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Censorship (Or The Lack Of It)

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Jung Heewon cradles Kim Dokja’s head in her hands and tilts it up. She turns his head from side to side, narrowing her eyes as she stares at him.

“Why is it only the face?”

“Excuse me?”

“This,” she gestures to at him, “this censor thing. It’s really hard to look at, you know?”

“I wouldn’t know.”

“Cute.” Jung Heewon smirks, squishing his cheeks. She pinches his nose as well, just because she can. She wiggles it from side to side only to stop. With an inquisitive look she lets go and runs her fingers down the bridge of his nose. “Close your eyes.” She orders. She swipes her fingers across his eyebrows, making her way down until she reached the bottom of his eyes. “Your eyelashes are really long. Like, longer than mine long.”

“Ah, Heewon-ssi, perhaps you could stop? This is a little… intimate, don’t you think?”

“No, shut up.” Jung Heewon pinches Kim Dokja’s cheeks. “Are you blushing?” Jung Heewon asks. “I can’t see a difference, but your face feels warmer.”

Kim Dokja is not blushing, he’s simple a little warm, flushed at worst, but not blushing, definitely not blushing. And he will feel a lot less flushed once Jung Heewon stops touching his face.

“Heewon-ssi, it wasn’t my decision to do this. And you’re so mean, all of you were. You could have just told me that you can’t see my face instead of calling me ‘ugly’ all the time.”

“But then we wouldn’t have gotten coins.” She deadpans. “You’re actually feeling a little boring, Dokja-ssi. We should call you the ‘Plain King’ or ‘Mob Character King’.”

“You can tell what Ahjusshi looks like?!”

Jung Heewon steps back and makes way for rest of the group. Kim Dokja tries to fend them off but they slap his hands away and continue feeling. A finger across his lips. Nails scraping his cheeks. A pinky in his ears. Yoo Sangah and Han Sooyoung take turns carefully tracing his eyes, over his eyelids, paying special attention to his eyelashes. Jang Hayoung doesn’t touch his face so much as his hair, taking the opportunity to twist and twirl it around her fingers. Lee Gilyoung and Shin Yoosung seem enthralled by his ears, tracing the curve of the shell, accidently sticking a pinky or two in. Lee Hyunsung is content to simply pat his cheeks.

“Dokja-ssi, your cheeks are too skinny. Are you eating enough?”

“Why are your eyelashes so long? They’re longer than mine?”

“Sangah-ssi, you know what I look like? Why are you doing this?”

“But I can’t tell if you’ve gained any weight.”

“Stop touching my eyes! How it that going to tell you if I’ve gained weight?”

Lee Jihye pokes his eyes and Kim Dokja slaps her hand away. When she reaches back for his eyes he slaps her again. After a third slap, she finally backs away with a scowl.

“Ahjusshi’s ugly anyway. I felt that forehead. He’s probably got a,” she pauses to think, “a penis face to go with that hair.”

“Cute,” Jung Heewon snorts, flicking Lee Jihye’s forehead, “but that doesn’t explain why it only covers his face when it doesn’t cover his dick.”

“You saw Ahjusshi’s penis!?”

“Kim Dokja, what is she talking about?”

“Oi, oi! What kind of development is this?”


“That isn’t fair!” Jang Hanyoung lept forward and grabbed Kim Dokja’s pants. He tries to push her away but she doesn’t let go. Her hands claw and grope their way to the zipper. “For company moral, we should be allowed to see it too, to ensue there’s no favouritism.”

Han Sooyung cackles and jumps in as well. The two women soon have him on the ground with knives piercing his sleeves to keep his arms pinned. They manage to undo his belt and shimmy his pants to his knees, leaving him with only to underwear to protect his modesty.

The kids are ushered out of the room by a flushed Lee Hyunsung, wide eyed and confused. Lee Jihye is loudly yelling about how she doesn’t even want to see Kim Dokja’s gross penis as he pushes them out the door.

Yoo Joonghyuk’s hand grips his sword as Han Sooyung grabs the final piece of clothing. Kim Dokja’s legs flail around, trying to kick her away but she brushes it off. She’s about to pull down when she flung backwards.

“Enough!” Jung Heewon shouts angrily. “There will be no seeing of the penis today!”

“It’s not fair! Don’t be selfish eonni!”

“Yeah, don’t be selfish Heewon.”

“It wasn’t like I was trying to see it! It was an accident.” Jung Heewon yells. “Hyunsung-ssi saw it as well!”

“What?” Lee Hyunsung shakes his head side to side, as if to deny it.


“I’ll kill you, Kim Dokja.”

“Stop making it worse!”

“Has everyone seen it except me?!”