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Rising Sun

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Almost four years had passed since Idara's birth and Honeymaren's rebirth as a vampire. Time seemed to stand still in some ways, but in others it flew by. There was finally a peace between the two packs, as well as an updated understanding with the Arendelles. Yelana had petitioned the council to allow the vampires access to their lands, though mostly so she could see Idara. Brian and Yara had moved back to the reservation, much to Honeymaren's delight. Ryder and Seth had moved into Honeymaren's old apartment, mostly to give Leah a break from their nightly activities. Cassandra had budged very little on her stance about being imprinted upon and was thankful that Leah was indeed respecting her need for time and space. Rapunzel had actually struck out on her own to explore the world, coming back every few months, but otherwise just sending pictures of her living her best after-life.

The only lingering concern was Idara. She was now the approximate size and mental development of a 14 year-old. For obvious reasons she was kept at home, educated by her parents and family, but Elsa worried about when she would want more from life. She did not want her daughter to feel imprisoned and she was reaching the age where she would definitely want to stretch her wings.


"So, let me get this straight" thunk "you were around in a time before cell phones!?!

Cassandra chuckled and parried away Idara's blow from her wooden sword "What is it with kids and their obsessions with technology? Back in my time, Leonardo DaVinci was our version of Bill Gates or Steve Jobs."

Idara rolled her eyes, going in for a jab with the wooden sword. "And what is it with old people and their obsession with our love of technology?"

" You brought it up!" Cassandra laughed "Don't lose focus, Idara!"

Idara charged at her and swung the sword in a wide arc, only to be blocked by Cassandra's yet again. "I am focusing!"

"No. You're holding back, distracted!" Cassandra growled, shoving the girl away. "I said... Focus!" she launched her attack, a well practiced series of complicated and intricate sword movements.

Idara backed up on her toes like Cassandra had taught her, keeping her focus on deflecting her attacks, but soon enough she fell back to the ground, her sword flung from her hand into the grass nearby with Cassandra's pointed at her chest. She huffed, "It's not like I'm going to be in a sword fight any time soon... Not with anyone but you."

Cassandra scoffed "Well, it might be a dead art, but you never know. Maybe you can go to college on a fencing scholarship?"

Idara got back to her feet and picked up her sword with a snort, "Sure, whatever. Because I'm totally going to college and all that." She huffed, swinging the sword through the air angrily, "Assuming I don't just hit thirty by the end of freshmen year, or sixty by the time I graduate." She slashed at Cass, "Maybe I can get a few years of graduate school in before I die, huh?" She growled as she swung her sword, hard and fast.

"Whoa, there, tiger... I meant nothing by it," Cassandra took a step back at the fury of Idara's offensive moves.

Idara kept going, fighting through her feelings rather than speaking them any more. She came at Cassandra with everything she had, her skin tingling with the fire inside of her, feeling much like she was about to explode. "It's not fair! " She grunted with a final blow, breathing hard.

Cassandra actually fell over at the strength of the last blow, her sword knocked from her hand, crawling back on her hands over the forest floor. "Idara... stop!"

Idara threw her sword to the ground and heaved her breaths in and out, heavy and fast. Her anger boiled up inside her, feeling like it was going to burst out of her chest.

Rapunzel stepped out of the cabin, having felt the rage all the way through its walls. She tip-toed toward them with a cautious smile. "Hi there, maybe it's time for a break, hm?"

Cassandra looked up at Idara, not willing to take her eyes off her lest she have another outburst, "Yeah... that's probably a good idea, Raps..."

Rapunzel nodded, "Are you hungry, Idara? We've got some food."

Idara huffed, coming down a little. "Food would be good... but I'd rather go hunting. Can we go hunt?"

"That's a great idea... Maybe we should call your moms, make it a family outing." Rapunzel offered gently. She could sense that Idara was struggling with control, puberty was already starting to hit her like a truck.

Idara shrugged, "Fine. Whatever. I just wanna kill something."

Rapunzel nodded slowly "Okay... yeah, they're definitely coming with us." she grabbed her cell phone and quickly texted Elsa to get to her cabin as quickly as possible.


Elsa ran with Honeymaren through the woods to where Rapunzel and Cassandra were staying. She instantly saw that Idara was struggling. Worse than usual. It was hard enough dealing with the physical and emotional changes of being a human teenager, but shouldering the fact that she was half vampire and aging almost four times faster than expected? "Idara, what's going on?"

Honeymaren stuck to Elsa's side, trying to mask her worry, though she wasn't doing so well with it. 

Idara rolled her eyes, "I'm fine , can we just go hunt already?"

