlefield.

The ongoing fight was a blur both figuratively and literally as he struggled to stay awake but the eruption beside him was almost deafening.

“First to go will be your self-respect and ridiculous public image. Show the world how pitiful you really are, ‘Symbol of Peace’.”

Hitoshi groaned as he turned his head to side.

There stood… a frail form drowning in All Might’s costume.

After you took on All For One he mentioned a weakness he could exploit, I always thought he meant it figuratively but it turns out it was actually literal. I saw you coughing after Kacchan’s blast, you can’t hold out in fights like you used to.

All Might.


“Hollow cheeks and sunken eyes; to think that you’re their greatest hero. Now the adoring public knows your true form. Try not to be ashamed.” All For One paused. “Your move.”

“Even as my body rots and growls frail. Even as you expose my weakened state. In my heart, I remain the Symbol of Peace. And there’s nothing you can do to take that from me.”

“Is that so?” All For One chuckled. “Oh and I almost forgot.”

A coughing fit overcame Hitoshi as he shook.

The bellowing, agonising cry from All Might that followed terrified him to his core.

All For One used the opportunity to throw the number one across the battlefield once more, the pro coming to land just shy of Hitoshi.

“All… Might…”

He reached a hand out but missed.

The Symbol of Peace pushed himself up from the ground, kneeling beside him and taking the hand in his own. He took in the sight of the teen and gasped.

His eye, it was…

"You need... to keep fighting." Hitoshi forced out. “Giving your own life won't achieve anything, and it won't save us, you need to stay strong. You can do this."

The teen paused; eyes half-closed as he held onto consciousness.

"I was raised around villains so I know what they look like and you're not one of them."

"Young Shinsou..."

"What I said, I was wrong. Zuku and Kacchan look up to you and I should have trusted them. There's a reason you're the number one and the Symbol of Peace." He coughed once again, this time a trail of blood trickling from his lips. "It's because you want to save everyone regardless of their past, including the lab rat of the monster who did this to you all those years ago.”

Hitoshi paused.

“Don’t lose… Please…”

All Might took a breath, smiling softly at the boy as he gently placed a hand on his non-injured cheek.

"Rest, young Shinsou."

"I believe in you... All Might..." The teen weakly encouraged before he passed out cold.

Seeing the young teen exhausted and in so much pain gave him the strength to rise to his feet, the power of One For All charging through the veins of his arm.

“Fear not child, I’m not done yet.” He walked towards All For One. “You were right; a hero has so much to protect in this world. Which is why I will defeat you!”

The fight went on, his power dwindling to a mere flame within him while All For One seemed to just be getting stronger.


‘When you think you can’t go on anymore, remember.’

“I’ll beat you, not because I’m a symbol, but because I will do as my master did for me. You look at these people with such insignificance that you fail you fail to see their strength. I promised Young Shinsou that I won't lose and so... I refuse to die!"

“Nice trick, still weak though.”

“That’s because… I didn’t put my back into it that time!”

‘This power has been passed on from hero to hero. Each praying that it will bring joy and peace to humanity. That One For All will give the world hope. And now it is your turn. Do your best, Toshinori.’

“Goodbye, All For One.” His blow landed. “UNITED STATES OF SMASH!”

All For One disappeared into the ground as concrete flew in every direction.

“Goodbye, One For All.”

He dragged himself across the ground through the dust cloud to the young hero, gently lifting the teen into his arms; he was finally safe.

Keeping one arm around the boy he willed himself to his feet.

One last time.

He raised his fist into the air.

Chapter Text

When the camera came to focus on All Might standing with Hitoshi in his arms, Hizashi cried out.

Shouta, unsure to what the broadcasted images were showing, was left in the same evergrowing panic he had been since the fight had started.

“Hizashi? What happened to Toshi?”

But his husband was overwhelmed as he sobbed.

No! Please no…

His phone buzzed.

“Recovery Girl. Recovery Girl.” The robotic voice relayed.


“They’re gonna’ take them to Yokohama General.”

“Is he alive?”

“All Might has him, he’s alive.”

“Oh god…” The largest breath escaped from him as he was finally able to breathe. His legs were like jelly as they nearly gave way beneath him.

So why was Hizashi so upset?

“Chiyo, what aren’t you telling me?”

“Just get here as fast as you can, your son is going to need his fathers.”

Shouta nodded.

Nemuri had to drive them, Hizashi was in no state. Vlad and Nezu had come along too; it must have been a sight to see half the UA faculty burst into the hospital.



He heard her footsteps run over before she wrapped her arms around him, sobbing into his shoulder.

“Honey, they need to see Hitoshi.”

Hajime’s voice stated.

She sniffled.

“Look after him, please.”

“We will.”


“Yes, that’s us.” He answered.

“Could you come with me please?”

Hizashi’s hand took his arm to guide him as they walked through the hospital.

“He’s in here.”

Despite being unsure of the room’s layout, Shouta walked inside and reached out for the edge of the bed.

A soft hand moved it to land on the hard plastic of the frame.


“I’m here, dear.”

She sounded emotionally drained.

Tracing the bed he soon found Hitoshi’s hand.

It was warm.

He almost crumbled there and then.

Taking it in his own he gave it a squeeze.

Hizashi guided him to the seats beside the bed and he shuffled it forward to be closer.

“I know something’s wrong so please, just tell me.” He stated.

“Somewhere in the fight, Hitoshi sustained a knife slash to his left eye. I managed to save it but I sadly can’t perform miracles. We won’t know until he wakes up what has become of the boy’s sight in that eye, and the scarring is always going to be there. He will however no longer be in any pain from it.”

Hearing Recovery Girl talk about Hitoshi's injury flared up pain in his own eye in sympathy.

"His depth perception and hand eye coordination are going to be severely affected and he could be prone to headaches more than he was previously.”

Shouta’s breath caught in his throat.

Toshi could be…

Tears trickled down his cheeks as he held his son’s hand a little tighter.

Five agonising hours later and Hitoshi finally showed signs of waking up.

A groan could be heard.


The teen sluggishly blinked his eyes open, looking up at the ceiling before his composure crumbled away to dust and he began to sob.

Recovery Girl had been right.

Hizashi looked through the window of the room at their son.

Hitoshi was lying on his side on the bed in the same position he’d been in for hours.

“He’s been through so much that he needs to know everything is going to be okay.”

Shouta exhaled.

“I don’t even know where to begin.”

“I think you should be the one to talk to him.”

He turned to his husband.

“What could I possibly say to make this better?”

"Right now, I think you're the most qualified person in the world." Hizashi sighed.

Shouta walked into the room, closing the door behind him to return it to the peaceful state it had been without the hustle and bustle of the hallway. He made his way over to the bed and took a seat on the edge of it.

“Kacchan is sleeping off Recovery Girl’s treatment, he just needed a few stitches here and there and some food in him, looks like the League were a little frugal when it came to feeding you both. But other than that he’s fine, he just needs some rest and then he’ll be up and being Kacchan again in no time.”

No response.

“When you were brought in they found the radio in your pocket, Hizashi’s kept it safe for you so it didn’t get broken. I won’t say much because that’s probably gonna’ be a conversation he’ll want to have with you himself, but he told me about the goodnight monologues and how he did them every night addressed solely to you. He said he wanted to talk to his son and I guess he did.”

Shouta smiled.

And then…

“Can I still go to UA?” Toshi’s incredibly small, weak, tired, shaking voice asked.

Shouta’s heart nearly broke right then and there.

He turned on the bed and placed his hand on his son’s back, rubbing it gently and reassuringly.

“You are no less of a person than you were before all this happened. Not because the League wanted you back, and not because of your eye. You are Hitoshi Shinsou of Class 1-A, you are Hizashi and I's son, you’re Zuku and Kacchan’s cousin, Inko, Mitsuki, and Masaru’s nephew, and Mihoko and Hajime’s son. You have friends who have been beside themselves at school this week barely able to think straight because of worrying about you and Kacchan, half the staff of UA are in the waiting room, and the country is calling you a hero for what you did to save Kacchan.”

He took a breath.

“Having you gone made us realise even more just how fucking much we love you, Toshi. You’re our kid and we’re gonna’ help you through this; you just have to let us. You’ve got a support system and there’s no one who won’t be there to help if you need them. You’ve done your part, you got Kacchan out of there with only minimal cuts and bruises, and your words to All Might helped turn the fight, now let us do ours.”

Seconds later he felt the bed move before his arms were full of a sobbing Toshi. He gently wrapped them around the boy and held him close.

“I’ve got you, Toshi. I’ve got you. Everything’s going to be okay, I promise.”

Chapter Text

Shouta and Hizashi were out grabbing him food when the door was thrown wide and Kacchan rushed in.


The force of his arms wrapping around him as he dived onto the bed nearly knocked him over, his cousin’s eyes wet as he held on tight.

Hitoshi smiled as he returned the hug, resting his chin on Kacchan’s shoulder.

“You… you shouldn’t…”

“I’m sorry for using my quirk on you, but I won’t apologise for why I did it. You were kidnapped, held captive, starved, hurt, and in that fight in the first place because of me, because of my connection to the League, I wanted to do one thing right, just once.” He admitted.

“You’re an idiot.”

“I know.”

Kacchan’s breath was shaking as he looked up at his face.

“Can you?”

Hitoshi shook his head.


“Grrrrrr, GODDAMMIT!” He roared before it broke off. “Goddammit…”

“It’s okay.”

“It’s pretty fucking far from okay. None of this was okay. None of this has ever been okay. No one is getting their hands on you again, do you hear me? Not the League, not the police, not any fucker at school, no one.” Kacchan stated, pouring his heart and soul into every words. “No one gets to hurt you or treat you like garbage anymore, it ends now. You had nothing to prove in the first place, but you’ve certainly proved yourself now.”

His cousin took out his phone.


He tapped something into the search engine and clicked on an article.

It was a photo of All Might with him unconscious and cradled in his arm, the angle of the photo meant the damage to his eye couldn’t be seen. The number one had his fist raised in the air in his trademark pose, a dust cloud around them.

“People are saying this is probably going to become one of the most influential photos ever taken and according to Shouta you had a part in making it happen. All Might won. He beat All For One!”

Hitoshi hadn’t really been listening when Shouta had told him about All Might earlier, but hearing now what had happened was almost unbelievable. Surely they had it wrong, his words meant nothing, he was just…

No, he refused to use that word anymore.

He took the phone and scrolled down a little to see the title of the photo.

‘I Am Here One Last Time’

One last time.

No… All Might.

Hitoshi’s hands shook as he dropped the phone, it bouncing slightly as it hit the mattress. He turned to Kacchan, his eyes blown wide.

“I… Did I destroy All Might?!”

“Young Bakugou, may I be alone with Master Shinsou?” Came a voice at the door.

Despite clearly not wanting to leave his cousin alone in this state, Kacchan nodded and left the room, closing the door behind him.

The All Might that was walking across to him didn’t look like All Might. No, it was the version he’d seen before they’d talked back in Kamino Ward; the one who’d been drowning in an oversized All Might costume.

Hitoshi looked distraught as his breathing increased in pace.

All Might took a seat on the edge of the bed and sighed.

“Young Shinsou, what happened back there was only an accelerated result of what would have come to pass eventually. My power has been slowly draining for the past five years, there was always going to be a time when I was no longer able to use it and I have no regrets for how I spent the last of my quirk.”

No, he had to be lying, didn’t he? He couldn’t mean that? He wasted the last of his power, his quirk, on saving him. He fought defensively to keep him out of harm’s way, if he hadn’t have been there then maybe he could’ve took down All For One much easier, and without draining himself completely to empty.

“No…” Hitoshi shook his head. “You…” He fought back the muteness. “You can’t actually mean that. I’m worthless, I’m nothing, I’m not worth any of this.”

His words seem to deeply affect the number one.

“Young Shinsou… you can’t mean that.”

Hitoshi’s lip wobbled as he looked down.

“Every ranked hero in this country came out to help in the search for you and young Bakugou, I know there were people in your life who have instilled in you that way of looking at yourself, but I don’t see it and neither do they. Sometimes I forget that you’re just children after all that you and your classmates have gone through and I apologise for that.” He paused. “Back there you found a way to remove your cousin from the battle without any concern for yourself. When I saw you lying there so vulnerable but yet so resilient it lit a fire within me, one which at that point in the fight I thought had already been long extinguished. Your words helped me to find the last sparks of my power and defeat the man who has long terrorised this country and its people. The victory was as much yours as it was my own and you should be proud of that, young Shinsou.”

All Might offered a smile.

“After being a hero for so many years you learn a few things. Striving to be the best, caring deeply about people, and rescuing those in trouble; all of those feelings are necessary in a hero, otherwise they’ll never truly be able to represent justice. I see those qualities in you.”

Hitoshi’s eyes widened.

“You’re going to be an amazing hero one day, young Shinsou.”

“Thank you… All Might.”

Chapter Text

Hitoshi’s first day back at the house had been strange. After a few days of testing and exams at the hospital they’d discharged him with appointments planned for vision therapy sessions to assist him with relearning and adjusting his hand-eye contact coordination now that he was down an eye.

He was finding it hard to adjust on two fronts: one, not having to be on guard at all times felt odd after a week spent back at the facility around the League members, he kept flinching anytime Shouta or Hizashi approached and found himself jumping at the smallest of sounds; and two, it was much harder to do basic shit with just one eye then he ever could have imagined. He constantly found himself walking into doorways after misjudging the distance, and he’d already knocked over and smashed one of the pros’ photo frames accidentally in the living room which he was still mortified about.

As the night ticked on Hitoshi grew evermore nervous.

He knew it sounded pathetic but he wanted Kacchan.

The two of them had grown even closer after their time spent at the facility and only having each other’s company meant that their protectiveness of one another had increased tenfold.

He’d only been able to sleep there at all because of being with Kacchan.

Grabbing his phone he opened the messaging app and typed out a message painfully slowly, he needed to remember to make the keyboard letters bigger.


Almost immediately he got a reply.

Hey Purple Hair

Can’t sleep either?


So he wasn’t the only one.

Hitoshi looked at the time at the top of his phone.


There was a soft knock on his door.

“Come in.”

It was Hizashi. He gave a soft smile as he entered holding a mug of something.

“I saw your light on and guessed you were still awake.”

“Can’t sleep.” He admitted.

“I made you some herbal tea.”

Hitoshi took the mug, annoyingly missing on the first attempt, and closed his hands around the warmth.

“Wanna’ talk about it?”

“I…” He shook his head. “Nevermind.”

“You sure?”

“I don’t think I can sleep without Kacchan.” God it sounded even more pathetic to say it out loud. “Is that stupid?”

“It’s not stupid at all; I think it’s pretty rational. The two of you just went through a traumatic experience, you’ve spent so much time together in horrible circumstances that it was always going to have an effect on you both, there’s no shame in admitting that. There's also no shame in being scared, it's completely natural.” Hizashi looked at his watch. “If he wants, Kacchan could come over here for the night?”

Hitoshi wanted to decline, to not be a fuss, but he couldn’t and nodded.

“Yes please.”

The voice hero grabbed his phone and quickly sent a message, getting a reply as equally quickly as he had a few minutes earlier.

“Drink your tea, I’ll go get him.”

As he walked towards the door his gaze fell to the ground.

“Good girl, Jelly, go look after Toshi.”

Hitoshi smiled.

A few seconds later the fluffball of a cat known as Jelly jumped onto the bed and sat on his chest, padding him a few times on the face before stretching and lying down.

He gently stroked her.

“I won’t be long.”

It was twenty minutes or so later when Kacchan appeared in the doorway looking a lot like how he felt, tired.


He gently deposited the cat on the floor before sitting upright on top of the covers.


Kacchan walked inside and took a seat also on the bed.

“Sorry for dragging you out.”

His cousin shook his head.

“I would never have been able to sleep anyway; I haven’t the last few nights. It’s… hard.”

“I know.”

Why did they have to take Kacchan? He didn’t deserve to have to go through any of this. Hitoshi couldn’t help but feel guilty, he was already fucked up so it didn’t matter, but Kacchan, he was so much stronger, so much more talented, it was wrong to see him look so defeated and scared.

“Mom and Dad have barely let me out of their sight since I got discharged, I don’t want to be mean but it’s only making everything feel worse. Everything feels like it could be a threat. Like Deku and Inko came round yesterday and I spent half the time in my room because it was just too… loud.”

It was Cream’s turn to jump onto the bed looking for attention. Hitoshi picked him up and plopped him down on Kacchan’s lap, his cousin seeming a little against the action at first before he began stroking the cat with a soft smile.

“I know what you mean. That’s one of the things I hated about UA when I first started. I’d spent so much time with the League or just being in that room that the noise of so many loud, excitable people with so much energy was overwhelming. I used to sit outside a lot just to get away from it all.”

Kacchan took a breath.

“How’s your eye?”

“It doesn’t hurt, it’s just annoying more than anything. It’s so embarrassing to fail at something really basic. Signing with Hizashi is the worst though, I’m having to try and move that hand closer to my centre otherwise I can’t see it, not that I need to ‘cause it’s for him anyway, but you know what I mean.”

“Shouza doesn’t want us to start school again on Monday.”

“Do you want to?”

Kacchan shrugged.

“I don’t know.”

“Me neither.” He agreed.

“I heard him talking to Mom earlier, they’re gonna’ build dorms and have us all live on campus for better security.”


Kacchan nodded.

“He and All Might have gotta’ go round all the parents and convince them to continue sending their kids to UA, apparently there’s a bunch who don’t want to, including Inko.”

Hitoshi’s eyes widened.

“She’s really gonna’ stop Zuku from going?”

“You didn’t hear that from me, and he doesn’t know so keep it quiet, it’s just what I heard her say to Mom down the phone.” He explained. “After what happened to us she’s terrified that it might happen to Deku too despite Mom trying to tell her otherwise.”

“That’ll break him.”

“I know, I’m sure All Might and Shouza will talk her round though.”

“Are, are your Mom and Dad okay with you going back?” Hitoshi asked.

Kacchan smirked.

“Shouza already came round about me. He looked like he was a teen again and in trouble for something; I’ve never seen him so nervous. He was real apologetic because of not being able to protect me back at the training camp and all that crap. Anyway, they started gushing about how proud they are of their ‘two boys’ and it got all mushy.”

Hitoshi smirked.

“I always forget that Shouta’s their son too.”

“Yeah, they were hardly gonna’ say no to them, Shouza’s their golden child.”

“Oh come on.”

Kacchan furrowed an eyebrow.


“They love you to death, don’t take that for granted.”

He took a breath.


Hitoshi shook his head.

“It’s fine.” He turned to glance at the picture of them all which Zuku took at the pizza place, Hizashi having gotten a copy framed for him. He smiled.

“You’ve got an amazing family, I couldn’t have been luckier.”

Kacchan smiled too.

“You wanna’ try going to sleep?”

He nodded.

The two teens clambered into the bed before Hitoshi clicked off the lamp leaving the plastic glowing stars he and Zuku had stuck up on the ceiling together one day as the only light.

He huddled closer to his friend, Kacchan’s arms coming to wrap comfortingly around him.

“You tell anyone at school that we do this and I will kill you.”

Hitoshi smirked.

“I think even they’d understand after everything that’s happened. Hizashi told me there’s no shame in it; it just makes us feel a little safer.”

After a few seconds Kacchan spoke up once again.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you better.”

“You don’t have to apologise for something like that, you had no control over anything that happened.”

“Still, I’m sorry.”

“Please don’t be, we look after each other, right?”

Kacchan nodded.

“We’ll get through this.”

Chapter Text

There was a knock at the door early the next morning.

“Jesus, you look like death.” Came the familiar voice of Mitsuki.

“Mitty…” Inko scorned.

Shouta moved back from the door allowing them in.

“To what do we owe the pleasure?”

“Well my son is asleep upstairs but honestly no rush on giving him back.” She teased.

“And we thought we could help out a little so we brought you some meals to keep you going for a bit.”

“Oh you didn’t have to do that.” He attempted.

“Nah, you two lovebirds have your hands full enough, what with work, hero stuff, and looking after Hitoshi with everything’s that happened, it’s the least we can do to lighten the load a little.” Inko pecked him on the cheek before taking her shoes off and walking off towards the kitchen.

“Thank you.”

“You’re family dear, we told you years that that meant you didn’t need to thank us, remember?”

 Shouta smiled.

“Still, we really appreciate it.”

“Hizashi told me about Toshi and Katsuki, either Masaru or I will just keep dropping him off at night. Anything at all that will help them, we’ll do it.”

“I don’t know how they’ll feel about the idea of moving into dorms, it might be too big of a leap for them after everything. Kacchan'll probably take to it better than Toshi. I think our kid won't want the change so scenery again, not without knowing he can come and talk to us if he needs to."

“Katsuki seems okay with it, I think he sees it as a way to keep his eye on Hitoshi better, the kid’s gotten so protective, I’ve never seen him like this before.”

“They’ve…” Shouta sighed. “They’ve been through some stuff. They both barely said anything at the police station but going off what Toshi’s said previously about the League, if they did that stuff to him again while they were in there then Kacchan’s protectiveness makes a lot of sense.

“What are we doing about the whole school thing, are we keeping them off for a while?” Mitsuki asked.

“I really don’t want them starting again so soon, but I don’t know if letting all this fester and keeping them together 24/7 is healthy either. The kids in my class have been pretty good with all that’s happened; I don’t think Kacchan and Toshi would have a problem with any of them if they did go back.”

Inko returned from having put the food away.

“Izuku’s been worried sick, he’s barely been sleeping and his appetite’s been non-existent; I heard him talking to a friend about how he watched the two of them get taken and didn’t make it in time.”

“You shouldn’t be eavesdropping on the kid, Inky.” Mitsuki stated.

“I didn’t do it purposely; if I was then I would’ve known his stupid plan to go out with those friends of his from school and nearly get themselves killed out there in Kamino!”

“Well I’m proud of the little tykes, it takes balls to do something like that, it means you’re teaching them properly, Shouta.” She slapped him on the back before pulling him against her side into a squishy hug.

“I swear every kid in my class is a fucking problem child, I’ve never seen anything like it, you have no idea…” He smirked. “I’m going to get fired before they graduate if they keep it up, every time there is something going on at least one of my students never fails to be involved, I don’t know how they do it.”

“They’re gonna’ be world class heroes though by the end of it, just wait till they get ranked, they’re gonna’ have the first twenty places I guarantee.”

“I have twenty-one students, Mitsuki.”

“Yeah but one of them's that pervert boy Kacchan hates who just runs away and cries apparently, I doubt he’s gonna’ get far.”

He could hear things being lifted and replaced.

“Inko are you cleaning my apartment, you really don’t need to do that?”

“It needs a dust and I don’t mind.”

“Inko…” He once again attempted, knowing fine well what the response would be.

“Just leave here to it, it brings her joy.” Mitsuki teased. “Anyway, enough about the kids, what about you and Hizashi, how are you two doing?”

“We’re fine.”


“Mitsuki, there’s nothing more to say, Toshi and Kacchan are back and-.”

“And your entire world just got turned upside down, that doesn’t just disappear overnight. Your job is to look after Hitoshi, our job is to look after you and we’ve known you for long enough to see through your deflection crap, I wasn’t joking when I said you looked like death, you look like you haven’t slept in a week.”

“I haven’t.” He scoffed.

“Then you need to sleep, and eat because that shirt is practically hanging off you. You can’t take care of Hitoshi if you don’t look after yourself first. The last thing that boy needs is to be stressed about you if this shit makes you pass out or leaves you in hospital, he deserves better than that.”

“I already know I’m failing as a parent, Mitsuki, I don’t need you reminding me of that.”

Her sharp inhale told him exactly what her expression would look like.

“I couldn’t stop my son from being kidnapped at a training camp I was in charge of and then got told I wasn’t qualified to assist on the raid because of my sight. On top of that he won’t talk to me or come out of his room but is perfectly fine talking to Zashi and is currently asleep with Kacchan.”


“I’m not looking for pity so stop.”

Footsteps began to descend the stairs.

“Oh, hello ladies.”

Shouta exhaled.

“I need to reply to Vlad about the dorms, I’ll see you later.”

He walked off.

2155 (14 Years Ago)

After having been healed up by the doctor Shouta was with only dark bruises as a reminder of what had taken place. He was sat on the edge of the bed in the process of wincingly putting on his sweater and jacket when the door opened.


It was Sakura.

“Before you say anything, you’re not taking me away from them, they’re good people.”

“You just got beaten half to death and you would have me do nothing?” Her tone asked in disbelief.

“It wasn’t that bad, and not nothing, feel free to press charges on that bastard for me on behalf of Inko.”

“Shouta this isn’t a joke.”

“I’m not laughing.”

She sighed.

“Your safety matters, you know that, right?”

“He was hurting Inko and Izuku, what else was I supposed to do, just stand there and let him beat a one-year-old?”

“You could have called me; it’s my job to deal with this kind of thing.”

“I was upstairs minding my own business and then it all kicked off, I didn’t exactly have time to arrange a meeting.”

“You had enough time to call Hizashi.”

“I grabbed my phone when he threw me on the floor and used speed dial, it was seconds Sakura, you’re making it sound like I planned to do this, I promise you it’s the last thing I wanted to do today.”

“Well Hisashi Midoriya is in police custody so they’re gonna’ want to speak to you about everything, Hizashi too.”

Shouta groaned.

“I shouldn’t have dragged him into this.”

“He’s a good friend to you, so is Oboro.”

He nodded.

Sakura came to sit beside him on the bed, gently resting a hand on his shoulder.

“You terrify me sometimes.”

Shouta turned to her.

“I’m okay with you doing all that hero stuff at school because you’re being looked after there by pros but you’re so self-sacrificing that you just jump in front of anyone who needs help with no regard for your own health. How could you think so little of yourself?”

“I don’t matter. If I get hurt then at least I managed to save someone. I never want to feel the guilt of knowing I could've done more and the person dies, so if putting myself in the firing line prevents that then so be it.”

“Oh Shouta…” Her tone reflected the pain his words had inflicted. “You matter so much.” She pulled him against her, pressing a kiss to the crown of his head. “Don’t ever think that you don’t.”

He took a breath, rubbing the back of his neck.

“You honestly want to stay living with them, even after all this?”

“Of course I do, they’re like family.”

“You’ve been family since the day we found you, tyke, nothing ‘like’ about it.”


“Ahh, good, you’re here.”

Sakura stood up from the bed.

Mitsuki walked over and ruffled his hair affectionately.

“That was very stupid… but thank you.”

“You know, you shouldn’t be thanking him for doing something so reckless.” Sakura stated.

“I know. Shouta, that monster could have killed you, you should have called the police and have them deal with it.” She paused, exhaling. “But… because you did step in my little sis only has light bruising and my one-year-old nephew is uninjured and currently beaming about the fact that the nurse gave him an All Might sticker, that's why I’m saying thank you.”

Mitsuki pulled him in for a kiss.

“But don’t ever do anything like that again or I’ll kill you myself.” She lectured and teased.

Shouta nodded.

“So can I take him home?”

“I’m going to have to file an incident report about everything that happened, but, Shouta’s testimony of wanting to stay with you should mean that all of this passes with little consequence outside of Hisashi Midoriya’s arrest and trial. I’ll have to do more regular visits and for the time being I want Shouta to be exclusively at your home rather than the Midoriya residence but I am happy to release him back into your care.”

Mitsuki let out a shaky sigh of relief.

“Thank you, I promise I’ll take better care of him.”

Chapter Text

Arriving home from work, Shouta dumped his bag down on the floor and closed the door behind him.

"And what time do you call this?" Hizashi's voice teased from the kitchen.

"Nezu wanted to talk to me about something." He explained. "Just boring teaching stuff, nothing earth shattering."

The erasure hero walked into the living room and quickly realised that he wasn't alone.


It was rare to see Hitoshi out of his room after everything that had happened and Shouta felt as if he hadn't talked to the kid in forever and not through lack of trying.

"Hey." The teen replied.

He took a seat on the sofa beside him.

"Ectoplasm picked up your mask during clean up from the final exam."

"Yeah I had to ditch it at one point, it just kept fritzing so I was scared it was gonna' electrocute me. I think it was when All Might threw me into the wall. I need to ask if there's any way it can be shockproof otherwise it's gonna' be useless."

"Well ninenty-nine percent of the villains you'll face when liscensed won't have even a fifth of All Might's power so I don't think you're gonna' have much to worry about there."


“I’m sorry your mask ended up getting ruined, you didn't have it for very long.”

“It’s okay, I’m sure if I beg Mei she’ll make me a new one.”

Shouta smirked.

“She doesn’t exactly strike me as someone who would say no to more excuses to make equipment.”

“Mei is so cool, the support course is amazing.”

“Well, I’ve got something for you too actually.”

Shouta reached down and held out the new capture weapon to Hitoshi.

“Is that?”

“If you don’t have a physical quirk you need a second line of defence, capture weapons provide just that without weighing you down like support gear would.”

Hitoshi took the scarf from him and Shouta could hear the almost giddy noises coming from the teen.

“Thank you!”

“You’re welcome.”

“You know, I made one of these out of toilet roll once back at the facility.”


“Yeah, they said I was never going to be a hero.” He paused. “They also said I’d never escape them so what the fuck do they know?”

Shouta smirked.


He unravelled his own scarf and placed it in his lap. It wasn’t hard to work out what had brought about the difference in Hitoshi’s breathing a few seconds later.

The scars on his neck.

“Oh, sorry.”

Shouta went to put it back on but Hitoshi’s hand came to stop him from doing so.

“I’m the last person you need to hide scars from.” The teen stated. “I’ve only seen you without it on a few times.”

“I’m surprised you haven’t said anything before.”

“You don’t ask about people’s scars.” Hitoshi answered softly.

“In my case I don’t mind, it just worked out that the scarf hid them, they were on show back at school before I got my support gear.”

“Was it your Dad?”

Shouta nodded.

“You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.”

He took a breath.

“Well you know most of it, my Dad was a psycho, he killed a bunch of people and he’s thankfully going to finally be dead very soon. But anyway, I got home from school and Mom was on the floor. I tried to get him away from her but ended up getting a knife across the throat and a hit to the head for the trouble.”

Shouta reached for the teen’s hand and held it reassuringly.

