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Miraculous Team: The Screamer

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Two hours went by in a flash. Jagged Stone had warmed up the crowd for KISS, like only he knew how. And during those two hours, the crowd kept shouting his name and his songs, like there was no tomorrow. Like it happened in any rock concert, the world could end right there, that the crowd would not care about. The only thing that they would care about was the music. The music and the magic were all that mattered during those hours, in which they had found in it, a gateway to escape whatever problems they had. Such was the power of music, and Jagged knew just how to use it to grant those people what they desired, when listening to his songs. When he ended the last song, he could hear the crowd begging for an encore, and as always, he made sure that the encore, would be something they would all remember about.   

“Alright, alright, but just one more. We don’t want to keep the main band waiting, now do we?” -Jagged asked the crowd in an amused tone. –“So, what do you guys want to hear? Or do you want me to pick for you? Because I’ve got no problem with that.” -he told the crowd.

In the end, he ended up playing his famous ballad “Butterfly Effect”. A beautiful song to end his performance. And when he finished playing it, he was applauded in a way that he was not applauded in a long time. When that happened, he knew that he had conquered the whole crowd. Thanking them for being a wonderful crowd, Jagged Stone ended his performance, knowing that he had done a great job. Making his way to the backstage, he was met by Penny, who like always, was waiting for him, at the end of each of his shows.

“Fantastic show.” -Penny congratulated Jagged, who looked exhausted.

“Thanks, Penny.” -Jagged said, as she handed him a bottle of icy water. –“And thanks for the water too. I’m really needing it.” -he admitted, just before opening it and drinking its content in almost a single gulp.

“Slow down! I know you must be thirsty after singing “My Insanity” and then “Butterfly Effect”, but remember, give small sips. You don’t want to ruin your throat. Not when you still have to go up on the stage in an hour.” -Jenny told him. The sun had just set and the whole spectacle was far from being over.  

“You’re right. This was just the warm up.” -Jagged sighed. He was feeling a little exhausted, after two hours on stage, but he knew that all he needed was to rest for a little bit, and he would be good for another round. –“But that crowd… I thought the crowd on my last concert was good, but this one, this one made me use parts of my vocal cords that I didn’t even know were there.” -he joked. –“I sure warmed them up for Paul and the boys.”

Penny liked to see Jagged like that. It meant that everything had gone right with the concert. Just by looking him in the eyes, she could tell that he was having a great time.

“I’m sure they will appreciate that.” -Penny told him. –“And I know I’m always asking you this, but what was your favourite part of the show?”

“Honestly? When I jumped into the crowd and then they carried me back into the stage.” -Jagged sighed. –“I just love doing that. I know it’s too 80’s and all, but I just love it.” -he admitted.

“I figured you would say something like that.” -Penny smiled.    

“By the way, have you seen Paul and the others? Are they almost ready to go up? -Jagged asked her, curious.  

“Almost. They will go up on the stage in roughly 20 minutes, from what I was told.” -Penny answered him. –“As for you, you better go back into your dressing room, so you can rest for a little bit. Plus, Fang was humming and you know what that means. It means that he wants to be near you.” -she said. She could tell that he looked a little run down, but nothing that a little rest wouldn’t cure.  

“I usually say that I don’t need to rest after a show, but I think this time I’m going to follow your advice and pass out on that armchair for a little bit, before putting on the face-paint.” -Jagged said. –“As for Fang, I know just how to handle him. I’ll bring him with me, when it’s time for me to back on the stage. By the way, does the team in charge of the spotlights seen the photo of Marinette I gave you to show them, so they would know who they will be looking for?” -he asked her. He had seen her and the rest of her class leaning against the crowd barriers, when he jumped into the crowd.   

“Don’t worry about it. They’ve seen the photo and they have assured me, that they’re keeping an eye on her, as we speak. There’s no way they’ll miss her.” -Penny said, as they began walking. –“And I expect that when you go up on stage, I’ll be babysitting Fang, again.” -she raised an eye at him, knowing that that was what was going to happen.

“You read my mind, Penny.” -Jagged smiled at her. –“He’ll keep you company. And as long as you don’t let him out of his leash, there won’t be a problem.” -he told her.  

