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Working It Out

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Aziraphale woke slowly, coming up out of his sleep gently and with a smile. The sun was warm on his face, peeking in through the windows, and he could hear the birdsong outside his window. He felt incredibly good, honestly, he hadn’t felt this good in ages. And it was all down to…

There was a gentle snore behind him, a puff of warm breath on his shoulder, and he smiled. Crowley.

They’d retired to his bed the night before, stripping to their underpants and joining each other under the duvet. Aziraphale had very much expected Crowley to hold him for a while, then become amorous again, but Crowley had been a perfect gentleman. They’d shared soft words and kisses, their hands slowly roaming each other, but there had been no urgency. Aziraphale had been perfectly willing to take Crowley into his hand or mouth - even eager to do so - but Crowley really had seemed content just to hold and be held. It was a distinct change from past relationships, where being mostly naked in bed would have automatically meant sex, with little discussion. It would have been an expectation with past lovers. But not with Crowley, and the change was pleasant. If Crowley hadn’t been constantly murmuring over and over again just how beautiful he found Aziraphale, how much he adored him, Aziraphale might have felt badly about not pursuing an orgasm for Crowley. As it was, he’d been too content to push the issue.

Crowley snuffled, and Aziraphale felt the lean body behind him stir, the arms around him tightening just a little. Crowley sleepily nuzzled into his shoulder, and Aziraphale wondered if he was really awake. Then he decided it didn’t matter and nestled back into Crowley’s arms with a sigh and a contented smile.

He was just drifting back off to sleep when he felt Crowley stir behind him again. Aziraphale bit his lip while Crowley simultaneously threaded his fingers with Aziraphale’s plump ones and pressed a drowsy kiss to Aziraphale’s shoulder.

“Good morning, angel,” he mumbled in a voice clotted with sleep.

“Good morning,” Aziraphale replied, his voice low. “Did you sleep well?”

Crowley snuggled himself a little closer and nuzzled the back of Aziraphale’s neck. “Best sleep I’ve ever had, holding you.”

Aziraphale raised their linked hands and kissed Crowley’s fingers, sure that he’d never been so happy in his life. He’d never felt so… so… cherished before. And he was quite sure now that yes, it was entirely possible to be in love with someone this soon in a relationship. He knew because that was the only word for the way he was feeling. It had to be love. That was the only explanation. The only question now was whether Crowley felt the same.

Crowley kissed his shoulder again. “Turn over for me, angel. I haven’t opened my eyes yet, and I want the first thing I see to be your gorgeous face.”

Aziraphale giggled to himself, but acquiesced, rolling over to face Crowley. His ginger hair was wild, sticking up in all directions, he had pillow wrinkles and a soft smile on his face, but just as he’d said, his eyes were closed.

He slid his hand down to seek out Crowley’s on the bed between them, linking their fingers. “You can open them now,” he said, and Crowley did. His topaz eyes blinked open, focusing on Aziraphale, and the small smile he’d had grew until it overtook his whole face. Aziraphale couldn’t help but smile brightly in return.

Crowley reached up with his free hand and traced Aziraphale’s cheek with soft fingertips. “You’re so beautiful,” he whispered.

“I think you are.”

“Nowhere near as beautiful as you, angel.”

Aziraphale leaned forward and kissed him sweetly. “Thank you for staying with me,” he murmured against Crowley’s lips.

“Angel, staying with you was entirely my pleasure. You’ll never have to twist my arm to get me to stay over.”

“Good. I’ll remember that.”

He lay his head back down on his pillow and just gazed at the man on the pillow across from him. In the early morning daylight, he was able to see more detail of Crowley’s face than he’d ever seen. There was a smattering of freckles across his elfin nose, and crinkles near his eyes and mouth that indicated smiles and laughter. He was achingly, stunningly beautiful, and Aziraphale’s heart swelled with love.

Crowley sighed and closed his eyes on a smile. “I could get used to this. Sleeping beside you, waking up with you in my arms.”

Oh, Aziraphale hoped he would get used to it. He hoped so very, very much. In all honesty, at that moment, that was all he wanted in the world: more mornings like this. Six thousand years of mornings like this could never be enough.

“I could get used to this, too,” he admitted, and Crowley smiled with his eyes still closed.

They lay in silence for a while, legs and fingers tangled, listening to the nightingale outside Aziraphale’s window singing as the room became brighter. It was perfect, Aziraphale thought, like something out of his most ridiculously romantic stories. He’d never thought anything as beautiful as this would ever happen to him. Never in his wildest dreams.