“His quirk was strange, it didn’t cancel like mine, it activated whatever quirk you had but caused it to have the opposite effect. So when he activated my Mom’s, her blood regeneration quirk reversed. I tried using my own on his but it just ended up cancelling out.”

“Your quirks are nothing alike, why did everyone try to say they were?!” Hitoshi stated defensively. “That’s bullshit!”

He smirked.

“People are scared of what they don’t understand.”

“I’m sorry your Dad was a prick.”

“Well like I said he’ll be dead soon so that’s something to look forward to at least, we’ll have a party to celebrate when it does happen.”

He felt Hitoshi shuffle across the couch before the teen ducked under his arm and huddled in against his side.

“You doing okay, Tosh?”

The teen nodded.

“Just got a headache, that’s all.”

“Then you need to take some of the tablets they gave you, that’s why they’re there for.”

“I’ll survive.”

He felt Hitoshi’s head move against him to look up before it returned back down.

“I wish didn’t have a huge ugly scar over my eye, you’re lucky in that respect.”

“I’m sure it looks fine, Toshi.”

The teen huddled closer.

“I forget you can’t just see what I look like.”

“Then why don’t you describe yourself. I probably should have asked you to do that way before now, I’m sorry about that.”

“No, it’s fine, I probably would’ve said no anyway. I don’t know, I felt differently about you both back then, it’s weird how much can change in two months.” Hitoshi explained before taking a breath. “Anyway, I uh, I have purple hair that has a mind of its own. Hizashi is determined that I use hair gel but I don’t, it just sticks up like that. Apparently it must be genetic because Hajime has the same hair too. I have purple eyes, and bags under them, also genetic. I have a lot of scars on my arms from cuts; I’m not the reason for any of them so you don’t have to worry about that, the League just liked playing the knife game. I have a lot of needle sites on the crook of my elbows too from another game. The police immediately thought I did drugs but I don’t, the League were just fucked up. Aside from that, I don’t know, I’m pretty tall. I had another growth spurt the other week which was why Hizashi and I had to go out for clothes. Apparently I’m five foot ten, which isn’t that much smaller than you.”

“You should have seen me back at UA, I was really short then. I’ve caught Hizashi up but there was a huge difference in those days.”

“I think that’s everything.”

Shouta nodded.

“Thanks.” He offered a smile. “I’ll be honest, it wasn’t the picture I had.”

“Really?” Hitoshi smirked.

“Yeah, I knew your hair stuck up because of purposely messing it up but I didn’t realise it was like you were using hair gel.”

The teen laughed.

“Yeah Kacchan teases me for how it just basically grows while I dry it.”

Shouta rubbed the back of his neck, missing the first time with not having to adjust for the scarf.

“Aww you gave him it without me? Boo.” Hizashi announced his presence in the room as he walked over.

“I didn’t know you’d want to see it.”

“Well I did but nevermind.” The voice hero took a seat.

“Hitoshi was just describing himself to me.”

“Oh cool, it’s hard isn’t it?”

Hitoshi nodded.

“We were also talking about scars.”

Hizashi offered a soft smile.

“Just because my scarf ends up covering mine doesn’t mean I’m ashamed of them, it shows that I’m a survivor not a victim, just as yours do.” Shouta explained.

The voice hero licked his thumb, wiping one cheek before doing the same with the other revealing dark red marks and idents as the concealer wiped away.

“My parents put me up for adoption after I was born. I’d already gave myself severe hearing loss so by time I was two or three and couldn’t communicate properly it only made me cry louder. No one wanted the kid with the quirk who wouldn’t shut up so they found a quick solution. You’re not supposed to wear muzzles for extended periods because it can cause damage which is why the second I saw you I wanted to adopt you on the spot.”

Hitoshi’s eyes were wide.

“I know what it’s like to be silenced which is why I was so strongly against you keeping the muzzle back in your room that day. Guess it brings back memories for the both of us, huh?”

The teen practically leapt off the couch as he wordlessly crossed the room to the voice hero and pulled him into a hug.

Hizashi smiled, returning the embrace.

“I’m sorry.”

“You did nothing wrong, and you didn’t know. It wasn’t your fault that they made you feel like you had to wear it. You were still figuring stuff out and that was completely fine, we understood that.”

“He also has one on his knuckle apparently but that was from something very different.” Shouta added with a smirk.

“What did you do?” Hitoshi furrowed an eyebrow.

“It’s a long story.”

Hitoshi smiled and before long he found himself getting emotional.

“Hey, what’s all this for?” Hizashi asked as tears slowly began to trickle down the teen’s cheeks.

Shouta sat forward on the couch clearly concerned.

“I- I just… I wish I could have been with you both forever.”

And if that didn’t break both their hearts.

Hizashi held him even tighter.

“Well you’re with us now and that’s all that matters, yeah? We’ll make up all those years and more, just you wait.”

“We do have one more thing we wanted to talk to you about. We were gonna’ ask when the forms arrived but then everything happened.”

“Ooooh yeah!”

“I’ll go get them, one sec.”

Shouta walked over to the sidetable, flicking through a pile of papers. He held one of them up to Zashi.

“This one?”

"Yep." The voice hero confirmed.

He handed the papers to Hitoshi.

“’Papers for Adoption – Hitoshi Shinsou’.”

Hitoshi’s eyes widened as he looked between the two heroes.

“You want… to adopt me?”

They both smiled.

“Nothing would make us happier.”

The teen looked nervous as his gaze fell to the ground.

"Are... are you sure?"

Hizashi walked over and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder.

"I don't think we've ever been so sure about anything, Toshi. You mean a lot to us and we thought it was about time we proved that rather than just asking you to take our word. You're already a part of this family, but we wanted to make it permanent."

A sob spilt from his lips as he buried himself against the voice hero, wrapping his arms around him.

“Thank you, thank you!”

He then rushed to his feet and over to the erasure hero, making sure not to knock him off balance as he hugged him tight.


Shouta smiled.

“There’s one more thing you need to decide but there’s no rush.” He began. “Because we’re officially adopting you, you have the choice of whether you want to keep your own surname or take ours.”

“I took Shouta’s surname when we got married but I still use my own for all my work related stuff so if you did want to pick ours you’d be Hitoshi Aizawa.”

“We talked to your parents already and they want you to know that you have their best wishes in whichever choice you make.”

Hitoshi’s lip wobbled.

“Aizawa.” His small voice answered. “Please.”

Shouta bit his lip as his own tears began to fall.

“Then Hitoshi Aizawa it is.”

Hizashi joined in on the hug.

“Thank you.” The teen’s weak tone broke off as he began to sniffle, holding tight onto his… parents. His actual, legal parents. “Thank you.”

Chapter Text

“I’m a little sad to say goodbye to the place.”

Hizashi was stood in the hallway looking around at the apartment.

It had been a busy few days after the two pros had received word that they had been assigned as dorm parents for 1-A. The new role meant moving onto campus into the newly built staff village a short walk away from the main blocks, which also meant having to say goodbye to their current apartment.

Despite having only called it home for two months, Hitoshi couldn’t help but feel emotional about letting the place go. He felt safe within its walls and he wasn’t sure how easy he’d find falling asleep in new, unfamiliar surroundings.

Being both the now officially adopted son of Eraserhead and Present Mic and a student of 1-A made him eligible to live within the staff village at their apartment and in an assigned dorm over at Heights Alliance.

Hitoshi wasn’t so sure about staying in the dorms, not yet anyway. No, he was far better off having the comfort of knowing two pro heroes were in the room next door.

What he did know though was that he needed to get packing because they were on a tight schedule to get moved in, not that he had a lot to pack in the first place.

With the plastic stacking box he’d been supplied by Hizashi sat on the bed, Hitoshi went slowly around the room with his notebook ticking everything off:

  • The cat plush Shouta bought for him a week or so after he’d came to live with them
  • The framed photo of them all at the pizza place
  • The radio from the facility which Hizashi had looked after for him at the hospital
  • His new capture scarf (which he couldn’t wait to try out in a training session with Shouta)
  • The origami animals Inko had taught him how to make, hers significantly better than his
  • Various gachapon capsules he’d gotten while out with Kacchan and Izuku including:
    • A chibi Present Mic (which he’d honestly nearly screamed about when he realised who it was)
    • A chibi Fat Gum (because obviously he didn’t get Hizashi on the first try)
    • A chibi Midnight (or the second)
    • Mount Lady clip on horns
    • A Kawaii Kawaii Pussycats flashing paw keyring thing (which he honestly didn’t know why he’d kept)
    • An All Might burger squishie (Zuku’s spare)
    • A Selkie cat hat complete with sewn on ears which he’d attempted to put on both Jelly and Cream resulting in painful failure
    • An Edgeshot enamel pin
    • And a Ms. Joke smiley face bouncy ball
  • Three Crimson Riot manga novels Kirishima had donated as part of his ‘education about the mighty Crimson Riot’
  • His Moominvalley books
  • His prescription
  • And last but not least a photo strip of Kacchan, Zuku and him taken in the photo booth at the arcade with the three of them pulling stupid faces. The last shot was the only one where they were smiling nicely.

Hitoshi looked at the picture and smiled.

“Hey, remember when you didn’t scare everyone with a big ugly scar across your eye?” He muttered to himself before packing the photo away inside one of the Crimson Riot novels along with the oragami to keep them safe. He put the books into his backpack before zipping it up.

“You doing okay in here, little listener?”

Hitoshi jumped.

“Yeah, I’m uh, I’m fine.”

“Sorry, didn’t mean to startle ya’. Just leave the clothes, Shouta and I can sort them later.”



The dorms were on the edge of the UA campus, about a five-minute walk away from the main school. Cementoss-sensei had built all of them and the staff village in just three days and the scale was truly something to behold, they were huge.

Parking up and heading to their new apartment, Hitoshi’s eyes widened at the sight before him.

It was HUGE.

He wasn’t sure if it could even be called an apartment; the three-level building had a long wooden balcony which stretched along its entire western side of the second and the eastern side of the third.

“Home sweet home.” Hizashi smiled as he opened the trunk, handing him his backpack. “Looks good right?”

He nodded, slinging the straps over his shoulders.

“Then go explore.” The voice hero tossed him the keys. “Take my lovely husband with you too.”

Right, Shouta wouldn’t know the layout at all.

The erasure hero flipped down his cane after climbing out the car.

Hitoshi walked over and waited for permission to take him by the elbow. They headed towards the house.

“It must be weird having to learn a whole new place.”

“When you’ve moved around as much as I have over the years, you get used to it.” Shouta answered.

He unlocked the door and pushed it open.

“Careful there’s a step.”

The erasure hero clicked his cane against the concrete before navigating the small incline and entering inside.


The first thing that struck Hitoshi was the amount of light. Huge windows allowed beautiful sunlight to pass through and illuminate the open plan house. The kitchen was to the right with the living room to the left just as their old apartment had been. The stairs followed the curve of the building itself, leading up one wall and then connecting to the other in an L shape to the balconied second level, with the same design also leading up to the third.

Something in particular caught his eye though.

“No way!”

“What?” Shouta asked.

“There’s a garden! We have a garden!”

He led the hero to the sliding doors connected to the back of the kitchen which led out to a decked porch area and an expanse of grass. Glass wind chimes hung from a hook just outside the door singing in the light breeze of the mid-afternoon.

Shouta’s arm came to wrap around his shoulders.

“So where’s next tour guide?”

Hitoshi smirked.

Navigating the stairs proved… interesting but they managed in pretty good time with the erasure hero even having managed to commit to the number of steps to memory as they did so, the second level consisted of a large master bedroom and a connecting bathroom, and the third was much the same.

“Bet you never thought you’d have an entire floor to yourself.” Shouta smiled.

He shook his head in wonderment.

“This is amazing!”

“Why don’t you leave us to get unpacked and go and see how your friends are getting on?”

“You sure, I don’t mind helping?”

“Go, just be back for dinner, okay?”

He nodded with a smile.

“Thank you.”

Hitoshi rushed off.

Chapter Text

“Hey, Hitoshi…”

It was Tsu.

“I know you need to head back to Aizawa and Mic-sensei but do you have a sec, it’s really important?”

Strange, what could she want?

He nodded.


He followed her outside to the grass just beside the steps of the Heights Alliance building.

“I know we haven’t talked much and that’s on me, but I need to say a few things.”

“Okay sure.”

“After you and Kacchan were taken, we were all at the hospital talking about rescuing you guys and I… I said that trying to find you would be breaking the rules and that they’d be acting more like villains instead of heroes if they did.” She looked down. “My heart was hurting, and the things I said were…”

Tsu was clearly struggling as she willed herself to continue.

“Despite my warning they still went and saved you guys. I didn’t know that until this morning. I thought I’d stopped them, but it turns out I was worthless; a complete failure. And suddenly I had no idea what to say. When you first walked over I couldn’t even look you in the eye I felt that ashamed. I felt like I’d betrayed you and Bakugou, so I didn’t think I deserved to joke around and have fun with everyone like usual. But…”

Her eyes filled with tears as she sniffled, meeting his gaze.

“It made me… so sad to be without you all. Even if I’m still not sure how I’m supposed to be feeling, I needed to know where things stood between us. I know it’s selfish but I wanted you to know so we can hang out and talk and have a good time again.” Her lip wobbled. “I understand if you don’t want anything to do with me, Bakugou too.”

Tsu began to cry.

Hitoshi wordlessly closed the gap between them, gently wrapping his arms around her and pulling the frog hero into a soft hug.

“I don’t blame you for anything that happened, neither does Kacchan. You were trying to keep all of our friends safe, and there’s nothing wrong with that.” He began. “You were right when you said we haven’t talked much so maybe we could start there. To be honest, I don’t know many of the people in our class that well, but you’ve always been nice to me when we have been together.”

Hitoshi pulled back a little and offered her a soft smile, rubbing a hand comfortingly upon and down her arm.

“I’m sorryI didn’t notice sooner, otherwise I would’ve come and seen how you were doing. That’s on me.” He apologised. “Have you talked to the others about how you feel?”

“I wanted to talk to you first.”

“Well I’m glad you did because it means I was able to say there’s nothing to worry about, you never needed to be forgiven in the first place but you absolutely are.”

Hitoshi suddenly remembered something.


He removed his backpack, placing it down on the ground as he unzipped it and located the Crimson Riot manga novel he needed. Flipping it open he took out what he needed.

“I made this a few weeks ago with my Aunt but I think you need it more, plus it’s pretty appropriate.”

Hitoshi held out the origami frog constructed from holographic glittery green paper.

Tsu’s watery eyes widened before her lip wobbled once again, this time clearly in happiness of the thought put into the impromptu gift.

She took it carefully before smiling.

“Thank you, Hitoshi, I love it.”

“I don’t want you to be sad anymore, okay, not over me because that’s just silly.” He smirked, pulling her against him in a squishy side-hug.

Tsu giggled.

“They’re just about to start doing stupid room tours so you should probably get back in there.”

“But I still need to talk to…”

“That can wait for another day, for now just go have fun, you deserve it.”

She smiled.

“Thank you, Hitoshi, you’re a good friend.”

“So are you, Tsu.” He waved. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Hitoshi headed off down the path towards the staff village, waiting for a few seconds to make sure Tsu had gotten inside safe before he made his way home.

Chapter Text

Arriving back at the house Hitoshi couldn’t help but notice that the two pros had been busy. A lot of the boxes were still stacked in the hallway but at least they had furniture.

Kacchan was sat on the coach when he walked in counting yen notes.

“What’s with the money stack?”

He took a seat next to him.

“It’s to pay back Kirishima.”

“What for the night vision goggles?”

Kacchan nodded.

Hitoshi smiled.

“He really cares about you, you know?”

He couldn’t help but notice the smile that appeared on his cousin’s face before he quickly masked it and hit him lightly on the arm.

“Shut up, Purple Hair.” He growled.

Hitoshi smirked.

“Awww, Kacchan has a crush.”

“I will kill you.”

“No you won’t.”

“You wanna’ test that theory?”

“No killing in the house.” Hizashi stated, announcing his presence as he entered the living room with a tray of tea, handing a mug to each of them before sitting down in the armchair.

“Where’s Shouta?” Hitoshi asked as he took a sip of the sweet tasting fruit tea.

“He’s wiped after unpacking so I sent him to get some sleep, he needs it, we got a lot done.”

He looked around.

“You really did.”

“Kacchan helped too.” Hizashi smiled. “You’re stuff’s in your room ready for you.”

“You’re just too helpful, Kacchan.” Hitoshi teased.

“I’m going home…” His cousin pretended to get up.

“Noooo!” He laughed.

“So who's this crush then?” The voice hero asked.

Kacchan groaned, slumping down into the couch.


“Kirishima.” Hitoshi grinned.

“Oh he’s a good kid.”

“I know you’re my uncle and all, but I will kill you too.”

Hizashi reached across and pinched him on the cheek.

“Aww that’s cute… I’d like to see you try.”

Kacchan scowled.

“Do you not have the radio show tonight?” Hitoshi asked.

“I’m taking a hiatus.”

That was news to him.

“But... what about your listeners?”

“I think they’ll understand that there's something far more important to me right now.”

He furrowed an eyebrow.


“He means you, idiot.” Kacchan added.

“Yes, thanks for the addition Kacchan, I think he got it.”

The radio show was everything to Hizashi, he’d been doing it since he left UA if he’d worked out the years right, and even before then he had the podcast. He hated to think how many episodes there’d been by now. And to hear he’d took it on hiatus, for him… that was just crazy; he couldn’t be serious, could he?


The voice hero shook his head.

“No, this isn’t something you’ll talk me around on.”

“But you’ve never missed an episode before…” He stated softly.

“Toshi, numbers don’t matter to me. We just got you back, there was no way I was going to spend that much time away from the house after everything that’s happened, you need me so here I am; and even if you don’t, I’m here just in case you do.”

Hitoshi smiled.

“Thank you, I… that means a lot.”

The voice hero gave a nod.

“Drink your tea, it’s gonna’ go cold.”

He did, wrapping his hands around the warmth of the mug.

“It’s about time you took a break from your gazillion jobs anyway.” Kacchan spoke up, also taking a drink.

“Exactly, a little rest period will do me good.”

Heading upstairs, Hitoshi yawned.

The act proved infectious as cousin did the same.

He smirked before tripping on the step.

Kacchan's quick reactions thankfully saved him a trip down the staircase.

As he met his cousin's gaze he was confused. There was a range of emotion in his eyes, the rage he expected was there, clearly angered by his lack of care when navigating the steps, fear was there too, Kacchan's eyes wide as his hands still held onto him, but there was also sadness.

"Watch where you're going, do you want to get hurt?!”

"I'm- I'm sorry."

Kacchan exhaled.

"Come on."

His cousin refused to let go of him until they sat on the futon arranged on the floor, the pros having not gotten around to building his bed back up yet.

"Hey, give me a high five with your left hand."

Hitoshi sighed.

"Why, so I can look stupid?"

Kacchan looked angry but not at him, for him, clearly not impressed by how he was talking about himself.

"You're not stupid don't fucking ever say that shit to me again! I just wanna' see how much you're off so I can maybe help so come on..." He held up his hand expectantly.

Hitoshi reluctantly raised his hand and high fived Kacchan... missing by a mile.

Embarrassed and with tears pricking in the corner of his eyes that he desperately didn't want his cousin to see, Hitoshi sniffled, grabbing his pillow and smushing it against him, burying his face on top of it.

"Hey..." Kacchan began softly as his hand came to rest on his back. "It was always going to take some time, don't get mad at yourself for failing on the first try. We'll work on it, so will your vision therapy, right?"

Hitoshi nodded.


Kacchan walked over to his bag and grabbed his pyjamas before locating his cousin’s from the boxes on the floor.


He threw them across.


As Kacchan removed his shirt Hitoshi’s eyes widened as he noticed the scar across his back.


He furrowed an eyebrow before realising where his cousin was looking.

“Oh, it’s nothing, don’t worry about it.”

“It doesn’t look like nothing.”

Kacchan shook his head.

“It was from when I was younger, some guy grabbed me, it was a whole thing that I’m way too tired to go into right now.”

When the hell had that happened?

Hitoshi nodded, quickly changing into his pyjamas before slumping down onto the futon.

“Shouta mentioned that the provisional licensing exams are coming up, I wonder if they’ll even submit me for consideration.”

Kacchan joined him.

“Why wouldn’t they?”

“I haven’t done anywhere near the same level of training as you guys have, and I don’t even know where I stand with the police, they haven’t put the bracelet back on but like, is this just temporary until they get a new one or can it just stay off now?”

“If they think they’re putting another one of those things on you then I will burn down the police station.”

Hitoshi smirked.

“I’ll join you.”

Kacchan laughed.

“Very heroic of us.”

Hitoshi pulled the sheets over the two of them.


“Night.” Toshi replied.

This was the part he always hated, just having to lie there and hope for brain to be generous and grant him the privilege of being able to fall asleep.

Kacchan’s eyes were closed, his breathing already becoming lighter.

How did he do that?

“I’m sorry for teasing you about Kirishima in front of Hizashi, that wasn’t very nice.” Hitoshi whispered.

“It’s fine… now go to sleep.” His cousin replied, no bite to his tone as he did so, just an honest answer.


Kacchan exhaled with a smirk, eyes still closed as he opened his arms expectantly.

Hitoshi took him up on the offer, shuffling closer and allowing his friend to wrap his arms gently around him, holding him close.


“No problem, now count fucking sheep or whatever.”

Hitoshi smiled, closing his eyes sleep finding him easily.

Hitoshi jolted awake, bolting upright as he shook violently, breathing erratic, hands pulling at his hair as his eyes darted around the room.


The voice didn't come from beside him but rather outside. Kacchan was sat out on the wooden decking of the long balcony through the now open sliding door.

Untangling himself from the sheets Hitoshi made his way over and took a seat, leaning back against the wall of the house as he looked up at the night sky, the light breeze of the early hours comforting and tranquil.

"You okay?"

Hitoshi took a breath.

"I'll survive."

There was silence for a good minute before Kacchan spoke up.

"I like Kirishima... I have done since before everything happened but was never strong enough to say it."

Hitoshi was practically beaming.

"Zuku told me about everything he did back in Kamino, he clearly cares about you."

"That doesn't mean he'll even be interested, or that he's even gay, plus I'm not exactly out to anyone..."

"Well you're out to me, that's a start, right?" Hitoshi offered a soft smile.

Kacchan nodded.

"You should talk to him."

"I don't want to... I don't know..." His cousin sighed.

"I don't think you're giving Kirishima enough credit, I highly doubt he'd wanna' stop being friends over this, even if he wasn't gay, he's just not that kind of person."

Kacchan shivered

Heading back into the room he found the box marked 'Toshi clothes', opening it revealed exactly what he needed.


He held out the Hawks hoodie, waiting for his cousin to take it before sitting back down and throwing the thick jumper Nemuri had bought him on.

"Thank you." Came the quiet reply.

"No problem."

Taking the opportunity Hitoshi shuffled closer to Kacchan and leant against his side, his cousin accepting the action and even leaning his own head in to rest against him.

"I don't want to start tomorrow, just being there for even a few hours made me feel like I was constantly about to have a panic attack. It's too much and I can't..." He shook his head. "Fuck me..."

"I don't want to either." Kacchan admitted.

"Wanna' just stay here then, Zashi and Shouta won't mind?"

"Yes please."

"Have you moved into your dorm at all?"

His cousin shook his head.

"You know, my room's big enough for you to just stay here too, it still classifies as you being on campus and I doubt your Mom and Dad would mind you living with Shou and Zashi."

"I can't just live in their house, Purple Hair."

"Why not?"

"Because it's their house! I'll live at the dorms and just come over here at night or vice versa."

"You don't have to, I have plenty room, we shared smaller at-."

"Don't." Kacchan's tone sharpened as his gaze moved away.


No response.

Hitoshi shrunk a little, scared he’d upset his friend.

Kacchan seemed to notice and sighed before looking up at the stars.

“Do you know much about what’s up there?”

He shook his head.

“Never learnt.”

Hitoshi couldn’t help but notice the slight growl his cousin let slip before seeming to shake it off.

Kacchan took his hand and used it to point towards the sky.

“Well I’m guessing you know those are stars.”

He nodded.

“Well the sun is also one; we can just see it clearer because it’s closer to Earth. There’re also nine planets if you include Pluto, some of them we can see, like Mars.”

Kacchan moved his hand to point out a reddish coloured star.

“You can also see Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn if you know where to look. And that, obviously, is the moon. The Earth is moving all the time because everything in the solar system is in orbit; we all move around the sun and the moon orbits us making night and day.”

Hitoshi furrowed an eyebrow.

“That sounds… really confusing.”

Kacchan smirked.

“It’s also really boring, trust me.” He released Hitoshi’s hand before using his own to point towards a patch of stars. “These are cooler though, they’re constellations and they make different shapes like there, that’s the Seven Stars of the Northern Dipper.”

It took a little bit of finding but Hitoshi’s eyes widened when he did find it.


Kacchan smiled.

“Yeah, woah. Orion’s up there too, it's named after some guy from Greek mythology.”

“If there’s so much out there, then we’re pretty insignificant then, right?”

His cousin smirked.

“I give you a five minute science lesson and you’re already hitting the head on philosophical bullshit.”

Hitoshi rolled his eyes.

“Shut up.” He smiled. “Thanks, for all that.”

“Well someone needs to teach you this shit; it’s not fair that you don’t know basic crap.”

“Maybe you could consider a career in teaching if the whole hero thing doesn’t work out.” Hitoshi teased.

“Shut it, Purple Hair!”

He burst out laughing.

It was two days before the cousins felt ready enough to return back to school. They'd been a little late to first period but Shouta hadn't cared at all, offering them both a soft smile as they entered homeroom and welcoming them back.

Hitoshi couldn't help but notice Kirishima's eyes immediately track to Kacchan, thankful to see his friend back.

After they were dismissed they made their way to the next lesson, Kirishima caught up to them in the hall.

"Hey Bakugou, could I talk to you a minute?"

His cousin looked to him as if asking if it was okay.

Hitoshi gave him a reassuring smile.

"I'll meet you in class."

And walked off.

Kacchan slid his backpack down and unzipped it, grabbing the money and holding it out.


"How did you know I bought night vision goggles?"

He shrugged.

"It's not all of it... it's not even like an eighth of it, but I'll pay you back."

"You don't need to do that."

"I don't want to be in debt to you." Kacchan answered, tone small.

Kirishima exhaled.

"You're not." He answered softly. “You're my friend and I wanted to help find you."

Kacchan was quiet.

"Look, after they took you, I felt useless."

‘It's not our place to interfere, you fool!’

"When I heard they were after you, I couldn't do anything..." He painfully admitted, shame heavy in his voice. "I didn't do anything! I just had to sit there in that classroom and wait to hear more, by that time they'd already grabbed you and Hitoshi."

‘If I don't act now forget being a hero, I'm not even a man!’

"So yeah, I came to save you, and even then I failed. We only got you, I should have done something to help Hitoshi, I could've helped."

"You would have just gotten in All Might's way, that's why he was having to do less flashy attacks, he couldn't risk the collateral damage of Toshi and me. Plus Purple Hair would've just used his quirk on you to get you out of there."

"Is that what he did to you?"

Kacchan didn't reply.

"We need to go to class." He eventually spoke up a short while later.

Kirishima nodded.


The two teens walked silently down the hallway.

"So, we're still friends, right?"

Kacchan smiled.

"Obviously idiot..."

Kirishima grinned.

Chapter Text

They had expected going back to school to be tough but neither of them would’ve anticipated that even walking to class would prove a challenge. He and Kacchan stuck together thanks to their class schedule being the same but it was proving hard to ignore the stares and whispers as they passed. Hitoshi had gotten used to dark looks being directed at him in the halls of UA, but this was far worse and it was clearly getting to Kacchan.

Their very noticeable scars were visible for all to see thanks to the style of the uniforms not quite covering them fully, with the cuts on their arms peeking out from three-quarter sleeves, and Hitoshi’s milky left eye with the accompanying deep red scar completely on show.

And it wasn’t just the other kids at the school; it was their own class too.

The rest of 1-A had barely spoken to them since they'd started back at UA with the exception of Zuku, Todoroki, Kirishima, and Kaminari, everyone else seeming to want nothing to do with them. Hitoshi couldn’t say he wasn’t hurt by it and he knew that deep down Kacchan was upset about it too. Maybe calling them friends was a stretch as he’d only talked to some of them a few times, but he would still consider their class unit as that. They got along with each, they’d been through a bunch of stuff together, and they supported each other, so when did that change? And that only led Hitoshi to believe that it was something they’d done instead.

Growling quietly Hitoshi nudged Kacchan, successfully making him turn to look. He began to sign.


A genuine smile came to his face as he laughed.

‘FUCK THEM’ He agreed.

“Toshi, could you bring your laundry down please?” Hizashi shouted up the stairs.


“And check the pockets; we don’t want another pink scarf disaster.”

Hitoshi smirked.

Picking up his discarded gym uniform he began checking it for trash. As he delved his hand into his pocket he found that it wasn’t as empty as he was expecting. Furrowing an eyebrow he pulled out a scrunched up piece of paper.

“What the hell?”

Unfolding it revealed a phone number and the letter ‘T’ signed at the bottom.


He must have slipped it into his pocket back at the facility.

Hitoshi sprinted off to grab his phone.

Lying in bed that night he stared at his phone waiting for a reply.

His phone pinged and Hitoshi’s eyes widened as he couldn’t click the screen quick enough to open the message.


Hitoshi could have cried right there and then.

‘Touya! Are you okay? Did they hurt you?’

‘I’m okay.’

‘Why don’t I believe you?’

‘I’ll survive, honestly.’

'Is there no way you could run too?'


'You should've been the one to get saved, not me.'

'Toshi I'd stay here forever if it meant you get to have a life out there.'

'But it's not fair, you've already done so much for me, I can't just leave you.'

'The friends of yours that came to save you that night, he looked so familiar.'

'You're gonna' have to be more specific, there were a few of them.'

A whole half hour passed before a reply finally came.

'Was one of them called Todoroki?'

'Yeah, why?'

'I knew the hair was too similar. Mom and Enji must have had another kid after I disappeared, or at least were already pregnant which means that's my little brother.'

