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Danger! High Voltage

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"I'm sorry, Chief." Xiao Guo lays his dark energy baton on Zhao Yunlan's desk with trembling hands.

Zhao Yunlan sighs heavily and then realises he sounds exactly like his father when he's pissed off and tries to make his expression less stern. "It's okay, we'll get you a Taser or something less dangerous instead."

Xiao Guo doesn't look reassured, and his eyes are rapidly turning pink. "I'm sorry I let the team down, Chief. I let Lin Jing-ge down…"

"It's okay," Zhao Yunlan repeats. "He's only in hospital for observation, and his hair will grow back."

Xiao Guo's lip wobbles and Zhao Yunlan pats him on the shoulder in what he hopes is an avuncular manner. "Why don't you go and visit him? He'll be getting bored, go take him some manga." He thinks about Lin Jing's preferred varieties of manga. "I mean," he says hastily, "take him his PS4. Keep him company, and drop in on Lao Chu while you're there."

"All right." Xiao Guo agrees. "I really am sorry…"

Zhao Yunlan waves him off. Lin Jing is unlikely to welcome having Xiao Guo sicced on him, but at least it means he's no longer apologising in Zhao Yunlan's office. Zhao Yunlan swears that if it isn't one damn thing these days it's another. He slumps down in his office chair and rotates his aching shoulders. There's a quiet knock at the door.

"Am I interrupting?" Shen Wei is wearing a crisp, royal blue suit and looking at him with an air of concern.

"No, and even if you were, I can't think of a better interruption."

Shen Wei walks into the room and stands very straight in front of the desk, ignoring Zhao Yunlan's efforts to wave him into a chair. "Xiao Guo just almost ran into me; he looked upset. Is something wrong?"

Zhao Yunlan huffs out a laugh he doesn't really feel and waves the stun baton at him. "I thought he was doing better with this thing," he says. "But we were trying to arrest that Dixingren who's been freezing people half to death down at the docks, and Xiao Guo panicked and set Lin Jing's hair on fire with it, and then panicked more and dropped it, and then Lao Chu slipped on a patch of ice and knocked himself out. It was like a bad comedy - if I hadn't had Zhu Hong with me we would never have been able to arrest Ice Boy." Zhao Yunlan had got a blast of icy powers in the process, and his neck is stiff and tense as it thaws out.

"Then my dad rang up and wanted me to send Lin Jing and Lao Chu over to help the Ministry with something and I had to say no, they're in the hospital. And he said he wasn't surprised, because I'm a shit boss." Zhao Yunlan jabs at a pile of papers on his desk with the baton. "I mean, that's fair. I am a shit boss."

"Zhao Yunlan, no." Shen Wei rounds the desk and stands close, their knees almost touching. "The frost thrower won't be able to hurt anyone now, thanks to you." He tilts Zhao Yunlan's chin up, fingers brushing gently over his beard. "You're a wonderful Chief and your people are devoted to you."

Zhao Yunlan can't help it, warmth floods through him. Shen Wei takes his hand, looking suddenly furious. "And your father has no right to say that to you - pay him no mind." His thumb sweeps across Zhao Yunlan's knuckles.

Zhao Yunlan pulls his hand to his mouth and kisses his palm. "You're too good to me, baby."

"You deserve everything good." Shen Wei's voice is fervent.

Zhao Yunlan's heart melts. He pushes himself up from the chair and kisses Shen Wei, feeling the stresses of the day ease out of him at the touch of his boyfriend's mouth. Shen Wei winds his arms around him and kisses him back hotly. His lips open to Zhao Yunlan and a small shudder of arousal goes through him. Shen Wei can get him wound up faster than anyone ever has before. And he's getting bolder and bolder about taking what he wants. It makes Zhao Yunlan's head swim with lust every time. His left hand tightens around the stun baton, forgotten between them.

It flares with dark energy, and Shen Wei is propelled backwards, fetching up sprawling over Zhao Yunlan's desk. There's a wide scorch mark in his carefully pressed trousers, over the thigh. Zhao Yunlan drops the baton in horror.

