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Pride before Fall

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You sit high on your imaginary throne,

Believing truly you have nothing to atone

But be careful how you rule

And d on’t play me for a fool


Pride before fall

Man it gets us all

Pride before fall

But only when you’re standing tall


Careful how you control me

Caution what you use

Make a wrong choice and see

I’m not afraid to bruise


Pride before fall

You’ll see it gets us all

Pride before fall

Always when you’re standing tall


Remember all that you have said

It’s the difference between alive or dead

Remember all you burn

Now it’s your turn


You made me cause pain, made me insane, made us the same

I remember it all, now it’s your turn to fall

Your pride and your lies , n ow watch me fight


Pride before fall

Karma gets us all

Pride before fall

You’re no longer standing tall