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Out Of The Blue

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"I've decided she will no longer be needed for experimental purposes," Even through the phone, hearing Overhaul's voice made every hair on your body stand on end, "Any results we gathered were truly disappointing. I've come to the conclusion she can't be cured, so I have no further use for her."

"What's your final verdict?" The Yakuza underling in charge of the room you were being kept imprisoned in went about filling out numerous sheets of paperwork with the call set to speaker phone, unintentionally allowing you to hear everything.

"If I wanted to kill her, I would have done so already or let her finish the job herself," The thoughtful pause that followed was concerning, "So sell her as damaged goods. I suppose it's not a complete waste if she makes us some money in return for all the trouble she's caused and time she's wasted."

"Understood, Overhaul," With a click, the conversation was over.

That was the end of it. Your future had been decided for you once again. You knew enough about the Yakuza's omega trafficking to know that damaged goods auctions were pretty much the equivalent of death warrants. They attracted undeniable filth due to the drastically reduced price range. The type that attended them weren't there for a pretty face or a companion, they were there for a temporary toy they wouldn't have to worry or care about breaking.

The only decent part of the decision was that the next auction he spoke of was still about a week out. They ran like clockwork, rarely deviating from their set schedule. Maybe, just maybe, the other omega locked in the room with you would be right about her alpha coming to rescue her. It was a faint hope in danger of being snuffed out at any moment, but it was all you had left. If only Overhaul would have let you die on the operating table, it would have been a small mercy.

Jarred out of your thoughts by the door slamming shut as the Yakuza left the room, you finally deemed it safe enough to look around freely. The concrete floor felt colder and your cage felt smaller now. Metal cuffs rubbed uncomfortably against your skin as you shifted your body in a hopeless effort to get just the tiniest bit more comfortable. Being confined in such a small space for so long was beginning to create an itch under your skin. The fluorescent lights and white wall sterility continued to strip you of your sanity day in and day out.

You gazed curiously through the bars that separated you from the cell next door. The other omega had immediately introduced herself as Glitch when she arrived about a week and a half ago. It was increasingly odd to you how she remained so calm despite being locked up in Yakuza territory. She was so confident, so strangely comfortable and bold. Before the rather spirited omega came along, this room had been your solitary confinement. Now, she was the only thing keeping you grounded, but barely.

"Soon," Her smile hadn't faded into a memory like yours had, it was still bright and motivated, "Any moment now, I can sense it."

Tilting your head questioningly, you wondered if that meant she had managed to scent her alpha. If the claim mark on her neck was shared by him, there must be some sort of connection. Considering she'd been a bit roughed up upon arrival, he would have been able to sense her pain and anger the minute she had been captured. It seemed likely that the only reason she hadn't been auctioned off yet was because of the time it took for the bruises and scrapes to fade. They would be unsightly to show to prospective buyers.

Still, it was odd she was being kept with you instead of in one of the normal holding rooms. Maybe she was bonded to someone important and would be used for ransom or retaliation. In any case, there was a part of you that was grateful for her company and continuous dialogue she kept up each evening after the Yakuza left for the day, leaving just a guard outside the door.

"When my alpha finally comes to get what's his, we'll take you with us," Scooting closer to the partition, she reached a hand through, her pinky brushing against your sleeve, "Maybe you could learn to talk again, but only if that's what you want. I bet there's an alpha out there that will think you're perfect either way, a gentler one. They do exist you know."

A gentler one, you mused, wondering how long it had taken her to collect enough pieces to be able to determine your previous alpha had been a nightmare come to life.

Attempting to cheer you up and maybe even coax a singular word or faint reaction sound out of you had been part of Glitch's daily routine from the very start. However, your breathing was too careful and your steps were too light. She wasn't even entirely sure you could make a sound past the metal mask that covered the lower half of your face, acting as a muzzle of sorts. It was only removed when it was time to eat and you usually refused any food offered to you. It was constant silence on your end, in both conversation and movement, but it never seemed to upset her. If anything, it encouraged her efforts.

An amused giggle sounded as Glitch threw her head back, "This stunt is the perfect excuse for the League to finally kick Overhaul's sorry ass. We've been waiting for a reason, letting the disagreements build up to a breaking point. This feud has gone on long enough."

Of course, the League of Villains, now her reason for being captured made complete sense, but if she holds the type of influence that allows her to convince the League to make a move like that-

When the door was thrown open again and a bloodied guard was dropped unceremoniously to the floor with a thud, you didn't move more than what was required to avert your gaze. That's how numb you had become to the violence, it was normal and expected these days. Staying in the farthest corner of your cell always felt the safest, if it could even be called that. If you made yourself small, maybe whoever this new intruder was wouldn't notice you.

Two unfamiliar men stepped into the room, their adrenaline tinged alpha musk hit you hard as Glitch flew to the front of her cell, hands gripping the bars, "Tomura!" Her voice was filled with elation.

You eyed the man with pale blue hair as he hurried towards Glitch and disintegrated the bars between them before gathering her in his arms, "They will pay for this," He snarled as he grabbed her hand, "Come on, I'm sure more of these Yakuza scum will be here soon," He kicked at the body on the floor, ready to step over it again before Glitch stopped him.

"Wait," She all but dragged him over to your cell, "We have to bring her with us."

"Why? She looks weak, like she'd slow us down," Her alpha rasped in annoyance.

"Don't be so quick to pass judgement, boss," The other alpha, with the extensive purple scarring and black hair, finally spoke up as he strode closer to your cell to get a better look at you, "Perhaps she'll turn out to be useful if Glitch has taken a liking to her," You felt his eyes boring into you, "Can you talk? What's your quirk, omega?"

"She won't answer you, Dabi," Glitch rolled her eyes and made her way over to a nearby desk, sifting through the shelf just above it, "She hasn't spoken since I came here. Whether it's a matter of can't or won't, I'm guessing it's due to some sort of trauma either way. However, while most omegas here seem to have a small file, I've seen them record enough information on her to write a book. Here we go," She pulled a familiar looking binder off the shelf, your picture was on the first page when she flipped it open.

"So she doesn't talk and we don't know her quirk," Dabi frowned.

"Is there a selling point or are you simply picking up a stray?" Shigaraki sighed impatiently.

"I overheard a few things about her, but the most interesting had to be that she belonged to Overhaul," Glitch had certainly grabbed the attention of the room with that fact.

"So she can be used for questioning," Shigaraki considered the idea before shaking his head, "But if she won't speak, she's still useless."

Glitch narrowed her eyes, "Don't call her that. There was some sort of incident, I'm not sure what, but she was hurt during it. I see them change her bandages daily, it looks like a severe burn on most of her right arm," Shigaraki appeared unimpressed with her argument, "Tomura, alpha, look at her and tell me she hasn't been through hell."

Still looking doubtful, Shigaraki turned your barred door to dust anyway, not giving you more than a two second glance, "Dabi, get her out."

Pressing yourself impossibly further into the corner of your cell, you avoided making eye contact with the scarred alpha as he approached. He didn't seem aggressive, but you knew how quickly that could change. Not that you even had the chance to make a run for it. Your wrists and ankles were still cuffed together and your collar was attached by a chain to the back wall.

Glitch's eyes flitted over the first page in the binder she held, "Y/N, her name is Y/N."

At the sound of your name, your head shot up and fear bled into your eyes. It had been awhile since anyone had used it and even then it was really only when you were in trouble.

"She's still restrained," Dabi murmured quietly, moving towards you carefully so as not to startled you anymore than you already were.

"Wait, I see the key hanging up," Grabbing it off a nearby hook, Glitch stepped into your cell and crouched beside Dabi, "Hey, you don't have to be scared anymore," You were visibly trembling as she unlocked your cuffs and the collar around your neck, revealing raw, bleeding skin underneath, "I'll grab some of the medical supplies they keep in here. You might have to carry her," She removed the mask last and tossed it to the side, "It's nice to finally see your whole face again."

As soon as Dabi placed a hand on your arm, you swatted him away before cowering and refusing to move. When he reached for you again, you lashed out, your nails scraped across his face, knocking a staple loose and drawing blood. Expecting him to retaliate, you were surprised when he had no reaction other than a look of disappointment. He could sense the heavily distressed scent coming off of you in overpowering waves. Remaining calm and collected was his best bet in quelling your fear.

Shigaraki on the other hand did not take kindly to your attack on the other alpha and reached for you with punishing intent. Before he could lay his dangerous hands on you, Glitch threw her body over yours, shielding you from what would have certainly been death. She knew Shigaraki would never hurt her, she could protect you.

"I said don't," Glitch snarled, "We have all suffered and we have all dealt with our pain in different ways. To punish something as basic as the instinct to survive would be quite low for you. Remember where you came from and what you came from."

You looked up at her in shock. Never before had you seen an omega defy an alpha without being punished and hers had actually considered her words and backed off accordingly. Dipping his head in an unspoken apology despite clearly having no patience left, he still put her request first.

"Fine," Shigaraki hissed, "Hurry up though. We're running out of time."

Glitch sighed, "Y/N, I can't even imagine how difficult this is for you, but you trust me, right?" She watched you nod slowly, "Then believe me when I say Dabi won't hurt you. I know you've had horrible experiences in the past, but this alpha doesn't mean you any harm."

"You're making this harder than it needs to be, sweetheart," The soft, relaxed tone Dabi used was tempting indeed.

It took a few moments, but you finally turned your head to make eye contact with him, even if it only lasted a few seconds before you became overwhelmed by his proximity. You could see sympathy etched into his features and when he reached for you again, scooping you up in his strong arms, you allowed it.

When he pulled the collar of your shirt to the side to further inspect your neck, he frowned again, "Part of her burn isn't bandaged, it looks a bit irritated," When he accidentally bumped the area, your eyes watered and you started struggling again, "If you see antibiotics, grab them."

"Right," Glitch found a large plastic bag nearby, "I'm just throwing everything in here and bringing it with. We can sort through it when we get back to base. I'll bring her files too," When she looked up and saw you starting to fight against Dabi's hold, she grabbed a nearby syringe and looked apologetically at you, "I'm really sorry about this," She whispered before hitting you with the sedative, "But it's for your own good. Trust me."

After that, everything went foggy, noises become muffled, and your entire body went limp as you slowly lost consciousness. The last thing you remembered was a commotion and a flare of heat paired with the smell of smoke before darkness enveloped you.

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The steady tapping of heavy rain against glass was the first sound you heard when the sedative wore off. It was accompanied by a rumble of thunder so loud it seemed to shake the entire room. Rolling over in an effort to somehow minimize the disruptive noises, you were surprised by the feeling of soft blankets around you, a luxury you hadn't been granted for quite some time.

When you finally opened your tired eyes to see an unfamiliar room, you quickly blinked any grogginess away to take in your new surroundings. The place looked like an old hotel at first glance. Between the layout and the basic decor, you were almost positive it was. Glitch had fallen asleep in a chair pulled up beside the bed, slumped over the binder she must have been reading through before exhaustion overcame her.

Glancing down at yourself, you realized the bandaging on your arm had been replaced along with added wraps on all the spots where the metal cuffs had begun to cut into your skin. There were no restraints in this place which surprised you. Your clothes remained the same as well. There was the small problem of no shoes, but you hadn't had any on the entire time you'd been locked up by the Yakuza. Since you had never ventured outside of your cell, save for the dreaded trips to nearby operating rooms, there was no need for them.

Cautiously and silently, you maneuvered your body out from under the blankets. As soon as your feet hit the floor, you hastily tiptoed to the door and let yourself out into the hallway. The ridiculous geometric carpeting and length of the corridor confirmed your thoughts about the place being some sort of outdated hotel. You left the door cracked behind you to avoid any extra creaking that might risk waking Glitch. After that, following the numerous exit signs was exceptionally easy.

Too easy, you thought as you reached another egress and began to wonder why you hadn't run into anyone else yet.

As soon as you stepped through the heavy outer door, a downpour hit you, soaking your clothes all the way through and almost immediately chilling you to the bone. After a moment of hesitation, you decided wet was better than being imprisoned again. Even the loose pebbles of pavement cutting into your bare feet seemed like a small price to pay for freedom. When you took a breath and began to move forward you felt the air suddenly leave your lungs as arms wrapped around your waist from behind, pulling you back inside and out of the storm.

A low, familiar voice spoke up when you were set down in the hallway you had just come from, "Where exactly were you planning on running away to, sweetheart?"

Spinning around, you found yourself face to face with Dabi. His blue eyes seemed to glow in harsh contrast with the dimly lit hallway as he stared down at you. Not mad in the slightest, but rather amused by your escape attempt. Of course, you had no response and instead looked down at the puddle your drenched form was creating on the obnoxious carpet below, still shivering slightly.

"We're not trying to keep you here against your will," He explained, leaning against the wall with his arms crossed, "But an injured omega like you isn't going to make it very far. You're safer here."

As you wrapped your arms around your stomach, you just nodded. The chill was beginning to seep into your bones and you glanced up at Dabi, looking miserable and wondering what you'd do about a change of clothes now that you'd ruined what you were wearing for the time being.

It seemed he understood your silent question though, "Once we get back to your room, I'm sure Glitch can lend you something comfortable," He pushed off the wall and began walking away, "Keep up."

You considered ignoring him and making one last run for it, but another crack of thunder made you jump and you scurried to keep up with his long strides. That's when you realized his smoky scent had been the last thing you remembered as the sedative had kicked in. The pungent smell of fire was comforting and helped sooth your nerves a bit.

"Oh, thank goodness you found her!" Glitch ran down the hallway as you and Dabi made your way back to the room you'd woken up in, "What happened? She's absolutely soaked."

"It's raining out," Dabi explained nonchalantly. 

"Why was she outside?" Ushering you back into your new room, Glitch pulled you into the bathroom and took a moment to survey the damage.

"Why do you think?" As he leaned against the doorway, you couldn't help but become skeptical about him blocking your only exit.

"Y/N, you poor, sweet thing," The shivers that wracked your body were more evident now and Glitch wrapped a few towels around you as you stood dripping rivulets of cold rainwater onto the bath mat, "Dabi, since you're here, mind helping me change her bandages again?"

"Why?" It was difficult to read him sometimes, you couldn't tell if he was reluctant or simply liked his space, "Seems like you managed it alright before."

"Sure, but I want to make sure I applied everything correctly," She hesitated, "You know more about burns than anyone else here."

He sighed, "Fine, what do you need?"

"I left most of the stuff in here," Glitch opened a cabinet and started gathering supplies, "Really I just need a glass of water for her to take her pain meds and for you you to show me the proper process. I would have asked before, but you weren't around and Tomura obviously wasn't interested. Keeps saying she's my responsibility."

"That sounds about right," Dabi looked over her shoulder as she closed the toilet lid and urged you to take a seat before beginning to unravel the wrapping on your right arm.

Glitch made an incredulous face, "Which part? The lack of interest or Y/N being strictly under my care?"

"Both," He continued to observe and you shifted restlessly under his intense gaze.

"Here I thought we were supposed to be a family and only Toga, the one person I don't want a fragile omega exposed to just yet, has asked about her," The disappointment was more than evident in Glitch's expression.

"You can't blame the League for being uneasy about a newcomer that might be on the Yakuza hit list," Dabi's reasoning made sense, "If she belongs to Overhaul-"

"Belonged," Glitch corrected, "It was made very clear that he was done with her," There was a pause as she undid the last of all your bandages, your face flushed a bit from all the contact you weren't generally used to, "How do you feel about Y/N?"

He only shrugged again, changing the subject rather abruptly, "Might want to check her feet. There's glass and who knows what other shit in that side alley."

Smirking slightly, Glitch knelt down and did as he suggested, "You know that sometimes no answer is an answer itself, Dabi, as is your rather uncharacteristic concern," He scoffed while Glitch looked up at you, "Luckily, no more damage was done. Do you want to shower?"

Staring back at her with a blank look, it was difficult for you to comprehend a question like that, let alone respond to it. Throughout your time with Overhaul you simply didn't get choices, everything was decided for you. Looking away, you felt Glitch hook her pinky around yours like she had done whenever she managed to reach through the bars that had separated your cells.

The gesture had a calming effect and when you lifted your eyes to meet hers again, she was smiling softly, "You're safe here, Y/N," But when you still didn't provide an answer, Glitch looked worried, "Why won't you choose? Are you scared?"

Your eyes flitted nervously to Dabi who frowned immediately. He hadn't done anything to suggest he meant you harm, even Glitch had verified this, but he was still an alpha and that meant you didn't trust his biological predisposition based on your own experiences.

Glitch followed your gaze, "Now might be a good time for you to get that glass of water. Maybe some snacks too. I'll get her cleaned up and changed. Then we can reapply the antibiotic ointment when you get back."

"Sounds like a plan," He pulled the bathroom door closed as he was leaving, "I'll be sure to take my time."

Once Dabi was gone, Glitch moved to turn the water on and then grabbed a dry towel from under the sink, "It's probably better for your wounds if you do shower, so I'll leave you to it and be right back with some clothes you can have. Looks like we're basically the same size."

You nodded before she left the bathroom, making sure to close the door behind her as well. When you peeled your rain soaked clothes off, you winced. Your burn was incredibly sensitive to even the lightest touch. The rest of the wounds on your ankles, wrists, and neck were tender as well. When you stepped under the hot stream, you held your eyes tightly shut until your body adjusted to the feeling of steaming water massaging your flesh, rinsing any dried blood and dead skin away.

But if you thought the initial pressure of the water had burned, the soap was far worse. You grimaced and tensed as you tried your best to wash yourself. When you smoothed the lather over your burn, you nearly cried it stung so badly, causing your body to tremble.

There was a knock at the door, followed by Glitch's voice calling out to you, "I'm leaving these clothes on the counter for you. Everything is brand new, but I took the tags off for you already. I'll be putting some more things in the dresser for you, so whenever you're done just come on out. No rush."

Once you heard the door close yet again, you turned the water off and stepped out to dry off. Despite the pain, the shower had been refreshing. Tousling your hair with the towel before hanging it on the nearby rack, you looked at the neatly folded pile of clothes left out for you.

You pulled the sports bra and panties on first, followed by leggings and a matching black tank top that both felt extra soft as you slipped them on. Looking in the mirror, you realized it had been awhile since you'd been able to take a proper look at yourself. You weren't entirely sure how you felt about what you saw. Many of your scars were still visible and your right arm looked completely destroyed. It would scar over eventually, but healing was always the hardest part. The empty, sunken eyes of your reflection stared back at you, unfamiliar and pitiful.

With no brush in sight, you ran your fingers back through your damp tresses a few times before deciding your messy hair was as good as it was going to get. Not like you had anyone to impress, though the realization hurt a bit. You were unwanted and unsure how you would ever find another potential mate with the extent of your very permanent injuries. If you could even bring yourself to trust enough to let another alpha in. Too bad the need for a mate was a baser instinct ingrained into every omega, otherwise you'd banish the thought from your mind entirely.

Upon exiting the bathroom, you found Glitch sitting patiently on the bed, "Feel better?" Your nod seemed to please her as she grinned and pat the spot in front of her, "Up you come then, let's get you properly situated. Dabi should be back any minute."

Glitch looked puzzled at how you subconsciously tried to cover your arms after hearing that last part, but didn't ask questions she knew would be too complicated for you to answer in your mute state. Dabi let himself into the room just as you settled on the bed where Glitch had indicated. Your cheeks quickly became tinged with pink when he looked you up and down, that increasingly frustrating face of his unreadable yet again.

"Water and food can go on the nightstand," Glitch seemed to catch on to something in his expression that you couldn't see as he got closer, "If this brings up bad memories, you can go. I just need to know how much antibiotic ointment to use and how often."

Exhaling as if he had been holding his breath, Dabi retreated back towards the door as he answered, "Just a thin layer, wrapped in gauze," His voice sounded strained, "Twice a day," He paused with his hand gripping the doorknob a little too hard, "Be careful with her and, uh, feel better I guess."

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Days slowly turned to weeks within the walls of the old hotel. When Glitch wasn't keeping you company, most of your time was spent trailing cautiously after Dabi. He was privy to you silently observing him from a distance, but didn't let on to it and simply allowed you to do as you pleased. At least this way he could keep an eye on you when Glitch needed a break. He noticed that his presence seemed to frighten you less when it was on your own terms.

Glitch continued to visit you daily to bring you all your meals, help change your bandages, and ensure you took your medication. Despite her insistent invitations, you still steered clear of her room. It was obvious that her alpha, Shigaraki, the leader of the League of Villains, looked down on you as nothing more than a nuisance. You'd overheard them arguing once. He wanted you to pull some more weight or leave, but Glitch had defended you once again. In a way, they both had valid arguments. You weren't going to be ready to run missions with them until your arm was fully healed and during that time you were just another mouth to feed.

You also avoided the makeshift common area on the lower level. Glitch had given you a tour late one night after everyone had either left or was sleeping. This meant you still had yet to be introduced to several other members of the League, save for a beta name Kurogiri that you took to almost immediately. This, of course, pleased Glitch immensely and you couldn't help but feel proud of being the cause of such a joyful reaction.

Turns out, her parents were villains as well, but they had long since separated after proving they weren't cut out to raise a child, leaving Glitch to fend for herself from an incredibly young age. While she didn't have a real relationship with either one of them, the guilt on their end was obvious considering she had not only talked them into buying the run down place for her under the guise of a fake corporation, but also milked a monthly flow of cash out of them for utilities among other things.

