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My Sweet Valentine

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Satin and silk were intertwined into an intricate knot around your wrist and the bars of the headboard, keeping your arms secure. Your jaw was aching, but it was an ache that you welcomed. Tightly tied around your head, the metal ring gag that adorned your face kept your mouth open for invitation, your tongue running along your teeth in anticipation.

Beautiful fingers gently rubbed your bottom lip, and then slipped into your mouth, your tongue eagerly licking around the digits that had been inserted into your mouth. A feminine chuckle sounded, and your eyes glazed lightly, cock almost beginning to throb from how painfully hard you were for your master.

“Eager little one, aren’t we?”

The woman whispered as you desperately licked at her fingers, wishing it was her sweet cunt instead. You tugged lightly at your binds, and the woman chuckled before trailing her other hand around your chest and stomach, nails dragging so deliciously and making you gasp and squirm from the ticklish sensation. The woman chuckled again, and you tugged at your bindings again.

You tried to say her name despite being gagged, and the woman giggled from how garbled it sounded coming from your lips.

“Mistress Midnight is here, little one.”

Her hand teasingly pressed against your cock, and you gasped, hips jerking towards her hand, and Midnight watched your face as she slowly pumped your cock, spreading your precum with the pad of her thumb while staring at your intently through her glasses. You whimpered a bit, eyes closing slightly, and she took her hand away.

Whimpering at the loss, Midnight chuckled and hushed you.

“Hush, little one, I’m going to take such good care of you.”

There was a dangerous gleam in her eye that made you feel suddenly a bit uneasy, but eager to please your mistress, you simply nodded. Midnight cooed to you lovingly, her hand coming up to cup your jaw and hold tightly.

“Such a sweet boy you are for me…it’s so enticing!”

She licked her lips, eyes darkening as she began to fantasize about all of the things she was going to do to you. Oh, how she could take you against the wall…she could put a vibrating cock ring against your cock and leave you as a show for her…maybe even give you a few lovingly lashes...but no, Midnight would not be so cruel to her baby boy. Not today.

Opening the chest at the end of the bed, she hummed to herself as she picked out what she needed for this particular night. Grabbing a black strap-on, lube, and a couple other gadgets she was debating on using. When your eyes spied the strap-on, your thighs came together to rub in anticipation, and Midnight giggled behind her red-painted nails.

“You’re so cute, baby boy!”

You whimpered in need, and she chuckled before settling between your legs, leaning forward to dip her tongue out and lick your lip, teeth nibbling your pink lip. Your cheeks lit up in a blush, a shiver of pleasure running through your spine, and her hands gently pinched at your hard nipples. You let out a shaky breath, and in her distracting kisses, she kept your attention way from the nipple clamps within her fingers, gently pinching them onto your nipples.

You gasped loudly, and she pulled back, giggling at the sight of the clips bouncing a bit from your heavy breathing, and your cock began to throb with need. God, you needed to get stimulation soon or you were going to absolutely burst. Midnight whispered, putting her fingers into your mouth once more and gently pinching your tongue.

“I’m going to take such good care of my baby boy…gonna make you feel so loved.”

She grabbed some of the rose petals that had been placed on the bed, playfully throwing them at you before slipping the strap-on onto her hips. Your eyes dilated from the sight, mouth practically watering, and Midnight settled between your legs, pulling your legs up on either side of her hips. Her breasts were covered in a dark purple bralette, the lace material see-through but not allowing you to see her hardened nipples.

No, it wouldn’t be that easy for you, would it?

Midnight’s hands rubbed your thighs up and down, massaging the perspiring flesh before leaning down and beginning to leave bites all along your body. Each sensation, each bite, and each lick and suck from her sinful mouth left you a writhing, whimpering mess, completely at her mercy for her to do whatever she pleased with.

You wouldn’t complain.

When Midnight was satisfied with marking you up, she pulled back with a mischievous grin.

“Now, I think it’s time for us to have the real fun…you’ve been such a good boy, (Y/n)…I think it’s time that I give you your Valentine’s gift…don’t you?”

You nodded furiously, cheeks lit up in a pure virgin red, and Midnight flicked at the nipple clamps a bit, your cock jumping from the sensation. Fucking hell, she hadn’t even touched you much, and you were already ready to explode and cum all over yourself. Midnight pumped some lube into her hand, giving you a sexy and cheeky little smirk as she made a show of the act. The sticky liquid dripped from her fingers and onto anus, the cold liquid making your shiver, and she swiped her middle finger along the lube to coat her finger before probing at your puckered hole.

You squirmed lightly, and Midnight pinched your hip.

“Ah, ah, ah, you’ve been doing so well, baby boy. Keep being good for me, and your mistress will give you exactly what it is that you need.”

You nodded, and she smirked before beginning to swipe at your tight hole once more, her finger teasingly dipping in with each swipe.

“Relax, little one…”

She cooed to you, her pink mist coming over you. It wasn’t strong enough to send you right to sleep, but hell, did it make you incredibly relaxed. If this is what it felt like to be stoned, then you wished to never stop being high. Your body relaxed enough to where Midnight could finally begin pushing her finger into you, and your mouth opened up wider from the feeling, your eyes closing.

