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Perfectly Natural

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The next morning, Will almost couldn’t convince himself to leave his room. He lay in his bed, toying with his perfect, dark blue Robot figurine, indulging himself in a bitter fantasy where it was the real Robot in his hands. He scratched his tender inner arm with the figure’s tiny claws and swallowed heavily when the sting stirred deep, terrible longing. What’s wrong with me?


Before he could go any further, he rolled himself upright, set the little robot next to its partner, and escaped.


He moved his gifts into his room with quiet efficiency, stepping lightly so he wouldn’t wake the rest of the house, and sat down to some breakfast. It was a relief when John emerged shortly after with a muzzy ‘G’mornin’”, helping Will to focus on something other than his own misery.


"Where are we going today?" he asked when John had finished setting up the coffee maker.


"No chores today," John said, leaning back against the counter and pinching sleep out of his eyes. "You're off the hook for the weekend." He held up a cautionary finger. "As long as you do your homework and, I don't know, clean your room?" He leaned back and called down the hall, where Maureen was presumably awake, "Do we still tell Will to clean his room?"


"Dad," Will complained. "No, you don't. Besides, I have about ten things in my room. There's nothing to clean."


"Okay, cool. So yeah, take a load off. Join a sport. Go to the market. Binge watch some cartoons. Do whatever makes you happy. I am going to drink coffee and then spend some time with my smokin' hot wife."


"Oh, gross, TMI."


"You don't have someone you'd like to spend time with?" John asked with a sly grin. 


Robot immediately popped into Will's mind, and all the things that they could do together. He hurriedly forced himself to picture something else, afraid that Robot might pick up on the direction of his thoughts. 


“Not really,” he muttered, struggling with his annoyance. The one time he wanted John to drag him off to some tedious day of labour… 


If he stayed home, he’d have to actively avoid Robot or push him away. Same for most of the locations around the colony. He’d definitely follow Will to the quarry, and if Will took a chance on the market and Robot came after him, that would aggravate the already high tensions. He needed to go somewhere that Robot didn’t want to go, and would only go to if Will explicitly told him to.


Ah. He knew just the place.


“I’ll see if Gideon’s up to anything,” he said.


“Gideon?” John repeated, blinking, his grin falling. “I thought you had--ah, never mind. Sure. He’s a good kid. Most of the time.”


“Yeah.” Will finished eating and stood to leave. “Thanks for the day off.”


“Happy birthday.” John winked.


Back in his room, Will found his comm and flopped onto his bed. He sent a voice call.


Gideon picked up after a few seconds. “Hey,” he greeted, his voice a little rough. 


“Hey, Gid.” Suddenly nervous, Will wet his lips. “Sorry, did I wake you up?”


“Maybe. I thought I was dreaming.”


“Oh. Um, I know it’s early, but… can I come over? I need to get out of my house.” And go somewhere Robot wouldn’t want to go.


There was a moment of silence, enough for Will to worry that Gideon was trying to think of a way to say no, and then he said, “Of course, mate. When you gonna get here?”


Relieved, Will sighed and relaxed. “I don’t know. I need a shower and then it’s about a half hour to walk. Maybe an hour? Is that okay?”


“Yeah, I’ll see if Les can take my shift at the greenhouse. If not, you might have to chill while I make my rounds.”


“That’s okay. Maybe I can help out.”


“You want to? Not gonna lie, there’s like a 0.4 percent chance that Les will actually say yes, and 87 percent chance that he’ll nerf me for asking.”


Will laughed. “Yeah, don’t ask. I’ll try to help.”


“Sick. Then don’t bother with a shower, you’ll be sweaty as hell by the time we’re done.” He paused. “Is, uh, Robot going to be with you?”


Will winced. “No.”


“Fuckin’-A.” Will could hear Gideon’s grin. “Then, yeah, come to the greenhouse. I’ll be there.”


“See you soon.”


When he’d terminated the call, Will smiled at his plain white ceiling. Even with everything else falling apart, at least he had a good friend.




