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Family Feud: Pro-hero Addition

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There were bright blinding lights, fluorescent glares that left spots of white in his vision as he blinked. It was loud and packed full of screaming people, all of which were staring incessantly at the lit up of stage.

Hitoshi, in all honestly, would rather be just about anywhere else. His family hadn’t even been the first pick for the show, a clear sign that their willingness to participate was a mistake.

His pa, in all his glory as a day-time hero, had been asked to participate in the celebrity edition of Family Feud: a battle of wits between pro-heroes! His pa had agreed readily—the episode was a part of a charity event put on by the International Hero Association every year and the victorious teams’ winnings would go to the organization of their choice.

Hitoshi was almost completely sure that the only reason his Dad had agreed to it was because Pa conceded that their potential-winnings be donated to the animal center near their house.  

So, in the name of cats and his father’s rising rank amongst heroes, he was lined up with his dads and his sister Eri for a night of chaos, stupidity, and noise.

While his family was clearly a fill-in, most likely for Endeavour’s family who had been withdrawn a week before the event was set to start as an intern had realized that it would probably have turned sour quickly given the flame hero’s temper, the other side clearly was not. The game show, in all of its crowd-pleasing frenzy, had somehow convinced the Number 1 hero, All Might himself, to bring his family to the competition. A family, might he add, that no one had seen before—there were plenty of rumors considering All Might’s family, had been for years, yet no one had caught whiff of them until now.

They stood on the other side, happy, fake smiles across all their faces as they waved at the crowd. It was jolting, honestly, to see All Might not in his costume or in a suit.

He was huge, a daunting 7 feet at least, and his thin white shirt barely concealed his sheer mass of muscles. The woman next to him, assumedly his wife, was comically shorter. She was 5’3 at most, leaving All might to tower over her. She had long, dark green hair and gave off motherly-vibes in the spades. She looked like the type of woman who would have a batch of cookies waiting in the oven when you got home from school, just having gotten home from a shift as a nurse or a secretary. On the very end was a familiar face, one of the detectives from the police force —Tsukauchi, if Hitoshi recalled correctly. His dad had mentioned him in passing a few times, and from the odd look his dad was directing towards the man, his connection to All Might was not well known. In between the women and the detective was a boy that he was trying very hard not to stare at.

The boy was tiny, barely taller than the women next to him—based on the boys unruly, vividly green hair, he was her son—and less than half the height of the man next to him. The bridge of his nose and checks were covered in freckles, the sun-kissed skin along with the rosy pigment in the boy’s cheeks, clearly a victim of being flustered by the crowd, was adorable. He had on an oversized, unzipped All Might jacket and a t-shirt that read “pants”, something that was far more endearing than it had any right to be. The boy was lithe, but had defined muscles from what Hitoshi could see.

Hitoshi was trying very hard not to look, but as a very gay teen, it was difficult to pull his eyes away from the cute boy.

Suddenly, jolting him out of his daze of overstimulation and gay pining, an announcer boomed from overhead.

“It’s time to play family feud! Give it up for your host of the night, a special guest making an appearance for this hero addition of Family Feud: Pro-Hero Midnight!”

Oh god, fuck no.

Hitoshi felt that a rush of fear had shot through all of his family members—Kayama was a family friend, and as a family friend, Hitoshi knew this show was going to be a hot mess. Kayama was sexual, chaotic, and dominating—she was going to ruin the family friendly atmosphere within in seconds. His parents, based on the concerned look the two shared, were regretting bringing Eri with them.

“Hello darlings, we’ve got a good show for you all tonight, positively thrilling I’m sure! Due to the sensitive nature of their jobs, we’ll be calling everyone by hero names or first names only! Safety feeds pleasure, right? On your right we have with us the Number 1 Hero alongside his delightfully elusive family! Scandalously charming people if those smiles can tell us anything! And on your left, you’ll see Pro-hero Present Mic, among the top 20 heroes as of the latest popularity poll! Look at those sleepless people!”

God, this was going to be a long night wasn’t it?

The crowd was roaring, the cacophony of voices turning in to one dull blare.

Hitoshi must have missed something, because suddenly his pa and All Might were standing next to Midnight by the podium, hands poised over large, red buttons.

“Top six answers on the board: What excuse do you use when someone asks you on a date?”

