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Look What You Made Me Do

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Damian was slightly concerned about the last field trip the Paris class was going on. They were going to Gotham open market, which was nice except for the fact that this was Gotham and the odds of someone getting taken advantage of was pretty much a given. Marinette already had enough difficulties with her class. He had to admit that at least Todd was going with them, though he did find that he wished that he too could escort the group. That explosion on the docks last month when he had been patrolling with Todd was not his fault! Richard had completely over reacted to the situation. Cass would also be there. Damian had to admit that Richard was wise in his arrangement of chaperons.

Dressed in his school uniform Damian went downstairs to the kitchen for breakfast, before he got to the room he could smell fresh baked goods and couldn’t help but smile a little, though just before he stepped into the kitchen he school his face into a passive mask so Richard wouldn’t be weird about him smiling. The idiot would surely try to link it to their guests and be annoying.

“Good morning Master Damian.” Pennyworth greeted him. “What would you like for breakfast?”

“Yogurt and fruit please.” Damian politely requested. He raised a brow at seeing Todd at the breakfast table for the second morning in a row. He had thought that he would meet Richard and the others at the open markets. But maybe he was drawn back to the Manor not just by Pennyworth’s cooking but also Marinette’s baking.

“Good morning Damian.” a melodic voice greeted him. “Did you sleep well?”

Damian opened his mouth to answer but felt his throat go dry, trapping the words, as he watched Marinette set a plate of freshly baked croissants on the table. She was dressed as Zatanna and Damian wasn’t sure how he felt about that. Wasn’t that a bit...risque? He noted that her companion Chloe was dressed as Black Canary. “Good morning.” he finally managed to get out as a bowl was placed in front of him. He was pleased that Pennyworth had also gotten him a cup of chai tea without him needing to ask.
Jason watched as Marinette and Dick talked about dinner that night. He was pretty sure Pixie Pop had figured out who everyone in his family was. After all once you spent a little time with them in and out of uniform for the most part it was pretty obvious. But they were all experts of keeping their lives in uniform separate from their lives out of them. If Dick’s cop buddies in Bludhaven spent more than five minutes with Nightwing they would put two and two together. B had his Brucie persona, gag, to keep him safe. His Red Hood helmet changed his own voice so he didn’t really care. Demon Brat never let anyone close to him either way, but if he had his attention on you for more than ten seconds you started to look for an escape route.

Well most people that it, he watched as Damian sat down and greeted Marinette. She seemed to be the exception to the rule. Though now that he was seeing things up close he could see that Damian was being a little different. He watched as Damian’s eyes widened just a touch and he seemed to be a bit at a loss for words.

It seemed like Pixie Pop had a special effect on every member of their group. Damint if that girl didn’t work her way into everyone’s heart. Even Poison Ivy and Harley adored her. Though back to his original train of thought, and that was Demon Brat. He had definitely been a little different since Marinette came into their lives. Usually girls avoided him, only the bravest of future trophy wives dared to try and hit him up at charity events Bruce forced him to go to, Jason was pretty sure all the girls at Gotham Academy had given up barking up that tree. After all it had been months since they had gotten a letter from the school saying he had made a female classmate cry.

He guessed something had happened at the garden trip, something the resulted in Damian feeling the need to buy Marinette a new pen. Damian had been far more welcoming than any of them had expected. There had even been a couple of times when he had blushed. Holy shit did their Baby Bat have his first crush?! Oh Dick was going to be all over this once he noticed. As he ate his breakfast he listened to Dick tell Marinette more about his wife and daughter, he wondered if she had figured out Kory was Starfire. He was willing to bet she wouldn’t figure it out until they met, after all it wasn’t common knowledge the Nightwing and Starfire were together. He didn’t doubt at all that Pixie Pop was going to plan some special dessert.

“Yo we better get going or else we’re going to be late.” he announced. “Honestly I wouldn't mind if those little shits in your class get ripped off.” He noticed the dirty look Dick was shooting him. “But unfortunately I agreed to be a responsible adult today.” Jason was pretty sure if he had rolled his eyes any harder he would have pulled a muscle.

“That is a horrifying prospect.” Damian deadpanned. Sadly Jason agreed. He much preferred to be his normal irresponsible self

“Damian, that’s not very nice.” Marinette lightly scolded. “I’m sure Jason will do a very good job.”

“I suppose for an outing to the Gotham Market Todd is one of the best people you can have accompanying you.” Damian seemed to reluctantly agree. Jason didn’t move, he didn’t even want to breathe unless it broke the moment. Instead of calling Marinette a foolish female like he would have with almost anyone else. Jason had lost count how many times Dick had begged him not to refer to girls or women as females, but Damian ignored him every time. “You will also have Cass with you. I suppose it is the best one could hope for. Though if a deal sounds too good to be true it probably is. The Gotham Market is filled with swindlers. It would probably be best to just stay close to Todd.”

“Well I don’t really plan to do much shopping. I’m hoping to get inspiration for my and Chloe’s gala dresses.” Marinette answered.
“As interesting as hearing about fashion is we have to bounce!” Jason announced.

Marinette decided to take pity on him so she agreed. “You’re right Jason.” she said as she stood up. She tried to help clean up but was instead shooed out of the kitchen by Alfred. Suddenly it was just Jason, Chloe and herself as they headed towards the front door.

“So….thanks to Chloe having the subtlety of a wrecking ball in use I’m sure you have some questions.” she said dryly.

“What the hell?!” Jason quietly demanded. “Why didn’t you tell me Chloe was part of the team?!”

“It’s not my secret to tell.” Marinette replied. “I plan to let them know I’ve revealed my identity to you but it will be up to them when they are ready to do the same. And in return you are under no obligation to share your identity. I hope that you will but it’s your choice.”

“I figured you would doubt the magic the miraculous talismans have. So I decided to show you how well they work.” Chloe replied. “Mari said she’s going to take you out training.”

“Um….why do you know I’m Midnight?” Jason asked with a frown.

Marinette knew this could turn into an argument. “Chloe was with me when Plagg reported that he had found you. I told her she could reveal her identity in her own time. I should have known she would not just do it in her own time but in her own style.” she said sounding amused as they walked out the front door. She was rather surprised that instead of a limo were two motorcycles, with Cass standing by one.

“Yeah I don’t really do limos.” Jason announced as he handed her a helmet. “You’re with me Pixie Pop.”