Will found Gideon in the soy room, sitting amongst some cross beams about four meters above the floor and working on the ancient climate control computer. He didn’t notice Will at first, so Will took advantage of his distraction to get over the initial gut lurch of seeing his familiar features. The sharp cheeks and dark, deep eyes narrowed in concentration continued to remind Will of Ben despite the many weeks of their friendship, and the reminder carried a sting. 


Ben didn’t have any piercings , he reminded himself. His hair was shorter. He didn’t smile as much. He… wore more clothes. Will’s gaze travelled down to Gideon’s lean torso, gleaming with moisture in the humid atmosphere, muscles stretching and flexing as he reached up to adjust something. He quickly dropped his eyes, even more uncomfortably warm than the heating system would account for.


After a few breaths to shake off the discomfort, Will cleared his throat.


Gideon glanced down with an easy smile. “Hey,” he called. “You made it.”


“Yeah. Can I help with anything?”


“Just a minute.” Gideon fiddled with something else, clicked a cover back into place, and then climbed deftly down from his perch. When he’d alighted next to Will, he brought up his comm and entered something. A moment later, a motor near the ceiling grumbled to life and a large array stuttered into motion. The array, which extended the width of the long, narrow room, jerked along a track. When it reached the first bed of soy plants, it hissed and spat out a mist of water. “Sweet,” he murmured, grinning at Will. “It’ll work again for another week. Maybe.”




Gideon stood for a long few breaths, his warm amber stare pinning Will in place. Then he gave his head a little shake. “Right. I gotta do a few things, and then we'll go chill in my shop.”


“Cool,” Will said again. “What can I do?”


“I dunno. How’re your muscles, mate?” Gideon stepped into Will’s personal space and squeezed one of his biceps. He smirked when Will flexed. “Not bad,” he said, his voice lowering. “I suppose I can put you to work, then. Ready to get dirty?”


“Ah…” Will smiled a little in response, glad that Gideon found him acceptable and more than a little nervous at the sudden closeness. He stepped back and looked down at himself. Expecting to do some labour, he’d worn his usual simple colony-provided clothing: the ubiquitous white t-shirt and loose trousers. “Yeah, I guess.”


“Sick. Then we’re moving compost.”


About an hour and a half later, Will sagged onto the edge of a raised garden bed and mopped his face and neck with his filthy shirt. Now he knew why Gideon went around topless when he worked; between the temperature, humidity, and physical labour, he was completely drenched in sweat. 


“I should get a picture of this for my dad,” he commented raggedly, gesturing at the building full of garden beds that they’d topped up with compost. “He made a big deal out of giving me the weekend off.”


“Pft, that was like a weekend off,” Gideon scoffed where he sat nearby. “At least you weren’t here for the sheep manure. It is literally the shits.”


"Oh, gross." 


Gideon straightened. "Come on, if you stop moving you're gonna stiffen up. There're some showers near the office. We'll hit them and then go eat."


"Yeah, okay." Will held up his filthy shirt, already cringing at the thought of putting it back on. "Can I borrow a shirt?"


Laughing, Gideon started away.


Will stared after him for a moment and then jolted into motion, jumping to his feet to follow. “W-wait. Was that a yes?”


The hothouse showers were divided into small stalls, reminding Will of the school gym. Gideon dug a scratchy towel out of a cupboard and a small bottle of soap from his own bag, and shooed Will into one of the stalls. “Don’t take too long,” he advised. “The water gets cold fast.” 


Will nodded and went to close the stall door, but Gideon hadn’t moved from where he leaned against the door jamb. He stood there, his arms crossed, a gentle curve to his lips, his eyes heavy-lidded and a bit of colour in his cheeks where they weren’t dusted with soil.


“Yeah?” Will asked. “What is it?”


“Do you want…” Gideon started, but trailed off. He backed away and nodded toward another stall. “Ah, never mind. I’ll be right over there if you need anything.”


“All right. Thanks.” Will couldn’t think of anything he’d need while showering, but appreciated the sentiment. He half-smiled and swung the door closed.


When he’d finished and pulled his filthy trousers back on over his damp skin, he wondered why he’d bothered at all. He still felt dirty and sticky.