Of course, Hitoshi thought, it was going to start with a question like that.

All might hit the buzzer first, declaring, “I’m waiting for my soulmate!”

It was the number 2 answer, not a big surprise. Despite there being a very low likelihood of meeting your soulmate, there was a large portion of the population that refused to date outside of it. Soulmates had appeared around the same time that quirks had, an almost-built in protection for humankind, an assurance that ones’ power would be passed on through a partner. Only a decade after the emergence of quirks, the words appeared. Dashed words across your wrist that read the first thing your soulmate said to you. The words appeared after they were said, laced in a bright gold light so there was no question of when it happened (in theory). His parents were soulmates, so Hitoshi had always had mixed feelings on dating someone other than his other half.

Midnight asked for pa’s answer— “I’m gay”.

The number one answer on the board, and they were going to play it.

“Well, let’s meet everybody shall we? Present Mic, tell us about your family.” Midnight commanded, her voice far to sultry for day-time television.

His pa beamed.

“This grump next to me is my wonderful husband Shouta,” he informed first, the two of them having already discussed keeping his hero identity a secret to avoid detection.

Though the crowd was too loud for anyone off the stage to hear it, he could hear excited muttering from the other side of the stage.


“Oh my god, mom! That’s pro-hero Eraserhead!”

“Honey, your father told you there’d be pro-heroes here, please calm down.”

“He told me about Present Mic so I already freaked out about him! But mom, Eraserhead is like the number one underground hero!”

“Underground, darling—I’m sure he’d appreciate it if you didn’t talk about him on live television, you never know how much the microphones will pick up.”


Hitoshi caught his dad’s eye who looked a mix of unamused and slightly impressed, but definitely happy that only the people on the stage could hear the boy’s chatter. A hero fan, huh?

“The kid next to him is my wonderful son, Hitoshi! He’s in the hero course at UA this year!”  

He could practically see stars in the boy’s eyes as he surveyed the Aizawa family.  

“And the sweetheart next to him is my daughter Eri, isn’t she cute?”

Hitoshi could practically see his pa’s ranking going up.

“What an enchanting family,” Midnight licked her lips. Ew. “Are you ready to play?”

Midnight rested her head on her hand, propped up against his dad’s podium. “Tell me, Shouta, what excuse do you use when someone asks you on a date?”

“I’m married.”

The answer, though accurate, was not on the board. Midnight prowled over to Hitoshi, a predatory look in her eyes. “Tell me handsome, how old are you?”

Hitoshi was unamused, but taking note of the pleading look in his pa’s eyes, he answered monotonal, “I’m 16.”

“Aah, the thrills of youth. Hitoshi,” she said with a low voice, “I’m sure with a face like that you’ll answer this easily—what excuse do you use when someone asks you on a date?”

Hitoshi backed up a little—Midnight was fine when she was just with his family, but she was a nightmare in front of a crowd— “Casual dating is a waste of time”.

Busy/waste of time, was number 3 on the board.


Midnight moved onto Eri, demeanor changing as she addressed an actual child.

“And what about you, cutie? How old are you?”

“I’m seven!”

“How nice! Sweetie, what excuse do you use when someone asks you on a date?”

Eri paused for a second, likely sounding out the word in her head.

“I’m pregnant.”

The crowd seemed to still for a second and Hitoshi considered the repercussions of banging with head against a wall until he bled out. At the sudden quiet and following roar of the crowd, Eri tried to justify herself panicked.

“That’s what you told me you said! When Kouta asked me—”

Midnight cut her off nervously, “It’s a great answer! And look, its number 5 on the board, you guys are doing well! Let’s move on.”

The next line of answers went swiftly.

Not ready to date, said his pa, getting them number 4 on the board.

Jury Duty, said his dad, not on the board.

It was back to him, and he wrung his hands slightly. Admittedly, he probably should have been thinking of an answer. “Priesthood?”

Religious Rites was number 6 on the board.


The crowd cheered for their round one victory, and Midnight called the next couple to the board.

“Give me Shouta and give me Inko!” Midnight drawled, gesturing for the two to join her with a flourish. The woman next to All Might, Inko, rushed up, an enthusiastic bounce in her walk contrasting to his father’s sulking steps.

His dad stared down at her a bit, her confidence unwavering despite the people towering over her on both sides—though, if she were married to All Might, then she was clearly used to it.

