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Out Of The Blue

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"I've decided she will no longer be needed for experimental purposes," Even through the phone, hearing Overhaul's voice made every hair on your body stand on end, "Any results we gathered were truly disappointing. I've come to the conclusion she can't be cured, so I have no further use for her."

"What's your final verdict?" The Yakuza underling in charge of the room you were being kept imprisoned in went about filling out numerous sheets of paperwork with the call set to speaker phone, unintentionally allowing you to hear everything.

"If I wanted to kill her, I would have done so already or let her finish the job herself," The thoughtful pause that followed was concerning, "So sell her as damaged goods. I suppose it's not a complete waste if she makes us some money in return for all the trouble she's caused and time she's wasted."

"Understood, Overhaul," With a click, the conversation was over.

That was the end of it. Your future had been decided for you once again. You knew enough about the Yakuza's omega trafficking to know that damaged goods auctions were pretty much the equivalent of death warrants. They attracted undeniable filth due to the drastically reduced price range. The type that attended them weren't there for a pretty face or a companion, they were there for a temporary toy they wouldn't have to worry or care about breaking.

The only decent part of the decision was that the next auction he spoke of was still about a week out. They ran like clockwork, rarely deviating from their set schedule. Maybe, just maybe, the other omega locked in the room with you would be right about her alpha coming to rescue her. It was a faint hope in danger of being snuffed out at any moment, but it was all you had left. If only Overhaul would have let you die on the operating table, it would have been a small mercy.

Jarred out of your thoughts by the door slamming shut as the Yakuza left the room, you finally deemed it safe enough to look around freely. The concrete floor felt colder and your cage felt smaller now. Metal cuffs rubbed uncomfortably against your skin as you shifted your body in a hopeless effort to get just the tiniest bit more comfortable. Being confined in such a small space for so long was beginning to create an itch under your skin. The fluorescent lights and white wall sterility continued to strip you of your sanity day in and day out.

You gazed curiously through the bars that separated you from the cell next door. The other omega had immediately introduced herself as Glitch when she arrived about a week and a half ago. It was increasingly odd to you how she remained so calm despite being locked up in Yakuza territory. She was so confident, so strangely comfortable and bold. Before the rather spirited omega came along, this room had been your solitary confinement. Now, she was the only thing keeping you grounded, but barely.

"Soon," Her smile hadn't faded into a memory like yours had, it was still bright and motivated, "Any moment now, I can sense it."

Tilting your head questioningly, you wondered if that meant she had managed to scent her alpha. If the claim mark on her neck was shared by him, there must be some sort of connection. Considering she'd been a bit roughed up upon arrival, he would have been able to sense her pain and anger the minute she had been captured. It seemed likely that the only reason she hadn't been auctioned off yet was because of the time it took for the bruises and scrapes to fade. They would be unsightly to show to prospective buyers.

Still, it was odd she was being kept with you instead of in one of the normal holding rooms. Maybe she was bonded to someone important and would be used for ransom or retaliation. In any case, there was a part of you that was grateful for her company and continuous dialogue she kept up each evening after the Yakuza left for the day, leaving just a guard outside the door.

"When my alpha finally comes to get what's his, we'll take you with us," Scooting closer to the partition, she reached a hand through, her pinky brushing against your sleeve, "Maybe you could learn to talk again, but only if that's what you want. I bet there's an alpha out there that will think you're perfect either way, a gentler one. They do exist you know."

A gentler one, you mused, wondering how long it had taken her to collect enough pieces to be able to determine your previous alpha had been a nightmare come to life.

Attempting to cheer you up and maybe even coax a singular word or faint reaction sound out of you had been part of Glitch's daily routine from the very start. However, your breathing was too careful and your steps were too light. She wasn't even entirely sure you could make a sound past the metal mask that covered the lower half of your face, acting as a muzzle of sorts. It was only removed when it was time to eat and you usually refused any food offered to you. It was constant silence on your end, in both conversation and movement, but it never seemed to upset her. If anything, it encouraged her efforts.

An amused giggle sounded as Glitch threw her head back, "This stunt is the perfect excuse for the League to finally kick Overhaul's sorry ass. We've been waiting for a reason, letting the disagreements build up to a breaking point. This feud has gone on long enough."

Of course, the League of Villains, now her reason for being captured made complete sense, but if she holds the type of influence that allows her to convince the League to make a move like that-

When the door was thrown open again and a bloodied guard was dropped unceremoniously to the floor with a thud, you didn't move more than what was required to avert your gaze. That's how numb you had become to the violence, it was normal and expected these days. Staying in the farthest corner of your cell always felt the safest, if it could even be called that. If you made yourself small, maybe whoever this new intruder was wouldn't notice you.

Two unfamiliar men stepped into the room, their adrenaline tinged alpha musk hit you hard as Glitch flew to the front of her cell, hands gripping the bars, "Tomura!" Her voice was filled with elation.

You eyed the man with pale blue hair as he hurried towards Glitch and disintegrated the bars between them before gathering her in his arms, "They will pay for this," He snarled as he grabbed her hand, "Come on, I'm sure more of these Yakuza scum will be here soon," He kicked at the body on the floor, ready to step over it again before Glitch stopped him.

"Wait," She all but dragged him over to your cell, "We have to bring her with us."