Neither of them were the wiser about housing the entire League of Villains, making the setup the perfect solution for a more permanent base of operations. The area may have been exceptionally crime ridden, but that provided the perfect cover. Heroes didn't patrol the area and people who didn't want to start fights minded their own business. That's what Glitch told you anyway, you hadn't peeked outside again since your first day at the hideout.

Beyond that, you still lacked an appetite, picking at any food Glitch brought you only to leave it on your nightstand to get cold after a few bites. Lack of sleep was an ongoing issue as well, a combination of nightmares and constantly being on high alert, so you generally paced the hallways at night.

When exhaustion hit too hard and Dabi happened to be out running villain related errands, you'd slip into his room and curl up on top of his comforter. Breathing in his smoky scent was becoming a medicine you couldn't live without. After an hour or two of napping, you'd stretch and smooth out any wrinkles in the blankets, leaving everything exactly how it was and sneaking out unnoticed before he returned.

But it was rather unavoidable that this pattern of sleep resistance would eventually lead to you crashing for longer than intended. A miscalculation on your part as your body begged for the rest it so desperately needed to heal and complete basic functions. It shouldn't have been surprising when you were shaken from your slumber by a warm hand gently rubbing your shoulder.

As the familiar scent of Dabi washed over you, stronger than what lingered in his room, your eyes shot open in alarm. Bolting upright, your vision barely beginning to adjust to the dim light of the room, you sprang off the bed. Immediately backing yourself into the nearest corner, you averted your gaze and slid down the wall to curl up in an attempt to appear smaller. Your knees were pulled to your chest and you shielded your face with your hands, terrified the alpha was going to be furious with you for falling asleep on his bed.

"Sweetheart, what are you doing in here?" His voice was laced with concern as he settled on the floor across from you, leaning back against the side of his bed and observing, "You're not in trouble."

You didn't dare move as you peeked through your fingers at him. He had pulled out his phone and seemed to be texting someone before sliding it back in his pocket. The attention he had focused on you quickly became uncomfortable and you started shaking. Hearing him sigh in disappointment made your anxiety spike. Displeasure often paired with pain, a truth you knew too well when alphas were involved.

"What did you do to terrify her?" The sound of Glitch's voice made you reveal your face to get a better look around.

"Nothing," Dabi stayed seated on the floor near you, "I walked in on her sleeping in my bed, all curled up at the end on top of the blankets."

"You don't think-" A visibly flustered Glitch balled her free hand into a tight fist, "There are alphas out there who treat and train their omegas like they're worthless slaves. What if that's the only place she was allowed to sleep? Her behavior is abnormal across the board. Her reactions and lack of vocal response coincide with abuse. Being forced to sleep at the foot of the bed would be symbolic of her hierarchical status as an omega. It's offensive as hell, but unfortunately not unheard of."

"I wouldn't put it past that piece of Yakuza trash to treat her like that," His eyes never left your huddled form as he spoke, "Weren't you planning on reading her files?"

"I barely got through a third of them," Glitch shuddered as she recalled the contents, "So much of it made me want to throw up. Did you want to see if you can stomach it? It gets pretty brutal."

"Not tonight," Dabi looked up, exhaustion and frustration were evident in his expression, "Maybe remind me tomorrow."

"Sure," Handing over a bag she had been holding in her other hand, she smiled softly, "I'll make her a good breakfast in the morning, but for now here's a treat to hold her over. Toga insisted I bring her this teddy bear too. I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to hold her off from trying to visit. Although, I'm surprised she's listened and kept her distance for this long. It's been a few weeks."

"I'm sure Twice had a part in keeping her distracted. You know how he gets if he doesn't have her full attention. Anyway, sorry if I woke you," A yawn followed closely behind his apology, "I didn't want to leave and have her run off again."

"Your concern is commendable," There was a mischievous smile on Glitch's face, "I'm really liking this new attitude of yours, Dabi. You wear it well."

He rolled his eyes, "I don't know what you're talking about."

"Of course you don't," With a hand on the doorknob, Glitch giggled softly, "Anyway, I wasn't sleeping, so it's not a problem. You know Tomura and I usually stay up half the night playing games," And with that she shut the door behind her as she exited.

There was a crackle of plastic before Dabi slid the open package of cookies towards you. Hesitantly, you picked one up and inspected it before turning your nose up at it. Replacing the sweet in its proper spot, you closed the container to avoid any potential mess. No mess meant no punishment and you didn't really see the use in deviating from the set of rules you were familiar with.

Why would he offer something like this to me anyway, in the back of your mind, it felt like some sort of trap.

Your confusion must have been obvious since Dabi interrupted the silence, "Don't like cookies? I have to say, that's a first," When you shrugged in response, he tilted his head to try to get a better look at your face, "Have you ever had a cookie?"

In a controlled environment, everything from your clothing to your diet was predetermined without your input. If you ever had eaten one, it had been so long ago that you couldn't remember properly. Overhaul had a certain disdain for junk food and never allowed you to eat it. Everything had to be clean, including what you put in your body. After the first time you got caught sneaking candy, the punishment you received ensured you never tried it again.

When you shook your head, Dabi looked shocked, "Do you have a favorite snack?" Another head shake, "Were you allowed to eat anything you chose yourself?"

One final shake of your head confirmed the answer was an irrefutable no. Overhaul had taken everything from you. Your dignity, your will to live, and your ability to speak for yourself had all been lost to him. He had craved control, he had owned you and in the process destroyed you beyond recognition.

Dabi decided to change the subject, "Why did you choose this room anyway?" He watched you trace a pattern onto the floor with your fingertip, "Was that supposed to be a flame?"

Finally, you nodded and your eyes glowed happily for a split second. You pointed at your palm and used your other hand to mimic a burst of flames. Dabi seemed to understand the unspoken request and let his own hand light up with a small flare of blue fire.

"Not sure I understand how this answers why you were sleeping in here instead of the room Glitch put together for you," He watched you stare contently at the flame, occasionally glancing around to see the blue hue dance along the walls, "I know this wasn't the first time either, I just managed to finally catch you," When you eyed him warily, he chuckled, "Your scent has been all over my blankets, little one."

For the first time since you'd arrived at the League's hideout, you appeared somewhat relaxed and unguarded. The smell of smoke was almost nostalgic as you inhaled the acrid aroma. You spelled out a word by tracing it onto the floor.

"Safe," Dabi murmured as he read your movements before returning his focus to your face as you nodded shyly, "My quirk makes you feel safe?" You tapped your nose and made a swirling motion towards the ceiling, "The smell of smoke?" One final movement of your hand as you pointed at him, "My scent makes you feel safe."

The ghost of a smile appeared, it was strained though, like you had forgotten how to move your mouth properly. Unfolding your body a bit, you adopted a more relaxed position leaning back against the wall with your arms wrapped loosely around your legs, knees still pulled against your chest. He wasn't a threat right now.

Dabi smiled back, "You're not so bad yourself, sweetheart."

Part of you wanted to ask why he kept calling you that. Sweetheart sounded nice rolling off his tongue. It stirred something inside of you that you hadn't felt in a long time. He could protect you if you let him get close enough. The thought was both appealing and terrifying. What if he turned out like Overhaul? Throwing you away when he found out what was wrong with you. Besides, you doubted your scars would be all that appealing to him if he ever saw the true extent of them.

"What's on your mind, little one?" He was beginning to coax you with questions to get you to talk, just like Glitch did, "Something upset you," It was more of a statement than a question as he extinguished his fire, "Want to sleep in here?"

At the unexpected invitation, you stood up and shook your head rapidly. You feared you'd just be in his way. Besides, you were a restless sleeper when you did manage to drift off and you didn't want to annoy him.

"If you think you'll be in the way, you won't," How did he seem to read your mind like that, "Give it a try. You might actually get more than your usual few hours in."

With a defeated sigh, you slunk past him and climbed on the bed, curling up on top of the comforter just like he'd found you when this had all started.

"Absolutely not," You felt him tug at the blankets to try to get you to move, "You're going to sleep like a normal person from now on. There's no reason for you to be down there catching cold," When you didn't move, Dabi decided to try a firmer approach, "Omega, you will do as you're told. Now."

The demanding tone of an alpha was nothing to mess around with. You scurried up to one of the pillows and laid down obediently. Much to your surprise, Dabi gently tucked you in and handed you the teddy bear Toga had gifted you before he settled next to you. Noticing how he was careful not to touch you made your eyes water with gratitude at being shown such basic respect.

But the part of your mind that remained intent on defying all the hard learned lessons Overhaul had beaten into you wanted more than that. Your body seemed to move on it's own, turning over so that you were nuzzling against his back and pressing your palms between his shoulder blades.

Dabi peeked over his shoulder, "Did not take you for the type that liked to cuddle."

Another shrug as a rush of heat crept across your face. You were embarrassed by acting so vulnerable so suddenly, but something about him was comfortable and appealed to your omega instincts. The one who had carried you out of that miserable place you had been trapped in couldn't possibly be all bad.

When you didn't stop fidgeting against his back, he rolled over and wrapped his arms loosely around you causing you to immediately tense, "This not okay? Because you were pushing against me like you wanted more attention, but I can always turn around again," He chuckled when you shook your head, feeling you relax a bit in his arms, "Then sleep, little one. No one can hurt you while I'm here."

Chapter Text

A pang of disappointment hit you when you woke to find Dabi's side of the bed empty and cold. You had no idea what time it was, but considering you'd gone to bed around midnight and now the sun was up, that meant you'd probably gotten at least six hours of sleep. Stretching and sprawling across the bed, you tossed and turned a few times before accepting that you weren't going to be able to force your eyes shut again, so you opted to try to figure out where Dabi had disappeared to.

Making your way downstairs, you peeked into the common area. Glitch was laying with her head on Tomura's lap, her eyes closed peacefully. He carefully ran his fingers through her hair, always keeping one digit out of the way. Two half full mugs sat on the coffee table along with two plates that looked like they'd contained breakfast food. Based on this, you decided it must still be early morning. Unfortunately, Dabi was still nowhere to be found.

A soft, involuntary whine made Glitch push herself into a sitting position and whip her head around to stare at you. It was the first sound you'd made since you'd started living with the League. Even Shigaraki looked vaguely surprised by it.

"What's wrong, Y/N?" Glitch tilted her head and studied you.

Looking down at your feet, you shrugged. Glitch knew exactly what you wanted, or rather who, but she was still trying to push you to speak.

After giving you a few minutes, she turned to her alpha, "Did you give Dabi something to do last night, Tomura?"

"No," His tone was disinterested, "Doesn't mean he didn't have his own shit to handle."

"Sorry, Y/N, I can try calling him, but I'm not sure where he went either," Glitch looked apologetic, but you just nodded before making your exit.

"Why do you bother with that?" Shigaraki eyed his omega with a mixture of curiosity and disappointment.

"There's nothing in her file that says she's unable to talk, so that leaves me thinking she's just reluctant," Glitch explained, "There is, however, a whole lot of other horrible things like why Overhaul started using her as an test subject for his weird human experimentation in the first place. It's amazing what psychopaths will do for the greater good," She made a gagging sound.

"Why's that?" Dabi had entered the room without anyone noticing, "You still going to fill me in on what you've read so far?"

"Y/N was just looking for you. You didn't run into her on your way in?" Glitch wondered where you may have wandered off to.

"No, why would she be looking for me?" Dabi looked confused as he set the small bag he'd been carrying down on the coffee table.

Shigaraki rolled his eyes, "Because she follows you almost everywhere, falls asleep in your room when you're gone," A devious grin spread across his face, "Did you two even sleep last night?"

"Tomura!" Glitch smacked him on the back of the head, "Behave yourself."

"Shit, I was just making a joke," He laughed, catching Glitch's wrist before she could retaliate again, "Like you didn't wonder the same thing at least once."

Shaking her head, Glitch halfheartedly struggled against her alpha's hold as he pulled her onto his lap, "So tasteless."

Taking a seat on the couch opposite, Dabi's expression remained neutral, "It's not like that."

"Mmm, sure. There's just a few things I'd like to point out that you may have been unaware of," Making herself comfortable as Shigaraki held her in place, she crossed her arms with a huge, shit eating grin on her face, "But now seems like the perfect time."

"Glitch, please don't," Rubbing his temple, Dabi groaned.

"After your last rut, when you came back smelling like another omega, I'm pretty sure she knocked your coffee mug off the counter out of spite before spending an entire week napping in her own room which she never once did before that incident. Oh, and that one day you came back bleeding, remember that? I found her crying into one of your shirts not even five minutes after you walked in the door," Glitch sighed when Dabi looked utterly dumbfounded, "She clearly likes something about you, you're just an idiot. She came down here and whined earlier. Looked real disappointed when I told her you hadn't been around."

"She made a noise?" Dabi's eyes lit up with this new information.

"Oh my god, you do like her back, don't you?" Clapping her hands together with excitement, Glitch was thrilled at this new development.

"Don't read into it," Dabi growled, "Anyway, you said you had more information about her? It's probably best if she's not here to relive whatever's in there."

"And there you go changing topics yet again, but yes, that's true," Glitch couldn't deny that, "There's a lot of basic information in the beginning. I found copies of her criminal records too, most of which are clustered together during a time period when she was younger. It's interesting actually, there's a lapse between those and when Overhaul reinstated the Yakuza, like someone else was keeping her out of trouble. She did have a fire based quirk, but the specific details of it were only briefly mentioned. It only seems to come back up again when-"

"Wait, you used the past tense," Shigaraki peered at the papers on Glitch's lap.

"Yeah, it says nullified right next to it on the basic profile this binder started off with. I'm getting to that though, so patience. The last document with her labeled as a test subject instead of a patient, describes how she got her wound. She-" There was hesitation from Glitch as tears pricked at the corners of her eyes, "She tried to kill herself with her own quirk while they were cutting her open and in order to stop her they destroyed her quirk with one of those manufactured bullets we've been trying to get ahold of."

"That doesn't explain why Overhaul got rid of her in the first place," Dabi mused, "You said she belonged to him, she was his omega, so what happened that changed that? Did she try to kill him too?"

"No, but she should have," Wiping at a few stray tears, Glitch gathered herself again, "But it's so fucked up how it's worded as an inconvenience in here. The reasoning is listed as failure to breed, something she had absolutely no control over. There's no way he ever loved her. She was just a tool to him."

The common area was awkwardly silent. It was incredibly rare for someone to present as an omega, displaying all the typical behavior and traits, but then also be infertile. To be cast out because of that wasn't unheard of, but it was still tragic. To be punished for it surely had to be a hell no one in the room could imagine.

"Dabi," Glitch's voice was quiet, "If any part of you cares for Y/N and this changes your mind about her, then please let her down easy. I'm begging you. She's good and gentle and deserves so much more than what she's been dealt."

"It doesn't change anything," Dabi replied softly, looking slightly hurt by the bout of new information, "The past shouldn't decide the future."

"Oh, Y/N, you're back," Glitch turned to look at you, hurriedly trying to hide any leftover tears from her face, "You can come in, it's okay."

Padding delicately towards the center of the makeshift living room, you hesitated. Looking from the couch occupied by Shigaraki and Glitch to the smaller sofa that Dabi had taken over. You exhaled nervously before moving to sit at Dabi's feet, leaning lightly against his leg.

"You do know you're allowed to sit up here, right?" The alpha looked down at you before glancing over at Glitch, "Have you ever actually seen her use any of the furniture without being told?"

"Yes, but only when she thinks no one is looking and generally just for the few hours she sleeps each day," Furrowing her brow, Glitch studied you, "That is odd now that you mention it, but not really all that different from anything else she does."

"Y/N, on the couch now," Using his firm, commanding tone, Dabi patted the spot beside him adamantly.

The demand didn't stress you out as much this time, but anxiety still made your heart beat a little faster as you obeyed. When you were seated beside him, you gestured at the binder Glitch was still holding and she got up to hand it over to you. Flipping rapidly through the pages, you found the one that had stills from the security footage of you burning your arm. Ripping the page out, you handed it to Dabi and looked at him with pleading eyes.

"I don't understand," He studied the pictures and then looked at you, "We were just discussing what happened, did you overhear?"

After shaking your head, you surprised him by reaching out to trail your fingers along the scarred part of his arm. You heard Glitch try to hide a gasp, but ignored her reaction. When Dabi still looked confused, you took his hand and gingerly put it on your own injured arm. Still gazing into his eyes, you willed him to understand what you were trying to communicate.

We are the same, I know we are, this time you met the intensity of his stare with a desperation he'd yet to see in you.

"Is she-" Glitch whispered, scared to ruin the moment entirely, "Is she trying to relate to you?"

"She has no way of knowing how I got these scars," Shaking his head, he looked at you thoughtfully, "But you have seen my quirk. You simply put the pieces together, didn't you?"

In a sudden, bold movement, you climbed on his lap and nuzzled against his chest. Breathing in his wildfire scent, you allowed your curled up body to relax entirely against his warmth. A sigh of relief fell past your lips when you felt Dabi wrap his arms around you, holding you securely in place.

"Tomura, we should go," Glitch wiggled away from her alpha again and pulled him off the couch despite his grumbling, "This is progress that shouldn't be interrupted."

There was a damp spot forming on Dabi's shirt as the other two left the room, as you silently cried against him, "Hey, it's okay, sweetheart," He stroked your hair in an attempt to calm you, "I'd ask what's on your mind, but you don't really like talking."

"Dabi," His name came out as a strained whimper, barely audible at all.

In an instant, his hands had cupped your face, forcing you to look at him directly, "Did you just say my name?" His eyes were wide with disbelief.

At the same moment, Glitch ran back in the room during this exchange, "Sorry, I just forgot to grab-"

"Dabi," Your voice was hoarse and unfamiliar, still quiet, but more understandable this time as you tested out your neglected vocal cords, "Dabi."

The mug Glitch had picked up shattered on the floor as she froze in place, "How did you get her to talk?"

Ignoring the intrusion, Dabi focused on you, "Good girl, such a good omega," His thumbs rubbed gently over your cheeks and you closed your eyes, leaning into his touch.

He pulled you close again, allowing you to hide your face against his chest where you seemed to feel the safest. He could sense a change in the scent you gave off. No longer on edge, you seemed relaxed and comfortable, with a hint of something else Dabi couldn't quite put his finger on, possibly longing.

"I'll change her dressings today," He looked past you at Glitch who was still in shock, "Leave whatever I'll need in my room."

Nodding, Glitch hurried away to gather supplies, "Of course!"

"If your bandages haven't been changed, that means you haven't bathed yet either," His fingers continued to comb through your hair, "You should probably do that first," It took you a minute to nod slowly and even then you seemed unsure, "What's wrong?"

You looked up at Dabi as he continued to hold you close. Shyly, with rose tinged cheeks, you poked a finger into his chest. He seemed to get the message since he smiled warmly and lifted you with him as he stood. Swiping the takeout bag from the coffee table, he started carrying you to his room. With your head resting comfortably against his chest as he cradled you in his arms, you were able to listen to the steady rhythm of his heartbeat the whole way there.

Chapter Text

"Well, would you look at that," Dabi eyed the medical supplies left on his bed and caught a glimpse of a box of bath bombs nestled beside a new change of clothes for you, "Glitch outdid herself yet again. Does a bubble bath sound good, sweetheart? You might hurt her feelings if you don't use one of these."

You nodded as he set you down, remaining on your tip toes with your arms still wrapped around his neck for a moment. Reluctant to let go of him entirely until he handed you one of the pastel orange spheres as a distraction. You were pleasantly surprised by the citrus aroma that wafted from it.

"Towels are under the sink," Dabi nudged you towards the bathroom, slightly confused by your refusal to budge from your place beside him, "What's wrong now?"

When you gently pulled at his hand, he appeared almost hesitant, like he was trying to decide exactly how to interpret your behavior and appropriately respond to it. So you tugged a little harder and your extra insistence paid off as he quietly followed your lead. Handing the bath bomb back to him once you reached the bathroom, you pointed at the tub while gazing up at him with an imploring look.

"Y/N, what is going on?" You kept a finger pointed at the tub and proceeded to pout, "Shit, I hope I'm reading this right," He stated under his breath while rubbing the back of his neck before returning to his normal tone, "You just want to be taken care of, is that it?"

A rosey tint spread across your cheeks and you looked down at your feet while nodding shyly. The omega way was to be cared for and your past had robbed you of that. Now, even the tiniest bit of attention was throwing your whole plan to not get attached off the rails. It was terrifying and frustrating, but after being cuddled by Dabi the night before you knew you had a problem that likely couldn't be fixed unless he outright denied you.

Part of you felt guilty for demanding such a seemingly trivial thing. However, Dabi had allowed you to get close, to touch, to receive comfort. This was simply you testing to see how far he would allow you to go. When he focused on you it felt good, like a reassuring warmth spreading throughout your body. His attention was drastically different from the debilitating fear Overhaul evoked each time he had stepped foot into the same room as you.

"How about I start the bath and then I'll step out while you get in?" He couldn't help the smile that broke through when he saw your eyes light up, but he didn't miss the way you tilted your head like you were expecting him to continue, "I could wash your hair? Only if you're comfortable with that though," he offered, the slightest tinge of pink colored his unmarred skin.