“Oooh, I like this question. Top 6 answers are on the board, tell me, what sport would be more popular if it were played nude?”

Inko hit the buzzer first, and without hesitation and fully confident, said, “Volleyball!”

Midnight looked impressed, “A woman of good taste it would seem. I know I’d watch that. Volleyball was the second answer—hard to beat.

His dad looked sure of himself though, leaning in close to the microphone, “wrestling”.

“That’s called porn, dear”, Inko told him from across the stand, a total shock to the innocent aurora that surrounded the All Might Family.

Wrestling, sure enough, was number 4 on the board.

Midnight scurried off to the All Might family, looking delighted by the sweet looking group.

“Hmm, well, All Might, tell me about this ravishing group of people.”

All Might’s voice boomed as he answered, a laugh in his voice.

“This is my lovely wife, and one of my soulmates, Inko! The handsome gentleman on the end is my husband and other soulmate, Tsukauchi. And the pipsqueak in-between them is young Izuku, a hero in the making!” Inko elbowed All Might in the side. “And my son! A hero in the making who is also my son!”

Izuku looked as if someone had covered him in highlighter, entirely too bright and hard to look away from—clearly excited by his dad’s acknowledgement.

“How enthralling,” Midnight said with hooded eyes. She walked over to Izuku’s station, clearly intimidating him slightly with her play at seduction.

“And how old are you? You look like you have a longer time to be legal than long-legs over there,” she said gesturing behind her towards Hitoshi.

Was Izuku pouting?
“I’m not even that short! Everyone is just freaky tall, okay?” Yeah, He was definitely pouting. (this face :/ )  “I’m 16 too.”

That was reassuring for Hitoshi’s daze of gay, if nothing else. He dreaded the idea of crushing on a younger student—if someone was in the same age group as the freshmen he’d caught in the library making tik toks behind the shelves, looking irritated when he walked through their film, than his interest quickly dissipated.

“Hmm, just a few years then.” Midnight bent over to prop herself up on the podium, staring at the flustered boy, “Tell me, Izuku, what sport would be more popular if it were played nude?”

Izuku, in a daze, boldly announced, “`Weight lifting.” He then seemed to realize what he had said, blushing a vibrant red color.


“Like a man with muscles, huh?”
Izuku stared at her wide-eyed.

“Any hotties out there you wanna flex for, Izuku? I’m sure if you’re anything like your Daddy, then your stature is deceiving.”

Next to him, Tsukauchi poked at Izuku slightly, a small grin on his face. He whispered something to the boy, and Midnight sprouted a devilish grin.

Izuku timidly held up his arm in a superman stance, flexing the muscle. It was—okay, that was not fair. This boy was t i n y, he had no right being that ripped. Hitoshi felt a warmth stirring in his gut.

Izuku’s face was resembling a strawberry more and more as the seconds went on.

“How delectable.”

Weight lifting was not on the board, but Izuku looked thrilled to have Midnight move on.

The group was able to guess the rest in quick succession, all of them clearly haven given the idea thought before.

The detective said tennis.

All might offered soccer.

Inko suggested Gymnastics.

With a scarlet face, Izuku proposed track, inciting a predatory leer on Midnight’s face.


Though that question was nothing less of a hot mess, things only continued downhill. Midnight called to the board Tsukauchi and Eri next, breaking the order—Hitoshi figured it was because she was saving a particular question for him in order to embarrass him.

The question was worst fears. Though Eri’s answer of ‘the dark’, was number 4 on the board, Tsukauchi got the win for heights, number 2.

All Might’s family, Hitoshi decided, must be the worst contestants to have been on this show.

All Might started it, happily telling Midnight that the answer was, “Failure.” It was on the board, but it set a looming atmosphere.

Inko, a kind smile on her face, tried “abandonment”.

Midoriya, voice laced with a candy-like sweetness, said, “disappointing my friends and family”. The crowd was going silent, but the All Might family was encouragingly calling it a good answer.

They had two xs and Midnight was looking uncomfortable. Tsukauchi looked close to face palming. Midnight, trying to lighten the mood, suggested more artificial fears.

Tsukauchi, the voice of reason, granted her reprieve as he told her “snakes”, which was number 5 on the board.