After Jagged finished his performance, the crowd settled down a little, as they waited for the KISS show to begin. That meant a little less noise, and an opportunity for everyone to rest both their arms and their voices. Shouting lyrics for two whole hours did quite the number on everyone in the stadium. And the Miraculous gang was no exception. They too spent the better part of the two hours singing and shouting as hard as their voices allowed them to. They knew they were going to have their throats incredibly sore in the morning. Luckily, by Monday they would be able to talk normally, so they did not mind, if they would leave the concert, aphonic. It would be worth it, just to sing and yell as much as they wanted.   

“What a show that was.” –Adrien told Nino.

“And if it ended right now, I don’t think I would feel bad about it.” -Nino said. –“I mean, Jagged put on a show that was one of a kind. Plus, he was the main reason why we wanted to come.” -he declared.

“But since we’re here already, let’s enjoy it.” -Alix said. –“Besides, I want to see Jagged Stone wearing the face-paint Marinette came up for him.” -she admitted.

“You and me. I’m really nervous to see how everyone’s going to react to it.” -Marinette admitted.

“Don’t be, milady. Everyone’s going to love it.” -Adrien said, reassuring her. –“I have no doubts about it.” -he smiled at her.

“Indeed, girl. Your… (cough)… work speaks… (cough)… for itself.” -Alya said, as she began to cough.

“You okay, Alya?” -Nino asked his girlfriend.

“It’s just… (cough)… my throat. It’s… (cough)… a little sore.” -Alya said, trying not to raise her voice. –“I think… (cough)… I yelled a little… (cough)… too loud… (cough)… for my own good.” -she said, as she kept coughing.

“You want a lemon drop? I always carry a few with me, just in case.” -Rose asked her.

“Don’t mind… (cough)… if I do.” -Alya said, as Rose handed her the candy.

“Only you, the sweetest girl I know, would carry around something to fight a sore throat with her.” -Juleka told her girlfriend, who responded to that compliment with a smile.

“Anyone else want one to help soothe the throat?” -Rose asked the rest of the gang, as she placed one in her mouth. She had not said it, but her throat was needing one.  

“If you’re offering, who am I to refuse?” -Chloe told her, as she was given a small lemon drop.

“I’ll have one too. My throat is killing me, as well.” -Ivan declared, with a raspy voice. –“When Jagged played “My Insanity”, I shouldn’t have screamed so loud.” -he said, as he put the lemon drop on his mouth.

“I guess I’ll have to give you a couple of pointers, on how to sing, without ruining your voice.” -Mylene told him. Being the daughter of an actor, she had learned how to place her voice, and as such, she would never get a sore throat.

“I think I’ll take those pointers, so this doesn’t happen again.” -Ivan smiled at his girlfriend.  

While Rose handed out lemon drops to her friends, to help them soothe their aching throats, up on the stage, the roadie crew were finishing prepping things for the KISS band performance. As it was already a habit, a curtain with the band’s logo was placed covering the main stage, which would come down, when the band members went up. Seeing that happening, the crowd began howling and whistling their enthusiasm, knowing what the concert was nearly beginning. The main event that most of them had been waiting for months, was about to begin and they could not be more thrilled. On the backstage, KISS members Gene and Tommy were just waiting for Paul and Eric to finish putting on their make-ups, so they could make their way towards the stage. And while waiting, they were listening to the crowd and how loud it was.

“Hear that crowd?” -Gene asked the others. –“Jagged has managed to warm it up quite nicely for us.” -he said.

“He did a really good job. We made a good choice, asking him to the opening for us. Not many rockers out there could have done this. It’s almost a shame that he only opened for us today. After this success, we’ve got to book a tour, with him as our opening act.” -Tommy said, as he kept listening to the crowd.  –Just listen to that. They sound like they’re ready for a hell of a party.” -he said.

“Well, they ought to be. After all, if they weren’t, then they would be on the wrong place.” -Gene said, as he cracked his knuckles. –“It’s almost time for us to slain the beast.” -he told him.    

“The way you’re talking, it’s like we’re going into battle.” -Tommy said.

“And in a way, we are.” -Gene told him. –“Let’s just hope that tonight, doesn’t end up like that one time in Cincinnati.” -he said. –“I don’t know why, but I’m getting the same vibes as that one time.”  

“I thought we had agreed that we wouldn’t talk about that one time in Cincinnati.” -Paul’s voice was heard, in an amused tone, as he and Eric approached them.