He desperately hoped he wasn't pushing his luck too far. The last thing he wanted to do was overwhelm you and scare you away. Your scent was intoxicating though, a beautiful mix of burning cedar wood and orange zest. It was lively and unexpected. The more he was exposed to it, the longer he wanted to stay near you indefinitely. He let out the breath he hadn't realized he was holding, relieved when you nodded excitedly at his offer.

As he sat on the edge of the tub and turned the hot water on, his smile had yet to fade away. You watched the bathwater turn a pretty sunset orange and fizz with a generous layer of bubbles. Moving to stand beside him again, your fingers trailed along his arm, studying the scarring with curiosity and tracing over the staples that lined the seam between pale and purple.

"Don't worry, yours won't turn out quite this bad," His momentary happiness faltered and you moved your hand to nestle in his spiky hair.

When he looked up at you, you smiled softly and watched the tension in his face dissipate. Carefully, you threaded your fingers through his hair, unsure of how he'd react to your ministrations. It was a pleasant surprise when he closed his eyes and seemed to lean into your palm.

"Dabi," You really enjoyed how pleased he looked whenever you uttered his name, it was like receiving unspoken praise.

And damn if he didn't love the sound of your voice. Although he wasn't sure if it was strictly the way the sweetness and reservation mixed together or if it had something to do with the fact you had decided to speak his name first above everything else. If anything, he would have guessed Glitch was far more worthy of your first attempt at talking. There was a certain sense of pride he felt in being chosen by you for such a milestone in your recovery.

When his eyes opened, you were mesmerized by the brilliance of the blue up close, "Were you scared of me last night?"

Shaking your head rapidly, your eyes narrowed as you tried to figure out how to relay something so complicated.

"Or were you scared of the reaction I might have? Glitch told me it's called a conditioned response," As he turned away to test the temperature of the water with his fingertips, he continued, "She told me if it goes on long enough, you begin to generalize everything and that's why you have difficulties being around alphas for too long."

Tears pricked the corners of your eyes as you nodded slowly, pulling away from him to wring your hands together anxiously. He was correct, you'd just yet to hear someone put it into words. It seemed Glitch had been picking your habits apart from the very beginning though. You were grateful she had saved you from having to explain it yourself.

"I'm sorry," He murmured, reaching to turn the faucet off before standing up and reaching for your arm to remove the gauze.

A single tear slid down your cheek as he delicately removed your bandages. He had absolutely nothing to be sorry for. It wasn't his job to take care of you, but he did anyway. Despite the cold, aloof exterior he put on for everyone else, for some reason he turned soft around you and you absolutely adored it.

"These bandages are just a precaution at this point which means if you're comfortable enough without them, we don't have to wrap your arm up anymore," Throwing the used gauze in the wastebasket, he stepped past you, "I'll be back in a couple minutes."

When he returned, he found you happily playing with the bubbles in an almost childlike fashion. The small glimpse at your purely innocent joy was refreshing. You were glowing and Dabi couldn't think of anyone more deserving of such radiance in that moment. Bright, playful orbs had filled the space where cold, empty eyes had once resided. Your hair even appeared shinier than it had a few weeks ago. Really, the only thing left to work on was convincing you to eat more regularly and sleep more often.

However, when you leaned forward to scoop more of the fluffy orange foam towards you, his heart fell. In the brief glance he'd gotten of your back, the sheer number of scars exposed by your small movement had shocked him. Only a monster could have done such a thing. It was like a punch in the gut seeing the damage in person. It left him wondering just how much had you had endured before the League found you.

"Dabi," You timid voice pulled him back to the present and he could smell the stress emanating from you, the nervous glance you shot at him told him his staring was the cause.

"Y/N, did Overhaul give you those scars?" His voice was bitter and he practically snarled when you nodded in confirmation.

When you tried to sink deeper into the water, Dabi's expression softened considerably as he realized his anger had alarmed you. Your body tensed when he moved closer and knelt beside the tub. A shiver ran down your spine despite the warmth of the bath water and you looked away, drawing your knees to your chest as he reached for you.

"Relax," His voice was soothing as his hand traced over some of the marks that broke up your otherwise soft skin, "I'm not going to hurt you."

With tear glazed eyes, you struggled to sit still when all you wanted to do was run away and hide. You didn't deserve his tender touch or his patience. Broken toys got thrown away. That was the truth you had lived and known up until this point. It was immensely difficult to wrap your head around anything else, around anything better.

"You do deserve kindness," If your overly emotional facial expressions hadn't given it away, your body language must have.

"Dabi?" You had said nothing but his name throughout the day, no other words at all, but the questioning inflection was new.

"Yes, sweetheart?" He was still looking over the small areas of damage that the bubbles weren't hiding, wondering how much of your story wasn't in your file.

"My scars," It came out so timidly, choked and uneven as you struggled to come to terms with the possibility of rejection after getting your hopes up far too quickly.

Dabi's eyes widened at the unexpected development in what had very much been a one sided conversation up until this point, "What about them?"

You hesitated, not sure if you wanted to know the answer to your question, "They don't bother you?"

"I'm more impressed by the fact you just put together your first sentence since being rescued," He leaned over the edge of the tub as he gently caught your chin, turning your face so he could press his forehead against yours, "I'm so proud of you."

"Dabi?" His name tasted even sweeter after receiving such praise, but your nervousness overshadowed that by a longshot.

"No, they don't. You've never been anything less than perfect to me," He smiled warmly, "Mine don't bother you?"

To be honest, you'd never considered how you felt about them. They were a part of him, simple as that. The only way you knew him was with his patchwork skin and you found it wonderous to look upon. The smooth, yet slightly bumpy texture was different, but not unpleasant in the slightest. Was he just as self conscious as you were?

Either way, your answer was easy, "Never," You paused again, "Perfect is-" The words took so much effort to push out, "Not accurate. If you knew about everything."

So this was about your inability to give Overhaul what he wanted. Surely, as an omega, it must have broken your heart as well. You were genetically predispositioned to be motherly and you never got the chance. Even worse, you were treated horrifically for something that was beyond your control.

Dabi's expression fell for a moment, wondering how to word what he was about to say next, "You're more than what Overhaul wanted from you. Flawed is a matter of perspective."

"You do know, so," Taking a deep, shaky breath, you closed your eyes, "Your perspective is?"

"It doesn't change how I feel, Y\N," You felt his lips brush against yours and you trembled, so close to tears again.

"How do you-" Your words were cut short with a slow, sweet kiss that answered your unfinished question.

His eyes sparked when he pulled away and you opened your eyes, staring at him in awe, "Let's get you cleaned up, sweetheart."

"Wait," Grabbing at his sleeve, your mood changed instantly, "I don't understand," Tears were suddenly streaming down your face, the emotional turmoil was too much, the confusion was overwhelming.

"You're useless, a poor excuse for an omega. If you can't provide me with a successor, I have no further need for you."

Overhaul's words had been hard to forget, not that he had given you the chance to move past them. He made sure to constantly remind you of all the ways you'd failed him and consistently pinned the blame on you. You'd never even had a moment to mourn your situation.

"I'm useless," You didn't care that the soap on your hands burned your eyes as you tried to wipe the tears away and hide, "I-"

"Y/N, stop," Dabi's warm hands encircled your wrists and pulled them away as you sobbed, "You're getting ahead of yourself. Look, pups aren't the end all and be all for partnerships. A happy, healthy mate is the most important aspect and it doesn't always have to go beyond that. The only thing wrong with you is that you were unfortunate enough to pair with an alpha that didn't have your best interests in mind, but nothing that happened is your fault."

"That doesn't make sense," The pain was overwhelming evident in your eyes, "Everything that happened was because of me. I- I deserved it. That's what he told-"

"Y/N," Dabi firmly cupped your cheeks, staring sternly at you, "I will say this as many times as it takes for you to believe me, but I don't care that you can't have pups. It makes no difference to me either way."

Grabbing at his sleeve again, you sniffled, "Will you- Can you get in with me?"

"Didn't I just say you were getting ahead of yourself?" He smirked, very much tempted by your request, "Moving a little fast now, aren't you?"

"Please," Your soft whimper and forlorn expression was what ultimately did him in, "It's not like that. It's just- Your scent-"

"Sweetheart, are you sure?" If he didn't still consider you fragile in some aspects, he would have jumped at the opportunity without question.

"Yes," You breathed, "I trust you. Please, alpha?"

Chapter Text

Had Dabi let you, you probably would have fallen asleep in the tub. Curled up sideways, laying against his chest with your head just barely above the water, it was blissful. Wreathed in the citrus tang of the bath and his comforting, smoke scented alpha pheromones, your eyes fluttered shut. Tension disappeared as he slowly trailed his free hand up and down your back, tracing over your many scars as he did so. His other arm wrapped around your upper body, holding you while his fingers tangled in your damp hair to play with it absentmindedly.

The scene was just as unbelievable to Dabi as he looked down at the peaceful omega laying naked on his lap. Your request to have him join you was completely unexpected. Now, with you pressed against him, he was experiencing such a delightful torture. Grateful for the contact he was granted, but desperately pining for more. It wasn't in him to push you beyond what you asked for though. He respected your boundaries too much for that.

So he just watched you and remained completely entranced by the way your lips slightly parted, your messy hair that stuck to your flushed cheeks, how you had so suddenly decided to entrust him with your safety. He found you perfect in every aspect and it broke his heart to think about how you couldn't see that. You were such a precious gift and you didn't even realize it.

"Dabi," You whispered, running your hand up his chest and eliciting a low growl from him, "Are you okay?"

"Mmm," He wanted to feel more of you, the skin to skin proximity was driving him up a wall in the best way, "Perfect. How about you?"

"How has the water stayed hot for so long?" You wondered sleepily.

He chuckled at your curiosity, "That would be my quirk, sweetheart. Can't have you catching cold."

"I like it," You mumbled against his skin.

"Well, I think it might be time to get out before you take a nap in here," As he finished tucking your hair behind your ear, he saw you squeeze your eyes even more tightly shut.

"Don't want to," The feisty grumble was at most cute and not at all threatening.

"I gave you what you wanted," He pointed out, "Now it's time for you to listen, little one."

Opening your eyes only to pout when you tilted your head back to look up at him earned you another laugh, "But I'm comfortable."

"Maybe we can be just as comfortable later," He teased, pinching your side in an effort to get you to move.

You yelped in surprise and jumped forward, allowing Dabi enough time to reach for a towel and escape the bathtub. He turned back around to see you glaring at him, but once again he found your expression hilariously endearing. It was obvious you weren't truly upset with him.

He handed you the other towel he'd left sitting out, "Don't look at me like that. It's time to get dressed and eat."

You huffed in annoyance, but removed the drain plug and stood up to accept the towel. Turning bright red only when you noticed Dabi force himself to look away, clearly biting the inside of his cheek in the process. He was still trying to give you privacy even after bathing together.

"It doesn't bother me," You voiced quietly, "If you really don't mind the scars."

"Y/N, you're beautiful," He breathed, "I just don't-"

"I'm beautiful?" You sounded so taken aback and hopeful at the same time.

Turning around once he was sure your towel was securely wrapped around your body, he nodded, "Yeah, you're beautiful."

"No one's ever told me that before," He could see the watery glaze take over your eyes as a tiny, genuine smile appeared.

"Their loss," He gestured towards the bathroom door, "After you, sweetheart."

Both of you got dressed silently with your backs to each other. While you replayed Dabi's compliment over and over again in your head, he was resisting the urge not to push you against the nearest wall and kiss you breathless. A knock on the door pulled both of you from your thoughts just in time.

Dabi opened it to find Glitch looking more serious than usual, "Tomura wants you both down in the courtyard as soon as possible."

"Why?" Dabi demanded.

"To test Y/N's skills," She replied warily, unsure if Dabi would try to argue against such a thing.

When he glanced over his shoulder at you with a questioning look, you simply nodded in agreement with the arrangement.

"I promise to stop him if he tries to take it too far," The reassurance Glitch offered did little to put Dabi at ease, she could only do so much to stop Shigaraki once he had initiated a plan.

Regardless, Dabi trailed along behind you as you followed Glitch through the hallways until the door to the courtyard appeared. It sat in the very center of the building, cut off from the outside world and framed entirely by the brick walls of the hotel. The grounds were unkept, mostly just dirt and weeds growing through broken pavement. You knew from your original tour of the place it was usually only used for training exercises.

A few chairs were gathered along one of the outer walls and Shigaraki rose from one of them, "Glitch told me you talked earlier, so I think now is as good a time as any to figure out what else you can do. Take a seat, Dabi."

"If anything happens to her, I fucking swear-" Dabi's abrasive words were quickly cut short.

"I won't be laying a hand on her," Shigaraki sneered, "But Glitch will."

"No quirks though," She assured both you and Dabi, "Come on Y/N, we just want to see how you fight. Take it out on me."

Like a deer in the headlights, you cast a wide eyed look at Dabi who stood on the sidelines looking furious with his arms crossed. Out the corner of your eye, you saw Glitch run at you. When she swung, you ducked and your defensive instincts immediately kicked in. Forcing your hand was exactly what she had planned.

Until it wasn't. No one could quite explain how you managed it, but in the blink of an eye, Glitch was pinned down on her stomach. You perched lightly in the center of her back, nearly on your tiptoes. One hand pressed down on the back of her neck while the other held both of her wrists firmly together.

"What the hell was that, Y/N?" Glitch spat dirt out of her mouth, thoroughly shocked by the flawlessly executed takedown.

"Well, look who isn't a complete waste of time after all," Shigaraki rasped in a tone you assumed was as close to pleased as you'd ever get out of him.

Looking to Dabi for approval, you saw his jaw had dropped. Your movements and speed had taken him by surprise as well. He had no idea you even possessed such a skill set. To be completely honest, you looked and acted too soft to be a fighter. With a quirk, especially a fire based one, you would have been nearly unstoppable.

"When Dabi here is done drooling over you, I want you to fight him next," A twisted smile spread across Shigaraki's face, "While he uses his quirk."

Removing yourself from atop Glitch, you stood up and glanced nervously the pair of alphas. Surely, they couldn't be serious. That was an unfair matchup, but Dabi moved to take Glitch's position across from you without argument. Your stomach twisted when you saw the blue flames flicker to life in his palms.

"But we agreed-" Getting up and dusting herself off, Glitch began to argue as she moved out of the way.

"I've changed my mind, omega," Shigaraki snapped.

"It's okay, Y/N," Dabi tried to encourage you, "I won't be aiming to hit you directly. Just treat me how you did Glitch. Give me your best."

Slowly circling him, you considered where his weakness might be. He had a long range quirk and that complicated things. It made getting close far more difficult. He was also stronger and faster, likely more experienced in combat too. You were outmatched in every category you could possibly think of.

When he rushed at you and immediately pinned you to the ground, you let your body go slack in response. Feeling his grip loosen, you swung your head back and hit him in the jaw. The surprise move resulted in him accidentally letting you go and you were able to scramble to your feet, putting some distance between the two of you. The fight wasn't over yet, but you still didn't have a decent strategy. In the past, you generally picked fights with people your own size.

In a last ditch effort, you ran at him head on, dodging the small balls of fire he threw in your direction. You never lost your footing or your target and you barreled into him with the full force of your body, knocking him backwards. As he stumbled and fell, you felt his hands grab hold of you. The heat in his palms increased to an uncomfortable temperature, but it wasn't enough to actually harm you since this was supposed to be a mock fight.

When his back hit the ground with a loud thump, you had maintained your intended position straddled over his abdomen. Your expression had become entirely unrecognizable from the shy, careful omega Dabi knew. Now, it was rage filled as you brought your hand back, appearing as if you were about to strike him.

But you paused, breathing heavily. The shocking brutality in your eyes was instantly replaced with sorrow when he noticed the muscles in your hand twitch slightly. It was so subtle, he had almost missed the movement entirely. This was the first time you had reflexively tried to activate your quirk since losing it and reality was hitting you hard.

Dabi studied you as you remained frozen in place, it's like every single motion has been-

"Muscle memory," Glitch finished Dabi's thought out loud as she came to the same conclusion, "This isn't your first fight."

Shaking your head, you finally dropped your hand and got off of Dabi, stepping back to allow him space to get up. When he reached for you, you shoved his hand away and ran back inside.

"Y/N, wait!" Dabi called out.

He was ready to follow you, but Glitch grabbed his arm and held him back, "Let her cool off. That can't have been easy for her."

Dabi pulled against her grip, "But she needs-"

"You?" Glitched hissed under her breath so her alpha couldn't hear, "Thought you weren't ready for that conversation?"

"You don't understand," He snarled.

"Oh, I don't think you even begin to comprehend the depth of my understanding on that subject matter, Dabi," Glitch yanked on his arm, finally convincing him to head back to a nearby seat, "You want to talk this over with her? First, you need some background."

"That was a test," Shigaraki grinned happily, "And it went quite well up until the end. Nothing that can't be fixed though."

Dabi scowled, "You should have given her more time."

"This isn't new to her," Glitch explained, "At least, I had a feeling it wasn't based on her previous assault charges. Turns out I was right. Again."

"What are you talking about?" The new information caught Dabi off guard.

Glitch sighed, "I told you both before she had a criminal record. Granted, we don't know exactly why or what the circumstances were, but the point is-"

"She's stronger than we originally thought," The interruption earned him a glare, but Shigaraki continued anyway, "It's time she meets the rest of the League."

"Dabi," Upon seeing him trying to mask his distress, Glitch spoke softly, "You knew this was coming. You knew it had to happen eventually."

"Everyone pulls their weight or they don't stay," Shigaraki added, "Both of you need to remember that."

That was pretty much the end of the conversation as Dabi punctuated it by stomping away. He went and found you exactly where he thought he would, curled up in his bed. Your face was hidden by a blanket and when he pulled it away, you looked miserable. Your eyes were red and puffy from crying and you sniffled, hugging the teddy bear you had been cuddling a little tighter.

"I can't pretend to know how you feel, but I'm here now," He patted your head and smoothed your hair out a bit, "Anything I can do?"

Your stomach grumbled before you could answer and he frowned. Both of you had been going to eat together before Glitch had shown up. Grabbing the almost forgotten takeout bag from the nightstand, Dabi offered it to you.

"I know you weren't too interested in those cookies last night, but I thought we could start with something fruity so it doesn't seem all bad," The sympathy on his face was touching, "They're jam filled taiyaki. Supposedly they're not overly sweet."

It was such a thoughtful gesture, your heart skipped a beat and you sat up in bed to take the bag. Nibbling one of the fish shaped pastries, you quickly figured out you loved the taste and devoured the rest of it quickly. As Dabi watched you reach in the bag for another, he relaxed a bit. At least you were eating something now and that was a very welcome distraction for both of you.

"Where did you learn to fight like that?" He pondered out loud, not entirely expecting you to want to respond.

"I was Yakuza born and raised," You replied, "You didn't know that?"

Chapter Text

"You're Yakuza?" Dabi seemed slightly startled by this new development.

"Where did you think I came from?" You wondered why he seemed so surprised.

"I don't know," There was a shrug and then a vague hand gesture as he sought to explain his original thoughts, "I guess I thought you were like any of the other omegas that the Shie Hassaikai traffick."

"No, that was never an acceptable means of Yakuza business anyway," You voiced darkly, "Glitch seems to pass on a lot of information about me, so I just assumed you knew," You thought for a moment, "I guess I've never had to explain anything up until this point."

"Well, you did just start talking to me this morning and your file is a bit clinical," Dabi pointed out, "But Yakuza, huh? So where's your family?"

"Dead," You stated bluntly, "No siblings and I'm only second generation. It's just me."

"You know, I have time if you want to throw me a bit more than that," He coaxed, curiosity seeping through, "You don't seem very attached to your parents."

"Why should I be?" So there was definitely a sensitive spot there.

"I don't know, that's why I'm asking," He pushed for more information.

"A hitman murdered my father before I was born," You'd only ever glimpsed a single, worn picture of him and you couldn't even remember his face properly, the photograph was likely long gone at this point, "I woke up and found my mother dead from an overdose when I was five."

"Fuck, Y/N," Dabi shifted uncomfortably before moving to sit beside you on the bed, an arm wrapping loosely around your waist in an effort to comfort you, "I'm sorry."

"It took a few days for someone to find me since I was taught to avoid the police," You were mostly numb to how screwed up the entire experience had been at this point, "The smell was awful to say the least," You took a deep breath and continued, "The Boss took me in after that. The closest thing I have to family would be him and his granddaughter."

Thinking about the two of them stung like salt poured into an open wound. You missed them both immensely, but your grip on saving them was slipping away day by day. Before long, it would be gone forever just like everything else in your life. Everything fractured and broke away in the end.

Dabi was beginning to realize a whole lot of things about you all at once, "The Boss, as you called him, where is he now?"

"In a coma thanks to K-Overhaul," You mentally scolded yourself for almost uttering his real name.

If Dabi noticed the slip up, he ignored it, "And his granddaughter? Does she have a name?"

"Her name is Eri. I-" With a faltering voice, you blinked back tears, "I treated her like she was my own. I tried, Dabi, I tried so hard to protect her."

"Y/N, hey, it's okay," He pulled you closer and you turned to bury your face against his chest, "I'm sure you tried your best."

"It wasn't good enough," You sobbed, "Overhaul took her from me too. The first time he disassembled me was right in front of her. He told her I was dead and forbid me from ever seeing her again."

