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What I Need, What You Need

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Maka's wit was at its end. Mere moments ago, she had slammed the door to her and Soul's shared room and was on her way down the street, her mind and body overtook by anger. She couldn't even remember all the details of the argument that they'd had, but that was nothing new. They argued at least a couple of times a week, and it hurt, because of all the people in the world, Soul was the one who Maka loved the most. He loved her, too, at least she thought he did, and their disagreements came not from a hatred for each other but rather because they wanted something that the other wasn't giving them. Maka had been able to work out that much, though she wasn't sure what Soul even wanted from her. He never expressed those sorts of feelings, and she didn't want to have to spell out for him what it was that she wanted, either. She wanted him to... take initiative, to act like the man that she knew he had the capability to be.

With a huff, she paused about a half-mile away from their house and slumped against the wall behind her. She never knew where to go after storming out, she always just walked in whatever direction she felt like walking until she didn't feel like walking aimlessly anymore, trapped in her thoughts the entire time. Rubbing her eyes, not to rid them of any tears but rather deep exhaustion, she looked around, trying to figure out where she was. She knew more or less how to get back home, but something caught her eye. Across the street, entrance hidden between two stores that had closed hours ago — it was now about eight at night — there was a bar, with a neon sign advertising its name. Aching for a way to relieve the frustration she was feeling, Maka crossed the road and headed inside.

The atmosphere wasn't as busy as she had been expecting, but she did look out of place. The other people in the bar were much older than she was, but they didn't seem to be paying her that much attention. She was old enough to drink, though, and so she headed over towards the bar itself and ordered herself a drink. It wasn't a new experience for her, but it was the first time she had been at a bar alone. She'd heard about the dangers, of course, but they didn't bother her. Nothing bothered her. Her argument with Soul sitting on her mind, she felt numb. She hated it.

When her drink arrived, she picked up the glass and took a sip. Fruity, but strong. It would do the job. She thanked the bartender and paid for the drink before shuffling over towards the side of the bar and sighing to herself, pulling out her phone to flick idly through her social media feeds as she tried to rid her mind of negative emotion.

Trapped in her thoughts, she hardly even noticed when someone sat down beside her. She only vaguely heard him ordering a drink, but then her attention snapped towards him when she realised that he was looking in her direction. She looked first at his face, piercing eyes sitting on a dark-skinned face that seemed to peer straight into her soul, but the discomfort that she felt sat in her subconscious. The clothes that he was wearing were impressive. A suit that told her that whatever he did for work was something important, with a tie and a clean pressed white shirt beneath. To top it all off, he was attractive, with a nicely-formed face and a charismatic posture.

He caught her looking back at him and smirked. "Hello, gorgeous," he said aloud, causing her to sink into her drink for a moment and take another sip.

"Uh... are you talking to me?" she asked, genuinely unsure and also more than a little uncomfortable.

"Who else would I be talking to? Is there any other pretty girl sat beside me?" he asked her. Maka didn't bother calling his bluff; she didn't want to look up from the wood of the bar, where her gaze had quickly retreated once he had started talking to her.

", but, uh. Sorry. I'm just..." she trailed off, and wasn't sure what she even wanted to say. Her thoughts were clouded, not only by the argument she had been having with Soul but also by the sheer handsomeness of the man sat beside her. Pretty soon, the two of them began to talk more casually. She learned that he was a salesman, born and raised in America but spent a lot of his time travelling the world; Japan was simply one of the brief stops along his ever-moving adventure. His actual work didn't sound much like an adventure. His name was Steven.

Before long, she began to open up to him. Just as he shared his problems with her (apparently, one of his coworkers was a complete and utter idiot), she began to share hers with him. It allowed her to put into words just what the problem she had with Soul was. She needed him to be aggressive enough with her to make her feel safe in his company as if he would be able to defend her from anyone that might want to harm her. Not once did she mention that she wanted to feel loved. In her mind, that was a given. Why else would she want to be in a relationship with him? Crucially, they weren't yet in a relationship. Neither she nor Soul had used the word 'love,' nor the words 'boyfriend' or 'girlfriend,' even though what they were feeling for each other was very much romantic, and Maka figured, at least internally, that she was in love with him. She didn't care for anyone else as much as she cared for him.