Unable to stop himself another minute, he leaned forward and kissed Crowley just because he could. When he pulled back, Crowley was smiling.

“What was that for?”

“Because you’re so handsome, just so lovely, and you’re mine.” Then he had a sudden spike of anxiety. Perhaps that was too much. Crowley may not want that. He thought he did, but he couldn’t be sure. And it was very early in their relationship. Too early? Oh, what was he thinking? Hastily, he tried to backpedal. “I mean, that is to say, I didn’t mean to be presumptuous...”

Crowley snorted a laugh and stopped his mouth with a kiss. “Of course I’m yours, you daft thing. I have been for weeks, pretty much since you walked into that gym. All yours, for as long as you’ll have me.”

Aziraphale felt like he could take flight. “I hope you’re mine for a long, long time. I’m mad about you.”

“I’m mad about you too, angel.”

His face fell a little, concern lining his brow. “You aren’t worried that it’s too soon to be so mad about each other? I mean, we’ve only known each other for a handful of weeks… We only just spoke for the first time about two weeks ago.”

Crowley shook his head. “No, I don’t. I’ve heard people talk about ‘first sight’ my whole life, or how ‘when you know, you know’. I always thought it was bullshit, but, well, now I’m living it. And I do know.”

Aziraphale’s heart was pounding fit to burst. “What do you know?”

“That you’re different. That you’re perfect for me. That this is a good thing and I want to keep it for a long time. God, Aziraphale… would it scare you off if I told you I think I’m falling for you? I am. I’m certain of it. In fact, I think I’ve already fallen.”

His eyes sparkled with tears and he felt like he was glowing. “Do you mean it?”

“Yeah. I do.”

Aziraphale let out a burst of happy laughter and reached for Crowley, pulling him into his arms and kissing him excitedly - fervent, hard presses of his lips against Crowley’s. When they broke apart, Crowley was smiling.

“I take it you’re pleased by that? Not scared off?”

He laughed again, too full of joy to contain it. “I’m over the moon, Crowley. I spent nearly all of our date last night wondering if it were possible to fall for someone so soon.”

Crowley’s smile was lopsided. “Yeah?”

Aziraphale nodded. “Yes, dear. I know it’s very, very soon, but I do think I’m in love with you.”

Crowley used his free hand to grab Aziraphale’s head and pull him into another exuberant kiss. Aziraphale kissed him back through his smile, radiantly, incandescently happy.

“I love you,” Crowley said between kisses, showering Aziraphale’s face with them. “I love you. I love you, my angel.”

“Your angel,” Aziraphale agreed. “I love you, too.”

Crowley sighed happily, then pulled Aziraphale into his arms, so their bodies were flush, their legs tangled. Aziraphale buried his face in Crowley’s neck, taking a deep whiff of the ginger man, inhaling the faded scent of his musky cologne, the light scent of sweat, and something that was indescribably Crowley. He ran his hands up and down the smooth skin of Crowley’s back, holding him close, their hearts beating against each other, loving him terribly. Impulsively, he sent up a little prayer of thanks for what he’d been given.

“Does that make you my boyfriend?” he asked into Crowley’s shoulder.

Crowley chuckled and pressed a kiss to Aziraphale’s neck. “You can call me anything you like, as long as you call me ‘yours’. I’m nothing but honored to be your boyfriend.”

Aziraphale held him a little closer. “Mine.”

“Yours,” Crowley agreed.

They lay like that for a long time, locked together in an embrace that Aziraphale never wanted to end. They stroked each other’s skin gently and murmured sweet nothings to one another, both utterly lost in the sensations of being held - and loved. Aziraphale knew, with absolute certainty, that he’d remember this moment for the rest of his life.

He started to feel Crowley pressing kisses along the skin of his shoulder and neck - slow, worshipful kisses, and Aziraphale felt his body start to react. First, he broke out into goosebumps, then he felt his cock stir.

“Crowley?” he asked quietly.

“Hmm?” Crowley answered between kisses.

“I, um, I was wondering how you’d feel about making love to me.”

“You were?” he answered almost innocently, parting his lips now when he kissed Aziraphale’s skin.

“Yes. I was wondering if you might be interested in fucking me.”

Crowley groaned a little, nipping the skin over Aziraphale’s jugular and flexing his fingers into Aziraphale’s hips. His own hips rolled forward and Aziraphale was delighted to feel his cock hardening, rubbing against his. Aziraphale answered by rolling his hips forward, too.

