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Stolen Moments

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“Sorry dude,” Yann was trying to let Lucas down easy, “I’m taking Chloé out tomorrow.”

Once again Lucas would be alone on Valentine’s day. He was hoping that Yann might be free, but he forgot about his plans with Chloé.

Yann could tell that Lucas was upset, “Hey don’t worry! I don’t think Eliott has any plans, you should do something with him!”

Lucas raised his eyebrows, suspicious, “There’s no way he doesn’t have someone to do something with.” Eliott was always dating around, he’s sure that he has a date for tomorrow.

“Just ask, I’m sure he’d be willing to go out with a friend tomorrow.”

Lucas thought Yann was right, you don’t know until you try. “Alright,” he compromised, “I’ll text him to see.”

“There you go! You should go out and have fun! You know if Eliott doesn’t have a date he’ll be happy to do something with you.”

Lucas nodded his head and started texting Eliott.


Hey, if you don’t have any plans tomorrow do you want to do something?

Eliott texted back almost immediately.

I’m free tomorrow! What did you have in mind? ;)

That flirty tone is what has made Lucas question whether he has a crush on Eliott or not. Which of course he doesn’t. Sure Eliott is ungodly attractive and creative and smart but that doesn’t mean Lucas has a crush on him. Or maybe he does…


Maybe you could come over and help decide what to do?


I’d love to! I’ll be over in 10.

Lucas looked up towards Yann, “He said he’ll be over in 10 to help me choose something to do.”

“So you’re going to hang out with him tomorrow?”

“Yeah do you have any ideas for what we could do?”

Yann thought for a moment, “Well that depends,” then smiled and wiggled his eyebrows at Lucas, “Do you want to do something romantic?” Yann knows that he kind of has feelings for Eliott. But once again those feelings don’t mean anything, it’s just a meaningless crush.

Lucas blushed, “No I do not want to do something romantic!”

“Oh come on, Lucas!” Yann pleaded, “He isn’t dating someone right now and he literally just said yes to going on a date with you tomorrow. This could be your chance!”

Lucas didn’t know whether he wanted a chance with Eliott or if it really was just a meaningless crush. He’ll probably find out tomorrow.

“Well I’m going out with Chloé dude, have fun!”


10 minutes later Eliott knocked on the door holding a case of beer and a joint, he knows Lucas so well. They sat on the couch, opened a few beers and lit the joint.

Eliott made his grandiose expression he always makes when he has a terrible idea, “We should go to a carnival! We’ll ride the ferris wheel, go into the mirror maze and eat huge helpings of cotton candy. Oh! And you’ll ask me to win you a stuffed animal, and of course, I’ll win you one easily and you’ll fall in love with me because of it.”

Lucas choked on his beer when he heard the last part but decided to ignore it, “Are there even any carnivals around here? Maybe we should go for something less ambitious.”

“Yeah I guess you’re right,” Eliott said, somewhat disappointed.

Lucas picked up his phone and went on instagram to see if he could find any ideas there.
After a few minutes of scrolling with still no luck, he heard Eliott exclaim, “Oh my gosh!
I have the perfect idea!”

Lucas sat up, excited, “What is it?”

Eliott looked as if he’d jump out of his seat, “Restaurant Au Passage is having a special tomorrow night for couples!”

It was still a little far fetched, “Restaurant Au Passage is pretty expensive, even though it is a great restaurant. Also we’re not dating or anything…”

Eliott still looked just as excited as before, “Couples who have dinner there tomorrow night get a 20% discount on the meal! All we’d have to do is pretend to be dating.”

Lucas had to admit that it’s a smart idea. But to pretend to date Eliott? That sounded like torture to Lucas. He’d have to make sure Eliott didn’t get the wrong idea. But what could go wrong it’s just one night? Lucas was in, “Yeah that sounds cool!”

Eliott’s face lit up, “Really? Cool! I’ll pick you up at 19h tomorrow.”

“You’ll pick me up?”

Eliott laughed, “Well, we’ll be dating by then, yeah?” He winked when he finished his sentence, which absolutely annihilated Lucas. He took another hit of the weed to distract himself.

They sat there in silence for awhile, neither of them feeling like speaking, before Eliott spoke up, “Well, I should probably go, we have a big night tomorrow! You can keep the beers.” He stood up and walked towards the door and Lucas followed.

Lucas thanked Eliott right as he snatched the joint from Lucas’s hand, “But, I will be taking this.” Lucas couldn’t be mad when he was just given a case of beer, Yann will surely be happy with that.

