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Dead By Daylight One Shots

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Quentin ducks behind a wall, his heart pounding as he pulls his beanie over his ears and whimpers. That damned lullaby. He was dead; Nancy and him made sure of that. But he was here. Impossibly here. All Quentin had to do was stay awake and Krueger wouldn't be a threat. Right?

He lifts his head up and surveys his surroundings; there was a generator a few feet away from him that would work towards powering the exit gate. The gate that would let him leave. Quentin no longer heard the lullaby and he begins to creep towards the generator when he freezes, the sound of rapid footsteps nearing him, and quickly. His tired eyes gaze up from the generator to see a large male standing above him, huffing from running. He has a scarred, yet strong face, his head shaved on the sides and his eyes a deep emerald.

"Who the hell're you?"

Quentin stutters a bit, surprised by the man's thick Cockney accent. "Um... I'm....I'm Quentin...."

"Quentin, eh?" He looks around for any signs of the killer wandering around, then crouches in front of the smaller male, rubbing under his nose. "You're new?"

Quentin swallows and nods. "I am.... What's...what's your name?"


David makes his way to the generator, and lets slip a soft yawn. Quentin tenses before murmuring softly. "Don't fall asleep...."

David raises an eyebrow at him, turning back to face him. "Why not? I mean, I wasn't necessarily plannin' on it, but what's it to you what I do?"

Quentin sighs and rubs the back of his neck, then begins working on the generator. "I....know him. The killer."

"You know 'im?!"

"Lower your voice!" Quentin hisses through clenched teeth. "Not personally, no. Just....before I got here....he tormented me and my friend."

David gives a small nod, occasionally glancing at him as he too begins to work.

"His name is Freddy Krueger.... He was a gardener before he died." Quentin falls silent as he frowns, taking his hands away from the generator, and David can see his hands tremble a bit. He looks up with an awkward chuckle, then instantly looks down again. "S-sorry, just....He....did things. And he....killed kids...."

David whistles softly, shaking his head. "Christ....What 'things' did he do....?"

They make eye contact for a moment before Quentin clears his throat. "He got arrested, but released because of a fuck-up. So the parents of those kids took matters into their own hands, and they burned him alive. But he came back. Now he kills in dreams...." Quentin huffs and gnaws at his lips. "My friend and I tried to take him down, but....apparently we weren't successful. He came after me next. Tried....messing with me. Make me go crazy from lack of sleep and just....give in. I gave him what he wanted but I had a plan. To take him down. Something went wrong and....I'm here now."

David nods slowly. "That's....a lot to take in. Is that why you look so bloody tired?"

They finish the generator, and Quentin grabs onto David's jacket and tugs him towards a large rock, where they crouch and hide together.

"Um, yeah, I guess. I kept myself up with pills and energy drinks...."

David's expression softens and he rests a hand on Quentin's shoulder. "Quin...I can't imagine how hard that must be for you...."

Quentin shrugs, his eyes trailing over the hand on his shoulder. "I've gotten used to's just....It's getting harder and stay awake...."

David places his other hand on Quentin's shoulder, pushing their foreheads together and gazing into his dark eyes. "You gotta stay up just a little longer, Quin, 'right?"

Quentin nods, his eyelids fluttering as he begins nodding off, his lips parted slightly as he starts dozing off. David curses under his breath, looking around before shaking him a bit harshly.

"C'mon, Quin, wake up!"

Quentin slumps in his grasp, and David narrows his eyes as the sound of that lullaby fills his ears, only getting closer to their hiding place. He wraps Quentin up in his arms and tosses him over his shoulder, holding a hand over the small of his back as he carries the sleeping boy to a locker, setting him down and stepping inside with Quentin pulled against him. David's muscular body takes up most of the space in the small locker, but Quentin was slender, making it easy for them to fit inside together. David waits until the Dream Demon wanders off before trying to wake Quentin up again, shaking him as much as he could in the cramped space.

Quentin groans sleepily, but gradually wakes up, yawning before his eyes go wide. "Shit, did I fall asleep...?"

David nods. "Yeah, but don't worry. I won't let 'im get ya." He gives Quentin a small smirk, chuckling softly.

Quentin blushes and looks to the side, then blushes more when he realizes that David's muscular body is pushed up against him. "Y-you don't need to protect me....I'm alright...."