“I’d be interested,” Crowley said in a strained voice.

“Excellent. That’s excellent news, indeed.”

Crowley scoffed a little and pulled his head back. “You’re ridiculous. Kiss me.”

Aziraphale was only too happy to oblige, meeting Crowley’s mouth in a kiss that was only slow for a minute before it grew more heated. Aziraphale let his tongue explore Crowley’s mouth, mapping the shape, seeking out all the hidden crannies, and planting his flag in every corner - claiming this man as his own.

They were both fully hard now, grinding against each other, cocks rubbing together behind the fabric of their underwear. Aziraphale sent one of his hands between them, down the rippling muscles of Crowley’s abdomen, and into his boxer briefs, seeking out his cock. Once he found it, he wrapped his hand around it and started pumping gently.

“Your cock feels so good in my hand, Crowley,” he breathed while Crowley sucked a hickey into his neck. “I’ve been fantasizing about it for weeks and weeks.”

“Tell me,” Crowley panted, bucking up into his hand. “Tell me your fantasies. I want to make every one of them come true.”

“I thought of you most often in the shower at the gym. I’d go in there and imagine your gorgeous body working out, and think of what your body would feel like under my hands, my tongue. I’d imagine you fucking me, claiming me, and stick a finger up my arse. Then I’d stroke my cock until I came. After, I’d come home, and when I went to bed, I’d do it all again, imagining you beside me, just like this.”

Aziraphale gently pushed Crowley onto his back and started laying kisses down his chest, the hand not pumping his cock trailing all over his body. “You’re so sexy,” he said, between kisses. “So incredibly sexy, and I want you so much.”

Crowley’s voice was strained. “How do you want me?”

“I want you every way. I want you to fuck me in every position you can think of, then I want to do them all again.”

Aziraphale took a break from ringing his tongue around Crowley’s navel to grin up at him, his eyes mischievous. “You can do anything you want to me, Anthony Crowley. Anything at all. I’m yours, and you can have me any way you want.”

Crowley surged upwards, pulling Aziraphale into a messy, desperate kiss. Aziraphale kissed him back wildly, fisting his cock rhythmically, dragging his thumb through the little pearl of fluid.

He became aware of Crowley pushing and pulling at his tartan boxers. “Off,” Crowley bit out. “Get them off. I want you naked. Now.

Aziraphale released his cock and raised up onto his knees, shoving down his boxers, watching with rapt attention while Crowley wriggled out of his tight, black boxer briefs. He never took his eyes off Crowley’s body, even when he kicked his boxers free and watched Crowley do the same.

Once Crowley’s feet were free of his pants, he sat up again, attacking Aziraphale’s mouth, pushing him down onto the bed. Aziraphale went willingly, pulling Crowley down on top of him, winding one leg around Crowley’s.

Crowley grinded his cock against Aziraphale’s, and the friction was delicious. “You drive me mad, do you know that?” he growled against Aziraphale’s throat.

Aziraphale clutched the firm globes of Crowley’s bum and nipped his shoulder. “You’ve been making me mad with lust for weeks. I’ve wanted your cock so badly.”

“This cock?” Crowley asked, punctuating the question with a roll of his hips.

“Yes, God, please. Fuck me with it. I need you inside me.”

Crowley raised his head and covered Aziraphale’s mouth in a messy kiss. Just when Aziraphale was beginning to feel desperate for oxygen, Crowley broke away.

“Do you have lube?” he asked, his breath choppy.

Aziraphale nodded, wide eyed, also panting. “Top drawer.”

Crowley reached across to the drawer in question, lengthening his body, and Aziraphale took advantage of the opportunity to stroke and kiss the lean torso. Beautiful. He was so beautiful. Aziraphale wanted to spend hours worshipping every inch of him, finding every hidden spot that would make him moan and fall apart.

When Crowley returned with the lube, he raised up so he was on his knees between Aziraphale’s legs. Aziraphale just took a moment to appreciate how gorgeous he was - the lean muscle rippling under his skin, the auburn hair that covered his chest, his hooded, brown eyes, hazed with lust, and his proud cock, straining towards his abdomen. He felt a surge of pride that he was the reason Crowley was so aroused. That all of this was for him.

“God, you’re fucking gorgeous,” Crowley growled, almost to himself.

“I’m not…”

“You are. The most amazingly gorgeous man I’ve ever seen, and you’re all mine.”

