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Eijirou Kirishima first heard of Dekiru when class 1B came back from the provisional license exam.

He was a boy their age who was unaffiliated with any hero schools and had been allowed to take the test as a registered apprentice to some hero named Gran Torino. According to Tetsutetsu, everything about the boy had stood out, from the fact that he’d arrived already in costume, to the fact that he didn’t even use his quirk until the very end of the test. There was also his perfect score - something that had shocked even the proctors if their stunned pause when announcing the results was enough to go by.

Luckily Kendo had snapped a picture so Eijirou didn’t have to try and imagine a boy with bulging muscles in a sleeveless green jumpsuit and black domino mask. The wide easy smile and expressive green eyes were a surprise though. It didn’t exactly clash with the military style buzzcut, it was simply unexpected.

Of course, it was barely a week later that news broke over All Might’s new sidekick, Dekiru, and suddenly this boy’s masked face was everywhere.
And that’s when it became apparent that All Might’s successor had followed his footsteps in everything, including the fact that no one knew his real name.

By the time Eijirou and his class had become fully licensed pros, Dekiru was already in the top hundred heroes. And when All Might officially retired in a press conference 2 years later, Dekiru was a household name, the youngest hero ever to make top ten.

And still, nobody knew his name.

He doesn’t do interviews.

He doesn’t do photoshoots.

He just saves the day with a smile.


Eijirou wouldn’t exactly call himself a fanboy. He simply possessed a healthy admiration for the manliest of heroes, and the fact that someone his age was a top hero without always using his quirk was… inspiring. And If Eijirou spent his entire first paycheck on the limited edition Dekiru exercise line equipment, well, the only one who would give him shit was his roommate Bakugou, and the explosive blonde had merely grunted and called dibs on the pullup bar so… Nothing unusual, right?


“Red Riot! Come in Red!”
Eijirou hissed at the shrill voice in his ear but didn’t risk slowing his run to lower the volume. “I’m here Pinky, no need to yell. What’s your status?”
“Target one defeated. I’ve got multiple injured civilians though. Any word on backup?”
Eijirou took a moment to miss his usual patrol partner. Bakugou might be an ass but he was pretty professional as a hero and much faster at pursuing than Eiji in his hardened form could ever be. Stupid middle school reunion. “Still chasing the target, can’t spare the hands to call it in.”
Pinky grumbled good-naturedly about having to do everything herself before signing off to make some calls.
Eijirou leaped some trash cans the villain had thrown down and put on an extra burst of speed.


People had thought he was nuts to sign on with Bakugou when the explosive teen had decided to start his own agency straight out of high school but Eijirou knew he’d never regret it. They might not have taken off so fast if Todoroki hadn’t decided out of nowhere to join but even Bakugou wasn’t going to turn the powerhouse down just to be petty. And Endeavor’s public meltdown had been fun to watch so wins all around.
With a name like Explosion Force, they’d quickly become the go to agency for the more… destructive villains. Lord Nitro, Red Riot, Uravity, Cellophane, Chargebolt, Pinky, and Jack-Frost make up the core members but they’ve also got Hagakure to handle their more administrative duties, thank god. And she’s always down for showing up to bail their excessively violent asses out of trouble with her mad sneaking abilities, making her hands down the most important member of Explosion Force.

(‘Get it?’ Kaminari had snickered. ‘It’s a description of Blasty’s quirk as well as a team name.’
Todoroki had been confused till Pinky had explained that a Force can also mean a group of people brought together by a common goal and organized to work well together.
‘like Police Force?’ Todoroki had asked in his signature emotionless voice, at which point it became hard to tell if he was just messing with them.)


“You are starting to get on my nerves Red Riot!”
Eijirou dodged easily and whipped out a pair of cuffs. “It’s over Shade-Oh!”


(‘Get it?’ Kaminari had said, when they’d first been called in. ‘Like Shadow only pronounced wrong!’
‘Your enthusiasm over a villain’s poor choice in wordplay astounds as always.’ Todoroki had deadpanned.
‘It’s funny!’
‘It’s fucking stupid!’ Bakugou had growled before turning to Eijirou. “You sure you guys got this? Shade-Oh and Night-Light have been active in this area for months. If you guys split up on the patrols you’re more likely to find them but it could be a tough fight.’
‘Awww!!!’ Ashido had cooed. ‘Blasty does care!’
‘Fuck you! I’m outta here! And don’t fucking screw it up!)


“That’s what you think, Red Riot! Perhaps you should pay more attention!”
Shadows lunge and slash but Eijirou’s quirk keeps him safe. He doesn’t bother to dodge, just waits out the attack, twirling the cuffs around one finger. “Looks like quite the stalemate bro.”
“Y-you!!!” the villain splutters before letting out an enraged shriek. “That does it! Ultimate Technique!”
Long claws of shadow line his fingers and he gives a single swipe through the air. The lights lining the alley walls, shatter and burst, plunging their battle into total darkness.
Eijirou curses and blinks, desperately trying to adjust to the sudden darkness as the shadows stab and slice at his hardened form. Already he can feel it weakening under the barrage and he focuses on strengthening his arms and vital points before trying to press forward. It’s no use, the shadows swirl and thincken, pushing him back and he can feel his quirk struggling.
Shade-Oh throws his head back and laughs, an ugly bloated stereotypical villain laugh and Eijirou reaches desperately for his earpiece and-

Green lightning lights up the darkness as a blurred form appears and gives a single jab at Shade-Oh’s exposed neck.
The laughter cuts off with a thud as the villain hits the ground.