There was no help for it, though. He stepped out, giving his hair another rough towelling. When he’d wrung all the moisture he could manage out of it, he looked up and once again found Gideon staring at him. He sprawled on a nearby bench, already dressed, black hair in damp chunks.


Goosebumps rose on Will's arms and chest as Gideon continued to stare. He held his towel close to his stomach protectively, unnerved by the darkness in Gideon’s gaze. “Um, you okay?”


“Yeah, mate,” Gideon sighed. He looked away and slowly stood, angling his back to Will and tugging absently on the leg of his trousers. “Just starving. Let's get out of here."


"And, uh, do you have a shirt I can wear?" Will buckled his comm onto his wrist and then plucked his disgusting, now grey, shirt off the hook inside his stall, nose wrinkling.


"Do you need one? It's a warm day."


"Er." Will tried to figure out why the concept of wandering around topless disconcerted him. Maybe years of being on hostile planets and ships had made him uncomfortable without layers of clothes protecting him. "I, um, guess not?"




They made their way out of the hot house and crossed to Gideon's home under the unusually clear sky and orange eye of Proxima Centauri. Will shivered and hugged himself when the air hit him and immediately dried his bare skin. He tried not to draw attention to his chill, though, afraid of Gideon's scorn.


He paused when they reached Gideon's yard, reminded of the last time; sitting in the rain, awkward and hurt from Gideon's mother's outburst, and comforted by Robot's silent presence. Wincing, he pressed a palm against the ache in his chest. 


We'll be that close again one day , he assured himself. Once I get this all figured out. 


Gideon didn't seem to notice; he trudged to his shed and keyed it open, and then disappeared inside.


Will followed into the familiar workspace, welcomed by the smells of solder and ozone and cologne, the bright light, the tall shelves and giant green cushion, the robotic hand and dirty poster. The debris across Gideon's table had changed; he seemed to be working on some chips now, rather than hardware. 


Gideon had already crouched down by his fridge. He stood when Will entered, two colas in one hand, a bag of dried meat in the other. "Hungry?"


"Oh, ah, do you have anything non-meat?"


"Wait, you're a vegetarian?" Gideon blinked at him. "Shit, how did I not know that? Yeah, just a sec, mate. Sit down."


Will collapsed onto the giant green cushion with a groan and let his head fall back. "You do this every weekend?"


"Hah, yeah, it's why I'm so ripped."


A bag of veggie snacks dropped onto Will's stomach, followed by a freezing cold bottle. He yelped and bolted upright as Gideon laughed and settled beside him. 


"You wanna watch something?" Gideon asked, tipping his cola toward his computer. 




Gideon did something on his comm and the shed's lights dimmed and his computer came to life, projecting a menu on the wall. He scrolled through to a sub menu labeled "Boring Tutorials." When it opened, he scrolled through files with names like, "Complex Computer Shit," "How To Do That Thing," and "Just Kill Me, It's So Damn Boring." He finally landed on, "AI for Fucking Idiots," flashed a smirk at Will, and selected it.


An Artificial Intelligence tutorial? Will wondered. Cool.


"You like robots, right?" Gideon asked as the video started with the production information and a heavy rock soundtrack. 


"Yeah, sure--wait, what's--"


As Will watched in growing consternation, the title in metallic font scrolled across the screen: Transfornicators 1.


The movie opened on a dark junkyard and a young man slowly pedaling a bicycle past piles of scrap metal. "I can't believe someone stole my car," he muttered. "I just got it! My dad's going to kill me. Sam Wet-dicky, you have to get your car back--" He rounded a corner and skidded to a halt. The wheels of his bike slipped out from under him and he fell awkwardly to what appeared to be a gym mat covered in a thin layer of sand. "Oh my God," he cried, his gaze looking at something towering over him. "What the fuck is that?!"


"Gid?" Will asked worriedly. "What did you put on?"


"Shh." Gideon waved him down. "It's about to get good."


The scene cut to show a large black, silver, and yellow robot standing over the fallen man. 


Another, larger robot thudded onto the scene, gleaming blue and red. "The human has seen your true form, Rumblebee," it said in a deep, electronic voice. "You know what to do."