Abandoned after being tortured by an alpha who was supposed to cherish and guard you. Mourning the loss of a pup you viewed as your own and then discovering you couldn't bear any yourself. The destruction of your quirk at what had to be one of the lowest moments of your life had just driven the stake in deeper, adding insult to injury. All of it made Dabi absolutely livid. The urge to protect you, to kill for you, was almost suffocating.

But your quivering voice brought him back to reality, "I tried to stop him from experimenting on her. Her quirk is the reason the bullets that destroyed mine exist. It's not her fault though. She never asked to be a part of any of that."

Rage still pulsed through Dabi's veins, "How the fuck did you wind up with that asshole in the first place, Y/N?"

"The Boss took Overhaul under his wing just like he had with me, so we kind of grew up together. He could be charming when it suited him. I never noticed how conditional his attention was at first, but somewhere along the way I became part of his bigger plan," You'd gone from upset to bitter at this point, spitting your words like venom instead of tearful confessions, "Likely because of my rank within the organization."

"Your rank," Dabi mused, half to himself as he wondered who exactly you were.

"The Boss chose me to be next to in line to lead the Shie Hassaikai. That became my purpose, the singular job I was raised and trained for. Then Overhaul showed up," You laughed even though nothing you were saying held an ounce of humor, "When he claimed me, because of his status as an alpha, that put him above me in the pack hierarchy. With the Boss out of the picture, there was no one to stop him."

"Shit," Dabi was at a loss for words, "So what? You're like some sort of adopted Yakuza royalty or something?"

"I suppose that's one way of saying it," Tilting your head to look up at him from where you still laid nestled against his chest, a small smile appeared.

"I should have called you princess instead of sweetheart the first time we met, huh?" He joked in an attempt to lighten the mood.

There was far more to the story than you could disclose in one sitting, but the emotional toll was overwhelming. Now that you had someone willing to listen, bits of your past came spilling out as you explained what it had been like to be trapped in the eye of the storm. Every time you tried to break out, the turmoil tore you limb from limb. Sometimes literally when Overhaul was involved, but somehow you came out different, more broken every time he reassembled you.

Most of the original Yakuza members knew the mysterious sickness that landed the Boss in a coma was the work of a madman. That's when a rift first cracked the balance of the Shie Hassaikai and the family you held dear was destroyed from the inside out. Many of those loyal to the Boss tried to step in to protect you, but it ended in bloodshed every time. They didn't give up trying to reinstate your rightful position until you issued a stand down order. You couldn't bear to see any more death dealt to the better half of the Yakuza.

So your supporters stayed quiet per your wishes. Keeping to the shadows until you figured out how to restore the peace, your world only became darker and more twisted as Overhaul let those without boundaries or self respect in. So long as they remained loyal and obedient to him alone, they were allowed to wreak havoc. Everything Overhaul claimed to do for the Boss and the good of the Yakuza was an insult to the old ways.

And then there was the Boss's granddaughter, the poor child you'd left behind. Your fingers traced over the smooth scarring that had taken over your right arm. It was a reminder of the violence you had suffered and the lengths you tried to go to in order to end it. In your pain, you had momentarily forgotten Eri and now you were relieved you hadn't succeeded in granting yourself death. You were the only one left who could protect her and you continued to love her as if she were your own flesh and blood.

"There's common ground in all of this, Y/N," That calming voice you'd grown familiar with pulled you out of your own head, "You should tell Glitch. She's been calling for Overhaul's head since we rescued both of you."

"She holds a grudge. You all do," You'd heard Overhaul mention killing at least one League member in the past, "Which is understandable, but my situation is a little more delicate. I don't want the Shie Hassaikai completely eradicated, Dabi. You have to understand that. Overhaul is the only one who can put the Boss back together."

"So what's the plan, princess?" Dabi teased you with the new pet name.

"The plan?" It wasn't too long ago that you'd surrendered yourself to the hands of death, never expecting to escape and come this far.

"Sure," He shrugged, "The League has their own reasons for going after Overhaul, but you have a view of the situation we don't. Still, it makes it seem like we're on the same team, doesn't it? So, what's your plan?"

Silence took over and you shook your head, uttering hushed words, "I gave up and lost hope. There is no plan because I should be dead."

"I'm glad you're not," His words chilled you to the bone before heating you back up again.

"What?" You'd heard him clear as day, but couldn't quite wrap your head around the implication that he didn't just tolerate you, but wanted you around, "You don't know me."

"I've been learning," His fingers ran through your hair, soothing you before you became too stressed out again, "Besides, better late than never, right?"

"I guess," You mumbled.

All those little chances you took to try and let him in and suddenly you were hesitant again. It was the constant fear he'd abandon you too. To be vulnerable was to be an easier target. He could be just as dangerous as he was enticing and you'd have no way of knowing until it was too late. From experience, your mind knew better, you knew to be cautious. However, those omega instincts were crying out for help, for protection and care.

"So what else don't I know about you?" He asked in a bid to change the subject, if only just a little bit.

"I-I don't know," You were drawing a blank, "I don't really know myself all that well anymore."

"Try telling me something you like," He tried to help steer you in the proper direction.

"Um, those pastries you brought me. I really enjoyed those. Maybe we can we go out tomorrow to get more?" Truth be told, you'd been itching to get out of the old hotel for awhile and if Dabi accompanied you then your safety would be ensured.

"I don't see why not," He pressed a soft kiss to the top of your head and you swore you felt him smile as he did so, "But first, tell me something I don't already know," Two fingers hooked under your chin and forced you to look up at him.

"I-It's stupid," Shaking your head, you tried to look away, "Insignificant."

He refused to let you, eyes gleaming with interest, "Tell me anyway."

"I want to-I've never held someone's hand," You grimaced as the words came out, "I told you it was stupid."

Relinquishing his hold around your waist, you felt Dabi's hand brush against your skin before he threaded his fingers through yours and held on tight, "You never got a lot of positive attention, did you?" His other hand moved to cup your cheek, still maintaining eye contact with you.

"Why do you do that?" A question answered with another question, but you were genuinely curious as to why he was always so tender and attentive towards you.

"Do what, sweetheart?" He studied your somber expression.

"Go out of your way for me," Subconsciously squeezing his hand a little tighter, you felt the tears threaten to spill over again, "You know, you never answered my question earlier about how you feel."

"I think I did," That infuriating, yet endearing smirk appeared on his face, "Do I need to remind you, Y/N?"

"Please," It came out as a breathless whisper, "Alpha."

His lips were on yours in an instant. Just like before, it was gentle and he handled you like you were breakable. It still felt fleeting though. As he pulled away and ended the kiss just as quickly as it had started, you just gazed at him with flushed cheeks and adoration. You were falling for him hard and if he didn't catch you at the bottom of whatever this was, you might never recover.

"I think I like it when you look at me like that, little one," He whispered, pressing his forehead against yours.

"Again," You whined, grabbing a fistful of his shirt as your lips brushed against his, "Please."

"Easy, omega," A warning, but one you wouldn't mind ignoring entirely.

The mix of your irresistible scent and the way you clung to him made it impossible to deny you your wish. You felt his hand withdraw from yours and soon enough he was pulling you closer. He kissed you deeper this time, with a fervor that left you desperate for air yet more than willing to drown in the moment. You whimpered softly when it was over.

"Better?" There was something different about his voice, it was more dominant than it had been before, more possessive.

"Yes," You gasped, still a bit in shock from the desire you'd tasted on his lips.

He chuckled at the way you stared at him, all dreamy eyed and flustered, "Me too, princess."

Chapter Text

Thanks to Glitch sweet talking her alpha, your introduction to the rest of the League was pushed to the end of the week, allowing you some time to come to terms with the impending shift in dynamic. Kurogiri explained to you how she insisted everyone eat and spend an evening together as a group at least one night a week. She felt it was necessary for pack bonding and as the omega of the apex alpha, everyone went along with it. Soon enough, her gatherings became a tradition.

"I think you'll have fun, Y/N," Kurogiri tried his best to assure you the gathering was generally more laid back compared to how the League normally ran things.

Still, all things considered, it was nerve wracking to sit around and wait for. You weren't sure if having time to mentally prepare yourself was worth it. With each passing day, more anxiety weighed you down. Not to mention your promised pastry outing with Dabi had been postponed due to heavy storms. You'd more or less been confined inside and it was beginning to make you stir crazy.

"I don't need you getting sick," Dabi had told you finally broke down and whined about being stuck indoors.

"What if you get sick because the hand man keeps making you go out in this weather? You're soaked," Your worry for his wellbeing was becoming more evident in the way you fussed over him each time returned from his missions.

"He's going to be pissed you picked that nickname up from me," Dabi laughed, shrugging off his jacket as you pulled at it, determined to rid him of his cold, damp clothes.

"I only say it in front of you," A soft giggle fell past your lips, "The rest of your clothes too. Is it really so hard to change into something dry?"

"You're just trying to get me naked," He teased playfully, "You know, all it takes is a pretty please."

"I am not!" He never failed to coax a flustered blush out of you, "Besides, we've already seen each other naked," Pointing that out was entirely unnecessary and definitely didn't help the situation.

"Whatever you say, princess," He smirked, "I'm always down to take another bath with you sometime. It was nice."

"Dabi," You felt the heat in your face intensify, "I'm not- Could you just-" It was impossible to put together a coherent sentence with his smoldering eyes boring into you.

"You're cute when you get embarrassed," Promptly after the day the two of you had kissed, he had become relentless in his flirting with you.

You huffed in mock annoyance, but were unable to hold back a smile when he actually listened to you and peeled off the rest of his rain soaked clothes. Your eyes lingered on him for a moment before you turned and deposited the laundry into a nearby hamper. Silently, you willed the lewd thoughts to go away before you did something incredibly compulsive.

You hadn't realized you'd spaced out until you felt Dabi grip your arm, spinning you around and pulling you closer. Every time you got too worked up he held you against him until his warmth and even breathing brought you back down. You often fell into peaceful slumber cradled against his chest, his heartbeat lulling you to sleep. He hadn't ceased being your source of comfort just yet.

This time his movements were different. You froze when Dabi went straight for your neck. It took you a moment to realize he was rubbing against the delicate skin there to mask your scent gland with his own alpha aroma.

"What are you doing?" A confused whimper as you were caught between enjoying what he was doing and wondering why he'd just now decided to make a move like this.

"Scenting you, so hold still, omega," He chuckled at your uncertain fidgeting, "Trust me, it'll save you from unwanted attention."

"I guess that's a fair point, but-" You hesitated.

When he was satisfied and done with his work, he kissed your cheek before backing off, "But what?"

"What if someone, I don't know, thinks we're together?" The thought wasn't a bad one, you just weren't sure how you'd answer the question if it came up.

"Would you really have a problem with that?" That overconfident smile of his would be the death of you, "Tell them what you want."

You were about to ask him about what he wanted, but you were interrupted by a knock at the door. Upon answering, you found it was Glitch with the long sleeve shirt you'd requested the day before. You smiled appreciatively as she handed it over.

"You're always welcome to go raid my closet on your own," She consistently went out of her way to make sure you felt comfortable and you'd have killed for a friend like Glitch when you were younger, "I really don't mind, so help yourself. I'll see you both in a bit!" She left almost as quickly as she had showed up.

Pulling the new garment over the tank top you were already wearing, you took a look at yourself in the bathroom mirror and instantly frowned. The tiniest bit of pale scarring was still visible where your burn had started to climb the side of your neck before being snuffed out. There was small bit on the top of your hand as well, peeking out from below your sleeve. Your arm had healed lighter than you'd thought it would, but it was still painfully noticable.

"No one here is going to think twice about that," Dabi came up behind you, wrapping his arms around your upper body for a quick hug, "I stand by what I said before, you're still beautiful," He let go and tugged gently on your hand, "Come on, princess, time to meet the rest of the pack."

"There's just so many questions I don't know if I want to answer for other people," You confided in Dabi as the two of you made your way downstairs.

His finger intertwined with yours as he took your hand, "Then don't," As the two of you rounded the corner to the hotel's common area, he smiled warmly at you, "What you share is entirely up to you."

"Thank you," You squeezed his hand in gratitude, "For everything."

"Y/N!" The high pitched squeal came seconds before a blonde barreled into you, tearing you away from Dabi as she threw her arms around your waist.

The force of her rambunctious greeting had you stumbling backwards and you immediately went into fighting mode. Instinctively, you grabbed her arm and twisted it hard, throwing the girl to the floor before jumping away in alarm. You grimaced when you realized all eyes in the room were on you. So much for not making an entrance.

"Toga, we talked about this," Glitch helped the blonde up while looking exceedingly disappointed in her for rushing at you like that, "Y/N needs an adjustment period before you start getting in her personal space like that. She had every right to retaliate."

Toga wasn't having it though and smiled maniacally at you as she pushed Glitch away, "Aw, Y/N, you're so cute getting all defensive like that! I bet you'd look even cuter covered in blood!"

An unnerving smile cracked her face. You glimpsed a flash of silver as she lunged at you. A hushed rush of air passed by your cheek and you heard the telltale thunk of knives landing in the wall behind you. You'd dodged that potential hit with a simple, effortless sidestep, turning in place so you could track her movement. At first, you were confused by the sudden attack from someone who was supposed to be your new ally, but now you were just annoyed.

"Come on, cutie," Toga pouted before aiming her blades at you again, poised to throw them, "Why won't you play with me?

"You crazy bitch," You heard Dabi snarl, "What the hell was that for?"

The chilled laughter of Shigaraki echoed through the room as you eyed Toga up, "Let's let them settle their differences."

There was no way this hadn't been part of his plan all along. This wasn't just a meeting with the rest of the League, it was an initiation. If you didn't hold your ground now, especially while at a disadvantage, they'd never respect you. Judging from the shocked and uncertain looks from everyone gathered around the room, nobody but Shigaraki and Toga had been behind this unexpected turn of events.

"Fine," You growled, reinforcing your stance, "Let's play."

"Oh, I think I like you more already!" She grinned.

Since you were unfamiliar with her fighting style, you had to remain defensive until you could study her enough to start predicting her moves. Her seemingly never ending supply of knives was a huge problem. You couldn't get close enough to get a hit in without sustaining an injury and you had nothing to aid you with a ranged attack. Her weapons continued to fly at you as you dodged and maneuvered your way around the room.

"Enough, boss," The fury in Dabi's voice made you shiver, "End this."

A giggle came from Toga as she turned and pointed a knife at him instead, "Don't interrupt us, it's rude," She punctuated the last word with a flick of her wrist.

But as fast as her blade cut through the air, you were faster. Slamming the full weight of your body into Dabi in order to knock him out of the way, you felt a sting as the knife grazed your shoulder before sticking in the wall behind you. You spun and grabbed it, throwing it back in Toga's direction and immediately grabbing a secondary blade that had landed nearby as you ran towards her.

"Don't touch him," You snarled as you knocked her to the floor, "Your fight is with me."

Even with cold steel pressed against her throat, she smiled up at you, "Shig, I think she passed her test," She squealed in delight, "Now we can be friends for real, Y/N!"

"That was amazing! Horrible technique!" A man dressed head to toe in black and white spandex exclaimed loudly and in two separate voices.

"Oh, don't mind Twice and his other self," Toga gave you a nudge and giggled at your confused expression, "He worries about me a little too much."

You got up and backed away from her, allowing Twice to help Toga to her feet. He glared at you suspiciously for a few seconds before his expression switched to friendly amusement. Everyone still had their attention directed towards you and you weren't sure what was about to happen next.

Glancing over to where Shigaraki stood with one arm around Glitch, he nodded at you with approval, "Welcome to the League of Villains, Y/N."

With that simple line, you were suddenly amassed with well intended attention as everyone crowded around to greet you and introduce themselves. The shower of praise pulled a timid smile from you. This was home now and despite the rather unorthodox trials that landed you here in the middle of everyone, it didn't seem so bad anymore.

Dabi's icy scowl parted the way for him to pull you to the side when the initial excitement over you died down a bit, "You're bleeding," He sounded pissed and it made you cringe.

"I'm sorry," You whined softly, "I'll be faster next time."

"I'm far from disappointed in you. My anger is directed towards someone else," He softened his gaze, "You fought well, princess, now let's get that cut wrapped up."

"Here," Glitch crashed the private conversation with a roll of gauze held in her outstretched hand, "I'm sorry about that. I had no idea. Are you okay, Y/N?"

"It's just a scratch," Gingerly, you pulled your long sleeve shirt off, leaving the tank top layer beneath it on, "I don't think it's that deep."

She inspected the wound and nodded in agreement, "Not too bad," She shot a knowing smile at you as she quickly bandaged the injury herself, "I noticed you didn't hesitate to protect Dabi."

"Oh," Fidgeting in place, you couldn't figure out how to respond.

"You're home now, so let yourself relax tonight, Y/N," She chuckled and looked over at the noticeably upset alpha who wouldn't leave your side, "Take good care of her, Dabi, she deserves it. If you don't, so help me, I'll electrocute you," She called over her shoulder as she walked away to mingle with the other League members.

Dabi cupped your cheeks and looked directly into your eyes, "You sure you're okay, little one?"

"Honestly, a little uncomfortable now that I have scars showing," You admitted.

He pressed a quick kiss to your forehead, "Well, let's find you a distraction then."

Across the room, the smug look on Glitch's face was masked, but Shigaraki recognized the look immediately. It was the expression she adopted when a scheme of hers was going better than expected.

"You look pleased," Shigaraki rasped when his omega returned to him from her brief socialization with the rest of the pack.

"I am," Glitch spoke softly, running her fingers through her alpha's baby blue hair while gazing at him fondly, "His hesitance towards her reminds me of how you acted when we first met, Tomura. The draw was instant, but trusting someone else is terrifying."

"Maybe she'll be a better addition than I thought," Shigaraki admitted, he hadn't been too keen on taking you in from the start, but he was slowly coming around, "I assume this was your plan all along."

"Duh, any ideas I have are generally good ones," The teasing tone Glitch used was accompanied by a playful smile, "That includes rescuing Y/N. She could be powerful in the right hands."

"Ever the insightful one, aren't you?" Shigaraki pulled Glitch onto his lap and kissed her deeply, "My lovely, intelligent omega. No more picking up strays for a little while though. We need to move forward in dealing with Overhaul."

Glitch's eyes sparkled brightly at the prospect, "Do we not have the perfect person to help us with that now? That one," She gestured over her shoulder in your direction, "I'm sure contains vast amounts of information we can use to our advantage and she has all the reason in the world to hate that piece of Yakuza trash."

"You really think Y/N is going to make that much of a difference?" Shigaraki seemed surprised by his omega's optimism.

"It only takes a single feather to tip the scale, you know this," Her lips brushed against his again, not caring what anyone else thought of the little public display, "In the end, Overhaul won't stand a chance."

Chapter Text

"Just where do you think you're off to?" Glitch sat with her nose buried in a magazine as Dabi strode by, not even sparing him a glance as she spoke, "I saw you scent her this morning."

He raised a brow and stopped midway through the common area, "What are you talking about?"

It was unclear whether she had actually caught him or if she was just tossing an accusation his way in hopes he would bite. If the latter was the case, admitting to getting closer to her newest rescue project would lead to her prying. While Glitch was smart and meant well, Dabi didn't want to open that door right this moment. It was better that it remained sealed shut for the time being.

"You keep trying to play the big bad wolf, but imagine my surprise when I happened to walk by the kitchen early this morning. I not only heard Y/N humming happily, but also saw you scenting her," Finally smacking her reading material down on the coffee table, Glitch leaned back on the couch with crossed arms, kicking her feet up at the same time, "Arms wrapped around her waist, pressing against her as she was cooking. Oh yeah, and there were so, so many little kisses," She was having too much fun trying to goad a confession out of him and it was evident in her shit eating grin.

"What's your point?" Trying to be nonchalant probably wasn't going to get him out of this conversation, but he could sure as hell give it a try.

"You two were awfully cozy in front of the rest of the pack last night too," She tilted her head and stared pointedly at Dabi, "You've never been one to get attached or show affection. I believe the term you've thrown around in the past was hit 'em and quit 'em, right? Something you want to tell me?"

"Not really," He shrugged, "But I'm sure you have something to say regardless."

"Don't tell me you haven't noticed the changes. She's been nesting, her stress levels are down, her body is returning to a normal cycle now that she's healed physically and mentally," When Dabi didn't have a visible reaction to this, Glitch threw her head back with a groan, "Don't be dense. She's going into heat soon. It's entirely likely your proximity to her is partly to blame for triggering it. So, what do you plan on doing about it?"

Of course, Dabi had been the first to sense the change. He could smell your slightly altered scent as your hormones shifted and your impending heat crept closer. Not to mention, it was exceptionally hard to miss the signs when you insisted on nesting in his room. You slept with him every night for the sake of your own comfort and he certainly wasn't complaining about the arrangement. However, having such a sweet, addicting omega scent constantly nearby, always clinging to his clothes, was enough to make him start acting a bit possessive. It was only natural. The problem was his uncertainty over how to handle the situation in question. Considering your past, there was a possibility you might want to endure your heat alone and he couldn't blame you for that.

"I don't know," Dabi grumbled, trying to hide the embarrassment he wasn't familiar with experiencing, "It's complicated."

"It's actually pretty simple," Glitch scoffed, "Talk to her about it."

"You need to talk to me about something, alpha?" You'd just walked into the makeshift living room, completely oblivious to the topic of conversation you were interrupting.

