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The Perfect Pet

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To those in the Shie Hassaikai, and those who worked closely with the yakuza family's young capo, it was a well-known, undisputed fact that Chisaki Kai, Overhaul, was a clean freak to the point of severe mysophobia. The young head absolutely loathed anything he registered as dirty, refusing to leave his room without a medical-grade face mask and gloves. It came as no surprise to anyone that Overhaul disliked animals. For a man who despised people for not bathing regularly, creaturs who used their own saliva as a means to clean themselves, mouths unwashed and riddled with microbes, were seen as little better. He tolerated their presence, knowing they lacked the higher brain function of adult humans, and were thus akin to infants and very young children in that sense, but refused to touch them.

Overhaul didn’t own a pet, let alone want one. At least, that’s what his subordinates all assumed.

The truth was, Overhaul did, in fact, own a pet. A well-loved, well cared for companion of unusual variety that suited a man like himself. Overhaul wasn’t opposed to the idea of pets, or having one in theory, the only thing keeping him from actually owning such a companion was his standards for cleanliness. His ideal pet had to be clean, and not in the standard ‘free of mud and dirt’ type of clean, no, it couldn’t be anything that licked itself and called that good. The use of saliva so willy-nilly was disgusting. It also had to be something that could wash itself, or at least abstain from getting dirty until it’s master could bath it himself.

Such a pet hadn’t been easy to find, and the methods to do so hadn’t been conventional by any stretch of the imagination. It had taken a long time, but the capo did manage to find the perfect companion. The creature that had become his pet was perfect; a being who washed itself regularly and was always on top of grooming, it was more than happy to keep up with its master’s insane standard of care. The high water temperature demanded was soothing, and the creaturs was always pleased to submit itself to its master, letting him wash and groom it whenever he pleased. Certainly preferable to dogs and cats that either despised getting wet, or whose coat couldn’t handle the constant cleaning.

Elegant and stunning, sporting a sleek, slender build covered by a radiant pelt of icy-silver fur, Overhaul’s pet was truly a beauty to behold. On slow, lazy afternoons, its favored pass time was lounging beside its master, soft body pressed against his leg, chin resting on the man’s lap. On serine days like those, where there was little rush and nothing to disturb them, the yakuza head would languidly run a gloved hand though long, silky fur, scratching behind one of those velvety ears, finding just the right spot to make his pet purr. On other days, when things weren’t as slow or relaxing, the creature would sit close to its master while he worked, seated by his feet on a soft cushion, head lounging on one knee

In the evening before bed, the two could be found in his room, seated on the two-person sofa, quiet and enjoying the company. Overhaul would be reading a book, the other hand, when not draped over the back of the seat, lazily stroking that soft fur that both took pride in maintaining. His pet would ether be tucked next to him, often curled up, or draped over its master’s lap.

When it was time for bed, Overhaul would withdraw his free hand, retrieving his bookmark and sliding it in place between the pages. This was the signal for his pet to vacate his lap, slide off the couch, and transfer itself over to the foot of the bed. Sharp liquid silver eyes watched intently as its master placed his book down and began stripping the day's clothes off, taking in the sight of exposed bronzed skin before his flesh was once more covered by the easy cotton of his pajamas. His pet would diligently sit until its master was ready, then the pair would slip in under the blankets and sheets, nestling in among the plush pillows. Overhaul didn’t mind sharing the bed with his pet, it was well behaved and squeaky clean. Often, Overhaul would throw an arm over the delicate figure of his let, sleeping soundly until the alarm of his clock woke them the next morning.

Not once since becoming his did Overhaul’s pet leave the confines of its master’s room. While it was true Overhaul often locked the door when he left, leaving his pet locked in, the lock wasn’t to keep the creature from escaping. The silvery creature had no desire to escape the safe comfort of its home or flee from the care of its master. The lock was in place solely to keep the world out. The outside world was dirty and sick, infection lurking behind every corner. This room was a haven of purity, and the creature a precious pale jewel that existed only for its master.

Bath time was a sacred ritual between them. It was different than the usual cleansing that occurred at least once a day, his pet either bathing or showering to ensure it was suitably clean for its owner. This special cleansing was treated akin to a religious ceremony.