Eliott opened the door to let himself out, “Bye babe! Remember, I’ll be here tomorrow at 19h!” Then he shut the door behind him, leaving Lucas standing dumbfounded in the middle of his apartment. Eliott called him babe. That made Lucas’s heart flutter. Okay, he definitely has a crush on Eliott.


Lucas was freaking out at 18h because he couldn’t find anything to wear to dinner, as if Eliott was coming in five minutes. He still had an hour to get ready. He even called Yann into his room to help him choose his outfit, this whole fake dating ordeal was making him uneasy.

“I don’t think Eliott will care what you’re wearing, dude.”

Lucas was still a nervous wreck, “He might! And even if he doesn’t, I want to look good. You were right, this might be my only chance with him.”

Yann tried to hide the fact that he was snickering, “So you do like him, huh?”

“Okay, maybe I do and I just didn’t realize it before. Plus, tonight is different because we have to pretend to be dating. I’ll have to be a good boyfriend.”

Lucas had forgotten to tell Yann about their plan, “You’re pretending to date?”

“Yeah we’re going to a restaurant that’s offering discount meals to couples. We’re going to pretend to date to get cheap food,” Lucas explained.

Yann seemed surprised, “That’s a really good idea. I bet it was yours, right? So you could be Eliott’s boyfriend for the night.” Yann laughed as if it was a joke, but he seemed convinced that it was actually Lucas’s idea.

“Actually,” Lucas was happy to prove his friend wrong, “It was Eliott’s idea, and he was very eager about it too.”

Yann’s eyes went big, “No way, bro! There’s no way he doesn’t like you.”

Lucas blushed, “I don’t know about that… Maybe he’s just super excited for the cheap food.”

Yann was unconvinced, “Nah, I can tell he likes you. You’ll have to believe me.” Yann walked towards Lucas’s closet and looked through his clothes, to finally help him decide on an outfit. After carefully inspecting each piece, he finally pulled out a white v-neck t-shirt, jeans, and a blue jacket. “Just wear something basic, like this,” he suggested.

Lucas didn’t have time to choose something else, Eliott would be there in 30 minutes and he still had to shower. He didn’t really like Yann’s choice, but it’ll have to do, “Thanks, I’m gonna go shower.”

“Alright, I’m going to get Chloé now. Have fun on your date Lulu!”

Lucas flipped him off as he walked into the bathroom and shut the door.


Just as Lucas had finished getting ready Eliott knocked on the door. Lucas was way too excited as he opened the door and saw the brightest smile blinding him.

“Hi!” Eliott exclaimed, as he held out a bouquet of flowers towards Lucas, who was caught off guard by the gesture. He took the flowers and smelled them, they were white lilies, his favorite. He smiled at Eliott and gestured for him to come in. Eliott was of course, wearing something incredibly stylish. It was a white button down shirt with a purple geometric pattern on it, as well as a pair of black ripped jeans. Lucas couldn’t help but stare.

His eyes fell back down to the flowers in his hands and decided to put them out in the apartment. He walked into the kitchen and grabbed a vase to fill with water for the flowers, “Why’d you get me flowers?”

Eliott just beamed even brighter, “Well, I have to make a good impression on our first date, right?”

Lucas blushed and nodded, not knowing what to say, “How’d you know lilies are my favorite?”

“I think that you mentioned it awhile back and it stuck with me.”

Once again Lucas had no words, he really appreciated people who listened to him and remembered little details about him. Lucas placed the vase of flowers next to the counter near Eliott, “We should probably go to dinner now.” Eliott quickly moved towards the door and opened it for Lucas, making a “ladies first” gesture.

They walked through the apartment complex’s hallways and down the stairs outside.

Lucas wasn’t trying to be nosy but he just had to know, “So why don’t you have a date this Valentine’s day?”

Eliott shrugged, “I don’t know, I just wanted to change things up a little I guess.”

“But you’re always dating around,” Lucas said, confused.

“Yeah, but none of it is ever real. I think I need something real again,” Eliott was really opening up.

“Why didn’t you try to find something real?” He didn’t want to sound pushy either.

“I think I felt like being alone,” he confessed.

“Yet you’re out here with me.”

Eliott stopped in front of the restaurant and stared at Lucas so intently, as if he was searching for something. Lucas felt himself moving towards him when he heard a woman say, “Are you Demaury, party of two?” It was the hostess, who probably wanted them to hurry and sit down so she can do her job.

Without even batting an eye, Eliott immediately wrapped his arm around Lucas’s shoulders and neck, pulling him closer, “Yes, that’s us! We’re here for the couples night.”

