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Kakyoin is Angry coz the McDonald's worker is an asshole and wont give him his order so he ends up nutting so hard he dies :3

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Kakyoin is angry. Very angry. Stopped in front of the Maccas drive-through, he looked through the window, waiting for someone to deliver his order. No one came. Reaching into the back-seat, he picked up a dead rat and threw it at the window. 

“Give me my fucking food assholes” he said pouting

“We’re closed dipshit fuck off” One of the Maccas employee yelled back at him.

“I ordered already tho what the actual fuck”

“Thats your problem, now kindly fuck off so i can go home”

Kakyoin rolled his eyes. The employee lowkey sounded familiar but he shrugged it off, instead turning his doubt into rage. So what if they wanted to go home? He ordered 2 Big Mac’s stacked on each other and he wanted it now. Kakyoin left his car and approached the window, slammin his fist on it. 

“Open up or i will !! i'm hungry asshole giVE ME MY FOOD”

“I said, fuck oFF” the employee was sick of kakyoins bullshit, so he picked up two cheeseburgers and threw it out at him. “Are u happy now fuckface??”

Kakyoin glared at the guy, “no coz i ordered 2 big macs not a pissy ass cHEESEBURGER! !!”

He picked up the cheeseburger and threw it back inside. He was sick of Maccas shitty service so he decided to call up one of his closest friends. 

Punching in the number on his $8742069 Samsung Galaxy, he waited patiently for it to be picked up.

“Oi why u callin me at 3 am dickhead” came a gruff voice on the other side. 

“Mc donalds aint servin me my meal so i need u to come help me get it” Kak explained.

“What am i gonna do about it i work at olive garden”

“Fuck olive garden come help me”

Jotaro grunted in annoyance. He didnt want to fuck olive garden. Their breadsticks, tho unlimited, were too dry for his meaty shlong. “Fine ill help ur sorry ass”

“Omg thank u so much joot i love u” kakyoin gushed

“No homo tho right coz im not up w that gay shit”

“Im gay dumbass”

“Oh yea lol i forgot” jotaro said, before hanging up. 

Wow, rude, Kakyoin thought, before he realized he shouldn't be thinking bad about the person who’s going to help him rob McDonald’s. He stepped back out of his cherry-red Ferrari F8 Spider coolly, his Versace crocs touching the ground. He looked down in disgust, whipping his head up to glare at the window.

“Even your ground is shitty, like no wonder you’ve got zero Michelin stars.”

The drive-through window slammed open, revealing a handsome face. His piercing blue eyes looked like the deepest, darkest depths of the ocean, and they were glaring right at him. His chiseled jawline was so sharp, you could almost cut the toughest steak on it. His lips were curled, but even with its harshness it looked so soft, so kissable. But what Kakyoin noticed the most was his hair. His weird, beautiful, soft hair that Kakyoin wanted to run his hands through had somehow fused with his jagged cap. Kakyoin stepped towards him, in a trance before his deep smexy voice yelled out, “YOU TAKE THAT BACK ASSHOeL”

Kakyoin blinked, quickly brought back to reality. His eyesight refocused like a shitty camera, and with a start he realized who he had been staring at.

“Jotaro?? What're you doing here??” He asked quizzically. “And did your voice just crack”

“fUCK OFf” Jotaro screamed, his voice indeed cracking. “I’m goin through pUberty!!

“Okay calm ur tits theyre jiggling too much.”Horrified, Jotaro covers his big bara tiddies with his muscly arms and went back to glaring at Kakyoin. “Take back what you said about McDonald’s not winning any Michelin stars.”

Kakyoin smirked, “Maccas dont deserve them stars. Coz yall dIRTY” His smirk quickly formed into a scowl. “And you lied about workin at Olive Garden!!”

Jotaro huffed, slamming his hands on the windowsill. “I’m not lying , I do work at Olive Garden, even tho its smells like ass. Im just workin here to get them bread coz im broke u fcukign stupid ass cringe nae nae baby bet u die ur hair tho like trhat shit def not real tho like who had red hair in fuckin japan? Also ur so stupid i literally love you but im fucking stRAIGHT and all the dudebros keep attacking everyone and if i saw them id ora ora them to the ground and slap my big shrexy shlong on their face coz its 4”20 long haha get it kak its a weed joke lmao ur weird ass noosle thing looks like a blunt tho u never noticed that? Also u look like an upsdie down cherry us so fucking stupid i hate u go choke on that weird baby shit mixture u fed to that baby The FitnessGram™ Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues. The 20 meter pacer test will begin in 30 seconds. Line up at the start. The running speed starts slowly, but gets faster each minute after you hear this signal-” Jotaro stopped ranting, confused as to why Kakyoin hasn’t shot back. 

Kakyoin realized he was drooling as Jotaro was talking, so he quickly wiped the spit out of his mouth. “Sorry Joot u let go of your arms so while u were talking ur tiddies where jiggling hehehe.” he rambled.

Jotaro was starting to feel worried for the redhead, which he shouldnt coz its kakyoin and kakyoin once fed shit to a baby. He leapt over the windowsill, and with the help of gravity (nOT WITH STAR PLAT COZ FUCK SPLAT IS NICE AND ALL BUT HE DONT NEED TO HELP JOOT W EVERYTHIN LIKE GRAVITY CAN HELP YKNOW) he landed perfectly in front of kakyoin, tiddies jiggling violently.

He brushed his hand against the red noodle, curling it around his finger, before makign sexy eye contact with the blushing mess before him. “Are u okay nori?” he mumbled softly, playing with the noodle. “Are u feeling well?” 

Kakyoin nodded frantically, rubbing his legs together. In truth, he wasn’t blushin about Jotaro’s extreme chad energy, but he was blushing coz he had a boner.

And he really needed to shit.