“ expected, the light my quirk generates rendered his shadows completely ineffective, even if he had managed to dodge, his attacks would not have been able to come within the reaches of my personal space, although the light does move and scatter so perhaps if he’d been more prepared…” The form remains crouched over the downed villain, tapping away at what looks like a wrist computer and continuing to mumble. “…reasonable amount of OFA needed to get close but less than one percent to take him down…” The light from the device illuminates his form a bit and Eijirou’s eyes widen at the familiar sight of green eyes and a black domino mask and-

The ‘Can-Do’ Hero himself looks up. “Oh… I’m so sorry! I didn’t realize! I just… heard Shade-Oh’s laughter and moved in. I hope I didn’t ruin your takedown.”
“Ruin my- Dude! That was awesome!”
Dekiru rubs the back of his neck, almost sheepishly. “Th-“

The clouds blocking the moon move and Dekiru freezes. “R-red R-riot?”
He moves and suddenly Eijirou has a pair of hands shaking one of his in the famously strong grip. “Oh my god! I can’t believe I finally get to meet you! I am such a huge fan!” The hands let go and start rifling through pockets frantically. “I knew I shouldn’t have switched to a digital notebook. There’s gotta be something you can sign...”

Eijirou blinks, stunned silent and watches the 20-year-old #10 hero continue his search.
His tongue unglues and he can finally manage to speak. “There must be some mistake.”

‘Smooth dude’

Dekiru stops his frantic movements and tilts his head to one side in obvious confusion.
Eijirou decides to elaborate.
Because apparently his foot isn’t deep enough in his mouth to impede speech.

“You must be confusing me with someone else! You’re… You’re the #10 and I-I’m just…” He trails off and turns to go.
He stops and the alley is silent.
“In your first year at UA you came in second in the entrance exams despite not having a flashy quirk. You protected your classmates from real live villains at the USJ, despite having only just begun formal hero training. At the Sport’s Festival I saw you… um… during the cavalry battle when Ka- “
He pauses to cough once into his hand. “Katsuki Bakugou was utterly focused on taking down the million points, and he um… he hit the top of your head a bunch of times to get you to go faster? And um… you just let him, like, you could have hardened your head but you didn’t because that would hurt his hand, right? But you were still smiling the whole time and… I’ve always been in awe of your smile, like, you’d think it’d be pretty scary what with the pointy teeth and all but it’s not, it like, gives off this warm feeling, like genuine happiness? And I’ve always wanted to have a smile like that and- “
The hero stops short with a horrified gasp and claps both hands over his mouth. “…I can’t believe I just rambled on like that. You must think I’m a creepy nerd.”

Eijirou does not in fact think he is a creepy nerd.
Eijirou is kind of 600 levels of stunned actually and is probably gaping like a fish.
A creepy fish.
Eijirou also seems to be staring at the lovely way Dekiru’s arm muscles catch the light with his every move. Whoever decided Dekiru needed to do his hero work sleeveless deserves a medal.

‘Focus Eiji! You’re weirding him out!’

He bows low to apologize at the same time that Dekiru does and the two come together in the worst of ways.


‘F. My. Life.’

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‘Oh no! Oh no! I can’t believe I just did that! And to Dekiru! Quick! Say something!’

Eijirou looks up, opening his mouth desperately and freezes.

Is laughing…

The hero is bent almost in half, one hand holding his head and the other wrapped around his middle as he full body shakes with stifled snickers. “S-sorry” he gasps out. “I u-used to be s-so clumsy and it’s been s-so long since I’ve done something like that... I think I’m in shock.”
He continues his mostly silent laughter before abruptly straitening up. “Let’s try that again.”
He takes two exaggerated steps back and bows low. “I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable, I was just really excited to meet you. And I hope I didn't hurt your head too bad.”

Eijirou waves his hand. “Naw Dude, I should be the one apologizing. You’re like my favorite active hero and I look up to you so much so it freaked me out a bit when you said you were a fan of mine.”

Dekiru shoots up straight and Eiji immediately takes the chance to bow to him. “Sorry.”

“W-what?” he splutters. “B-but, heroes don’t like me. I’m the young upstart who dethroned seasoned pros and made my entire age group look like chumps.”
Eijirou smirks bemused. “Think quite highly of yourself?”

It’s hard to tell in the dark and with the mask but he’s pretty sure the hero is blushing.
“N-no it’s just-“

Eiji’s earpiece crackles and he hurriedly puts a hand to it.
“Red? You good? Jack Frost is here, I can send him to back you up.”
“No need Pinky, Shade-Oh was taken down by-“

Dekiru is walking away.

