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Miraculous Team: The Screamer

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It had been one of those tough days. Miss Bustier had given the whole class a bunch of homework, to prepare them for the tests they were going to take in a week. This alone was enough to make them know they would have to go straight home and begin working on their homework, so they would not fall behind on it. And to make matters worse, after classes, when they were already on their way home, they were forced to deal with yet another one of Hawk Moth’s Akumas, who created chaos and mayhem near the Promenade Plantée. In sum, it was one of those days where everything seemed to not go their way. But at least two of members of the Miraculous Team were determined to end their day on a good note.

To celebrate their two-week anniversary, Adrien and Marinette agreed to do something special. Because it was a week-day, going out was out of the question for both of them, but especially for Adrien. Gabriel would be at home all week, and Adrien still had not told him about Marinette. He was still trying to gain the courage to reveal to Gabriel that the two of them were now dating. But not wanting to let the date slip by, the two teenagers agreed to do something rather unique. They agreed to do a picnic by the moonlight, on top of the Arc du Triomphe. It was their patrol night, but they asked Alya and Nino to cover for them, so they could enjoy themselves. And being their best friends, the holders of the fox and the turtle miraculouses, were more than happy to help them out. In fact, any of their friends would have cover for them, if they had asked. On the day following Valentine’s Day, when the two of them showed up at school, holding hands, their whole class rejoiced, knowing that the two of them had finally told one another what they felt for one another, and were now a couple. There were laughs and jokes about the whole thing, with most of the jokes being about how long it took them to come clean about their feelings, which made them realize that everyone knew they had a crush on each other, except themselves. The whole thing was both embarrassing and funny at the same time.      

Adrien, as Chat Noir, was the first one to arrive at the Arc, and he wasted no time in setting everything in place. He and Marinette had agreed that the only thing she needed to bring for that picnic was herself and her appetite. After dinner, he sneaked into the kitchen and grabbed a couple of delicious things from the pantry and put them in a basket. Then, with a little help from Plagg, who provided a little distraction, he was able to grab a couple of candles and a lighter from one of the cabinets near the kitchen. Once he had everything he needed for that romantic picnic, he promptly told everyone that he was going to study for a bit and finish his homework, before going to sleep. As he was about to go up the staircase and into his bedroom, his father reminded him that he had a photoshoot in the afternoon, so he would not forget about it.

Already on his bedroom, he locked the door, placed everything in a basket, texted Marinette to tell her he was on his way to the meeting point, and he was ready to go. But as he was about to transform into Chat Noir, he realized that a tablecloth would not be sufficient, and so, decided to grab a couple of pillows and placed them inside another basket he took from his wardrobe. Once transformed, he grabbed both baskets and left, making his way towards the Arc du Triomphe. They had decided to make their picnic on top of it, because at that time of the night it was closed. Upon arriving there, he wasted no time in preparing everything for his girl. Setting the table, he made sure that everything looked perfect for her. Once that was done, he lit the candles, one by one.       

“There. Not bad.” -Chat Noir smiled, as he admired his work. –“Guess watching all those romantic comedies did pay up.” -he said, proud of his work, just before thinking that he could do better than that. –“No, the pillows will look better on the other side of the tablecloth. Better rearrange them.”

Quickly, he rearranged the pillows and moved some of the candles to the left, creating a totally different atmosphere; a more romantic one. Looking at it, he was then satisfied with what he had done. No one could say that he did not try his best to make everything look perfect.  

There, much better. Now, all I need to do is wait for my angel in red and black spandex to show up.” -Chat Noir thought to himself.

And he did not have not to wait long for that certain angel. Over the course of the months they had taken on the mission of protecting Paris and the world from Hawk Moth, the Miraculous heroes had realized that each one of them did a distinctive sound when moving. And Chat clearly heard Ladybug approaching. A few seconds later, the scarlet heroine landed right in front of him. Like always, she looked beautiful, and under that pale moonlight, she looked even more beautiful and divine to Chat’s eyes. Smiling at him, she silently wrapped her arms around him, before kissing him on the lips. As for Chat, he kissed her back, as he ran his hands down her back, caressing them. But when one of his hands passed down Ladybug’s waistline, the scarlet heroine made sure it would not go any lower, by playfully slapping it.        

