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It had been a couple days since the night you had decided to rule the bedroom and worship his body, and Richard hadn’t been able to stop thinking about it since. His marks had healed up nicely, a few of them only a light red now, and Richard had been aching for more.

Though, this time, he wanted to turn the tables and worship you. Richard wanted to do the same thing that you had done to him, but he wanted to do it with his own little twist. A little twist that had the corner of his mouth twitching up into the ghost of a haughty and eager smile.

You were all the way across the room at the bar, seated elegantly in a long evening gown. Your back was bare, revealing the smooth skin that Richard loved to touch and kiss, and his hand brought up his glass of wine to his lips as he watched you so intently from a shaded part of the room.

You were stunning.

A beautiful beacon of sheer gold, silver jewels and light as it shined and reflected off your skin, creating an ethereal glow that enraptured Richard. There was no hope that he could ever take his eyes off of you. Richard took a large sip of his wine, and he watched as you seemed to tense up as if you felt his gaze. Your head turned slightly, your eyes downcast before you glanced up at him.

Richard smirked lightly behind his glass as you seemed to freeze under his stare. In the back of his mind, he wondered if he enraptured you just as you enraptured him. His eyebrow quirked lightly, and you turned from him, your cheeks looking a bit darker than before.

The wine was making Richard’s body buzz, a deep desire sit within his chest as he gazed at his lover from afar, wanting nothing more than to go over to her and bring her into his arms and ravish her…but no, not yet. He had to wait this out…take methodical steps in order to make this the best experience for the both of you.

Like a predator stalking its prey, he stood from his table, beginning to make his way to you when he was blocked by a familiar body. A past coworker began to speak with him, and Richard lost sight of you. He was frustrated, needing to be near you, and when he was finally freed from the conversation, you had disappeared from the bar.

Richard’s eyes darted across the room, looking over irrelevant faces and people as he searched for the only one who mattered the most in the room. His blue eyes caught sight of you at the DJ’s table, whispering in his ear and sliding a bill to him. The DJ seemed amused before nodding, and your head turned, meeting his gaze.

Richard almost gave you a look that asked you ‘what are you planning?’ as he began to make his way to you, and once a popular dance song came on, it was made apparent what your plan was when excited shrills came through the room. People flocked to the dance floor, and once again, Richard lost sight of you.

Through the sea of people, Richard caught sight of your body by the doors to the hallways of the hotel, your head turning to look back and give him a wicked grin. Richard’s lips tugged into a light smirk as he began to quickly follow after you. As he exited the ballroom, the music of the gala a forgotten dream as its muffled beats echoed through the door, Richard didn’t see you anywhere.

Then, he caught your gaze from around the corner, your face watching him with a mischievous gleam. Richard took long strides to you, and you said, leaning yourself against the wall.

“I see you’ve lost interest in the party as well, Mr. Armitage.”

You gazed up at him through your eyelashes, and Richard’s blue gaze darkened. His gaze was intense as he stared down at you, his nose high in the air. His shoulders were stiff and squared, and he replied, his voice hitting a deeper tone that had your spine tingling, staring at his lips that were surrounded by salt-and-pepper stubble.

“They never really were my scene, Ms. (L/n).”

He took a couple steps to you, as very close as he could be without directly laying his body atop yours as towered over you, and you moved to the side a bit. However, Richard was not having any of that and brought his hands up on either side of you, caging you in and whispering to you.

“Oh no, you’re not getting away from me so easily.”

He leaned in, his nose brushing against yours, lips so very close and his breath so very hot. You swallowed thickly, and whispered to him, your palms pressed flat against the wall behind you, your eyes on trained on his lips.

“I never really had a choice now, did I, Mr. Armitage?”

His lips pressed into yours feverishly, his hands coming from the wall to cup your face, and your knees grew weak. His tongue pressed against your bottom lip, coaxing your lips to part, and eagerly, Richard slid his tongue against yours. It was a dance of muscle and saliva, your tongues eagerly dancing against each other as you both kissed.