Dabi smiled softly at you, "You want to grab some snacks and watch a movie in my room? Boss hasn't given me anything to do yet today."

"Really?!" You clasped your hands together, completely elated at his offer to spend more time with you.

He nodded, "I'll meet you up there in a bit, little one. There's just some things I have to discuss with Glitch first."

"Don't take too long," You called over your shoulder as you hurried off to get everything situated.

Dabi returned his focus to see Glitch glaring at him, "What?"

"Little one, that's honestly adorable," A grin cracked her judgmental stare, "Did not see that coming from you. So? Y/N hangs on your every word and follows you like a shadow. Need I remind you she protected you last night? Like jumped in front of a knife and risked injury for you," Glitch realized that particular point had hit Dabi pretty hard when his gaze dropped and she decided to tone it down a bit, "Despite being unclaimed, she still refers to you as alpha like you're together. I'm just saying maybe make it worth her time."

"Was that confirmed?" The edge of excitement in his voice was hard to miss.

Glitch nodded, "Overhaul marked her, but never allowed her to do the same to him. That means she was never fully bonded. Overhaul's claim has since faded out of her system, so there's nothing tying her to him anymore."

"Don't say his name," Dabi snarled, "I hate thinking about how he treated her."

"You care for her," Adopting a softer tone, Glitch continued to push, "I know you do. I've noticed that spark between you since we brought her back here. It's only gotten brighter. Y/N wasn't scared of you when you pulled her out of the rain or when you found her sleeping in your bed. She was scared of what you would think of her. Surely, you've figured that out by now."

"I have, but I don't want to push her too far too quickly," Combing his fingers back through his hair, Dabi looked genuinely nervous, an expression Glitch had never seen him wear before.

"If she triggers your rut and you come back smelling like another omega," Glitch sighed, "You're going to break her heart. Talk to her about how she wants to handle it. You're the only one she has full conversations with. The rest of us are lucky to get a short sentence here and there."

Not wanting to keep you waiting too long, Dabi gave up his side of the would be argument and nodded in agreement before heading back to his room. Opening the door, he found you curled up in your ever growing pile of blankets. Your eyes lit up the moment you saw him. Such a purely joyful reaction to his presence alone warmed his heart.

You were practically bouncing up and down with excitement as he closed the door behind him, "I didn't know what you wanted to watch, but I wanted you to choose whatever makes you happy so-"

"Y/N," Dabi sat on the edge of the bed and looked at you with a new level of adoration.

But you didn't miss the serious tone of voice he used and you stilled immediately, sitting back on your heels as you knelt on the bed, "Did I do something wrong?"

He pushed some hair behind your ear and the gentle motion eased some of the tension that had grabbed hold of you, "Not at all, sweetheart."

"I like when you call me that," Blushing bright red immediately after the words fell out of your mouth, you looked away, "I'm sorry. I don't know why I said that out loud."

"That so?" He kicked his boots off before climbing further onto the bed so that he was sitting across from you.

You nodded and peaked up at him, realizing he looked a bit apprehensive, "Are you sure I didn't do something to upset you?"

"Far from it," Taking your hands in his, he gazed into your eyes, "You actually make me very happy. There's just some things we need to talk about."

"Oh," That didn't sound good at all.

There was an awkward pause before Dabi cleared his throat and shifted uncomfortably, "Like your upcoming heat and how you want to handle it."

"My upcoming-" Your eyes widened and you turned and even deeper shade of red, "I didn't even realize."

You mentally scolded yourself for being so ignorant towards your own body. Being in a high stress environment for so long had led to many skipped cycles, making this upcoming heat your first in a long time. You couldn't properly remember the last one you'd experienced. It had to have been before you were carelessly tossed to the side since you didn't recall suffering through one alone after Overhaul started using you as a science experiment. In a way, that could be counted as a small blessing.

"It was kind of hard to miss with you nesting in my room," He could see you were utterly embarrassed by him pointing this out, "Which I don't mind, but I do need to know if you want- If you're going to need-" Dabi trailed off and fell silent.

"Yes," You whispered, "If that's what you want."

"It's not entirely about what I want, Y/N," His voice sounded strained, like he was holding something back, "I just want you to be comfortable. This is your decision. You're allowed to make your own choices now."

"Then I choose to make you happy," You smiled at him, all you wanted to do was please him and earn more of that praise you so desperately craved.

He looked taken aback by your response, "What about your happiness, Y/N?"

"I get it from you," There had been no hesitance in your answer, you truly saw him as the source.

"You're perfect, you know that?" Reaching for you, he pulled you onto his lap and held you against him, his hand smoothing over your hair as he cradled you.

"Glitch told me something the day you rescued me and I've never forgotten it," Your voice was slightly muffled against his chest.

"And what did she say?" He pressed a kiss against the top of your head.

"She told me that I could learn to talk again if I wanted to and I did. She told me that gentle alphas do exist and I learned that was true," Taking a deep breath, you tilted your head back to look up at Dabi, "She told me that there would be an alpha out there who would see me as perfect regardless of the details."

"And you found him," In the form of a whisper tinged with subtle disbelief, there was also a level of relief like he had been holding his breath waiting for this moment.

"And I found him," You echoed, cautiously moving until your lips were brushing against his, begging for a kiss, "I want to belong to you, alpha."

"Belong," He murmured, giving you the attention you wanted while trying to hide the build up of excitement your words had created, "Are you sure about that, sweetheart?"

"I want a bonding mark," It was a bold admittance, but also a truthful one, "And I want it to be yours."

Dabi was silent for a moment as he become lost in thought. That would be a huge step for both of you, one that he wouldn't be taking lightly. For him, he'd never considered a long term partner since that kind of setup generally didn't fit in with the villain lifestyle. Even more so if pups became part of the picture. With you, even though he wouldn't have minded either way, that was an impossible scenario. Not to mention you were already well versed in the criminal underworld.

Of course, there were rare bonded pairs such as Shigaraki and Glitch, but they'd met when they were younger. Their story started years before the League of Villains formed. They were some of the special exceptions considering they'd managed to form a better functioning pack support system than most villains out there. Many existed as loners.

Then there was you, an omega who Dabi would have thought would never want to be tied to another alpha again. It came as a surprise that you even allowed him to touch you in the beginning. For you to want to be bonded again was a little unbelievable, but it left him revisiting a side of his emotions he had long since locked away.

"Why?" The last thing he wanted to do was mark you for the wrong reasons even if the idea had originated from you.

"Isn't it obvious?" Your sweet, soft voice finally admitting your true feelings seemed like a dream, "You've been my safety since the beginning, Dabi. The one person that felt familiar. At first it was just that damn scent of yours that reminded me of my lost quirk, but then it became more than that. You accepted me for who I was and I'm stronger now because of you," A giggle accompanied your growing blush, "To be honest, I really thought you'd make a move in the bath. It made me nervous when you wouldn't even look at me until I put a towel on. At that point, I wanted you to look at me. Only me."

"All along I was afraid of moving too fast," He laughed with you, "And you're telling me you were dropping hints all along."

Heat crept even further across your face, "I'm not exactly practiced in flirting techniques. My expertise is mainly stealth at this point."

"That's okay, I think it's sweet," He tousled your hair playfully.

"So," You hid your face against the scarred skin of his neck, "How do you feel about all this?"

"Y/N, you're the only omega I've ever actually considered taking the next step with," His tone was suddenly serious again, "But as much as I want to claim you, I think you should sleep on it. Make sure it's really what you want too."

"We can talk about it tomorrow morning then?" It was a question filled with hope, "I'll make you breakfast again."

"Of course, princess," Pulling you down onto the bed with him, he sprinkled kisses all over your face, "I'm counting on it."

It was quiet for a moment as you snuggled against his chest again, taking your time to make yourself extra comfortable, "Dabi?"

"Hmm?" He mumbled as he fumbled for the television remote with his free hand, he had told you he'd watch a movie with you after all.

Then three beautiful words spilled past your lips, bringing all his attention back to you, "I love you." 

"I love you too, Y/N," He'd just been too afraid to say it first.

Chapter Text

Insomnia was an unfortunate problem you and Dabi shared, mostly due to nightmares, hypervigilance, or an annoying combination of the two. Unless pushed beyond your limits and into pure exhaustion, it was fairly common for both of you to wake up at any and all hours of the night for no good reason.

Even so, if there was a disruption, you were always beside him either tossing and turning in an attempt to fall asleep or unconsciously trying to cuddle closer. As his hand reached and smoothed over the sheets searching for you, he felt them already beginning to lose their warmth. When he realized your side of the bed was empty, it jolted him fully awake. You'd never been completely missing before.

As he sat up and his eyes adjusted to the darkness of the room, your scent flooded his senses. It was more potent than usual. Glimpsing the thing stripe of light glowing under the bathroom door, he realized the shower was running. Pushing himself out of bed to check on you, he froze with his hand on the doorknob when he heard a whimper on the other side.

"Y/N, are you okay?" No answer even though it was clear you were in there, he rapped his knuckles against the door again, "You're worrying me, princess."

"I'm fine," But your voice sounded scared, pained even, and Dabi opened the door anyway.

When he pulled the shower curtain to the side and peek around it, he found you sitting fully clothed, with your knees pulled to your chest while looking like a half drowned kitten. Shivering under the stream of ice cold water, you refused to look him in the eyes. He was painfully aware of the reason too. The scent of your arousal had slammed into him the moment he'd stepped through the door.

"I wouldn't call this fine," He reached to turn the water off, choosing to ignore the complication as best he could, "And you can't sit in here all night either. You're going to make yourself sick."

"I'm sorry," Your soaking wet clothes clung uncomfortably to your chilled form, but you still refused to move, "I tried not to wake you."

Looking down at you sympathetically, he offered you his hand to help you to your feet, "There's nothing to apologize for, little one. Let's get you into some dry clothes and back to bed."

"I just don't know what's wrong with me," You were practically in tears, both furious with yourself for feeling so weak and anxious at the same time, "I think it's my heat, but it hurts so badly. I don't remember it ever being this intense."

When you finally conceeded and reached for his hand, raising yourself to step out of the tub, you looked ashamed as you continued to avoid eye contact, "Y/N, we'll get through this."

"We," You whispered, unable to focus now that your body felt painful and hot again without the steady downpour of icy water distracting you.

It was also increasingly difficult for Dabi to focus on anything but your deliciously distracting scent. Not to mention, the way his white shirt you'd stolen to sleep in now comformed to your body and left very little to the imagination. He pulled you closer and embraced you, enveloping you in his warmth despite your oversaturated clothing soaking through his own.

You whined softly, nuzzling against his chest, clinging to his shirt with shaking hands. You could tell your own condition was sending him into a rut as his pheromones invaded your senses and made you positively desperate for more of his touch. If you thought he was enticing before, he was practically irresistible to you in your current state. Yet you still trembled against him.

Dabi's arms had wrapped around your waist, holding you firmly in place, "Calm down, omega."

But you couldn't, especially not held against him like you were. You could feel his rigid cock straining against the confines of his pants and pressing against you. His quirk induced warmth had you melting against him. You needed him, truly, but that need was exactly what was making you so agitated. What if he had changed his mind about you since your last discussion?

"Calm," Dabi murmured and you realized he was scenting you in an attempt to soothe your nerves, "Just tell me what you want."

"Tell you what I want?" It felt like you were overheating and you were slowly losing your ability to think clearly.

How were you supposed to know what you wanted at a time like this? You'd never had the option before when it came to this sort of thing since your wishes were never taken into consideration. Not until Dabi had started teaching you how to choose things for yourself again. He had continuously put your feelings and needs first. It made sense that he would treat this situation the same way.

You remembered the very first time he kissed you. It was gentle and patient, completely unlike anything you'd experienced in the past. The calming effect it had on you had left a lasting impression to the point where you craved that type of affection from him. Your heat may have been blurring your thoughts, but with that memory in mind you had a place to start making sense of things.

"I want another kiss," Such a simple request, but Dabi wasted no time in pressing his lips against yours.

It was reminiscent of before. From the contrast of his lips to the way he stole your oxygen. He made you dizzy drunk and lightheaded while somehow bringing you to life at the same time.

"Dabi, please," You begged once he let you breathe for a moment.

"Please what?" He nipped at your neck, inhaling more of your citrus spiked scent as he sprinkled kisses along your skin.

"I want you," You keened, giving in and hoping he'd consume you entirely, "I need you."

There it was, all the permission Dabi needed to continue, to go further than he'd gone with you before. The low growl that resonated from his chest made you shiver with delight and excitement.

You felt his hands slip beneath your drenched shirt, tracing over a few of your scars before removing the bothersome barrier. There was a hum of approval when he remembered your lack of a bra. His lips reconnected with yours in an instant, this time more passionately. Light fingers danced over your skin and hands gently groped your breasts as he backed you against the counter. He didn't break his kiss again until he began to tug at your pants. As he peeled them off, you clumsily tried to help by stepping out of them before he blindly threw them to the side.

Your panties were next and he held them up teasingly after sliding them off, loving the blush that spread across your face, "Shall we see how much of this isn't from your midnight shower, sweetheart?"

When he knelt down in front of you, you turned bright red, "Wait, I've never-" You pressed your legs together and looked to the side, "Isn't it too messy?"

You regretted the words the minute they came out of your mouth. Like many other things, it was a conditioned reaction. Overhaul didn't like any sort of mess unless it served a purpose for him. He knotted you for a singular purpose and it wasn't pleasure. There had been nothing outside of that aspect, but that was a conversation you really didn't want to start right now.

"Sweetheart, that's the point," It took him a moment to piece together your odd concern, "You mean to tell me you've never had a tongue between your thighs because someone told you it was too messy?" If you could burn alive from pure embarrassment you would have, "Come on, let me show you what you've been missing. Let me take care of you, baby girl."

His frown had transitioned into a smirk when he realized he was actually being blessed with providing you with a first time experience. Prying your legs apart gently, he moved one of them to rest over his shoulder, granting him better access. He ran his tongue slowly up your slit before blowing cool air along the trail of wet, smiling when he felt you shiver.

Slick had already begun to drip down your inner thighs the moment Dabi had gotten you naked. He licked up as much of it as he possibly could, teasing your sensitive skin with gentle bites as he made his way closer to your heat. The way his tongue pressed and traced against your folds when he got there had you tangling your fingers in his sleep messy hair, searching for some type of leverage.

It was when his tongue barely flicked over your clit that one of your hands fell back to adopt a white knuckle grip on the edge of the counter you were pressed against. The other still tugged at his hair, this time harder than intended, eliciting a muffled groan and earning you a rather harsh nip on the thigh before he returned his attentions to your core.

The soft moans the fell past your lips were sinful. As his tongue swirled expertly over your sensitive bundle of nerves, you felt him push two digits into your dripping cunt. You swore you could feel the curve of his mouth turn up into a pleased smile when you gasped his name in a breathless whisper. Adept fingers worked you slowly, curving within your heat to hit your sweet spot.

When your back arched and you tried to clamp your thighs back together, he glanced up to make eye contact with you. Placing his forearm firmly against you, he effectively pinned your hips in place against the counter. Your head fell back with a load moan when he began to suckle your clit. Between his tongue and his fingers, his movements were unrelenting, sending you spiraling into a hazy, pleasure induced fog.

"Dabi!" You were practically crying when he pushed you over the edge.

After withdrawing his fingers and looking up at you with slick coating his chin, his hands slid up your thighs and landed on your hips, giving them a squeeze as he stood. He backed away for a moment as you came down from your high and you watch him remove the rest of his clothes. Precum leaked down his hardened cock, smearing when he gave himself a few strokes. When he moved closer, he lifted you onto the counter, spreading your legs so he could move between them. He kissed you again, hungrily, and you could taste your essence on his tongue.

Your skin felt like it was burning and every single little touch you received from him made you desperate for more. A low growl came from him when your lips parted and you arched against his body. As his tongue swept into your mouth, his arm wrapped around your lower back, pulling you closer as he gently rutted against you.

"How badly do you need me?" He wanted to hear you beg, to tell him he was the only one who could help you.

"More than anything in the world," You breathed, running your hands up his chest, reveling in your ability to touch him.

His tone was low and seductive, "And what do you want from me, baby girl?"

"Everything," You whined as his cock prodded at your entrance, "Your knot, your mark, everything."

You let out a gasp when he finally pushed into you, your walls stretching to accommodate him. Your arms wrapped around his neck and you pressed your face against his chest, nuzzling against your favorite safe spot. When you felt his hips press against you as he fully sheathed himself inside you, a shiver ran down your spine and let out the breath you hadn't realized you'd been holding.

He paused, giving you a moment to adjust, "Are you okay, Y/N?"

"Yes," A hushed whisper against his skin before you moved to press a gentle, submissive kiss against his throat, "Please, alpha, keep going."

"As you wish," His arms hooked under your thighs and you looked up to see an almost feral look in his eyes, "Omega."

The way he filled you was immensely satisfying and the way he groaned softly as he began to thrust into you was just as heavenly. Your grip on him tightened and your head fell forward again. Moans and gasps from both of you filled the room as he slowly upped the pace, as you rocked your hips to match his rhythm. Despite the way he tensed like he wanted to lose control, he held back and remained tender with you.

"It's okay to go harder," You whimpered, not wanting him to curb his desires, "I want to feel everything you can give me."

Balanced rather precariously on the edge of the counter, the only thing keeping you in place was his firm grip on the soft flesh of your thighs and your legs wrapped around him, heels digging into his lower back as you pulled him deeper. You gave up your original hold on him and looped your arms under his, digging your nails into his shoulders from behind.

"Such a good girl," He growled, his thrusts turned up to a bruising intensity along with his grip on you, "I don't think you know what you do to me."

You clung to him, letting your head fall back with lips parted as exquisite noises spilled out, "Don't stop. Feels so fucking good," Your shaky words were proof you could barely put together a coherent sentence.

"Bit of a filthy mouth for a princess," He teased, lips brushing against your neck, sending goosebumps racing across your skin, "But fuck, you take my cock so well. So tight right now. You're close, aren't you? Desperate for your alpha's knot."

When he referred to himself as yours, it triggered something inside of you. Unable to form proper words, you nodded rapidly and when his teeth grazed your skin you mewled. Your feverish body was begging for release as Dabi pushed you closer and closer to the edge. All that existed in this moment was him, his touch, and the unmatched pleasure he was providing you. One of his hands moved so that his fingers could tangle in your hair, tugging your head gently to the side to further expose your neck.

"Please," Such a needy whimper and you weren't even entirely sure what you were begging for anymore, "Yours, all yours. I love you."

"I love you too, baby girl," Hot breath fanned over your neck, "All mine," He released your hair and his fingers trailed down your side before reaching between the two of you to begin rubbing circles over your clit.

The added sensation made you cry out as you dragged your nails down his back. His pace was getting erratic and he slammed into your aching cunt at a more brutal speed. As his knot began to form, the added sensation of growing girth being pushed into you with each snap of his hips had both profanities and praises spilling out of your mouth.

"I want you to scream my name when you cum," His voice was a low, dominant growl, "Let everyone know who you belong to. Let them know who makes you feel this good."

"Dabi!" You called out his name in an unrestrained cry when the heat in your abdomen finally burst.

As waves of pleasure radiated throughout your body, the pain of teeth breaking skin and sinking into your neck was accompanied by one last forceful thrust before his knot locked him in place. You could feel the vibration of his moans more than you could hear them. The warmth of his release coated your inner walls as he rocked against you a few more times before stilling. If you could stay connected to him like this forever, you'd gladly choose to do so.

Once satisfied with his mark, he lapped at the blood that trickled from it. You were still breathing heavily, but your body was no longer aching and empty. It was full in the most blissful way, temporarily quelling the side effects of your heat. Instead of feeling frustration, you were simply lost in the aftershock of your bonding.

"Look," Dabi took your chin and turned your head to the side, angled so that you could see your reflection in the mirror behind you, "Look at how pretty my little omega is."

A few droplets of blood still leaked from the fresh bonding mark on your neck. Crimson smeared across the delicate skin as your fingers traced over it in disbelief, making sure it was real. Your damp hair was tousled, lips slightly swollen, and a red flush had taken over your cheeks. Even your scarred skin was covered in a light sheen of sweat. None of it mattered though. The only thing you fully noticed and appreciated was how relaxed and at peace you appeared.

"I don't think I've ever seen you this happy," He gazed at you with a look that was full of adoration, "It suits you."

"I told you I get my happiness from you," Beaming, you turned to face him again, "My alpha."

"You said you wanted everything, right?" Your eyes widened and you nodded silently, in awe at the determination in his eyes, "I'm going to make sure that happens."

Chapter Text

Glitch had, of course, screeched in delight the moment she glimpsed your new bonding mark. Congratulations from the rest of the League followed soon after. Even Shigaraki eventually commented on how Dabi became easier to tolerate. This led to another petty argument between the two of them since Dabi had been within earshot, but Glitch assured you her alpha meant well. It was his own way of thanking you for being around.

"I know he's-" She puffed out her cheeks as she searched for the right wording, exhaling in defeat before she elected the typical description, "Difficult to deal with and childish at times, but he's my entire world."

There wasn't a bone in your body that didn't believe in her devotion to Shigaraki, "You still haven't told me the story of how you two met."

"I broke into All For One's hideout one night when I was very foolishly feeling lucky," She smirked, "What a birthday that was for both of us."

"That still leaves me with so many unanswered questions," You laughed, but you were seriously wondering how she survived pulling a stunt like that, "I didn't know you two shared a birthday."