“Ouch!” -Chat Noir said, as he rubbed his hand.

“Naughty kitty!” -Ladybug told him. –“Remember, keep those claws of yours to yourself.” -she winked at him.

“You can’t expect me to keep them too myself. Not when you love to tease me. It’s not my fault you’re the prettiest girl in Paris, who happens to have a beautiful pair of legs, and I can’t keep my hands off of you, milady.” -Chat Noir shot at her, with a smirk on his face.

“Don’t you mean a beautiful butt?” -Ladybug smiled maliciously at Chat Noir. –“Because your claws were making their way towards it.” -she pointed out.

“Maybe… you know it’s hard for me to keep my paws off of you. I mean, you’re beautiful… all of you. There isn’t a single part of you that isn’t beautiful, milady.” -Chat Noir smiled. –“My poor paws just want to make sure that everything is in its proper place, milady.” -he smiled –“Besides, by doing that, I’m also showing my affection and care for you.”

“Flattery won’t help you with this, kitty cat. I also love your abs, but you don’t see me always playing with them, do you?” -Ladybug teased him.   

“Well, maybe if you asked nicely, this kitty cat here would let you rub his belly… or in this case, his abs.” -Chat Noir smirked.

After that last comment from Chat, both he and Ladybug burst into laughs. All of that was a game they had begun to play, whenever they were alone, while wearing their super outfits.

“You really love to play this game, don’t you?” -Chat Noir asked her.

“I do. I’ve spent so many nights, thinking of what kind of things I would tell you. Cute things, kinky things, all kinds of things. If feels so good to actually be able to tell you those things.” -Ladybug sighed, as she caressed Chat Noir’s chin. –“Thanks for playing along, Adrien.” -she thanked him.

“Just so you know, it was my pleasure, Marinette. After all, I’m not just a great model. I’m also a great actor.” -Chat Noir chuckled, as he hugged her, this time, only by the waist, as she rested her head on his chest. –“I missed you so much.” -he said, as he caressed her hair.     

“I missed you too.” -Ladybug told him. –“Why is it that now that we’re dating, time seems to move so slowly when we’re not together and move incredibly fast, when we’re together?” -she playfully asked him.  

“I don’t know… I mean, time still moves the same it did before, but I think that our wish to be together, makes it look like it’s moving really slowly.” -Chat Noir smiled at her. –“But you know what’s the best part of it all? It’s that it makes our encounters feel even more special than they already are.” -he told her.

“Good point. If there’s one thing I love about you, it’s that you’re a wizard with words.” -Ladybug whispered to his ear.

“Which I personally did not know I was, until two weeks ago.” -Chat Noir admitted, making Ladybug giggle a little. –“Either way, I hope you’re hungry, because I brought us a few goodies.” -he said.  

“Well, I had a big dinner, thanks to my mom. She made her world-famous casserole tonight.” -Ladybug declared. –“But I’m sure my stomach we’ll find a way to allow me to taste some of the goodies you brought us.” -she smiled

Looking at the things Chat Noir had brough with him and placed on top of the tablecloth, Ladybug felt that he had brought too much food for a nocturnal picnic. He had brought cookies, several pieces of fruit, chocolate bars, numerous sweets, and orange juice, along with two glasses.

“Whoa, Adrien, you shouldn’t have brought all this food.” -Ladybug told him. –“We won’t be able to eat all this.” -she said.

“Don’t worry about it. One of the good things about being incredibly rich, it’s that the pantry is always filled with delicious goodies.” -Chat Noir said. –“Besides, no one will even notice it’s gone. And if someone does, I’ll just say that I had a very large midnight snack, before going to bed.” -he joked. –“Plus, you know that I have the appetite of a lion.”