Hitoshi's eyes widened.

'If he's your friend then you must be the same age right? That's some weird fate that I never got to see my little brother but was still given you. That makes me happy.'

'Shoto is your brother?????'


'Then how did you end up with the League?'

'I got sick and Enji got desperate. He took me somewhere to try and save me and it all went wrong. Having a kid with the same quirk as the number two was obviously a promising investment so they kidnapped me and brought me to the facility. You know the rest.'

'I have to tell them.'

'You can't.'

'Touya they need to know.'


Hitoshi practically jumped a foot off the bed as Kacchan’s appearance in the room startled him.

“Woah, chill dude.”


He quickly clicked the phone off.

Kacchan furrowed an eyebrow, clearly knowing something was up.

“What’s got you so jumpy?”

“Nothing, I’m fine, totally fine.”

“You wanna’ try that again maybe?”

Hitoshi sighed.

“Close the door.”

Kacchan followed the instruction before walking over and taking a seat on the now constructed bed.

“You remember the guy from the facility, Touya?”

His cousin nodded before realising where the conversation was going.


“He put his phone number in my pocket back in Kamino and we’ve been messaging each other, well we just started today but still. Anyway, he said he saw brother there too.”

That caught Kacchan’s attention.



“You’re fucking kidding me?!”

“I know!” Hitoshi agreed. “But you have to understand, he’s my friend and he’s done so much for me over the years, I can’t just let them treat him like crap there, I need to help him.”

“And how the fuck are you gonna’ do that? He’s at the League of Villains’ facility, we only barely managed to get out of there, how could you possibly ever get him out?”

“I can’t, but Endeavour could.”

Kacchan scrubbed a hand down his face.

“This is a really bad idea.”

“Look, Endeavour is his Dad, if I told the Todoroki’s about Touya then they’d be able to help, plus it would also be official hero and police stuff.”

“So let’s recap, you want to go to the Todoroki’s house and tell them that their son/brother who’s clearly been missing for an incredibly long time is being held in the same League of Villain’s facility that they just rescued us from?” He paused. “How could you possibly think this is a good idea?”

“I have to get him out of there!”

“You don’t even know the Todoroki’s, and you've barely talked to Icy Hot since we got back. Do you really think just gonna’ round there and dropping this earthshattering revelation on them is a good idea?!”

“If it means saving Touya then yeah, I will.”

“You make it sound so easy…”

Hitoshi scowled at his cousin.

“Why are you being like this?”

“Because I don’t want you to get hurt!”

“I think we’re a little passed that.” He scoffed.

Kacchan’s eyes quickly morphed to show the hurt those words inflicted. It was quickly masked as he huffed.

“Whatever; do what the fuck you want.” He angrily changed into his pyjamas before climbing into the bed and throwing the covers over himself, turning on his side so that his back was to Hitoshi. “Just don’t come crying to me if this all goes wrong.”

Chapter Text

The next morning things were still frosty as they both got dressed in their uniforms.

Hitoshi glanced at Kacchan.

"I need to help my friend, I'm sorry if you can't understand why I need to."

His cousin was busy tying his tie.

"You think that's why I'm angry?!" Kacchan scoffed. "I'm angry because-... Nevermind." He picked up his school bag and headed for the door.

"Kacchan, wait."

But he didn't.

The door clicked closed behind him.

Hitoshi barely participated in any of the lessons that day, lying slumped on his desk trying to not feel upset any time he glanced over to see his cousin still ignoring him.

He hated this but no one understood. No one knew what it was like to be in that facility.

Well... Kacchan did, but not at the length he and Touya did.

His friend deserved the chance to be free too and like hell was he going to just sit around and do nothing.

Hizashi had tried to bug it out of him this morning to no avail and he'd heard Shouta and Kacchan shouting downstairs but hadn't been able to hear what about.

He doubted Kacchan would straight up tell them and he wasn't about to spill either. He would be lying if he said that wasn't out of fear.

He didn't want a scenario where they tried to forbid him from even attempting to get his friend out of there and he had a strong feeling they would try and do that, especially so close after just being rescued.

Hitoshi felt sick.

How was he going to tell the Todoroki's?

Walking down the driveway of the obscenely grand house Hitoshi felt like he could throw up in the bushes at any moment. Taking a deep breath he knocked on the door.

A short while later a white haired woman answered.


"Umm, hi, I'm uhh, Hitoshi, I'm a friend of Shoto's."

She smiled.

"Oh that's great, can I help you with anything?"

"I need... I need to talk to you about something... all of you."

The woman looked confused but nodded regardless.

"Do you wanna' come inside?"

Sat at the table in the living room he warmed his hands around the cup of tea she'd made for him as he waited.

The white haired woman, Fuyumi, had gone to round everyone up.

The first person she'd found was another white haired Todoroki who she'd introduced as Natsuo.

It had become very awkward after that with the guy sat across from him silently, practically just staring at him untrustingly.

The front door opened and a few seconds later he spotted Shoto.

Icy Hot sent a furrowed eyebrow his way before coming to join him at the table.

"Hitoshi, what is this about?"

"Just... please." Fuyumi's voice announced her presence in the room once again, this time accompanied by...


"What are you doing in my home?" The pro asked, arms folded as he leant back against the doorway.

Fuyumi took a seat with her siblings.

"Give him the chance to speak first, Dad. So, what did you have to tell us?"

Hitoshi was shaking as he forced back the muteness.

"Umm... well... my name is Hitoshi Shinsou. I don't know if Shoto ever mentioned the USJ attack at school but I was a part of that. The League of Villains they uhh, they held me in a facility for most of my life and then Eraserhead and Present Mic took over my care." He paused. "It sounds like I'm rambling but I feel like you deserve the context because... well I don't remember much because I was so young back then but when I was taken to the facility there was another boy. He was a lot older than me, like eleven or twelve years I think, he said he'd been in middle school when they first took him."

Hitoshi moved his hands so that he was sitting on them, knowing that the last thing he wanted to do in front of strangers was to start pulling his hair.

"I always saw him as an older brother but I had no idea he actually was one." He took a breath. "Did you have a brother called Touya?"

Fuyumi let out a gasp as her hand flew to her mouth; she nodded as tears trickled down her cheeks.

Natsuo looked equally taken aback, his breathing heightening in anger. "If this is some kind of sick joke!"

Hitoshi desperately shook his head.

"I wouldn't do that."

Endeavour interrupted his trail of conversation by releasing a growl and punching the wall.


"Where is my son?"

Hitoshi shook violently.

"I don't know where the facility is but if you find it he'll be there. You have to help him, please."

Endeavour walked off.

Fuyumi was still crying, Shoto looked a million miles away, and Natsuo seemed ready to punch him if he was making this up.

"The two of you been at school together for months now, you really never thought to tell him our brother was alive?!" Natsuo growled through gritted teeth.

"He always called himself Touya, we didn't exactly have a need to share surnames back then, we were the only ones who used each other’s name, the League certainly didn't."

"That night, in Kamino..." Shouta spoke up. "He was there with you, wasn't he?"

"He found out I was back with the League and promised he'd help get Kacchan and I out of there. We never would have escaped without him." Hitoshi's voice shook. "He's looked after me for as long as I can remember, I can't just leave him there with them."

"Thank you for telling us." Fuyumi offered him a smile.

"I think you should go." Natsuo spoke up once again. "I'll walk you out."

Hitoshi nodded, nervously getting to his feet and followed the Todoroki brother outside. He paused on the step, turning back.

"I would give anything to switch places with him."

Natsuo seemed to consider his words.

"You were that close, huh?"

"He was the only person in my life for thirteen years. Touya didn't need to take care of me, it wasn't his job, he could've just looked after himself in there.” He explained. “But instead he saw the not even two-year-old kid and made it his fucking business to put himself between me and them.”

Natsuo’s breathing shook as his gaze fell to the ground, clearly trying to fight back his emotions.

“I don’t even have to see him. I promise I'll never bother you or your family again just... save him... please."

Chapter Text

Kacchan didn’t come round that night.

Or the night after that.

And it was his fault.

Everything was his fault.

He just made everyone sad or miserable.

Or put them in danger.

There was no point in even trying to sleep, he knew he wouldn’t be able to so he simply sat out on the balcony staring at his phone.

Even Touya wasn’t replying to him.

Throwing the device back into the room he groaned, slumping onto his back against the wooden planks and scrubbing a hand down his face.

What was the point?

Touya should have been the one with all this, I mean, what was he even doing with it? Nothing. He was just a waste of space that drained the life out of everyone he came into contact with.

Seemed they were starting to realise that too.

Kacchan certainly had.

Maybe he did decide to ask Kirishima out and that’s where he was.

The thought made him smile.

He wanted Kacchan to be happy; he deserved it after everything that had happened because of him. Being locked up in the facility for a whole week, fucking beaten half to death and periodically starved, yeah what a great deal, well worth having a new addition to the family, eh?

“You need to learn to keep your mouth shut, pet! But don’t worry; we’ll soon beat that right out of you.”

“Why did you sell us out you piece of shit?!”

"Wow apparently they let villains in now!"

"You shouldn't be here!"

‘You’re nothing; you better do well to remember that, pet…’

‘Pet reckons himself a hero, does he? Not with a quirk like yours. If you’re not imprisoned before you’re twenty it’ll be a miracle…’

“What’s the matter, pet?”

“I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t try anything given how you immediately reverted back to the old pet the second you caught sight of me.

“I saw you in the sports festival, pretty villainous stuff.”

“This one knows his place in the dirt at least; muzzled and obedient.”

“SHUT UP!” He shouted, hands scratching at his ears, unshed tears in his eyes.

“Hey, pet.”

Hitoshi’s eyes widened in fear as Tomura appeared across the balcony.

His breathing halted as he backed away, scurrying to his feet, back hitting the railing.

“Get away from me…”

“Well that’s no way to greet an old friend is it, pet? I thought we taught you better manners than that?”

“Get away from me!” He charged his tormentor, knocking him to the ground before following with a round of punches, each one sending Shigaraki’s head slamming against the wooden planks.

Footsteps approached. He turned to see…


“Are you not behaving again, pet? Well we’ll just have to see what’s going on in that brain of yours in my lab.”

Hitoshi frantically shook his head as he backed away.


He slammed a punch across the doctor’s face who countered seconds later by grabbing him round the waist.

“Calm down, pet.”


He fought the hands trying to hold him down as he lashed out.


Takahashi managed to overpower him, flipping him to his front and using his body weight to keep him against the wooden planks, pulling his arms behind him.

“NO! GET OFF ME!” He bucked against the hold, throwing his head back and striking Takahashi’s nose causing the doctor to cry out, his grip disappearing.

Seeing his chance he scrambled to his feet. He needed an escape route but he was three floors up.

The choice between being taken back there and potentially dying from the fall seemed like a no brainer.

Taking a breath he rushed towards the railing, jumping up onto it before allowing himself to fall…


His shoulder popped from the socket and a few seconds later he felt the snap of his wrist from the jarred motion of someone grabbing him.

He dangled in the air as he looked up to see Tomura grinning down.

Gasping he raised his other hand, clawing at the grip trying to dislodge it.

“STOP!” Tomura’s voice shouted in response. “You’re gonna’ fall!”

He sounded concerned.

That wasn’t right.

Tomura wouldn’t.

“Toshi please…” The voice begged.

Hitoshi gasped.


Breathing heavily he looked up to see…

A very bloody and beat up Kacchan looking terrified.

“Kacchan?” His small voice whimpered.

There was a groan before he noticed Shouta. The erasure hero assisted his brother in pulling him over the balcony.

“Guh…” Kacchan groaned, slumping down on the wooden planks of the balcony, wincing in pain.

Frantic footsteps approached before a pyjama-clad Nemuri appeared, Hizashi looking ill behind her.

He looked up at her.

“It’s going to be okay.”

She blew the powder into his face…

And everything went black.

Chapter Text

The doctor’s had suggested he stay the night thanks to the concussion Hitoshi had gave him which meant he had hourly intervals of being woken up to check he wasn’t dead to look forward to.

Principal Nezu had been in earlier to ask him about the events which had unfolded at the house.

“Tell us exactly what happened?”

“We’ve been sharing a bed ever since we got taken by the League but we had a fight so I didn’t go over one night, the next night I couldn’t sleep and felt bad for leaving Toshi on his own so I left my dorm and headed over to Shouza and Hizashi’s place. I heard Hitoshi scream from the balcony and used my quirk to blast myself up there. Then he just started swinging, he looked right through me so my best guess is he was seeing someone from the League instead, probably Shigaraki. Then Shouza came out and Toshi only got worse, he went from being angry to just being downright terrified, that’s when he tried to jump, I managed to catch him then Shouza helped me pull him back over. After that Midnight-sensei arrived and used her quirk on him.”

He hoped that Shouza and Hizashi weren’t going to get in trouble for anything that happened. It was strange, one second Toshi was fine and then the next he was like a wild animal, scared and defensive against predators.

He hadn’t seen his cousin since they’d been admitted and he doubted they were gonna’ let him anytime soon.

Mom had appeared during visiting hours and furious wouldn’t be a strong enough word to describe how angry she was. He’d never heard her shout so loud before.

The door slid open to reveal Hizashi, sans Shouza.

“How are you doing?”

He shrugged.

“I’ll survive. Is Toshi okay?”

The voice hero exhaled deeply.

“The doctors are a little concerned about him.”


“That wasn’t just a little outburst, he could have killed you, and he nearly knocked Shouta out.”

“I’ve been punched multiple times by All Might; Purple Hair’s weak wrists ain’t nothing.”

“Kacchan…” Hizashi sighed.

“What? It’s true! Toshi’s a fucking teddy bear, he’s soft as shit, yeah he kinda’ lost it a little tonight but I think he thought we were someone else, he kept shouting about not letting us take him.”

Hizashi looked up at him knowingly and Kacchan knew exactly what he was trying to infer.

He shook his head.



“You know damn well that he didn’t! He was so fucking scared of whatever he was seeing that he considered jumping to get away from them, he’s not suicidal.”

The voice hero looked down, fiddling with his fingers.

“We don’t know that for sure.”

Kacchan growled.

“All of this is my fault… we had a fight over something and then didn’t go over there to sleep like we usually do, he probably thought I’d given up on him or something knowing Toshi, but he wouldn’t do that to any of us, not after everything he’s been through.”

Kacchan looked at his uncle and offered a soft smile.

“Toshi is strong.” He paused, taking a breath. “Back at the facility, he would purposely rile up the League members so that they’d pick on him rather than me, the idiot refused to let them touch me, aside from a few cuts and bruises here and there. He’s a survivor and he’s proud of that, even if he doesn’t realise he is.”

“Thank you.” Hizashi spoke up, his voice quiet.

Kacchan furrowed an eyebrow.

“What for?”

“Saving him, I-…” He shook his head. “I think his body would be in a morgue rather than a hospital bed if you hadn’t of caught him.”

The voice hero’s hand shook as it came to cover his mouth, a sob escaping his lips a few seconds later before he broke down crying.

“I’m sorry.” He apologised. “I’m the adult; I’m supposed to be stronger than this for you.”

Kacchan smiled.

“There’s no shame in being scared, isn’t that what you told Toshi?”

He saw a small smile appear in the corner of his uncle’s mouth.

“Yeah, I did.”

“So maybe you should listen to your own wisdom.”

The door slid open once again this time revealing Shouza looking tired and beat up.

“How’s Tosh?” Hizashi asked, reaching a hand out behind him to guide his husband to the seat next to him.

Shouza let out a deep sigh as he scrubbed a hand down his face.

“They’re keeping him sedated for now, the doctors can’t be sure that he’s not just going to do the same again once he wakes up.” He turned to his husband and took his hand offering it a gentle squeeze. “Don’t go and see him tonight, okay?”

Hizashi furrowed an eyebrow.

“You won’t want to see him like that.”

Kacchan took a breath.

“I want to see him.”

Shouza shook his head.

“You’re going nowhere with that head injury.”

“It’s just a concussion.”

His older brother’s furious gaze shot daggers into him seconds later making him regret his choice of words.

“Okay, sorry, I know how serious concussions are, I just… I don’t want him to be on his own. We can’t sleep without the other being there; it helps keep away the nightmares. What if he gets scared again and he’s alone?”

“That’s another reason they chose to keep him sedated, Toshi needs to rest, he’s been running on empty it seems, apparently he’s practically anorexic too, damn kid…” Shouza rubbed the back of his neck.

“Hey, Shouza?...” Kacchan spoke up nervously.


“Would it be okay if…” He paused. “If I stayed off a little bit longer?”

“We always said these few days would be a test to see if you were ready.” Shouza explained softly. “You go back whenever you feel ready to do so.”

“And… can I stay with you guys rather than the dorm?”

Both his brother and uncle smiled.

“Of course you can.”

“Thank you.”

Two Days Later

The sun was just beginning to light the family room they had been assigned when there was a knock at the door revealing the doctor who had been treating his cousin.

“Come in.” Hizashi invited.

“Hitoshi is awake and looking a little better, he’s definitely got more colour to him and he seems calmer, we’ll run the psych eval later on today if he’s up to it and get the results from that.”

“Psych eval?” Shouta asked in concern.

“To be honest I’m surprised no one has done one before now considering his history of abuse, but yes, we won’t know what the best course of treatment will be for him until we understand exactly what he’s experiencing.”

“Is he allowed someone with him when he takes it?” Kacchan spoke up.

The doctor nodded.

“Of course.”

He turned to his brother and uncle.

“Could I go with him?”

They nodded.

“I’m sure Hitoshi would really appreciate that.” Hizashi replied with a soft smile.

“I honestly do believe that this was just a one-off incident which can be linked to Hitoshi’s lack of sleep and high fever. He’s been telling me all about how he’s training to be a hero, he certainly seems dedicated.”

Kacchan smirked.

What a nerd.

“But anyway, yes, I’ll come and collect you a little later and we’ll start going through the evaluation, that all sound okay?”

He nodded.

After the doctor left, Kacchan took a nervous breath.

“I… I need to tell you something.”

Hizashi furrowed an eyebrow.

“What is it?”

“Has Toshi ever said anything to you about someone called Touya?”

They both shook their heads.

“Well, I met him back at the facility and Toshi introduced me. They grew up there together, Touya is a lot older than Toshi but by the sounds of it he took care of him in there. Anyway, that night in Kamino, Touya helped us get free, he snook us out the facility and cut our ties just before the fight between All Might and All for One went down. Well when he was doing that he must have left Toshi a note in the pocket of his gym uniform. Toshi’s been texting it and talking to him but a couple of nights ago he found out that Touya is a Todoroki.”

That caught the interest of the two pros.

“Toshi wanted to tell them and I didn’t think just springing it on them was a good idea, then we had an argument and I didn’t go round. Knowing Toshi he’s probably already told them by now so maybe Endeavour is already working on something to try and save Touya but…” Kacchan paused. “I think I caused all this. If we hadn’t of had that argument then he wouldn’t've had trouble sleeping, or skipped meals, then he never would’ve gotten sick and nearly jumped off the fucking balcony.”

He growled, clenching his fist in anger at himself.

“I’m sorry.”

Shouta sighed before walking over and sitting down next to him. He gently took his hands and offered them a squeeze.

“None of this is your fault, okay? It’s not Hitoshi’s fault either, you two have been through something horrible and to expect you to just go straight back to normal was always a ridiculous concept. You both just need some time to relax and do normal crappy teen stuff like play video games and watch terrible TV shows.” He teased.

Kacchan rolled his eyes, nudging his brother in the ribs.

“We all know you’re the one with the trashy taste.”

“Wow… thanks Kacchan.” He mocked offence.

Hizashi laughed.

“But honestly, don’t think you need to rush back to UA, the hero licensing exam has been postponed anyway after Kamino so just take the time to do jack shit basically, it will do the pair of you good.”

Kacchan nodded with a smile.

"Well, if you insist."

Chapter Text

Sat waiting for the doctor to come and collect him was agonising. Hitoshi was almost vibrating his nerves were so bad.

The door opened but revealed someone he hadn’t expected to see.


Full to bursting with guilt he couldn’t even look him in the eye.

His cousin’s lip was split and his cheek was carrying a large black and green bruise, he also had a couple of stitches in his hairline.

“Toshi…” Kacchan spoke up softly.

Footsteps slowly approached before he was pulled into a hug.

“I hurt you…” His weak tone shamefully admitted. “And I can’t… I’m so sorry.”

“Hey, look at me.”

Hitoshi’s gaze rose to finally meet Kacchans’.

“It was a mistake, it wasn’t you. I know you and you would never do that to me or Shouta, so don’t feel bad about it, you were sick and it made you see shit, there was nothing you could have done.”

“Why do you all forgive me so easily, I’m a bad person.”

Kacchan scowled.

“You are not a bad person; I don’t care if you’ve been told that before, that’s bullshit! You’re my friend and my cousin and family forgives each other for dumb shit like this.” He smirked. “God that was cheesy.”

Hitoshi giggled.

“It was a little cheesy.”

Kacchan smiled.

“So are we good?”

He nodded.

“Well the doctor said he’s ready for you so let’s go.”

His eyes widened a little.

“Wait, you’re coming too?”

“Yeah, they said I could. If you don’t want me there then I don’t have to.”

“No!” He blurted quickly. “No, I want you there. Just…” Hitoshi didn’t know what to say. “Thank you, I really appreciate that.”

“No problem, Tosh.”

“Now first off, I have to ask, what happened that night on the balcony, did you try and kill yourself?”

The doctor’s office they were sat in was fairly large with a stunning view of the city and the coast, Hitoshi wished he could just watch the waves crash against the shore rather than having to deal with the incredibly personal quiz he was about to receive from the doctor.

Kacchan volunteering to come in with him had almost brought him to tears. It was hard to put into words how much none of this made sense to him. The fact that he was free and loved and cared about to the point where he now had two sets of parents, Aunts, cousins, and friends was astonishing, and they all would drop everything at a seconds notice to be there for him, as proven by times like this.

Stupid fever fucking messing shit up.

Well… it was brought on because he hadn’t eaten for a few days so it was actually his fault but whatever…

“No, of course not.”

“Over the last year, how often have you been bothered by thoughts that you would be better off dead, or of killing yourself?”

Oh god.

“See that’s not a fair question.”

“And why’s that, Hitoshi?”

“Because I’ve only been with Shouta and Hizashi for a few months; if you’d asked, 'since you were rescued and allowed to actually have a normal life how often have you been bothered by thoughts that you would be better off dead, or of killing yourself', I would say zero, and it is zero. My life is not the same as it was three months or so ago in any shape of form to the point where it’s actually scary how much is different.”

“So you have had those thoughts before.”

“Well yeah because I was held by a gang of villains since before I was even two-years-old, you try being in that situation and see how your view of life is.”

Hitoshi leant forward and looked at the list of questions on his notepad.

“’Did the patient lose a parent at an early age?’, didn’t know I had any. ‘was there unusual or excessive separation anxiety during childhood or adolescence?’, there was no one they could separate me from besides Touya so no, ‘were there significant problems with sleep?’.” Hitoshi smirked. “There still are. ‘were there eating disturbances?’, yep they starved me half the time. ‘were there problems making or keeping friends?’, I literally didn’t have any contact with the outside world so, you know… ‘was severe shyness a problem, including when interacting in peer groups?’, same as previous answer. ‘were there problems with being bullied or bullying?’, they beat the shit out of us for fun. ‘were there frequent disciplinary problems in school?’, I literally didn’t go to school until they sent me to spy at UA. ‘were there serious difficulties with temper?’, yes. ‘were there many school absences for medical problems or any other problems?’, I was too beat up sometimes so they didn’t send me. ‘were there any delays in learning to read, write, or do math?’, yeah but Touya taught me pretty much everything I needed. ‘were there serious problems paying attention, finishing school work, or completing homework?’, do you really think I had a way of doing homework at the facility?... ‘did the above problems lead to grade retention or special education intervention?’, no one even fucking noticed something was wrong at UA so, yeah…”

Hitoshi slumped back in the chair.

The doctor was clearly a little stunned but was doing his best to stay professional and not show it.

He noticed Kacchan shuffle a little closer.

“Look, I really really want to go home, I don’t like hospitals and I just want to curl up on the coach with the cats and watch dumb cartoons with my cousins. You can get all of this shit from the police which will paint you a lovely picture of my life.”

“There are people you can talk to, a therapist might be ideal for you to work through some of the parts of your past that you might not want to talk so openly about.”

Hitoshi sighed.

“I don’t want a therapist.”

“There’s nothing to be ashamed or scared of, they’re there to help you through these things and provide healthy solutions to combatting the effects these memories may have on you.”

“But it was a fever!”

“You mentioned that you weren’t sleeping properly, and that accompanied with the other answers you gave suggests to me that you might suffer from PTSD, a therapist could…”

Hitoshi sat forward.

“Am I discharged?”


“After what I have told you do you have any concerns that I would hurt myself, my family, or anyone at my school?”

“Well no, you…”

“So you’re saying that I’m fine aside from potential PTSD and needing to eat more.”

The doctor didn’t look impressed.

“This isn’t a joke Master Shinsou.”

“I never said it was.”

“Toshi…” Kacchan tried but to no use.

“Am I discharged?” He repeated.

The doctor exhaled deeply.

“Yes you are discharged.”

“Thank you.”

Hitoshi stood up from the seat with a stretch before turning to his cousin.

“Come on.”

Kacchan gave a ‘sorry’ look to the doctor as they exited the room. When the door clicked closed he turned to Toshi.

“Nice act you had there.”

Hitoshi simply continued on down the corridor.

“Look I don’t want to argue but what was all that about? How can you talk about stuff like that so casually?”

“Because I knew nothing else for over thirteen-years, it is casual, I wish it wasn’t, but it is. If I stopped and fucking let myself think about it I’d drown in that crap so no, I don’t care if internalising it all is not healthy I’m sure as hell not going to put myself through it all again. I want to pretend like it never happened and be happy for once in my fucking life.”

Hitoshi offered a soft smile.

“And I wasn’t lying when I said I wanted to watch crappy cartoons, you think Zuku would come round?”

“If it’s 'All Might Adventures' you’re talking about then try stopping him.” Kacchan smirked.

Shouta and Hizashi were quick to their feet as they walked into the waiting room.”

“How did it g-.”

Wordlessly Hitoshi rushed over and wrapped his arms around the pair, sandwiching himself between the two of them.

“I’m sorry.”

“We’ve already been over this.” Kacchan smirked.

“I still have to say sorry!”

Shouta shook his head.

“No you don’t.”

Hizashi ruffled his hair.

“Yeah little listener, everything’s cool.”

He looked up at the two of them.

“Is it okay if Zuku comes round?”

A smile came to both their faces.

“Sure thing.” Shouta answered.

“Now, you need food mister, so where are we grabbing stuff from the on the way home?” The voice hero posed the all-important question.

“Kacchan, what was the name of the burger place you guys took me to?”

“The one ran by that hero Deku geeked out about getting an autograph from?”



“YES! Their burgers are the best!” Hitoshi grinned.

“Burgatory it is.” Hizashi grabbed his keys. “Come on then, let’s go home.”

And Hitoshi couldn’t be more thankful to hear those words.

Chapter Text

"Hey!" Izuku beamed as he knocked on the already open door of Hitoshi's room finding his two cousins camped out on the bed inside.

"Zuku!" Hitoshi smiled. "Get in here we're gonna' watch cartoons and we need your fanboy knowledge to pick good ones."

Zuku seemed to have accepted his true calling in life, throwing himself onto the bed and almost sending his cousins toppling off the side as the mattress bounced.

"What are we watching?"

"Anything, I just want something good that I can potentially fall asleep to." Hitoshi leant back against the stack of pillows, huddling closer to Kacchan. "I'm so tired."

"Don't stay awake on our account." Kacchan offered a soft smile.

Zuku seemed to have made his choice, placing his phone down on the frame at the end of the bed and swiping up through the air to project onto the white wall of the bedroom.

"YOU TOO CAN BECOME A HERO! All Might Adventures!"

The theme song played away.

Hitoshi smirked.

Of course.

Zuku slumped onto the bed to get comfy as he lay on his stomach, stretching his legs out behind him. He purposely prodded at his cousin with his foot causing Kacchan to respond a few seconds later by batting his foot away. He laughed.

'Episode 127'

"The Good, the Bad, and the Quirky."

As intended Hitoshi had fallen peacefully asleep a few minutes into the episode, his head resting on Kacchan's shoulder as he lay against his side.

Hitoshi groaned, flickering his eyes open before rubbing them with the back of his hand.

"Have I missed anything exciting?"

"All Might taught us not to play on building sites."

"So no then." Hitoshi teased quietly to Kacchan.

"Who's that hero?" The voices on screen shouted as the current episode reached the ad break.

Zuku's mouth opened to answer but Kacchan kicked him with his foot.

"We all know you know it, geek boy, let Toshi try."

Hitoshi scoffed.

"I know like five heroes..."

"Just guess." Kacchan encouraged.

Zuku tapped his phone to pause the episode.

Hitoshi looked at the black outline.

"I don't know, Hawks?"

"Hawks would have been four..."

He quickly did the maths in his head.

"Which means I was minus three, I don't know old heroes."

Zuku tipped his head back to look at him.

"Wanna' hint?"

"Sure, why not?"

"Well first of all it's a she but for hints, umm, she has wings when she transforms, and Shouza was in her agency."

That caught Hitoshi's attention.

"Woah, woah, woah..." He paused. "First, it's the dragon woman right?"

Kacchan smirked.

"Yes idiot."

Hitoshi rolled his eyes.

"Thanks for that. But anyway, you're saying that Shouta trained with her?"

"Yeah, at her agency in Tokyo."

"Shouta left?"

"Yeah, I know from reading stuff online that after they graduated UA Shouza wanted to join an underground agency but couldn’t due to the laws back then. He needed to intern with a known agency and gain experience through working cases with them before he could apply for his solo licencing. I once overheard Nemuri talking about it, apparently Hizashi was scared Shouza was gonna’ do something reckless and get himself killed but Shouza took it that Hizashi thought he wasn’t capable of looking after himself because of his sight. Neither of them talked for a while until Shouza came back here, then she nagged him to sign on as a teacher at UA. But yeah, I don't know if he liked working there or not, he doesn't really mention it much."