Midnight warned them that the Present Mic family might be able to steal. All Might gave her a confident grin, and said, “mourning”.

Midnight looked close to tears.

“Looks like the Present Mic family has a chance! Tell me, what’s one of your worst fears?”

Without hesitation, neglecting to use the microphone as opposed to his quirk, Present Mic informed her of the number 1 answer, bugs.


At least, the last round had chaotic good energy as opposed to whatever the fuck the last round was. Midnight called up Hitoshi and Izuku. Hitoshi stalked up to the post, taking note of the excited glint in Izuku’s eyes. Izuku held his hand out for Hitoshi to shake, Midnight cooing over the chivalry. The boy’s hand was warm and small, fitting nicely in Hitoshi’s. The boy in general seemed warm and small—he looked the perfect size to hold. The boy also hit one of Hitoshi’s other marks: despite being small and cute, he could definitely kick his ass. Hitoshi could feel the faint aura of power around him, and well, Hitoshi was willing to admit that the idea of someone who could pin him in seconds letting Hitoshi cuddle him, was never going to stop being a daydream of his.

Hitoshi was pleased to see the flustered look on Izuku’s face as he held onto his hand for a second too long. Midnight huffed, giving their hands a glance. They both pulled away with a hurridly.

“Boys, the top 8 answers are on the board—what traits do people find attractive in their partners?”

Aah, Hitoshi could see why she saved that one for him—she was perverted and wanted to embarrass him as he was her surrogate nephew of sorts.

Izuku buzzed first, Hitoshi moving his hand too lethargically.

“A nice smile!” Izuku said, an answer that made sense for his family. It was the number 3 answer. Izuku fist pumped the air.


Hitoshi answered as well, and unfortunately for any dignity he might have, he addressed his answer to Izuku instead of Midnight.

“Cute butt,” Hitoshi told him.

To his horror, he saw a gold light tracing Izuku’s wrist. Midnight looked delighted, gesturing for the cameras to zoom in.

Izuku looked mortified, an intense blush on his face.

“I-I-I can’t believe you just said that to me on live television” The boy squeaked, and the words traced themselves onto Hitoshi’s wrist.

At least Hitoshi didn’t have to feel bad about the staring? And thinking he was cute? Neither of those sentences were the best things to have on one’s body though.

Midnight cut in, “Oh, young love! Now, as much as I’d love for us to focus on this a little longer, the producers are telling me that we need to finish up the round. I’m sure they’ll be time for the two of you to meet up after the show though!”

Izuku stumbled his way back to his spot, but Hitoshi stood for a moment in shock. Midnight shooed him to his seat. He stood there in a daze, staring at Izuku a little lovestruck—he would have been worried if the same look wasn’t being directed at him.

He wasn’t really paying attention to his family, just barely noting when they got something right. He could see his Dad laughing at him slightly, clearly amused by his lack of body awareness as he took in his soulmate. The round turned to him. He wasn’t really in the game anymore; he was just lost to his thoughts. Eri poked him, trying to get him to answer. Without thinking, staring at Izuku, he said, “freckles”. It wasn’t on the board, but the crowd seemed pleased, and Izuku looked enthused.

Eri’s answer was the last straw (sharing toys), and the chance for the points to be stolen was given to the other team.

All Might went to answer, but Midnight, with a devilish glint in her eye, insisted that she wanted to hear what Izuku had to say.

Hitoshi was pleased that Izuku was staring at him as he answered, stuttering slightly, “tall”.

Hitoshi felt warm, pleasantly so, but his veins seemed to be filled with an icy flame that was sending chills through his body.

His family ended up having more points than All Might’s, but just by a little. His dads got ready to do the fast cash portion of the show, but Hitoshi slipped out with the All Might family.

“I know we didn’t win, but you all did great! I’m very proud!” He heard All Might encourage his family, sounding cheery. The whole family exchanged high fives and little compliments on answer. All Might raised his hand as far up as he could—Hitoshi had assumed he was teasing his son about his height, but Izuku’s seemed to light up with green sparks and—Izuku easily jumped the daunting distance to make a satisfying slap. It was—it was kinda hot, in a weird way. Hot and Cute? God, Hitoshi felt intoxicated, electrified almost.

Hitoshi awkwardly stood off a little bit from them, not wanting to intrude. They didn’t seem to notice him except for Tsukauchi who quickly got Izuku’s attention for him. Izuku waved slightly, looking eager.