Aziraphale nodded. “Yes. I’m all yours. I love you, Crowley.”

One corner of his mouth quirked up. “I love you, too.”

Crowley’s hand went to Aziraphale’s cock, stroking it, making Aziraphale bite his lip. “Are you sure you want me to fuck you?”

“God, yes.”

“Anything you want, angel. Anything at all.”

He gave Aziraphale’s cock a couple more strokes, then bent down and covered it with his mouth. Aziraphale cried out, his back arching and his hands clenching beside him. Crowley was bobbing his head, sucking Aziraphale so wonderfully, and he was getting lost in the sensation, when he felt slick fingers parting his cheeks. Within a second, they found his hole and started circling, and Aziraphale made a strangled noise.

Crowley pulled off his cock. “You alright?”

“So much better than alright. Don’t stop. Keep going.”

The fingers circling his rim increased their pressure and Crowley lay down between Aziraphale’s legs, pressing kisses to his thighs and licking his bollocks. When Crowley sucked one of his balls into his mouth, he also pushed his finger inside, and Aziraphale gave a ragged moan.


“God, yes. More.”

Crowley fucked him with his long finger for a while, just barely grazing his prostate, and Aziraphale was glad. If he applied those dexterous fingers in earnest, it all might end too soon.

“More, please.”

“You want more?”

“God, yes.”

Crowley complied, withdrawing his finger and adding a second. Aziraphale moaned from the stretch, so perfect. He loved this gentle preparation, and Crowley showered his lower abdomen and thighs with reassuring kisses. The fingers slid in and out a few times, Crowley scissoring them gently, driving Aziraphale mad with lust.

“You’re so beautiful like this,” Crowley said in a low voice, still fucking Aziraphale with his fingers. “Do you like it?”

“Yes, oh, yes…”

“I like doing it. Next time, I’ll open you with my tongue. Would you like that? Would you enjoy me eating you out?”

Aziraphale’s hips bucked off the bed involuntarily. “God! God…”

“It's just me,” Crowley replied, a smirk in his voice. “I’m no god.”

“You… you have the body of a god.”

“‘I’m pleased you think so, but it’s not made to be worshipped.”

Aziraphale would have disagreed if he’d been able to string words together.

“No, my body was made for another purpose. Would you like to know it?”

“What - oh, dear Lord, just like that - what other purpose?”

“I was made to fuck you. I’m sure of it. I was put on this earth to make you feel good.”

“Oh, fuck,” Aziraphale moaned.

Crowley paused his fingers. “Are you ready for more?”

“Please, please, give me more. I’m begging you…”

“Shh, angel. Shush, now. I’m going to take care of you.”

He withdrew his fingers and slowly, so slowly, added a third. Aziraphale was so overwhelmed that he covered his face, his fingers digging into his skin as he moaned and swore, dragging down his face.

“Fuck, Crowley… fuck...”

“Are you alright?”

“I need you. Please. I need you so badly…”

“Are you ready?”

“I’ve never been more ready. Please, Crowley, please my love…”

Crowley pressed one last kiss to the inside of his thigh and reared back up onto his knees, fingers still buried, walking forward on his knees. Once his thighs were pressed against Aziraphale’s body, he eased his fingers out and quickly slicked his cock. Aziraphale watched with rapt attention, his breath ragged, feeling something akin to hunger.

Once he was satisfied that his cock was slick enough, he fell forward so his arms were bracketing Aziraphale’s shoulders and nudged his hole with his cock.

“Are you ready?” he asked again.

“Please,” Aziraphale gasped.

Crowley reached between them to grip his own cock, lining it up, and capturing Aziraphale’s mouth in a filthy kiss. Aziraphale clutched him, wanting him closer, closer, sure that he could never be close enough. He could feel the pressure growing on his hole, until there was a small pop and he suddenly felt deliciously full.

“Are you alright?” Crowley asked, breathing heavily.

“I’m so good. Don’t stop. Please fuck me.”

Crowley moaned, but pressed forward, sinking his cock deeper into Aziraphale. Every inch felt like a miracle, and Aziraphale had never felt so complete.

“Your cock is so big, I’m so full, oh, my darling, you feel so good, I love you so…”

“Jesus, angel, your arse is so tight. Feels so good…”

Aziraphale grabbed his arse in great handfuls and pulled him. “More,” he demanded breathlessly.

“Fuck,” Crowley swore, but he complied, pushing inexorably forward until he’d gone as deep as he could.