Overhaul was crouched over the lip of the tub, fingers under the running flow of water from the faucet to gauge the temperature. When the water was to the desired heat, he placed the stopper over the drain and let the porcelain container begun to fill with boiling, steaming water. Off to the side, his pet sat patiently on a fluffy bathroom mat, tail wagging in anticipation for what was to come. When the tub was suitably filled, sharp eyes followed his hands as they shut the water off, steam rising as a warm fog from the surface of the scalding liquid. With a wave of his hand, the brunette beckoned his pet over, the creature eagerly trotting over.

Kneeling by the side of the tub, his pet bared its neck. Gloved hands ghosted over the milky, alabaster flesh as gloved fingers began undoing the buckle. The collar around his pet’s throat was a soft, silken material like a smooth ribbon, the front decorated with a silver bell that chimed softly as his movements jangled it. Never would his pet wear a leather collar, the coarse, brittle material unbefitting a fine beast like it. When the lilac collar was undone, he eased it off his pet’s neck and tossed it into the linen basket, to be washed later.

With his pet fully bare, cascades of fine icy fur not counting, he gave his pet permission to enter the tub. A relaxed, blissful purr rumbled from his pet’s throat like a sigh as the steaming water blanketed it's body, heat soaking into its lith body as water soaked its fur to a dark for-get-me-not azure. Cracking a hazy silver eye open, the creature watched passively as its masker began the rite.

Stripping his now damp gloves off and tossing them aside, Overhaul reached for one of the bottles at his side. Squeezing a generous amount of shampoo, lightly perfumed with a cleansing mint and orange fragrance, deft fingers began rubbing the cool, soapy product into its pale fur. His pet purred as his skilled fingers worked their way through its fur, rubbing around the base of those expressive, velvety ears before scrubbing at the sensitive skin of its scalp. When its fur was white with shampoo, Overhaul grabbed a clean washrag and dipped it into the steamy, opaque water. Liquid soap with a faint floral fragrance to it was squeezed onto the dripping rag. Dragging the soapy rag over flushed skin, diligently rubbing away any unseen germs or dead skin in its wake.

His darling pet was more than capable of washing itself, and to his standards no less. But, there was something satisfying, soothing even, about doing the deed himself. It was like he was an artist, the soaps his paints and his pet the canvas. When the suds and cleansers were rinsed away, all that would be left is beauty; clean and angelic. Overhaul spent the bulk of 10 minutes scrubbings intently at almost every available inch. Some places he purposely avoided, they would be cleaned later with tools better suited than a rag for the job.

His pet willingly dunked its entire body into water that, while no longer rolling with steam, was still very, very warm. The opaque water became cloudy and milky with soap and the cleansers were rinsed free from its fur. Running his fingers through dripping strands of fur, Overhaul inspected his pet’s body carefully to ensure none of the suds remained. Soap might works wonders to rid the skin of bacteria and other microbes, but it wasn’t good to leave on for extended periods of time. Just like how acids could corrode skin, or only irritate it if the PH was high enough, the PH basic material of soap could also break down cells if not rinsed out after a while.

When he was satisfied that nothing remained, he pulled the stopper and let the tub begin to drain. His pet was left to shiver as dry air assaulted and cooled the creature's damp body. Wating several long minutes, the tub was refilled with hot, clean water once again. Smirking as his pet nestled into the steaming water to escape the chill, Overhaul popped open the conditioner. The white, coconut-based cleanser was rubbed into wet fur, and would be left in to moisturize that stunning pelt of icy blue0silver until he was finished scrubbing every remaining inch of his pet.

Sharp silver eyes watched as he unrolled a hand towel, revealing specialized tools that upon first glance, might not seem like they were used for cleaning. Beside it was a bottle of a scentless, gentle cleanser used only with those tools. Shuddering, not from the dry air but from the anticipation of what came next, and what those tools implied when used by its master, his let leaned against the back edge of the tub, body braced against the outer lip, rump lifted to the surface of the water. His pet’s slender tail was kept draped over the supple flesh, giving it a sense of faux decency, an illusion that would soon be ripped away. Grabbing one of those odd tools and coating it in a consistent layer of soap, Overhaul used his free hand to grasp the base of that slender tail, lifting the thin limb up to expose the delicate pink hole hiding beneath.

