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Between Strangers - Among Friends

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“You’ve got nothing to worry about, Rose.” Rory pulled Rose close to him and held her tightly in his arms.

“So that’s why you gave me the legal advice,” Rose surmised.

Rory nodded. “When it came time to split the assets, you didn’t have to deny something you didn’t know about. And technically it was in my name, so he couldn’t have touched it anyway, but I didn’t want it to cause problems for you either.”

Tons of weight had disappeared from Rose’s mind. She felt clear and free for the second time in her life. Rose also knew that the money would give her a lot more options, and time to think them through.

"October 14th," Rose said.

Rory tossed his head. "What's October 14th?" he asked.

"My birthday."

"Why didn't you tell me before?" Rory asked with a scrunch of his chin.

Rose rolled her eyes. "Because the day you asked me was the day before my birthday." Rose shrugged. "We were kind of flirting then and I was afraid of what you might do. That's why I didn't want to tell you before. You'd already done so much for me and ..." Rose sighed looking up into Rory's eyes and smiled feeling her insides practically aglow.

“Rory, I don’t know what to say. How can I ever thank-you for all this? You’ve done so much for me and I -”

“There’s no need to thank me, Rose. It’s your money. It was never mine.” A sly grin spread across Rory’s face. “But if you really need to thank me …”

Rory lifted Rose to sit on the bar stool and moved closer between her knees. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her. Rose could feel his arousal as he pressed forward against her. Rory leaned into her, hungry for more than just her lips. He tugged at the wide neck of her t-shirt as he trailed kisses down the side of her chin to her neck and across an exposed collar bone tickling her skin with the bristly hairs of his beard. Rose panted, her breath heavy and moist as wetness began to develop between her legs. Rose put her hands to the sides of Rory’s neck and let them trail down over his shoulders to his chest. She traced her fingers through his thick hair and began to feel a pulse in parts of her body other than her heart.

Rose closed her eyes for a moment and pushed Rory away. He looked flustered that he’d been interrupted.

“Rory, there’s something I want to tell you,” she said. Rose licked her lips and drew in a hesitant breath.

“I was really worried about money and how that might affect our relationship,” she confessed. “It just didn’t make sense for me to get too close to you if I knew I would end up having to go back to Canada right away. It’s difficult to think about starting a relationship when you’re worrying about money.”

“But you don’t have to worry about money anymore, Rose.”

Rose nodded and smiled. “I know. But that was the reason I decided to wait to tell you.”

“Tell me what, Rose?” Rory held his breath, waiting, as he caressed the length of her arms. He loved the feeling of Rose’s soft smooth skin under his fingertips. He gritted his teeth as he felt himself grow harder, but he smiled and focused on what Rose was saying.

“That I love you.” Rose’s face glowed as she smiled. Rory could see that she meant it. All he had to do was look in her eyes. His heart swelled in his chest.

Rose stood up on the rung of the stool bring herself closer to Rory’s height. Hands at the sides of his face, Rose caressed his cheeks with her thumbs, bringing them down over the soft edges of his beard.

“I love you, Rory.”

Rory cradled Rose’s head in his hands and brought her face close to his until their noses were almost touching. “I love you, Rose.” He kissed her then, pressing his lips firmly to hers, Rory felt the heat that passed between them. Rose parted her lips slightly giving Rory access to the sweetness of her breath, the taste of her mouth as his tongue explored her soft skin.

Rose moved her hands to Rory’s back and pulled him closer. She gasped lightly as Rory moved his mouth down over her neck. She felt the burning heat of his hands on the back of her thighs as he moved them up slowly edging under her t-shirt. Rory quickly slid one hand up along her bare back following the ridge of her spine while the other hand teased at the waist of her panties.

Lowering her hands to his hips, Rose clutched at him pushing his groin into hers. She could feel his erection hitting the sweet spot of her mound. Intense heat flowed down her legs making Rose gasp. She rose up on her toes grinding her hips forward as she dropped rubbing herself along the length of his swollen arousal. Rory groaned into her shoulder playfully biting as he rocked his hips against her.

“Rose,” he moaned. His voice was a deep and throaty rumble in his chest. Still supporting her back, Rory moved his other hand from the waistband and into the silky fabric. He drew his hand down to cup and squeeze the flesh of her firm, round ass. His fingers moved from behind, seeking the heat at her core. The pad of a fingertip caressed her and moved deeper to feel the wetness inside her.