“Hey wait! You don’t have to leave!”

‘Nice. Way to sound like a desperate fanboy.’

He cringes internally as Dekiru’s green eyes meet his, an unidentifiable emotion brewing in them.

“Yes I do. If I stick around, I’ll get all the credit and your numbers could take a hit for needing my help.” He gasps and waves his arms wildly. “N-not that y-you needed my help. I’m s-sure you had things well in hand just the press is always inclined to focus on the highest ranked hero on the scene and I’m sure you were working to catch Shade-Oh for a while, so I can’t just-“ He claps his hands over his mouth again.

It’s beyond adorable.

“Look, I can’t just pretend I apprehended him. I was struggling to hold him off!”
“Yeah but if he wasn’t so thoroughly distracted then even with my help the battle might have raged on and damaged nearby property. Efficiency for the win!” He flashes a thumbs up and his signature grin and Eijirou finds himself laughing.
“Ok fine, I’ll take the credit, but only on one condition.”

Dekiru looks nervous for a second but Eiji pushes on. “I want an autograph.”

“Oh. Ok.” Dekiru sounds relieved, like he thought Eiji was going to ask him for something major.
He internally rolls his eyes. “Uh… I don’t have anything you can sign here…” Eijirou trails off hoping he isn’t overstepping.
Dekiru takes a step back.
“O-Oh. I uh… a-are you s-saying you w-want to m-meet up l-later?”
At Eijirou’s happy nod the hero gets more flustered, hands fluttering nervously. “I… I can’t! I have-“

Eijirou braces himself for the rejection that is sure to come.

“I have a secret identity!”

Eijirou blinks. “Yeah I know.”

The green haired hero lets out a groan. “I mean. I’d have to stay in costume and keep my mask on. Most people aren’t interested in that…”

He wraps his arms around himself like he’s the one bracing for rejection.


“Yeah, that’s fine. I was just going to invite you to the agency anyway. I keep most of my merch in my office since security there is better than my apartment.”


Ashido is talking in his ear, demanding to know who he is talking to and if he can hurry up with bringing in the villain so he mutes the comm distractedly, waiting with bated breath.

Dekiru blows out a sigh. “Only on one condition.”

‘Anything’ Eijirou’s mind supplies and he forces that thought back down.

“Sure, what is it?”

Dekiru flashes him a teasing smirk.

“I want an autograph too.”

Eijirou's smile is a reflex.
"Consider it done."

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“Sure took ya long enough. You losing your edge Red?”

Eijirou ignores her, focusing instead on transferring custody of the still unconscious Shade-Oh to the waiting policeman.

“Not a scratch on ya though.” Pinky tilts her head at him. “How’d ya manage that?”
Jack Frost’s lip twitches in that way that means he’s about to make a joke. “I guess taking down Red Riot is… hard.” His delivery is as deadpan as always and his lip twitches again.
Pinky smacks his arm lightly. “You’re lucky you’re cute.”

Eijirou laughs. He’s in too good of a mood for the teasing to bother him.

“I had some help.” He looks around and beckons the two of them closer before leaning in to whisper. “Dekiru took him down in one hit.”
Jack Frost’s head snaps up, all white hair billowing out in the sudden rush of wind. There’s an uncharacteristic excitement in his voice. “Is he still here?”
Eijirou blinks at the enthusiasm. “No he- “
Pinky snorts in disgust. “So, he just swooped in, took down the villain and left you with cleanup? Typical of a top hero.”
“W-what?!? No!! It wasn’t like that! He left so he wouldn’t get all the credit! I wouldn’t have minded sharing but he insisted!”
“Yeah right. He probably just couldn’t be bothered with the paperwork.”
“No really. He’s going to finish his patrol and then he’s coming to the agency so I can give him an autograph.”

His teammates give him a hard look and Eijirou flushes suddenly self-conscious. “What?”
Pinky blinks. “I’m sorry. I thought you said Dekiru was coming to Explosion Force later to get your autograph.”
“…I did.”
“Ah. Well. You see. It’s just that-”

Jack’s flat tone cuts her off. “He’s the number 10 hero prodigy successor of All Might himself. And you’re…” He waves a hand up and down, mist-blue suit pulling tight at the motion. “…you know…”
“Exactly!” Pinky’s arm lands on Eijirou’s shoulder in what would be a comforting manner if he weren’t bristling defensively. “I think he was just messing with you dude.”

He brushes her hand off and frowns. “Stop it. He’s not like that. He told me he’s been a fan of mine since the Sport’s Festival in first year.”

Pinky and Jack exchange a look.

“and no, he wasn’t just saying that!”

Pinky sighs. “Look. We’re not trying to be mean. It’s just that. You’ve had quite the hero crush on Dekiru ever since his debut. I just want to make sure you weren’t projecting or- “

Eijirou turns away. “If you’re so determined to protect my obviously naïve self, why don’t you just stick around and meet him yourself.”

He can practically feel the two share another look before they answer him in unison.