“And we did. But Gene here thinks that something’s going to happen tonight, just like it happened in Cincinnati.” -Tommy told him.

“Come on, you can’t seriously believe that, or can you?” -Paul told him. –“If anything were to happen, I think my future-seeing eye here, would know.” -he joked about it. –“Like that one time, when it warned me that our latest single would end becoming platinum, 2 weeks after being released.”  

“Laugh all you want, but I can’t shake this feeling that something’s going to happen tonight.” -Gene said with a serious voice. –“I just don’t know what it will be.” -he admitted.

“Keep saying that, and something will definitely happen.” -Eric said. –“I don’t know about you, but I rather believe that this will just be another concert, where everything will go just right, and without a hitch, with us being showered with applauses.” -he said, already imagining the whole scene in his head.

“You say that, but my gut is rarely wrong. In Cincinnati, it was telling me that something bad was going to happen, and it did. And remember what also happened in Melbourne a couple of years ago?” -Gene asked him.

“Yeah, the power went down, and none of the generators worked.” -Eric answered him. –“It was actually funny, because I was the only one who could continue to play, because my drums don’t need juice to work, like your instruments.” -he said, joking about it.    

“I wasn’t talking about that part.” -Gene told him in a serious tone. –“You know very well what I’m talking about.”

Paul was about to say something, when their conversation was interrupted by their manager, who was looking for them. Their manager, Doc McGhee, looked anxious and almost out of breath, and anyone who did not know him, upon seeing that happening, would think that there was something wrong. But to those who knew him well, they knew that that was Doc’s usual behaviour, just before a performance.

“Guys, what are you doing?! Can’t hear you’re the crowd chanting your name?!” –Doc asked them. –“If you guys don’t go out there, right now, the odds of people buying more of your merchandise, when they leave the stadium, will be severely reduced. And that cannot happen, especially since you guys decided to begin this tour with biggest fireworks show ever in one of your concerts.” -he declared. –“Those fireworks were incredibly expensive, and if we can’t sell enough merchandise to pay them, they won’t pay for themselves, you know?”

“Calm down, man. We’re just killing a little time. You know that the more impatient the crowd gets, the more applauses we get.” -Tommy told him.

“And I think that you’ve already spent too much time, killing time. Remember, time is money! Now get into that stage and blow them away!” –Doc told the four of them, as he left, while mumbling something to himself.   

“There he goes again with the money… sometimes I wonder how come he’s still our manager, after all these years?” -Tommy asked the others in a mocking tone.

“Maybe because we’re just too cheapskate to pay for a new one?” -Paul joked, which made the others laugh a bit. –“But he’s right. We better get up there and start the concert, before the crowd goes wild.” -he said, this time with a more serious voice. –“And you, relax for a bit. Everything will be alright. And remember that none of us is flame proof, so when you decide to do that little stunt of yours, give us time to get away from you.”

“Fine. But remember, keep your eyes peeled for any trouble.” -Gene told them.   

As they made their way to the stage, they saw some of the members from their roadie crew leaving the stage, after putting on the finishing touches on everything. Crossing paths with them, they all told them to break a leg. The crowd was beginning to go berserk. They were shouting the words “KISS” and “KISS Rules” over and over. From the moment the curtain was put on, that they were waiting for the self-proclaiming hottest band in the world. The best part about the curtain was that it prevented the fans from seeing the band entering the stage, while also allowing the band to see them, without being seen. Looking through it, they saw just how pumped the crowd was. Once more, they had managed to fill up an entire stadium. A stadium filled with screaming fans, just dying to hear them play.     

“It’s time to go and spit some fire.” -Gene said, as he grabbed his axe bass.

“Try not to burn yourself, or any of us, okay?” -Tommy warned him.

“Yeah, yeah, I know.” -Gene told him, already tired of hearing those warnings. –“Are we ready to go?”

“Almost.” -Eric said, as he jumped behind the drums. –“Okay, now I’m ready.” -he said, as he picked his drumsticks and hit the plates with them.

“Let’s give these people what they paid for!” -Paul said. –“Gentlemen, it’s time to rock!” -he exclaimed.

Grabbing his guitar, he signalled the team in charge of the curtain, to get ready. It was time for them to show everyone just what made KISS one of the biggest names in music.

“Hey, KISS Fans!!! You wanted the best! You got the best! The hottest band in the world… KISS!!!!”