Her legs trembled as Rose let out a guttural gasp breathing hot air into his ear.

With a grunt of pure lust, Rory picked her up and carried Rose into the bedroom. He was afraid he wouldn’t even make it that far. Her body in his arms radiated such heat that it made him grow frustratingly hard. Rose tickled her tongue against the edge of his ear sending shivers through his arms and legs so that he could barely walk. He wanted her naked, wanted to feel her skin against his, their entire bodies writhing and tangled.

When he finally set her down on the edge of the bed, Rory tugged up on the bottom of her shirt and pulled it off over Rose’s head. For a moment, he stood still and admired her beauty. Rose was slim and softly curved from her shoulders down to her waist and hips, and she had the perfect breasts. Even at her age, they were pert and full and round with delicate dark red nipples that were hard and begging him to taste them.

Dropping to his knees, Rory moved between Rose’s legs and looked up at her with such longing that Rose wanted to drag him right onto the bed. She wanted him now. She ran her fingers through his hair as he kissed the center of her chest. Huge, warm hands came up over her breasts, her taut nipples brushing his palms.

Rose’s breath came in hot gasps as she felt the tickle of his whiskers across her skin. Rory kissed the soft flesh of each breast, one then the other before moving to the hard tips. Rose leaned her head back, her breath desperate and panting as Rory took a nipple into his mouth and rolled it on his tongue. He pulled lightly with his teeth while his fingers stroked the other one, feeling it harden between his knuckles.

He switched sides causing Rose to moan. She wrapped her legs around him and squeezed pushing herself into him as her wetness increased. Her panties were soaked and she wanted them off. Rory was happy to oblige. As Rose lay back on the bed, Rory’s lips drew down across her taut stomach. He slipped the moistened silk down over her knees to the floor and tossed them aside.

The warmth of Rory’s hands on her knees made Rose tremble as he gently spread them. Rose closed her eyes and let herself get lost in the soft touches and gentle sensations as Rory moved between her legs. Flames burst through her nerve endings when Rory touched his tongue to her heat. Rose moaned loudly, her body jolting involuntarily. She couldn’t take it any longer. It had to be now. Rose sat up and pulled at his arms. Her heart threatened to beat right out of her chest as she urged him on top of her.

“Rory, now,” she gasped. Rory clambered onto the bed kneeling between her legs as Rose tore the towel away from him. He swept an arm under Rose’s back to drag her farther onto the bed. Settling between her legs, Rory looked down into the face of the most beautiful woman he had ever known. Rose looked back at him pleading, luscious lips pouting and panting. He kissed her hard, his erection pressing dangerously close to her entrance. He pushed himself up to look at her again. He wanted to see her face as he came into her.

Rory leaned to the side. He stroked his hand down over the smooth skin of her thigh, moved behind her knee and lifted it to spread her wide. He watched her expression as he grunted, thrusting hard as he entered her, spreading her tightness around him, filling her. Rose gasped, her expression a mixture of surprise and ecstasy.

Rocking his hips over hers, Rory pushed deeper as he lowered his chest to touch Rose’s. Rory kissed her open mouth, their breath mixing hot and fast. Rose pushed at his hips and Rory drew back moving out of her. Then he felt her fingernails dig into the flesh on his back urging him back in. He thrust hard moving in a slow rhythm. Rose drew her legs up to meet him, circling her hips to match his.

He couldn’t stop touching her. His hands were all over her as he kissed her, squeezed her breasts, scraped his fingernails over her thighs, pinched her nipples. Rose gasped, tightened her muscles, squeezing him, making him throb. He could feel himself swelling and growing.

Rory moved more urgently as Rose wrapped her legs around him pulling him deeper. When he moved his hand away, Rose brought it back to the nipple he’d been teasing and pinched. She moaned harshly in his ear, urging him to thrust faster.

“Harder,” she whispered. The word, with her hot breath, made him tighten inside her.  The sound of their bodies meeting brought him to the brink. He wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer. He began to throb dangerously close.

“Rose, hurry,” he groaned.

Rose urged him to move faster, harder.