"Oh god, baby, I'm so sorry!" He realises he sounds like Xiao Guo, and curses his stupidity. He hovers over Shen Wei. "How badly are you hurt? Can I…?" He doesn't know what he's going to do - human first aid won't work on Shen Wei.

Shen Wei is propped up on his hands, breathing hard and fast. "It didn't hurt," he says.

"Are you sure?" Zhao Yunlan runs his hand over the damaged cloth on Shen Wei's thigh. "It’s only supposed to react to fear - I don't know why it went off like that."

Shen Wei shifts on the desk, and Zhao Yunlan tries not to get distracted by how the movement tightens his trousers over his thighs. "If it's malfunctioning, it could be set off by other strong emotions." Shen Wei's voice is deep.

Zhao Yunlan touches Shen Wei's skin through the hole that's now in his trousers. It's a little red, but he doesn't look burned. "Well," he admits. "You cause a lot of those in me." He squeezes his hand around Shen Wei's thigh, and Shen Wei takes a shaky breath.

Zhao Yunlan's gaze is drawn inexorably to the bulge at Shen Wei's crotch. "You say it didn't hurt." He swallows, his mouth suddenly dry. "Did it feel good?"

Shen Wei's ears are crimson. Zhao Yunlan leans over him, plastering his body up against his, and kisses his hot cheek. "Did it?" He feels rather than sees Shen Wei nod. Zhao Yunlan twists his head and kisses him deeply. He pushes Shen Wei back onto the desk and Shen Wei falls back willingly, wrapping his legs around Zhao Yunlan and grinding up against him. Zhao Yunlan goes dizzy with lust. He tears his mouth away from Shen Wei's and looks down at him. "You only got a taste," he says. "Do you want to try it again?"

"Yes," Shen Wei breathes.

Zhao Yunlan swears. "We can do that. But." He wriggles reluctantly free of Shen Wei's hold. "We probably shouldn't do it here." The sight of Shen Wei spread out on his desk is making his cock throb in his jeans and he gives it a little squeeze through the denim, seeing Shen Wei's eyes go dark at the movement. "Take us home?"

Shen Wei surges up off the desk, and Zhao Yunlan barely has time to scoop the baton up off the floor before they're in the void.

The soft darkness of Zhao Yunlan's apartment welcomes them home. Shen Wei shoves his hand in Zhao Yunlan's hair, cradling his head, and plasters him against the wall, kissing him like he wants to devour him. Zhao Yunlan drops the baton hastily on the bedside cabinet and gives himself over to the kiss, feeling hot arousal spread through him and soak away his weariness. He burrows his hands up under Shen Wei's blazer and tugs at the back of his dress shirt, seeking skin. There's a tingle of dark energy over his whole body and then Shen Wei's bare skin is moving against his own as they kiss. Shen Wei's eagerness makes Zhao Yunlan feel like he's going to explode - he rubs his rapidly hardening cock against the smooth skin of Shen Wei's stomach and catches his breath at the surge of lust that follows. He tightens his hands around Shen Wei's hips and tries to recover his ability to think.

Shen Wei goes still. "Is this… Yunlan, is everything all right?"

Zhao Yunlan rubs his beard against Shen Wei's cheek and he makes a rumbling noise in his throat.

"Everything is very all right." He swallows. "Just, you're about to make me come all over you."

Shen Wei's hips make a convulsive movement against his.

"And, if you want to experiment with that thing…?"

"I do." Shen Wei's voice is throaty. "I mean.." He waves his hand and suddenly the bedside lamp is on. Zhao Yunlan blinks against the light, and Shen Wei cradles his face in one hand. "Only if you do, too."

Zhao Yunlan tangles their fingers together, anchoring Shen Wei's hand against his cheek. "I really do. But we should slow it down a little. Come to bed."