Commanding amber-gold bore dominatingly into submissive silver, eye contact maintained as the spongy tool was pushed past the initial outer ring of anal muscle, easing itself inside his pet without issue. This is what the brunette would call the fun wart, watching as his lovely pet struggled to maintain composure, its master scrubbing so thoroughly at its innermost private and sensitive flesh. The sponge’s roughly textured pours scaped and nipped no nicely against its inner walls, soft mules and high whines of pleasure escaping as he worked.

“My, what a sinful little beast you are, whining and begging so. You know what I’m doing, what your master is prepping you for. You sing now, but we both know you’ll be screaming later, unable to even squeak when I’m through with you.” Overhaul murmured darkly. He drove the sponge in a little harder, ripping a low moan from his pet, a prelude of what was to come.

Anus, urethra, cock, scrotum, each of these sensitive areas were scrubbed with a brutal scrutiny only Overhaul could muster. The friction never failed with work his pet into a slight frenzy, body coiled tight and skin painted red from more than just the smothering heat of the water. When he was finished in his conquest, the brunette let his pet slump bonelessly into the water, a final soak to cleanse it as well as a small rest. Standing, Overhaul moved aside and placed the rerolled towel on the sink vanity, the tools would be cleaned and replaced as needed later in the day. The soaps and cleansers were placed back on the wire-frame shelf for next time- whenever that was. Pulling a lar, fluffy white towel free from the towel rack bolted to the wall, the yakuza head snapped his fingers.

Obediently, his pet dragged its lethargic body from the liquid warmth, the sopping wet creature padded to its bathroom mat to make as little mess as possible. Draping the towel over the creature, Overhaul let it start to dry itself as he padded past and pulled the stopper free of the drain, returning it to its place as the porcelain tub drained. Taking over, he rubbed gentle circles into pale skin and fur, pet standing still as its master worked. When the excess water had been rubbed free, leaving icy locks damp and smooth, his pet sat down without being told and presented its paws to be dried. With a small, clean hand towel, Overhaul did just that. Drying between toes and unpainted claws, the master thought about what color would look divine on them. Reds and blacks were always a safe choice, accenting the parlor of his pet’s skin.

When he was finished, Overhaul retrieved a fine-toothed comb, gently working the teeth through its damp, silky coat to prevent tangling and knotting later as the remaining moisture dried away. The perfume of mint, flowers, and orange citrus clung to his pet’s fur and skin, a delectable scent that would do well to wet his appetite for what was to come. Anticipation vibrated in the air between them.

Last came oral care. That part of the ritual was always left to his pet, instead, he deposited the towels into the linen bin and padded back into the bedroom to prepare. The water shut on and off, likely as the bristles of a toothbrush were dampened before a bead of miny toothpaste applied. His pet had such lovely, pearly white fangs, pristine and well maintained as the resat of its body. He didn’t need to look into the bathroom to see what went on. He knew his pet was arched over the vanity counter, peering into the mirror as it scrubbed dutifully at pearly white fangs. It was several long minutes of quiet scrubbing before the water was turned back on, toothpaste rinsed from his pet’s toothbrush and mouth.

With that last step, the cleansing was complete.

Bare pads thumped softly against the beige tiles of the bathroom, his pet slinking from the bathroom back into the bedroom to meet him. His pet kneeled submissively on the tatami floor, neck exposed, bare and ready to be properly claimed once more. Smirking, overhaul picked up a fresh collar, the same silky material and belled front as the other one, the only difference was that the new collar was a creamy buttercup yellow. The bell chimed as he lowered the collar around the front of his pet’s neck, belled front resting in the hollow of a pale throat.

There was no need for tags, they both knew who the creature belonged to. There was no need for a name tag, Overhaul would never share his pet with anyone, and he would never forget the name of what he owned. The buckle rested lightly against the delicate skin of its nap, bare fingers retracting.

The collar was usually the only thing his pet wore, but on a whim, he’d pulled one of his cotton button-up shirts. It was a white one, something he himself rarely wore, and looked lovely on his pet. There was something satisfying and arousing about dressing his pet in his clothes, silver and pale alabaster swaddled in soft cotton several sizes too big on its slender frame. Pliant and submissive, the creature let its master dress it in the shirt, limbs guided through the long sleeves, the pearly buttons done up to the top of its chest. The oversized shirt fell to about mid-thigh, coving all that was considered indecent in public from view. It was an illusion of decency. The long sleeves fluttered past the end of its claws, the collar of the shirt slipping off narrow shoulders.