A soft noise left your lips, and Midnight slowly thrust her finger into you and out of you, watching your face intently as she fingered your hole.

“How does it feel? Do you like it?”

You nodded, your neck, nose, and ears flushing a deep red. Midnight smiled before looking down at her work, her finger sliding in and out of you so easily now that she had worked you enough. Slowly, she began to add another finger, and you whimpered from the stretching sensation.

“That’s it…that’s a good boy.”

She whispered her praises, her cheeks turning red slightly from the sight before her. Fuck, you were so hot beneath her like this…trying not to writhe from the sensation of her fingers sinking deep into your hole. You panted lightly, your mouth watering from the sensation and from being open for too long, and Midnight thrust her fingers in and out of you. In and out, twisting and turning, and all you could do was whimper and moan while tugging on your restraints. Such a mess she made you so easily.

Adding one more finger, Midnight moaned softly to herself as your hole clenched around her fingers, and she pumped lube into her other hand, covering the fake cock and pumping it all over. The sight, to you, was so incredibly hot. Your cock throbbed almost painfully, red and swollen, and Midnight licked her lips. If she wasn’t so keen on getting this fake cock into you and fucking you into oblivion, she would have already sucked your cock into her mouth and begun worshipping you like the good little boy you were.

Perhaps, that could come later.

When she was satisfied with how much she had stretched you, she whispered.

“Relax, I’m going to begin now.”

You nodded, and she slowly began to push the strap-on inside of you. It was bigger than her fingers, stretching you so much, filling every crevice, and you moaned loudly. Toes curling, the feeling of the cock sinking into you had your mind reeling, and god, you felt as though a piece of you went to heaven. Hell, you didn’t even feel as though you were in your own body.

Midnight continued to sink the cock deeper into you, deeper and deeper until there was no more to push into you. Fuck, you were so stretched, so full, and you had tears of absolute need beading at your eyes.

Midnight began to move, thrusting in and out of you slowly, and you felt the wind get knocked from your chest. Gripping your hips, Midnight fucked you nice and slow, getting you loose so she could fuck you more vigorously, just the way she knew you needed it. Her hand came to your cock, gently pressing and pumping, and you almost cried from the relief.

Moaning loudly and pulling at your restraints, Midnight chuckled softly before beginning to quicken her thrusts, a look of delight crossing her face as you writhed beneath her. All hers…all hers to do with as she pleased…her little slut…her little baby boy…all hers. Midnight moaned from the thoughts, and she let your cock go to begin pounding at you.

The rough fucking she was giving you was delicious, a cooling relief from the fires burning within you. Her nails were digging into your hips, but you paid it no mind, more focused on the relieving thrusts into your ass that had you seeing stars. Midnight was staring so intently at your face that it made you feel embarrassed slightly. It was as if she was in a trance, staring at you with such a hungry gaze. The nipple clamps were bouncing from the force of her thrusts, sending pings of pleasure and pain through you, your spine shivered, and you moaned loudly.

Midnight grinned before her fingers came to your mouth once more, circling the metal rings and your tongue lapped at her finger eagerly, wishing you could close your mouth around her nailed finger and suck.

“Such a good boy…so eager to please his master.”

Midnight said to herself. Her thrusts slowed a bit, and you whined from the loss. Your cock was throbbing, but deliciously now as she fucked your ass, and you could feel yourself getting close to release. She angled her hips, vigorously fucking into your sweet spot. The new angle had you practically screaming, writhing so much beneath her that it made her giggle. You were so cute~

“All mine, aren’t you? You’re all mine…”

She whispered into your ear, her tongue coming out to lick at the shell of your ear, and you whimpered, nodding furiously. Yes, you were all hers…her faithful little slave. Her hand came down to begin pumping your cock, and you almost choked from the feeling. Her hips slammed against yours over and over, silently demanding you to cum, and you cried out loudly as you released, your cum spurting against your stomach and her hand. Midnight still thrust, though much slower and comfortingly, wanting to ride out your release as long as possible. God, you had never felt such relief in your life.

Midnight slowly came to a stop, bringing her hand up to lick at the cum on her hand, and you blushed heavily from the sight. She leaned down, licking at the cum that had graced your stomach, her fingers gently taking the nipple clamps from your red nipples. You hissed lightly at the feeling, and she chuckled, soothing your nipples with her mouth. You sighed, and she pulled the strap-on out of you. You felt so hollow, so empty, without your mistress inside of you, but fuck, you always loved this part.

Midnight was a worshipper just like she was the worshipped, giving you such sweet attention as she cleaned your abused hole and soothed your swollen nipples and lips with her own. Her hands came up to undo the gag, and your jaw popped in relief when you closed your mouth. Her mouth lay against your own, and you eagerly returned the kiss, tongues and teeth clashing as she lied upon you, her hands slowly undoing your binds.

She giggled when she pulled away, whispering to you in such a loving voice only she could ever possess.

“Happy Valentines, baby boy.”