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I'm glad you came back

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Kal'tsit is nervous....REALLY nervous, but she doesn't know why, is it because the doctor is coming back? Or is it the new medical team is backing her up in the new experiment? Her palms are sweaty, her thoughts are running wild, she can't seem to stand still for one moment either. "Why are they taking so long...."

After their meeting at Lungmen, she can't concentrate on her work at all. She keeps spacing out, writing scribbles instead of words. She lets out a long sigh and sit herself down at her chair , letting her body sink into it. "Come on, come on....what is taking them so long anyways??" Swirlling herself around at the thought. 


Kal'tsit literally jumped at the sound, rushing herself out of the office and ran down the hallway.

"Kal'tsit-senseii, I'm backk" the echo of Amiya's voice bounced off the wall

"Welcome...back..Amiya.." Kal'tsit spoke, out of breath

'Why are you running? Are you that excited?" Amiya said with a smug 

"N-No...I-I was just..doing some..execise.." spoke a doctor whose face is as red as a tomato

"Ohh...I see" Amiya smirked and nod her head slowly. "Anyways...shouldn't you also greed someone else, too?"

Kal'tist looked behind Amiya, standing so tall and proud is her beloved doctor. "Hey..." She said looking away "...took you long enough"

The doctor looked up, smiling lightly behind the mask "Aren't you happy to see me?" tucking her hands in her pockets

"I-I got work to do, y-you two should go wash up..." Kal'tsit turn around and half-running back to her office "Why am I blushing so hard?"



It's already 10pm, cold wind blowing outside the windows of Rhodes Island laboratory. So cold that it might just be a bio-fridge. And yet a scientist is still doing researches, checking stats until she lightly dozed off in her chair. 

"Dr.Kal...? Are you here?" a voice echoed through the lab but nothing came back

"Kal'tsit..? Are you up?" 

Still nothing 

"I'm coming in, pardon the intrusion" There the doctor stand, entering carefully not to wake up the snoozing scientist.

The doctor closed the door behind her, let out a relief sigh that the door didn't creak. She inspects the lab closely, neatly stacked files, operator's heath checks are still open on the table, and the lights in the office is still on. She make her way there, expecting a cold stare from the scientist 

"Hey..I.." The doctor was taken aback, never have she ever seen Kal'tsit so.....cute? Wait, cute??

The windows are open, light breezes making their way into the office "chilly..." she thought to herself as she closed it

She took off her coat and put it over Kal'tsits body "Mmm..." Kal twitched upon the contact

"Ah..did I wake you up?" The doctor asked nervously but answering her was complete silent

"Hm..." she thought as she sit down the chair beside Kal'tsit

"Her ears...looks fluffy..."  speaking to herself as she stare at them "I wonder...."

She stood up, slowly guide her hand to the snoozing scientist's ears. But a hand slapped at hers and cought it mid way 

"HEY... don't mess with people when they're sleeping" Kal'tsit tightens the grip and looked at the doctor with a stern face

"Ow.ow ow..ok ok I'm sorry" The doctor retreated her hand "Geez..didn't know you were that strong..." she winced in pain

"Well now you know..." Kal sighed and straightens herself up, feeling something warm on her lap

"Ah.. I saw you were sleeping so..." The doctor looked down, cheeks heating up.

Kal'tsit suddenly stand up, keeping her head low, pushing the doctor down her chair.

"H-hey...what are you.." said the flustered doctor

"DON'T say a word" Kal looked down at her "What gives you the rights? Just why are you making me feel like this?" 

"What do you m-" the doctor looking up, confused

"You conduct the project alone, you met me at Lungmen and treated me like a stranger, like you've never met me. Amiya said you have amnesia,  you come back after a mission, and start to treat me like you used to, but you still say that you don't remember a thing..." She was shaking at this point "Just what games are you playing with me....?" She finally let her thoughts out, hot tears started to run down her cheeks

The dumbfounded doctor couldn't say a word, still processing everything that Kal has said. She reached out, pulling Kal'tsit down into her arms, embracing her

"I...don't know how to say this..., I am not playing any games with you. It's true that I don't remember anything, but when I first saw you, I feel a connection, I just KNOW that you and I were close. Maybe I liked you before, maybe we were partners..., I'm not sure. But I do know one thing..." The doctor lifted Kal'tsits face up, placing her hand on Kal's cheeks and wiped her tears "Is that I like you...very much" she continued

Now it's Kal'tsit's turn to be dumbfounded. "I-Mmph.." 

Before she even said a word, the doctor sealed their lips, lightly and lovingly. Kal'tsit is surprised but welcome it, throwing her arms around her beloved doctor's neck, pulling her closer.

Then Kal'tsit parted slightly, looking deep into doctor's eyes "Do you really mean it...? What you said before..?" She said, looking away shyly

The doctor said nothing but leaned in once again, this time licking Kal'tsit lower lips, asking for entrace in which Kal gave her the opening almost immediately

"Sweet..." Kal thought as she dueled with her tougue. 

They broke apart, a silver string still connected. The doctor smiled lightly and hugged Kal closer to her body.

"I mean it, every word I said" said the doctor, burying her head further into Kal's neck

Kal'tsit smiled happily, tears of joy streaming down her face

"I'm glad you came back"