Following that announcement, music began to play, fusing itself with the sound of whistles and yells of excitement, from the legion of fans that had been waiting to hear them out. With those iconic words, Paul knew that there was no turning back. Once the curtain fell, the crowd roared as they saw the four musicians, ready to party with them for a couple of hours. Like every good artist, the band had a natural talent to captivate those who were listening to them.

“Good evening, Paris!!!” -Paul exclaimed. –“Let me hear you!!! Come on, let me hear you!!!” -he exclaimed to the crowd.

Let’s give him something to talk about, for years to come.” -Tommy thought to himself.

“Are you ready to rock?!!!” -Gene exclaimed.

“I think they’re ready rock! But before we start our show, let me say this to you all, who came to see us tonight… Bonsoir, Paris!” -Paul greeted the crowd in French, who wasted no time in answering him back. –“And now that we’ve made ourselves at home, let’s do this! It’s rock and roll time!!!” -he exclaimed.

They began by playing one of their oldest songs, “Rock and Roll All Nite”, accompanied by a stunning lightshow, which combined all sorts of lights and fireworks imaginable. It did not take much for the crowd to begin chanting the lyrics as loud as they could. Even those who did not know the lyrics by heart, did not hesitate and join those who did. Among them were Marinette and the rest of the Miraculous gang.

“I wanna rock and roll all night and party every day!” –Marinette chanted, as loud as her lungs and her voice allowed her to.

“You keep on saying you'll be mine for a while!” -Adrien shouted. –“You're lookin' fancy and I like your style!” -he went on.

KISS had been playing for nearly 55 minutes, and during their act, they had played some of their most iconic songs like “Shout it Out Loud!”, “Love Gun”, “She, among others. It was clear to everyone they were saving the best ones for the second part of the concert. Inside his dressing room, Jagged Stone could hear them. It was nearly time for him to make his big appearance. Initially, he was only going to play with KISS, their last three songs, along with the encore, but after getting to know him a little better, the band members decided that he would be playing with them, during the whole second half of their concert. When Jagged found out about that decision, he just did not kiss them, because it would look bad. As the make-up artist finished applying the face-paint he was going to wear, he could not help but to look at himself in the mirror, and think that he looked really nice. The make-up artist had done a superb job applying the face-paint Marinette had created.

I really look badass wearing this.” -Jagged Stone thought to himself, when he felt something touching his feet. Looking down, he saw Fang, who was trying to get his attention. –“Hold on, buddy.” -he told the crocodile. –“You’ll have to wait a little bit, before I can pet you.”

“And… it’s done.” -the make-up artist said. –“I must say that whoever came up with this face-paint, did an incredible job. The whole thing really highlights your features.” -she admitted.

“Well, she is quite talented. Though, you also did a great job following her design.” -Jagged said, as he got out of the chair and petted Fang. –“Alright, I think that’s enough petting for now, Fang. You don’t want me to be late for my big entrance, do you?” -he asked him, with Fang letting out a small roar of happiness. –“Man, I really look good with this look. Who knows, maybe I could start wearing this face-paint… nah, that would be too predictable. And if there’s one thing I’m not, is predictable.”

“You’re on in five minutes.” -Penny warned him.

“Thanks for reminding me, Penny.” -Jagged said, as he smiled at Fang. –“It’s time for me to go and fulfil a very old dream, buddy.” -he told the crocodile.  –“It’s still a little hard to believe that it’s finally going to happen.”

“Well, it’s like a certain someone once said, “When you wish upon a star, your dreams come true.” -Penny said, quoting Walt Disney.

“Yeah, but in this case, I’m that star.” -Jagged joked, as he put on his jacket and looked himself in the mirror. –“There, I’m ready. Let’s make some music! Bring Fang with you, Penny.” -he asked her, as he walked towards the dressing room’s door.

Gene had just performed his spitting fire trick, which made the whole stadium scream, as that was one of the most memorable moments of any KISS concert. Even with that age of his, the Demon was still in great shape, and was more than glad to present the fans with what was one of his trademark images. And the fans responded the way he already knew they would. By shouting his name and snapping photos of him with their cell phones. It was one thing to see a circus artist doing that, it was another to see a rock star doing it, and Gene knew it.

This guy really knows how to spit fire.” -Alix thought to herself.

“Those are some flames.” -Adrien said.