"Can we just watch the show already?" Kacchan groaned.

"Hizashi and Shouta split up?"

"Well they called it 'going on a break' but pretty much, yeah."

Hitoshi looked horrified.

"But they're perfect for each other, they're like..."

"Don't say soultmates..." Kacchan interrupted.

"Well they are!"

“Awww, he thinks we’re soulmates.” Hizashi was practically beaming in the doorway.

Shouta rolled his eyes with a smirk.

“As lovely as that history lesson was I’d really rather not remember how much of an idiot I was back then.”

“Oh you big grump, we both know the time apart ended up working out for the better in the end, even if neither of us wanted to admit that. Before you left I was just content staying as your boyfriend but after experiencing what being apart from you for a year felt like made me come to the conclusion that I never wanted to spend another day without you.” The voice hero explained.

Shouta smiled.

“There’s one part of the story you’re missing there, Zuku.”

“What?” His cousin’s eyes practically lit up in excitement of new ‘hero lore’.

“I was a little late getting back home and boy was Hizashi angry. ‘You’ve been away an entire year and you can’t even be bothered to be on time to see me again?’.” He imitated.

“Yeah turns out Shouta had made a stop before he left Tokyo.” Hizashi rubbed the back of his neck.

11 Years Ago - Tatooin Station

That damn idiot! Where the hell was he?!

He looked at his watch before up at the station board.

Shouta should have been here two trains ago.

“The next train to arrive at Platform 2 is the 10:25 from Tokyo.”

As the train pulled into the station he waited anxiously as the doors finally opened. A crowd of passengers disembarked before heading out through the barriers.

He got to his feet and walked through them, hoping desperately to find his boyfriend.

But he couldn’t see him.

The last few stragglers stepped from the train before the station guard did his check of the platform and the whistle rang out.

The train along with his composure left shortly after.

And then…

All was silent.


He gasped, his eyes widening, turning in seconds to see…


He launched himself at his boyfriend, Shouta dropping his suitcase and catching him in his arms, having to swoop him around a little to keep them both upright.

Burying himself against his shoulder he couldn’t help the tears in his eyes that were spilling down his cheeks.

“You bastard!” He delivered a hit to his chest though there was no real power behind it, his voice shaking. “You’ve been away an entire year and you can’t even be bothered to be on time to see me again?”

“I’m sorry but there was something I needed to do.”

“Oh yeah, what was so damn important?!”

Shouta set him back down on his feet before placing his hand in his pocket.

And he collapsed to the stone of the platform right then and there as his knees gave way beneath him.

A small box.

“So we’re really doing this? And you said you weren’t one for cheesy romantic gestures.” He teased with a smile.

“Well maybe I found my exception to that rule.” Shouta got down to one knee. “There aren’t enough words in either of the languages we speak to perfectly articulate just how fucking much I missed you this past year. You’re loud, and you get on my last nerve in every possible way, but you’re also my best friend, and I love you.” The erasure hero paused, his own voice shaking now. “Hizashi Yamada, will you marry me?”

Pulling Shouta closer their lips met as he wrapped his arms around him and never wanted to let go ever again. Everything felt so right.

“So is that a yes, I don’t know if you nodded or not?” Shouta teased.

Hizashi smirked tearfully.

“Yes you big idiot, of course I’ll marry you.”

His now fiancé was also crying too as they kissed once again.

The three teens’ eyes were wide as they beamed.


Shouta rolled his eyes with a smirk.

“Come on, lunch is ready.”

“Tell us more!”

“Yeah you two are adorable!”

The erasure hero walked out of the room.

“If you’re not down in two minutes I’ll eat it all myself.”

“WE’RE COMING!” Came the wails of his brothers and son and he couldn’t help the snicker that left his lips.

Chapter Text

Zuku ended up staying the night and camped out on the floor with the spare futon. Hitoshi found that sleep came pretty easily after basically passing out from exhaustion thanks to everything that had happened in the last few days. His dreams focused on one topic and one topic alone though. Touya.

Sat at the island in the kitchen the next morning Hitoshi was practically staring at his phone, willing his friend to reply but to so far no avail.

Hizashi placed a bowl of cereal down in front of him.

“I’m not hungry.”

“You need to eat.”

He sighed but reluctantly did have a few spoonfuls before slumping down on the countertop.

“Something up little listener?”

“Touya hasn’t replied to me and I’m getting a little worried.”

Hizashi didn’t look overly pleased.

“Hitoshi Aizawa you were told you were no longer to interfere with any of this, the police and the pros are handling it.”


“No but’s, your texts could put him into danger or worse, his situation is a difficult one which is why it’s best left to the people who do this kind of thing for a living. You’ll help your friend more by staying off your phone; a bit of distraction will do you good.”


“Now talking of distractions, I could use some help-.”

A knock at the door caught Hitoshi’s attention. He turned back to Hizashi with a guilty expression after having not heard the end of his sentence.

“Someone’s at the door.” He supplied, the noise having been too quiet for his hearing aids to stand any chance of picking it up. “One sec.”

Heading into the hallway he opened the door to find Shoto.

“Hey, do you think we could talk for a bit?”

“Uhh…” He turned to Hizashi seeking permission.

Hizashi nodded.

“You can always help me out later.”

“Then yes.” Hitoshi offered with a smile. “Come in, we can talk in my room.”

“Thanks.” Shoto nodded before following him inside.

Hitoshi took a seat on the bed, inviting his friend to join him.

“Katsuki and Izuku are out getting groceries with Shouta so we have some peace.” He smirked. “I think I know what you wanna’ talk about.”

“Is Touya really alive?” Shoto asked quietly.

“I was texting him a few days ago so to my best knowledge yeah. He hasn’t replied since but I think that’s more down to him trying to keep a low profile and not let the League know he’s been sending messages.”

“All this time and we had no idea!” Todoroki growled. “And he was there that night in Kamino, I should have seen him.”

“Shoto, Touya was already at the facility when I got there and had been for a few years. If I wasn’t even two at the time then the two of us wouldn’t even have been alive back when he was taken. You can’t punish yourself for not recognising someone you’ve never seen before.”

“I’ve seen pictures! My house has a damn memorial to him. I could have done something to help him.”

“I’m not going to let you sit here and beat yourself into the ground, I mean this when I say there was nothing you could have done back there. Nothing. Not without either getting yourself killed, Touya killed, me and Kacchan killed, or any of our friends killed. Kamino was a fucking shit show that we barely made it out of. I’m down an eye but I’ll take that any day over someone I love or care about being dead.”

Hitoshi exhaled deeply.

“Touya is smart, there’s a reason he’s survived like sixteen-years of that crap. When I was back at the facility I was able to see how the new dynamic worked. They were calling him ‘Dabi’ which could only mean they saw him as a member. He’s playing them at their own game to stay alive and it’s working. Your brother is an amazing, strong, selfless person and he’s going to make it out of this don’t you worry. I’ll kick his ass myself if he doesn’t.”

Shoto smirked before a small smile came to his face.

“You’re really close to him.”

“He was all I had for over thirteen-years, and like I said, I was so young back then that I’d never known anyone before him. Touya was a big brother and a parental figure all rolled into one and he was always there for me. I owe him more than I will ever be able to repay and I would’ve been dead fifty times over if it weren’t for Touya.”

Hitoshi came to rest a hand on his friend’s shoulder.

“I’ve had more than my fair share of him over the years so now it’s your turn. As much of an asshole Endeavour is, I have no doubt in my mind that he will stop at nothing to bring him home to you guys.” He paused. “Touya is going to be free but as someone with a little experience in all this, he’s going to need his family to help him.”

Shoto’s eyes were filled with unshed tears that he fought back before nodding.

“Any tips?”

Hitoshi smiled.

“Be patient, don’t raise your voice, and don’t crowd him; coming back into society after so little time spent in it is hard. As much as I wish there was, there’s no quick fix to any of this stuff, it’s been three months since I was first with them and I still sometimes forget that I’m actually free. And everything is alien at first, I found the amount of food that you’re just allowed to eat when you feel like it real strange and then I could barely eat any of it without feeling really sick afterwards, and sleeping is still something I struggle with. Not to go into anything but it’s just a given that he’s going to have nightmares, and he’s gonna’ be scared of his own shadow until he starts to feel safer. When I first got out I thought that someone would grab me at any second, I still do sometimes when I’m having a bad day. Again, you’re just going to have to be patient with him but you’ll probably work out his triggers and stuff pretty quickly and then know how best to avoid them.”

“Thank you for this, it sounds bad to say but I’m glad he did have someone in there with him. And thank you for telling us in the first place, I’m going to get to see my big brother and I never thought I would ever have the chance to do that.”

“No don’t worry about it, I agree. Touya and I kept each other going, so leaving him in there on his own really made me feel like crap for a long time, not knowing if he was still alive or not.”

“You both survived, that’s not something to be taken lightly, it’s a real achievement.”

“I’ll celebrate when Touya is back with us.”

Shoto nodded.

“I need to go and finish some homework Ectoplasm set us but I really do appreciate this, sorry for being a downer.”

Hitoshi shook his head.

“You’re going to be fine, Shoto, I promise.”

He smiled.

“I’ll see you around.”

"See ya'."

Chapter Text

Hitoshi bucked against the straps holding him down to the chair in the medical lab, frantically trying to get free and back to Kacchan.

"I wouldn't bother, pet, it's no good, and anyway, your little cousin back there is already dead. We've got trash dealing with the body, poor guy threw up at the sight of him so you can only imagine what we put him through." Takahashi explained as he leant close and sliced the knife across his cheek.

"Gah." His breathing was shaky as she shook his head. "No, he can't be. It's my job to protect him, I'm supposed to protect him!"

"Ever noticed how everyone around you ends up dead, pet?"

Tomura's voice asked as he entered the room.

He growled.

"If you've done anything to Kacchan I'm going to rip you apart!"

"Oh really?"

"Shouta and Hizashi are going to find wherever the hell this place is and they're gonna' save us."

Tomura's expression grew dark and menacing before a grin came to his face as he burst into laughter.

"And who exactly is going to save you when they're already here?"

His eyes widened in horror, forgetting to breathe as he tracked Shigaraki's line of sight to...



The voice hero was desperately fighting the hold of the League member, screaming himself hoarse.

And soon he saw why.

As another League member entered the room he quickly saw what they were dragging along beside them.

Or who.

"SHOUTA NOOO!" Hizashi screamed, the foundations of the building seeming to shake as he did.


He couldn't be dead. He couldn't.

"Did no one ever tell you to be quiet?!" Shigaraki charged across the room in seconds, clamping his hand around Hizashi's throat.

Hitoshi screwed his eyes closed against the sound of choking as his father disintegrated before his eyes, and then...

There was nothing left.

"No..." He gasped. "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

Hitoshi bolted upright.


Kacchan jumped a mile beside him, eyes wildly darting around the room before he seemed to find his surroundings, turning to him in an instant and wrapping his arms immediately around him.

"Hey, Purple Hair, we're not there, we're not there, we're safe."

"Dad!" Hitoshi shook his head erratically. "They killed-."

But Kacchan wasn't going to take no for an answer.

"Toshi, where are we?"

"I... I don't..."

"Where are we?" His cousin repeated slowly.

"A-at Shouta and Hizashi's house." He struggled through, forcing the muteness threatening to burst free back down to the pit inside him.

"And where's that?"

"U... UA."

"Which means?"

"We're safe; we're not at the facility."

Kacchan took a breath before releasing him.

Hitoshi pulled his knees close to his chest and buried his head upon them.

"I want my Dad." He whimpered, not caring how pathetic he might sound.

Kacchan couldn't help but smile a little at the choice of wording.

"Present Headache or Daredevil, which one do you want?"

"Zashi..." His voice shook.

"Okay, so..." His cousin leant down and picked up Jelly before placing her beside him. "Pet your damn cat until I get back."

He nodded.


As promised and sans Kacchan, Hizashi appeared in the doorway less than a minute later, still in the process of putting his hearing aids in and very much not a pile of dust on the floor.

He seemed nervous.

"Hey Tosh, Kacchan said you wanted me."


A smile came to Hizashi's smile as if getting proof of something he hadn't quite been able to believe from word alone.

Hitoshi practically threw himself at his father, strong arms blanketing him soon after.

And it felt so natural, both the name and the embrace.

"Yes Toshi?"

"I love you." He smiled softly as he returned the hug. "So please don't die, ever."

His father's arms only seemed to tighten around him.

"Same for Shouta." He stopped to think. "What's another name for Dad? I can't use it for both of you or it's gonna' just get confusing."

"There's Papa."

"Hmm, that doesn't really suit him though."

"So why don't you call me that instead?" Hizashi suggested. "I mean, if you want to, obviously."

"Are you okay with it?"

His father smiled.

"Nothing would make me happier."

"Okay, then Papa it is. Better than the alternative."

"Which was?"

"Loud Dad."

Hizashi burst out laughing before his hands began to move.

'But I also quiet one' He signed. "The duality of man."

"So where's Kacchan?"

"Currently eating his way through the freezer."

"He better not eat all the Bubble Girl bubblegum pop pops."

"Well that's a mouthful." Hizashi shuffled backwards on the bed to sit behind Hitoshi, wrapping his arms around him and guiding him to lie back against him. "Comfy?"

Hitoshi nodded.

"I'm sorry for shouting earlier."

"You didn't shout."

"Well then I should have raised my voice."

"You used your teaching voice, it's different."

"Yeah but I shouldn't be using that on you."

He had to admit he was a little confused.


"Because you're my kid."

"I needed to be told though, actually I was wondering if you just wanted to take it." Hitoshi reached across to the sidetable and handed his father the phone. "I'll never stop worrying otherwise, well, I'm still worried about him but it means I can't screw anything up."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, the only people who really text me are Kacchan and Zuku. I'll just tell Zuku what's up and not to bother texting, he can always text Kacchan if he needs to ask me something."

"Okay." Hizashi took the phone and slid it into his pocket.

"Sorry for waking you up."

"Hey I've told you before you can wake me up at any time, that's my job."

Hitoshi smiled.

"Thank you, I guess all this stuff with Touya is just bringing crap back, not that I was doing amazing anyway but I'm just scared."

"And that's okay, you're worried about your friend and you want him to be safe. The pros are pros for a reason, they'll get him out of there I'm sure of it, especially considering he's the son of the soon to be number one hero."

"Oh right, All Might retired, I forgot he would lose his ranking."

Hizashi began gently stroking Hitoshi's hair.

"Everyone retires eventually Toshi, it's just a natural thing in this line of work. Some of us are luckier than others in terms of their careers, like for me, even if I decided to pack in the hero patrol stuff I'll still have my radio show, hopefully."

"You said you were ranked right?"

Hizashi nodded.

"Yep, I'm 29th."

Hitoshi's eyes widened.


"I think I have mostly my show to thank for that because when I first ranked I was 318th."

"How come Shouta isn't ranked?"

Hizashi exhaled in annoyance.

"The hero committee aren't very accepting when it comes to disability. They were strongly against licensing Shouta when we were at UA but Nezu threatened legal action for discrimination if he was told he couldn't participate in the exam. The committee reversed their decision but have never since considered him for consideration into the rankings. I think I'm the only one on the list with a disability but obviously you never know, hidden disabilities and all."

"That's terrible."

"Shouta doesn't mind, he never wanted to be on any kind of radar in the first place, being in the public eye like that is his idea of a nightmare; he much prefers doing his underground work and teaching."

"He's an amazing hero too, people should appreciate him." Hitoshi grumbled.

"Well his biggest fan is right here and that's all he cares about." Hizashi smiled. "But we do need to get you something Eraserhead made or people are gonna' think I'm making you wear that Present Mic shirt."

He laughed.

"I would love that; I need to try and make a pair of goggles again, my first set weren't great and I accidentally broke them one night. No word of a lie the night I broke them I cried for like three hours, ask Touya when we find him."

Hizashi smiled.

"I will." The voice hero then patted him on the shoulder. "Come on, let's see how many popsicles your cousin's worked his way through."

"I wasn't joking by the way, if he's eaten my Bubble Girl pops then I will kill him."

His father smirked as they made their way downstairs to the kitchen. Entering inside, Kacchan and Shouta were both sat across from each at the island.

"Before you say anything, I only had one." Kacchan quickly stated.

Hitoshi looked to find an empty blue wrapper on the counter.

'Bubble Girl's Bubblegum Pop Pops'

He shot his cousin a death stare and was returned a cheeky grin that gave no shits.

Hitoshi pulled out the chair beside him and took a seat.

"It's a good thing I'm tired."

Kacchan smirked before his expression softened.

"So, did you talk to your Dad?"

Shouta almost choked on his coffee.

"Yeah but he's Papa, that's Dad." He motioned toward Shouta.

Realisation came slow to the erasure hero's face as he looked almost tearful. He held it back with a cough to clear his throat.

"So, Dad and Papa, never thought I'd hear that."

"Well we weren't exactly planning on having kids." Hizashi added.

"We had enough problem children at school to deal with, and down the road."

"Hey, I'm not a problem child, that's Deku!" Kacchan retorted.


"Why are you drinking coffee at 3AM?" The voice hero asked his husband.

"Why not?" Shouta shrugged.

"We should probably try and get some more sleep." Hitoshi suggested.

Kacchan nodded.

"Okay, goodnight boys."

His cousin walked off upstairs while he hung back.

"Are you okay with me calling you Dad?" He nervously asked.

The erasure hero got to his feet and pulled him into a hug.

"I'd be honoured."

Shouta kissed him before offering a soft smile.

"Now, get some sleep, kiddo."

Hitoshi nodded.

"Right, night, Dad. Night, Papa."

"Goodnight, Toshi."

Chapter Text

Knock knock knock

Shouta, who had been on his way to the couch with a fresh mug of coffee paused before heading for the door.

“Uhh Hi, Mr. Aizawa, Sir. Umm, I don’t know if it’s like against the rules or anything just knocking on a teacher’s door but I know Bakugou’s been staying here rather than at the dorms. Is he uh, is he here?”


Shouta had to hold back a smirk as he nodded.

“I’ll go get him for you, you wanna’ wait inside?”

“Nah, it’s okay, I’ll just wait out here. Actually, could you ask him if he wants to come to the dorms, I thought we could hang out, Hitoshi’s welcome too, you might have more luck trying than I would.”

“I’ll try my best.”

“Thanks, Sir. I’ll uh, see you in class tomorrow.”

“Bye, Kirishima.”

"Your boyfriend wants you to come over." Shouta teased with a grin as he walked into Toshi's room.

"HE'S NOT MY BOYFRIEND!" Kacchan practically erupted, cheeks turning bright red in seconds.

Hitoshi laughed.

"You sure about that, he wants you to go to his dorm room?"

"Oh my god, just end me..." He grabbed the pillow and buried himself against it. Maybe smothering himself to death wasn't a bad way to go.

"Well as long as you're being safe."

Within seconds Kacchan launched the pillow at Shouta.

"You are the worst big brother!"

"Aww you don't mean that Kat Kat."

Hitoshi noticed something and walked to the balcony.

"Hey, Kirishima!" He shouted before waving.

"Hey!" Their friend replied.

"I. Hate. Everyone in this family." Kacchan turned to his cousin. "And stop waving!!"

He smirked.

His cousin climbed off the bed, grabbed his jacket and walked out the room.

"Fucking idiots..." They heard Kacchan mutter under his breath on his way downstairs.

Kacchan took hold of the latch, pausing for a few seconds and taking a deep breath before pulling open the door to Kirishima.

"Hey du-..."

He watched as his friend's eyes went wide as they travelled over him, taking in the deep bruises, dark black patches around his eye, the stitches on his temple and lip. Anger came to his expression in seconds as he closed the gap between the two of them.

"Who did it, they're fucking dead!"

Kacchan threw on his jacket, wincing a little as he did so thanks to the stinging pain in his shoulder that was still persisting.

"No one you need to worry about."


He offered a soft smile.

"I'm okay."

Kirishima sighed.

"If you won't tell me who will you at least tell me what happened?"

"I can't, I'm sorry; but trust me, there’s nothing to worry about.”

His friend still didn’t look convinced but let it go.

“Come on, let’s go to the dorms.”

Lying against the wall on the bed in Kirishima’s room, Kacchan smiled as his friend joined him.

“I’ve really missed you these past few weeks. I know I’ve seen you more recently but…” He sighed. “I don’t know; it’s too quiet without you screaming all the time.”

Kacchan laughed.

Kirishima smiled.

“How have you guys been doing, I can’t imagine it’s been easy.”

He shrugged.

“I’m fine, Toshi’s the main priority.”


“I said I’m fine.” He repeated sternly.

Kirishima decided to leave that conversation there.

“Kaminari’s been asking after you too, everyone has, like I said it’s been strange having the two of you missing from classes, the place seems empty. You don’t always notice someone’s personality until it’s gone. And I mean like, you’re loud and explosive so yeah, that was always going to make a difference, but even someone as quiet as Hitoshi not being there really changes things, we all miss him.”

Kacchan smiled.

“You guys should tell him that, it would probably make his day to know he has friends waiting for him back in class; he’s a little hard on himself so I doubt he’d even consider you guys would miss him.”

“Of course we do, our JSL has probably got so rusty with him not being there to teach us, and it’s been too long since I’ve seen my hero name sign used.”

“You really like it don’t you?”

“Hell yeah I do, it looks so manly! Hitoshi was awesome at coming up with them all.”

“He’s been slowly working his way through those Crimson Riot manga you gave him; I think he really likes them if the beaming smile when he reads them is anything to go by.”

“YES! My education is working. The more people I convert to the religion of understanding how friggin’ awesome the Crimson Riot is the better. He’s so cool!”

Kacchan smirked.

“So uhh… did you think some more about what I asked you last time?”

Oh right.


His lack of reply led to his friend’s eyes to downcast to the ground as he awkwardly and sadly tried to look anywhere else but him.

“Sorry dude, just forget it, I was clearly just being stupid and-.”

“Hey Dumb Hair, chill will ya’?” Kacchan interrupted. “I did think about it, and my answer is yeah, I would like that.” He paused. “I mean, my brother, my uncle and my cousins already think we’re dating anyway, and so does half the class so you know… as much as I don’t wanna’ prove them right, I do like you.”

Kirishima broke into a soft smile and shuffled a little down the bed so that he could wrap his arm around him and pull his close to rest against him.

In the arms of his friend, and now boyfriend, he felt warm and safe, a smile coming to his face. He soon found himself struggling to keep his eyes open as his exhaustion from the previous night seemed to finally catch up with him.

“Don’t stay awake on my account. Here.”

Kirishima gently guided his arms out of the hoodie he was wearing before throwing it carefully to land on the chair by the desk.


He nodded, eyes closed as he snuggled closer, finding his fellow classmate to be a very comfortable pillow. He heard a smirk.

“You comfy there?” The voice teased.

“I will be if you stop moving around.” He retorted with a smirk.

A soft hand came to stroke through his hair, the motion only making him drift away faster.

“I got you, Katsuki…” His friend’s soft voice was the last sound he heard before everything was peaceful.

“Oh my goodnesssssssss.”

“They’re so cute!”


“He actually looks less feral when he’s asleep.”

Izuku furrowed an eyebrow.

What the hell was going on?

Walking over to Kirishima’s dorm he came across Ashido, Hagakure, Uraraka, Jiro, and Kaminari. He peered round the door to see what they had been discussing.

Kacchan and Kirishima were both asleep, his cousin wrapped in the arms of the red-haired hero.

He reached around the door to click the latch before pulling it closed softly to not wake them.

“Ohhhh, you’re no fun.”

He scowled before corralling them down the hallway to the common room, his friends slumping down onto the couches as they arrived; the whole class was spread around the large, bright space.

“Look, it’s not my place to say anything about it, and I’m not going to, but after everything that’s happened, the last thing Kacchan needs is to feel self-conscious about even going to sleep. And even if nothing had happened you guys shouldn’t be doing that to anyone, it’s gross.”

Uraraka seemed to agree with him, her expression changing to guilt.

“You’re right, I’m sorry, Deku.”

“Does that mean they’re dating?” Kaminari piped up.

Jiro groaned.

“What don’t you understand about butting out of shit that doesn’t concern you?”

“Hey they’re my friends, I have friend rights.”

“And I have cousin rights, just let them work stuff out on their own, I’m sure they’ll let us know if they want to say anything, right?”

Yaoyorozu and Uraraka nodded, both smiling.

“Ohh it’s still cute though, even the thought of the two of them together is very sweet.” The creation hero smiled.

“They’ve been close since we started here; Kirishima’s always been able to calm him down when he’s upset or angry; Hitoshi’s usually the main one to do that.”

“Speaking of sweetness, we need Shin Shin back ASAP.” Hagakure announced animatedly.

“Are you still calling him Shin Shin? He already told you just how much he loved the use of that nickname…” Jiro replied.

“Nahhhh, he loves it, he just expresses it in a different way to most people.”

“What by saying he hates it?”

“I saw him smile when I said it once, he likes it really.”

Tenya, who had been sat at the island in the kitchen, looked over.

“I must admit I’m a little worried about him, that fight in Kamino was a nasty one and Shinsou took the brunt of it. It was most heroic of him to save Bakugou like that at the expense of his own safety and an eye. Not only that but he also helped All Might defeat All For One, the picture was all over the news, my parents were most impressed when they heard what had happened, he is most certainly going to be an amazing hero one day, he would be an asset to any agency that took him on.”

“Oh that’s right, you guys were there.” Sero commented. “How did you manage to get away with it, I thought Mr. Aizawa would’ve expelled you all on the spot.”

The four of them who were there that night stilled.

“They saved his brother and his son.” Uraraka answered simply. “As angry as he would have been about them breaking school rules, the law, and risking their own lives to do what they ultimately did, I doubt he would be able to overlook the good they actually did. Like you said, Hitoshi was able to get Kacchan out of there and up to you guys and even having one person less on the battlefield gave All Might the space he needed to unleash a heavier attack. Despite it all they were heroes even up against the most evil man this country has ever seen.”

Asui sighed.

“We should have all gone with you that night, we have strength in numbers and we work well under pressure, we proved that at the USJ. Regardless of the law we should have acted rather than hiding away and hoping for the best.”

“Tsu… like Uraraka said, All Might needed space to fight and having our whole class there would’ve caused problems. You guys were right to not risk your hero licenses; we need some of us to be responsible so the board doesn’t close the school down.” He spoke up.

His classmates smirked.

“It’s true; it’s our civic duty to stop you idiots from toppling UA.” Tokoyami quipped.

“Well in our defence you took the class rep with you so we didn’t have any supervision.” Kaminari grinned.

“I apologise for my behaviour it will not happen again.” Tenya bowed.

“You actually went against your coding robo boy, did it feel nice?” Sero teased.

“I feel ashamed for letting down Mr. Aizawa and the teachers of this fine establishment, but… I would not change the actions I took that night, not knowing that we managed to bring Bakugou and Shinsou back to us because of them.”

“Good, I’m glad to hear it.”

“We should do something nice, you know, for the two of them as a ‘please come back soon, we’re dying of boredom without you’ sort of thing.” Ashido smiled.

“Sounds good to me.”

“We could make cupcakes.” Sato suggested.

“Oooh yesss!” The girls agreed.

“What flavour does he like?”

“Uhh, I don’t even know if he’s had cupcakes before.” Izuku answered truthfully.

The horrified expressions of his classmates said it all before they rushed into the kitchen and began grabbing ingredients and utensils they would need.

“Then screw just cupcakes, we’re baking everything we can think of, Hitoshi needs educated on the wonders of baked goods.”

He smiled.

He had the best friends.

Walking down the driveway to the house Kacchan took the key from his pocket... to find the door already open.

He furrowed an eyebrow and made his way inside, pushing it closed behind him he headed upstairs.

"You didn't close the door idiots, do you want people to just w-."

A gasp burst from his lips as his eyes widened in fear.

Shouta and Hizashi lay still on the floor, his brother's body positioned as if he'd tried to act as a shield to protect his husband.

There was so much blood.

"No... no..."


"HITOSHI!" He screamed, his throat protesting the pitch of his cry as he sprinted out the room and up to the next floor. Each step felt like climbing a mountain, his throat burning, head pounding as he forced himself to keep going, desperately hoping for the safety of his cousin, praying that he hadn’t met the same fate as Shouza and Hizashi.

Please be okay, please, you have to be.

He would’ve heard the commotion from the floor down and surely had time to escape. Maybe he found somewhere to hide, or maybe they didn’t even come this far up.

Maybe he’s alive.

Throwing open the door his breathing stopped, collapsing to the floor he threw up violently right then and there before tears burst from him, wrecking every part of his being as he whimpered and wailed, sobbing harshly.


Someone grabbed his arm causing him to jump.



His eyes flew open to find Kirishima looking down at him in concern, still holding him tight in his arms.

Right, they were at the dorms.

"Hey, you're good; the only scary monster's me I'm afraid." Kirishima teased with a soft smile.

He smiled too before taking a deep breath as he scrubbed a hand down his face.

"Fuck me..." He grumbled. "I never thought it would be too much to ask to get some sleep."

"We can try again later, how about we get you some food?"

He nodded.

"Come on then."

As the two of them walked into the common room, Kirishima’s face lit up.

“Hey, Hitoshi, long time no see.”

Toshi was sat on the couch with Ashido styling his hair, he didn’t look too thrilled about the situation but clearly didn’t mind too much.

“Shin Shin’s back!” She cried with a beaming smile. “Oh we’ve missed you so much!”

The girls all bundled him into a squishy hug.

“I’ve missed you all too but stop waving around those straighteners I’d quite like to not have a burn to also add to my collection of face adornments.” Hitoshi smirked.

“Does your hair even straighten?” Kacchan asked.

“Apparently it does.”

“Would it kill you to style it every once in a while?” Hagakure questioned.

“Do I look like I know how to braid hair?” His cousin retorted.

“Momo just made dinner if you want some.” Denki offered.

“Awesome, thanks.” Kirishima smiled as he walked over to the kitchen and took two bowls, filling the first with the green curry in the pot and handing it to him before dishing up one for himself.

Hitoshi was still being fawned over by the girls as they took a seat at the table and began eating; he heard the occasional swat to a fussing hand accompanied by a grumble from his cousin.