David raises an eyebrow and clicks his tongue. "Oh yeah? If I weren't there, you would've fallen asleep out there in the open, Quin." He slips his hand underneath Quentin's hat, tousling his brown curls. "I really don't mind watchin' over ya."

Quentin can't help but blush more and push himself into the hand massaging his scalp. He had been a bit of a loner back when he had been in school, so he never knew much affection from anyone. But even this small show of affection from David, whom he had just met, helped set his mind at ease more than anything could in the shitty situation he was in. He gives David a small smile, gazing up at him through his messy hair before gasping at the sound of blaring alarms.

"The doors! They're powered!"

David nods and intertwines his fingers with Quentin's, giving his hand a squeeze before running from the locker, pulling Quentin along behind towards the door. A young woman with dark hair and a loose beanie is already pulling the switch, looking around her for Freddy before the door finally slides open and David pulls Quentin through. The pair keep running, leaving Nea behind to go her own way. They run for what feels like forever, before David begins to slow, walking towards a small cabin in the woods.

"That should be good for us to stay the night...."

Quentin doubles over, gasping for breath and coughing from having to run for so long, longer than he had recently grown accustomed to. " it *cough cough* safe?"

David leaves Quentin to catch his breath and he peers inside before nodding cautiously. "Yeah...yeah, I think so. It should be fine for one night, at least."

Quentin nods, his breathing finally returning to normal as he joins David at the front door to the cabin. The larger male opens the door with a loud creak and walks in first, holding an arm out and pushing Quentin behind him. Quentin creeps behind him, and once they decide the cabin is truly safe, David drops his arm and shuts the door behind them, going to the small wooden table in the center of the room and lighting a candle, illuminating the small space in a faint golden glow. Quentin sits in the edge of the old bed, wrapping a fur blanket around his shoulders as he watches David inspect their surroundings.

"We should get some rest...." David kicks off his boots and peels off his over shirt as he walks towards the bed.

Quentin quickly shakes his head, pulling off his hat. "N-no...I can't sleep....I can't let him get me again..."

David's eyes are soft as he crouches in front of Quentin, resting his hand on his knee. "Look, I know you're scared....but I won't let ya get hurt, alright? I'll be right here, and if ya seem like you're in trouble, I'll wake ya up, alright?"

Quentin sighs, an unsure look in his eyes as he looks to the side. He rubs his thumb over David's bruised knuckles, then frowns down at the purple skin. "Where'd you get this....?"

David chuckles, watching Quentin's pale thumb rub across his bruised skin. "I made some bad decisions. I did some fights to make some spare money...."

Quentin nods, then slips off his button-up and t-shirt, showing the jagged scar across his shoulder.

David rises to his feet with a frown, rubbing his fingers against the raised skin, making Quentin suck in a soft breath. "Krueger?" Quentin nods, and David's gaze trails down to his slender torso, his frown deepening. "Ya don't eat much, do ya?"

Quentin hugs himself tightly, looking away. "I...was focused on other things. I didn't have time....I was focused on staying awake, so I only ate enough to keep me going...."

David wraps his muscular arms around Quentin's slender body, hugging him close. "I'll take care of ya....I promise...."

Quentin gasps at the gesture. "Y-you really don't need to...."

David sighs, narrowing his eyes at him. "I want to, okay? Shut up...." He pushes his forehead to Quentin's, his eyes shutting as he exhales in relaxation.

Quentin hesitates for a moment, then leans in, pushing his lips against David's in a quick kiss before pulling back to see his reaction. When David just looks at him with wide green eyes and parted lips, Quentin's heart races as he begins to panic, his face burning in embarrassment. "I am so sorry, I read the situation wrong, I just thought that was right? Um, I'm so sorry, that was weird, I, uh, wow I'm making things worse by rambling about it, and I -"

He's stopped by David's lips against his own in a gentle and sweet kiss. David begins to pull back, but lingers for another couple seconds before looking at Quentin's shocked expression with a snort. "You panic too easily. Now sleep, alright?"

Quentin tries to speak but only nods, clearing his throat and swallowing hard as he lays down on the bed, close to the wall with his back to David. He listens and feels the bed shift as David lays down beside him, then tenses when he feels those arms around him again, pulling him back against David's chest.

"This alright?"

Quentin nods, stuttering. "Y-yeah...." He can't help the shy smile that comes to his lips as he shifts to get comfortable, and soon dozes off in David's arms.