He lays out Shen Wei on the sheets - a gorgeous, flushed work of art against the dark bedding - and kisses his beautiful mouth. Then he sits back on his heels and picks up the baton.

"Can this hurt you? If I get it wrong?"

Shen Wei's hand covers his on the shaft of the device. "I don't believe so. It seemed to react unusually to my dark energy." He squeezes Zhao Yunlan's hand encouragingly. "With more data, I could provide a more thorough response."

Shen Wei is ever the scientist, even in bed, and Zhao Yunlan can't help but find it stupidly hot. He wipes his sweaty hand on the pillow and then firms his grip on the baton, pointing it towards Shen Wei's bicep as being the area least likely to cause any serious damage if this goes wrong.

He gives it a little shake, trying to remember what he'd done to set it off in the first place. He'd been kissing Shen Wei… He shakes it again. Nothing happens.

"Sorry, sweetheart, you might be in for a disappointment. I can't work out -"

Shen Wei's fingers wrap around his cock. A pulse of surprised arousal travels through him, the baton sparks, and dark fire lands on Shen Wei's arm. He breathes in deeply and shimmies on the bed, cock bobbing against his stomach as his hips move.

It's like Zhao Yunlan can feel it in his own body. "Was that okay?"

Shen Wei blinks lazily up at him. "It's touching my dark energy. I can feel it… everywhere. Do it again."

Zhao Yunlan concentrates, lets his arousal flow through him and focuses it into the baton. More sparks fly out of it, caressing Shen Wei's skin. He aims it towards Shen Wei's chest, skimming energy over his pecs and watching his nipples go hard and tight. Shen Wei's eyes are heavy-lidded, his mouth slack. At every touch of the energy his hips push up, seeking friction. His cock is gloriously hard, urgently flushed and leaving little smears of precum on his belly as he undulates his hips. Zhao Yunlan teases the baton down his chest, skirts his cock as Shen Wei groans, and lets the energy play over the soft skin of his inner thighs. Shen Wei spreads his legs, demanding more with every line of his flushed, desperate body.

Each pulse of the baton, and Shen Wei's reaction to it, make a feedback loop of arousal in Zhao Yunlan, which causes more energy to flow outwards to play over Shen Wei's flushed skin. He's breathing raggedly, and Zhao Yunlan feels like he's got enough control over the baton to risk a little more. He lets power ebb from it slowly and nudges at Shen Wei's heavy balls. Shen Wei writhes on the bed and there's a ripping noise as his hands tighten in the sheets.

"Yunlan, wait." It's almost a sob.

Zhao Yunlan puts the baton down with shaking hands. He strokes gently along Shen Wei's arm.

"Everything okay? Do you want to stop?"

"No, but." Shen Wei looks up at him, pupils blown wide. "I don't want to finish yet."

Zhao Yunlan kisses the hollow of his throat, licking up the sweat pooling there. "Would you like a cock ring?"

Shen Wei's lips curve into an anticipatory smile. "Yes, please."

Always so polite, his professor. Zhao Yunlan kisses him swiftly and then rummages in the basket at the head of the bed. He trails the leather band along Shen Wei's hardness, teasing himself as much as Shen Wei, and then snaps it into place around the base. "How's that? Not too tight?"

Shen Wei's hips are shifting restlessly. "It's good."

The ring is dark against the flushed skin of Shen Wei's cock. Zhao Yunlan bends and runs his tongue over it, licking wetly over cool leather and hot skin. Shen Wei's cock pulses against his mouth and he groans long and low. Zhao Yunlan can feel his own cock dripping precum onto the sheets. He gives himself a quick, greedy stroke and then forces himself to drop his hand and turn his attention back to Shen Wei.

He teases the baton around Shen Wei's cock, never quite touching it. He brushes it over the tense muscles of his abdomen, spilling energy across his hip, letting the power envelop his balls, until Shen Wei is moaning steadily and his hips are thrusting up into empty air. Zhao Yunlan touches it carefully to his perineum and Shen Wei lets out a strangled shout.