“Imagine that Hawk Moth decided to akumatize him.” -Sabrina told Chloe.

“He would definitely turn anyone who stood in his way into barbecue.” -Chloe said, as she continued to look at the flames created by Gene.   

I wish I could do that.” -Kim thought to himself.

At the same time, Jagged was making his way towards the stage, when he heard a little commotion coming from somewhere near. Even with the insane noise in the air, it was still possible to make it that it was someone arguing. Ignoring it, he continued his way towards the stage, followed by Penny and Fang. Unfortunately, there was one person who could not ignore the arguing, and that person was none other than Theo. The newbie roadie was caught resting, when he was not supposed to, by none other than the crew manager, who had warned him that if he gave him any reason to yell at him again, he would fire him, which was what he was doing right then.

“I warned you, on what would happen if you screwed up, or if I got you slacking on the job! You were supposed to be up there, not down here, doing God knows what! Don’t you have your walkie-talkie with you? I’ve been calling you for the past 10 minutes!” -Roger yelled, furious.   

“I-I do, but I didn’t hear anything.” -Theo said, as he pulled his walkie talkie from his pocket and it was out of battery, explaining why he did not hear him calling. –“Oh, crud, the battery must have died and I didn’t notice.” -he said.

“You didn’t notice?! What kind of an idiot, are you?! Who in their right mind doesn’t keep an eye on the battery’s energy?!” -Roger continued to yell at Theo. –“I’ll tell you, who! Someone who does his job, instead of slacking off! I saw what you were doing, before I got here! You were once again writing lyrics!”

“But…” -Theo tried to talk, only to be interrupted.  

“Don’t interrupt me, when I’m speaking!” -Roger yelled at him. –“You think you’re the first roadie, who aspires to one day be a musician, and spends his time writing lyrics?! Let me tell you something… the world’s filled with roadies, who think like that, and you’re just another one! You were hired to do a job, like everyone else here, and if you can’t do it, then you’re not doing anything here! You’re fired!” -he told him. 

“But, but I…” -Theo said, trying to make him understand what had happened.

“No, buts! Give me your pass, and clean up your locker! If I see you here when I come back, or anywhere else, tonight, I’m calling security to kick you out the stadium!” -Roger warned him, as he took Theo’s pass. –“Do yourself a favour and don’t be here when I come back, or you’re going to be sorry! Unlike you, some of us do work, instead of slacking around and writing lyrics, which will never be used in any songs!” -he said, before storming out of there.   

Curiously, Theo was not the only one who was being yelled at. Reptile was also being scolded by Hawk Moth. He had promised his master a person he deemed worthy of being akumatized, so he could create a strong Akuma, with which to destroy the Miraculous Team, and until then, he had not found one. After spending numerous hours scouting the crowd, the lizard man had decided to hide somewhere in the backstage, where he could get some peace, even if he had music blasting at his eardrums. Unfortunately, as soon as Hawk Moth began to talk to him, using telepathy, any chance of peace he hoped to have, disappeared. As soon as he heard his master’s voice in his head, he knew that he was in trouble, and that the only thing he could hope for, was for Hawk Moth to not decide to punish him, right there, without waiting for him to go back to the lair.    

“I gave you a simple mission, and even so, you weren’t able to fulfil it.” -Hawk Moth told him.  

“My apologies master. I’m afraid I…” -Reptile told him, when he felt his body being electrocuted.

“You do realize that by not doing, what you said you would do, is just as bad as failing me, don’t you?” -Hawk Moth told him with a cold voice. –“More and more, I’m beginning to think that I made a bad decision to choose you as one of my lieutenants, Reptile.” -he said.

“Y-You see, master, I… wait a moment!”-Reptile answered him. –“I found one! I found one!” -he declared.  

“For your sake, you better not be lying to me, Reptile. Because if you are, I can promise you that you will wish that I kill you, instead of just torturing you.” -Hawk Moth warned him.

“I am not, master. I wouldn’t dare to do such a thing. I live to serve you, and I would never lie to you.” -Reptile told him. –“I found one. There’s rage in his heart, a lot of rage.” -he said.

“Get close to him. I must sense what he’s feeling. And for your sake, he better be something worthy of one of my butterflies.” -Hawk Moth warned Reptile. –“Because if not, you will be punished for your failure, Reptile.” -he told him.  