“Doesn’t anyone at your place thinks it’s odd that you eat so much, yet you don’t gain a single pound?” -Ladybug asked him, as she sat on one of the pillows. –“I mean, with your modelling career and all that, I’m sure your dad must have noticed you eat a lot, right? -she pointed out.  

“He has, but he believes that I have a really fast metabolism. I mean, if I did gain a pound or two, he would probably flip out, and order me to go on one of those diets, just to make sure I would look okay for one of my photoshoots.” -Chat Noir admitted, as he too sat on one of the pillows. –“Luckily, just like it happens with everyone who holds a miraculous, I can eat whatever I want, and I won’t gain a pound.” -he said, as he grabbed a chocolate bar. –“You want to know the funniest thing? It’s that since the beginning of our school year, I began to put a few extra pounds of muscle, but at home, no one even noticed it.”   

“You and everyone else. See, you’re not the only who’s been gaining a few muscles.” -Ladybug giggled, as she flexed her bicep, showing him the size of it. –“As for everyone at your place not noticing it, could be because you usually don’t wear tight clothes.” -she hypothesized. –“The tightest thing I’ve seen you wear is that leather outfit of yours.”

“Which you love to see me in, don’t you?” -Chat Noir asked her.

“Just as much as you love to see me in this one, yes.” –Ladybug answered, as she winked at him, making him chuckle.  

They continued to talk, as they dined at candlelight. Everything he had brought was delicious. But even if it was not, it was each other’s company that made all that special. Both of them had begun to appreciate the time they were alone. As much as they loved to spend time in the company of their friends, they had begun to love spending time in each other’s presence a lot more. At first, both began to think that they were being unfair to their friends, because they were used to hang out with them all the time. But Alya, Nino and the others, quickly told them it was only normal for them to be alone by themselves, and that they did not take it personally. Like it happened with so many couples, they would eventually find the right balance in their lives. And until that happened, their friends would be patient about it.

“Orange juice? No wine?” -Ladybug playfully asked Chat Noir, as he finished filling her glass.

“I’m afraid there wasn’t a bottle worthy of your exquisite palate, milady.” -Chat Noir said, talking with a posh accent, as he poured some into his glass.

“It’s quite alright, dear sir. Like you said, my exquisite palate makes me a very picky person, when it comes to wine. Luckily, orange juice is just as a good.” -Ladybug declared, also talking with a posh accent, before taking a sip of it. –“Mmm… delicious. It’s from a fabulous year this juice.” -she joked.

“Only the best for my bugaboo.” -Chat Noir said, making her giggle. –“By the way, allow me to just say this. In a world of 7 billion smiles, yours is my favourite.” -Chat Noir declared.

“I know you took that from a meme, but I don’t care. When you say it that way, it sounds super sweet.” -Ladybug giggled, as she placed a peck on his lips.    

Once they finished eating, the two of them lied down, cuddling next to one another, looking into the sky. If the city lights were not as bright as they were, they would be able to see the stars in the night sky. Unfortunately, in order to do so, they would just have to use their imagination and pretend that they could actually see the stars and the constellations in the sky. 

“See, right over there. That’s Ursa Minor, or the Little Dipper as it’s known on the other side of the Atlantic.” -Chat Noir said, as he pointed to the sky, pretending he was pointing at the constellation. –“Do you see it?” -he playfully asked Ladybug.

“Oh, yeah, I see it… it looks like an upside-down cap or a dipper.” -Ladybug giggled. –“And look, right over there! Can you see it? It’s the Ursa Major.” -she said, as she pointed to the sky.

“Yeah, yeah, I do.” -Chat Noir said. –“And can you see that one over there? That’s Draco, or the Dragon, if you prefer.” -he pointed to the sky. –“With its large tail… some people would think it looks more like a scorpion, than a dragon.”  

“It does, yes.” -Ladybug laughed. –“And look over there, right next to it. It looks like a butterfly. Are there any constellations representing butterflies?” -she asked him in an amused tone.