Your hands gripped his shirt, and he pulled away from you, eyes opening to watch you breathe heavily. Your eyes were blown and dark, staring at his lips still as if you wanted another taste, and Richard smirked lightly. Your hands unclenched his shirt to begin unbuttoning it, your lips coming up to kiss his jaw, and Richard grabbed your hands, whispering into your ear.

“Oh no, sweetheart, you’re not taking the reins this time.”

His lips trailed along your skin, and you sighed deeply, relaxing in his hold. His teeth nibbled on your shoulder, and you bit your lip as he let out a deep rumble. Richard’s hands let go of your wrists to hold your waist, keeping your body pinned to the wall as his hands came up along your back, fingers ghosting along the skin of your back and causing you to shudder.

You whispered to him, your one hand cupping the back of his neck and the other one gripping his arm.

“Richard…Richard, let’s find somewhere more quiet…we’re gonna get in trouble.”

Richard growled at you, but he knew that you were right. The hallways were no place to fuck you senseless…but where could the two of you go? Neither of you had rooms in the hotel, but Richard didn’t mind grabbing one. But no, that would take too much time…maybe the bathroom? It wasn’t exactly ideal, but Richard was becoming a bit desperate.

Richard took hold of your hand and began to speedwalk towards the nearest bathroom. You stumbled a bit, and you laughed lightly, teasing him as your hand went into the back pocket of his slacks to grope at his ass.

“Eager now, are we?”

Richard gave you a look, muttering to himself as he practically dragged you to the bathroom, and when you got inside, Richard locked the door. He stood at the door, his back to you, as you leaned against the wall, and slowly, Richard turned. Like a predator that had caught his prey, Richard gazed at you through his dark eyes, giving you a predatory look as he stalked slowly towards you. Your back pressed against the cold tile, and you let out a gasp as it touched.

Richard was in front of you, pressing into your body, his leg between yours. His lips pressed against yours, immediately intertwining your tongues together, and slowly, Richard’s hands began to pull the straps of your dress down your arms. His fingers brushed your skin, creating trails of fire, and Richard pulled away from your lips to allow you to breathe. His teeth nipped the skin of your neck, kissing and sucking as he pulled your dress down, and Richard pulled away to look at your chest.

His mouth was agape slightly as he watched his hand cup your breast, his thumb brushing against your hard nipple. You shivered, and Richard pinched and pulled the sensitive nub, making you bite your lip. Richard’s eyes flicked up to yours, and you pulled him to you, kissing his lips with an acute vigor, wanting nothing more than to have Richard inside of you.

Richard growled against your lips, your dress falling to your ankles, and Richard’s hand came around to your ass cheeks. He pulled away and asked as he looked down at your panty-less pussy.

“You were planning on this, weren’t you?”

You smirked lightly, biting his bottom lip.

“And so what if I was, Mr. Armitage? What are you going to do about it?”

Richard’s eyes went serious, and you were spun around and pressed against the wall. He took your hands and pressed them flat onto the tile. His hot breath fanned into your ear as he pressed his hard erection into your ass, grinding lightly.

“I’m going to fuck you against this wall, darling….and you’re going to take all of it. Are you going to be a good girl for me?”

You smirked and asked cheekily.

“Am I not a good girl for you all the time?”

He spanked your ass, making you gasp, and Richard said to you calmly.

“If you keep being lippy with me, I’ll leave you here.”

After a moment of your silence, Richard smirked before saying into your ear, his hand coming between the front of your legs and dipping into your wet heat.

“That’s a good girl.”

You let out a sharp breath as Richard’s finger dipped in and out of your heat, his lips kissing and sucking on your neck and shoulders. Your hands clenched against the wall, and your ass pushed into his erection. Richard’s other hand came up to your breast, tugging and pulling as he fingered you. You hummed lightly, and Richard gently pushed another finger into you, stretching your walls and making your legs shake.


You whispered, your face feeling hot, and Richard hummed in your ear.

