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Prompt from Ivilll: Ohoho~ then may I request some power struggle (in bed cough cough if you catch my meaning) between Pete and Kao from Dark Blue Kiss which ultimately ends with Pete winning? And maybe some NSFW ahem but only if you're comfortable with it :) Thanks~



“I could definitely hold you down.”


Kao stopped mid-sentence, glancing over at Pete, who raised an eyebrow at him… almost daringly.


“And… what brought this on?”


Pete shrugged, “Just a random thought.”


Slowly closing the book, Kao made his way over to the bed. “Really?” He got onto the bed, smirking as Pete straightened up expectantly, “I’d like to see you try!”


At the word ‘try’, he darted forwards, but before he could grab his boyfriend, Pete had scrambled out of bed, stopping and turning just out of arm’s reach.


“Too slow.” Pete taunted, beckoning him with a lazy finger, making Kao blink in surprise.


With deliberate slowness, he swung his legs over the edge of the bed. They stared at each other for a few moments, before Kao lunged forwards, hands out to grab Pete. Pete dodged out of his reach, cackling manically as he poked Kao in the ribs.


As Kao tried to grab his wrists, they both fell to the ground in a flurry of limbs, giggling madly.


Eventually, with a few bruises to show for the effort, Pete managed to get Kao’s arms behind his back and shove him to the floor, making Kao’s knees hit the ground with a THUD! Panting and grinning, Pete kept a hold of him as Kao struggled.


Finally, after a minute of straining, Kao gave up.


“Alright, you got me.” He chuckled, sounding mildly impressed as Pete beamed, leaning forwards to press his lips to the hollow space behind Kao’s ear.


“I did, didn’t I?” He whispered, using one hand to hold Kao’s arms in place as he reached out to grab a spare tie that was hanging on a nearby chair. “Stay still.”


He carefully tied Kao’s arms behind his back, before moving them both, taking a seat on the edge of the bed, Kao in between his legs.


“Look at me.” Pete gently ordered, leaning forwards as Kao turned his face up, cheeks flushed, eyes bright and half closed. He bit his lip, eyes flickering away from Pete’s


“Did I say you could look away yet?”


Kao then rolled his eyes, “No.”


Well, he wouldn’t be Kao without a bit of attitude.


Pulling his cock out of his pants, he slowly started to stroke it, watching as Kao’s eyes followed the movements hungrily.


“You want my cock in your mouth, don’t you?” Pete asked, watching Kao’s face. Kao bit his lip again and nodded.


“Use your words.”


“Yes.” Kao whispered softly


“Yes what?”


“Yes… I want your cock in my mouth.” Kao’s cheeks were bright red.


“How much do you want it?”


There was a pause where Pete was sure Kao was going to snap at him, but he watched as the other man took a deep breath, “I want it in my mouth, please.” He begged, “Please let me suck your cock.”


Pete gulped, unprepared for the words that made his dick twitch. “That’s so hot…. Come on then, show me.”


Kao shuffled forwards, mouth wrapping around the head of Pete’s cock, warm, wet and soft, starting to bob his head. Pete moaned, grabbing the nape of Kao’s neck, gently taking control of the pace. Kao took it in his stride, taking Pete’s cock deeper into his mouth with each movement.


The sight of Kao on his knees, so submissive before him brought Pete close to completion quicker than he expected.


“I’m going to cum. You want that, right?” He murmured, as Kao nodded around his cock, increasing his pace.


Pete kept his eyes on him, fully appreciating the sight of the man he loved, on his knees, sucking his cock. A swell of affection overcame him as he pushed Kao’s head down until his lips hit the base of his cock, coming with a groan.


As he recovered, he let go, allowing Kao back off his cock, the other man taking a deep breath.


“Was… that good?” Kao asked, as he was helped to his feet, Pete placing a gentle kiss on his lips.


“It was amazing!” Pete whispered, “Now get back on the bed and I’ll do something nice for you.”