“Aww it’s like the Wild Wild Pussycats styling head I had as a kid.”

“I’m not a styling toy!”

He couldn’t help but laugh at that.

“Oh quiet you’re gonna’ look fine.”

“’Fine’ doesn’t fill me with confidence.”

Ashido put down the straighteners.

“There, all ready for you Momo.”

Yaoyorozu gently pulled his now straightened hair back behind him, gathering it all together before beginning to braid it into a ponytail. It only took her a minute or so before she was securing it with a bobble.

“There we go.”

“HE LOOKS LIKE EDWARD ELRIC!” Hagakure squealed.

“I- I don’t know who that is.”

The class looked horrified.

“Well that needs rectified…” Ashido grumbled.

“You look amazing!” Uraraka commented. “It really suits you.”

Hitoshi, clearly not trusting the word of the girls, walked over to him.

“Be honest, does it look terrible?”

He shook his head.

“She’s right, you do suit it.” Kacchan smiled.

“You better not just be saying that.” His cousin nervously replied, clearly unsure of whether he was being made fun of.

“Hey.” He began softly. “I wouldn’t let them embarrass you. Genuinely, it looks good.”

He noticed the smile peeking out.


“This curry is amazing Momo!” Kirishima complemented.

“Thank you; it’s my mother’s recipe.”

Zuku walked into the common room, expression turning to a smile once he saw the two of them.

“Hey Toshi! Woah, nice hair!”

His cousin took a seat beside Toshi.

“Did you find more All Might Adventures episodes?”

Zuku nodded excitedly.

“I found them all.”

Hitoshi’s face lit up.

“Woah, that’s awesome, Zuku!”

“All Might Adventures, oh my god I haven’t seen that in years!” Sero stated.

“Oh yeahhhhh, I used to watch that all the time when I was a kid.” Denki jumped onto the couch beside them.

“We should watch some.”

“Movie night!” Ashido exclaimed.

“I’ll make some popcorn.” Yaoyorozu nodded.

“I’ll go see if anyone else wants to come and watch with us.” Zuku walked off towards the dorm rooms.

“Hey…” Kirishima spoke up softly. “If you wanna’ just go relax without as many people around we can.”

He looked over to Toshi who in that moment seemed to fit so naturally into the picture, sat on the couch surrounded by people who cared about him, carefree and not having to worry about any of that League crap. He smiled and shook his head.

“Nah, have you seen any of these, we were watching them yesterday, they’re cheesy as fuck.”

Kirishima smiled too.

“Sounds good to me, he’s not a scratch on Crimson Riot though.” He teased with a wink.

He rolled his eyes with smirk.

“Whatever you say…”

As night fell the numbers in the common room began to dwindle as everyone began to head off to their own dorms.

“Hey Tosh?” He called softly.

“Shh, he’s sleeping.” Tsu whispered before motioning to the sleeping form of his cousin asleep on the couch across from her.

Kacchan smiled.

“Oh that’s so sweet.” Yaoyorozu spoke up before producing a blanket with her quirk. She gently draped it over him. “Can’t have him getting cold.”


“Well I think I should probably go and get some sleep too, it was really nice seeing you guys again.” Tsu gave a wave before walking off down the corridor.

“You too.”

Kacchan took her recently vacated seat, relaxing back against it with a deep exhale.

“You coming?” Kirishima asked.

“Nah, you just go to bed, I don’t wanna’ leave him on his own out here, I doubt he’ll know where he is if he wakes up, he’s barely been in the dorms.”

“Then you got room for one more?” His friend walked over.

Kacchan smiled, budging along.

“Goodnight you two.” Yaoyorozu called.

“Night.” They replied in unison.

And then it was just the three of them.

“So much has changed it’s almost scary. Toshi and I being taken by the League, and the fight that went down at Kamino, that’s the kind of crap you read about on the news and never think could happen to you. Nah you could be the nicest person alive and still subconsciously count your blessings that it happened to someone else rather than you. But it did happen and it’s crazy to me that this wasn’t even the first thing we faced this year. The USJ, Zuku, Todoroki, and Iida fighting the hero killer, the raid at the camp, this shit doesn’t happen to normal people but we seem to attract it so easily.”

“There’s always another way of looking at stuff like that though, I mean, yeah the USJ was a mess and our teachers nearly died, but we became stronger because of it. We realised that we couldn’t just screw around for three years and expect to become heroes after it. It was terrifying, and tough, and we nearly didn’t make it out with our lives, but we survived. We beat them.” Kirishima paused. “And the USJ also brought us Hitoshi and I think we all would’ve endured anything if it meant having him with us.”

Kacchan’s gaze travelled to his cousin. The braid Yaoyorozu had put in before had fallen out a little in places from lounging on the couch for the past few hours but the majority remained intact. He wondered how long it would be before his hair began to protest being straightened and pop back up into its usual, natural style.

He seemed peaceful as he slept; his arms wrapped around one of the pillows.

A manga novel lay beside him on the couch. He furrowed an eyebrow and picked it up to inspect the cover.

“’Fruits Basket’, who the hell gave you that?”

“I think Uraraka gave it to him to borrow.”

“But it’s some chick shōjo.”

“Hey if he likes it he likes it, who cares what genre it is.” Kirishima defended. “From what I’ve pieced together about him the guy is just starting to discover things that all of us would take for granted. I can’t imagine what it’s like to be so cut off and then find yourself in a world where everything is brand new, must be pretty scary.”

“I need a job so I can buy him proper manga.”

“Could you do me a favour then and take back the money you gave me.”

His eyes downcast.

“What do you mean the laughable amount that wasn’t even anywhere close to what you paid for the goggles?”

“Hey…” Kirishima began softly. “I bought those goggles because I wanted to help my friends, and I did so it was money well spent in my opinion; in your case however, I never expected you to pay me back and I don’t ever want you to. You should use the money to take Hitoshi places, or buy him stuff you think he’ll enjoy; it’s much better spent that way.” He paused. “Please don’t feel bad about the amount, as much as I don’t want the money, the fact that you thought you had to and managed to get even what you did give shows me how much you care and I appreciate that.”

He looked at the green and white coloured manga novel and smiled, replacing it back by Hitoshi.

“I wonder if he knows there’s an anime of it.”

“There’s two actually.”

Kacchan furrowed an eyebrow.

“Don’t tell me you watch it too?”

“I have a sister you know. Just make sure if he does wanna’ see it he watches the second one, it's better apparently.”

He smirked.

“Of all the conversations I thought I’d be having today I didn’t think this would be one of them. And I didn’t know you had siblings.”

“Yeah, I have a brother too; I haven’t seen my sister in a while though.”

“That’s a shame.”

“It’s okay, it was my fault.”

“Did you guys just lose contact with each other?”

“Not really, it’s kinda’ a long and complicated story.” Kirishima rubbed the back of his neck. “I uhhh… how do I put this? Let’s just say that UA was sorta’ a fresh start for me too. Well, Mina knew about everything because we went to the same schools before here but she’s not a blabbermouth so she’s kept my secret.”


“I don’t want to scare you or anything.”

Kacchan reached out and gently took hold of his friend’s hands offering them a reassuring squeeze.

“Hey, you don’t have to tell me jack shit if you don’t want to, dude. Don’t feel like you have to.”

“I want to, it’s probably time for me to be a little more open about it all, who knows, it might even do me some good.”

Kirishima took a deep breath.

“So basically, there was me, my Dad, my Mom, my older brother, and my twin sister. Dad was involved in some shady crap but he didn’t tell my Mom. I still don’t know everything he was tangled up in but I know it wasn’t good. He usually kept to himself in his office when he was actually home but one night was different. I was thirteen and he came into my room to ask me something, long story short he needed me for a job he was doing. He obviously didn’t come out and say it like that; he was a friggin’ conman so he knew how to swing it to make it sound like it wasn’t something deeply shady and illegal. Me being an idiot and stupidly seeing it as an opportunity to actually spend time with my Dad went along with it.”

“So we went, the whole thing backfired, I ended up getting a bullet in the shoulder for my troubles, my fuckface of a Dad scattered the second things went south, and I spent the next five minutes bleeding out in some fucking place he’d tried to steal from. After that the police came, I was arrested, I spent the next god knows how many hours being grilled by the cops, my Dad’s people purposely planted shit to frame me so I didn’t stand a chance and ended up getting sent to some juvenile detention centre for a year.”

He sighed.

“They used to let families visit and my Mom came the first week I was in there. She basically told me to never come near her or my sister ever again and then stopped showing up. When I got out my brother came to get me. He couldn’t even look me in the eye, he was so ashamed. I remember he had to pull over just so I could throw up, I just felt so…” Kirishima shook his head. “Disgusting, because even though they framed me, even though they turned it all on me, I was still there, I still agreed to it, I still knew exactly what we were going to do, I had no one to blame but myself, and that made it so much worse to come to terms with. I couldn’t look myself in the mirror because I hated what I saw, I hated whoever the hell it was that would ever think about doing what we did. I was just thankful that I was the only one who got hurt because I don’t know what I would’ve done if there had been people caught in the crossfire of my stupidity.”

“My brother let me stay at his place; I met his wife and their kid. She was rightfully worried about having me in the house with Osamu there; she didn’t want me screwing him up. Haru had already told me straight on the car ride back that if I ever did anything like that again then I was on my own, family or not. Couldn’t blame him and I totally agreed, I didn’t deserve any more chances, I barely deserved the one I was given. So I lived with them, dyed my hair so people wouldn’t recognise me from the news, and went back for what was left of my last year of middle school with… interesting results.”

“In the end I became friends with Mina and her group, she saw me looking like some sad loner out in the grounds during lunch and we got talking that way. She was the one who first compared my quirk to the Crimson Riot’s. After using it in the way I did back with my Dad I was ashamed of it. I saw it as a curse, something I would never use again for any purpose, so hearing her talk about it like it could be used for good, in the same way the Crimson Riot used his as a ranked pro lit a fire within me. She was the one who pushed me to apply with her to UA too, and I’m glad she did otherwise I don’t know where I would’ve ended up, and then you know the rest.”

Kacchan was speechless.

“I told you it was long and complicated. Kirishima smiled softly. “Thank you.”

“For what, I didn’t do anything?”

“You did exactly what I needed you to do just by letting me tell you all that. You’re the first person I’ve ever opened up about my past to, I’ve always been scared that if people knew they wouldn’t see the person I am now, just the stupid idiot from back then. They would have every right to leave after they found out and I refuse to give any excuses for what I did, but I’m different now. The hero commission might still be a little hesitant on me and that’s fine, it just means I have to work even harder to prove to them I’m someone they can trust to help save people and no matter how long it takes I will get my hero license and make a difference.”

“You sound just like Toshi.” He smiled, huddling in closer to Kirishima’s chest, the hero’s arms coming to wrap around him. “You should be proud of yourself, what you’ve done over the years can’t have been easy, especially not with people trying to drag you down and constantly holding your past against you.” Kacchan looked up at his friend. “And I’ll say this too because you need to hear it. I don’t think any less of you after hearing all that. What you did was fucking stupid and I know you can’t be excused for being a part of it, but thirteen is still young, your Dad is supposed to look after you not groom you to fucking commit crimes and shit. He shouldn’t ever have made you do something like that, you’re his damn kid, it’s disgusting. You probably did know better but that still wasn’t up to you, he could’ve twisted anything to make it sound like what you were doing wasn’t illegal. Make it sound like you had to do it to deserve his love. People like that are the scum of the earth and they don’t deserve to ever have kids, not when they treat them like garbage or just something they can use.”

“Well he got arrested two months or so back on numerous charges. I snuck off campus to go to the trial. Sat in the public gallery it was the first time I’d seen him since that night and… I just couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t make myself take breaths, my shoulder throbbed where the bullet had gone through, and I felt sick to the pit of my stomach. I nearly chickened out and left but I forced myself to stay. He ended up getting sent down for five years and… I smiled. I was happy because his victims finally had justice. I felt partially responsible for him getting away that night, for the people we indirectly hurt not getting the chance to see both of us punished for what we did, but with the clunk of the judge’s gavel it was finally over. I walked out of the court and I just collapsed. I sat there and I cried and they were tears of joy. People must have thought I was some kind of freak sitting there laughing and crying sat on the wall. When Haru arrived he was terrified, he thought I’d snapped or something. Apparently UA had called him to say I’d ran off earlier so he’d spent the day looking for me thinking I’d finally decided to skip town. He wasn’t alone though, Eiko was with him.”

He smiled.

“She your twin sis?”

Kirishima nodded.

“I was so scared to even be near her, I was afraid that even touching her would taint her somehow but she just called me an idiot and pulled me into this crushing hug. Apparently Mom knew nothing about it but she didn’t care. It was so good to see her after so much time and it only spurred me on more.” He took a breath. “I’ve been a terrible brother so I’m going to become a hero to give her someone she can be proud of. I want that more than anything in the world.”

“Your sister loves you regardless, Shitty Hair.”

“Maybe she does, but I still have a lot I need to make up for. I wasn’t there for her but I will be now.”

Kacchan reached a hand up to his friend’s face.

“Come here a sec.”

He leant down.

Taking the opportunity Kacchan pressed a kiss to his cheek.

Kirishima smiled before following it with a kiss of his own.

“I think that’s enough storytime for one night, don’t you? We should get some sleep.”

Kacchan allowed himself to be wrapped up close, resting against his boyfriend’s chest as they shared the space on the couch together.



Chapter Text

1 Month Later

Sat at the side of the gym Hitoshi smiled at the sight of his classmates working on their ultimate moves. It wasn’t unfamiliar territory to be sitting out of the practices but even he couldn’t help but feel the sting this time.

He was now able to participate and use his quirk on school grounds after the police officially removed him as a person of interest something which he couldn’t be happier about. The last few days had seen him training with his friends for the first time, everyone in 1-A giving him their full support as he tried to navigate the psychical aspects of being a hero.

When the teachers had announced that they would be discovering ultimate moves they could use he knew then and there that he was screwed. Ultimate moves were for physical quirks not mental ones and so it would be a waste of time for him to even try and attempt anything. He could hold control over one person but he was pretty sure he could possibly extend that control further with training, it was however never going to be an ultimate move and so cue the reason he was trying not to look like he was sulking too hard over in the corner.

The licensing exam was at the end of the week and everyone was feeling the pressure. He knew he was going to be at a disadvantage, not only were there gonna’ be kids from other schools in grades higher than them who had been training longer but he hadn’t even been training for as long as the people in his own class.

Shouta had made sure to step up their on-on-one training over the last month meaning that he at least felt slightly prepared for the exam. The last thing he wanted was to make anyone fail because of him; he would rather fail himself than jeopardize them. Maybe he should just run off at the start of the exam and leave them to do their own thing, then if he passed he passed off his own merit rather than through mooching off his classmates.

Zuku and Kacchan would never let him do that though, they wanted him to pass as much as they wanted to pass themselves and there was no way they’d ever leave him.

Four Days Later

With his newly remade mask, goggles, and the capture weapon Shouta had given him wrapped around his neck Hitoshi smiled as they disembarked the bus. This was his chance to legally be a hero, a way for once and for all to prove his loyalty.

If he passed then he would no longer just be a stain on the school’s reputation, a thorn in the side of the commission, or a potential threat to the police, he would just be Mindjack, and one step closer to realising a dream he never would have thought possible after the upbringing he’d had.

But here he was, standing in front of the exam building alongside his classmates ready to get started.

Kacchan clapped him on the shoulder before shaking him a little with a smile.

“You’re gonna’ be great in there, don’t let anyone step over you, you have the strength and the skill to pass so make sure you’re in that room at the end.”

Hitoshi nodded.

“Same to you.”

“Come on, let’s not be late.” Shouta’s voice instructed.

They did end up being late and it was purely because the joke lady from the gachapon had erupted onto the scene professing her love for Shouta.

She knew he was gay and married, right? I don’t think she really seemed to care.

Regardless they were ready now, the old, tired guy on the stage had ran through the objective and suitably terrified them with the incredibly low chances they had of actually passing but it didn’t matter. They were Class 1-A from the top hero course in the country, they could do this, they all could.

He’d picked the positions for his targets and hoped they wouldn’t leave him too open out in the field but it was too late to change them.

“I suppose we should get started.”

The walls of the room began to open revealing the arena.

Hitoshi’s eyes widened at the sight.


“Come on, Purple Hair!” Kacchan shouted breaking him from his thoughts.

The rest of the class were already on the move.

“Ohh, coming!” He rushed to catch up. “Sorry about that.”

“So if the first people to finish win, then no one will go after their classmates. The best way to win is to team up with people whose powers you already know.”

“Zuku, I can hear you muttering to yourself, fancy sharing those strats with the rest of the group?” Hitoshi called out.

“Everyone! Stay close together, we’ll fight them as a group.”

Todoroki seemed to have other ideas.

“Hey.” He placed a hand on his arm, halting him from walking off. “You’re gonna’ leave?”

It probably wasn’t his place to even talk to Shoto. It had been over a month since the revelation he’d made to the Todoroki’s about Touya being alive but in that time the leads had ran cold and the heroes had not been able to track him down. The location of the facility was still unknown and the eye witness reports had all but ran dry.

“It’s hard for me to use my powers safely when a big group’s around, so yeah, I’m going on my own.”

Hitoshi released his grip.

“Okay but, be careful, yeah?”

Shoto offered a small smile.

“I will.”

And then he was off.

“Hitoshi, we’re going too.” Kacchan informed.

He furrowed an eyebrow.

“What, why?”

“Because you’re stronger in small numbers;  if those punks from the other schools see the two of us on our own they’ll strike thinking we’re weakened and outnumbered, that’s when you hit them with your control. If we could lure two of them in then we’ve passed for sure.”

“You make it sound so easy.” Hitoshi teased.

“Got room for one more?” Kirishima grinned.

“Hey no fair, if you’re all going I’m coming too.” Kaminari grumbled, also making his way over.

“Morons…” Kacchan groaned. “Fine, let’s go.”

Thrown off course by the cocky prick from Shiketsu’s quirk, the four of them had diverted towards higher ground. Having found a ladder leading to the bridge they had elected to use it hoping that a taller vantage point could prove useful for locating unsuspecting students.

“Hey Kaminari, try and actually be useful to us rather than just leaching.” Kacchan called out.

“You’re an asshole, you know that?!”

Hitoshi smirked.

“He does and he’s very proud of it.”

“What d’you say Purple Hair?!”

“I agreed that you are an asshole.” He repeated with a grin.

The grumble from his cousin that followed was music to his ears.

Kirishima laughed.

“Easy you two, remember, the other schools are the targets.”

“Fucking finally.”

“We at the top?”

They got their answer as the bridge came into sight.

“Oh thank god.”

“Ummmmmmmm…” Kaminari began fearfully.

“What now?!” Kacchan complained before his eyes widened at the sight.

Of flesh balls all across the road.

“Look out!”

He was falling seconds later, Kirishima having shoved into him. He hit the ground and slid, groaning at the road rash he would certainly have.

Kaminari and Kacchan gasped.


Where their friend had once stood was now another of those flesh balls.

Hitoshi’s eyes widened.


This was his fault, he hadn’t been paying attention and Kirishima had gotten hit because of him.

“You’re gonna’ pay for that, Shit-ketsu!” Kacchan roared.

“That is Shiketsu to you; please notice that our school keeps our hats on when we’re working. Why’s that; because each and every one of our movements is crowned by the legacy and honour of our school. This is a demonstration; proof of the difference in level between my peers and your vulgar class. We value obligation and dignity, things that appear to be sorely lacking among you.”

The Shiketsu student’s eyes tracked to him before he scoffed.

“I mean, the UA traitor is amongst your party.”

Kacchan launched forward, clearly ready to punch a hole in the kid.

“The fuck did you say?!”

Hitoshi grabbed him, halting his assault.

“Its fine, Kacchan, it doesn’t bother me anymore, especially not from the mouth of a pretentious asshole like him.”

Another Shiketsu student approached.

Hitoshi smirked.


Travelling in a four was always going to present the problem of one of them not having a target to use, but with two of them there would be enough to pass.

“You talk about dignity and then you throw around taunts towards a survivor of something you could never even imagine, I think you need to learn some respect.” Kacchan growled, launching into action firing off various different attacks.

“You’ve left yourself open.”


Within seconds his cousin was engulfed by the creep’s disgusting quirk.

“Bakugou!” Kaminari shouted.

Fuck, fuck, fuck.

“Looks like it’s up to us.”

He walked forward.

“Hey, what are you doing?” His friend worriedly asked.

“So, you’ve heard of me, I’m flattered. And you’re going for the purple look too, very nice.” Hitoshi grinned. “I bet you’d like to know what my quirk is though, right?”

“I have no interest in your-.”

It’s too easy.

“Got ya’.”

The Shiketsu guy’s eyes glazed.

“Now reverse your quirk on my friends.”

Kacchan and Kirishima’s growls of annoyance told him that the order had worked.

“Kaminari, fire.”

His friend turned on the spot and fired his disks towards the accomplice behind them.

“Haha, you missed.”

Kaminari scoffed.

“Did I though?”

Volts began to charge through the other Shiketsu student as his friend fired towards the disk.

“Kirishima, Kacchan, take him down!”

The two of them launched into action, sending purple guy down to the ground, breaking the control but knocking him out in the process. It wasn’t long before the other guy passed out from the shocks too.

As the dust settled, Hitoshi beamed, rushing over to Kaminari.

“That was AWESOME!”

His friend seemed equally happy with the result.

“We did it!”

“Nice work you two.” Kirishima smiled with a thumbs up.

“He got off easy.” Kacchan grumbled but still looked proud.

“Now come on, let’s pass this stupid thing.”

They each grabbed a ball and struck a target.

“That’s 79 people.”

“Students who have passed the exam should congregate in the anteroom, chop chop.” Spoke the female voice from their now lit up targets.


Chapter Text

They had arrived at the cooldown room about ten minutes prior when the intercom lit up with the voice of the tired old man from the start. Their entire class had made it through the first round, which would be a cause for celebration; if not for the images they were all stood staring at on the screen, and the massive explosive that had just erupted outside.

“There’s only one more round to the exam, and your goal is simple: undertake rescue exercises and save the bystanders who are trapped in these disaster sites.”

Despite knowing that it was all just a simulation, and that the explosive itself had just been a prop to aid in the look of a disaster, Hitoshi still struggled to find the breaths he needed, eyes wide as he stared blank at nothing in particular.

“Hey…” The soft, quiet voice of Kacchan began as he approached. “I’m gonna’ put my hand on your back and guide you to the side of the room okay; there’s less people over there. No one’s noticed, just me, maybe Deku, but there’s nothing to worry about that way, okay Tosh?”

He nodded.

Guided across the room his gaze rose to meet that of his cousin’s.

“‘M sorry… I’m not much of a hero if I can’t even hear fucking loud noises. What if I was out on the streets and I froze up like this, I’d be useless, a fucking waste of space.”

“Hey.” Kacchan’s tone was firmer, a scowl on his face. “You are not a waste of space, don’t fucking let me hear you say that again, you’re going through some shit now but in time this crap will just go away, right, that’s what Hizashi said about when they lost their friend. Yeah they still miss him, and they wish things had gone differently, but Hizashi can use his quirk again, and they both still became heroes, so don’t beat yourself down for something that’s out of your control. You’re gonna’ be a hero even if I have to beat up the entire damn commission to make it happen.”

Hitoshi smirked.

“Please don’t do that.”

Kacchan smiled.

“This exercise is rescue; it’s perfect for you, so go show everyone assessing just how awesome you are.”

He nodded.



Zuku walked over.

“You okay, we need to start?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

He turned to Kacchan.

“You coming?”

“I’ll catch up.”


Hitoshi headed off with Zuku.

Kacchan waited until his cousins were out of sight before stumbling a few steps, wrapping an arm around his stomach. His breathing heavy, seconds later he was bent double throwing up violently.

“Dammit… why did it have to be rescue?” His voice shook. “And why fucking explosions?”

The mask he had worn when talking to Hitoshi had seemed to work as intended, hiding away the pure fear and anxiety coursing through him due to the same factors triggering his cousin. To say either of them were running on all cylinders would be a lie, not when the surroundings of the exam stage looked so damn familiar… it was like being back in that city all over again only with better lighting.


A hand grabbed his arm.

Kacchan’s eyes widened as he swung a charged punch, fist colliding heavily with its target, eyes blown wide.

A thump followed as his attacker hit the floor, hard.


He gasped, the air contents of his lungs leaving him sharply.


As his vision cleared he saw Kirishima lying on the ground, blood pouring from a broken nose.

“Shit, I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.”

He flung himself to his knees as he began fussing over his boyfriend, terrified and panicked.

“Candidate number 6247815 Katsuki Bakugou, is that correct?”

Kacchan jumped at the new voice, turning to see a man in a suit standing over them.

“You are hereby disqualified for the exam pending investigation, get changed, your teacher has been notified.”

He looked to the stands surrounding the arena and as stated Shouta was gone, even Ms. Joke looked concerned a few seats down from his brother’s now vacated seat.

“But that’s bullshit, he didn’t do anything!” Kirishima argued.

“You have a broken nose, rookie.”

“So what, if anything it’s my fault for not using my quirk to block his swing. And anyway, how could he fail an exercise he hasn’t even started, Bakugou had even left the room yet, therefore anything that has happened in here can’t be assessed in the same way as the exam.”

“Kid, just give it a rest will ya’?”

“The hell I will!”

“Eijirou…” Kacchan began. “Go do the exam, I’ll be fine.”

“But they’re gonna’-.”

“Go, I don’t want you to fail too, not because I’ve been an idiot.”

“You can’t fight with a broken nose.” The guy in the suit stated.

Kirishima scoffed.

“I’ve had worse but thanks for your fake concern.”

Their eyes met before the hardening hero gave a smile.

“You damn better fight them on this, okay?”

Kacchan nodded.

“I will.”


Kirishima ran off.

“What the hell is going on?”


“We just watched via the video link one of your students assaulting another candidate.”

His brother seemed to consider the words stated to him.

“Would you mind forwarding me a copy of this video?”

“Of course, not a problem.” The guy in the suit got out his phone.

Shouta walked over to him, crouching down to be at his height.

“Are you okay?”

He hadn’t been expecting such a soft tone, he’d expected anger, and shouting, and a threat of expulsion, but the sincere worry directed towards him only made it all feel so much worse.

He’d hurt Eijirou…

As he felt tears coming to his eyes he made a beeline for the exit and didn’t look back as the voices of Shouta and the assessment guy shouted for him. Tearing off pieces of costume as he went, he was left in just the base elements as he threw open the door of the exit and sprinted off down the road into the city.

Hizashi was having a pretty good day until his phone buzzed.

“Why do you never answer your damn phone when something big’s gone down?! Fuck… Kacchan is missing, he punched Kirishima and got disqualified from the exam. He left all of his gear here but I have no idea where he’s headed and that worries me in the state he’s in. Just call me back when you can alright?”

His eyes widened as he quickly hit return call.


“Did you get my voicemail?”

“Yeah, I just finished my last class; I’ll go drive around and see if I can spot him.”

“Okay, keep me updated.”

“Of course.”

The klaxon sounded to signal the end of the exam and Hitoshi nearly dropped to the ground beneath him in sheer exhaustion from the events of the day. Congregating back with the rest of his class he noticed them all crowding around something, or someone.

“I meant to ask during the exercise but didn’t have time, what the hell happened to your nose, man?” Kaminari spoke up.

“Yeah… about that…”

That was when Hitoshi noticed who was missing.

“Where’s Kacchan?” He asked as he reached the group.

Three Hours Later

Sat in his office in the dorm block Shouta was busy writing up an appeal form to submit to the Commission. Although his brother hadn’t reportedly returned to the campus as of yet, numerous heroes had spotted him down by the docks sat on a bench just cooling off enjoying the views of the bay.

Kacchan wasn’t one to put how he was feeling into words half the time, and his anger was something that had regularly gotten him into trouble over the years, but the kid was pretty good at calming himself down which typically saw him going off on his own someplace.

This time though he was sure there would be more to it than watching some seagulls could fix.

"Mr. Aizawa, three of your students are breaking curfew at Ground Beta and two of them are fighting." Came the robotic voice of the security bot.

Someone was really testing him today…

He exhaled.



It just got better and better…

"Let me guess..."

"It's Midoriya and Bakugou."

He pinched the bridge of his nose. "And by any chance is the one not fighting Hitoshi?"


"Of course it is."

"Leave this to me."

Shouta stood up from his chair.

“At a base level Katsuki is in my class and he just assaulted another student before running away from an examination without prior permission, on top of that he is also my little brother who is being stupidly reckless out of fear, if you think I’m just going to sit here and let you handle it then you’re mistaken.”

“You’re too close to this, please, allow me to deescalate the situation, I fear him seeing his brother would only make matters worse.”

"Fine... just don't go all soft on them; they need to know how big of deal this actually is."

"Of course."

Kacchan had come bursting into Zuku’s dorm room and practically pulled him out to Ground Beta. He hadn’t been making much sense but he was clearly looking for a fight.

Hitoshi wished he’d been wrong about his deduction but as soon as they’d stepped foot into the training area it had all erupted.

One second they were just talking, the next the two of them were screaming at each other, and before long a fight had broken out with his cousins charging up their quirks and going at one another with everything they had.

"Please, you have to stop fighting! You're family!"

"Stay out of this, Purple Hair!"

The instruction only infuriated Hitoshi further.

"You're being ridiculous, this is just stupid! What are you trying to achieve by beating the crap out of each other?!"

"You don't understand!"

"Then help me to."

Kacchan ignored him though instead proceeding to trade further blows with Zuku, the two of them already bleeding as they charged in.

A blast ignited before they were thrown against the railings at the side of the street.

"Why won't you fight back? Why did I end up having to chase after someone who was so far behind me? Why did a damn small fry like you get strong and become the number one hero's sidekick, his favourite? You got so much better, and I couldn't even protect Toshi." Kacchan's voice broke.

Hitoshi's eyes widened.


"It's because of me that you ended up losing your eye. If I had been stronger, if I had stopped you getting kidnapped by the pricks that hurt you for all those years, then it never would have happened."

Kacchan wiped blood from his nose with a shaking hand.