She shot you a mischievous look, "I'm a whole year older too and he hates when I bring it up, but I think he's secretly into it. Don't tell him I told you that though."

"Not a word," You promised, hooking your pinky around hers before following her upstairs with Toga in tow.

"Speaking of being into things," Toga had the look of someone about to say something extremely inappropriate, "Does Dabi have any weird kinks? He seems like such a sadist."

"Toga!" Glitch looked horrified and you felt your face heat up.

"What?!" She threw her hands up as the three of you continued walking while Glitch threw a warning look over her shoulder.

"Outside of when I sent him into a rut, he's usually really soft and sweet with me," You don't know what possessed to you actually answer her question.

"Boring!" Toga faked a dramatic yawn.

On the other hand, Glitch looked thoroughly surprised, "Y/N, I'm not going to lie, but I'm pretty sure we all thought what Toga was stupid enough to bring up just now."

"What about you?" Toga really had no self restraint and Glitch slowed her pace enough to whack her on the back of the head, just like she did when Shigaraki was out of line.

"Stop annoying Y/N with these personal questions," Glitch glared at the problematic omega.

"I mean, I'm not exactly sure what I like," Admittedly, despite being previously bonded, you were still inexperienced, "Dabi is only the second person I've, you know, done stuff with. Overhaul, well, he-" You trailed off and looked down.

Guilt flashed across Glitch's face, "Y/N, I'm so sorry. Someone should have thought about their question before voicing it. That was very rude of them."

Toga rolled her eyes, "She's the one that chose to answer."

"It's okay," You offered a meek smile, "It's supposed to be good to talk about these things instead of internalizing them, right?"

Glitch nodded, "Yes, but only when you're ready for that and I'm not going to allow others to cross a line for the sake of their own curiosity. We're friends and pack mates. That demands a certain level of respect."

"Sorry, Y/N," Toga mumbled when Glitch punched her in the shoulder a little too hard, you were pretty sure an under the breath threat was involved as well.

You couldn't help but laugh lightly at the exchange despite your initial embarrassment. Conversing with the other League members became more comfortable and commonplace as time went on. It wasn't out of the ordinary for Toga to ask something wildly inappropriate, so you shrugged the behavior off when it did happen.

Recently, your nights had been spent piled into a bed in an unoccupied room that was filled with Glitch's massive collection of computers and other electronics. Toga was laying with her head in your lap while you studied the laptop Glitch had situated on hers. The blonde blood sucker had demanded you play with her hair so you sat lazily twisting it into messy braids as she babbled on and on about Twice and how much she adored him.

Glitch aggressively tapped away at the keyboard, lines of code spilled across the screen as she did so. Her face was intensely focused. You'd given her every piece of useful information regarding the Yakuza that you deemed sharable. Now it was all maps and strategy with a generous side helping of hacking. Currently, she was trying to break into the Yakuza security live feed.

You had gotten bored of the monotony of planning rather quickly, "What if we went by ourselves?

The idea itself was a little insane, but it had been weighing on your mind since you'd started contributing to the League's plot to strike back at Overhaul. You might have brought it up sooner had Glitch not been so adamant about analyzing every little detail. As she put it, too many failed plans and the arrest of All For One had incited a new level of caution in both herself and her alpha. She couldn't let Shigaraki down with this one.

Glitch nearly choked on her food when you'd blurted out your rather impulsive idea, "Tomura and Dabi would have our heads," When she saw you weren't joking, she quickly stop laughing, "You can't be serious?"

Toga giggled, shifting a bit in your lap so she could look up at you, "That could be fun. Oh, please say yes, Glitch! We can wear cute matching outfits!"

"Wouldn't that be something," Glitch humored the younger omega's antics.

"I know the place like the back of my hand," There was no doubt you were their best bet when it came to infiltrating the particular compound the League had eyes on, "I can get us in and out with the bullets which takes away a good portion of the risk when we go back for Overhaul and the Eight Precepts."

"What if he's made more than you know about?" It was a logical question.

"Doubtful, but it levels the playing field either way. We're better off with them than without," Any way you looked at it, the bullets were vital.

Glitch seemed to consider the scenario, "Toga, if you can get Twice on board, we can bring clones of ourselves as decoys and you can watch the cameras from this end to warn us if we're about to run into trouble. It could work."

"Shouldn't be too hard to get his help," She shared a toothy grin, "Jin is such a sweetheart."

"It's better than trying to do everything at once," Big plans were flashy, but a series of smaller hits could more detrimental to the target in question, "Split the mission into a stealth operative and a final boss fight, we stand a better chance."

"I see you've picked up some gaming terminology from me," Glitch smiled, chewing on the end of the pencil she'd picked up, "I'm down, but we can't let the boys know. Twice might have to be tricked into giving us clones or we risk him telling Tomura. He's loyal to a fault which I would normally praise highly, but we need secrecy for this. Can you handle that, Toga?"

"Yeah," She finally sat up, "Like I said, not a problem. I don't need to trick him though. That's kind of mean, don't you think?"

"Two sets of clones," As you studied your hand drawn map, you traced a finger over it, "One to distract from the entry point and another for our get away."

"I'm so close to hacking their cameras. Security systems are a specialty of mine, so those shouldn't be a problem if they come up," Glitch followed your movements and marked the intended entry and exit points, "And I'm sure Giran will be more than happy to deliver some last minute supplies for us."

You nodded before continuing, "The easiest person for me to bypass would be Kurono," You'd known him long enough that he had become predictable, "I can stay a step ahead of him more easily than the others and his quirk only works if it hits you. We need to pick a night he's on guard duty near our entry point."

"What's his quirk again?" Toga chimed in, reaching across Glitch to steal of her snacks.

"Chronostasis can slow down anything so long as Kurono's hair touches it," You absolutely hated the one time you'd experienced it, "Terribly bothersome, but easier to evade than some of the other Precepts."

"So we should keep track of their rotation," Glitch hissed in frustration when the computer denied her entry to the live feed yet again.

"I know the rotation, I just want to make sure it hasn't changed," You took a look at the calendar, "If I'm correct, Kurono should be assigned to that area tomorrow night. If that's still true, we have exactly a week to plan after that."

"Or we can just go for it," She stated bluntly.

You raised a brow, "I'm down if you are, but can Giran get what we need that quickly?"

"The worst he can do is tell us no, right?" Glitch grabbed her phone and started dialing, "I'll call Giran now and I can tell the boys I'm taking you to pick up a money drop from my parents tomorrow. If they ask why I'll just say it's to prepare us to move in on Overhaul which technically isn't a lie."

You heard the buzzing ring of an outgoing call and saw that Glitch had turned her phone to speaker. She normally handled all the supply pickups for Shigaraki and the rest of the League so there would be nothing out of the ordinary in her calling. When she was too busy, Twice generally took over. Either way, Shigaraki and Dabi didn't have to know unless they were present for the order or the drop off.

"To what do I owe the pleasure, Glitch?" Giran had finally picked up on the other end.

She smiled, "I believe I may have a bit of a challenge for you. Are you able to do a morning drop off?"

"Not my usual, but don't see why not," He chuckled, "What do you need?"

Glitch tapped her pencil on the edge of the laptop as she went through her mental list, "Discreet ear pieces for communication."

"For us and our clones," You added, "So the final count would be seven sets."

"Who's that?" Giran's tone had quickly turned wary.

"Oh, you haven't met Y/N yet since you didn't make it to my very important pack gathering," She wasn't truly upset, but you could tell she'd given him shit before, "You know, the one I practically begged you to show up for?"

"Last minute business, my apologies," He sounded sincere, "So new League member then?"

"Not just that," Glitch was still giddy as ever over your bonding, sometimes she acted more excited about it than you, "Y/N is Dabi's omega going on about a month now."

"You're kidding!" There was very real disbelief coming from the other end of the call, "I remember when I first introduced him to you and Shigaraki. He was the definition of a loner. Never took him for one that liked commitments or played well with others."

"Right? She's a real sweetheart too," Glitch bumped her shoulder against you and grinned, "But I'll fill you in on the details another time."

"Where'd you pick her up from?" It was like Giran ignored her last sentence.

Glitch paused and shot you a worried look, unsure if it was her place to disclose that information. Even though Giran was mostly business, that didn't mean he wasn't curious at times, though it was usually to protect himself.

Toga solved that problem for both of you, "She belonged to Overhaul, but Dabi rescued her. They're so cute together."

"How interesting," He mused, "And nice to hear from you, Toga. I hope all is well. What's your quirk, Y/N?"

Well now it just seemed like he was vetting you and you hated it, "I don't currently have my quirk. I'm Yakuza if that peaks your interest and I'm sure if I figured out your location I could end your existence without you ever being the wiser to my presence."

There was a pause on the other end before Giran burst out laughing, "Now it makes sense why Dabi bonded with her. Fiery little thing aren't you, Y/N? So, what's your weapon of choice?"

You glared suspiciously at the phone, "Hand gun, but I'm not picky over specs."

"You can shoot?" Every time Glitch learned something new about you, she always seemed immensly surprised.

"Aiming is not that difficult," You muttered back at her, "And I've been trained, so yes."

Giran chuckled in amusement, "Anything else I should add to my shopping list?"

"Masks," You added, "We're going to look more suspicious without them."

"Agreed," Glitch paused to think for a moment, "That should be all, Giran. I'll text you if anything changes."

"Dare I ask what you're up to?" He sighed, "Does Shigaraki know about this little supply drop?"

"No," There was a stubborn tone to Glitch's voice like she wasn't about to be talked out of this, "Be a dear and keep this to yourself."

"Not a problem. I'll see you in the morning," The phone clicked as the call ended.

Just in time too as a sudden knock at the door made all of you jump as Dabi let himself in, "It's almost two in the morning. What are you doing?"

"Just giving Glitch all the information I can to help with her planning," You tilted your head and looked curiously at him, "Everything okay?"

"Yeah, I just want to go to bed," He did look a bit exhausted, "With you."

"Oh, well, give me like ten minutes to wrap up and I'll be right there," You smiled apologetically.

"I can wait," He leaned against the wall, "You three can finish tomorrow morning when I head out with Shigaraki for a bit."

"Tomorrow morning over breakfast then. Sounds good to me, Y/N," Her smile gave nothing away, "Toga you should get back to Twice too. He's probably up worried about you."

Toga nodded and gave you all bubbly goodnight hugs before making her exit. Glitch started gathering and organizing all her things, being careful to aim her laptop screen away from Dabi's prying eyes.

Sighing in relief, you got off the bed and took his hand, "Couldn't sleep without me, huh?" You giggled as you walked down the hall with him.

"This all started because you couldn't sleep without my scent," He teased, "Don't forget that."

He had you there. When you got back to your shared room, he tugged his shirt off and you smiled. You'd left your own mark just slightly below his purple scarring, so it was normally hidden away, but you didn't mind. Your scents mingled together so much it would be impossible for someone not to sense the claim on either one of you.

His fingers traced over your bonding mark when the two of you finally got comfortable under the covers, it was dark except for the dim glow of streetlights outside bleeding through the thin curtains, "Sometimes I catch myself staring at this mark like I can't quite believe it's real. I never saw myself with anyone, but you just had to come along and be perfect."

His pillow talk made your heart flutter, "I never thought I'd get another chance to live. You changed everything for me," You felt his hands slid down your back to grip your ass and pull you closer as you spoke, "And you can't keep your hands to yourself."

"Is that a statement or something you like, sweetheart?" He teased as he buried his face against your neck, inhaling that fresh cedar scent.

"Both," You giggled as his hair tickled your face, "It's just so hard for you to be sentimental isn't it?"

"I can think of something that's hard and it's definitely not what you just said," So he was in that type of mood and you were willing to bet him pulling you away earlier hadn't had anything to do with going to bed in the classic sense of the term.

"You're insatiable," You tried to squirm away playfully, but you didn't actually want to escape.

"Maybe," He grabbed hold of your wrists and pinned you down, hovering over you now, "But only because you're irresistible."

Chapter Text

Your days didn't only consist of intensive planning on the League's behalf. Almost immediately following your bonding with Dabi, your routine had shifted yet again. Pushing yourself to wake up before dawn, running until your lungs burned and it felt like your legs might give out, you trained just as hard as you had under the Boss. When you returned, you'd goad Twice into attacking you with clones in the courtyard so you could practice close range combat. After all of that, you'd shower and spend time with Dabi in such an exhausted state that you'd usually give in to the sweet embrace of a nap before helping Glitch make dinner.

A little over a month went by like that despite your alpha's insistence that you should tone it down a bit. You argued against it, saying it helped pass the time. You were already regaining the muscle you had lost and honing the reflexes that had falled out of practice, but Dabi was more concerned about you pushing your body too far past its limits. You'd end each day bruised and sore and he worried you were doing more harm than good.

This morning, however, you chose to sleep in with him. Well, he was sleeping and you were watching his peaceful, even breathing. Admiring the way his messy hair fell in his beautiful face, you wondered what you'd done to deserve him. As you watched him, your mind began to wander and it wasn't until the low rasp of his tired voice interrupted, that you realized brilliant blue eyes were staring back at you.

"Where's your mind at, princess?" He murmured.

"What if I get my quirk back?" The thought was on your mind for reasons obvious to you, but you conveniently failed to mention them.

Dabi looked curiously at you, fingers tracing along the scarring on your arm, "What was it? I know it was recorded as fire based, but I never thought to ask you about it."

"It was actually a lot more than that," You had always been proud of your quirk and it felt like a piece of you was missing without it, "I inherited abilities from both of my parents. My father, I'm told, could create a multitude of different metals in solid or liquid form, which makes me think he had some sort of heat aspect to his quirk. I don't know much about him, so that's mostly a guess on my end. My mother was your average fire user. Nothing inherently special about her quirk considering she never trained it."

He looked immensly interested in the combination, "So which parts did you get?"

"I can create copper objects and liquefy them. A soft metal, but an effective one if you know how to manipulate it properly and I can control the shape of it even if I wasn't the original source," That aspect had always been underestimated by Overhaul, "Then there's my flames. They burn green because of the copper. I always thought orange was boring, so I was pretty excited mine were a somewhat rare color."

"Is that why you were so taken with my blue flames?" Dabi teased, tickling your side and watching your squirm for a moment before pulling you in.

"The bright color, your smoky scent, it was all so familiar in a way," You cuddled closer to him, soaking in his warmth since you knew your time was limited before Shigaraki pulled him away for other matters.

Dabi was quiet for a moment, deep in thought, "There's a way, isn't there?"

"There's an antidote to be made for every poison that exists," Pretty words, but you should have known he'd see through you.

"Just don't go dying for something you can live without," He pressed a kiss against your forehead, "Want to shower with me before I head out?"

Nodding sleepily, you forced yourself to roll out of the comfortable mess of blankets and follow him. Your guilty conscious weighed heavily on you after his words. It was like he knew something was off, but had accepted he couldn't stop whatever it was. He hugged you a little tighter and washed you a bit more tenderly than usual. You savored the contact, pressing against him until the water ran lukewarm and you had to get out.

When it was time for Dabi to leave, you kissed him a little deeper, "I love you."

"I love you too," You smiled as he scented you, "Be safe later."

"It's just a money drop," The lie pulled the knot in your stomach even tighter and you felt like throwing up, "We'll be fine and I'll see you tonight when we get back."

"Promise?" His piercing eyes searched your own.

The intensity caught you off guard, but you smiled nonetheless, "I promise, alpha."

"Good girl," One more kiss before Shigaraki started snapping at him to hurry up.

You stepped outside to watch them leave until they turned a corner and exited your line of site. Soon after, Giran arrived perfectly punctually and you were finally introduced to the infamous broker as he dropped off not only the items you'd requested, but some extras as well. As you weighed the gun he'd brought in your hands before holstering it, he took out a case with syringes.

"Temporary scent blockers to last for the duration of this excursion you have planned," He explained, "From what Glitch explained to me, your scent will be the most recognizable."

After Glitch made him promise to come by for dinner soon, both of you thanked him and saw him out. Time ticked by slowly after that. By the time the sun fell, the live feed from the security cameras confirmed Kurono was on guard duty near the chosen entry point. The excitement and dread mixing together within you felt like a punch in the gut. This was actually happening.

"I brought Compress and Kurogiri in on our end," Glitch caught you off guard by filing the rest of the League into the common area where you were combing through the finer details of the plan one more time, "Spinner will stay here and help Toga."

"What happened to keeping this on the down low?" More people meant more mouths that could spill secrets to your alphas.

"Tomura will know we went against his wishes when we return with the bullets," A simple point you'd overlooked, "If the entire League is involved, no one should get singled out and punished. If we undermine him, we might as well take the fall together."

"That's fair," You nodded in agreement.

Glitch smiled and continued, "Toga, while you keep an eye on the cameras, Spinner will stay close to distract Tomura and Dabi from interrupting you."

"Better not mess it up, fan boy," Toga shrilled.

"Don't call me that when you love Stain just as much!" Spinner was too loud as usual, but it only made Toga blush and giggle obnoxiously.

"Enough!" Glitch raised her voice and demanded the silence of the room, "Twice is in the process of making us two sets of clones we'll be bringing with us. He will also stay behind as a second distraction and a stand in if you need to use the bathroom, Toga. Kuroguri, you're our transport to and from the compound and Compress, you throw us as far onto the roof as possible before releasing your quirk and waiting somewhere hidden with Kurogiri. Does everyone understand the plan?"

There was a collective murmer of agreement before Twice announced his presence by parading your requested clones into the common area, "So happy I could help! Never ask me for anything again!"

It was your turn to speak up, "If we're not back in an hour, you're to return here without us, understood?"

Kurogiri and Compress hesitated, but Glitch backed you up, "Listen to Y/N as you'd listen to me. She has been an invaluable resource. Let's do this!"

The plan started out flawlessly with no sign of Kurono when the group arrived at the compound. After Compress tossed the handful of marbles you and your clones were trapped in onto the roof before releasing you, it was all about finding the proper access to the inside. Again, easy. Once you were all in, the clones split off to make it to their designated areas while you and Glitch made your way through the less used hallways of the compound, careful to avoid running into any Yakuza on the way to your target.

All in all, this was a grab and go. You knew the bullets weren't guarded because Overhaul didn't feel anyone was enough of a threat to him or bold enough to try to steal them. His ego simply made things easier for you. Glitch remained quiet as she followed you, matching your silent footsteps until you suddenly froze in place and she ran into you with a soft grunt.

You tilted your head, listening intently to the background noise coming from the location of one of your clones, "Eri," You whispered before you took off at full speed.

"Y/N, wait!" Glitch chased after you in alarm, "Toga, you still there?"

"Sure am!" The blonde announced on the other end of the communication device, "Thought you forgot about me."

Glitch ignored the comment, "Have you ever heard Y/N mention anything about her family? Particularly someone named Eri?"

"No, why?" Back at the hotel, Toga studied at the surveillance screens while sucking on a lollipop.

"Because she just took off like an omega protecting their pup," Glitch panted.

"But Y/N doesn't have any pups," There was a pop as Toga pulled the sucker out of her mouth and thought for a moment, "She's never mentioned anything more than being Yakuza born and raised. Those were her exact words."

"Something is very wrong," Every hair on Glitch's body was standing on end, something had overridden your sense of logic, "Did you hear anything on any of the other channels? She seemed to recognise some background noise before she ran. I'm trying to keep up with her, but it all caught me off guard."

"No conversation," Toga watched the chase move from screen to screen, "But possibly something that sounded like a whimper."

If you went around any more corners Glitch was going to loose track of you and the corridors that led to the exit. It was like a damn maze and yet you were navigating it perfectly. She was nearly out of breath when you stopped abruptly outside a room where a body and a puddle of blood dirtied the otherwise pristine floor nearby.

"Y/N," The mission came first, Glitch had to talk some sense into you, "What is going on? This isn't part of the plan. We're on a time constraint and now is not-"

"Eri was here," Inhaling her scent like it was a drug and you were in withdrawal only seemed to stir you up more, "This is her room. I heard her cry just a moment ago," You were agitated, pacing backing and forth, and trailing blood along the floor in the form of footprints, "My copy had to be here."

Glitch had only ever seen you work yourself into frenzy like this when Dabi returned home covered in blood, some of which had been his own. You had bawled your eyes out, been practically inconsolable. That was before you had even bonded with him and it had been a relatively minor incident compared to whatever was making your instincts go haywire now.

She watched you continue to sniff at the air, continuing to pace, "Who is-"

But Glitch never got the chance to finish her question. Whatever dangerous game you were playing led the two of you straight to the doorway of what appeared to be an operating room. Looking in from the threshold, both of your gazes landed on one of your clones, backed into a corner with Overhaul looming dangerously close. Considering his back was still turned, he was probably too distracted to notice your arrival. Then, there was the girl, restrained and terrified.

A pup that needs protected, Glitch was beginning to understand the complication.

Unprepared for how fast you moved, she had barely blinked and you had your hands outstretched as your body moved forward. There was a flash of something metallic flying through the air, thrown by your clone to you before she was disassembled, immediately melting into a greyish puddle of goo. You plunged both of the darts you'd caught into your neck without hesitation. It felt like pure, heated energy was pumping through your veins as Overhaul turned towards you and Glitch with a look of unmatched fury.

