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Ringing Softly

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In the soft light of the setting sun, Wen Qing observed the woman gently sleeping against her shoulder with a soft smile. The cave was far from an ideal place to sleep but there was very little choice in their situation. She pressed a gentle kiss against the younger woman’s dark hair as she mumbled in her sleep.

She gently ran a finger along the ribbon that hung down from where it was tied in a bow across her companion’s chest. A soft pink that suited her gentle complexion. Qing’s gentle smile turned sad as her hand found the silver bell, engraved with a delicate nine-petalled lotus and with a lilac tassel hanging from it. The Yunmeng Jiang sect motif. A sect wiped out not long before.

Jiang Yanli was one of the few survivors, and the third that Qing had been in the company of since then. But it was Yanli that she cared for most - so fiercely that she had risked her own life to ensure she was safe.

“I’ll protect you,” she whispered softly before resting her head against Yanli’s.

Bell a heavy weight in her palm she let her eyes fluttered closed, relaxed by the breathing of her beloved beside her as she felt into a light slumber.