"You know it's my fault you just haven't said anything. I wasn’t paying attention when Shigaraki went over to you… I didn’t stop him and I could’ve. And I wasn't strong enough to break free of your control like Deku was in the sports festival so I fucking left you out there."

His breathing shook as he continued.

"When we were at that damm facility I had to just sit and wait for them to drag you back and every day it got worse. I've never felt more useless. You purposely endured all that crap just so I wouldn't have to. And after all of that you still had to save my ass. You took me out of the fight because you knew I wasn't good enough."

"Kacchan, no..."

"I had to friggin' watch you lie there bleeding out, again... and even then, despite everything you were going through, you still managed to get through to All Might and help him win against All For One. Everyone knows how weak I was! Everyone at school, hell the entire country; the news won't stop talking about it, that picture of you and All Might is everywhere. I fucking close my eyes and all I see is Shigaraki cutting you..." His lip trembled as he tried to hold onto his composure. "I can't get it out of my head! It's like it's constantly playing on loop. So, what the hell am I supposed to do?!" Kacchan screamed, raw and emotional.

Hitoshi's eyes were wide.

Kacchan had been carrying that guilt with him for so long. He blamed himself for what happened despite none of it being his fault. There was nothing he could have done to change the outcome of what took place in Kamino Ward.

In that moment, Hitoshi realised he was the only person in the world who understood how Kacchan felt.

He carried his own guilt for having dragged his cousin into the dark waters of his past, their week in the League's facility having left them both with deep psychological scars which neither of them had really attempted to address. They couldn't even sleep apart for the first month or so after their rescue, all that had changed was Kirishima had slowly come to replace him at Kacchan’s side during the night after the two of them became closer. Despite that there were still times when the nightmares were just too real to deal with alone which would see the two of them curled up together on the couch in the common room watching movies or reruns of sports that he knew nothing about.

The problem lay in the fact that an unspoken rule seemed to have come into existence somewhere along the line where they both seemed to agree to not bring up what happened during their captivity and just move on, something that clearly hadn't proved healthy in the long run, and the results of that were explosively unravelling in front of him both figuratively and literally. They needed to have talked about what happened; both the events at the facility and the fight at Kamino. They needed to have listened to each other. But it was so hard, and the nightmares were already so vivid and terrifying that the concept seemed too tall of a feat to tackle.

Everyone in their class, all their friends, the teachers at UA, they had all been so good about giving them space after what had happened that it almost felt like they were alone in it all. They didn’t know what to say so they just didn’t say anything at all which only made the two of them feel worse, as if something was wrong with them. And maybe there was.

It wasn’t a ridiculous conclusion to make. The two teens who entered that facility through Kurogiri’s warp gate weren’t the same teens who left. Hell, they weren’t even the same teens who were on that battlefield. They’d changed inside that place and maybe that wasn’t a bad thing. Despite the nightmares and the lingering fear of the rug behind ripped out from under them at any point, they were both stronger; they had to be in there; that was the whole reason they made it out in the first place.

They’d stepped up their training bigtime in the last month or so and were better heroes than they ever had been because of it; but it would be a lie to say that any of that was particularly healthy, and that’s because it wasn’t. Hiding away in gyms and training facilities, having conversations which only revolved around quirks, and practice, and improving themselves to beat the next assignment, exam, or opponent, yes it was going to help in the long run, but in the short term, they were drowning.

They were drowning so bad.

And maybe Hitoshi was just as deep as Kacchan without even realising how much he needed to gasp for air.

"Kacchan, we need to talk about this, about everything that happened. Why don't we go back to the dorms and..."

But Kacchan and Zuku were already charging at each other once again.

"I thought you were incredible, Kacchan. I want to see, what you'd become. That's the reason I kept chasing after you. All Might was my hero, but you were the one actually in my life!"

The two fought in the air, Zuku landing a blow across Kacchan's face using his quirk.

"I won't lose to you!"

Kacchan grabbed Zuku and fired his blast sending them both crashing into the ground.

Hitoshi's eyes widened.


He sprinted over.

As the dust cloud lifted Kacchan had Zuku pinned.

"That's it, we're done here; I won this fight." Kacchan stated, heavily out of breath. 

"Stop this, right now, both of you."

Hitoshi jumped at the new voice.

All Might.

"I'm sorry, but I've heard what you've said."

"When did you get here?" Zuku asked.

"I didn't notice before, but I should have."

"It's too late now." Kacchan replied as he got to his feet.

All Might glanced at him before back at his cousins.

Feeling the muteness clawing at his throat he knew he couldn’t break through this time.


Zuku’s gaze moved to the pro as if seeking guidance.

“It’s your decision to make, young Midoriya.”

His cousin took a breath.

“There’s something we need to tell you…”

When All Might and Zuku had finished explaining, Hitoshi’s eyes were wide.

He turned to Kacchan expecting to see a similar expression but didn’t.

So Kacchan had known too, or at least had an inkling about it.

"Why did you pick Deku?" Kacchan spoke up. “It started when the sludge villain came, didn’t it; so why him?”

“He was powerless, but still more heroic than anyone else. I knew you were strong, that much was obvious. You were someone who could already fight. So I decided that he should have a chance to stand in the ring.” All Might explained.

Kacchan grit his teeth as he held back clear emotion.

“But now you know I’m weak too. I always wanted to be like you which meant being as strong as possible. But look what I did to Toshi… because I’m not good enough.”

Hitoshi walked over and wordlessly guided Kacchan against him, holding his cousin tight as he shook, so close to tears but unwilling to let them fall.

“This is not your fault; you boys looked after each other during your trials and you fought hard to survive. What happened to Master Shinsou could not have been anticipated, not even by a pro. You were not to blame for what happened that night, young Bakugou and I’m sure your cousin would agree.”

Hitoshi nodded.

Kacchan pushed away from his hold, turning to face away from the three of them.

“You admire Bakugou’s strength, young Midoriya, and you fear your cousin’s heart and spirit, young Bakugou. And as for you Master Shinsou, your devotion to your morals and those you love binds the three of you together. Laying your feelings out on the table would help you understand each other. You’re family, if you use your bond to focus on making each other stronger I have no doubt you’ll become the ultimate heroes, winning and saving people at the same time.”

“Dammit, that’s not what I wanted to hear.”

Kacchan slumped down to sit on the ground, arms resting on his knees as he buried his face down.

“You… you had the strongest guy in the world lay the groundwork for you. Don’t you dare lose again.”

“I’ll work harder so that I can beat you.”

Kacchan sighed.

“Okay, so talk. Who knows about you two?”

“Recovery Girl and Principal Nezu; as far as students go, only you and Master Shinsou.”

“And you don’t want this to get out because that would be bad.” He scrubbed a hand through his hair. “Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with me, I won’t tell anyone what’s going on. Unlike Deku I can keep my mouth shut. This will stay between us.”

“Thanks, Kacchan.” Zuku spoke up.

“I don’t deserve this. I should be down on my hands and knees begging for you to keep this secret for me, yet here you are being considerate and helping me out; thank you.”

“I’m not doing this for you. It would be a real pain if this got out and messed stuff up.”

All Might turned to Hitoshi.

He quickly nodded.


The pro smiled.


Hitoshi’s eyes widened.


All Might gave a small smile with a nod.


He noticed the pro use the name sign he’d created and wondered which of them had taught him it, probably Zuku.


It was Hitoshi’s turn to smile.

Ground Beta was bigger than he’d remembered it being. It felt as if they’d been walking for miles on their way back to the dorms.

Hitoshi was walking upfront with the number one hero while his cousins were behind at a slightly slower pace thanks to their accrued injuries from the fight.

“If this got out people’d be confused and they’d start wondering where the power is.” Kacchan spoke up. “You idiot, what were you thinking when you first told me about it?”

Zuku grumbled.

“Anyway, it doesn’t change what I have to do, I’m still gonna’ be the number one hero around here.” He paused. “Things aren’t gonna’ be the same though Deku, you got that? You’ve been watching me and everyone around you, absorbing what you see to get stronger; well I can do the exact same thing and keep getting better myself. I’ll go higher than even you, Chosen One .”

“Right, then I guess I’ll just have to be better than that.” Zuku replied.

“You what?”

“I have to go higher than you.”

Kacchan grunted.

“Dammit, nerd!” He shouted. “I just said I was gonna’ be the one to surpass you!”

“I know! And now I’m saying that I’m gonna’ go beyond that level.”


Hitoshi, who had just been minding his own business, noticed the number one look down and offer a smirk to him.

He laughed awkwardly, rubbing the back of his neck before signing.


All Might chuckled.


The pro nodded.

Oh boy…

Well there went his plan to sneak back to the house and pretend he was never there.

“You fought the night you finished the preliminary hero licensing exam?! I’m glad to see that you two have so much energy.”

They’d returned back to the dorms under All Might’s escort to find an extremely angry Shouta accompanied by an only slightly less annoyed Hizashi, the two heroes had practically dragged them inside, his cousins finding themselves captured by Shouta’s scarf for good measure too.

All Might’s arm had come to wrap around his shoulders providing him reassurance that he’d had no idea he needed so badly at that moment.

“Zashi, take Toshi back to the house, I’ll be there as soon as I’m done dealing with a family matter.”

But he knew he couldn’t leave it like this, not without saying something first.

He walked over and tapped Shouta on the arm before beginning to sign so Zashi could see.

“It’s my fault they fought. Kacchan blames himself for me losing my eye and I didn’t notice. I should have because it’s not his fault. I would have noticed if we’d talked but we didn’t and that’s my fault too. He had to do the exam with all this going on in his head and it all became too much.” The voice hero translated for him.

“You didn’t make them attack each other; they made that choice not you. They decided to fight on school property after curfew without a faculty member present, not you.” Shouta explained. “Yes there are reasons behind why this happened but it doesn’t excuse such blatant rule breaking and I can’t just ignore it.

He did release his scarf’s hold on the two of them though.

“Now like I said, go home.”

Hitoshi tried to smile at his cousins but couldn’t, his gaze staying low as he followed Hizashi out the building.

The voice hero moved in close and wrapped his arm around him.

“Shouta may seem like he’s being harsh but he loves his little brothers to death. I know you were standing up for your cousins but they need to understand that being as reckless as they were tonight has consequences.” He shook his head. “I mean what were they thinking going out there alone, after everything that’s happened this year. And why would you go along with them?”

His throat felt clear for the first time since the fight.

“Because I thought I could stop them from fighting, but I guess I couldn’t.”

“I think we both know that you absolutely could.”

“I don’t control people without consent, not unless it’s life or death, those days are over, I’m not doing it anymore, and especially not on family.” Hitoshi exhaled deeply. “I broke Kacchan enough by using it at Kamino Ward; and I wasn’t lying when I said this was my fault. Yeah I rescued him but he’s been tormenting himself for not being strong enough to save, allow those emotions to fester for a month and there’s your result.”

“You know that Shou’s only gonna’ give them like house arrest for a few days, right; he’s not gonna’ expel them or anything, even he’s not that mean. They’re gonna’ be fine, kiddo, there’s really nothing for you to worry about.”

“You didn’t hear what Kacchan said…” He admitted; his voice incredibly small.

Hizashi sighed.

“Back when we lost Oboro, our parents signed Shouta and I up for some therapy sessions, I know we went to grief counselling and all so it’s not really the same thing as what you guy’s need but I don’t think it would hurt.”


“That was the worst word I could have used.” He felt the voice hero squeeze him a little tighter as he offered a smile. “All I mean to say is that there are people who help you talk about things to ultimately allow you to feel better.”

Hitoshi nodded.

“I want to help Kacchan so… so I’ll talk to someone.”

Hizashi shook his head.

“What are we going to do with you? You were there too, Tosh, it’s as much for you as it is for him.”

He went to speak but Zashi interrupted.

“And don’t say anything along the lines of: ‘you don’t matter’ or ‘Kacchan’s more important’ or I’ll have to resort to the ultimate punishment of telling my listeners how big of a Present Mic fan my son is, and all about how he has all the merch…”

Hitoshi burst out laughing.

“Okay, okay, I won’t say it.”

The voice hero smiled before ruffling his hair.

“Good, see my approach is better than Shou’s right?”

Hitoshi nodded.

“Definitely, you’re way scarier.”

“Exactly, Toshi.”

Walking into the dorm he didn’t stop as he passed the common room full of his fellow classmates, all of whom stared as they entered, clearly wanting the details of what had happened. He just kept his focus on the corridor which led to the staircase, and then he would be free of their judgement.

Reaching his room he clicked open the door before walking inside, not bothering to turn on the light as he slumped to sit on the bed and buried his head as he pulled at his hair with a tearful sob.

The light flicked on a few seconds later before soft, slow footsteps approached, the mattress dipping slightly as they sat down beside him.

Pulled against a familiar scent he only broke down further as gently arms enveloped him in a warm, desperate embrace, a kiss pressing to his cheek.

“You’re okay, Katsuki… you’re gonna’ be okay…”

“I’m so sorry, Eijirou.” He shook his head. “I hurt you and I’m so sorry.”

“You lost yourself a little back there but listen to me and look.” Kirishima began. “Katsuki, look at me.”

He forced his gaze to meet that of his boyfriend’s expecting to see anger but only finding forgiveness and love.

“I forgive you.”

A sob broke from his throat as he buried himself closer.

“I will say though, how you managed to break my nose with such a weak ass punch I’ll never know, you got lucky, short ass.”

Kacchan laughed before a smile came to his face.

“I love you; I want you to know that.”

Kirishima smiled too.

“I love you too, Katsuki.”

Chapter Text

Sat on the couch in the common room of the dorms, Hitoshi felt bad watching his cousins cleaning up the place around him.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to help? I don’t mind and we’ll get the job done a lot quicker.”

“For the last time, you didn’t cause any of this mess so no, just get some rest, using your quirk back there at the exam probably took a lot out of you, don’t push yourself.” Kacchan replied.

“Yeah.” Zuku nodded. “It’s our punishment not yours, and anyway, if Shouza came in here and saw you helping he’d probably just extend it for the rest of the week.” He smirked.

He noticed the pile of trash bags by the door.

“At least let me take these downstairs, I could do with some fresh air.”

“Tosh…” Kacchan attempted but he didn’t listen, making his way over and collecting the bags.

“It’s fine, I won’t be long.” He offered a smile.

As he walked through the campus he looked around for the dumpster, having only recently joined his classmates living almost fulltime at the dorms he was still getting used to where everything was. The buildings seemed endless as he passed the same sand coloured bricks for what felt like forever, just sand, sand, a face sticking out of the wall, and more sa-…

Hitoshi backed up slightly to confirm if he’d seen what he thought he’d seen.

“Ha! Trash, amiright?”

Hitoshi didn’t move an inch, eyes still staring.

“What are you doing, you know you can just throw away the food trays with the burnables, don’t you?”

“Uh, no, I didn’t, I’m pretty new at this.”

“Hmm.” The face slowly retracted into the wall.

What the fuck…

“Hey, down here.”

Slowly his eyes tracked to the floor.

“Ahhhhhhhh!” He screamed.

“So, I bet that was a freaky surprise for ya? Kinda sorry about that. Gotta’ admit, I did pop up here ‘cause I thought you’d be shocked, though.”

“How… how are you doing that?”

The guy laughed.

“Not a bad question there, my friend!”


“Sometimes I even weird myself out, you know, once in a blue moon.”

The guy’s eyes seemed to look him over before his expression changed as he saw the shakes overcoming his body. Within seconds the guy fully emerged from the ground, his gaze softer and apologetic.

“Hey, sorry, my jokes sometimes don’t always land like I anticipate them too, I didn’t mean to scare you or anything, or at least, that wasn’t my intention.”

Hitoshi shook his head.

“No, I just… It’s my fault, you know, for being scared in the first place, you were just coming to say hello, right? What’s so scary about that, if I wanna’ be a hero I can’t let crap like this bother me.”

The guy’s expression only seemed to soften further before a smile came to his face.

“You remind me a lot of my friend, he’s a worrier too.”

“I wouldn’t say I was a worrier, I kinda’ just…” He stopped. “Nevermind, I don’t need to dump all that on you. I’m Hitoshi Shinsou… I mean, Aizawa.”

“As in Aizawa-sensei?”

“Sorta’, he adopted me, I’m not his kid or anything, biologically I mean, I am his kid just not…” He exhaled. “Sorry.”

The guy chuckled.

“You apologise a lot when it’s unwarranted. It’s fine; honestly, we’re just two friends getting to know each other, that’s always awkward for both sides at first, right?”

Hitoshi smiled before he nodded.

“I guess?”

He didn’t exactly have much experience in the matter.

“Well then you can call me Mirio-senpai.”

His eyes widened.

“Oh no, I can’t call you that!”

“Why not, we’re friends right, it would be weird to call you Aizawa so if I call you Hitoshi then you should be allowed to call me Mirio.”

“If you’re sure.”

“Of course!” The blonde guy grinned.

“So, are you a third year?”

“Yup.” He paused before realisation came to his expression. “Hey, I do remember you actually!”

Oh god, please not from anything about the USJ.

“We watched your class’s matches in homeroom; you’re the control kid who went against that excitable green-haired kid, right?

“So you saw me lose then?”

“What, nooooo, I saw someone with amazing potential nearly win against someone with a power type, that takes a lot of talent to even last that long in a fight, you should be proud.”

Hitoshi smiled a little.

“So how did you do in the sports festival?”

“Well I’m in 3-B so I had a lot of competition but I ended up coming in fifth so I’m really pleased with how I did, it’s a big improvement from the two years prior, my friends claimed two of the top three spots on the podium, I was so proud of them.”

The way he spoke so genuinely about his friends filled Hitoshi with a warmth he’d rarely felt outside of his family, this guy was so… nice, he didn’t think people like this existed, but they apparently did because of them was standing right in front of him.

“Well, I better be going. I’ll see you real soon though, and you can trust me on that.”

Hitoshi nodded.

“Thanks for… talking to me, it was really nice to meet you.”

He couldn’t decipher the expression on Mirio-senpai’s face, it looked almost sad at what he’d said. Oh no, had he said something to upset him?

“The pleasure was all mine, you’re a great person to talk to, Hitoshi.”

What followed was the biggest smile he’d ever seen before Mirio-senpai rushed off.



Chapter Text

“Time to take your seats everyone.”

With Kacchan and Zuku back in class everything was finally back to some form of normality.

Hitoshi hadn’t been able to get the meeting with Mirio-senpai out of his head, especially the comment of seeing more of him soon, they barely saw the third years around, most of them ate off campus and their school hours were much shorter with the majority working part-time with agencies ready to go fully pro after graduation.

“Now that Midoriya and Bakugou are back we’ll go into more detail about what the work studies entail. Go ahead and come in.”

The door opened before…

In walked Mirio-senpai along with two other third years.

Hitoshi’s eyes widened.

“I’ll have people who’ve experienced them first-hand explain. I suggest you listen carefully as they point out how much studies differ from internships. These three are third years at UA. They rank at the very top of our student body. You may know them as The Big Three.”

Mirio is in the top three? Woah!

Looking over at Zuku the slack jawed expression told him that he was a big deal.

“Get to it, introduce yourselves briefly. Let’s start with Amajiki.”

The guy Shouta had called Amajiki seemed to be shaking.

“It’s not good, you two go, I just can’t.”

Was he okay?

“Even if I try to imagine them as potatoes…”

Wait, what?!

“I can see their human bodies. I know that they’re still people. No words are coming out, my minds blank, and my mouth is dry. I can’t say anything, I wanna… go home.”

He turned around so that his back was facing them.

The blue-haired girl laughed.

“Come on, Tamaki! You need to have the heart of a lion, not a kitten. You know, even though you’re human, get what I mean?” She motioned towards Amajiki. “This is our kitten, Tamaki Amajiki.”

Wait, was this the friend Mirio-senpai was talking about, it had to be.

“You remind me a lot of my friend, he’s a worrier too.”

“And hi, my name is Nejire Hadou. I’m supposed to talk about work studies. You first years have a really exciting time ahead of you. Hey wait, hold on. Why are you wearing a mask, it is ‘cause you’re feeling sick?” She crouched in front of Shoji’s desk. “Or just trying to look cool?”

“Uh. Well…”

“Oh woah!” She bounced to her feet. “And you must be Todoroki, am I right? Yeah! How’d you get that big burn on your face?”

“Hey!” Hitoshi shouted before realising his lips had even moved. His eyes widened before everyone in the class stilled, turning to look at him. He felt the muteness clawing at his throat.

Damn it, not now!

‘NO ASK STORY PEOPLE SCARS’ He signed strongly.

“He said you don’t ask people about their scars.” Kacchan translated.

“Sorry, you’re right, I apologise, that was really rude of me and totally not my place.” Hadou apologised.

He noticed the quipped smile Shouta had on his face before staring down at the notebook on his desk, wishing he could teleport anywhere else but this classroom.

Hadou continued on with her introduction as if nothing had happened.

“Hey, Hitoshi.” Came the whispered call of Shoto.

He turned in his chair.


Hitoshi smiled before replying with a nod.


“Hadou…” Came the warning voice of Shouta, who had clearly passed his limit of the blue-haired girl’s continued questioning of the class.

“Haha, no worries, Sir, I’m up next and I’ll get the audience refocused. Okay, well you guys look like you have no idea what’s going on and I don’t blame you, we might come across a little strange.”

“A little?...” Came the murmured response from the rest of the class.

“We are third years who just showed up in your class out of nowhere to explain a program that’s completely voluntary. I can see how you’d be confused by that. Hm. You guys got your provisional licenses as first years, right? Huh! This batch of new students has proven to be pretty darn energetic. So the problem is, you must not have a sense of humour. Heads up, the rad new plan is all you first years fight me at once.”

“Come again?” Sero exclaimed.

“You wanna’ fight us?!” Asked Kirishima.

“Well if you want them to experience our experience this is a pretty rational way of doing it then, right Eraserhead?”

Shouta didn’t seem to care for the whole thing from his expression. But by the looks of it after everything that had happened with the three of them at Ground Beta maybe he wanted the lot of them to get their asses handed to ‘em just to knock them down a few pegs.

“Do whatever you want.”

Yep, he was right.

“Midoriya, Bakugou, Todoroki, you will sit this one out.”

“Oh come on!” Kacchan shouted.

After they had walked to the gym his classmates had began their attempts to take down Mirio-senpai. Due to his quirk Hitoshi elected to stand at the side with his cousins and Shoto despite having been told by Shouta to grab his support items.

There was no point in him trying to take on Mirio-senpai, right?

“So if a hero appears with a quirk you don’t want to face then you’ll just stand on the sidelines and do nothing, is that your plan?” Shouta questioned.

“Out there on the streets I would only cause more trouble getting myself injured, knocked out, or killed trying to take on a quirk type unsuited to my brainwashing quirk therefore I would make a stronger ally assessing the greater scope of the situation by providing rescue support to anyone in the area and aiding with evacuation, staying close enough where I can step in to assist if the situation went bad. Plus, from what Zashi has been telling me about hero work you guys get a call when your specific quirk is required therefore I wouldn’t be in a situation where I would need to stand back and let the other heroes fight instead of me.”

Shouta fixed him with a stare.

“I know you’re looking smug without even needing to see you.”

Hitoshi smirked.

“Hey, Togata, there’s one more over here.”

“You cheeky bastard…” He grumbled under his breath to his father before finding himself shoved into the centre of the gym.

He could see Shouta chuckling.

“Oh hey!”

“No fair, why does Hitoshi get his support gear?” Ashido pouted.

“Because he has a mental quirk and can’t attack otherwise, this places him on an equal playing field with your own more attack orientated quirks.”

“Sounds fair to me.” Kirishima nodded in agreement.

“Yeah, I mean, I can shoot electricity, the least Toshi should be allowed is his scarf.”

“It’s a capture weapon.” He stated, unravelling some of it ready to go before pulling down his goggles.

“Awww he’s like a little Mr. Aizawa.” Hagakure squealed.

“Please stop…” Hitoshi groaned in embarrassment of the girls fawning he could hear behind him.

He focused back on Mirio-senpai.

I’ll wait for him to make a move rather than rushing in, maybe that was where everyone else was going wrong with their attacks. Patience may yield the best strategy for taking him down. I don’t have the advantage of being able to use my quirk either, he saw me use it during the sports festival but the best I can hope for is that he doesn’t know about how it activates or my training with Shouta. He’ll know how the capture weapon works because he’s probably seen Dad use his but if I move fast I may be able to catch him off-guard and tie him up. He’d just permeate straight through the material though. Even if I could just pin him that would be an improvement on the rest of my class’ results so I’ll aim for that. Start small.

“Okay, let’s get started.”

Mirio-senpai smiled before he disappeared into the ground.

He’ll try and grab me from any angle, just like he did to them, so I’ll cover him off.

Hitoshi threw out more of the capture weapon so that it hung out around him.

Mirio-senpai reappeared behind him but he was able to catch his wrist with the material and throw him away.

“Nice, good reactions.” The third year complimented with a smile before rushing him from the front.

He readied his stance and just as he anticipated, Mirio-senpai dipped into the ground just before he made contact. Hitoshi leapt over to the spot he had dived down into before pre-emptively throwing out the capture weapon. As the permeation hero emerged from the floor he quickly tied the material around his ankle before throwing himself a slide and knocking out the other from under him. With the capture weapon still in place he quickly laid the weight of his leg across Mirio-senpai’s own keeping him down before grabbing his arms and pinning them to his back, his final move being to wrap the capture weapon around his wrists.

Breathing heavily from the fight Hitoshi looked over at his classmates… who were all staring in disbelief.

“When the hell did Hitoshi learn martial arts?...”

“HELL YEAH!” Exclaimed Bakugou from where he was stood next to a very proud looking Shouta.

“Eeeeeeeee!” Hadou squealed as she rushed over, bundling him up into a hug. “You’re so cool!”

Hitoshi shrugged off the embrace, un-wrapping the capture weapon and offering a hand to Mirio-senpai to help him to his feet.

“So you are as good as Aizawa-sensei said you were.” The third year smiled, his expression also that of pride as his hand came to rustle Hitoshi’s purple hair. “Good job, Hitoshi.”

“Okay that’s enough excitement for one day. Say thank you to the third years.”

“Thank you.” The class echoed.

Mirio-senpai gave him one last pat on the head before they walked off out the gym.

Zuku rushed over seconds later.

“Toshi, that was amazing, you were so cool! You need to tell me everything so that I can write it down in my notebook later and…”

“Class isn’t over.” Came the blood red stare of Shouta.

“Sorry, sensei.”

Hitoshi couldn’t help the smile which came to his face.

He actually did it!

Chapter Text


He paused, turning to see Zashi walking down the corridor. Hitoshi smiled.

“Fancy seeing you here.”

The voice hero produced a smile of his own before pulling something from his pocket.


It was his previously self-confiscated phone.

“With the hero work studies you’re gonna’ need this in case any agencies contact you about placements.”

“I never even thought about it.”

Hitoshi turned the phone on, as the main screen loaded up the device began to vibrate a few times with a bunch of notifications.

One in particular though caught his attention.

‘From the Office of Sir. Nighteye’

Hitoshi’s eyes widened.

‘Dear Master. Shinsou, it has come to my attention that you were able to successfully pin one of my placement students without the use of your quirk; this development has intrigued me and so I would like to meet at your earliest convenience. Please call the number attached below to confirm an appointment, my receptionist knows you will be calling so just state your name to her and she will provide you with more information. I look forward to meeting you. Yours, Sir. Nighteye.’

“What is it?” Zashi asked curiously.

He held out the phone.

“Do you know who this is?”

The voice hero took the device and began to read the message; his expression quickly welled up with pride.

“Sir. Nighteye’s agency is where Togata is working part-time. Did you really manage to pin him?”

Hitoshi nodded.

“It’s a good thing I gave you your phone back. You need to text back thanking him for the opportunity and then get onto that receptionist.” Zashi smiled. “This is amazing, Tosh, you should go and tell Shou once you’re done.”

“I will!” He grinned.

The bell rang.

“Well I need to go teach my class but I’m real proud of ya’.” The voice hero pulled him into a quick hug before kissing him on the crown of his head. “See you later.”


To say he was nervous as he walked inside the large glass building would be an understatement. Death gripping the strap of his backpack he pushed open the door to the reception and took a deep breath.

The woman behind the desk got to her feet offering a beaming smile as he approached.

“Hitoshi Shinsou?”

“It’s uhh.”

“I’ll just let Sir. Nighteye know that you’re here. If you wanna’ just head down the hall, it’s the last door on the left, you’ll know which.”

Not really getting a word in edgeways, he nodded.

“Okay, thank you.”

Following the instructions given he walked down the long corridor eventually going to a green painted door surrounded by even more glass.

This place must get real hot in the summer.

He hesitantly knocked on the door.

“Come in!”

Invited inside Hitoshi’s eyes tracked around the large space, one side of the room clearly divided off as a study with a desk and numerous bookshelves of endless folders, while the other was made up of couches and house plants.

"Ahh, Master Shinsou."

"Uhh, it's umm, it's Aizawa."

Sir. Nighteye was silent for a few seconds before he nodded.

"Of course, apologies."

Something seemed off.

"I must say when Mirio told me about the UA first year who'd managed to pin him without a quirk I dare say I didn't believe him. After that my curiosity got the better of me and I wanted to find out more."

The agency owner walked over to the seating area side of the room and sat down.


Hitoshi nodded, sitting opposite.


Sir. Nighteye picked up a large folder from the coffee table; it carried the logo of his agency as well as 'Hitoshi Shinsou' handwritten on the front. He opened it to the first page and began flicking through the contents.

"So, little is known about your early life but you were born to Hajime and Mihoko Shinsou, before you reached your second birthday you went missing having been kidnapped while out with your parents. Despite an extensive nationwide initiative there were no leads and the case went cold. During that time a transfer took place between those who had been the ones to snatch you and an anonymous buyer who we now know to have been All for One. He placed you in the facility of the yet to be formed League of Villains. From your own account you met Touya, the son of the number two hero Endeavour, during this time. The police and pros are still searching for the missing Todoroki but there have been no developments as of yet."

Hitoshi sat their awkwardly as the pro recounted parts of his life to him, especially details that he hadn't even known himself.