In the end, her frustrations with him were the feelings that were laid out in the words that she was speaking, more and more information coming out as she drank cocktail after cocktail, never getting drunk enough to be a complete mess but certainly enough to let slip some information that she probably should have kept to herself. After finishing a rant about him, she placed her cocktail glass down on the bar and sighed, turning on her seat.

"I should probably head home. He's an ass, but he'll be worried about me," she said, preparing herself to leave before Steven reached his hand over to press it against her shoulder. She tensed up but looked up at him nonetheless, wondering what he needed her attention for.

"Y'know, if you're not all that eager to go back to him, I have something else that you could occupy yourself with," Steven told her, prompting her to sit back down on her chair and, at least, hear him out before going home. "I hear that over here there's this whole subculture based around girls spending time with guys, y'know... going on dates and such, in return for cash. That something you'd be interested in?" 

His words were blunt, and they took her by surprise. She had a thousand questions that she wanted to ask in regards to what exactly he meant and what would be expected of her, but in her excitement, all that she could think about was that she'd be getting paid to spend time outside of the house and in the company of someone that, even if he overwhelmed her, she enjoyed. She nodded slowly, and then when he looked like he was about to pull back from her she nodded with more resolve. "Yes! Yes, I mean... I know what you're talking about, and... I suppose that for the right price we could perhaps..."

Maka tried to hide her excitement, but the truth was that she was so elated at the idea of having something to do with someone that wasn't Soul. She had been feeling trapped, and this might just be the escape that she had been looking for. ...the dangers were there, of course. She knew what she was risking, that the man sat beside her could have any amount of bad or nasty things in mind for her, but it had been so long since she had truly enjoyed herself that she thought that the potential was worth the risk. And as much as she didn't want to admit it to herself, something about the danger excited her. Before she could think too much about it, Steven spoke up, interrupting her thoughts.

"Good to hear. I know a place nearby that we could go to. It's a little fancy, but I'm guessing you'll appreciate some fanciness given what you've told me about the way your man treats you," Steven replied, with a chuckle. At no point during her conversation with Steven had Maka referred to Soul as her boyfriend, but the way that she felt about him was pretty transparent, she supposed. More importantly, however, Steven knew how Maka felt about Soul, and yet wanted to take her out on a date all the same. It gave her a feeling of discomfort in the pit of her stomach. She knew that she shouldn't have been fooling around the way that she was, least of all with a man much older than she was, but she couldn't help it.

She raised no objection as Steven moved to his feet and led her over to the door, nor when he wrapped his arm around hers and began to lead her towards wherever it was that he was leading her. He was talking to her, telling her all sorts of charming stories while slipping in the occasional compliment — for all intents and purposes, he was wooing her, but she couldn't escape the bad feeling that sat on her, refusing to shift even though she smiled at his compliments and laughed at his jokes. She had been expecting him to take her to a restaurant, but when he stopped walking and turned towards the entrance of their destination, it was a love hotel. Maka briefly opened her mouth to object but stopped herself as Steven began making his way towards the door, having moved away from her in the process. He waited for her at the door. She took one last glance up towards the hotel's sign before sighing and moving forward. For the first time since she had left the house, she felt a spark of arousal flow through her. She wasn't sure exactly what Steven expected of her, but despite the guilt sat inside, she was eager to find out. 

Minutes later, they were inside the room Steven had bought for them. Sat on the bed while Steven took off his jacket by the door, Maka wondered whether she would even be able to get out of the situation, should she want to. The money that he was due to pay her for her time was already there on the nightstand, and although she wasn't greedy, she did know exactly what she would spend the money on. Leaving would mean losing out on that, and... disappointing Steven. She had come this far, ready to throw whatever feelings she had for Soul aside and enjoy herself for the night. To go through with it would be unfair, to back down would be cowardice. She tried to imagine what Soul would do in a similar situation. As she did, Steven turned to her.

"Why don't you take the money?" he asked. "It is yours, after all." Maka looked over at it, knowing that if she did reach over to grab it then she really would be stuck doing whatever Steven wanted her to do for the rest of the night. At the very least, he seemed nice. She hung on to her impression of him as a scary but ultimately comforting person and reached over to grab the money before slipping it into her purse. As her head was aimed down to fumble with the zip of her purse, closing it with the money inside, Steven's hand slipped underneath her chin and picked her head up. She was forced to lift her gaze and look at his face. The look in his eyes was far different than it had been before she had taken the money. She didn't feel comfortable anymore, but the rush of arousal she had felt when she first saw that he had brought her to a love hotel was back, and it was back with a vengeance.