Hearing that threat, Reptile gulped, as he hoped that that the target in question would be worthy of one of his masters’ Akuma Butterflies. If not, he would feel his wrath once more, and if there was anything that he hated more than failing his master, or being defeated by the Miraculous heroes, in particular Antelope and Dragonfly, it was the smell of his own flesh and skin being electrocuted. Using the shadows to his advantage, Reptile tailed Theo, who was boiling mad with what happened to him. He still could not see why he was fired because of something that could have happened to anyone. He knew he should have not been writing lyrics, but he believed that if anyone needed him, they would call him over the walkie-talkie. It was not his fault that he did not notice the walkie-talkie’s battery died. But the worst part was not that. The worst was that he had been told that he would never be more than a mere roadie, with unfulfilled music dreams. That was what made him feel like punching someone or breaking something with his bare hands.  

“That bastard! I did nothing wrong!” -Theo shouted, as he slammed the locker room’s door open and made his way to his locker. –“It was an honest mistake! I mean, I didn’t realize the walkie-talkie’s battery had died… it could happen to anyone.” -he said, as he tried to open his locker, but having difficulty because of the nerves, that were not allowing him to remember the locker’s combination.  –“And who does he think he is?! Talking to me about my lyrics, calling them worthless, without even looking at them, and how I’ll never be more than just a roadie. I should have punched him in the face, when he told me that, that’s what I should have done!”

Someone who happened to be listening to him, would not need much to understand that Theo had taken what the crew chief had told him to heart. Unfortunately for him, a certain someone was listening to him and saw that he had hit the jackpot. Reptile was right, when he sensed his rage. He had been looking for someone like Theo, all day long, and now he finally had found him.

“You see, master? I was not lying. This individual has so much rage inside of him, right now, that he will make a powerful Akuma.” -Reptile communicated with Hawk Moth, as he looked at Theo, hidden behind the door’s jamb.      

“Yes, a lot of rage, mixed with incomprehension and resentment.” -Hawk Moth said, as he felt the emotions that were emanating from Theo. –“A powerful combination, no doubt. He will do fine.” -he said. –“I will send you an Akuma Butterfly, so you can akumatize him.”

Saying that, Hawk Moth made his way to the glass dome where the Akuma Butterflies rested. Touching the icy-cold glass, he could not help but to smile, as he gazed upon his precious creations. Using his powers, his right hand began to glow, enabling him to pass through the glass and gently grab one of the butterflies. Holding it in his hand, he then created an energy sphere around it. Snapping his fingers, the sphere containing the butterfly disappeared, only to reappear in front of Reptile, who gently grabbed it, with the tips of his fingers.  

“You know what must be done, Reptile.” -Hawk Moth’s voice echoed in Reptile’s head.  

“Yes, master.” -Reptile said, as he broke the energy shield and released the Akuma Butterfly.

Flapping its wings, the dark insect made its way towards its unsuspecting victim, without making the slightest noise. If Theo had heard it, he would have looked over his left shoulder, seeing it and tried to run from it. But he did not. And as soon as the creature landed on Theo’s back, it was absorbed by it, as a sudden wave of energy coursed through his body, making his eyes glow purple. From that moment onward, he was under Hawk Moth’s control.

“Good evening, young man. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Hawk Moth, and I have a proposition for you." -Hawk Moth's voice echoed inside Theo's head. –"Someone like you should not be discarded the way you have been. Everyone is entitled to commit errors, but it seems someone decided that you are not entitled to such. As so, you are more than entitled to seek revenge. If you allow me, I can help you. I can grant you the power to exact that revenge, and prove to everyone else that you are not someone who can be discarded, as if you were a mere piece of trash." -he told her. –"Would you be interested in that?"

"Yes, Hawk Moth." -Theo said, as his heart was corrupted, and he accepted Hawk Moth’s deal.

"I see that we have an understanding. All I require of you is to force the Miraculous Team to come to you, and to face them. Kill them and bring me their miraculouses, so I might obliterate them." -Hawk Moth declared with an evil voice.

"Consider the miraculouses as good as yours, Hawk Moth. I will give the performance of a lifetime, and make sure that when the Miraculous heroes get here, that this performance, will be the last thing they ever see." -Theo said.

"Then… rise, Screamer! It’s time to show everyone what you can do!" -Hawk Moth exclaimed, as Theo’s body was enveloped by a black smoke cloud, beginning to change him.