"Your quirk is Brainwashing which was registered by your Mother back when you were a year-old as it is a genetically alternate version of her own. Activated through question and answer, the control can be broken through a knock to the person under it. Until very recently you wore a mandatory enforcement bracelet to be allowed to attend UA and to be fostered by pros Eraserhead and Present Mic; this action was as a result of your involvement in the USJ attack on school grounds." He placed the file down. "So explain to me why I would consider having someone like you at my agency?"

Taken aback by the question the first thought that came to Hitoshi's head was a remark about how he hadn't asked to be considered, Sir. Nighteye was the one to contact him, until Zashi had informed him he hadn't even known who the guy was.

"If you don't want me than that's fine, I'll find another agency or just stay at UA, but I won't just sit here while you talk about me like I'm not worth your time just because of a past that doesn't concern you."

Sir. Nighteye quipped an eyebrow.

"There are many people who would consider you a villain for even being in the same facility as the League, while others question exactly how much involvement you actually had with their activities."

Hitoshi tried to not feel hurt by the assumptions being made about his character as he squared up his shoulders and stood tall.

"If you were just going to call me a villain than why go through all this trouble? You wanted nothing more than the thrill of getting to paw through my file and throw it all back in my face. We both know you wouldn't ever be interested in someone like me so let's just get this over with so we can both get on with our lives."

“Mirio seemed quite fond of you when he explained what had happened at UA the other day.”

Oh that was right; this was Mirio’s pro placement. Shit.

“I’m sorry, that was rude of me. I sometimes get a little carried away without thinking first. The last thing I would ever want is for you to think badly of Mirio, I’ll just go.”

Hitoshi went to stand up.

“Wait.” Sir. Nighteye’s hand came to gently take hold of his wrist. “Please, I believe your transgressions were well within your rights, in fact, I was very much hoping you would challenge me.”

He furrowed an eyebrow, slowly sitting back down.

“Why would you?-“

“You see, Master Aizawa, it’s all very well and good for a hero to be the strongest, or the smartest, but if that is all they have to them well… I doubt their true intentions. I must say in all my years of providing UA students with placements I have never had a case quite like yours. Everything I could possibly wish to know is sat right here transcribed for me, your entire life, sans of course the finer details of what took place in that facility, but still a wide variety. On paper you should be burning down cities with Shigaraki using that brainwashing of yours to wreak havoc, but my dear boy, have you ever heard of an unreliable narrator?”

Hitoshi shook his head.

“The person or people who wrote these reports, the police, the commission, etc, they have their own agendas and apply them however they see fit to match their own opinions and desires. No one would look at a kid who’d been a part of an event such as the USJ attack having been taken there by the League and think that he is anything more than just a criminal who needs to be imprisoned for what he’s done, not in those sectors anyway. There’s no grey area in those professions and that is entirely the problem. To them you are either a hero or a villain and the criteria for each is set in stone so someone like you comes along, ticks a few boxes on that villain list and they’re set in their mindset for life. So going back to my initial point, if someone has followed the same formula for their entire career, do you think they would impartially write about you in reports like this?”


“No.” Sir. Nighteye agreed with a nod. “They will paint you to be however they want you to be seen which is why they were able to bully Eraserhead, Present Mic, and Nezu into conforming to their demands requiring you to wear the enforcement bracelet.”

Pain flared up in his wrists from even being reminded of those torturous devices.

“I will be honest with you Master Aizawa, Mirio’s accounts from the other day were not the first time I have heard of you. Before I ran my own agency I admit that I had another role in the pro hero industry; I was the sidekick of All Might.”

Hitoshi’s breath caught in his throat as his eyes widened.

“You are the one from the photo at Kamino Ward are you not?”

He didn’t know what to say. He knew; he knew he’d destroyed All Might.

“I fear that my friend would not be with us today if you had not rallied him on that battlefield so I must first offer my deepest thanks to you.” Sir. Nighteye smiled. “To act so selflessly in a life threatening scenario, of which you had already lost an eye to a member of the League shows great resolve and strength of character, you should be proud of your actions that night; you no doubt saved the lives of both your fellow student and All Might.”

“We wouldn’t have been in Kamino in the first place if it hadn’t have been for me. The League only took Kacchan and I because they wanted me back, All Might had to save us and ended up losing his power because of it. Japan lost its Symbol of Peace, its Number One hero because of me; I fail to see how my life could ever be considered more valuable than his. They should have just left me there, he should have saved himself.”

“What kind of hero would he have been if he had done that? If I know anything about my friend it is that he would never give up on someone in need, especially a child, he would have died for you if the situation had worsened and although you fail to see the values of such actions, he certainly didn’t. You are part of our next generation of heroes; to lose you so young would be a major blow and a waste of talent and potential. There was always going to be a day where All Might would retire, it just so happened that the day came a little sooner than most would have liked and none of it was your own doing. It was his time and he knew what he needed to do.”

Sir. Nighteye paused, as if considering something, before a smile came to his face.

“I would like for you to intern with me at my agency.”

Hitoshi’s expression was that of disbelief as he was rendered speechless.

“Do you accept?”

He quickly nodded.

“Yes. I mean, yes, Sir., I would be honoured.”

“Good, then first thing tomorrow bring your cousin, Izuku Midoriya with you. I’ll see you then.”

Chapter Text

As asked by Sir. Nighteye Hitoshi had returned the following day along with Zuku. It had been much of the same affair with Sir quizzing his cousin about his ambitions for life as a pro hero and so on which eventually led them to this.

“If you can take this stamp from me then I will take you as an intern.”

Zuku looked hyped and ready to go as he nodded enthusiastically. It was amazing how his cousin was ready for anything, even weird bullshit like this. If Sir hadn’t have been nice enough to go out of his way to take him on he probably would have told him where he could shove his stamp.

Kacchan definitely would.

Probably after sending a fireball to this face.

What followed was… an interesting set of events with his cousin bouncing all over the place around the walls and through the air meaning Hitoshi had spent half the time just trying to dodge attacks clearly meant for Sir. Nighteye. Having retreated to the side of the room he could help but wince at the amount of important documents were being scattered from the desk and folders onto the floor.

His cousin didn’t end up managing to get the stamp but in a strange turn of events the two of them ended up fangirling over previous All Might villain fights??? Hitoshi wasn’t any the wiser about anything they were discussing but pretended to at least have some form of interest as he ran a hand through his hair to tidy it up a bit after the Zuku tornado that had just swept through the place.

Apparently him not wrecking one specific poster showed Sir that he had control over his abilities, or something like that, Hitoshi would be lying if he said he was really listening.



“Yes, Sir.”

“Now I know I’ve already said that I would take you on but I thought it might be interesting to see you attempt the same, with your quirk of course.”

He nodded.

“Uh, yeah, sure, I can do that.”

Even though he'd said he wouldn't use his control anymore he was slowly finding that that wasn't going to be possible. Encounters like this proved that, people wanted him to use it but their reasoning wasn't the same as the League's, they were showing him how it could be used to help people or deescalate situations before other heroes or the police even stepped in meaning no one got hurt.

He and his therapist had talked at length about his quirk and honestly, he was starting to hate it a little less.

"So I just need to take the stamp from you, right?"


Okay then.

"Give me the stamp please."

Sir. Nighteye handed it over.

He dropped the control.


And handed back the stamp.

Sir smiled before walking forward.

"May I?"

Despite the nervousness coursing through him about the hero being so close and what he planned to do, Hitoshi nodded.

A hand came towards his face, causing him to wince, flinching backwards slightly before Sir's gaze turned reassuring. The hand came to softly rest on his cheek, tilting his head to the side a little to look at his milky eye and scarred cheek.

"That'll be it." Sir regarded before retreating back to his original spot. "Despite touching you, my quirk couldn't activate due to your eye, I presume you are blind in your left after it was injured during the Kamino battle, correct?"

Hitoshi nodded.

"This alone must break the circuit for my quirk in the same way that it doesn't work on your Father, interesting."

"If you want me to do it again properly I can."

"Properly?" Sir titled his head.

"You know, without using my quirk."

Without cheating.

"Young Shinsou, how many people have found money and fame in this life through being good at something, whether it be art, or cinema, or being a hero, they rose through the crowds and got where they are now through gifts they were given. Your quirk is no different and using it isn't lazy, or unfair, or cheating, it's just an ability you can use for good. Rather than jumping straight in to fight me like your cousin you recognised that there was no need for confrontation and simply solved the problem in a remarkably short time, you both succeeded in passing my challenge in your own unique way and that is something I admire about you both, so no, I won't make you try again." A smile came to Sir's face. "The two of you start next week."

Their eyes widened in disbelief at the news before they quickly bowed their heads.

"Thank you, Sir."


The door opened revealing the permeation hero who walked into the room.


"They passed."

Mirio-senpai grabbed the two of them, pulling them close into a dual-squishing side hug against him.

"Alright! Awesome work guys, I knew you could do it."

Hitoshi smiled.

Walking into the house that night, Shouta was sat on the coach in the living room. He dumped his backpack down before heading over.

“So did you go and see Sir. Nighteye, I know Zuku was pretty excited about the whole thing?”

“Yeah, I did. I didn’t want to tell you just in case he changed his mind after today, but back when I first went to see Sir, he took me on then and there.”

A tear trickled down his cheek before he broke out into the biggest smile he’d probably ever smiled.

Shouta stood up, his hand coming to rest on his cheek before a smile came to his face.

“Toshi that’s amazing! We’re very proud.”

Hitoshi's lip wobbled as he fought back the much heavier wave of tears ready to spill out at any second. He replied simply with a nod.

Shouta's hug was tight and loving as he returned in, finding the warmth of being against his father's chest so familiar and safe.

He couldn’t help but feel like something was off though. The air in the house was almost tense and it hadn’t gone unnoticed to him that Zashi was missing, his reduced schedule at the radio station wouldn’t see him at work tonight, unless he was still at UA, he hadn’t seen his name on the dorm parent for the night.

“So, where’s Zashi?”

It was then that his father’s nervousness slipped from its mask even if only for a second.

“The police got a tip off from an anonymous source of a twenty-something with red hair matching Touya’s description. The ranked pros were called together a few hours ago ready for an immediate infiltration of the League’s facility.” He explained.

Hitoshi’s eyes widened.

“They found it…”

Shouta nodded.

“I was too scared to watch the news so I’m just waiting to hear from him.”

Toshi understood that.

“Zashi will be back, he’s amazing! Nothing would ever bring him down he’s too awesome, right, Dad?”

His father smiled, holding him a little tighter.

“Come on, you must be hungry.”

As if called his stomach rumbled.

Shouta chuckled.

“Apparently so.”

Hitoshi laughed.

“Ramen sounds good.”

“Ramen it is.”

Even if he couldn’t be out there with Zashi he could still help his Papa by looking after Shouta. That would be his job and he was proud of it.

“Kacchan taught me this takedown move yesterday it’s pretty good.”

“Really? You’ll have to show me in training sometime.”

“I will, I look forward to flattening you, old man.”

“Cheeky shit.”

Toshi giggled.

Please be safe, Papa.

Chapter Text

Sneaking into the League facility had been easier than he’d imagined but Hizashi knew he couldn’t let his guard down. The police had been tracking the members’ movements since the call came in and they reckoned the League had all left a few minutes earlier giving them the perfect opportunity to scope the place out.

Walking through the hallways it was horrifying to see firsthand just where Hitoshi had grown up, the place was a dump. It had been hard not to break down in tears as he’d came to the block of rooms which more resembled cells, Hizashi’s brain being nice enough to picture a small Toshi lying on the floor in one of them curled up with his radio listening to Put Your Hands Up.

He’d known that his past wasn’t pretty much he’d never wanted to see for himself just what that past actually looked like; it was no wonder he and Kacchan were suffering from PTSD.

At the end of the hallway a light was on behind one of the screen doors. Tiptoeing closer he very very carefully slid the door open a crack and looked through.

Inside the room was a raggedy futon laid out on the floor and not much else aside from…

The red-haired twenty-something the anonymous caller had told them about.

Hizashi slowly pushed the door the rest of the way open.

The kid jumped, expression that of fear in an instant as he got to his feet, hand coming alight with blue flames.

“Who the hell are you?!” The kid demanded.

He stayed calm, taking a deep breath.

“My name is Present Mic, are you Touya Todoroki?”

The kid’s eyes widened before the flames died down.


“I need you to come with me; I’m getting you out of here.”

“Toshi did it...”

Hizashi nodded.

“Yeah we’ve been looking for you for a month or so, he’s been worried sick.”

“Take me to him, please.”

“I will once we get you checked over.”

Retracing the path he’d taken to get in, Hizashi suddenly felt his wrist vibrate before clicking it active. It was a message from the other heroes.

‘GET OUT OF THERE, THE LEAGUE ARE COMING BACK.’ The electronic ticker scrolled.


“What’s wrong?” The worried tone of the kid asked.

“Is there another way out of here?”

Touya shrugged.

“Damn it, we need to hide.”

“Oh but why, surely you’ll let us welcome you as a guest, after all, how often do we get the chance to entertain a ranked hero.” The sinister voice of Shigaraki interrupted as the League members entered the hallway. “Dabi, or should I say trash, would you care to explain what’s happening here?”

Hizashi turned to the kid, expecting to see a fearful expression similar to those worn by Toshi in situations like this, but instead all he saw was anger before a growl erupted from him.

“My name, IS TOUYA!” The kid bellowed, his flames returning seconds later, drawing a line of fire between them and the League blocking their path. “Run!”

Hizashi didn’t need to be told twice as he dashed for the door, making sure the young Todoroki was behind him.

His hearing aids picked up on a sizzling noise and on further inspection his eyes widened at the sight of Touya’s skin burning.


“It’s fine.” An obvious lie but clearly all he was going to get from the kid right now. “Fucking focus on getting out of here, I doubt my flames will hold them back for long.”

Hizashi nodded, clicking the line open on his headset.

“We’re out but we need backup, I don’t know if they’re on our tail but I have Touya, he’s safe.”

“I’m on my way!” Replied Vlad.

“Me too, hang in there!” Fat Gum followed.

“In case you need assistance I’ll stay close to your position.” Ryukyu also spoke up.

“Thank you, someone get onto Endeavour, he’ll want to know.”


A spluttering cough came from behind him.

“Shit, kid, you okay?”

Touya groaned quietly under his breath, clearly wincing in pain from the burns but nodded regardless.

“What did I tell you, stop worrying about me and run!”

This kid was something else, no wonder Toshi spoke so highly of him.

Squealing tires could be heard before the recovery van arrived driven by Vlad himself.

“Get in!”

Hizashi put his hand on Touya’s slowly and assisted the now stumbling kid up into the passenger seat before climbing in himself and sliding the door closed.

He’d barely sat down before Vlad floored it.

“Hey we got any water or towels in here, preferably both?”

“Should do.”

Finding the water was the easiest; he handed a bottle to Touya and insisted he drink the whole thing despite the groans of complaint. It was after searching through the fourth of the duffle bags that he finally came across the towels.

Dousing one of them in water from the other bottle he handed it to Touya.

“Here, kid.”

“What’s this for?”

“For those burns, it should take the heat out of them.”

Thankfully the kid followed his instructions he could only hope the makeshift first aid would bring him a little respite from the obvious pain.

And with that, Hizashi allowed himself to slump back in his seat and take a much needed breath.

“So, are you going to tell the hubby that you volunteered yourself to go in there alone?”

“There was something I needed to see so it killed two birds with one stone to be the one who infiltrated.” He turned to look at the kid. “Hey, Touya, you did good back there just. We’ll take you to the hospital and get those burns checked out, okay, kid?”

“I’m not a child, stop calling me kid.” He growled.

Hizashi’s phone buzzed, he pulled it from his pocket and clicked open the message.

‘Police want to speak with Touya; I told them where to stuff it. Get the kid to the hospital; god knows what state he’s in after being in there for so long. I’ll call you when I have more information about what’s next.’

He smiled.

Good old Edgeshot.

After checking Touya in he’d been told that he wasn’t permitted to stay with the young Todoroki while he was assessed.

“Just go home, Mic, there’s nothing more you can do for now. He’s in good hands; the kid’s going to be fine. You’ve down your part, now let us do ours.”

And so he had.

It turned out that Vlad had stayed in the waiting room of the hospital for him. He accepted the offered lift back to UA and neither of them said much on the drive.

He was exhausted by time he’d said his goodbyes as he made the short walk through the campus to the teacher’s housing at the back, the sight that greet him however brought a beaming smile to his face.

Shouta and Toshi were sat out on the balcony in Toshi’s room, the second their son caught sight of him he rushed to his feet waving excitedly before the two of them went back inside. He was nearly at the door by time it was thrown open, his husband and son both clearly trying to hide their worry.

‘HE SAFE?’ Toshi signed.

Hizashi nodded.

Their son’s lip wobbled before he reached forward and took his hand, guiding him inside.

“Come on, it’s cold out here.”

Was it cold? He didn’t feel it, but maybe that was just the adrenaline still pumping through him from the events of that night. It would explain why Toshi was wearing his signature Hawks hoodie and Shouta was wrapped up, clearly by their son, in a coat and scarf.

Speaking of Shouta, his husband leant close and pressed a kiss to his lips with a smile.

“I’m not going to ask because I know you probably did something stupid, but I’m glad you’re okay.”

“We made ramen, d’you want me to warm yours up for you?” Toshi asked, heading into the kitchen and fishing the bowl of leftovers from the fridge.

Hizashi smiled too.

“I would love that.”

Chapter Text

It was a week after Touya was admitted that he finally got clearance to visit. Despite having snuck out of the house to get to the hospital Toshi doubted that Zashi and Shouta wouldn’t know where he’d be. Suddenly feeling nervous despite having seen Touya only a few months ago, he couldn’t bring himself to walk the small distance to the woman at the reception desk and so instead, he just stood back and watched as the hospital went on its usual routine.

The automatic door behind him slid open with a quiet squeak before a familiar face emerged from it.

“Oh, hi; it was… Hitoshi, right?”

Fuyumi Todoroki.

Toshi nodded.

“Sorry, I shouldn’t be here, I’ll just-.”

“Don’t be silly, Touya will want to see you when he wakes up, come on, we’ll both get checked in and then I’ll show you to his room. Shoto and Nat are already up there I just went out to grab us all some lunch, I got plenty so you’re welcome to share.” She smiled.


“Dude, All Might would still kick Enji’s ass even in his scrawny form.”

The sound of Shoto laughing followed as they walked into the room.

“I’m back with goodies and a visitor.” Fuyumi announced, taking a seat and opening her bag to take out various take out containers, handing one to each of her brothers.

“Hey, Hitoshi.” Shoto greeted with a smile.

“Nat I know you asked for two but Hitoshi’s a guest so he’s getting it.”

Natsuo nodded.

It had to be his didn’t it…

“I’m fine, honestly, you can have it.” He attempted but as suspected Fuyumi was having none of it.

“No, he’s going to be plenty full with the one, here.” She forced the ramen container upon him. “And grab a seat.”

Toshi nodded, doing as instructed before removing the lid and snapping apart the wooden chopsticks.


The three siblings echoed his gratitude before tucking in.

Slurping down a few mouthfuls he couldn’t help the satisfied groan that escaped him, blushing lightly in embarrassment but the Todoroki’s didn’t seem to notice, much to his relief.

“So is Touya okay?”

Fuyumi nodded.

“He’s been conscious a few times just not for long, apparently this is the first time his body has been able to fully relax for a very long time, the doctor said it’s just his body’s way of trying to heal itself. He’s worn out, malnourished, and he’s got a lot of burns although some of them seem to be disappearing on their own, not to mention the mental side of it all too, we’ve just got to give Touya a little time to do his thing before he’s back with us fully.”

“Oh, the pro who infiltrated the facility to get Touya out, Present Mic, that’s one of Hitoshi’s Father’s.” Shoto explained.

Natsuo, who hadn’t said a word since he’d entered the family waiting room, turned to him, clearly intrigued by this news.


Hitoshi nodded.

“Yep, Papa told me about the operation, he was worried that too many of them going in could blow their cover so he volunteered himself. My Dad still doesn’t know about the whole solo thing though so I’ve kinda’ been sworn to secrecy on that whole front.” He smirked.

“Then your Papa is pretty amazing.” A smile came to Natsuo’s face. “Look, Hitoshi, I apologise for how I acted back at the house that day, it was immature and I’m sorry. I wouldn’t mind a do over if you’d accept it?”

“You don’t have to apologise; I waltzed into your house and told you something pretty unbelievable, I’m not surprised you didn’t trust me straight away. But sure, I would like that.”

Natsuo went back to eating his ramen.

“Tell your Papa thanks from all of us.” Fuyumi smiled.

“I will.”

Chapter Text

“No matter how progressive a half-blind hero sounds on paper, two eyes are always going to be better than one.”

After being poached by the Nighteye Agency to intern with them Hitoshi hadn’t really expected to be savagely torn apart by Sir himself on the first official day. Clearly he meant every word, as Sir didn’t seem to be the type to mince what he said just to please others and so here he was being told that his lack of sight in one eye was probably going to get him killed someday.

“You’re at a disadvantage because of this, but considering your tutor I believe you have a lot more under your sleeve than just that quirk of yours. So, what did your father teach you?”

“How to listen, and how to fight like he does.”

“Which entails?”

“He blindfolds me and then we spar.”

Zuku’s jaw was hanging open at the revelation.

A smile came to Sir. Nighteye’s face.


Sir walked over and placed a hand on his cheek, tilting his head back slightly to inspect the blinded eye.

“There is something I have been meaning to address since we first met. This eye of yours, its milky appearance will only alert your enemies right away of your missing sight so we need to get rid of it.”

Hitoshi backed away, eyes widening.

“That’s a bit extreme don’t you think?!”

Sir exhaled in annoyance which could only mean he’d misunderstand something.

“As I said, the ‘milky appearance’ is the problem, and I know a solution to said problem. Have you by any chance not been in contact with Recovery Girl since this injury back at Kamino?”

Hitoshi shrugged.

“Not that I remember.”

“Well then I can almost guarantee that this will be a laughably quick fix for her compared to what she’s used to, I doubt it would take more than one kiss. The next time you’re at school get her to heal it back to its original state.”

“She could do that?!” Hitoshi exclaimed.

“I wouldn’t see why not.”

This means when Touya wakes up he won’t have to know what happened to my sight after he was forced to leave Kamino, it’s perfect.

“There’s not much else to cover for today and I want to train you up before sending you out on patrols with Mirio so for now you’re dismissed, I’ll see you both at the same time tomorrow.”

“Thank you, Sir.”


Half-drenched in sweat, struggling to breathe, and still half a mile away from Sir. Nighteye’s agency was when Hitoshi came to the conclusion that maybe turning his nose up at Shouta’s suggestion of running a short distance every day to build up stamina and endurance wasn’t such a bad idea. His legs felt like they were gonna’ give out as they shook with overexertion.

He’d been at the hospital with the Todoroki’s, as he did every day, when he’d seen the time. Sir. Nighteye’s and the hospital weren’t exactly close but like hell was he going to accept a lift from Fuyumi when they would have to go so far out the way of their house to do it. And so they’d settled on dropping him at the train station where he had waited for an annoyingly long and wasteful time for the next train to show up. And so here he was, getting worried glances from passers-by as the fear of getting chewed out by Sir. spurred him to keep going; that man was terrifying enough without even getting on his bad side, and Hitoshi really didn’t want to find out what that looked like anytime soon, but he had a feeling he was going to as soon as he walked through the door.

It was then that his shaking legs finally sent him tripping up, skidding across the ground with a thump.

“Owwww…” He groaned quietly.

Trying to get himself back to his feet proved vastly more difficult than he would be comfortable admitting but he got their eventually, looking up at the tall buildings and skyscrapers of the agency district he took a minute to get his breath back.

They look real similar to the buildings Dad swings between using his capture weapon. He hasn’t taught me much about how to do this yet but I already know all the fundamentals so it can’t be that hard, right? Right?

“There’s a first time for everything I suppose.”

Unzipping his backpack he pulled out the capture weapon and readied it in his hands, wrapping a small clump around his neck before securing the rest tight in his palms. He took a breath before releasing a length, wrapping it around the lamppost before taking a running start and…

Hitoshi’s eyes were wide in wonderment as he took flight, the swinging momentum carrying him through the air as he swung from lamppost to lamppost, building to building. The half a mile of distance left to cover was defeated in sheer minutes while also giving his poor legs a chance to recover a little without the strain of running.

Nothing was going to fix the fact that he was still very late though.

Slowing to a stop proved a little more difficult than he’d initially anticipated but he got there eventually, if not for a few embarrassing seconds of dangling from his capture weapon before he was able to work out the best way to ease himself down. Entering the agency the receptionist looked instantly concerned at the sight of him which confirmed his own guess about how much of state he must look.

"The usual room?"

She nodded.

Arriving at the meeting space Hitoshi swiped a hand across his brow to remove the sweat before taking a breath and knocking on the door, giving it a second or two before opening it.

A very sheepish looking Zuku was stood next to Mirio.

Sir turned to him with his usual neutral expression.

"This meeting is for people who were on time."

"Sir. Nighteye, I can-."


Trying not to say something stupid, Hitoshi gave a nod before closing the door.

"Dammit!" He cursed under his breath as he made his way back down the corridor, angrily pulling the goggles from his head before unravelling his capture weapon.

Storming into the chill out room, as the receptionist had referred to it on her tour of the agency; he threw his kit down before slumping on one of the couches.

The anger soon began to drain into its true form; insecurity and sadness.

Letting out a deep exhale he scrubbed a hand down his face as he tried not to cry.

"Rough day?"

Hitoshi jumped, turning to the source of the voice.

A brown-haired guy walked out from behind a row of screen dividers holding a mug of coffee, he offered a smile before taking a seat down on the couch across from him.

"More annoying than rough."

"You get wrong off the boss?"

He nodded.

"Yeah he can be a little strict sometimes."

Hitoshi shrugged.

"I was late, that's on me; you can't exactly expect pros out there on the streets to be able to trust you if you're not gonna' be there when people need you most. I should have planned better."

"Woke up late or something?"

"Had to visit someone first then get here from there."

"Where's there?"

"Kamino Ward."

The guy spluttered on his coffee a little.

"But that's hours away?!"

"It's not my first time doing it I just fucked up today; I won't fuck up the next time."

"So you're still gonna' be travelling that distance before these meetings?"

"I have to go to school after this too." Hitoshi smirked, despite wanting nothing more than to roll over and die from exhaustion. The idea of having to stand up and walk to UA and then attend lessons and training for the rest of the day left him feeling hollow.

"You're gonna' burn yourself out if you're not careful."

"I'll be fine."


He was interrupted as Sir walked through the door.

Hitoshi stood up to greet him but was simply ignored as his mentor passed him, instead leaning over the guy he had been talking to and giving him a kiss on the cheek.

"So where are we going for lunch?"

The guy seemed a little uncomfortable at the obvious tactic Sir was using to pretend he wasn't there, returning the kiss before looking between the two of them.

"I was thinking the new sushi joint down the street, but Rai." He motioned with his eyes towards Hitoshi.

Sir turned to him.

"You can go."

"But we didn't do any-."

"Like I stated before that meeting was for those who arrive on time, you did not and so your admittance was not permitted. If you think you can drag yourself to arrive promptly then you also will receive the same briefings, but for now I have nothing more to say so you can go. Midoriya said you have a test today so I would suggest getting a move on if you don't want to be late for that too."

The back of his throat hurt but not in its usual way with the muteness. It felt heavy meaning he couldn't produce the words he wanted to say without a small sob replacing them. A tear trickled down from his eye that he quickly lowered his head to hide from view of his mentor as he nodded.

"Sorry, Sir." His voice shook as he was finally able to navigate through the hiccuping sobs he knew he would be overcome by the second he was clear of the agency building. "Thank you and I'm sorry for..." Hitoshi paused. "If you decide I'm not worth the time then just tell UA and I won't bother you again." His lip was almost trembling as he stayed strong. "I'm really sorry."

He was quick to his feet as he walked out the room at a steady pace, keeping it up until he was outside. His legs carried him a few streets over before he couldn't hold it back any longer, finding himself sliding down the wall as he cried.

Turns out he didn't have enough money for the second train ride.

The walk from the Nighteye Agency to UA took him just over an hour with Hitoshi being thankful that he’d packed his Hawks hoodie in his backpack that morning after the temperature seemed to drop suddenly along the way.

As he walked up the hill towards UA the time stated on his phone was only making him feel worse. Not only had he missed homeroom and first bell but he was late for the test period too, Shouta was going to kill him.


Glancing up it was Hizashi, and his stomach only felt worse. He didn't think he could take being lectured again, and especially not from his Dads.

Zashi had closed the distance between them with a look of concern on his face.

Hitoshi's face scrunched up as he felt the tears coming yet again, fearful of the anger that surely was coming.


Hizashi's hand rose towards him.

Hitoshi jerked away from it.

The voice hero's eyes widened a little but mostly the expression of disgust was what caught his eye.

"Toshi..." He began soft yet firmly. "I wasn't... I would never hit you."

And he knew that, he did, but surely he'd warranted it. Having gotten himself potentially kicked out of one of the best hero agencies in the country and skipping an exam was surely grounds for some kind of punishment. A strong punishment.

"But I deserve it." His incredibly small voice replied.

Zashi looked horrified as he took a step forward, Hitoshi stepping back with a small cry of fear as he did so, his arm rising defensively in front of his face as he made himself as small as possible.

"'M sorry... 'm sorry..." He whimpered, his apologies progressively getting louder before the last was cut off as his Papa's arms came to wrap around him pulling him close against his chest.

"I would never hit you, ever. I don't care what you think you've done to deserve it, that is not something we do, it's not something anyone is allowed to do to you."

Tears were slowly trickling down Hitoshi's cheeks as he rested his head against his Papa's shoulder, hands snaking around him in a tight, desperate embrace as his body shook from the sobs.

"Toshi where have you been, we've been trying to get hold of you all morning, and Sir. Nighteye's even been on the phone."

And with those words Hitoshi just felt empty.

"Did he tell you he's done with me?"

Hizashi's expression seemed saddened.

"No, Toshi, of course he didn't." The voice hero began softly. "He and his husband were really concerned about you; apparently you were just as upset when you left the agency. He explained what had happened and called to apologise."

