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Merry Fucking Christmas Tomura

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"Wake the fuck up you crusty bitch." Dabi shouted from outside the rickety door of his room.

"Shut up." Came the mumbled response. Red eyes pierced Dabi's eyes as the door was shoved open and Tomura wandered out aimlessly.

"Merry Christmas 'lil bitch."

"Oh go fuck yourself." Tomura's face scrunched up in distaste, his nose scrunching up like what he had said ruined Tomura's entire year.

"Why fuck myself when I could have someone else do it?" Dabi's cheeks hurt with how hard his smile tugged at the staples. He could see a shade of red cover the face of their leader as curses were grumbled underneath his breath.

The halls they walked down were covered in Christmas lights and tacky decorations. Toga had decided that this year they were going to celebrate Christmas together for real as in a tree and all. No one had the guts to talk her out of the idea so now here they were, stopped in front of a large decorated tree with everyone clad in pajamas.

"Okie Dokie everyone! Hot chocolate is on the table. Grab one and sit down so we can pass out presents!" She spoke so joyously while bouncing on the balls of her feet. Her blonde hair hung down and swayed with her movements along with her Santa themed nightgown.

"Sucks not everyone decided to come over." Twice spoke up, sitting next to the tree next to Spinner. His costume was on but placed ontop of it was a festive sweater, his mask rolled up just enough for him to sip the hot liquid from the mug. "Who needs them anyways!"

With little noise, surprisingly, everyone grabbed a cup and sat beside the tree. Christmas lights glimmering softly against the walls. Tomura had a finger up as he grasped a messily wrapped gift, tossing one to each of the people sitting. The others did the same, tossing gifts at the people they are meant for, until underneath the tree was completely bare.

"Well guess I'll go first!" Toga gushed as she tore into the wrapping paper mercilessly. Tomura had gotten her a nice selection of knives, figuring he might as well help his own cause if he was forced into this by her. Spinner had gotten her some new clothes. Twice got her a strangely large amount of romance novels. Dabi meanwhile got her a Christmas card with twenty dollars in it.

"Thank you guys, you're so thoughtful. Except for Dabi." The only response she got was a wink and some finger guns.

Dabi took the wrapping paper off of the gifts then balled it up and assaulted Tomura with it. Toga got him burn cream because of course she did. Twice and Spinner had put their money together and got him a new leather trench coat. Tomura had gotten him his favorite movie and a picture he'd been threatening to rob from a store for over a month now. His face was turned away and the red had returned back to his face.

"I'm next!" Spinner said, already tearing into the wrapping paper. His jaw tightening once he realized all he received was Mutant Ninja Turtles merchandise. In Dabi's case it was a Mutant Teenage Ninja Turtles card with twenty dollars in it. "I hate you all."

Twice didn't even announce he was going next he just squealed at then insulted the stuff he got. Stuff including comics, clothes, A card with twenty dollars in it, among other things.

"Well, well, look who's turn it is Boss." The smirk was evident in Dabi's voice.

"Go fuck yourself." Tomura sneered as he used only four fingers to remove the wrapping paper. It'd be shitty if he just destroyed all his gifts now. He decided to be slower about it. This was his first Christmas in a long time, he was going to draw it out.

"Thanks Toga." He turned the gift over in his hand. A large journal with the words "Evil Plots" scribbled on the front. It's not the most desecrate thing he's seen but it's still thoughtful.

"No problem boss!" She grinned.

"Oh wow. Twice, Spinner thanks." He stared at the long leather trench coat in his hands. It looked a bit like Dabi's but there was just something about it that screamed his name more. He never thought of himself as a leather guy but this might change that.

"We knew you'd like it! Didn't we Twice?"

"Of course we did!" He beamed. He immediately shakes his head afterwards. "I can't believe he actually liked that thing."

"Wait a second." Toga held up a finger before Tomura could open his last wrapped present. "Why is Boss the only one who didn't get a card from you?"

"Oh you'll see." Dabi leaned back and bored his eyes into Tomura's back.

With stiff movements the last gift was finally opened and all Tomura could do was hold them up with a confused look.

"What the fuck are these?"

"Stylus gloves." Dabi rolled his eyes.

"Yeah but why? I don't fucking draw you dumbass." Tomura felt his lips contort into a frown.

"Who said it's for drawing?" Dabi paused before a giant smirk made its way onto his face. "You keep telling me to go fuck myself and I keep saying I'd rather have someone else do it for me. Well now with those you can fuck me all you want, blue bitch."