Overhaul ginned at the appetizing sight kneeling before him. It wasn’t time yet, but he could enjoy the sight.

“I believe I don’t need to tell you what to do,” Overhaul sighed.

Quietly, his pet nodded and rose up. The silvery and slender creature crawled over onto the bed, kneeling on all fours over the sheets. Lowering its front, tail arching back, the creature presented itself submissively to its master. Wordlessly, Overhaul trailed a few fingers softly down the curve of one thigh, the flesh soft, taught muscle hiding beneath the milky surface.

“sure a beautiful sight,” He murmured. “I trust you’ll be a good bitch? Wait patiently for me to finish my work, if you’re good, you’ll get a treat.” Patting that strong thigh, Overhaul picked up a toy from the box resting on the nightstand.

It was a simple vibrator, the shaft a wide cylinder with a rounded top. It was nothing big or fancy, but it would serve its purpose well. Coating its gleaming surface in clear lubricant, he switched the toy on, buzzing and humming to life. Easily, the rod slid in without issue, his pet inhaling sharply as the buzzing toy vibrated against its sensitive walls. Staying in place, his pet watched as its master placed the box of supplied back into the closet and walked to the bathroom. The brunette remained out of sight as he washed his hands, slow and languidly. This was the game they played, a waiting game that pushed his pet’s obedience to its limit.

The silvery creaturs remained mostly still as its master returned, thighs shaking lightly under the duress. Gold eyes passed over the ethereal form of his pet, wanting silver eyes glassy. He walked over to the bed and stroked his pet’s flushed cheek, thumb catching the thin flesh of plump lips.

“I’ll be back in an hour, don’t cum until then.” It was a simple order, easy enough to follow in practice.

His pet sucked in a harsh breath, watching as its devious master pulled on fresh gloves and eased his mask over lips stretched back into a cruel smile. Both knew the toy he’d inserted was not enough to please the creature, too short and thin to bring any real pleasure on its own. That was the challenge; would his pet resist temptation despite the maddening edge of pleasure, release easily within reach?

The door closed behind him with a soft click, the lock falling into place. His pet was well trained, submissive to its core and loyal just as deep. Whether it was the treat or the punishment it earned, it would eat up both gladly. It was a good thing his aid wasn’t needed for the day, otherwise this game they played would have to wait. Overhaul indulged in a soft daydream of teary silver eyes and a warm body that was his alone to do with as he please, a soft, needy voice whispering his name like a prayer on soft lips.


When the door was closed and the lock clicked shut, the icy furred pet collapsed into the sheets, a throaty whine seeping out. Master was cruel with his games, always pushing the creature's self-restraint to its limit every time. The toy nestled inside buzzed insistently, cranked up to the fastest setting possible. The tip was just barely shy of teasing a particularly sensitive spot, vibrations running up and down uselessly. That was the point, its master waiting to see if his pet could stay its paws instead of shoving the toy in deeper.

All morning it had anticipated this moment. The sheets had yet to be changed, something that normally happened first thing in the morning. Master only ever delayed this when he felt in the mood for something like this, forgoing new sheets until after the old ones had been dirtied.

Clutching the blankets like a lifeline, the pet pressed its pretty face into the blankets. The soft fabric retained the light fragrance of laundry soap and drier sheets, master’s preferred brands of course. Lingering from last night was it’s master’s scent, musky and warm against the creature's nose. That smell, always muted and faint, no matter where the pet pulled it from. Master’s natural body odor was always masked under a layer of body wash and cologne, not that it minded much. Some days the creature did wish it’s beloved master might ease up one day, rewards it with the treat of basking in his natural smell undisturbed by the fragrance of cleaners.

Inner walls twitching around the vibrating rod nestled in its rear, the pet remained as still as the maddening cheap pleasure would allow. Moving would only make it feel worse. Bucking into the sheets now might take its mind off the persistent buzzing of the vibrator, but as pleasure mounted and its arousal stiffened, the desire, the carnal need for release would grow and fester. A slippery slope that would undoubtedly least to the creature disobeying orders, cuming before its master could return.