Elsa nodded "Of course, Dar. Where would you like to go?"

Idara huffed, "I dunno... I just wanna find something that'll put up a fight."

Elsa looked over at Honeymaren with a soft smile "Well, we know where you get your spirit from... Your mother wanted to take on a grizzly not 3 minutes after she woke up."

"Ugh, moooooom ..." 

Honeymaren snorted, shaking her head. "Alright, let's get some grizzly in you, Hangry-Pants."

Elsa chased after Idara, and while was not as fast as her parents, Idara's anger and emotions seemed to fuel her, urge her forward, but her movements were erratic, unpredictable.

Honeymaren chased after Idara, concerned for her. She caught the scent of a grizzly just as soon as Idara made a sharp turn in her movements, and she knew she'd caught the scent, too. 

Idara darted after the scent, letting her anger fuel her movements until she was acting on pure instinct. She had more control than most vampires since she could eat both human food or blood, so her cravings weren’t as intense, but that didn't mean she couldn't give in to the cravings every once and a while when she wanted to. Right now, she wanted nothing more than to let that part of herself reign. Reign, it did. 


As soon as the grizzly came into sight, Idara gave herself over to the beast inside of her. Much to her surprise, the anger that felt like it would burst out of her skin did exactly that. She surprised both herself and the bear as she leapt toward it, landing on four paws instead of two feet. She dove at the bear and sunk her canines into its neck, too hungry and too angry to truly feel the shock of what she'd just done.

Elsa stopped dead in her tracks when she saw her daughter shift. She turned to Honeymaren, too shocked to speak.

Cassandra stopped a ways away from Elsa and Honeymaren "What the fuck?"

Honeymaren watched as her daughter, now a wolf, fought and easily killed a grizzly right in front of them. "I... have to echo Cassandra's reaction. Idara... sweetheart?" She stepped closer. 

The grizzly was barely moving now, Idara was drinking her fill. As she heard her mother's voice, she looked up and over her shoulder, licking her bloody muzzle as the realization of what had just happened dawned on her. She looked down at herself, covered in pure white, and shifted her weight from paw to paw, unsure what exactly to do with herself. She let out a little whine.

Elsa held up her hands "It's okay, baby... try to stay calm." she sighed "We need Leah." the words caught in her throat a little, but if Idara was to join anyone, she would rather it be Leah's than Sam's pack.

Honeymaren nodded slowly, "I'll go find her. You all, stay with Idara." She rushed off into the woods, looking for Leah, for any sign of her scent or her pack. "Leah!" She called out.

Leah heard Honeymaren and jogged over to her "Hey, Mare... you okay? You look pale as a ghost!"

Honeymaren rushed to Leah, "I need your help. Idara, she just... phased. Please, come help?"

Leah straightened up, the joking look instantly falling from her face. "Of course, lead the way." She took off running after Honeymaren. It didn't take long to get back to where the others were. When Leah saw the young wolf standing in the clearing, shaking on unsteady feet, she instantly held up her hands "Idara... it's okay... you're okay. Try to calm down." When it became clear that Idara was not calming down she knew what she had to do. She ripped off her outer layers and shifted into her wolf form and stood firm "Idara, breathe through it. I know this is scary. You can control it."

Idara stared at the wolf before her, her legs trembling beneath her. She'd seen Leah and the others in wolf form, but she had never thought, never imagined it would have happened to her. How am I like this? What the hell is happening?!

Leah shook her head "I have no idea how this is possible. But your mother is descended from the Quileute tribe, so it would make sense that her magic is in your blood, you are half-mortal after all."

Idara scratched at the ground impatiently, "So what, I'm a werewolf now? But also part vampire? I'm a freak!"

"No, you're not a freak. You come from a long line of mighty warriors. I know it’s scary right now, but it will be okay. Let's try to have you shift back, I'm sure your mothers want to talk with you." Leah kept her tone calm and neutral "If you need any help with this transition, please come to me, or Seth and Ryder can help you, too. We're your family also, and we look out for our own."

"How do I shift back?" She asked, giving a little snort of frustration. Everything kept changing, and always too fast. Far too fast. It was all she could do to keep up with life.

"Just, try to calm yourself, control your emotions. Imagine yourself as a human. But, perhaps go find a bush or tree to hide behind, when you shift back you'll be naked." Leah responded simply.

Idara huffed a little, "Great..." She found a little clutch of bushes and curled up, closing her eyes as she tried to imagine herself in her human form. She felt a shift, something deep within her that changed, and when she opened her eyes, she was herself again. She peeked up over the edge of the bush. "Can I have a coat? Or something?"