"Let the human go?" Sam whimpered


Rumblebee stepped closer and the song "Let's Get It On" began to play.


Will swallowed heavily as the scene unfolded: Rumblebee pinned a struggling Sam to the ground with one giant mechanical hand and slowly stripped his clothing off with the other. When he was naked, lean brown limbs flailing, Rumblebee's armour cracked open and something suspiciously phallic emerged from the region between its legs. 


Will couldn't help a snort of shocked disbelief. He looked to Gideon, sure that this was a joke, but Gideon continued watching, a smirk curling his lip as the light from the movie played over his sharp features. 


The huge phallus spurted some kind of fluid over Sam's body. He squawked. "What is this?!"


"/I'll oil you up and rub you down, down, down, down,/" played from Rumblebee as he smeared the fluid all over Sam's gleaming stomach and groin.


"Oh…" Sam groaned loudly. His struggles ceased for a moment and he thrust up against Rumblebee's slick palm. "Wh-what are you doing to me?" he panted. " What are you?"


"/You got a fast car,/" Rumblebee sang in a whiskey voice. 


Will stared, his pulse throbbing and attention fixated on Sam's glistening erection where it jutted up against his flat belly, visible only in flashes as Rumblebee's hand moved over him.


What would that feel like? 


Flesh hot and tight with eager blood and sizzling nerves--chilled by the stroke of cold, hard metal...


"Why are you doing this?" Sam cried.


"/I need to hear the sweet sound of your moan/," Rumblebee crooned. It lifted one of Sam's legs and the video zoomed in on his… his butt.


"Uh… um," Will stuttered, tearing his eyes away from the perfectly round globes of Sam's buttocks and the dark gap between them. Again, he looked to Gideon, expecting him to start laughing as the scene became more intense, but he seemed engrossed, his eyes half-lidded, sprawled back in quiet repose, completely cool.


"Rumblebee is going to interface with you," explained the blue and red robot. "This will help us win the battle for Earth."


"H-how?" Will spluttered.


"I know, right?" Gideon snickered. "Any excuse to fuck."


Rumblebee rubbed a thick finger along Sam's dark cleft and slowly pushed as his other hand continued rubbing. Sam moaned. Loudly. He clawed at the dusty ground and tossed his head, apparently enjoying himself. 


Will almost covered his eyes in chagrin. Blood roared in his ears and rushed everywhere else.


He shifted uncomfortably, his trousers getting tight, painfully aware of Gideon's proximity. Would he notice? No, he had better things to do than look at Will. 


The situation reminded him of that night with Robot only a few weeks ago, when they had-- And then Will had--


Ah, he was burning all over! 


Sam was whimpering and groaning and the blue and red robot was murmuring, "Yeah, eat it with your ass, human," as Rumblebee moved on to line up his much larger phallus with Sam's, um, orifice--all of it in high definition. 


Will twisted away from Gideon, his face absolutely on fire and his stomach twisting. He tried to focus somewhere else, but the sounds !--


The sound of flesh slapping against metal and the slurping , and the panting and the little cries-- He couldn't block it out. 


What would that even feel like? Sam seemed to like it. A lot. Just like Doctor Who in the last video. 


Was it... good?


He couldn't keep his eyes away; they kept sliding back to the screen and the very visible, very stretched entrance.


Gideon chuckled under his breath.


Will unintentionally flashed a glance at him and froze when he caught Gideon's dark, intense stare, focused not on the video, but on him .


"Like what you see, mate?" he asked, and brought his cola bottle to his lips.


Will watched him drink, painfully aware of Gideon's mouth, sharp jaw, long throat, the muscles cording on his bare, deceptively lean arms. The sight of him mingled with the action on screen, the intense sounds, and the awful pulsing of Will's body. He envisioned… something. The pressure of skin-on-skin, the sensation of someone touching him. He prickled all over, goosebumps traveling in riotous waves.


It's happening again! Will snapped his attention back to the screen. Panicked thoughts circled his mind, trailed by exclamation points. Gideon's my friend! He's so cool and awesome! He wouldn't think of me that way!