They continued to do that for a while longer. They pretended to find every constellation they could remember of, while also coming up with a few original ones as well. The whole thing was like an exercise that stimulated their imagination. For Chat Noir, it was the first time he did that in what looked like an eternity. As for Ladybug, it was also the first time she did that in a long time, but unlike Chat, for her, it felt like it had been the day before.

“This was fun, even without the stars.” -Ladybug giggled, as she allowed Chat to place his left arm around her shoulders.

“Yeah, it was. Still, if we had stars, it would have been even better.” -Chat Noir told her. –“You know, I’m going to promise you one thing, right here, right now. One of these days, I’ll take you somewhere, where we can see the stars and the constellations for real. And I’m not talking about the planetarium.” -he declared. –“I’m talking about a place, somewhere in the country, where there’s so little light, that you can even see the most distant stars. A place where we’ll be able to stare into the sky for hours and try to find and guess the names of all the constellations in the sky, and if possible, spot the planets as well.” 

That promise sounded incredibly neat, and Ladybug knew that her boyfriend was known for keeping his promises. If he was promising they would one day do that, then it would happen, sooner or later.

“That sounds like a really great offering. I’ll take it, no questions asked.” -Ladybug said, as she kissed him. –“And you know one thing?” -she asked him.

“What?” -Chat said.

“This is going to sound like something out of the blue, but the Disney side of my personality just remembered something.” Ladybug told him. –“Do you remember in the movie Hercules, when Phil tells Hercules about his dream of training the best hero ever, a hero that would be so great that the gods would create a constellation in the sky to honour him?” -she asked him.

“Vaguely, yeah, why?” -Chat Noir asked her.

“I was just thinking… do you think one day, maybe someone will come up with a constellation for us? And I don’t mean just us two, I mean, the whole team?” -Ladybug asked him.

“I don’t know… maybe?” -Chat Noir said, shrugging his shoulders. –“Who knows? It might be possible. If a year ago, anyone had told me that I would be running on top of rooftops, while dressed in black leather and fighting monsters created by a psychopath with magic powers, I would have told that person that he, or she, was crazy, just before having it committed to an asylum… and well, we both know what happened.” -he admitted. –“They say the future is not written, so who knows? Maybe one of these days, someone might decide to create constellations in our honour.”

“I would like that.” -Ladybug admitted. –“I know it’s a little selfish of me to ask for such a thing, but at the same time…”

“At the same time, you feel like they owe us a little something, for saving their bacon almost every week, am I right?” -Chat Noir asked her, to which she nodded her head. –“I don’t think that’s selfish. There’s nothing wrong about asking for a little recognition.” -he said, as he caressed her face. –“We’re only human after all. Granted we’re pretty much what in ancient times people would call demigods, but we’re still human. And I don’t think there isn’t a single a person, good or bad, who doesn’t seek a little recognition, even for something incredibly small.”

Listening to him, Ladybug sighed. She admired how he was able to conjure the right words and say the right things, at the right time. It was an ability that revealed that even though Chat Noir sometimes behaved like someone for whom life was all fun and games, he was quite mature for his years. It was something that made the scarlet heroine love him even more.   

“You really have a way with words. And I’m not just talking in the romantic sense, Adrien.” -Ladybug told him. –“I think you got that from your mom.” -she said.

“You really think so?” -Chat asked her.

“Well, you look more like her than you look like your father.” -Ladybug giggled. –“Maybe you also inherited some of her talent with the words.” -she told him.

“I don’t know, maybe. Sometimes I wonder what exactly I got from my mom.” -Chat Noir sighed. –“There are days when I remember things about her, so clearly, that it feels like they happened yesterday. And then, there are days when I barely remember anything about her.” -he admitted.    

It was not her intention to make him feel like that. Being lucky enough to still have both parents alive and well, and willing to give her all the love in the world, Ladybug could not even begin to imagine what it was like to not have them around to constantly tell her they loved her. She could only guess what it was for her boyfriend, to not have his mother around to comfort him when he needed the most. It was true he had his father, who loved him very much, even if he did not tell him often, as well as Nathalie, who was like a surrogate mother to him. And recently, he found out that he had an aunt, who was her mom’s twin sister. But it was not the same. His mother was gone, and she was not coming back. Just thinking about it, she cursed herself for reminding him of her.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…” -Ladybug apologized.

