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The First Villain

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‘I can’t believe I’ve come this far,’ Hitoshi thought as he peered down from a rooftop.

Hah! That was an understatement. He’d never thought he get as far as he is now, interning with Mr. Aizawa and about to take down his first villain.

Well, it was more like they thought he could never do it. People thought he’d never be a hero with a quirk as “evil” as his. Hitoshi had almost always believed in himself. Today that hard work was finally paying off.  

He quietly huffed and prepared his binding cloth. His eyes narrowed when he saw the villain they were tracking down talking to another criminal. From what he could tell, they were doing some sort of illegal exchange.

Hitoshi waited until the second goon wandered off and left the boss alone. He looked over to his teacher for permission to make his capture, and his heart skipped a beat when he received a nod in return. It was time.

Hitoshi casually walked his way over to the man, whose quirk looked to be his four arms. The hero in training did his best to look confused and oblivious.

It didn’t take long for his plan to go into action.

“Hey you,” The villain snarled, “What’re you doing here?”

Inwardly, Hitoshi smirked. Outwardly, he feigned an innocent look.

“I’m lost,” Hitoshi whimpered, “Do you know the way out?”

The man raised a brow, “Well yes-”

Activating his Quirk, Hitoshi had him under his control.  

Hitoshi got out two pairs of cuffs, “Stay still.” He commanded.

Not surprisingly, the dealer did what he was told and let the child bound both pairs of his arms. 

Not missing a beat, Hitoshi pointed out of the alley where his teacher was waiting. “Walk out and let the man with long black hair deal with you. Don’t resist anything.”

Robotically, the guy did as he was told once again.

Peering around the corner and seeing his Sensei giving him a thumbs up, Hitoshi sighed in relief. Mr. Aizawa completely bounded their target with his binding cloth and his mission was a success. 

He was about to join Aizawa, when someone violently yanked him back.

Hitoshi gasped for air, “Dad-” He choked out without realizing what he called his teacher.

Before he could say anything else, the villain harshly covered his mouth and held a knife to his throat, “One more word out of you, child, and I won’t hesitate.”

The shock and adrenaline were the only things keeping Hitoshi from crying in pure terror. He’d never been in this situation, and he didn’t know what to do. He wanted to call out for his teacher and fight, he wanted to do so many things but he couldn’t even talk, he was frozen in place.

“Now I want you to listen to me very carefully,” The man hissed, “Your father is coming in here to check on you right now and you need to be a good hostage and not resist. Got it?”

If not for the dire circumstances, Hitoshi would have blushed for someone thinking Eraserhead was his dad. For now, he obediently nodded his head.

‘I’ll find some way out of this, somehow.’  He thought.

Right on cue, Mr. Aizawa jumped into action as soon as he saw Hitoshi’s state. He growled as he canceled out the villain’s quirk, which Hitoshi just noticed was the ability to summon knives on his body.

Aizawa flipped nimbly behind his opponent and captured his arm in his bind. The two men fought it out while Hitoshi gasped for breath at his sudden freedom. He held a concerned gaze towards his teacher, “Sensei!” He called out worriedly.

Aizawa got slightly distracted, “Shinsou, stay there!”

The villain started to get the upper hand and Hitoshi had enough. From what he could tell from earlier, the criminal still didn’t know what his quirk was.

“Hey!” He said firmly, “What do you want with us?”

Their enemy was about to lunge at him, “You little-”

He’s never been more grateful to have his power.

Hitoshi still couldn’t allow himself a short sigh of relief as his nose started to bleed from over-using his quirk. He quickly used his own binding cloth to secure the villain and help his Sensei up.

Aizawa’s senses came back to him and he worriedly looked over his student, “Are you okay, kid?”

Hitoshi snorted before briefly coughing on his own blood, but he gave his teacher a toothy smile, “I should be asking you that.” He said with humor.

Deciding to continue this conversation later, the two heroes handed over the men to the police, and it was only then that Hitoshi let them out of his control. His shoulders sagged in relief but his brain throbbed painfully.

~ ~ ~

Later that night, only being by an hour, teacher and student sat by the rooftops peacefully. Hitoshi was visibly feeling better and his quirk side effects had stopped.

After only a minute, the pro hero sighed.

“I was really worried about you. You acted like a true hero by getting me out of that situation, but try as I must, I can’t help but worry for my students.”

Hitoshi’s heart warmed, “Sensei, thank you. I couldn’t just let those guys get you.” He gave him a good natured grin, “I guess Mr. Yamada was right, you’re a big softie when it comes to your students.”

Aizawa playfully rolled his eyes before slinging an arm around the purple haired boy, “Yeah, yeah. But you were the one who called me dad.” He smirked.

Hitoshi’s entire face grew red as he tried to sputter out an excuse, “Ah, well you see, I-”

His father figure just chuckled, “It’s alright kid. I admittedly see a lot of my students as my children, but if you tell anyone that then I’ll give you detention.”    

Hitoshi playfully stuck his tongue out, “Not if I brainwash you first!”

Instead of training or sparring for the rest of the day, they both simply sat back and talked while contently watching the stars.  Time slowing down as teacher and student just relaxed and got to know each other a little better.