The hostess smiled, “Of course, right this way, come on in!”

As they walked in Eliott’s arm shifted from Lucas’s shoulder to his waist, bringing him closer than before. Lucas didn’t think that he’d be this physical while on a fake date, but of course he didn't mind. Lucas looked around the restaurant, and they had obviously decorated it specially to be romantic. The lights were dimmed low and each table had an assortment of candles along with a small bouquet of roses. The hostess then seated them and handed them menus, which Lucas immediately opened so he wouldn’t have to confront Eliott, who was staring him down just like earlier.

“You know,” Lucas looked up to watch Eliott as he spoke, “I’m kind of surprised you don’t have a date tonight either.”

Lucas couldn’t help but laugh, “For real? I’ve only hooked up with a couple guys, and never dated anyone.”

“Maybe this year could’ve been different.”

Lucas raised his eyebrows, “Well I’m out on a date with you aren’t I?”

Eliott shook his head obnoxiously, “Yes, of course! My real boyfriend and I are out on a date tonight, celebrating on the day of love in the city of love!”

Lucas felt butterflies enter his stomach when Eliott called him his boyfriend. Of course it was all fun and games but… Lucas was still loving it. He reached his hand out onto the table and Eliott grabbed it, squeezing it tight. Then, Lucas decided to make the situation a little more interesting, “Happy anniversary, baby.”

Eliott seemed surprised and laughed, “So it’s our anniversary?”

“Uh, yeah!” Lucas joked, “We met a week ago last year, and we got together so soon because we fell in love so fast.” He hoped that the “falling in love” part wasn’t too much. But then again, sometimes Eliott is also a little much. In the best way possible.

“And our first date was at this very restaurant!”

“Sorry,” Lucas heard another woman’s voice and looked to the side of their table, “I couldn’t help but overhear. I’m Maribel, I’ll be your waitress this evening. Did I hear you correctly when you said your first date was a year ago at this restaurant?”

Lucas couldn’t take back his comment from before so he just had to roll with it, “Uh, yeah, that’s right.” Eliott laughed from across the table but disguised it as a cough.

The waitress almost squealed, “That’s so sweet! I’ll give you guys a dessert on the house this evening to celebrate! Otherwise what can I get you guys to eat and drink?”

Eliott spoke up before Lucas could get a word in, “Thank you, that’s so generous! We’ll both have a glass of champagne and one share plate please.” Maybe it was a good thing that Eliott ordered for them, because all of the time Lucas spent staring at the menu was just to avoid eye contact with Eliott, he wasn’t actually looking at his options.

“I’ll be back in a second with those champagnes!” The waitress walked away to a nearby table and opened a fresh bottle of champagne to pour into two glasses for them. She soon walked back and placed the glasses in front of them, “Enjoy!”

Once she was out of earshot Lucas looked at Eliott and they both died of laughter, they had gotten themselves into a mess with this fake dating lie. Lucas could barely hold it together, “How many lies are we going to tell tonight?”

“Infinitely many,” Eliott said between laughs. He then smirked, he looked like he had just gotten a clever idea, “So, baby, how was filming the movie yesterday?” He spoke loudly to draw attention to them.

Lucas rolled his eyes and smiled, “Movie?”

“Yes, your movie, sweetie,” he quieted is voice, “In this universe you’re an actor, and I’m a-”

“I’d say that you’re a model.”

Eliott raised his eyebrows, “A model, huh? That’s what you think of me as Lucas?” Hearing his name come out of Eliott’s mouth sent shivers down his spine.

“Yeah, you’re a famous model in this area,” Lucas had another idea for a lie, and he raised his voice, “I’m just glad you were able to come back early from your modelling shoot in Seoul. Or else we wouldn’t have been able to celebrate our anniversary!”

Eliott was choking on the champagne he was sipping when the waitress came up behind him with their food, “Here’s your food!” She set the food down in front of them, but before leaving she said, “So you’re an actor and you’re a model,” gesturing towards either of them, “Is that how you met? Sorry I don’t mean to pry, but you guys seem like you’re really in love.”

Eliott seemed excited to make up another story, “Yes! I was doing a promotional shoot for his movie and he thought I was handsome, and to be completely honest with you I thought he was pretty hot himself.” Lucas blushed and looked at Eliott across the table, trying not to show Eliott his feelings for him, or maybe he wanted to do just that.

“How sweet! What movie?” Eliott and Lucas both looked at each other, neither of them knowing what to say, before she spoke up again, “You know what sorry, I shouldn’t be bothering you like this on your anniversary. Enjoy your meal.” She walked away and the two boys started laughing even harder than before.