“No, it’s okay. My mom’s always with me. My memories of her live inside my mind, and in my heart.” -Chat Noir said. –“Plus, now that my aunt Elodie is back in my life, I feel like I gained a link to my mother that I thought I would never again have.” -he said. –“It’s not the same thing as having my mom around, but I’m not complaining.”

“I’m so sorry again.” -Ladybug apologized to him once more.

“Don’t be. It’s true that my mom’s not around anymore, but I’m not sad. I still have my dad and Nathalie, who keep me in line. And I also have my aunt Elodie, who I know will always be there for me.” -Chat Noir chuckled. –“But more importantly, I have you now, and all of our friends, who I know I can count on.” -he declared. 

“And we will all be here for you. –“Ladybug said, as she looked him in the eyes. More and more, she did not consider her friends just as friends. She considered them like an extended part of her family. A really crazy and insane family that would always be there for each other, when it really mattered. –“We will always be here for you, Adrien. I can promise you that.” -she smiled at him.      

“I know you will. I’m pretty lucky to have you all in my life… especially you, my sweet bugaboo.” -Chat Noir declared, which made her kiss him. 

“And we’re lucky to have you, in our lives. Especially me.” -Ladybug whispered to him. –“And you want to know what’s the best part of having you in my life? It’s that in just a few days, we’ll be able to attend our very first rock concert together. I know we went to rock concerts together before, but this is the first one, we’ll attend as a couple.”

“I can hardly wait.” -Chat Noir told her.  

The concert they were both talking about was the next concert their favourite rock superstar, Jagged Stone, was going to give in Paris. They had attended two of his other concerts before, and this was going to be their third. And they would not be alone. Their whole class was a big fan of Jagged Stone, and they had agreed to go as a group to this concert.

“Just thinking of how hard it was for us to manage to buy the tickets… that will be a story will be telling for years to come.” -Chat Noir told her. 

“Yeah, it was really… oh, my God, the tickets!!!” -Ladybug yelled.

“What?” -Chat Noir asked her.

“We forgot about the tickets! I forgot about them!” -Ladybug exclaimed, while panicking.  


When it was announced that Jagged Stone would be giving a concert in Paris, ever Parisian fan of his felt like they had been blessed. Jagged Stone’s current European tour, which did not include France, was to conclude in London. But after the fans in France begged for a concert, Jagged Stone told his manager to find a way to arrange for a last-minute concert in Paris to be added to the tour, thus giving the French fans what they wanted. The tour would end in Paris. But knowing the affluence of people wanting to buy tickets, the company responsible for issuing the tickets announced that they would only sell them online, and to make sure that everyone would have a fair chance of getting at least one ticket, they would raffle the access to the tickets. Some called it unfair, while others felt it was the best course of action. All over Paris and the rest of France, there were fans who were hoping to get at least one ticket to see Jagged Stone.

Knowing this, Miss Bustier’s class quickly realized that their presence in that concert would be determined by sheer luck. Still, that did not mean they were not going to just rely on luck to get those tickets. At lunch, they all gathered in the busy cafeteria and tried to come up with a strategy that would allow them to get those tickets, while eating lunch. The first thing they thought was to ask Chloe if she could get them the tickets, since her father knew Jagged Stone personally and she herself had met him once or twice in the past, when he stayed at Le Grand Paris.  

“Sorry, but I’m afraid my dad can’t help us on this one. The company that’s organizing the concert isn’t the one that usually organizes Jagged’s other concerts, and my dad doesn’t know anyone in it.” -Chloe told them. –“He could try get one or two tickets for free, since he’s the mayor and all. But fourteen tickets? I don’t think so.” -she said.

“What about Jagged himself? You told us once that you had his phone number, right?” -Marinette asked the blonde.