In an effort to remain sane, the pet indulged in a memory of last time. The feel of fingers digging into soft hips and a hand pinning down its neck. Strong abs pinning a wriggling tail awkwardly to it’s back. Master’s hot breath ghosting over tense shoulders, a malicious smile pressed into the pliant flesh. Master had forgone playing games then, opting instead of sink into his pet’s trembling heat.

Clenching and unclenching trembling thighs, the creature rolled onto its back. That had only made its growing need stronger, hungrier now for its master's touch, for blunt teeth to lay claim to its flesh and devour uncaringly, taking what was rightfully his. The creature's erection lawled against its toned stomach, hidden beneath the fine cotton of its shirt and beading precum from the slit. Master’s shirt, more proof that this needy bitch of a life belonged to him.

It the pet had a working voice, it would be panting and whimpering its master’s name, syllables a reverent prayer on soft, lush lips.

The vibrators buzzed and buzzed, never hitting anywhere close to all the right places. It was maddening, being trapped on the cusp of pleasure but unable to achieve true release. The soft red numbers on master’s clock were bleary red smears, the pet’s eyes too watery and unfocused to make anything out. How long had it been waiting like this? 10 minutes, 30? If master said he would be back in an hour, then he would be back in an hour, he was punctual like that.

An hour could be rather short, a quick blip as the seconds drained, minutes falling like rain until you blinked and saw just how the time had passed by. This was one of the longest hours, seconds trickling by like honey down an hourglass, sticky and slow. There was nothing to take the edge of the mounting, painful pleasure, no means of soothing the liquid desire pooling in its gut without releasing.

Rolling back over, ass stuck in the air, the pet buried its face in the sheets again. It wasn’t the best pose to be in for a creature praised for beauty and elegance. But there wasn’t much else to do, there were only so many positions to fall into that kept it from rutting into the sheets, dragging its weeping cock over the fine threads.

The pet could already guess the honeyed harshness of its master.

“My, my, what a pitiful bitch, is your heat becoming too much to bear? Maybe I should put you out of your misery, you’d like that wouldn’t you?”

A low moan escaped parted lips, silver eyes squeezing shut. Something wet and warm dribbled down its shaking thighs. If master was present, he would be chuckling at how desperate and pleading his pet’s body had become.

“Wet already? The toy’s barely touched you and yet here you are, dribbling and staining the sheets with your dirty fluids.”


Overhaul returned an hour later, as promised. The barely-there smell of arousal, heavy and savory, greeted him as he stepped inside. His eyes instantly landed on the sight of his pet, writhing and twitching on the bed. Ears pulled back twitched lightly, teary silver eyes opening a crack. There was a silently preceding, his pet begging him for release.

Stalking over, he found quite the sight to behold. His pet’s face was messy and red with tears, mouth open partly, lips glistening with a light coat of drool. The shirt had been punched up around his pet’s waist, cock had and weeping with precum, the head a dark ruddy crimson. Oozing around the shaft of the vibrator, crystalline lubricant dribbled down pale thighs and onto the blankets. His pet was rather pitiful, body twisted and wanting from so long trapped on the edge of partial pleasure.

Just as he’d ordered, his pet had managed to last the hour without orgasm. Though the sheets were soaked and ruined by precum and other bodily fluids, there were no signs of his pet cumming before his arrival. It was an impressive show of will. Something that definitely deserved to be rewarded.

He traced a finger over the puffy curve of a wet cheek, gold starting into lust-tainted silver. The creatur’s throat was tight and mute from the hour enduring his torment, even if it had been abe to speak the best it would muster in the small, raspy whine it was giving him right now. He could be cruel and keep his pet traped on the cusp of pleasure like for a while longer. How much longer could his little pet endure?

“What a good boy you’ve been, keeping your hands idle just as I’ve asked. Don’t worry, I’ll take pity on a bitch like you.” Overhaul cooed instead.

Gasping the base of the vibrator in one hand, he yanked the toy out of his pet’s soaked hole in one fluid motion. His pet cried out, body shaking under the pressure. It had been the push its body needed, white seed gushing from its slit in a violent torrent and dirtied the sheets further. Though the sight of the sheets irritated him in a mild sense, he shoved the annoyance away with the promise of changing that after thoroughly ruining his pet.

“You did well, not cuming until I returned, as such you’ve earned your reward.”