Lucas sighed and exaggeratedly sweeped his hand over his forehead, “That was a close one. What movie would you have said if she stayed?”

Eliott laughed, “I’m not sure. Maybe one of those American action movies where there’s lots of fight scenes and shirtless scenes.”

Lucas tried to hide his surprise, “Shirtless scenes?”

The other boy laughed and picked up his fork to finally start their meal. He cut a piece of steak for himself and he brought it up to his mouth, more seductively than Lucas was expecting. He exclaimed, “Oh wow! That’s incredible. You have to try this, babe.” He then cut off another piece and moved the fork towards Lucas’s mouth, staring at him the entire time. Lucas took the bite in his mouth and, wow, was he glad Eliott suggested this restaurant.

“That’s delicious!”

Eliott nodded, and tried speaking while his mouth was full of steak, “Probably the best steak I’ve ever had.”

They both finished their meal in silence, neither one of them wanting to stop eating the steak for too long to speak. As they set their silverware down, the waitress came holding a huge slice of chocolate cake, “This is for you, it’s to say happy anniversary… And to say sorry for all of the personal questions.” She set the cake down in front of them.

Eliott beamed, “No worries! Thank you so much, you’ve made this night very special.” Eliott reached his hand across the table and took Lucas’s in his.

“You guys are too cute, here’s the check,” She took the checkbook out of her apron pocket, “Have a nice rest of your evening!” She walked away leaving them alone. Eliott snatched the bill before Lucas could even look at it. Eliott put his card into the book, setting it closed on the edge of the table.

Lucas reached for the check but was swatted away by Eliott’s hand, “I’m treating you tonight.”

“You’re not even going to let me see the price?”

Eliott smiled endearingly, “No, a man never lets his date see the price of the bill.”

Lucas couldn’t help but grin, “Okay, then you’ll have to let me treat you to drinks after this.”


“Yep, there’s a nice club around the block near here. We’re going,” Lucas said in an almost demanding voice.

“Alright then,” Eliott laughed, “I’ll never say no to dancing and drinks.”

They finished their dessert and got up from their table, waving bye to their waitress. They walked out of the restaurant towards the restaurant and Eliott grabbed Lucas’s hand to hold on the way there. Lucas looked up and Eliott, confused, but he just wiggled his eyebrows and kept looking forward, walking towards the club. He would never complain about holding hands with him, it’s just torture to touch him with no reciprocated feelings.

When they arrived at the club, Lucas tugged Eliott towards the dance floor and they started dancing.

At first they were just jumping around and having fun, but then Eliott got a glint in his eye and decided to approach Lucas. He brought himself closer to him, running his hands through Lucas’s disheveled hair, dancing against him.

Lucas was nervous, “You know we don’t have to pretend like we’re dating here.”

Eliott moved himself closer and whispered in Lucas’s ear, “Anyone from that restaurant could be here, let’s give them a show.” He then continued dancing against Lucas, running his hands all over his body. Lucas didn’t mind, but he felt as though he would combust if Eliott kept acting like this.

The song was fast paced, but Lucas felt time going slower as he stared into Eliott’s eyes, locked on his. The look in his eyes, it was almost lust? Maybe more yearning? Lucas couldn’t put his finger on it, but it definitely wasn’t a look you give to someone you’re just friends with. Lucas didn’t want to admit to himself that Yann was right, how could he have known that Eliott had feelings for him? Lucas tried to reciprocate the look that Eliott was giving him, still dancing with each other as close as possible.

After a little, Lucas heard Eliott barely mumble to himself, “Putain, I knew it.” And before Lucas could respond to what he said, Eliott kissed him. At first the kiss was soft and sweet, not at all matching the way they were still dancing together. But then Eliott became more eagar, kissing him deeply and holding the back of his neck to bring him closer.

Eliott pulled away and stared into Lucas’s eyes, “I’ve been waiting so long to do that.”

Lucas smiled and closed the space between their lips, kissing once again. Lucas didn’t think that kissing Eliott would be this… magical. At this point, he can’t take it anymore, he has to go somewhere else with Eliott, “Can we go back to my place?”

“Babe,” Eliott called him, “We just got here.”

Lucas kissed him again, hands on his back to hold him tighter, “I don’t care, we have to go back to mine soon before I explode.”

Eliott laughed and grabbed his hand, “Let’s get out of here then,” they ran out of the club and jogged through the street together towards Lucas’s apartment, stealing kisses on the way there.