“I had it. But he must have changed it. I tried to call him, but it says the number is no longer available.” -Chloe sighed. –“I even tried to ask my dad to see if he could find out what’s Jagged’s new cell number, but according to him, he’s unreachable while on tour, and the same thing goes for his manager and any of his closest staff.” -she said.

“So that means we’re not going to get any tickets that way.” –Kim sighed.

“Doesn’t your dad also know Jagged Stone, Adrien?” -Marinette asked her boyfriend.

“He does, but I know that he doesn’t have his cell number.” -Adrien told Marinette. –“Plus, my dad’s not the kind of person to ask for favours, even if it’s for me.” -he said.

“Looks like we’ll just have to gain access to the tickets the regular way, like everyone else.” -Juleka said. She was excited for that concert, probably a little bit more than anyone else, because she was a fan of his since she was 7, and it had been her, who had turned the others into fans of Jagged Stone, by showing them his songs. She knew that each concert of Jagged Stone was like a theatre performance. There were no two alike.

“We’ll just have to remain online, and hope that one of us is lucky enough to be among those who are selected tonight, to buy the tickets in two days.” -Alya said, as she checked the website and saw the countdown for the raffle to start. –“We all have to click on it, just as soon as it reaches zero and hope for the best.” -she declared.  

“As soon as the countdown reaches zero, I’m going to click on the page and access it.” –Alix said. –“I’ll even use my dad’s computer to do it. That computer of his is a beast.” -she admitted.

“The good thing is that we just need one of us to be selected in the raffle, and the tickets are ours.” -Sabrina said.

“I’m afraid that’s not true, Sabrina.” -Max told her, without taking his eyes from his cell phone’s screen. –“According to what’s on the website, we’re going to need at least two of us to be picked on the raffle. A person can only buy a maximum of seven tickets.” -he declared.

“He’s right. I’m also reading it here.” -Alya said.

“Then, at least two of us will have to be selected in that raffle.” -Nino said. –“The odds of one of us being picked are astronomical. I don’t even want to try and find out what are the odds of two of us being picked in the raffle.”-he said.   

“We need to be realistic here. Most likely, we won’t be able to get those tickets.” -Ivan declared.

And Ivan was right. They had to be realistic about the problem at hand. But not all of them were seeing that problem through realistic eyes. A certain petite blonde was seeing it with hopeful eyes, believing that luck would smile upon them, like it had so many other times.    

“Come on, we can’t give up. We need to try. Who knows? We might be lucky.” -Rose said with an upbeat voice. If there was someone in that group that could be considered the optimist, other than Marinette, was Rose. While some would look at a glass half-empty, she would see it half-full. 

“She’s right, we’ve got to believe that luck will smile upon us.” -Marinette agreed with Rose.   

(End of Flashback)

In the end, fortune smiled upon two of them, and they managed to gain access to the pre-sales. And those two were Marinette and Max. Each of them would buy seven tickets. Upon knowing that, their friends gave them the money for the tickets, which would begin to be sold at that midnight. There was only one catch. As soon as the tickets were up for sale, they had to buy them right away, or risking them selling out. With everything that happened that day, Ladybug had completely forgotten about it, and if Chat Noir had not mentioned how hard it was for them to be able to buy the tickets, she would most likely only remember about them in the morning, when it would be too late.

“I can’t believe I forgot about that! Oh, I really am a dingbat! I mean, I promised that I would take care of it, along with Max and now… if I don’t get them, the others will never forgive me!” -Ladybug was beginning to freak out in a way, that it was reminding Chat Noir of her, when she was in her civilian self.    

“Hey, hey, hey, calm down, Marinette, please.” -Char Noir said, calling her with a soft voice and placing his hands on her shoulders, trying to calm her down. –“Remember, the tickets only go up for sale at midnight. I’m sure you still have time to get home and purchase them. And if you don’t get them… well, I’m sure the others will be a little upset, but I don’t see them never speaking to you.” -he assured her, always smiling at her. –“Besides, you’re the luckiest girl I know. I’m sure you’ll manage to get home in time.”