“Aziraphale, angel, love you, you feel so good, want this forever…”

“Oh my love, please fuck me…”

Crowley withdrew slowly until Aziraphale was afraid he’d pull all the way out, then pushed back in suddenly, making Aziraphale gasp.

“More. Faster.”

Crowley obeyed, sliding in and out, his thrusts picking up speed and force, the head of his prick dragging Aziraphale’s prostate just right.

“Harder, Crowley, please…

“You want it harder?” Crowley asked, even as he complied.


“Fuck, angel, your arse is so good…”

“It’s yours. It’s all yours…”

Crowley sped up. “Do you like it? Tell me how to make this good for you. Please.”

“Just… keep going. It’s so good.”

Their bodies were making an obscene slapping sound with every thrust, and Aziraphale was being rocked back into the bed every time Crowley fucked into him. His hands scrambled on Crowley’s back, gripping him tight, and he spread his legs as wide as he could.

“Crowley, oh, Crowley. Yes! Just there. Oh, that’s perfect. Don’t stop. More!”

Crowley groaned, but fucked him harder and faster, pounding into him now, and Aziraphale was reduced to base, animalistic sounds that were broken into grunts with every pounding thrust.

“Getting close, angel. Gonna come for you. How do you - oh fuck - how do you want it?”

“Oh please, oh please, fuck me until you come. Fill my arse with it. Please, I’ll do anything…”

Crowley put on a final burst of speed, the head of his cock hitting Aziraphale’s sweet spot just right and quite suddenly, without warning, Aziraphale was tipped over the edge, coming untouched, hot come erupting all over his chest and belly. He was shouting, clawing at Crowley’s back, babbling and pleading while Crowley fucked him mercilessly through the orgasm, until Crowley groaned ‘oh fuck’ and went perfecty still, his cock buried as deep as it would go, his eyes screwed shut and his teeth bared in a grimace of ecstacy. Aziraphale could feel him pulsing deep inside, and had never felt so full, so blissful.

Seconds passed with no movement or sounds except their harsh breaths. Crowley was still propped over Aziraphale, his eyes still closed, his hair a wild mess, a flush on his chest, and Aziraphale just stared at him, mesmerized.

He opened his topaz eyes and looked down at Aziraphale, a soft smile spreading on his face. “I love you, angel.”

Aziraphale nodded, still breathing heavily. “I love you, too.”

Crowley lowered himself and Aziraphale caught his lips in a sensual kiss. They both whimpered into each other’s mouths when Crowley slowly pulled himself out of Aziraphale’s body, and the kiss only broke when he flopped down onto the bed beside Aziraphale. Aziraphale grabbed the nearest available cloth - his boxers - and cleaned the sticky mess off of himself as best he could, then discarded the soiled boxers and rolled over to cuddle up to Crowley, throwing one arm and a leg across him possessively. Crowley's arm went around Aziraphale’s shoulders, and Aziraphale rested his head on Crowley’s shoulder.

“Well that was a thing,” Crowely said quietly, and Aziraphale giggled. Crowley chuckled and kissed his forehead.

“That was, without a doubt, the best sex I’ve ever had,” Aziraphale declared.

“That was only our first time,” Crowley pointed out.

Aziraphale raised his head a little to look at him. “And?”

“My point is, it’s almost certainly going to get better and better every time.”

Aziraphale shivered. “Oh, I almost hope not. If it gets much better than that, I may not survive.”

Crowley nuzzled his nose against Aziraphale’s small one, smiling. “Don’t worry, angel. I won’t let anything happen to you.”

“You won’t?”

“Never. I love you.”

Aziraphale pressed a sweet kiss to his lips. “I love you, too.”

Crowley smiled, gave Aziraphale one more kiss, then lay back on the pillows with a heavy sigh.

“Are you alright?”

“I’ve never been better, angel. My life is perfect right now.”

Aziraphale rubbed a circle on his chest. “Mine too. I’m so glad I broke that chair.”

Crowley raised his head to peer at him. “You what?”

“I broke a chair at my favorite restaurant. It was old and spindly, but I still broke it. It was the single most humiliating thing that had ever happened to me, and I wanted to die. But I didn’t die. I joined a gym and met you instead. What seemed like the worst moment of my life led to the best.”

Crowley was giving him that lopsided smile, the one that always made his belly flip. “Well, all I can say to that is ‘thank god for spindly chairs’. I love you, angel.”

Aziraphale beamed, happier than he’d ever been in his life. “I love you, too.”