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HyeeeHAAAAA-! Dragon, when I found out you had a son?! How come you never said?” Emporio Ivankov met Monkey D Luffy in Impel Down three years ago.


Hahaha!” The Revolution's Leader lifts his mug of ale from the table. They've been drinking here awhile. Him and his good friend. The guy's a Queen, in all cases of the word. Likes purple and black. Leather, and fishnets. The wearer of some of the most impressive false eyelashes in the five Blues. “I suppose I thought he might get away. Luffy. That he'd have what I couldn't... Maybe he won't either. Haha- but maybe our grandson will? Eh, Ivan?


Implying that a person will have children, and that their children will have children. That a name will live on....


“Shishishi- and this is Zoro.” But Dragon's son is in love with a man.


He's been introduced to them all. Jimbe, Brook, Franky, Robin, Chopper, Nami, Sanji, Usoop-- but Zoro stood out. Always at Luffy's side. The two of them kissing, and holding hands. Slapping each other's butts when they thought nobody was looking. Dragon will be so sad to know his line is ending. What a shame. And when these two are so obviously in love... Ivan pauses, halfway through his ale. Listening to a thrilling tale about the Strawhat's defeat of Delflamingo. He smiles, then, draining the rest.


“Eh? You're going?”


“Aye- I was only in these parts a short time.” Ivankov winks at Luffy. Wishing each other farewell. “Oi- Zoro-boy, would you help me with these?”


“Aye.” Zoro has no reason not to trust this guy. A friend of his Captain's. He didn't know Ivan was more a friend of his Captain's father. “In here?”


“Aye- Just carry those over to the wall.” The Queen of the Okamas is carrying a stack of boxes also. Going down into the store of his ship. “A little further.”


Where it's dark, and Zoro can't see a thing. Relying on his other senses to move around. It's not that hard. He can feel his way with his feet. “Gaah-!?” Not sure which direction it came from, or what it was that stabbed in in the hip. “Ahh!?” It stings, and keeps stinging-


Ffsst! The flare of a match, and Zoro sees Ivankov standing nearby. Holding his stack of boxes in one hand, lighting a lantern with the other. “Something wrong, Zoro-boy?”


“N-no... nothing...” Did he imagine it? His hip hurts...?



Roronoa Zoro goes back to the Thousand Sunny, and Ivan sails off into the New World. They didn't mean to meet up with him at all, but it was a laugh all day. He's an okay guy, that Okama, Ivankov.


“What's with you, standing around? Are you growing mold?”


Che-” Zoro's side itches, and his hip still stings. He scratches it.


“Zoro? Are you alright?” Chopper, always watchful of his nakama, is there in a flash. Dragging the swordsman off to his infirmary and stripping off the man's long green coat. “These look deep. Did you fall on something?”


“Huh? No... I don't think so.”


“You don't think so? Did you black out?”


“Well... it was dark when it happened.”


“So you were stung by something?”


“I guess?”


Chopper wiggles his blue nose. Something in his nakama's body oder is... different? But what's different about it? He can't figure it out... Bothering the little doctor beyond belief. What he can do, however, is treat the stings in Zoro's hip. Four of them, all in line. Whatever it was must have had a huge stinger... or a set of singers? The little doctor dabs the spots with antiseptic, then wraps them in gauze and tape. “Don't take these off until tomorrow.” Warning his green-haired nakama, but also knowing it probably won't do any good. They'd had a big fight today, and a big feast. Laughing and storytelling and listening to Brook play his violin by request. And so Chopper knows, just like Zoro does.


“Aye. I'll do my best.” Zoro won't be keeping anything on tonight, because tonight they're celebrating.



Ahh!aa~! Zoro.” Celebrating being alive with one another.


“Sencho-” Scrambling from battle to battle, and all the hours between Luffy has filled with sex and food. They've never had more parties, inviting hundreds... maybe thousands of other Pirates and people aboard their ship. Not all at once... No... but over the last year they've been in the New World. They're still sailing. Together. Island after island. And when they do make it back to where they started, Zoro is sure they'll be going around the whole world again. That Luffy is unstoppable.


“Mmmn~ Zoro smells good.”


Hehe- You only think meat smells good.”


“Zoro's meat.” Luffy points out. Licking up the man's chest. Along the knobbly white scar he got a lifetime ago. Knowing this makes the man melt. Shivering, as he's being made love to. “Mmm- sweet meat.”


Haaah-” Has sex between them always felt this good? “Oha- ahh... L-Luffy... oah-y-yea..” Not caring to stop the half-words bubbling up from his throat. Zoro's eye getting lost, and so he closes it. “Ahh~ Sencho-”


Shishishi- Zoro should stay like that.” Flat on his back on the mat in Zoro's workout room. Up in Sunny's crow's nest. Luffy pushes the man's knees down and open. Admiring his nakama's bare errection, and the place they are connected. Pumping slowly, Luffy sinks deeply in until there's a slap of skin against skin. “Ahh~ Zoro.”


Haaah-” It brings tears to the swordsman's green eye. His Captain's dick all the way inside, he can feel their pulses beating together... there. A furious thrum of hot blood.


Haa- Zoro-” A rubber arm forward to pull his swordsman from the floor. Kissing with their tongues. “Haa- Zoro- Zoro-?”