Your face twisted into a smirk as you flexed your hand a few times before letting a burst of green flame consume the spot where he stood. You knew he'd use his quirk to protect himself first, reassembling the room into a shield just like he had in the past when you'd caught him off guard during your many days training together. To you, he was still mostly predictable.

That meant you had time, albeit extremely limited amounts of it, to grab Eri and run, "Glitch, all of the bullets should be in that cabinet," You jerked your head towards the proper one.

With your free hand, you aimed carefully at Eri's restraints, "Take a deep breath," You instructed her gently as razor sharp bits of copper flew from your open palm and cut her bindings before she exhaled again.

"I have them all," Glitch was in the middle of an adrenaline rush and ready to get the hell out of whatever mess she'd been dragged in to.

Scooping Eri up as soon as you let the fire die, you practically pushed Glitch out the door, "Then run."

"Y/N!" Overhaul was a whole new level of pissed, you recognized the tone and it sent every alarm in your mind and body off.

His voice echoed down the hallway and you grabbed Glitch's arm with a bruising grip in an attempt to pull her along faster. Winding through the compound, you were lucky enough to only run into a few lower level thugs easily stopped with smaller bursts of flame. Making a last minute decision, you took a sharp turn and wound up outside in a vast, brick paved courtyard area.

"What the hell was that, Y/N?!" Glitch was a step beyond annoyed, riding on the edge of her temper, "You threw the plan out the window! And who's the pup?!"

"I need you to hold her," Handing Eri over before Glitch could protest, you smiled calmly, "I'll get us out of here."

As Overhaul and Kurono approached with a few other Yakuza you didn't recognize in tow, you lifted your hands, raising a wall of emerald hued flames. They slowed to a stop just outside of the wall, the fire casting an eerie glow on their cruel faces.

"Know your place, omega," Overhaul snarled.

"I do," The burning barricade intensified along with your anger, "And it's no longer beneath you."

"You're sick, weak," He hadn't used his quirk yet and you wondered why, "You failed your basic biological function. No other alpha will ever want you."

"No other?" His wording didn't make sense either, "You threw me away, so why does it matter?"

"Maybe I've had a change of heart," You almost laughed at his words, how ridiculous of him to think you'd fall for that bullshit, "You've changed, Y/N. I can smell it on you."

Impossible unless you'd reached the hour limit on the scent blockers and even then all he'd be smelling was Dabi's claim on you, "Glitch I need more firepower. That serum doesn't last long," Your companion was turning pale, holding Eri a little too tight, "It was an older batch. I need you to give me a power boost."

"I've never tried that before," Her eyes were wide and fearful, it was something the two of you had only discussed the theory of before purely out of curiosity.

You simply shrugged, "First time for everything."

She moved to stand behind you, hand flat on your back, regulating and boosting your electrical current at the same time, "I can't go too high or it'll fry your nervous system and scramble your brain function. This could kill you."

"Do whatever you can, whatever feels safe to you," You kept your voice steady for their sake, "I trust you."

When your open palm hit the ground, rings of bright green flames radiated outward, scorching everything in their path in a magnificent display of firepower that stretched up towards the dark sky, "I can create an exit while this burns, but we have to move quickly."

Glitch nodded in agreement and held on tight to your hand as you maneuvered through the labyrinth of fire easily. The heat had all three of you sweating profusely by the time you made it out of the compound. There was no way anyone could follow you without a miriad of complications navigating the burning mess you'd left behind. Still, you stuck to back alleys to stay hidden until you made it closer to the hotel. You only hoped Compress and Kurogiri had left as you commanded them to.

Keeping up such a rapid pace for so long had your lungs screaming for a break and you could tell by the way Glitch dragged your arm back behind you that she was equally exhausted. You were almost back home when you felt a wave of nausea hit, causing you to double over. While you collapsed onto the pavement, Glitch held on tight to Eri while trying to grab your hand and pull you back up. You shook your head and heaved, the sour taste of vomit filled your mouth before it splattered onto the sidewalk.

"Shit," Glitch stepped out of the way of the mess while pulling out her phone with shaky hands, "Tomura, I'm so sorry, but I need your help."

"Glitch," His exhale was one of relief, anger and disappointment could wait, "Where are you? Are you safe?"

"I'm fine," She looked around before reading a nearby street sign, "But bring Dabi," Her tone was panicked, "I don't know what's wrong with Y/N."

By the time the pair of alphas made their way to the dark alley Glitch had dragged you into, you were sheet white and trembling. With her and Eri huddled up against you, their familiar scents were the only thing keeping you conscious and vaguely focused. Everything was spinning and you pressed your eyes shut. You'd gotten weak fast and seemingly out of nowhere.

You recognized the fall of his footsteps before he even spoke, "Y/N," Dabi's voice was laced with concern and you felt his emotional pain like it was your own.

"What were the two of you thinking?!" Shigaraki demanded while Dabi knelt by your side.

"Don't touch Y/N!" Eri cried out, her first words since leaving the compound, "I just got her back, so please don't hurt her!"

"Calm," Glitch soothed, holding the child closer, "They're here to help her, okay?"

As Dabi lifted you, your eyes fluttered shut, but you managed a soft smile, "Stay brave, Eri."

"Eri?" Dabi turned and looked questioningly at Glitch and the young girl who were both practically in tears.

"I'm so sorry," Glitch's free hand had a white knuckle grip on Tomura's sleeve as he tried to comfort his terrified omega, "This wasn't the plan."

Chapter Text

When the group made it back to the hotel, Glitch let out a sigh of relief upon seeing that Compress and Kurogiri had made it safely back already. It seemed like the rest of the League had wandered down to the common area as well. There were murmers and looks of concern when Dabi to laid you down on the couch. He was agitated and it showed. Having no idea what exactly went wrong meant he didn't know where to begin fixing you. You'd lost consciousness shortly after Dabi had you safely in his arms, holding on just long enough to whisper a string of nervous apologies in his ear, begging him to forgive you.

While Dabi inspected your body for injuries, Shigaraki was losing his temper and scratching furiously at his neck, "Explain yourself, omega. Now!" His anxiety had skyrocketed the moment he felt his mate's fear and it still clawed away at his insides.

"Tomura, please, you'll scare the pup," Glitch hissed as Eri hid her face, both of them looked ready to burst into tears at any moment.

"She feels like she's burning up," Dabi's voice was strained, "The only visible injuries I could find were two puncture wounds on her neck, so what happened? If she was drugged we need to call Giran."

"She recovered and boosted her quirk twice. Don't be mad," Glitch was a stressed out mess with her mind racing and her body still trembling, "But the second boost was on me. I told her a physical boost in power was something I'd never done before. We'd discussed the theory, but she was adamant that it would work well with her quirk," Her gaze shifted from Dabi to her own alpha and then back again, "But even if that's what upset her system I feel like the nausea would have kicked in a lot sooner. The timing seems off," She ran her fingers back through her hair, tears beginning to run down her cheeks, "Fuck, I hope I didn't do this to her. Dabi, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."

"So her quirk is back," The look on your alpha's face was hard to place, as was the way the words came out as strangely accepting instead of surprised.

"That's not possible," Shigaraki moved closer to you, but stopped abruptly when Dabi turned and snarled at him, warning him to keep his distance.

"Shit, Eri, I have to put you down for a little bit, okay?" Glitch gently set the girl down on the other sofa before removing the backpack she'd almost forgotten she'd been carrying, dumping the contents on to the coffee table in a hurry, "The reason we went," Shigaraki's expression turned from furious to impressed when he realized the cases that spilled out contained the bullets he'd wanted, "None of us knew, but a third type of bullet exists and it's the cure."

"There's an antidote to be made for every poison that exists."

There had been no way for Dabi to know how much weight those words carried when you'd uttered them that morning. He should have pushed the topic, delved deeper. Maybe then he could have stopped you or at the very least went along and protected you. Hindsight was such a bitch.

"Before I contributed to the strength of her quirk with my own, she used a booster from what she told me was an older batch. Apparently, that means some of these are merely early prototypes, but I couldn't tell you which," Glitch looked disappointed in herself, "It all happened so fast."

"So where did the pup come from?" Shigaraki rasped, his scrutinizing stare made Eri shrink away, climbing down from her temporary seat to hide behind Glitch.

"That's where everything got confusing," Glitch's hand landed on Eri's head, gently stroking her hair as the the girl grabbed hold of her leg for some form of safety, "Y/N just took off and then suddenly we were face to face with Overhaul. I panicked and I froze up. The only thing that made sense was her directions. From the moment she got ahold of the pup, she was almost too calm and I couldn't help but listen. When she handed her over and told me she'd get us out, I trusted those words entirely and I swear I couldn't tell you exactly why. She accomplished everything we wanted and more. No one got hurt except her and I'm not even sure she's really hurt so much as exhausted."

"That type of behavior makes sense. Y/N is the rightful head of the Shie Hassaikai," Dabi's unexpected addition to the conversation caught the attention of the entire League who had been conversing among themselves about the mission around the outskirts of the room, "She was raised for that power by their old head. While she's not related by blood, he took her in after both of her parents died. Eri here is his granddaughter. Y/N views her as if she were her own flesh and blood."

Shigaraki practically bared his teeth in an outraged growl at the new information, "When were you planning on sharing this with me?"

"You knew she was Yakuza and that was good enough," Bright blue eyes flashed dangerously, a warning not to push the topic any further, "You got what you wanted without having to raise a finger, so why does it matter?"

"With all due respect, we should focus on getting Y/N well again," Kurogiri interrupted the bristling alphas, "The concept of boosted quirks is not new, but we are unaware of the side effects. The toll on her body after regaining a powerful quirk and boosting it twice in rapid succession is undoubtedly high. While she likely just needs to rest, she should also be observed."

Compress interjected as well, "If the scale at which the compound was burning before we returned was any indication, she likely went well beyond her limit. Though, I must say, it was quite the impressive show of strength."

"Jin, turn on the news!" Toga leaned over the back of the couch to study your still unconcious form before glancing up at Dabi who remained by your side, seated on the floor beside the sofa, "She might even be better than you."

Twice quickly swiped the remote and turned the television on. It was already switched to a local news channel replaying aerial footage of what remained of the blaze. Even though the flames were mostly contained or snuffed out, the damage to the compound was obvious.

"That's incredible!" Twice exclaimed, throwing his hands in the air in a bit of an excessive display of excitemenr, "How very irresponsible!"

"Told you," Toga giggled, "How's it feel to have an omega more powerful than you?"

"Fuck," Impressed would be an understatement, Dabi was in awe at the scale of the destruction you had dealt, "Y/N did all of that herself?"

Nodding, Glitch continued to focus on the news coverage along with everyone else. Unfortunately for the League, the amount of media attention your actions had garnered meant laying low once more before going back for Overhaul, but maybe that was a good thing. A lull in activity would give your body time to adjust to having a quirk again. You would be able to recover and build your strength back up to deal the final blow.

Eri, feeling momentarily forgotten, hesitantly stepped towards Dabi as he returned his focus to you, running his fingers softly through your hair, willing you to wake up just so he could in some way verify you were hanging in there. He could care less about what the newscaster had to say after he'd gotten a visual and as much as he wanted to scold you, he knew it was just the fear of losing you making him want to chastise your bold, ambitious actions. Glitch was right though, you'd done more than succeed and he was proud of you for that.

"Promise you won't hurt her," Eri forced the words out while her tiny body shook, hands balled into fists, she was terrified.

Looking taken aback, Dabi was unsure how to respond at first. The girl was sure trying her best to put on a brave face. While Eri may not have been related to you by blood, she acted as if she was protecting a parent. To so boldly defend each other despite previous consequences, despite the pain and fear that had plagued your lives, that was love in its purest form.

"I promise," He offered a warm smile, "Your name is Eri, right?"

"Yes," The girl looked down at her bare feet, toes curling against the rough carpet, "I'm not in trouble, am I? Overhaul is going to be mad that I ran away again."

"He can't touch you now. It's safe here," Dabi was tense despite the reassurance he tried to offer, Eri acted just like you had when you'd first arrived and it was more than a little unnerving, "Y/N really missed you."

Eri looked up at him, but her eyes were haunted and filled with guilt, "Was it my fault she ran away?"

"No, no she never blamed you for anything," Dabi sighed, he wasn't sure how to simplify what you went through so that a child could understand, "Some people," He grimaced, recalling every misdeed and brutality you'd ever told him about enduring, "They hurt others for no good reason. Y/N only ever wanted you to be safe."

"It's easier to be hurt yourself, than to watch others get hurt for you," Eri whispered.

The girl seemed to understand more than someone her age should have to, so maybe he didn't need to simplify anything, "Sometimes that's true, but that doesn't make it right."

Glitch sighed heavily when the news shifted to another story, "Let's just everyone clear out and get some sleep now," She herded everyone except her own alpha out of the common area to provide some much needed privacy.

"Is Y/N going to be okay?" Eri whimpered with tear filled eyes.

"I hope so, sweetie," Glitch reached for her hand and held on tight, "Are you hungry or anything? We should let Y/N finish getting some rest now."

"I don't want to leave her," Eri looked devastated, "She always took care of me. I can do the same for her."

"Sweetie, listen," Glitch crouched and got down on her level, "We're her friends and we're going to do everything we can to make sure she's safe and healthy. You see him," She pointed at Dabi, "That's her alpha and he'll stay by her side to protect her."

"I thought Overhaul was her alpha," Eri looked confused for a moment before the new information clicked and her eyes widened, "Wait, people can get new ones? Is he going to be nicer to her?"

"They can and he is much nicer," Glitch assured the girl, "Now, Y/N would probably want you to eat, right? How about some food now?"

"To keep up my strength," Eri nodded with renewed confidence, "That's what she used to tell me. She's really smart and brave."

Glitch took the girl's hand again and smiled, "That she is."

"Is Overhaul going to get another timeout for hurting her?" Glitch paused as they were about to leave, glancing down at Eri in confusion.

Dabi's head snapped in her direction as well, eyes narrowing, "What does that mean?

"Sometimes, when he was mean to Y/N, she would come tell me stories until I fell asleep," When she realized the adults in the room weren't fully understanding, she continued to explain, "Because he was in timeout and she couldn't be in their room when that happened because he got too angry, so she would stay with me to protect me from the nightmares."

So, that's how it was. Eri was a pawn to be used against you, to curb your undesirable behaviors. It seemed you had known this and the girl had grasped some aspect of it even though you probably tried your best to mask it behind the facade of a childish disagreement between Overhaul and yourself. Dabi had no doubt you insisted on taking the punishment every time. If you saw Eri as your own pup, well, you probably would have died for her. Technically, you had once before.

"Y/N told you this, sweetie?" Glitch looked distressed when the girl nodded, "Did she sleep in your room on those nights too?"

"She told me she did, but I think she actually stayed awake," The poor girl looked down and sniffled, "I knew she would get hurt for protecting me, but she wouldn't leave," Eri burst into uncontrolled sobs, "You have to save her! This is all my fault!"

Gathering the emotional child into her arms in a tight hug, Glitch looked over at Dabi with tears in her own eyes only to see pain flash across his face. This entire scene was stabbing him in the gut, hurting him horribly. Eri's words were too familiar to him. They were just like yours the first day you'd talked to him, broken and hopeless.

"Dabi," Glitch whispered, lost for words herself.

"I know," He turned away so no one saw the solitary tear slide down his face, "Could you take care of Eri for now? I'm going to carry Y/N upstairs and get her tucked into bed. I'll be back down in a bit."

Glitch nodded in agreement and led Eri away with her. Without much to say about the situation, Shigaraki followed his omega to the kitchen like he was lost. Which wasn't far from the truth. He was completely unaccustomed to being around pups and seeing Glitch take care of one had his mind going in several different directions he didn't want to openly admit to. He liked seeing her play the part of mother and such feelings were just as confusing to him as they were unexpected.

"Tomura?" Glitch's voice startled him back to reality.

"What?" He stared blankly back at her.

She laughed softly and tapped his head a few times, "Did you hear a word I just said or are you too busy daydreaming?"

He felt like he'd been caught and shifted uncomfortably in place, but remained complaisant, "What do you need help with?"

"I'll keep it simple for you," Glitch teased while lifting Eri again and situating her on her hip, "Mix her some chocolate milk while I find some food. What sounds good, sweetie?"

"Um, Y/N said it's not good to be a picky eater," Twisting her hands together, Eri looked a bit scared.

"Well, she raised your proper then," A gentle smile graced Glitch's face, "But tonight you can choose and I'll do my best to fulfill your wish. How's that sound?"

"I'm just not good at making decisions like this," Wide eyed and unsure, Eri glanced nervously around the oversized hotel kitchen while Glitch had to shake her head to make sure she wasn't actually seeing your face from the day she convinced the League to rescue you.

"Okay, that's okay," Glitch rubbed Eri's back in an effort to soothe her, "Let's just start with a snack," She rummaged through a nearby cabinet before pulling out a small box, "These panda biscuits are adorable just like you and they have chocolate in them."

Eri simply smiled gratefully. Crinkling the wrapper as she took one out and tested her new snack, she quickly figured out that sugar was indeed a gift. Shigaraki set a glass of chocolate milk on the counter nearby and continued to silently observe.

"What's got you looking so soft, Tomura?" Glitch had caught his rather unusual stare a few times now.

"You're good at-" He flushed a pale pink, "Whatever you're doing right now."

Caught off guard by the comment, she raised a brow, "What am I doing?"

"You know," Shigaraki grumbled, almost regretting saying anything to begin with.

"Tomura, I really don't," Tilting her head, she wondered what had gotten into her alpha, "Help me out here."

Taking a deep breath and averting his gaze, the words spilled out awkwardly, "Is this what it would be like if we had one of those?"

Glitch snorted at his less than eloquent choice of wording, "You mean a pup? This lifestyle doesn't support that and besides, you don't even want one."

"I never said that," He was back to scratching nervously at his neck and Glitch frowned, "We've never really talked about it."

"Tomura, this isn't the time or place to be having this conversation," She snapped in a hushed tone.

"I'm just saying," The irritable alpha began to slink away like his omega had just seriously injured his feelings, "It looks good on you. That's all. I'll leave you alone now."

Chapter Text

The morning after what Glitch would then on refer to as the bullet incident was an odd combination of Dabi switching between, "Just let me take care of you, little one," To his more temperamental, "Want to tell me what the hell you were thinking?"

But you really didn't want to tell him because you had no good way of explaining what exactly happened, what had gone wrong. You threatened to light the entire building on fire when he wouldn't let you leave the bedroom the two of you shared. How dare he attempt to stand in your way. Eri took precedence and nobody, not even your own alpha, was going to stop you from protecting her this time around.

"Y/N, shit, just calm down," He eyed the scorch marks you'd inflicted on the door frame before glaring at you, "I just got you back. At least talk to me about what happened."

"Let me see my pup first!" You couldn't decide whether to scream or cry and your words came out strangled and uneven.

"She's not y-" His expression softened and he bit his tongue when he scented how distressed you were, "We put her to bed in the room next door. She's not in any danger and she's probably not even awake yet, so can we please talk?"

You weren't sure if Dabi had woken up before you or if he just hadn't even slept. All you knew was he'd been brushing his fingers through your hair until the moment you realized you weren't dreaming anymore. Then, you'd bolted upright faster than he could blink and nearly beat him out the door. Insistent on getting some answers out of you first, he'd barred your path and your first reaction had been to challenge him. A pang of guilt hit you when you realized you hadn't even thanked him for carrying you home.

Hanging your head a bit, you nodded and allowed him to steer you back to the bed, "I'm sorry," You sniffled while leaning against him as he sat beside you on the edge of the bed.

"Despite how recklessly you acted, I want you to know that I'm proud of you, princess," Your eyes snapped to his, the comment had been unexpected, "You scared us all last night and right now I just want to make sure you're safe," His hand rubbed gentle circles over your lower back, "How are you feeling?"

"A little nauseated still," You admitted, "Probably just hungry though."

"Well, that's an easy fix," He pressed a gentle kiss to your forehead and smiled, "I haven't eaten yet either so we can-"

"I need to go out today," You stated firmly, cutting his sentence short.

Your alpha looked utterly confused, "You can't be serious."

Looking him dead in the eyes, you tried not to falter under his scrutinizing gaze, "I am," Your eyes narrowed as you tilted your chin up and your tone became more aggressive, "Don't you dare try to stop me."

"You are not leaving the hotel yet, Y/N," Dabi's tone and expression told you that decision was more or less final on his end.

The creak of the bedroom door made your head pop up. It seemed as though Eri had been just outside listening and decided to inch her way into the room. Slipping away from Dabi, you crouched down to wrap your arms around her in an extended embrace. A few stray tears leaked from your eyes and you tried to wipe them away before standing again.

"It's not even for me," Fierce had quickly changed to desperate, "I know you're probably upset right now, but so am I. There's things I need to sort out in my head before I can talk to you. A lot happened last night, but for now all I'm asking is you let Glitch and I take Eri shopping for a few hours. It would be in one of the nicer districts. Neither of us have a warrant or a wanted poster out for us yet."

Pouting alongside you, Eri's bottom lip trembled as she looked up at the agitated alpha, "Please?"

Your doe eyed expression was enough of a danger on it's own, "Fine," He dragged a hand down his face in disbelief at turning into such a pushover, "But Kurogiri will warp you as close to the area as possible. I don't want you taking public transportation. Are we in agreement?"

