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Then there was dark.

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It had been a warm day.

Sunlight gradually greeting the earth with a soft hand, caressing the ground with a warm touch. I gazed outwards from my porch, a rotten platform of timber beneath my cold feet. There was never much to see. My house overlooked a road, a simple two-way street on the outskirts of a place that once would have been called a town. Now? It truly is the decadence of age that kills off anything. A haven of the past. The road was predominantly empty, as per usual. A few cars every now and again, nothing more, nothing less. I stared. To others, they may have found me strange. But there were no others. Until there was. A person that held the figure of a young girl stood on the side of the road, stepping slowly forward. It had been quick. A matter of seconds. I cried out and my chair fell in dismay. A truck of some unidentifiable origin raced past, not slowing for the girl. She was gone. Gone. Gone...? My thoughts dilute.




I wake up with a casual shiver, sitting up from my couch where I must have dozed off. It was dark, a deep ebony blue against the artificial light that seeped upwards. A dream? Vividly recollecting, I run my fingers through my hair in thought. Screeching, pain, cacophony, dissonance. A dirge for a murder of crows. A disgusting crack rang out, wet and soft against the screech of tires. Racing to the window, floorboards shrieking, I stare out into the dark. Illuminated by the single street light in the void of night, a truck had skidded to a stop, the driver dialing a number while beside a person that held the figure of a young girl, that lay languid against the shuddering earth. My breath froze in my mouth.