She moved her purse aside and placed it on the bedside table, allowing him to keep her chin in his hands. "Nice to see that you've done the smart thing. Now, how about we get you out of those clothes? You're pretty good at pretending that you're a respectable woman, but the fact that you're here with me right now tells me the truth about you: you're nothing but a whore chasing a high. You've got a boyfriend, but that didn't stop you." She stopped short of correcting him. She doubted it would help her case. He pressed his fingers against her cheeks and pried open her mouth before his other hand moved down to unzip his pants. Suddenly, it all felt like too much. Maka moved to her feet and slipped away from him, mumbling some excuse about how she needed to clean up first before heading into the bathroom. She forgot to lock the door behind her.

Hands clasped against the sink, she looked at herself in the mirror. It pained her to feel the way that she did as if she didn't recognise herself anymore. With a sigh, she placed her palm against her face, and as she dragged it down towards her mouth, she sighed into it and then opened her eyes to gaze at herself again. A moment later, the door to the bathroom opened. She looked over towards him just in time to see him grabbing for her hair, after which he forced her down onto her knees in front of him. She could have overpowered him if she wanted to, she thought, but she didn't feel as if she deserved to be in control. She had gotten herself into such a depraved and dark situation. Who was she to demand a chance at freedom, after getting herself into the situation in the first place?

Steven obviously didn't care very much whether she could justify their time together to herself. His other hand fished his cock out of his pants once again, letting it swing free before her. With no way to slip away, she looked over the shaft before her, equal parts excited and horrified. She could smell it already. She had no doubts in her mind that Steven was a generally clean guy, but after a day of working and walking around it wasn't a surprise to her that his cock held a certain musk to it. She didn't move herself any closer to him, though, as if scared of what might happen when she built up the courage to do so. Steven waited a couple of moments longer for her to do it herself and then sighed, dragging her back up onto her feet by her hair.

Once upright, his other hand tore at her clothes, pulling off what he could without damaging it but letting the articles that didn't want to simply pull away were instead torn from her body with no regard for how much they might have cost. Maka made no attempt to stop him, though she did cry out in distress and recoil backwards. "You could have just asked me to take them off," she responded, wrapping her arms around herself to cover up the parts of her body that she didn't want him to see.

"What would have been the point? It's not like a whore like you has any use for these clothes, anyway," he replied, before taking a step towards her again and using the hand he had wrapped around her hair to pull her head back. He leaned forward to press a sloppy kiss against her lips, prompting her to whine in surprise and then slipped his hand between her legs. A low chuckle left his lips.

"See? For all the talk, you're still wet down here, where it counts. You should stop trying to hide. It's obvious to me just how depraved you are." He had changed so suddenly, Maka could hardly believe it. Tears began to form in the corners of her eyes, but Steven merely slapped her, prompting her to quickly stifle any crying she might have been about to do. She missed the charismatic man that she had been talking to at the bar. Steven, with hardly any of that charm left in him, moved behind Maka and pushed her up against the sink, taking his spot behind her before planting one of his palms against her ass in a soft spank.

Maka yelped and lifted her ass up in surprise, prompting him to reach down and slide his cock between her legs. He ground the tip of his member against her snatch, giving himself enough lubrication to slip inside and then did exactly that. Maka gasped as she was suddenly so full of cock. It wasn't as if she and Soul had never fooled around before, nor was it as if they hadn't had sex, but many of the intricacies were still so new to her, so fresh that she recoiled forward upon being entered, only for Steven to push himself forward, chasing her with every inch of his cock. She could feel the tip grinding up against her womb, so smooth and round... precum leaked from the head to warm her from the inside, and although it felt pleasurable to be filled so completely, Maka couldn't get comfortable.

