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home is wherever i’m with you

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As Kay carried in the final of many boxes, Ema exclaimed a sigh, leaning against the wall.

“Oh c'mon, it wasn’t that bad,” Kay rolled her eyes, dropping the last box, labeled to go in what would be the kitchen of their small apartment, on the floor.

“For you.” Ema mumbled, taking a quick sip of water.

“You’re just being overdramatic,” Kay said, moving towards her girlfriend and grabbing one of the water bottles from the case, “and besides, we still have the unpack everything,” she chuckled, cracking open the bottle.

Ema only groaned. Kay gave her a nudge.

“But, we’ll only unpack what we need tonight, we’d probably die if we tried to do everything in one day.” Kay said, grinning slightly.

“Fine. I guess I can accept that.” Ema said, squeezing her water bottle.

“Hey, I know you’re upset over your job situation, but you’ll pass the exam soon!” Kay animatedly exclaimed, “besides, we’ll be able to work together!”

Ema sighed, putting her water bottle down, “I've never wanted anything more in my life than becoming a forensic investigator. and now that I can’t-”

“Babe, you can still retake the exam-”

“Kay. let me speak.” Ema’s voice was firm and snappy. Kay takes a step back. “and now that I can’t, what do I do now? everyone’s gonna be so disappointed in me, nine years of studying and I still can’t get shit right!” she yelled, collapsing into Kay’s chest and heaving a sob. “I’m still that dumb, stupid kid I was before I left.”

“Ema, Ema, it’s okay. you’re fine.” Kay wrapped her arms around her girlfriend, gently patting her on the back. “You’re not dumb, please don’t say that about yourself! God, I love you so much and i hate seeing you like this, I don’t know if this is helping but-”

Kay keeps talking, but Ema stops paying attention. It’s hard to breathe now and she hates to be feeling like this, especially right after moving when everything was fine beforehand, but of course she had to go ahead and break down over something so seemingly stupid as not getting what she wanted, like a whiny, tantrumning child.

Ema sighs, eventually releasing from Kay’s embrace and taking her place back on the wall. “I'm sorry.”

“You don’t have to be sorry, Ema!” Kay says, “Maybe being a detective won’t be so bad, your sister was one for a while, after all.”

“I guess you’re right, but it’s still so goddamn hard.” Ema mutters, still struggling to come back down from… whatever that was.

“I know it is, and what you’re going through is so valid.” Kay looks her dead in the eyes, “I may not know exactly how you feel, but I totally get feeling like a failure, it really fucking sucks, and I hate seeing you so upset over it, but we can’t just… ignore it, y’know?” she awkwardly shuffles, “Sometimes i feel like i’m failing my dad, and everyone around me, but then I have to remember that you’re allowed to do things for yourself, and that’s what I'm doing.”

There’s a long pause, and the two stared at each other in silence for a moment.

“So… you wanna get the air mattress out and watch something?”

“I guess.” Ema shrugs, before smirking, “Only if we watch the Steel Samurai. Not that ninja shit.”

Kay rolls her eyes, “Of course. Whatever you want, baby.”