Did he want Gideon to think of him that way? He didn't even know what way that was. All those relationship books had dribbled out of his head, replaced by the sight of fake Optimus Prime snapping and declaring that he needed relief, and would Rumblebee please get on his hands and knees so Optimus could get at his shiny metal ass? 


When they began slamming together with a great deal of screeching metal and breathy electronic moans, Will finally surrendered.


"C-could we watch something else?" he asked nervously, hands squirming in his lap. He cringed, expecting Gideon to tease him. Was it childish that he didn't want to watch this? That he couldn't… handle it?


But Gideon just chuckled warmly again. "Yeah, sure, it's your birthday. What do you want?"


"Um." Will racked his mind for something Gideon might also enjoy. An Artificial Intelligence tutorial?


After a long moment of not knowing what to say, Gideon nudged a knee against Will's thigh, making him jump. When he glared, he was again captured by Gideon's intense attention, and any annoyance was overcome by just… some kind of need.


"I don't know," he managed in a small voice. 


"It's chill, mate. Maybe something funny." Gideon worked on his comm again, navigated to the colony network, and found something. An unfamiliar cartoon came on, and even with Will's limited knowledge he could tell that it was parodying other shows. 


"Thanks, Gid," Will breathed in relief. "Sorry." 


He dared to look at him, expecting him to be irritated. 


Instead, Gideon smirked at him. "You're so fucking cute, it kills me," he said. 


"Wh-what?" Will stuttered, feeling light headed. Cute?!


"Hey, I got you something." Before Will could wrap his head around the comment, Gideon twisted and reached down for something tucked between the giant cushion and the fridge. "Happy birthday," he said, depositing a fabric bag on Will's lap.


"Oh, you didn't have to get me anything." The pressure against his groin was distractingly pleasant--he hurriedly shifted the bag down his thighs.


"I know." Gideon shrugged and leaned back, hands lacing behind his head. "No big deal--it's mostly for me."


"Uh. Okay?" Confused, but too distracted to figure it out, Will dug in. 


He found a bag full of sloppily folded clothes in various shades and styles, most of it soft and just a bit worn around the edges.


"Your hand-me-downs?" he asked, relieved to discover that Gideon hadn't gotten him anything that Will couldn't possibly pay back. He held up a pair of black pants decorated with metal rivets, noting that they would fit much slimmer than his own. 


"I've been dying to get you out of those damn colony threads you've been rocking," Gideon admitted. "Whatever doesn't fit, you can just pass along or sell."


"Thanks." Will dug deeper and found a faded blue shirt with SEED OF LIFE emblazoned on the front. "This is why you didn't give me something to wear."


"Hah, yeah, totally," Gideon said to the ceiling.


Will untied his boots, kicked them off, and struggled out of the cushion, the shirt and trousers dangling from his hand. He pulled the shirt on over his head and tugged it down to his waist, surprised by the softness. He glanced back at Gideon, found him watching the video, and turned away to push his damp pants down. 


They caught on his ankle and he had to hop a few times, blushing hotly at his own clumsiness. Once he'd gotten them off, he left them in a pile and shimmied into the new ones. They hugged his legs, feeling a little strange after however long of wearing loose utility pants or sweats, but fit well enough. He zipped them up, straightened his new shirt, and turned once again.


This time, Gideon was staring at him, his expression unreadable, red shading his high cheekbones.


“Does it look okay?” Will asked, nervously smoothing the material over his hips. He probably looked like an idiot in Gideon’s hand-me-downs, like a kid trying on his big brother’s clothes.


“Not really,” Gideon said softly. Will had a second to wince, hurt, and then Gideon continued, “You look fucking hot.”


“U-um, what?” Will blinked, cold with shock.


“I mean, shit, Will…” Gideon ruffled his hair and glared at something across the room. “Do you wanna go out?”


“Out? Out where?” Will glanced at the door, deeply confused. Maybe Gideon was bored?