Smirking, the brunette capo removed a glove and curled the pale limb over the back of his pet’s neck. The soft skin was flushed and warm beneath his fingers, his pet still riding out the pleasure of its orgasm. All it took was a simple though to overhaul his pet’s vocal cords back into their proper shape. Feeling flesh and blood shift, his pet gasped.

“M-master,” His pet murmured. “I- I need you!”

Overhaul chuckled, smiling a tad softer at the affection. He felt the stir of arousal, the carnal need to skin into the wet heat and lay claim to his pet as the silver creature pleaded for him to do.

“What a needy bitch you are, you just can’t get enough of my cock? Don’t worry love, I’m more than happy to indulge,” He purred.

He deposited the used toy into a bin in the corner, where he would sanitize and disinfect it later. First came his pet’s needs. With the intrusion gone, opaque fluids dribbled more freely from his pet’s flushed hole, the muscle still loses and slack from the vibrator. The tail above twitched and wagged in anticipation. The silvery furred creature was still a ways from being well and truly wrecked, but that was an easy fix.

This time around, he forwent retrieving a condom, opting to just return to his pet’s side instead. Looming over his pet’s trembling body, the young yakuza capo dragged the zipper of his pants down, slow and lazily. He watched the way his pet’s ears twitched furiously, greedy and eager for true pleasure. Reaching into his pants, it was an easy thing to pull his half-hard cock free from the confines of his dark pants.

He pinned his pet to the sheets by the neck, naked fingers feeling the drum of his partner’s pulse, quick and fluttery. His other hand groped and kneaded at his pet’s plush ass, fingers digging playfully into the supple flesh. He savored the impatient whine his pet responded with.

“Hari, my dear, beloved pet, what an enthralling sight you are. I never get tired of youing you like this, squirming and begging for my cock like the bitch in heat you truly are,” Overhaul chuckled.

“Ngg, master, please,” His silver furred pet whimpered.

“As you wish,” He murmured, hot and husky into his partner’s ear.

In one fluid motion, she shoved his cock into the slick, suffocating heat of Hari’s body. His entrance was loose, but his inner walls tight and needy, squeezing his cock in sinfully delicious heat. His pet moaned and wailed as he was breached, fingers grabbing fistfuls of the blankets. There was only a second of respite, and a single moment of pause for his pet to adjust to this new, thicker and longer intrusion before he started moving. Overhaul set a brutal, punishing pace, cock gliding in and out with ease thanks to the slick fluids lining his partner’s insides.

Sex between them existed in two forms; the rough, needy against it was right now, or the gentler, softer loving that happened when he felt like ravishing his pet in praise. Hari didn’t care, soaking up both forms of affection like moss to water.

After the teasing edge of the vibrator, this brutal, punishing pace was a godsend. More fulling than the toy, Overhaul’s cock hit all the right places, head hammering into that prime cluster of nerves buried deep inside. He knew all the right angles to catch the silvernette’s prostate in just the right way to make him cry and moan. Nothing ever seemed to satisfy his pet quite like his master’s cock, nothing could ever hope to fill him up and find all of his sweet spots quite like the brunette could.

Grabbing a fistful of delicate silver needles, he yanked firmly as the sensitive clock hands, forcing his pet’s back to arch. Letting go of soft hair, he scratched blunt fingertips down Hari’s toned chest, catching a puffy nipple. His pet’s long, petal-soft ears thrashed wildly as the silvernette exhaled a low moan.

Hari was the perfect pet; loyal, dedicated, thoughtful, so clean and submissive in a way no other ever could. No dog or cat could ever match his gentle affection, nothing could ever hope to replace his childhood friend and lover. He released his grip on the other’s neck, choosing instead to press his chest into his pet’s back, cloth rubbing against cloth

One hand rubbed the base of an ear, the other teasing the sensitive base of his pet’s silky tail. This was the game they played, Overhaul the master and Hari his beautiful pet.

A possesvie growl rumbled in his throat, buzzed in his chest. Mine it whispered. Hari was his, his to claim and own. The silvernette submited to no one but him, refused to do so to anyone other than the young head. They were both so close, Overhaul let the tight coil of heat in his groin as Hari’s walls tightened around him. It wouldn’t be long now.