"Put it - put it in me," he gasps.

Zhao Yunlan has spent a lot of mind-blowingly hot evenings teasing Shen Wei with his collection of sex toys, but the baton is something else entirely. He tries to collect his frazzled thoughts.

"Baby, I don't think that's a good idea."

Shen Wei looks adorably disappointed, and Zhao Yunlan kisses his hip in apology.

"Would my cock be an acceptable substitute?" Even saying it makes him feel like he's about to spill.

Shen Wei says "Ohh," and writhes beneath him. "A very good one."

Zhao Yunlan casts the baton aside and then pours lube all over his erection and slicks himself up. He tries to think unsexy thoughts so he doesn't come everywhere before he's got his dick anywhere near Shen Wei's ass. Shen Wei makes it even harder by grabbing the lube impatiently from him so he can curl his body on the bed and stick his long fingers inside himself. Zhao Yunlan clamps his teeth together in his bottom lip as he watches Shen Wei open himself up - fingers shining with lube as they glide in and out of his body. He removes them with a filthy squelch and smiles innocently up at Zhao Yunlan. "I'm ready."

Zhao Yunlan clambers over him and loops his knees over his shoulders. He touches the band confining Shen Wei's engorged cock. "Shall I take this off?"

Shen Wei's eyes are heavy-lidded. "Not yet."

Zhao Yunlan kisses the tip of his cock fondly. "Tell me if it gets too much for you."

He braces himself on arms that are already shaky and pushes in through the tight ring of muscle. Shen Wei's heels dig into his spine, urging him still closer as his body welcomes him home. Zhao Yunlan buries his face in his throat, tasting his sweat. He tries to gather himself so that he won't just finish inside Shen Wei’s hot tightness as soon he starts to move. Shen Wei makes a complaining noise and writhes under him, trying to fuck himself further onto Zhao Yunlan's cock. Zhao Yunlan's hips jerk and then it's all animal instinct - he fucks Shen Wei hard and fast while Shen Wei makes garbled noises beneath him and his cock rubs against Zhao Yunlan's belly in a slick glide of precum.

Zhao Yunlan feels like he's high on pleasure - Shen Wei gasping every time his cock hits his prostate, his hands clutching at Zhao Yunlan's shoulders, the heady scent of sex filling Zhao Yunlan's senses. He fumbles between them and wraps his hand around Shen Wei's cock, and the ring. The leather is now nearly the temperature of Shen Wei's hot skin. "Let me take this off? I want to feel you come with me inside you."

Shen Wei makes an "mmhhmm" sound and Zhao Yunlan unsnaps the ring, feeling Shen Wei's cock swell against his palm, feeling everything get slicker and wetter. He strokes Shen Wei fast and tight, and Shen Wei shudders, body contracting around Zhao Yunlan’s dick as he starts to come. Zhao Yunlan bites down on his shoulder, plunges his hips deep and joins him in orgasm, emptying himself out into Shen Wei's shaking body. He melts with shared pleasure as cresting waves of sensation overwhelm him and feels himself fall into comforting nothingness. When he comes back to himself Shen Wei is petting at his back and saying, "Yunlan? Are you okay?"

Zhao Yunlan wriggles happily against him. His softening cock slides through the mess of come he's left inside Shen Wei and it sets off another small wave of pleasure. He kisses whatever part of Shen Wei his face is mashed against - his shoulder, he thinks. "I'm more than okay. That was wonderful."

"It was." Shen Wei strokes a hand down his back. "My beloved." He winds his legs around Zhao Yunlan, holding him close and still deep inside him. "Can we stay like this for a while? I like to feel you."

There's nothing Zhao Yunlan would like better. He gropes for Shen Wei's hand and Shen Wei pulls his fingers to his mouth and kisses them, lips gentle. Contented weariness is flowing through Zhao Yunlan. He shuts his eyes and drifts into warm darkness, brimming with happiness as Shen Wei breathes slow and content beneath him and presses soft kisses into his hair.