“You really think so? I don’t even know what time it is.” -Ladybug said, as she opened her yo-yo and checked the time on it. –“Oh, my gosh, I only have a little more than thirty minutes. I got to get home!” -she exclaimed. –“But will I be able to make it in time?”

“Of course, you will. I’ve seen you swing through buildings as fast as lightning, Marinette.” -Chat Noir smiled at her. –“Go. I’ll clean this up, and we’ll see each other tomorrow in school.” -he said.

“Thanks, Adrien.” -Ladybug said, as she kissed him. –“I promise you, I’ll get those tickets.” -she promised him.

“Text me when you buy them, so I can celebrate, bugaboo!” -Chat Noir winked at her.

Leaving her boyfriend at the Arc du Triomphe, Ladybug swung from building to building, making her way home. And while doing it, the only thing on her mind was the time she had left. Every passing second was one less second, she had. Timing her moves, she made use of her knowledge of best shortcuts to save every precious second she had, in case something happened. Fuelled by her sense of responsibility to her friends, Ladybug gave her all to reach her place in time to get the tickets. She was halfway home, when she decided to check her yo-yo to see the time.

“Twenty minutes… I’ve got to go even faster. Come on, half the gang’s counting on me! I’ve got to get those tickets, no matter what!” -Ladybug exclaimed, as she jumped off a building, and used her yo-yo to swing towards the next. 

Timing her moves with her heart beat, Ladybug was determined to get home on time. And she only slowed down, when she finally entered her neighbourhood. By the time she reached her balcony, she felt like her lungs were burning up and her heart was about to explode. Still, she did manage to get home with a few minutes to spare. Quickly, she opened the trapdoor and entered her bedroom, closing it behind her. Still breathless, she turned back to normal, as she went down the stairs. But she regretted doing it the moment after, because as soon as she turned to normal, her whole body felt like it had been used a punching bag. She knew she was going to feel sore in the morning, but right then, it did not matter. All that mattered was to get the tickets.

“That was a really beautiful picnic, Marinette.” -Tikki told her. Just like Marinette, she too felt exhausted.

“Tell me about it, Tikki.” -Marinette smiled at her kwami, while trying not to fall on her knees. –“Too bad it had to end.” -she said, as she reached her chair and sat on it.

“I should have warned you not to forget about the tickets, but…”

“It’s okay, Tikki. It’s not your fault. You were tired, just like I was.” -Marinette sighed, while trying to ignore the pain she was in. Turning on her laptop, she waited for it to open. –“But what matters is that we managed to arrive just in time to buy the tickets.”

“You know the others wouldn’t blame if you didn’t get the tickets, right? You heard what Adrien said.” -Tikki told her. As always, even when she was sucked into her miraculous, in order to lend Marinette her powers, Tikki was still aware of everything that happened.

“I know, but you know how I am. If I make a promise, I’ll do anything to keep it, no matter what.” -Marinette reminded her. –“Finally, it’s open… let’s see, I’ve got three minutes.”         

“This must be a really special concert for you and the others.” -Tikki said. She knew just how big of a fan of Jagged Stone Marinette and the others were. From talking to the other kwamis, she knew that all of them had at least an object pertaining to the musician. IN Marinette’s case it was a poster, all of his CDs, a t-shirt and a mousepad for her computer. 

“It’s the first concert I’m going with Adrien as my boyfriend. I want it to be special.” -Marinette declared. The truth was, she wished she could go to the concert, with only Adrien, but she did not mind having the rest of her friends with her. It was selfish of her to think of that, but she just could not help it. After so long, she and Adrien became a couple, and she wanted to enjoy every single moment with him, without having to share him with anyone else.

“And it will be, you’ll see.” -Tikki said with a warm voice. –“It took forever for the two of you to be together.”

“Indeed. That’s why we have to make up for the time we both lost trying to tell our feelings to one another.” -Marinette said, as she checked the clock and saw there were only seconds to go. –“It’s nearly time. Let’s buy these tickets, Tikki.” -she declared, in a voice, that made it sound like the fate of the entire world depended on it.