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happiest whenever I’m with you online

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Vanessa: Aquaria I want you to log out of my Hulu. 



*no response*


Vanessa: Aquaria. I mean it! 



*no response*


"Son of a bitch." 

February 3rd, 5:50pm


You are now chatting with a customer service representative.


Good evening, my name is Brooke Lynn, how may I assist you?


Yeah hi there miss brooke lynn, 

My name is Vanessa and

I need your help


How can I be of service?


Look, I had a girlfriend right? She was real 

cute but she was also a ho, what I need

from you is to give her the boot 

from my account, can you do that, Mary?


Your satisfaction is 

important to us. May I get some more

information? Please tell me your email.


You sounding like a robot 

right now miss brooke but I'll bite.


Thank you. 

I'm locating your account.




Alright, Vanessa, I have 

found your account.  

What is the issue?


My ex girlfriend is logged into my Hulu 

account and 

I need you to make her gone, Mary.


That is a problem. I think I can help. 

Have you reset your password?

It should kick her out of the system.





No I haven't.

Ima try that. 



Alright I changed my password. 


Alright, Vanessa, that should

be everything you need to do. 

She should not be able to

log in anymore. 


And if she does, then we will have 

to try something else. 


Sounds good.

Thank you 


My pleasure, Vanessa 

Thank you for being so kind

and patient.


Have people not been

so kind to you today?


Not so much, Vanessa. 

Your kindness is a breath of fresh air. 

Thank you for being so sweet

I hope that everything 

works out for you. 


Thank you, Miss Broole Lynn. 

Have a nice night. 


The chat has ended. 

How did I do? Click here to leave feedback.


Vanessa stared at the end of the chat for a moment. Next to the "how did I do" was a picture of a very pretty blonde. 

Is that Brooke Lynn? Is that who just helped me? It would make sense. Vanessa thinks to herself. She clicks the link to leave a glowing review of the beautiful and definitely helpful girl. 

Vanessa put the encounter in the back of her mind for the most part, but couldn't help but think about the poor blonde that people were mean to  


Turns out, Vanessa was really bad at trying to get the blonde out if her head. Which was weird considering she knew essentially nothing about this girl, but knowing that people were unkind to her upsets Vanessa. 

Vanessa decides that she wants to check in on the pretty blonde and opens the Hulu Help menu. 


February 7th, 7:10pm


You are now chatting with a live representative.


Good evening, my name is Scarlet

How fan I assist you?


Hello, Miss Scarlet,

I'm having problems with my account.


I'm sorry to hear that

What is your email 

so I can help you? 




Alright, looks like I've 

found your account. 

What's the problem? 


I need help locating a movie.

Vanessa tries this four separate times on four separate days, with four separate "problems", and so far she's been matched with Scarlet twice, Ariel, and Nina, but no Brooke Lynn. Vanessa is about to give up when something tells her that she should try just one more time.


February 14th, 6:18pm


You are now chatting with a live representative.


Good evening, my name is

Brooke Lynn.

How can I help you?


Miss Brooke Lynn! Its Vanessa.

You helped me get my account back.


Yes, I remember!

Hi, Vanessa, what can I 

do for you? be honest, I really just

wanted to chat with you again.


So there's no problem? people

were mean to ya and 

I wanted to check on ya


That's so sweet, Vanessa

Thank you

People are much nicer today.


Good. Well I noticed that they

add a picture of you at the end

of the chat and I saw

that you're pretty.


Vanessa you're going 

to make me blush. 


You wanna be my 

Valentine, miss brooke?


Well, Vanessa, I'd love




Tell me about yourself, Brooke.


Oh, Vanessa, I'd love

to, but I'm afraid they don't

let us give out personal



Oh, well what if I give you 

my number and you do 

with it what you want.




That's all, Miss Brooke, 

have a good night.


The chat has ended. 

How did I do? Click here to leave feedback.


And now we wait. Vanessa paces in her living room, heart racing, checking her phone every three minutes. She does this for a lot longer than she wants to admit before she realizes that she is crazy, and there's no chance in hell that this stranger even likes women, let alone is going to reach out to her, even if it is Valentine's day. So she sits on her couch, and she puts a movie on.

Fifteen minutes into the movie, her phone comes to life, it starts to buzz, with a text from an unknown number. 


Unknown: Hi, Vanessa? This is Brooke Lynn.