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It was a beautiful night where you could see the stars in the night sky, at that moment something horrible was happening to the king and queen of Idris. The queen has just given birth to her youngest child, a boy. He was a miracle, you see the Queen was told after having her daughter that she wouldn't be able to carry another child so when she was told she was pregnant, she was ecstatic. At her age, it was rare for pregnancy but the moment her son was born she couldn't have been happier. The thing is that not everyone was happy for you to see the king was not faithful to his wife and had an affair with the Queen of Edom, Lilith. She was jealous of Maryse for she had three children two she birth and one she adopted, now she had given birth a third time. She hated that Maryse was loved by her kingdom and the King. She promised revenge the moment he broke the affair up with her and this night is when she set to do just that. What she did set in motion something heartbreaking but beautiful at the same time. She sends one of her servants to the kingdom of Idris to kidnap and sacrifice the young prince in dark ritual to bring hardship to the kingdom of Idris. The servant waited until the royal family went to sleep and then she took the newborn prince and ran to the wood where everything was set for the dark ceremony. but the thing is the forest she just went in is protected by magic and inside their children are a gift and precious those who seek to harm them are punished greatly.
The servant sets the baby on the altar and prepares the beginning of the ritual. At that moment magic sends warning to the king of the Forrest, a beautiful man with eyes of a cat and skin with the color of sweet caramel. He felt the beginning of a forbidden and damn ritual. He uses his power to get where the servant is and use his power to push her away from the child. He notices a cut on the child's head and he heals it. The servant tries to get up and runway but her body is surrounded by plants preventing her escape. The king holds the crying baby close to his heart which sooth him. He then looks at the women and trying to escape and he asks her why she doing the ritual and who sent her but that wakes the spell set on her if she was captured which causes her to die. The king couldn't leave the child alone in the wild and since he didn't know where he belongs, he took the child him promising to raise and protect him.
In Idris, the Queen wakes up to check on her child but then she gets to the room and sees the open window and her missing baby she screams alerting the guard of the kidnapping. They search the castle but finds nothing but footprints lead to the wood where they find the corpse of the servant and the altar with a bloody blanket belonging to the royal family. They presented to the Queen who burst into tears at the sight of the bloody blanket. Maryse is then pulled into a hug by her oldest son Alexander. He hates the tear and pain in his mother's eyes, he hates that he could not protect his younger brother.