"Well, damn..." Steven muttered. "You're not the first whore I've fucked while on my trip here. They're much cheaper over here than they are back home, but you are the tightest. Is this your first time taking dick? ...nah, I doubt it. That boyfriend of yours sounds like he's talked you into the bedroom a few times, but I bet I'm way bigger than he is. Better too, huh?" he asked, but Maka couldn't bring herself to answer. "Huh!?" he repeated, before slamming his hips against her ass. The head of his cock knocked up against her womb once more, and Maka let out a whine.

"Yes! Yes! You are, please, just... be more gentle than that," she cried, gripping onto the sink before her for dear life. Things were moving so fast. She felt overwhelmed, but all the same, she definitely didn't want him to stop. Reaching back, she tried to moved his hand from the back of her head, but that only made him take a firmer grip of her hair, at which point he pushed her face forward against the mirror, gentle enough to avoid hurting her but rough enough to tell her that she needed to stay there, and as Maka looked herself in the eyes once again, he picked up the pace.

By now, the rough fucking that he was giving her resulted in a loud slapping noise that rung out over and over again; she didn't need to take a look at her own back-side to know that her ass cheeks would be slightly reddened. His cock caught her at an uncomfortable angle, and she whined once again before trying to pull herself back from him. In response, he moved back and then took a firm grip of her body once again, turning her towards the toilet where he pushed her back down, onto her knees where he could force her head into the toilet bowl and take a more dominant stance above her. From behind, with her ass raised up into the air, he ground his cock against her snatch once again. The little whines of pleasure and pain that she gave were like music to his sadistic ears.

"Asking me to be gentle. What a joke. Why would I do that? Clearly, you like it when I'm rough with you. Hell, it's probably just that you like being treated like shit," he told her, before slipping his cock inside her once again. A rough thrust had his entire shaft buried inside her, just as it had been earlier, only the new position allowed him to slip even deeper into her than he had been able to before. The tip of his cock slipped past the entrance to her womb and ground up against the outside. She could feel the tip throbbing against her; when she had been with Soul, sex this deep had felt more as if the tip of his cock was kissing her womb, but what Steven's cock was doing to her poor cervix was nothing close to kissing.

"Fuck, I'm gonna cum. Your tight whore pussy is gonna make me cum," he grunted. She didn't want him to finish inside her, but with her head buried in the toilet bowl the way that it was, she didn't have much say in the matter. As she whined and moaned, overwhelmed by the pleasure, he pulled his cock back and then thrust forward again, pushing the head against the entrance to her womb, and then paused in place as his orgasm overcame him and he blew his load inside her. Rope after rope of warm cum landed inside her womb, but he pulled out before he had time to finish. He pulled her head out of the toilet bowl and then moved around her to stick his cock inside her open mouth. He shot the rest of his cum onto her tongue, before closing her mouth with his hand.

"Swallow," he ordered. She shook her head, and he moved his hand over her mouth to make sure that she couldn't spit it out. He reached his other hand over to slip two fingers deep inside her, and as he began to grind his fingertips against the inside of her twat, pleasuring her further, he ordered again: "I said, swallow." She whined again but realised that he wasn't going to take no for an answer. Fighting back tears, she swallowed his cum, before yanking her head back from his hand in a display of strength that she recognised had no place so soon after she had just willingly swallowed his seed.

Maka felt like a mess. She pulled herself back from the bowl and from his fingers, moving to her feet to lean against the wall. The last ten minutes had been so intense that she needed some time to rest, but as Steven rose from the ground, his cock still hard, she knew that she wouldn't get any. She looked at him with an expression of exhaustion.

"What's that look for? Do you think you're done? Far from it, whore. Get back in the room and get on the bed. I'm gonna make you realise just how much you've been missing, fooling around with boys like the one you're shacked up with." Maka made her way over towards the bed, feeling as if she had no choice. The things he had been doing to her hurt, but they hurt so good. Beneath all the distress, a part of her enjoyed them, revelled in the sense of helplessness. Steven joined her on the bed a moment later, and with her on her back looking up at him, he moved between her legs, grinding his cock up against her pussy for the third time. He didn't push inside her, though. Rather, he waited until she looked like she was about to cum, and then stopped entirely.

"I have something that I want you to do, hold on," he said, reaching over towards her purse. She watched him like a hawk, even if there was ultimately nothing that she could to stop him. He pulled her phone out, and then placed it against her chest. "Unlock it," he told her. She looked at her phone, and then up at him.