“No, I mean. Out ." Gideon's arm waved in some indecipherable gesture. "With me . Like--” He lunged to his feet and closed the gap between them in a long stride. He clasped Will’s upper arms, his hands hot on the chilled skin, the sweet spice of his cologne tickling Will's nose. His expression shifted between an angry scowl and a worried frown, his amber eyes glossy, rimmed in red. 


Will froze, wondering what he’d done to make Gideon lash out.


“Like this.” Then Gideon pulled him closer, his fingers digging into Will’s arms, and ducked his head to press his lips onto Will’s slack mouth.


He’s kissing me?!


Surprised, Will tried to turn his head, but Gideon caught the back of his skull in a strong hand to hold him still. His lips were soft and warm and moving, and a faint tang of salt played over Will’s tongue. His heavy-lidded eyes burned. He made a little hmm noise low in his throat and his other hand crept around Will’s shoulders and suddenly his body was flush to Will’s from thigh to chest. 


Will pushed weakly against his hard chest, overwhelmed and desperate for air, panicking at the thought that Gideon would notice he was still… still excited from the video. The pressure was too good--


Gideon finally allowed a slim space to open between them. His hot, ragged breath washed over Will’s cheek. “Like that,” he said roughly. “Do you like me? Would you be my boyfriend?”


Will's head filled with white noise and he probably would have fallen if Gideon wasn't holding him upright. 


"Boyfriend?" he repeated numbly. “I, uh, do like you, but I don’t know.”


“What’s not to know?” Gideon snorted and jerked back, frowning again. “It’s yes or no, Will. Don’t mess with me.”


“Wh-what?” Will scrambled to keep up, afraid that Gideon would get annoyed and kick him out. “I'm not trying to mess with you. I just--I’ve never been a boyfriend before? I don’t know how. That was--that was my first kiss?” Did it count as his first kiss if he hadn’t known it was coming?


“I got your first kiss?” Gideon’s frown vanished, replaced by a playful smirk. “You don’t need to worry about a thing. Just follow my lead, be your hot self, and I’ll do the rest.” He leaned in again.


“Wait!” Will pushed his chest, embarrassed to realize how much smaller he was than Gideon--he didn’t usually notice because they weren’t usually pressed close together. When Gideon paused, pierced eyebrow quirked expectantly, Will wet his dry lips and asked, “What, uh, what would we do?”


Gideon chuckled. “You really have no clue, do you?”


Somehow, Will became even more hot and flustered at his own frustrating lack of knowledge. “So?”


“It’s really cute, that's all." Gideon pressed in, pushing past Will’s resistance to nose at his temple, his lips tickling Will's scalded ear as he continued, low-voiced. "Everything about you is so hot, so cute. We’d just hang out. But I’d kiss you, and you’d kiss me, and we’d make everyone mad jealous. And we could…” He trailed off as his palms skimmed down Will’s sides to his hips and then over his butt. With a little jerk, he pulled Will hard against his own thigh. “We could do a bit of this.”


Will, still half-erect from the Transfornicators, got a jolt from the stimulation. He fisted Gideon’s shirt and squeaked. 


"So what do you say?" Gideon growled. "You up for it? It feels like you're up for something ."


Will floundered; Gideon had noticed! "Uh, G-Gid, I… Sorry."


"What are you sorry for? It's so fucking hot. I want to turn you on." He squeezed Will's butt, crushing them close again, practically lifting him off his feet and causing almost excruciatingly good pressure and friction. "Say yes. Be my boyfriend. I don't know if I can just be your friend anymore, I've wanted you for so long."


Cold fear prickled Will's gut. Gideon wouldn't be his friend anymore if they weren't… boyfriends? He'd be alone at school, have nowhere to go, no one to talk to… He'd already lost Robot, he couldn't lose Gideon, too…


If Gideon just wanted to kiss, that wasn't too bad. When he wasn't reminding Will of Ben, Will liked him… a lot.  


All his books had talked about what to do when you like someone, but there hadn't been a chapter on "What to Do When Your Friend Wants to be More and You Think He's Attractive But He Reminds You of His Dead Dad and You Don't Really Know if you Want a Boyfriend Anyway But You Are Terrified of Being Alone."


But what was the worst that could happen? He trusted Gideon.