With one final violent thrust, he buried his shaft as deep into the pliant body beneath him as it would go. Walls coming down on him like a vice, Overhaul came with a throaty grunt, painting his partner's insides with his seed. He gave a few more shallow thrusts, letting his partner’s body milk him dry. Leaning down, he buried his face in the crook of the other’s shoulder, tugging at his partner’s hair only once. Hari’s cum painted the ruined sheets a second time, his pet going limp in his arms.

The afterglow was short-lived, lasting a total of 5 seconds before the disgust returned with a vengeance, kicking Overhaul’s mysophobia into overdrive.

“This is disgusting, your disgusting,” He growled.

Hari rolled his eyes. “and who’s fault is that?”

The brunette smacked his partner in the back of the head. Pulling out, his partner gasping as the sudden emptiness, Overhaul marched to the closet for clean sheets and blankets. Sighing and shaking his head, the silvernette hoped lightly from the messy bed and began stripping it of the dirty sheets. Tossing them into the dirty linen basket, the silvernette quickly undid the buttons of his shirt and tossed that in as well.

Stroling into the shower, he started that up while his partner did the bed. Various sticky body fluids were drying to a flaky crust on his skin, particularly his thighs, leaving him feeling gross. Hari wasn’t as bad as his partner in regards to strick hygiene, but even he didn’t find crusty ickiness to be comfortable. When the water was sufficiently hot, he stepped under the scalding stray and reached for the soap. The hot water and soapy suds were heavenly against his skin, grime and other things he wasn’t keen on thinking about at the moment rinsing away

Humming a soft tune to himself, he didn’t hear the soft footsteps on the bathroom floor, and miss the quiet croak of the door hinges. Strong arms snaked around his waist, lifting him up and pressing him against the cold shower wall. Squeaking, Hari found himself nose to nose with Chisaki, the later smirking wryly.

“K-Kai! What are you doing?” He stammered.

“Oh? I’m here to give my pet the treat he earned. Or, is he not interested?” Kai asked.

In place of a response, Hari wrapped his arms around Kai’s neck and held on tight.


It had started harmlessly enough, with Chrono assisting Overhaul in experimenting with his quirk. The young capo was curious to see what he could do when reassembling a person, what boundaries of biology he could push. He’d started with rats, Chrono recording each phase and the changes that occurred. Overhaul hadn’t actually expected to be testing on humans, least of all Chrono.

It had been an off-hand comment. In between tests, Chrono had asked him about pets.

“Dogs and cats aren’t the only things out there, I hear chinchillas are fairly clean animals.” The silvernette pointed out. “their fur is too dense for a traditional water bath, but they get around this with a dust one.”

“Dust? Isn’t that the same as bathing in dirt?” Overhaul shot back.

“I’m pretty sure no. If chinchillas are a no-go, how about pigs? Despite the stereotype they get, they are also very clean animals.” Chrono said. “the reason they roll around in mud is because of a lack of sweat glands.”

“They also dig holes and tear things up. If I’m going to be forced to care for something, I want something that is all around clean and tidy.” The brunette snapped.

“so you’re asking for something with the reasoning and intelligence of an adult?” Chrono surmised sarcastically. “unless throwing some tacky ears on me counts, I think we’re out of luck.”

The commented had intended to be sarcastic, a jab at his boss’s unreasonable demands for a pet.

“You’d actually make a decent pet, clean, loyal, I think I might even be able to overhaul your body to have ears and a tail.” Overhaul retaliated thoughtlessly.

It took a second for both parties to properly register what the capo had grunted without thinking. There had been several seconds of tense, akwards silence between them. Overhaul didn’t exactly regret what he’d said. Chrono did have the makings of a decent pet, and would probably count as one if given ears and a tail.

One thing led to another, as their experiments veered from rat biology to human. It took a bit of fine touning to alter the tail bone and ear structure of a human into something else. What they ended up with were a set of ears in the usual place and a fluffy blue tail. Both were modeled very similarly to a german shepherd's, only the tail was longer and sleeker. Neither of these new appendages had chronostasis arrows, sporting silky smooth fur, but the ears were about as sensitive.

That somehow spiraled down into the od master-pet sub relationship they had now.

As always, Overhaul’s pet never left his room, but in the early mornings, on days when both the brunette and silvernette were needed to run the Hassaikai, Chrono would exit the young man’s room beside him. Underneath his clothes, wound around the base of his throat, was a crimson ribbon, but anyone who somehow saw the bit of cloth would never inherintly know what it meant.