“Cum in me, Luffy-”


Haaa-ahh-!” The breaking of a dam, and Zoro's washed inside with his Captain's seed. A familiar feeling between them.


“Don't pull out.”


Shishishi-” Luffy touches Zoro's chest. Thumbs brushing across the man's pert, pink nipples. “Not gonna.” Slowly thrusting, to proove he's still hard. Luffy stirs his cum, driving it deeper into Zoro.




“He's sensitive tonight.” Luffy says, kissing his nakama's corded copper neck. “.. and he smells so good.” Hands roaming down his swordsman's sides. Touching each other in an odd frantic rush- “... he smells so good.” Rubber hips driving back and forth like a piston.


Haaah- Luffy-”


“More?” The Pirate Captain grins, watching his swordsman's mouth open and close without forming a word. “Zoro wants more-”


Gaahaaa~” Luffy holds onto Zoro's legs. The second time he spends himself. Holding himself up...


...until he's finished cumming. “Shishi-” Leaning back without pulling out, a warm palm going around Zoro dick. The other's eye coming open, but he doesn't protest.



They are beyond protest.



“Zoro's belly is soft now.” Luffy points out. Free hand coming around to lie flat over his nakama's lower abdomen. Slightly distended after he's been emptied into twice. But Luffy has still more in him. Slowly thrusting, just to prove that he can.


Ahh- Luffy~” Zoro knows he can. Luffy can go for days. He's a monster. “Give it to me.. Ahh- m-more.”




Luffy came several times inside Zoro that night, and a few times the next night... and almost every night for about a week, before....


“Just leave me alone for once!”




“I said no!”



“What's up with them?” Jimbe is on his way around to the back of the ship when he'd noticed the rest of the crew gathered on the landing to watch Zoro and Luffy shouting at one another on the lawn.


“I believe Zoro is refusing to bed our Captain. Yohohoho- How strange, as I have never known him to refuse an offer before.”


“He never has.” Franky tells Brook, a cola in his hand. Whispering.


“Nope. Never.” Nami confirms.


Sanji steps out of the Galley, bringing snacks for everyone. “Did I miss anything?”


“No.” Usopp's even brought out his old goggles to see if he can't read their lips. Find out what they're saying down there...




“Why doesn't Zoro want to?”


“I- I'm just tired.”


“Tired?” Luffy raises an eyebrow. “Zoro's never tired.”


“What a load of shit. I get tired all the time. You get tired all the time, Luffy-”


“But.. but... doesn't he want to do it?” The wreckage of that Marine Galleon still smoldering on the horizon. It had been epic! ...


...for Luffy, Sanji, Jimbe, and Usopp. The real stars of the show. Zoro had gone, but he'd only managed to take out a few dozen. Sanji took down two hundred. He just can't manage his blades like he wants to. He's... dizzy? He can't be sick. He's never sick... “Gonna go see Chopper.”




“-Don't follow me!” He feels sick. His stomach keeps cramping, and he... just feels weaker than he should. “You idiots have nothing better to do?” Hard not to notice the handful of his crewmates on the landing as he's passing to get to Chopper's infirmary.


“Oh, we do. This is just way more interesting.” Nami says, placing a chocolate on her tongue. “Why don't you want to butt uglies with Luffy tonight? You've never turned him down before~”


“Move.” Just shy of shoving Nami into Sanji, glaring at Usopp, Franky, Brook, and Jimbe. All of them shuffling off to leave the man a clear path.



“Zoro?” Chopper spends most of his time in his infirmary. Studying out of the many-many medical books he's acquired on their voyage. His own handwritten journals mixed in, techniques he's invented himself. “What's wrong? Are you hurt?”

“N-no?” Is he? Maybe he is. “I.. uh.”


Chopper's little blue nose wiggles. A frown, and he sniffs.




“I noticed it before, when you came back to the ship in a daze with those stings.” Chopper flips through a book on his desk. Shaking his head, and shoving it away. Opening another book... “I can't find anything to explain it. Nothing, in all these books.”


“explain what?”


“I thought at first you were having an allergic reaction, but there's no reason for that to come on so sudden. It had to be what stung you. It's been absorbed by your body so I can't match the compound ... but I know it has to be organic... It would have the be a pure source of Estrogen to bring on such a profound-”




The little Zoan looks up from his books, into the wide, terrified eye of his crewmate. Zoro's hands are shaking, and he's.. he's crying?


“Ch-opper, just- just tell me what's happening?” Crying, and being angry at himself that he's crying. What -Why is he crying?!


“I- I'm sorry, Zoro. Here-” Handing over a clean towel to dry his face, and then sitting the swordsman down in a chair beside the door. Chopper taps his hooves together. Waiting a moment. For Zoro to settle down. “I noticed something when you came back with those stings. You smelled like a- like a woman.”


“Like a woman?”


“Human beings give off mating signals, mood disorders, drug addictions, all sorts of things through their body oders. No two are the same, but male and female are clearly defined by the amount of hormones they give off.”


“What are you saying?”


“I'm saying that you might .. um.. might start to exhibit more signs that.. that”


“...might be female?” Panic in his voice.


Pure... panic.