Hitoshi looked down.

"Toshi, why didn't you tell us you were visiting Touya? Is that the reason why you've been so adamant about staying at the dorms this past week or so, so you could sneak out over to Kamino without us knowing?"

This time the clawing at his throat felt a lot more familiar.

Hello muteness my old friend.

So he said nothing.

"We could have given you the money for the train rides, or I could even have taken you myself. You can trust us and rely on us, you don't have to do everything on your own anymore, you know that, right?"

He nodded despite still not fully understanding why they would be willing to just give him money like that or waste their time transporting him around when they had so much that was vastly more important to do.

Hizashi let out a soft exhale before offering him a smile.

“Well they won’t let you into the test now but don’t worry, I’ll work it out with Shouta to get you a new time to sit it. Why don’t you go and have a walk around the ground while you wait for your next class to start, it might help you calm down a little, you’ve had a busy day?”

“Okay.” The forced word sounded alien but it still served its purpose as he headed off towards the side of the main school building where the small garden was located. Entering inside through the gate he smiled at the waves of flowers planted by various classes, taking in the peaceful tranquillity of the school when everyone was occupied. UA was never usually this quiet, ever, but he guessed that came with the territory when everyone has quirks.

Passing under an ivy arch he reached a small pond with a stone bench beside it, he took a seat, slipping the backpack from his shoulder and resting it down.

A flash of red caught his eye before he noticed someone stood reading a plaque placed at the base of one of the trees. The figure turned around a few seconds later which was when Hitoshi’s eyes widened.

“Oh, hey.”

A signature grin followed.


The pro seemed to chuckle as he looked Hitoshi over, which immediately made him feel self-conscious until… he remembered what had caught the hero’s attention.

His hoodie… it was part of Hawks’ merch range.

Oh goddddddddd…

Hitoshi turned red in embarrassment.

“Hey, no need for that it’s all good, it’s nice to see I’ve got fans even somewhere like UA. That probably makes me sound like an asshole but whatever.” Hawks smirked before he walked over and motioned to the bench. “Mind if I join you?”

“No, sure.”

He bunked along to allow the pro room.

“So, which class are you in here?”


“Oh the hero course? Nice. That must mean you’re pretty good.”

Hitoshi shrugged.

“I didn’t exactly get in because of my quirk.”

“So what? You’re there now so who cares?”

Hawks seemed to study him.

“You seem familiar, have we met before?”

He shook his head.

“Nevermind then, must have been someone else.” The pro dropped it. “So, what’s your name, kid?”

Kid? Didn’t Kacchan say he was like seven-years older than us?

“Hitoshi Aizawa.”

“Ohhhh, as in Eraserhead?”

He nodded.

“Nice, dude! I’ve worked some undercover jobs with Eraserhead, the guy’s amazing and he damn well knows how to fight. He saved my ass from being shanked by some methhead back when I was just starting out.”

“Really? I thought the commission were dicks about letting Dad work cases?”

“They are but who the fuck cares what they think, he’s an incredible hero and them refusing to allow him to be ranked is just disgusting, they talk about how they’re so fair but then the commission is rife with ableism.” Hawks shook his head. “I’d work with your Dad over half the pros in the rankings any day of the week because having someone out there you know you can trust to have your back in life or death situations is everything when you’re a hero.”

The pro seemed to notice something, leaning back slightly on the bench before he reached out a hand to flap the red wings sewn to the back of the hoodie with a smirk.


“I thought it looked cool.” Hitoshi admitted, hoping to not sound as fanboyish as he usually teased Zuku for being about All Might.

A smile came to the pro’s face.

“I appreciate the compliment.” He looked down at his watch before getting to his feet. “Well I need to get going but it was nice meeting you.”

Hawks held out his hand.

Hitoshi followed him up before shaking his hand.

“You’ve probably already have a placement for the hero internships but I’d definitely be interested in you joining my own agency in the future. Here’s my card, the numbers on the back so if you ever need anything just give it a call and I’ll do my best to help you out.”

The pro began to walk off through the garden.

“See you around, kid.”

Hitoshi gave a wave before he went out of view.

After that, he just stood there taking in everything that had just happened and couldn’t help the small squeee of happiness that escaped his lips.

Turning to pick up his backpack to place the business card safe inside so he wouldn’t lose it, he noticed something lying on the bench.

It was Hawks’ visor.

Quickly picking up the piece of the pro’s costume he raced out the garden in the hope of locating the hero before he left, but he was nowhere in sight.

Guess I can call the number later after school.

The bell ringing made him jump.

After carefully placing both the visor and the business card into his backpack he headed off towards the main building.

Later That Night

Ring ring, ring ring, ring ring

“Hello, Hawks Agency, Ichika speaking, how may I help you?”

“Oh hi, umm, I was talking to Hawks today and he kind of forgot his visor so I thought I’d call to let you know.”

“Oh thank you for calling to report that I’ll be sure to get onto him about that right away, is it okay if I take your number?”


Hitoshi relayed his mobile number.

“Well once again thank you for calling and we’ll be in contact soon, have a nice night.”

“You too.”

He hung up.

Kacchan, who had walked past his door during the call, furrowed a questioning eyebrow.

“What was that all about?”

Hitoshi held up the misplaced piece of costume.

“Woah, is that?!”


“How the fuck do you have Hawks’ visor?”

“Because he left it after we talked earlier.”

“You talked to Hawks?!”

Hitoshi nodded.

“It was pretty cool I’m not going to lie.” He smiled.

Kacchan smiled too.

“Well I’m glad you got to meet your hero.”

“It was… weird, but awesome.”

His cousin headed for the door.

“I wouldn’t let Zuku know you have that or Hawks will never get it back.”

Hitoshi laughed.

“You’re probably right.”

“Night, Purple Hair.”


His phone buzzed on the mattress.

‘1 New Message – Unknown Number’

He clicked it open.

‘Your outfit wouldn’t be complete without it, right? ;)  ˣHawks’

Chapter Text

Sunrise marked the start of the last day at UA before they headed off to their internships for the term. Hitoshi couldn’t help but feel glad that the weekend would soon be here giving him a break. The hospital Touya had been admitted to didn’t allow visitors on weekends aside from family and he didn’t have enough money to make it over there that night so he would have some time to himself.

With a groan he climbed out of bed and got changed in his training gear of a grey tank top and jogger bottoms. His phone began to buzz.

'Alarm - Training with Dad'

"Yeah yeah I know." He silenced the alert as he grabbed his capture weapon and goggles, making a quick pit stop to fill his water bottle before heading out. As he finally made it outside Dad was already there and waiting.

Shouta quipped a smirk, walking closer and placing gently it on Hitoshi's cheek before giving it a pinch.

"Hey!" Hitoshi slapped the hand away with a smile.

"You get later every time." His Father teased.

"Then don't schedule our training sessions so early in the morning."

"Come on then lazybones."

Reading Ochaco and Fuyumi's copies of 'Fruits Basket' had been super interesting because the normality it showed him (well, sorta') was almost like a guide, something he could use as a reference for typical life stuff that he was still honestly only just beginning to wrap his head around.

But there was one thing that had stuck out to him from one of the chapters, something he'd never done with a parent, or at least remembered doing anyway. He surely must have done it with Touya at some point but he couldn't remember so he wanted to do it now.

If Shouta even wanted to though.

It had been after a scene where Kyo and Yuki had gone to Tohru's Grandfather's house to persuade her to come back to Shigure's. The two Sohma's took a hand to hold each as they walked home which made Tohru feel loved and like she truly belonged.

Kacchan thought it was flouncy garbage but he didn't.

"Hey... Dad?"

"Yes, Tosh?"


Realising that he was probably never going to find the words he needed to even begin to convey what he was hoping to achieve, Hitoshi simply took hold of his Father's hand as they walked across the campus.

He tried to judge the expression which came to his Dad's face afterwards but he looked almost near to tears. A smile followed shortly after.

"You've never held hands before."

Not a question and so quiet that if he wasn't receiving Shouta's own training about learning to listen to everything around him, he probably wouldn't have heard it.

"Oh, I just thought, is this okay for you? I know you don't need anyone to guide you here but if this throws you off or anything we don't have to-."

"Toshi it's fine." Shouta replied softly as he gave his hand a squeeze of reassurance. "I'm honoured you asked."

Hitoshi smiled.

"Good, that's good."

"You staying over this weekend?"

Despite choosing to stay at the dorms more frequently recently for Touya related reasons Hitoshi had still made sure to go back home at the end of the week for some chill out time and normality.

With his parents now knowing the reasoning behind the switch he would probably just move back altogether, he missed Dad and Papa, Jelly and Cream, his comfy bed, and the view from his window.

"Yep." He looked nervously down at the ground. "I was wondering if... if I could come-."

"Toshi..." Shouta cut him off softly. "If you're going to ask if you can come back to the house then you really needn't; that house is your home and we told you before you switched to the dorms that it will always be your home and that you could come back whenever you wanted."

Hitoshi smiled.

"Thanks, I appreciate it."

"Zashi told me about what's been going on and what happened yesterday, are you doing okay, apparently you were a bit shaken up?"

"It's fine, I know Zashi wouldn't hit me so I don't know why I reacted like that, it was stupid."

"Don't put yourself down like that, after what you're come to consider everyday life over the years it's not stupid at all to see things as a potential threat, those instincts are what kept you alive."

"I made Zashi sad." He admitted, voice small.

"Hey..." Shouta ruffled a hand through his hair. "Don't be so hard on yourself; Zashi might have been a little upset that you thought he would ever do that but I promise you what was affecting him more was everything else that flinch represented. It sometimes slips our minds that you didn't have a typical upbringing, especially after having gotten a little more used to seeing you all happy in class and making friends, you've come on in leaps and bounds since the first day we brought you home."

Hitoshi smiled.

"I am happy, I'm really happy."

That brought a smile to his Father's face too.

"Then that makes me happy too."

Shouta then began to swing the hands they had held back and forth.

Hitoshi swung their hands even higher causing them both to chuckle at the absurdity of the height they were now reaching. He then let them rest back naturally between them.

"Thank you." He spoke up sincerely.

"What for?"

"I know that Kyo, Yuki, and Tohru are in high school too, but I've never seen anyone doing this with their parents which probably means it's childish. But, thanks for always letting me do these things regardless just so I can see what it's like, I really appreciate that."

"Don't ever let anyone tell you how to live your life, if you want to hold hands then that's fine, your development of learning about life is yours and yours only, take it at your own pace and don't give a fuck what anyone else thinks."

Hitoshi gave a nod.

"I will."

They had only been training for around ten minutes before Shouta put his hand up to pause. Hitoshi picked himself up off the floor, brushing himself down.

“Something on your mind?”

“No… why?”

His Father seemed to observe him.

“You’re not yourself, I can tell.” He paused. "What Sir. Nighteye said, about two eyes always being better than one, it upset you didn't it?"

He was sure his Dad’s quirk was mindreading.

"A little."

Shouta sighed.

"Hitoshi listen to me; you missing an eye is only a disadvantage if you make it one." He stated reassuringly. "You're more than capable of taking anyone on when you're out there, you know you are."

"I know, I just... I hate that people keep reminding me of it, like it's any of their business what happened to me. Ever since that fucking fight at Kamino everyone seems to feel like they know me and they don't."

"You're right, it isn't any of their business, so tell them that, these strangers aren't entitled to know anything about you, and that includes pro heroes who run fancy agencies okay?"


"Good." Shouta pressed a kiss to the crown of his head. "Now come on, I'll give you a free strike; I won't even use my capture weapon."

"Oh you're on." Hitoshi smiled as he held out a hand to his Father pulling him up before putting distance between them ready to attack. "Wait, wait, wait."


"Forgot I need to put the blindfold on."

He quickly tied it before adjusting his grip on the practice knife.

"Okay let's go."

Caught off-guard it was mere seconds before Hitoshi found himself pinned to the ground by his Father.

"Too slow."

"Okay okay you win."

He waited until Shouta moved back before trying to grab him and attempt a pin of his own, but it didn't work.

A firmer hand came to hold him down.

"Nice try."

Hitoshi smirked.

"Worth a shot. Okay, I'm tapping out, for real this time."

His Father went to get to his feet, managing to make it halfway before he stumbled.

Hitoshi rushed to his feet to catch him, keeping him upright.

"What's wrong?!"

"It's okay." He attempted but it didn’t work.

"It's not okay! You're in pain, what's wrong?"

"It's chronic, some days are better than others and I guess this isn't one of them."

"Then why are we training, you should be in bed wrapped up?"

"I'm fine, honestly."

"I don't believe you."



"Toshi..." Shouta began softly, sensing the panic and fear in his son's eyes. He raised a hand to gently place it against Hitoshi's cheek. "It's normal now and it'll pass, just like it always does. I've learnt how to cope with it."

It was in moments like this when Shouta truly understood what his soon feared most in this world.

Losing anyone else from his life.

"I want to take you home."

"I still have a class to teach, you know that, I have it's with you guys."

"Is it another internship information session?"


"Then send it all as notes, you need to rest."

"I can't just-."

"Please!" Hitoshi almost begged. "Just, let me take care of you for a change." He asked softly.

Shouta sighed.

"I’ll go.”

Hitoshi smiled.

“But…” Shouta added. “Only if you stay at school, that internship class is too important to be skipped so I’ll see if Zashi or Vlad can take it.”


“That’s the only way I’ll agree.”

He sighed.

“Fine, I’ll go.”

“Good.” Shouta smiled.

Hitoshi looked over his Father.

“You okay to walk?”

He nodded.

“If we take it slow I’ll be good.” Shouta offered a smile but Hitoshi could clearly see the pain he was trying to hide behind it. “Let’s go.”

Hitoshi got the door of the gym, pushing the door open while being sure to keep an eye on his Father.

“I’m honestly okay, Tosh, you don’t need to worry.”

“I still would anyway.”

Shouta smirked.

“You’re a good kid.”

Hitoshi unwrapped his capture weapon from around his neck, the fabric causing him to sweat from the training.

"Oh by the way, did I tell you I learnt how to do your capture weapon swingy thing."

Dad furrowed an eyebrow.

"When the hell did you do that?"

"On the way to Nighteye's when I was late."

"Toshi... you could have hurt yourself."

"I didn't though." He grinned, actually quite proud of himself. "Although my dismount could do some work."

Shouta smirked.

"As proud as I am that you managed to do it could you promise me you won't do it again until I'm there with you to train you how to do it safely."

"Yeah that's fair, I only did it because I was really late and my legs were gonna' give out."

Dad turned to him.

“Are you really going to walk me all the way to the front door, I’ll be fine on my own?”

“Yes.” Hitoshi nodded determinedly.

Shouta smiled.

"Hey, Hitoshi!"

He turned to the source of the familiar voice to see Mirio walking over waving.


Mirio clapped him on the back with a smile.

Shouta seemed to take the interruption as the perfect excuse.

“Mirio, remember to get your agency forms back in.”

“I will, sorry for the delay, sensei.”

“No problem, I’ll see you later, Tosh.”

Dad walked off before he could protest.

Hitoshi rolled his eyes.

“You okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine; let me guess, Sir sent you to check on me?"

"Maybe... but I was already planning to come see you anyway."

"I'm fine you know, you don't need to be worried or whatever, I'm not angry with Sir or anything like that."

"Actually, he wanted me to give you this."

Mirio handed over a stack of pages stapled together.

"It's the notes from the meeting you missed."


"No problem."

Hitoshi looked at the time on his phone.

“What are you doing here so early?”

“I like to get some training in before school starts; us third years start later on Fridays.”

“Sounds nice.” He smirked.

“You guys definitely don’t though, you should go get cleaned up and changed before the bell rings you don’t have that long left.”

“Yes, Dad…” Hitoshi teased.

Mirio burst out laughing.

“That’s a good one!” His watch began to beep. “Well I better get moving too, I’ll see you at Sir. Nighteye’s!”

He gave a wave.

Just before his last lesson before lunch Hitoshi’s phone buzzed, it was a text from Hizashi.

‘Meet me in the Staff Room at lunch :)’

Hitoshi smiled.

"You summoned me?" Hitoshi entered the staff room with a smirk.

"Hey, Tosh!"

Zashi walked over and gave him a quick hug.

"How you doing, you okay?"

He nodded.

“Just worried about Dad.”

Hizashi offered a soft smile.

“Thanks for making him take it easy, Shouta is always the first to look after someone else and the last to take care of himself and admit to his own pain.”

“He should be able to talk about it, why doesn’t he?”

Hizashi sighed.

“I think it’s just second nature by now, he’s been through… a lot over the years to the point where he’s just never taught himself out of keeping everything in.” He paused. “I promise he’ll be fine, he just needs some painkillers and some sleep, he’s usually back to his usual self the next day.”

“You sure?”

Hizashi nodded.

“He’s strong.”


“So, onto what I ‘summoned’ you here for. Tomorrow is my first show back so I was wondering if you wanted to come with me to see how it all happens?”

Hitoshi's eyes widened.

"Seriously?! I- I could do that?"

"Of course, you are a big fan of the show after all." He winked.

Hitoshi beamed, throwing himself at his Papa in a squishy hug.

"Thank you!"

Hizashi smiled.

"No problem, kiddo, in glad you're excited." He notices Hitoshi's lack of bag. "Did you being lunch?"

He shook his head.


"I know, I, I just forgot."

Zashi reached into his pocket and pulled out a note before placing it in Hitoshi's hand.

"Go and buy some food."

Hitoshi tried to hand the money back but Zashi was having none of it.

There were voices outside the door from the corridor. A flash of green and yellow followed as Zuku and Kacchan walked passed bickering.


The voices stopped before they reappeared in the doorway.


"Have you two eaten yet?"

"No we were just on our way down there."

"Perfect timing, right, Tosh?"

"You being dumb again, Purple Hair?" Kacchan teased, clearly having read the situation.

"Shut up." Hitoshi shoved the money into his pocket and headed for the door.

His cousin smirked.

"Meet back here after final bell?" Zashi shouted after him.

Hitoshi smiled.

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

Chapter Text

They arrived back at the house that night to find the curtains pulled shut; inside the room was dark and quiet.

Hizashi put a finger over his lips with a soft 'shh' before he walked into the living room. Obviously knowing from experience just where exactly his husband would be, his Papa knelt down in front of the couch and gently stroked a hand through Dad's hair.

"Hey sleepyhead." Zashi offered a smile as he watched Shouta lean in towards his warmth. "What were you thinking doing training with Tosh this morning?" The question wasn't charged or accusatory more teasing wrapped around a wish for him to consider against it the next time.

"I can't just be useless every time it flares." Shouta stated with a wince as he tried and failed to push himself upright, biting his tongue as he held back low cries of pain, pulling the blanket closer.

Hizashi adjusted the blanket over him before pressing a soft kiss to his husband's lips.

"Get some rest; I'll make you something to eat."

"You don't have to-."

"I'll help." Hitoshi spoke up.

Shouta smiled, already halfway asleep as he rested back against the pillows.

"What did I ever do to deserve you two?"

Walking into the kitchen Hizashi began opening cupboards to retrieve various packets before placing them on the counter and moving on to the fridge.

Hitoshi picked up one of them.

“What are we making?”

“Oyakodon, it’s his favourite. You ever had it?”

He shook his head.

“Well I think we have everything in for it so you’ll be able to try it out. D’you wanna’ start cutting the chicken while I start on the broth and the rice?”


Cooking with Zashi felt so natural that Hitoshi felt almost homesick from being apart from his parents for the last few weeks. Plating up a bowl he grabbed his Father’s set of chopsticks before heading into the living room.

Shouta was fast asleep.

He turned to Hizashi for guidance on what to do.

Papa walked closer and rested a hand in his husband’s hair, stroking it gently until there was a soft groan and Shouta’s eyes flickered open.

“You feeling any better?”

“A little.” Dad sniffed. “Something smells good.”

“We made you oyakodon.” Hitoshi announced proudly, holding out the bowl and the chopsticks.

“You… you shouldn’t have gone to so much trouble.”

He accepted the food offering with a smile.

“But thank you.”

Shouta shuffled into an upright position before he began eating.

“Is it good?” Hitoshi enquired.

The erasure hero nodded.

“You’re a natural, Tosh.”

He smirked.


Zashi returned with the two remaining bowls.

“Did Toshi mention I’m taking him to the studio tomorrow to show him around?”

Shouta smiled.

“That’ll be fun.”

“I’m really excited.” Hitoshi admitted honestly.

Jelly walked over clearly curious about the smell, hopping up onto the couch to sniff at Shouta’s bowl. Dad welcomed the visitor, allowing her to huddle up under his arm and giving her a scratch under the chin.

“Toshi just fed you greedy guts, your food’s in the kitchen.” Zashi teased her.

“She’s fine, she’s just wants to give Daddy a hug, don’t you sweetie?”

Jelly meowed rubbing her head against Shouta before curling up beside him.

Zashi rolled his eyes.


Hitoshi laughed.

Chapter Text

They retired to bed not long after they'd finished eating, Hizashi having waited until Hitoshi was upstairs before returning to his husband on the couch and helping him up. They took each step slow before they finally reached their own room, Zashi gently depositing Shouta on the bed before getting changed.

"I scared Toshi this morning in that training session; I wasn't expecting it to flair so bad that I'd end up collapsing."

"He's a tough kid."

"He shouldn't have to deal with my annoying crap."

"It's a serious medical condition, Shou, and it's not like any of it was your own doing, Toshi understands and he just wants to help."

"I still don't like it."

He attempted to take his costume off which only resulted in gritted teeth and a curse.

"Hey hey hey..." Zashi crossed the distance between them, halting Shouta from potentially causing himself anymore pain. He gently pulled the costume free before folding it to lie on the back of the chair. "There."


Ditching the pants of his costume Shouta allowed himself to lie down on the bed with a thankful groan.

Once finished with his own Hizashi came to join him, gently entering from his side of the bed carefully to not cause his husband any further pain.

"I know you're determined to push through days like this, but there's always going to be times when you can't and there's no shame in that, Shou. I don't want you to put yourself through that when you don't have to."


"I just... want you to be okay."

Shouta sighed.

"I am okay, I just don't like feeling useless and sometimes being stuck on the couch literally unable to move makes me feel like an utter failure."

"Hey..." Zashi reached out a hand and placed it against his husband's cheek. "Don't say things like that."

"Sorry, I just... nevermind." Shouta offered a smile, leaning forward to peck a kiss to the voice hero's lips with a smirk.

"Hey, sneaky..." Zashi teased, following it with a kiss of his own before leaning back on his pillow and just taking in the sight of his husband. "You're so beautiful."

The erasure hero blushed.

"Aww." Zashi pinched the offending cheek which was then swatted away. "You've done that since high school, it's cute."

"Stoppppp, you're so embarrassing." Shouta smirked, hiding his face in his pillow.

"You love me really."

"I must be mad, but yes, yes I do, more than anything."

The sincerity of the answer ended the amusement on Hizashi's face replacing it instead with a warm smile.

"A lot of people didn't see me as much but you did and as much as I still don't understand why, I love you for it all the same."

"Aww Shou..."

The next morning much the same as during his internship, Hitoshi was up early and already downstairs before his parents.

Shouta, feeling a million times better than he did the day prior, walked over and smushed his kid into a hug.

"I'm sorry about yesterday, I know I probably scared you so I apologise, I pushed myself a little too much clearly."

Hitoshi shook his head.

"No, no, no, I'm sorry if I made you feel like you had to train with me when you were feeling like that, I never would have-."

"Toshi it's okay." Shouta cut off with a reassuring smile. "It's not your fault, kiddo."

Zashi came down the stairs.

"Morning, Tosh."


"Are you excited for tonight?"

The response was a giddy squeal accompanied by a large grin.

"I'll take that as a yes." Hizashi smirked.

He turned to see his husband getting ready to head out the door.

"Take an umbrella; it looks like it's going to come down hard."

"Thanks." He gave a nod before feeling for the umbrella on the side table by the door and picking it up. "I won't be long."

Hitoshi turned to his Papa after the door had closed.

"Where's Dad going?"

"More than likely the graveyard; he had a lot of time to stew with his own thoughts yesterday so I wouldn't be surprised if he wants to see his Mom and Oboro."

"I would've gone with him."

The sun was trying to peak out through definite rainclouds as Yui Shirakumo entered the graveyard on his morning walk. Following the trail through another visitor caught his attention.

A familiar visitor.

He watched as the man rubbed a hand along the top of the memorial before kissing his fingers and pressing it against the stone. After that he was off in the direction that Yui himself had been heading towards.

Walking down the path he stopped to look at the stone his child's old friend had been visiting.

'Kaiyo Aizawa ~ 2116–2148

Loving Mother'

That was right; he remembered both him and his wife's reaction to discovering the article the press had published regarding Shouta and her death, they had been furious at the time.

The kid had been almost a regular at their house over the years and Oboro's closest friend, their son having been deadly protective over Shouta and consistently getting himself into trouble in defence of him.

So much had changed since those days.

He continued on towards the plot at the back of the graveyard and as he'd predicted the kid was paying a visit to Oboro too.

Not that he was a kid anymore; Oboro would have been thirty-one this year making the Aizawa kid a few months shy of being the same age. It was almost scary to see how different he looked since, and saddening.

What would Oboro have looked like now?

He walked a little closer which caused the kid to turn in his direction.

"Good morning.”

The kid’s eyebrow furrowed a little, clearly trying to place the voice, before he seemed to piece it all together.


He took a step back from the memorial.

“Look, you have as much right to come here to see Oboro as we do and we should never have said differently. There isn’t an excuse for how we treated the two of you back then, it was disgusting and I feel ashamed for ever even thinking that way in the first place. You and Hizashi were Oboro’s best friends, and you especially had known him for years so denying you the chance to come to the funeral was just cowardly. I should never have pushed you either, again there’s no excuse, I assaulted a damn grieving kid so I’m probably going to hell for it, but I am sorry regardless.”

The kid nodded.

“Let’s go grab some coffee; it’s too cold out here to just stand around.”

Sat in the booth at the local coffee shop in town, Shouta warmed his hands around the mug.

“So you’re a teacher at UA now, right?”

He nodded.

“So’s Hizashi and Nemuri.”

“Wow, what about Tensei?”

“Nah he was a part of his family’s agency but he got hurt out on a job a while back so he’s weighing up his options of what he wants to do. The last time I spoke to him he was practically running the agency; he’s pretty much a one-man call centre for the Iida’s.” Shouta smirked.

“You and Hizashi are married now, right? I think I remember the article in the news about the two of you.”

“Yep, and we have a kid.”


“Yeah his name’s Hitoshi; he was originally a placement with us and then we adopted him officially. He’s an amazing kid; he even came with me once to visit Mom and Oboro.”

“While we’re on the subject of your Mom, your Dad won’t have long left now will he?”

“It was two days ago actually.”

Shouta took a drink of his coffee.


“Yup, good riddance to him, I only wish they’d done it sooner.”

“Did you do anything to celebrate?”

He shook his head.

“Toshi’s been focused on him internship so I just let him concentrate on that rather than bothering him, plus he’s been a little down lately so you know.”

“Well I’m glad your Mother got justice, and of course you too.”

“It feels so long ago now, I mean I was eight when I transferred into the same school as Oboro and we became friends.”

“How many years were you in the foster system?”

“About five, I never really stayed in one place though, people got sick of me pretty quickly.” Shouta scoffed taking another mouthful of coffee. “Mitsuki and Masaru adopted me when I was fourteen.”

“I remember that well, Oboro couldn’t have sprinted out of the house faster after he got that call from the police saying they’d found you.”

“Sorry about that.”

“No not at all, it just showed how close the two of you were.”

Shouta smiled.

“I miss him… so much.” He admitted with a sigh. “He had such an impact on my life and then he was just gone… it’s cruel that someone so happy and caring and talented as him was taken away so quickly.”

He heard a soft exhale of breath from across the table.

“You mentioned your son’s internship; am I right in thinking then that this is the first time they’ve offered them since the four of you took them?”

“Yes. Principal Nezu felt that it was only detrimental to the students for them not to have that hands on experience prior to leaving UA.”

“And what are your thoughts on it all?”

Shouta fiddled with his ring.

“It sounds cowardly to admit, but those years were I never even had to utter the words hero placements or internships were a godsend because neither Hizashi nor I could even say it without freaking out or throwing up. We were in such a bad place even after all those years of therapy and grief counselling, it just looked like that was always going to be something that triggered us. We wanted nothing to do with it and told Nezu straight to never put us down to teach any of the classes for it because we just couldn’t. Then the attack at the USJ happened and I nearly died. Every single one of my students could have died if they hadn’t have thought on their feet and put their lives at risk to get the word back to the main campus. I was so determined to make sure that those villains didn’t lay a finger on any of my kids that the explosions, the falling debris, nothing triggered me because I didn't have time to be scared. I had to save them, I had to, I couldn’t handle the idea of losing anyone else, anyone at all, and it pushed me beyond my limits as a hero.”

“Well it sounds like those kids are lucky to have you; there aren’t many teachers who would deliver a speech like that about their class.”

“I don’t know if they’d agree with you on that.”

“I’m sure they would.”

Shouta smiled.

“Well, I better be going before the missus wonders where I’ve gotten to. It was nice getting to talk to you again after all these years and I’ll hopefully see you around.”

He nodded, offering a hand to shake which Yui took.

“It was nice talking to you too.”

“Take care.”

“You too.”

Footsteps crossed the coffee shop before the door opened and clicked closed. Finishing the last of his mug of coffee he picked up his umbrella as he headed off.

His phone began to buzz in his pocket.

“Hizashi. Hizashi. Hizashi.” The electronic voice alerted.


“Where are you?”

“I’m just leaving the coffee shop in town.”

“What, why?”

“Because I bumped into someone when I went to visit Mom and Oboro this morning; I’ll tell you about it when I get home.”

“Want me to come and pick you up, that raincloud looks like it ready to come down any minute?”

Shouta smiled softly.

The chronic pain from yesterday may have mostly subsided but both he and Hizashi knew that the cold temperatures of a rainstorm only make the aches worse meaning his husband was a softie with a big heart.

“I love you.”

“I love you too, sweetie, I’ll see you in a few minutes.”