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Don't Challenge Wei Ying

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They had all gathered around to help pick out the picture for Lan Zhan and Wei Ying's engagement announcement.

Jiang Cheng flipped through the pictures before making a face, "Geez Lan Zhan! You can at least pretend to be happy!"

Wei Ying automatically said, "Don't bully Lan Zhan, A Cheng!"

Nie Huaisang piped up, "He's not wrong though. Lan Zhan isn't smiling in any of these!"

Mo Xuanyu, "We're his friends, we're saying this for his own good. All these pictures, combined with a marriage announcement? Sends out Stockholm Syndrome vibes."

Wei Ying tossed a pillow at their heads. "If you're his friends, you should know if he's happy or not without him smiling."

"We'll know, but what about everyone else?" Wen Qing added.

"Who cares about everyone else?" Wei Ying wrapped an arm around Lan Zhan's shoulders. "Don't listen to them Lan Zhan. I know how happy you are in all the pictures."

"Pictures? Are these the pictures?" Lan Huan and Nie Mingjue had just walked in. Lan Huan walked over and took some of the proffered pictures, looking them over.

Nie Mingjue looked over his shoulder and said, "Yikes!" Lan Huan said gently, "A Zhan, maybe try taking a few more pictures?"

Wei Ying's jaw dropped open, "You too, A Huan? My Lan Zhan looks incredibly handsome in all of those pictures."

"Yeah, but not happy," Nie Mingjue said.

Wei Ying shot back, "Don't pick a fight with me, A Jue! I'm not afraid of you! Lan Zhan can take you, easy!"

He stood up and snatched back all the pictures before holding his hand out to Lan Zhan. "Come on Lan Zhan. Let's go ask Baba-Mama for help."

Jiang Yanli, "A Ying, don't be upset! They're just teasing. Come and sit back down, we'll find a good picture." Wen Ning nodded along, "Mn. We'll find the best picture."

Mo Xuanyu snorted, "Besides, you can't just say something like that and then leave."

Jiang Cheng just rolled his eyes, "No way can Lan Zhan take this bodybuilder!"

Huaisang turned to his older brother then, "Da Ge, why aren't you saying anything?" A Sang gasped, "Do you think he can beat you?"

Mingjue rubbed the back of his neck, sheepishly. "Well A Huan is freakishly strong…and he's even more repressed so…"

A Qing, "So, arm wrestle!"

A Yu & A Cheng, "Yeah! This I have to see!"

Wei Ying turned to Lan Zhan and asked, "How about it? Wanna give these fools the shock of their lives?" Lan Zhan inclined his head slightly. Wei Ying spun around, "Lan Zhan's in! What about you, A Jue? Not scared, are you?"

Lan Huan, "Of course he's not scared! I believe in you A Jue!"

Wei Ying smirked, "Wow, picking your boyfriend over your own brother? For shame, A Huan."

Lan Huan stuck his tongue out, "You're taking your boyfriend's side so I have to take my boyfriend's side."

The two sat down at the dining table and clasped hands while Wen Qing held both of them in place, squarely in the middle. "3…2…1!"

Well after Wen Qing had let go, the two were still held roughly in the middle, neither one wanting to lose.

Jiang Cheng smirked, "Maybe they're just holding hands now?"

Wei Ying circled his arms around Lan Zhan's neck and gently stroked the side of his face. "Lan Zhan, if you win I'll…" he whispered the rest of it quietly to Lan Zhan. But the reddening of his ears gave way that Wei Ying had definitely said something dirty. Then he turned Lan Zhan's face towards himself and kissed him eagerly.

Surprisingly Lan Zhan's hand had held steady during the kiss. Once Wei Ying pulled back though, Lan Zhan slammed Mingjue's hand onto the table and stood up. Wei Ying burst out laughing at the shocked faces of their friends and continued to laugh as Lan Zhan pulled him away and out the door to see through his promise.