“Do you like that, darling?”

You whispered out, your hands clenching again.

“Yes, very much so.”

Richard chuckled lightly, and he changed his rhythm, going from a smooth back-and-forth to a rougher thrusting. Your mouth fell open lightly, and you whimpered, your forehead falling to the wall. Richard grunted lightly, and he slipped his fingers out. His fingers came to your lips, and you eagerly sucked on them, your tongue swirling around and tracing the slender digits. Richard’s mouth fell agape, and he pulled his fingers from your mouth.

His hand went to his belt, unbuckling the leather and unbuttoning his slacks. His slacks fell to his ankles, and Richard sighed when his hard cock was freed from his briefs. His cock was throbbing, leaking precum and red with need. Richard watched as he guided his cock into your heat, your soft sighs echoing through his very being as your heat surrounded him.

Richard’s hand came to your hip, gripping tightly as his forehead rest between your shoulder blades. Richard then began to thrust into you, pushing in and pulling out slowly to savor the feeling. However, Richard’s desire came full force, the awaited pleasure that he had been yearning for driving him to a faster pace.

Your mouth fell open as Richard began to fuck you, thrusting roughly, the sound of skin hitting skin echoing through the bathroom. Your breath was stolen with each thrust, almost feeling as though you were doing the Heimlich maneuver over and over.  Richard’s grunts and low growls sounded into your ear, and Richard slapped the side of your thigh before going faster. You cried out, and Richard moaned softly, his lips kissing your shoulder before he bit it. You gasped, and your fingers clenched before you brought one down to his hip, holding onto the hot flesh.

Your body was hot, so very hot, and sweat was beginning to perspire along both of your bodies. Richard’s hand came down from your breast to hold the other side of your hip, slamming you back into him and making you cry out loudly.

“Hush, darling….we don’t want our fun to end so soon, do we?”

Richard struggled to get the words out, his thrusts faltering lightly with his distraction, and you whimpered. Richard kissed your temple, lips trailing to your cheek before taking your lips for your own. Tongues and teeth clashed as Richard fucked you, your hand coming from his sweaty thigh to tangle into his hair. Richard huffed lightly into your mouth, and your walls began to clench. You whimpered into his lips, your brows furrowed.

“I’m gonna cum, Richard.”

Richard whispered back, his hands clenching onto you with a vice-like grip, the sound and feeling of his balls smacking into you getting harsher as he got more vigorous. Tighter and tighter your walls became around him, and Richard couldn’t help but to moan softly.

“Fuck, you feel so good…cum for me, baby….cum for your king.”

You couldn’t help but to giggle into a moan, your walls clenching around him, and you gasped loudly, your legs becoming weak. Richard wrapped his arms around you, holding you up as you came all over his cock, your eyes squeezing shut and your toes curling. Your legs lifted slightly from how hard you were cumming, and Richard groaned against your cheek.

Richard’s cock throbbed, and he released deep inside of you, warmth filling your body and making you feel so weak. The two of you panted against one another, bodies wet with sweat, and Richard began to leave small kisses along your skin. His hands rubbed your hips softly, and he whispered to you.

“I love you so much.”

You whispered back, kissing his cheek.

“I love you too, my king~”

His cheeks went red, and you smiled at him before Richard slipped out. Grabbing some paper towels, he cleaned the both of you up before helping you back into your dress. He whispered to you, smoothing back his sweat-slicked hair.

“Careful not to move too much, darling.”

You shivered when Richard reached beneath your dress and cupped your hot sex, a finger teasing between your beaten lips and swiping some of his cum that slipped out.

“Wouldn’t want all that cum to slip out and stain your dress…”

You suckled on his finger, tasting his salty cum, and Richard’s eyes went dark again.

“You are insatiable.”

He muttered, and you kissed his cheek, wiping a stray drop of sweat.

“You make me as such. Now come on…let’s get out of here.”

Richard smiled at your mischievous grin and you pulled his hand, dragging him away from the bathroom and into the night.