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You Are My Heart of Gold

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“Catalina pleeease!”


“But whyyyy?”

Catherine sighed, she and Anne had been ring shopping for 3 hours and Anne had been insistent on the same one since they arrived.

“Well for one, I never said you were allowed to call me that. And two, it’s 70,000 pounds Anne, there’s no way you can afford that.”

Anne’s response was to slam her head into the wall and groan obnoxiously. After about 30 seconds of that, she lifted her head and clapped her hands, “It’s fine I just won’t eat for like a month.”

Catherine’s sigh was almost as loud as Anne’s previous groan. “You might not know this, but if you did that you’d perish very painfully.”

“Wouldn’t be the first time,” Anne said harshly.

Catherine noticed Anne was becoming upset and tried to reel in her negativity.

“How about you just tell me why you like this one so much?” Catherine said, hoping to get a response that would allow her to choose another ring that Anne could deem acceptable so they could finally leave.

“Well.” Anne straightened her jacket like she was preparing a presentation, “It’s very pretty obviously, just like Cathy, it’s got that quiet kind of beauty that doesn’t scream for you to look at it but draws you in any way, again just like Cathy. Also, the diamond is blue which represents trust, truth, and loyalty which are good things to have in any relationship, it also represents confidence, intelligence, and wisdom which are basically the main ingredients to make a Cathy Parr.”

Aragon honestly wasn’t expecting such an in-depth explanation and before she knew it, she was pulling out her credit card and offering to help pay.

When Anne tried to stop her, Catherine simply held up a hand that Anne knew meant that her mind was already made up and there would be no changing it.





Once they had made the purchase and returned home, they saw Cathy sitting at the table with a cup of coffee in her hand and an open laptop in front of her. When she saw them, she sprung from her seat excitedly, “You guys did something together and no one died!” Anne and Catherine both smiled at Parr’s enthusiasm, they both loved this side of her that was rarely seen due to her typically reserved and serious demeanor.

Catherine moved over to give Parr a hug, “My patience has been worn thinner than I thought possible, I’m never doing that again.”

Cathy chuckled, “What exactly is “that” I’m curious what would make you two go off without taking or telling anyone.”

Anne slid up next to Cathy and pecked her on the cheek, “It’s a secret love I’m sorry.”

Cathy pouted causing Anne to laugh, “Don’t worry, you’ll find out eventually.”
“Boleyn come here for a sec would you?” Catherine called as she walked to her room. Anne gave Cathy a smile and skipped off, leaving Parr to wonder what could have brought these two women, who were usually at each other’s throats for any reason, together as some kind of partnership.

Once they were in Catherine’s room, she immediately started pressing Anne about when she was going to “pop the big question” Anne honestly hadn’t thought that far ahead and she was grateful for her quick wit as she responded, “ Well, tomorrow is valentine’s day.”

Aragon gave her a disapproving look, “I know you to be many things Anne Boleyn but I never thought you’d be cliche.”

Anne’s plan formed as she spoke, growing more excited with every word, “No! It won’t be cliche at all, it’ll be perfect. Yeah perfect, just like Cathy. First, we’ll uh go to the cafe where we had our first date and I’ll get the barista there, her name’s Rachel, she’s really nice, to set up a table with a bunch of bellflowers and a vase of paper roses yeah and uh each with a line from a love poem written on them. Then we’ll take a very relaxing walk through the park to her favorite book store, I’ll tell her that I’m going to the bathroom and that she should pick out anything she wants and meet me at the register where I’ll leave a book that I hand-bound, it has my initials sewn into it so she’ll know it’s mine, and when she opens it, it’ll say to uh um it’ll say to go outside yeah and I’ll be in a tree, sitting on a low branch and when she approaches me to ask what the hell I’m doing I’ll pull out the ring and give a big speech.” Anne finished with a proud smile on her face, she honestly couldn’t believe she just came up with that on the fly.

“Why would you do it in a tree when you’re already taller than me?”

Anne’s heart plummeted as she heard the voice, she slowly turned around to see Cathy Parr standing there with a huge smile on her face.

Anne tried to come up with a cover as best she could, but she didn’t know that Parr had heard the entire thing “It’s just a valentine’s date yeah? Nothing eh special mhm right Aragon?”

Despite the question being aimed at Aragon, it was the other Catherine who responded, “You’re right it won’t be anything special,” She grabbed Anne and kissed her passionately, then gently pulled them apart, cradling Boleyn’s face, “because I already said yes.”