"Why? She looks weak, like she'd slow us down," Her alpha rasped in annoyance.

"Don't be so quick to pass judgement, boss," The other alpha, with the extensive purple scarring and black hair, finally spoke up as he strode closer to your cell to get a better look at you, "Perhaps she'll turn out to be useful if Glitch has taken a liking to her," You felt his eyes boring into you, "Can you talk? What's your quirk, omega?"

"She won't answer you, Dabi," Glitch rolled her eyes and made her way over to a nearby desk, sifting through the shelf just above it, "She hasn't spoken since I came here. Whether it's a matter of can't or won't, I'm guessing it's due to some sort of trauma either way. However, while most omegas here seem to have a small file, I've seen them record enough information on her to write a book. Here we go," She pulled a familiar looking binder off the shelf, your picture was on the first page when she flipped it open.

"So she doesn't talk and we don't know her quirk," Dabi frowned.

"Is there a selling point or are you simply picking up a stray?" Shigaraki sighed impatiently.

"I overheard a few things about her, but the most interesting had to be that she belonged to Overhaul," Glitch had certainly grabbed the attention of the room with that fact.

"So she can be used for questioning," Shigaraki considered the idea before shaking his head, "But if she won't speak, she's still useless."

Glitch narrowed her eyes, "Don't call her that. There was some sort of incident, I'm not sure what, but she was hurt during it. I see them change her bandages daily, it looks like a severe burn on most of her right arm," Shigaraki appeared unimpressed with her argument, "Tomura, alpha, look at her and tell me she hasn't been through hell."

Still looking doubtful, Shigaraki turned your barred door to dust anyway, not giving you more than a two second glance, "Dabi, get her out."

Pressing yourself impossibly further into the corner of your cell, you avoided making eye contact with the scarred alpha as he approached. He didn't seem aggressive, but you knew how quickly that could change. Not that you even had the chance to make a run for it. Your wrists and ankles were still cuffed together and your collar was attached by a chain to the back wall.

Glitch's eyes flitted over the first page in the binder she held, "Y/N, her name is Y/N."

At the sound of your name, your head shot up and fear bled into your eyes. It had been awhile since anyone had used it and even then it was really only when you were in trouble.

"She's still restrained," Dabi murmured quietly, moving towards you carefully so as not to startled you anymore than you already were.

"Wait, I see the key hanging up," Grabbing it off a nearby hook, Glitch stepped into your cell and crouched beside Dabi, "Hey, you don't have to be scared anymore," You were visibly trembling as she unlocked your cuffs and the collar around your neck, revealing raw, bleeding skin underneath, "I'll grab some of the medical supplies they keep in here. You might have to carry her," She removed the mask last and tossed it to the side, "It's nice to finally see your whole face again."

As soon as Dabi placed a hand on your arm, you swatted him away before cowering and refusing to move. When he reached for you again, you lashed out, your nails scraped across his face, knocking a staple loose and drawing blood. Expecting him to retaliate, you were surprised when he had no reaction other than a look of disappointment. He could sense the heavily distressed scent coming off of you in overpowering waves. Remaining calm and collected was his best bet in quelling your fear.

Shigaraki on the other hand did not take kindly to your attack on the other alpha and reached for you with punishing intent. Before he could lay his dangerous hands on you, Glitch threw her body over yours, shielding you from what would have certainly been death. She knew Shigaraki would never hurt her, she could protect you.

"I said don't," Glitch snarled, "We have all suffered and we have all dealt with our pain in different ways. To punish something as basic as the instinct to survive would be quite low for you. Remember where you came from and what you came from."

You looked up at her in shock. Never before had you seen an omega defy an alpha without being punished and hers had actually considered her words and backed off accordingly. Dipping his head in an unspoken apology despite clearly having no patience left, he still put her request first.

"Fine," Shigaraki hissed, "Hurry up though. We're running out of time."

Glitch sighed, "Y/N, I can't even imagine how difficult this is for you, but you trust me, right?" She watched you nod slowly, "Then believe me when I say Dabi won't hurt you. I know you've had horrible experiences in the past, but this alpha doesn't mean you any harm."

"You're making this harder than it needs to be, sweetheart," The soft, relaxed tone Dabi used was tempting indeed.

It took a few moments, but you finally turned your head to make eye contact with him, even if it only lasted a few seconds before you became overwhelmed by his proximity. You could see sympathy etched into his features and when he reached for you again, scooping you up in his strong arms, you allowed it.

When he pulled the collar of your shirt to the side to further inspect your neck, he frowned again, "Part of her burn isn't bandaged, it looks a bit irritated," When he accidentally bumped the area, your eyes watered and you started struggling again, "If you see antibiotics, grab them."

"Right," Glitch found a large plastic bag nearby, "I'm just throwing everything in here and bringing it with. We can sort through it when we get back to base. I'll bring her files too," When she looked up and saw you starting to fight against Dabi's hold, she grabbed a nearby syringe and looked apologetically at you, "I'm really sorry about this," She whispered before hitting you with the sedative, "But it's for your own good. Trust me."

After that, everything went foggy, noises become muffled, and your entire body went limp as you slowly lost consciousness. The last thing you remembered was a commotion and a flare of heat paired with the smell of smoke before darkness enveloped you.