Izuku crept over slowly, looking nervous despite his obvious enjoyment. Tsukauchi pulled All Might and Inko away from the two—a wingman amongst his potential parent-in-laws it would seem.

Izuku and Hitoshi stared at each other for a second, not really knowing what to do.

Suddenly, Hitoshi felt a weight flung at him as Izuku hugged him. He felt in it in a blur as he wrapped his arms around the boy, not expecting the sudden contact, but also not surprised by it— it was nice.

The boy pulled back and Hitoshi’s hands fell down to his hips.

Hitoshi only had a moment to consider the feeling of holding the boy before the boy started to ramble apologetically.

“Aaaah, sorry I probably should have asked before I hugged you! I know some people don’t really like it, but you look really cute and nice and pretty, and like you could give a really nice hug and I don’t know, I felt like I really wanted to touch you? And that was a really nice hug, but I still should have asked—”

“I liked it,” Hitoshi interrupted. He had the realization that this is what his dad must feel like when pa got loud.

“I’m glad, that’s a relief! Sorry I’m just really excited! I wasn’t expecting to meet my soulmate!” Izuku’s eyes had a certain glint to them—mischief? excitement? pride? Attraction—as he continued, “Not to mention you’reShinso Hitoshi, right? You were in the top three at the UA sports festival last year! You were so cool!”

Hitoshi’s mouth felt dry. “You thought I was cool?”

“You were so cool. Your power is amazing! It’s perfect for hero work! And you fought really well too when you couldn’t use it! Which makes sense since your dad is the Eraserhead! So awesome!”

Izuku was looking at Hitoshi like he’d hung the stars in the sky and Hitoshi felt almost drunk on it. He was being pulled in by bright analytical eyes, by the keen smile on the boy’s face as Hitoshi spoke.

Feeling flustered by the sudden praise, Hitoshi coughed awkwardly, saying, “Well your dad is All Might, right? I’m surprised you’re not in the hero course with me.”

Hitoshi had a moment to bask in the fact that his comment could quickly make the conversation uncomfortable if that was touchy subject—

“I’m planning to be next year! My quirk was a really late manifestation, so I needed to get the more destructive parts of it down with quirk therapy before I could think about being in a hero course! But I’ve got it pretty under control now! I’m hoping to join the hero program next year, I’ll just have to pass a few tests!”

The boy was thrumming with excitement.

He broke the light hold Hitoshi had on his hips as he rummaged through his pockets. Finding it, he thrusted the object into Hitoshi’s hands, “Here, put your number in my contacts! I mean if you want? I hope you want to, but I don’t want you to feel like you have to—”

Hitoshi quickly put in his information, titling the contact as, “Toshi ;)”. He handed over his own phone, looking as Izuku saved his name under “its baby :o”, with his full name in the business part of the contact. Hitoshi looked at the contact and decisively not at the boy who’d just, with forced nonchalance, grabbed his hand. The boy was looking away as he threaded their fingers together slightly, clearly embarrassed.

“Midoriya? Like your hair—”

“Well, we can’t really take dad’s last name? It’s not well-known, but using my mom’s maiden name kinda adds another layer of safety?”

The two stood awkwardly for a moment again, excited anticipation hanging in the air around them.

“Do you wanna go—"

“Do you want to maybe—”

They both started at the same time. Izuku giggled.

 Hitoshi tried again, “Would you like to go out? There’s a cat café really close by, if you want.”

Izuku gave him a blinding smile, nodding happily. “You need to go finish the show back on stage, right? I’ll ask my parents if we can go while you’re gone?”

Hitoshi nodded, reluctant to leave. Izuku slipped his hand away, looking a little sad about it. He pulled himself away to start back towards the stage, hoping Midnight wouldn’t embarrass him too much for the disappearance. He felt a tug on his wrist as he started to walk away. He turned back towards Midoriya who yanked on his arm gently but with force. Surprised, Hitoshi was bent over slightly as he was tugged down. Midoriya kissed his cheek, flushed bright red, and skittishly told him he’d see him in a bit.

Hitoshi walked back onto stage, a hand still over the place Midoriya had kissed. He could tell his face was bright red, but he was too happy to pay much mind to the teasing of his parents and Midnight as he walked back on stage.