Elsa sighed in relief to see Idara back in human form. She immediately pulled off her jacket and took it over to her "Raps, can you go grab clothes from the cabin?" Her sister nodded and shot off in a flash.

Leah stayed in her wolf form, none of her clothing caches were close by and so far she had been very good about giving Cassandra her space, but now under these circumstances she had to break from that. She allowed herself to take a short look over at her before she quickly bounded away with a sad huff.

Cassandra couldn't help but watch the interaction between the wolves with a certain awe. It still made her mad when she thought of Leah imprinting on her and she still felt rather indifferent to her, but it warmed her heart, seeing Leah helping Idara, who she loved and thought of like her own niece, so much so that she even stayed behind when Rapunzel decided to go off on her own adventures.

Honeymaren noted the glance, but she couldn't blame Cassandra. She pitied Leah, to a point, but Cass really had no obligation to feel anything. If it was meant to be, perhaps it would happen in time. They had an eternity to figure it out. Or not. 

"It's okay, Idara. We're here for you." Honeymaren assured her.

Elsa nodded "I can't imagine what you must be feeling, and your mom is right, we are all here to help."

Idara whined, "Why me? Wasn't life already complicated enough?!"

Rapunzel returned with clothes and Idara dressed herself, emerging from the bushes with a pout.

Elsa sighed softly "Come here, love." she held out her arm to hug her.

Idara tucked her chin and rushed into her mother's embrace, and Honeymaren wrapped her arms around the both of them. "I'm sorry, sweetheart. If we could find a way to make this easier on you, we would. But we're here for you."

Idara sighed, exhausted. "Can we just go home?"

"Of course" Elsa walked on one side of Idara, holding her hand gently, trying to be comforting as possible, but she was in way over her head. All she could do was be there for Idara in whatever way she needed.

Honeymaren walked on the other side of their daughter, escorting her back to their home. What was there to say? She couldn't imagine going through everything Idara was going through, and so quickly.


Once they got Idara home and into bed, Elsa sat with Honeymaren in the living room “just when I thought things were getting sorted out...” she shook her head softly. "So it seems that she inherited your family's ability... guess it skipped a couple generations. It makes sense that her vampire side would trigger her wolf gene though."

Honeymaren thought for a moment, "You did say vampirism amplifies what's already there... our family does have the gene, just not directly through me or my mother." She rubbed her face, "Poor thing can't catch a break. There's got to be someone else out there like her, there just has to be. If we could find them, maybe we could get some answers..."

“Maybe... we have to try at least. Maybe we can enlist some of our friends from around the world? Bring them in to meet her and then they can search for answers where they’re from? It would help us cover a lot more distance.”

Honeymaren nodded, "Mom might have some contacts from Guatemala and some other places she's been."

“That’s a good idea, too. I don’t know if I feel comfortable with having her use her own information... a human poking around in the supernatural? Might raise some flags. Maybe she can travel under an alias? I know people who can handle that.”

Honeymaren nodded, "And maybe if she took one of the pack with her for protection, or one of us."

Elsa nodded “perhaps Seth and Ryder? I was thinking we should pay Aurora a visit in Alaska and I’d feel better if we went together.”

"That sounds perfect." Honeymaren smiled, "I'd like to get to know our cousins better."

“It would be nice to see them again. We can bring Idara, I’m sure she’d like to get out and stretch her legs a little, all she’s known is this.” Elsa rubbed her thumb along the back of Honeymaren’s hand.

Honeymaren nodded, "I'm sure she's getting cabin fever... It's not like she really gets to meet new people very often."

“I feel guilty, it’s for her safety that we can’t let her out but the fewer people who know about her the better. At least until she stops growing.”

Honeymaren nodded, "I know she knows that, but I remember being that young... It's no cakewalk. Now she has to worry about wolfing out on top of all of this..."

Elsa sighed “true, it’s hard enough being a teen. There was no way for us to know she would be able to turn.”

Honeymaren nodded, "Still... I wish there was a way we could make it easier on her."

Elsa sighed again "Well, all we can do is take things one step at a time and try to do the next right thing for her."

Honeymaren nodded, "I just wish we could do more. I'll always wish that."

Elsa held Honeymaren close "Well, we have a plan and tomorrow we can drive to Alaska. Do you want to call your mom and aunt, fill them in on what happened today? Maybe they can start digging around your tribe's lore while we're gone?"


Elsa spent the rest of the night coordinating with her family, filling them in on the plan. Between them they could cover a lot of ground and they had many, many close acquaintances. The biggest issue was deciding who was trustworthy enough to tell about Idara. They were in uncharted territory and the fear of the unknown and fear of the Volturi was very strong.