"N-No... I don't want to do that," she replied. She didn't know what he was planning to do. How could she trust him with her phone? He could tell anyone about what the two of them had been up to together.

He raised an eyebrow and then shook his head. "I don't remember asking whether you wanted to do it or not. I told you, plain and simple, to unlock it. Do you have trouble following orders?" he asked, sending a shiver along her spine with his words. Following that, she shook her head and reached down to her phone. After grabbing it, she unlocked it and then passed it to him, feeling as if she had just given up her last line of defence against him. But all the same, following his orders, gave her a rush of pleasure that she had no chance of finding elsewhere.

Steven moved up the length of her body, slapping his cock down against her face with one hand as he flicked through her phone with the other. She had been hoping to watch him as he played with her phone in order to figure out what he was trying to do, but it seemed that he wanted her to occupy herself with something else. She looked up at his cock and, for the first time, turned her head towards it, pressing her nose up against the underside; it smelled like the same musk she had gotten a hint of earlier, on top of the smell of her cunt. Pushing her lips to the underside, she gave it a small kiss, and then made her way up towards the top.

Suddenly, Steven slapped her. "Get on with it. I'm not paying you to explore your sexuality, bitch," he told her, his eyes fixed on her phone as he pulled his hips back to press the head of his cock against her lips.

"Please, just don't—" Maka began, intending on telling him not to tell any of her friends what the two of them were doing before he slipped his cock into her mouth and shut her up.

"That's much better," he remarked, the corners of his lips flicking up into a smirk before he slipped himself further into her mouth. At first, her eyes continued watching him, but as he slipped himself further into her mouth, the tip of his cock pushing up against the back of her throat, she had to close her eyes. For a long moment, he enjoyed her throat, bucking his hips against her face while his balls slapped at her chin, but he did eventually pull back and move across the bed, dragging her with him and ordering her to suck his cock as he continued flicking through her phone.

"What are you going to do with my—"

"I'll do whatever I want with it. I told you to suck my cock." As much as Maka wanted to protest, she pulled herself forward and brought her mouth to his cock, wrapping her lips around it whilst her eyes fixated on the phone in his hand, a constant worry sitting in her gut. She tried to focus on the job at hand, sliding her tongue up against the underside of the tip before beginning to gently slide it back and forth. She could still taste her own pussy on him. It was degrading, and she couldn't believe that she was doing it, but deep down the thought excited her. He could make her do anything he wanted. All of her personal agency was gone, her thoughts and actions were his to control, and she wasn't even sure that she trusted him with that kind of power. It was dangerous. It was exhilarating.

"Damn, I wonder if your boyfriend would like to know how crazy you're getting for my cock," he muttered, reaching down with his free hand to pull his length free from her lips. With his fingers wrapped around the base of his shaft, he slapped it gently against her face, over and over, and then not so gently. She moaned out, her hand sliding between her legs to slowly pleasure herself while he chuckled at her. "Can't even bring yourself to say anything? I guess you're learning." With that, he gave her his cock back. Maka was quick to slip it into her mouth again, and she took it as deep as she could without outright choking herself.

She lost herself in the motions for a few, long moments, dragging her head back and forth along his cock simply because she knew it would feel good for him; she didn't even care about her own pleasure anymore, her hand slipping up from between her legs to hold him by the hip and help her to choke herself on his cock. His hand moved down to press against the back of her head, and for a moment he held her uncomfortably deep on his cock, before dragging her back by her hair and pulling her off his cock.

He snapped his fingers to get her to look up at him and saw her phone pointing towards her. With his precum on her lips, saliva running down her chin and his cock sat right beside her face, he took his first photo of her. Her eyes widened, but she made no attempt to stop him, not even as he pushed her further back against the bed and started taking more embarrassing photos of her. For some of them, he placed his cock against her hand, stomach, even between her legs, whilst for others, he left his cock out of view and simply captured her in a desperate state. Even when he took pictures of her pussy, pulled her ass cheeks open and slipped his thumb up against her behind to take a picture of the digit slipping inside her tight, virginal asshole, she made no attempt to stop him, knowing better than to try to.