And maybe this would fix his problem with Robot. If he was kissing and... and other things… with Gideon, then he wouldn't want to do that to Robot. They could be friends again.


"Okay," he whispered, heart fluttering with growing excitement. He had a boyfriend! Based on his books, at least he had a basic idea of what a boyfriend should do. "Yes, I will." He turned his head and found Gideon's cheek with a clumsy kiss.


"Oh, shit." Gideon cupped the back of Will's head again and met that first awkward kiss with a hungry, wet mouth and the swipe of tongue.


Will flinched away reflexively, uncomfortable with the sudden intrusion, but Gideon didn't let him get far. His strong arms and hands held Will firmly in place and Will didn't know if he should push him away or not. Boyfriends kissed, right? This was okay. 


As Will stood, paralyzed and not knowing what to do, Gideon's tongue thrust slowly in and out of his mouth, stroking his teeth and palate. Then it found his own, and the sensation of rough taste buds and slick muscle wrapping around him made him shudder in a mix of discomfort and increasing arousal. When Gideon began to gently suck, Will felt like he was going to pass out as the blood rushed out of his head. His knees turned to water and he clutched Gideon’s shoulders helplessly.


When Gideon squeezed his hip and dug his fingers into the muscle of Will’s butt and forced his thigh more firmly between Will's legs, Will couldn't restrain a little gasp. It felt so good, that building tension, but terrifying as his body spun completely out of his control.


Like when he was around Robot.


He wants this , he reminded himself, clinging to the thought as he clung to Gideon's shirt. He wasn't just rubbing himself against an unsuspecting alien. He wants me. Like this. 


He dared to tilt his hips to invite more friction and Gideon broke away.


"Shit, shit, shit," he muttered, searching Will's face with pupils so wide his amber irises were bare slivers. "C'mere." He backed up, pulling Will with him, and sank down on his giant green cushion with a squeak from the filling.


Will followed and dropped onto Gideon's lap when Gideon gave a hard tug on his arms. Will found himself straddling Gideon's thighs, hyper aware that his groin was pressed against his boyfriend's stomach. 


Gideon's hands slid up under Will's new shirt, skimming his ribs, ticklish and exhilarating. Will, becoming more comfortable with the idea, let himself pet Gideon's chest. Even through his shirt, he could feel the rings pierced through his nipples. Fascinated and feeling bold, he toyed with them, and yelped when Gideon growled and flipped their positions.


"That'll get you into trouble, mate," he said, burying his face in Will's neck and grinding his weight between Will's legs.


"What kind of trouble?" Will asked breathlessly, rising to meet him. Ah, Gideon was as hard as him! The jut of his interest ground with almost painful intensity against Will's, making him dizzy with the very obvious evidence that Gideon really wanted him.


"Don't ask me that." Gideon kissed his throat and jaw. "But I'll give you some of your own one day and you'll figure it out for yourself.” 


The thought added another layer to his excitement. He wove his fingers into Gideon’s black, spiky hair and tugged on him until he moved up and allowed Will to capture his mouth in a messy kiss. His lips began to chafe, but he didn’t care. He was inebriated and half-suffocating from lack of oxygen to feed his hammering heart and greedy body, and the only time he’d ever felt this heady wildness before, he’d been exploring with Robot--


Only when his hips began to jerk of their own volition and he could feel the familiar tingle growing in his belly and legs did he push Gideon away. "Gid," he gasped. "I need to--" Slow down and breathe , he wanted to say. But Gideon cut him off with another hard kiss.


"Me, too," he said roughly after a long minute. He reared back on his knees and his long fingers went to the gap where Will's shirt rode up on his stomach, igniting sparks in the bare skin. He didn't look happy, more pensive, a little bit angry. "But if I start, I won't stop, and I need to know something."


Will reeled from yet another sharp pivot. "What?" he whispered. 


Gideon planted his palms to either side of Will's head. "We're boyfriends now, yeah?"


Will nodded.


"Then we can talk to each other."


He nodded again.


"Will," Gideon murmured, those black eyes huge and the cartoon throwing shadows across his face. "What happened to my father?"