Rory lifted up and put his hand between them. He slipped a finger between them, into the juncture of her and massaged her. Rose bucked beneath him moaning loudly, rocking her hips violently. Her entire body shuddered, wracked with tremors as her orgasm swept over her. He felt the pulsing of her core around him as her muscles convulsed into a tight ring.

Rory lowered his weight onto her, making her small delicate body shake with each thrust. He growled with frustration, feeling himself begin to pulse. Rory roared as he finally erupted, spilling into her.

Their bodies pressed together, panting and hearts pounding, Rory lowered himself carefully on top of Rose. Every muscle trembled from exertion. He wiped a gentle hand across her brow as he smiled down into her relaxed and satisfied face. She smiled warmly at him. Rose adored the feeling of being swaddled between his thick, strong arms, feeling his chest hair on her breasts.

Rory’s lips were red and swollen, even more kissable in this post-orgasm state of calm and tranquility. She raised her lips to his and kissed him tenderly, briefly. All he could do is look down at her, astonished that this was the woman he’d waited so long for.

“You’re amazing, luv,” he whispered.

“No, we’re amazing,” Rose corrected. They had finally come together, as friends and lovers. It was difficult for Rose to believe that as a couple they had blended so perfectly. There was still a long way for them to go, still many things to figure out, but Rose didn’t see anything that they couldn’t overcome together.

Rory rolled to the side and pulled Rose against him, tucking her into the curve of his body. They fit together perfectly. He tenderly kissed the back of her shoulder, wondering if Rose was a dream, if he would wake up and be alone on his boat somewhere.

Everything about her was perfect. They belonged together. They were meant for each other, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Rory had never before met a woman that had so much to offer him. He had known women who were beautiful, and woman who were kind and caring, there had even been good sex, but never all of it in one perfect package. Not until he had known Rose.

Was there even such a thing as perfect, he wondered. Rory couldn’t foresee anything that would be so devastating that it would drive them apart. Whatever hardships they might face, Rory knew that they could handle. They had already been through so much together. Rory and Rose were both reasonable and intelligent people. They would figure out whatever obstacles presented themselves, though he couldn’t imagine there would be many of those.

Rory felt Rose settle as her body relaxed within his arms. He found his own eyelids grow heavy as his comfort overcame him, and he drifted into a pleasant sleep.

It was still dark out when Rose was awakened by a low rumble. As she shook the sleep away from her mind, Rose felt the heat of soft skin moving over the length of her thigh. Rory was murmuring softly into her ear. Their bodies were still curled together in the position they’d fallen asleep in.

Rose stretched languidly against him as Rory pulled her closer. He had become aroused again, pressing his hardness to the seam of her thighs.

“Rose,” he breathed, “You’re going to undo me.”

Rose smiled into her pillow lifting her leg slightly. Rory slipped his hand between her knees to spread her wider as he moved into her from behind. Rose gasped lightly as he slid inside her. Arm around her hips, he pulled her down, sinking himself deeper, moving slowly and gently, rocking their bodies together. Rory’s hand moved over her belly to fondle her breasts. He rolled her nipples between his thumb and finger as he groaned in time with his light, rhythmic thrusts.

Rose could feel herself spreading tightly around him each time he moved, sinking deeper and feeling the base of him press against her delicate folds. She felt the heat in her core, wet and electric, tingling with each of Rory’s grunts as he increased his rhythm.

Grabbing at the flesh of her thigh, Rory rocked harder feeling himself grow closer. His fingertips explored the curve of her hip, the hollow at the top of her thigh, the soft hairs of her mound, to the seam of her core. He explored deeper finding the wetness there, he caressed and massaged. Rose tensed dramatically, moaning as he teased the ultra sensitive skin.

With his free hand hooked around her shoulder, Rory pulled down driving himself deeper inside her. Rose began to pant hard, her body trembling. A high-pitched moan came from deep in her chest as her muscles tightened around him. Rory rode her orgasm, rocking into her, matching the pulsing of her quim along the length of him as he swelled and throbbed.

Her orgasm subsiding, Rory wrapped his arm around Rose’s hips, grunting with each hard thrust. He held his quivering body tightly against Rose as he finally came, spent and satisfied.

As sleep finally began to pull them down again, Rory wondered how he had ever survived the loneliness before Rose. He’d never wanted to admit it to himself before. But now, as he lay here beside her, he knew his heart was at long last, filled with more love than he’d ever known was possible.