"Wonder what I should do with these," Steven mused aloud, before moving back onto the bed with Maka. His hand slid between her legs and he slipped a finger into her twat, his other hand tapping away at her phone while Maka tried her best to remain quiet, worrying that even a moan of pleasure might prompt him to do his worst. As he looked down at her, he smirked to himself, and then told her to roll over. She did so without question, without even trying to get him to pull his finger out of her first. Her pussy tightened around his digit, she pushed back against him, only for him to finally pull the finger out as she did so. She couldn't help but give a soft moan, and then felt the tip of his cock push up against her a moment later. The hard thrust he gave, bottoming his cock out within her, left her winded.

Her hands grasped tightly onto the bedding beneath her, and she felt him pressing against her back, surrounding her with his weight. She already felt claustrophobic. Sweat ran down her forehead as he picked up the pace, his hips slapping against hers. She heard his hand set against the pillow in front of her and opened her eyes to see her phone's front-facing camera pointing straight at her face, the desperation visible in her expression clear to her through the phone's frontal preview. With a huff, she looked back towards Steven, only for him to turn her face forwards again and snap a picture, after which he tapped over towards the IM application she used and opened Soul's profile, accessing their message history.

"N-No, wait," she muttered, only to watch as he selected the picture he'd just sent, and then hovered over the send button. "Please, don't... don't send that to him, I'll do anything."

Steven chuckled. "Anything, huh? Do you think he'd like to know what the love of his life has been up to for the last couple of hours?" A pause. "Damn, did you just get tighter? You're fucking insatiable." With that, he gave her behind a firm spank, gripped onto the soft flesh as his hand came to rest upon her butt a second time. He placed the phone down against the pillow beneath her and moved his other hand to her hip; he left her phone as it was, the picture of her sex-pleasured face a simple click away from being sent to Soul, and held her hands back so that she couldn't touch it. Once he was sure that she wouldn't try to, he slipped his hand against her face and pushed his fingers into her mouth; she wrapped her lips around them and worked her tongue between them, cleaning them of whatever might have been on them without even stopping to think about whether she should. That, more than anything else, showed her devotion to the man she had only known for the better part of a few hours.

As he pulled out of her, leaving her pussy creampied for a second time, he wiped his cock against her inner thigh. "Mmm. Hope it's a safe day for you, girlie. Two creampies in a row ain't good luck otherwise, could end up with a black baby inside you." He saw the way that she shivered at his words and sat down on the bed beside her. "Sounds like you wouldn't mind that too much. If you want another round, you better sit on top of me."

She wasn't being ordered to have sex with him this time. She recognised that and thought that, if she really did want to leave, perhaps this was her moment to do so. Wordlessly, and without even trying to go for her phone, she moved onto his lap, facing away from him. His cock slid between the cheeks of her ass at first, but she quickly slipped herself up towards the tip of his cock and took him inside again, the cum from his previous orgasm running down his cock as she sank herself down onto him with a moan.

As she rode him, he grabbed her phone again and reached it out in front of them, opening the camera app once again to take another picture of her. "Smile for the camera, now," he told her, prompting her to look up towards the camera. She saw that the look in her own eyes was different than it had been before. At first, she had been hesitant and then accepting of her fate, but now she was actively enjoying herself; without being prompted to do so, she reached both hands up and made a peace sign with them, before opening her mouth to let her tongue loll outwards while she looked at the camera with a wide grin.

Steven made sure to take a picture at the exact moment he made her cum, and then moments later, he emptied his own third load inside her. She collapsed back against him, and he helped her down onto the bed, before leaving her there as he headed into the bathroom to take a shower.

The next morning, Maka left the love hotel feeling like a changed woman, trying her best not to think about the events of the previous night. Unbeknownst to her, a message had indeed been sent to one of her friends, but not from her phone.

Black Star's phone lit up and a moment later, when the phone was unlocked, a picture of Maka's face took up most of the screen. Covered in cum, the photo wasn't something that any of her friends should have been seeing. Text underneath the photo read: "You're receiving this because I trust that you'll make use of the information I'm about to give you. Maka Albarn, your friend, is a whore that revels in any sense of sexual danger. I paid her a good sum of money to fulfil my sexual desires, but she knows that for that sum of money she also sold her soul. She knows to serve if opportunity knocks, and knock it will. Use her, and then pass this information on to someone else who'll give her what she deserves."