Before you had a chance to answer, Eri ran forward and wrapped her arms around Dabi's leg, bouncing up and down, "Thank you!"

For a moment, the alpha looked very unsure of himself, but then gently tousled the girl's hair while a barely there smile tugging at the corner of his mouth, "Just make sure you behave for Y/N and no running off or whatever."

"Come on, honey, let's go find Glitch," You held out a hand and Eri bounded back to grab hold and follow you out the door, "Thank you, alpha. I love you, but please understand I need some time to process things."

"I love you too," His voice was strained, you could tell he really didn't want to let you out of his sight just yet, "Please be careful."

It took all of two seconds to convince Glitch to accompany you on a shopping spree. There were few things she took pleasure in more than spending her parent's guilt money and she was already overly attached to Eri. On the other hand, Kurogiri all but refused to warp you and Glitch anywhere unless he got permission from both of your alphas. He eventually did, but you were both a little bent out of shape over his initial refusal.

Once out and about in one of the nicer, less crime ridden prefectures, everything went smoothly. It took Eri a little bit of time to adjust to the crowded streets. She clung to you like she was afraid you'd disappear again, but you'd missed holding her hand, so the tiny nails digging in to your palm didn't bother you in the slightest.

A few strangers exhibited concerns over her bandages, but those were easily quelled by quick thinking on Glitch's part, "She's a new foster child of ours, so we thought we'd let her pick out her own wardrobe to make her feel more comfortable. Poor thing came to us with barely any belongings."

The pity story worked wonders, but you wondered if the ruse was a rare glimpse into Glitch's past. After all, she'd been abandoned at an extremely young age. Now wasn't the time to press the subject though. You were too busy focusing on Eri.

While the girl seemed to be sticking to green hues and darker colors, you noticed her eyeing a particular purple hoodie over and over again, "Did you want that one too?"

"Do you think Dabi would like me more if we matched? It's the same color as his scars," Eri looked hopeful, "If he's your new alpha, I want him to like me too."

"I think he'd love it, honey," You blinked back tears, she was too sweet, "We're done here, yes?"

Eri nodded and you helped Glitch carry everything to the checkout, "Has she always been this precious?"

"Undoubtedly," You smiled, watching the other omega finish paying and helping her carry the bags out, "Would you mind if we stop by an old friend's house before we head back?"

Glitch immediately looked skeptical, "Y/N, I swear, if you get us in trouble again-"

"Hiroshi has been my doctor since I was a child and continued to care for me after Overhaul took control. He remains intensely loyal to both myself and the Boss," Making sure you had a firm grip on Eri's hand, you held the door open for Glitch, "His residence is separate from the rest of the Yakuza, so it's safe."

After grumbling a bit about Shigaraki being irrationally upset if he found out, Glitch conceded. Not wanting to involve Kurogiri and risk him running back to either of your alphas, you opted to walk to Hiroshi's neighborhood. It wasn't terribly far and an afternoon walk through a quieter part of town sounded nice.

When you arrived, however, your heart pounded as you rang the doorbell, unsure how he'd react after months of not seeing you, but his eyes lit up as soon as he opened the door, "I was hoping I'd get a visit from you soon," He embraced you before further opening the door and gesturing inside, "Please, make yourselves at home."

"I apologize for the sudden intrusion," You watched Eri run to receive her own hug from the beloved doctor.

Hiroshi shook his head and held up a hand, "It is not your place to apologize right now, Y/N. I have leftover soba if any of you are hungry," He led the way to the kitchen, "It's always a pleasure to meet a friend of someone who is so particular about who she trusts. What is your name again?"

"Again?" That's when it snapped, Glitch had seen the doctor bandage your burn when she'd been captured, his face had just been covered by a mask then, "It's Glitch. Thank you for helping us out of that compound."

You glanced questioningly at her before Hiroshi interrupted your thoughts, "Anything for the rightful young head," He set two bowls of cold soba down on the kitchen table, "If Glitch and Eri don't mind me stealing you away, I'm guessing you're here for more than a friendly visit. Something has gone wrong in regaining your quirk, correct?"

"So you're all caught up on current events," You mused before glancing at Glitch and Eri who had already made themselves comfortable, "Will you two be okay for a bit? Hiroshi has an underground facility here, so we'll just be downstairs."

"If you're not back up here in an hour, I'll come find you," Glitch smiled reassuringly, "Eri and I will just be enjoying our lunch."

"What is mine, is yours. Help yourself to anything," Hiroshi insisted before leading you away.

And that's how you wound up staring at the wall across from you in Hiroshi's hidden lab which doubled as a behind the scenes, undocumented doctor's office for the Yakuza and affiliated villains. It wasn't your first time here, but you were immensely nervous. It had never been this uncomfortable to be straightforward with him before.

"When was your last heat?" He was nearing the end of the list of questions, "Assuming you've had one again since escaping. I remember your cycles stopped when experimentation began."

You flinched at the mention of your previous torture, "Definitely over a month ago, probably close to six weeks now."

"Did you have any sexual intercourse during that time? Particularly with an alpha," He remained professional, but you were fidgeting in place.

"I- Why would that matter? You have my entire medical history," Getting defensive, how very like you.

"Y/N, I'm your doctor and you know I have to ask these questions to err on the side of caution or else I wouldn't be doing my job properly," He recognized your discomfort, "Do you plan on answering the question or should I skip it?"

"Yes, I did," With hands twisting together in your lap, you stuttered, "I- I'm bonded again."

"What's his name?" The question caught you off guard.

"I know that's not part of the questionnaire," When you looked up, Hiroshi simply glanced at you with a knowing smile, this was small talk because he'd missed you and wanted to make sure you were safe, "It's Dabi."

"From the League of Villains and a fire user no less," He chuckled, "I should have expected as much from you."

"What's that supposed to mean?" You huffed indignantly.

"Nothing more than a surface level joke about your affinity for trouble," He was breaking from his clinical side a bit and it helped ease some of the tension, "You seem significantly more relaxed than the last time I treated you. He is patient with you, isn't he?"

You couldn't help the smile that spread across your face when you thought of your new alpha, "He was gentle with me from the first day we met."

"Yes," Another knowing look from the doctor, "I showed your new companions the easiest way out of that building you were locked away in. Almost got roasted first, but I'll let bygones be bygones since he's been treating you so well."

"The League aren't the monsters Kai made them out to be," You sighed, "They're just as much my family now as you are and I hope the Boss accepts them should the time come."

"He loves you dearly," Hiroshi assured you, "If you manage to bring him back to us, I'm sure he'll be more than understanding."

"Are my blood tests done running yet?" If you didn't change the subject, you'd get upset over the loss of your father figure all over again.

"A few of them should be. Some take longer than others," Hiroshi explained.

"What did you run?" You were curious and itching to get out of the lab sooner rather than later, the sterile aesthetic of the place was prodding at your traumatic memories.

"Oh, just the usual," You could already tell he was up to something by his slight change in tone, "Complete blood count, metabolic panel, pregnancy tests."

"What?!" You snarled.

The doctor ignored your outburst and studied the computer screen which showed some verified and some pending results. Then, he looked at the manual tests on the counter and smiled. The expression made your gut twist with anxiety.

"Y/N, come here," You reluctantly rose from your seat to see whatever had caused such glowing happiness to spread across Hiroshi's face, "I know you like seeing things for yourself," As you approached, your stomach churned even more when you glimpsed the row of positive pregnancy tests, "It appears as though you've beaten the odds yet again."

"No," Your face had paled considerably, "That's not possible. The tests, they have to be defective. I-"

"Breathe," Hiroshi's hand landed on your back, a comforting motion, "That concern of yours is exactly why I set up more than one. You're pregnant. It is still possible that regaining and boosting your quirk played a role in your recent mishap, the vomiting and the dizzy spell you spoke of, but it likely only amplified symptoms you already had. This is real, Y/N."

There was complete silence except for the hum of the lab machines. Unable to decide how you felt about the news, you had shut yourself down. This wasn't what you'd planned on. You weren't even sure if you wanted this after everything you'd gone through.

"You told me I had abnormalities," Tears were running down your face now, a mixture of fear and shock, "That it was impossible I'd ever conceive."

"An improbability," Hiroshi corrected, "I only ever used the term impossible in front of Kai to try to grant you some small mercy. I apologize if my actions only brought you more pain."

"So this-" You couldn't form words anymore.

"How about we call it a day?" Hiroshi knew you needed a distraction before you had a meltdown, "Glitch and Eri are probably tired of waiting on us," He watched you nod in agreement, "Dry your eyes, Y/N. Come back in a few days with Dabi once you've slept on it."

"Okay," You didn't have it in you to put up a fight over this and you knew your alpha deserved to know, "Thank you."

Doing your best to regain your composure, you exited the lab and returned upstairs to find Glitch washing the dishes from lunch while Eri stood on a chair beside her and dried them. They had begun wiping down the counter when you approached.

"So," Glitch turned to face you, "Did you figure out what's wrong with you?"

"Is Y/N going to be okay?" Eri clasped her little hands together.

"Just a reaction to the boosters," You shrugged, "Which makes sense. The formula was changed for a reason, making the older ones obsolete."

"Nothing some time and rest won't fix,"Hiroshis backed you up and you were grateful for the support.

Glitch beamed and went to grab the shopping bags, "Perfect, let's head back before the boys start worrying. They're going to be on high alert for awhile."

"I don't blame them," You gave Hiroshi a hug before picking Eri up and heading to the door.

Some more parting words and well wishes were exchanged. You shifted Eri on your hip while offering to help hold some of the bags as well. There were a lot since the two of you had really gone all out spoiling the girl and you didn't want Glitch to struggle with them alone.

"Really, I'm fine," She insisted to both you and Hiroshi as she managed to pry open the front door with her elbow.

Your stomach dropped when you saw Dabi on the other side looking less than pleased, "Any particular reason you stopped by a known Yakuza residence, omega?"

"I wouldn't call it known," You swallowed, backing up as you watched him step across the threshold, "Alpha-"

"Both of your phones have tracking," He answered the question that had been on the tip of your tongue before his eyes fell on the doctor, "I recognize you. You helped us out when we-"

"Will you please explain what the hell you're doing here?" Glitch had dropped all the shopping bags and looked annoyed at the intrusion.

"Go home to your alpha, Glitch," When she tried to argue, the intensity of Dabi's stare made her change her mind and she bit her tongue, "Kurogiri is nearby. He can warp you and Eri back."

"Hiroshi is trusted. There was no need for you to worry," You watched Glitch slip out the door with Eri, shooting an apologetic look over her shoulder.

"I'm not concerned about that," Dabi's eyes were practically sparking, he was beyond frustrated, "Especially since he helped me get you out of Overhaul's hands in the first place."

"I will consider that a thank you," The doctor chimed in, albeit cautiously.

"What are you doing here? If it was a simple check up, I assume you would have told me that by now," He was too observant for his own good, "Your scent is different, so I know something is wrong. Y/N, sweetheart, tell me what's going on."

When you hesitated, Hiroshi spoke gently in an effort to coax the truth out of you, "Tell him, Y/N."

You hung your head shamefully, refusing to make eye contact with Dabi, "I- I'm pregnant."

Chapter Text

Your eyes widened and your body went rigid when Dabi's warm embrace enveloped you, a reaction you hadn't expected. The smoky scent that took over your senses was welcome, reminding you that your alpha's arms were home no matter what your physical location was. There was no reprimand from him, not an ounce of disbelief or arguing against the situation. Only unconditional love and comfort that you slowly melted into after the initial shock.

"Wait," Tears began to trickle down your cheeks, "Dabi, I don't understand why you're-"

"Why I'm what, Y/N?" He only hugged you tighter, holding you firmly against his chest in a way that allowed you to hear the quickened beating of his heart, betraying his excitement.

"Why-" You sniffled and shook your head in disbelief, wiping your tears against his shirt without meaning to, "Why would react like this? You should be-"

"Y/N, look at me," His hands moved to your face, forcing you to meet the brilliant blue of his focused gaze, "Every single thing you do makes me proud, so why should this be any different?"

"I thought you'd be angry," You tried to look away, your embarrassment must have been obvious as you felt the heat creep across your skin.

Dabi frowned and let go, stepping back a bit to allow you some space to process, "Little one, when have I ever been angry with you?"

"Never," The reminder was reassuring at least, "But I don't even know if this is what you want. I never asked how you felt about having Eri around either. If it's not something you're comfortable with, we can leave. I'll find somewhere else to keep her safe and you won't have to-"

You were cut off as Dabi grabbed hold of you again to press a desperate, yet blissfully sweet kiss to your lips, "You're not going anywhere and Eri stays as well," His hand moved down and barely brushed against your stomach, sending a shiver down your spine, "I'm more than okay with all of this as long as you're happy. At the end of the day, that's all that matters to me."

"Promise?" Looking back into his eyes, you all but melted under the warmth that radiated from them.

"I promise," His sincerity was absolute and for a moment you were at peace with everything.

Until the still present Hiroshi cleared his throat and suggested a trip downstairs to catch your alpha up on things both past and present. Hesitantly, you agreed despite the anxiety gnawing at your insides. Whatever the doctor had to say, there was always the chance it would scare Dabi off. You still feared abandonment, feared losing the patience and kindness you'd grown accustomed to.

Your story wasn't a happy one, Dabi knew this based on what you'd shared with him before. What he didn't know yet, Hiroshi elaborated on as best he could from when and where he had been involved. Like his perspective of how, during his days as a med student, he had been the one to find you living on your own. In the midst of summer, you had been left to fend for yourself while the body of your last remaining parent lay in the living room in a puddle of vomit, the consequence of an unchecked drug problem that ended in an overdose.

"That was the beginning of it all. I'll never forget the smell or the look of distrust I received," Hiroshi wasn't fond of the tragic memory, but it had a special place in his heart considering that was the first time he'd ever met you, "Y/N has never been anything less than a survivor. Even threatened to burn her own house down if I didn't leave. Although I hardly blame her considering I was a stranger at the time. The Boss was ultimately the one who talked her down. He took her to his home and she never left," The doctor looked amused after the weight of the words had settled a bit, "Five years old. Barely had a grasp of her quirk and she thought she was in control of the entire situation. Can you believe it?"

Dabi chuckled softly, "I'll do you one better, I can picture it."

The tension in the room eased a bit as Hiroshi made an effort to include some happier stories. Dabi continued to listen intently. He wanted to learn everything there was to know about you, to piece together all of these fragments so he could understand you better. Occasionally, he squeezed your hand as if to let you know he was just as equally focused on your presence. You, however, continued to stare down at the ridiculously clean white floor.

Once your newly discovered pregnancy was brought up, your entire body went stiff again as Dabi's next words made you flinch, "So, Overhaul was the problem all along?" 

You whimpered in response to the cruel assumption. Deep down, you knew it was an innocent question on his part, especially considering the limited information Dabi had, but the harsh reality still hit you much harder than expected. The bitter truth made your eyes water as you were once again reminded that you were broken in a way unbefitting of an omega.

"No," Hiroshi answered, his voice tinged with disdain you assumed was directed at the rather insensitive phrasing that had been used, "Y/N still has a series of abnormalities that make it nearly impossible for her to conceive. I'll spare you her long medical history, but you should be aware that this is in no way her fault or her problem. Unfortunately, these things just happen sometimes without reason. There's always that tiny glimmer of hope though."

You swallowed thickly, "What if- What if something goes wrong? What if I'm not good enough to-"

"Breathe, little one," Dabi wrapped his arm around you and pulled you closer, "You have always been more than good enough."

Hiroshi smiled warmly as he observed the interaction, "Would you two like to see what your new glimmer of hope looks like? I have the necessary equipment to run ultrasounds here."

"I- I don't know," All you really wanted to do was sleep this off like a bad dream.

"What do you mean you don't know?" Dabi's tone was a little more grating than it should have been, earning him a sour glance from Hiroshi.

"I just shouldn't get attached," You were terrified by the situation as a whole and disgusted with yourself for lacking an emotional connection to this unseen pup you were supposed to love without question.

"What if I say this is simply an extension of checking on your personal health?" Hiroshi knew exactly how your mind worked and had coaxed you into things before if he felt it would truly benefit you.

"Then," You still hesitated and then letting out a shudder of an exhale, "I guess that would be okay with me."

"That's my baby girl," Dabi pressed a lingering kiss to your check before nudging you to your feet.

Walking over to the exam table only took a few steps, but it felt like you were floating across an abyss, in danger of falling without warning. Your blood ran cold and the chill of the lab did little to help. Hiroshi kept it low to keep the lab equipment from overheating, so you knew better than to ask him to adjust it. When Dabi moved to stand near you, his warm hand was the only thing keeping you grounded as his fingers intertwined with yours.

The doctor situated the portable ultrasound machine, staying silent while your alpha whispered reassurance, "Hey, baby girl," Dabi leaned down to kiss your forehead, "I'm never leaving your side, okay? I love you, my perfect omega."

"I love you too," You managed a weak smile up at him, more for his sake than your own, "Thank you."

Tilting his head, he looked curious, "For what, sweetheart?"

"For accepting me," You barely registered Dabi ever so gently sliding your shirt up for Hiroshi to apply the warmed ultrasound gel to your stomach, "Appreciating me. You're the best thing that's happened to me and I don't know if I deserve you."

"Shhh," Another forehead kiss from your alpha warmed you up a bit more, "You deserve more than what I can give you, but we can have that conversation another time, princess."

"Alright you two, time to take that first look," Hiroshi announced and you immediately turned your head to look away from the screen, "Based on your last heat, this probably won't pick up a heartbeat just yet, but there's always next time. You'll still get a visual and I'll be able to take some measurements for your charts. I can also estimate your due date before you leave."

The pressure of the ultrasound wand pushing down on your stomach was immensely uncomfortable and the gooey gel smearing across your skin was equally unpleasant. You were still reluctant to look at the monitor, but when you heard Dabi let out a surprised gasp it became very tempting. It was such a subtle sound, but you recognized it immediately. It was similar to the noise he'd made when you'd spoken to him for the first time. You'd never forget that defining moment.

He gingerly squeezed your hand, as if suddenly afraid to break you, "Sweetheart, look."

He sounded so soft and in awe of whatever he was seeing that you couldn't help turning your head as directed, "I don't know what I'm looking at," The black and white image on the screen confused you.

Of course, Dabi had probably seen his sibling's ultrasounds, but you didn't know that. You had no knowledge of where or who his family was yet. Not that it mattered to you. You were perfectly happy with him as he was, mysterious backstory and all.

"These," Hiroshi used his free hand to trace around the two noticeable dark blobs while a beaming smile appeared on his face, "Are your tiny twins. Full of surprises indeed, Y/N."

"Twins?!" Dabi was nothing short of elated, you could feel the excitement radiating from him.

As Hiroshi nodded in confirmation, you still hadn't come up with an appropriate response. You couldn't tell if you were in shock or simply disinterested. Maybe it was a combination of the two, but what kind of omega had such a disconnect with her own pups? Something had to be wrong with you and you couldn't shake the icy fear that continued to seep into your bones.

"Are you done now?" Probably not the warm reception most omegas would have and you turned away from the monitor again only to see Dabi appearing a bit downcast in regards to your lack of excitement.

"Give me a moment to gather a few more measurements and then I'll bring you a damp cloth so you can clean the gel off," Hiroshi's voice was gentle, but his brow creased as if he was distressed by your reaction as well, "Would you like a copy of the sonogram?"

"Please," Dabi answered before you could say it didn't matter either way to you.

"Perfect," The doctor smiled and handed the printout to Dabi, "Everyone looks healthy. I will be right back with that cloth, Y/N."

Once you'd gotten cleaned up, you rearranged your clothes and rapidly removed yourself from the exam table to make your exit from the lab, "I'll be upstairs getting water."

"Y/N," Dabi's tone was forlorn and he instinctively reached for you as you slipped away, he wanted to comfort you.

"Give her have some space," Hiroshi stepped in front of your alpha, effectively blocking his path, "I wanted to speak to you privately anyway."

Dabi immediately refocused on the doctor, "Is something wrong?"

"Nothing physical, no," Hiroshi shook his head and returned to his chair, gesturing for Dabi to take seat opposite him, "Just be gentle with Y/N during this. I have no doubt the concept of pregnancy is hard on her mind. I can't tell you how many times Kai lost his temper on her in front of me when she failed to conceive, how many times I had to treat the wounds received behind closed doors. As you probably know, Y/N will never admit to being scared of something like this."

"Overhaul punished her before she became one of his experiments," A horrible realization that your suffering had few limits, "I've learned her fear is communicated through silence. Which means she's terrified right now, isn't she?"

"I usually only treat physical ailments, but the abuse she endured at the hands of Kai took a massive mental toll on her. It's my guess that she directly correlates the idea of pregnancy with many, many negative experiences from her past, possibly even linking it directly with pain. It may trigger unexpected behaviors from her, so think of the things she had to do to survive and be kind to her. Keep that patience," Hiroshi leaned forward and placed his hand on Dabi's shoulder for a moment, "It'll take her awhile to warm up to the concept of having her own pups, but I do believe she made the right choice in pairing with you, so don't turn me into a liar."

"Thank you," Dabi dipped his head in respect, "For caring for her all these years. She clearly trusts you and thinks very highly of you."

"Of course," Returning to his normal posture, Hiroshi smiled once more, "If any of you need anything, don't hesitate to ask. Y/N has my full loyalty and support in all aspects."

"There's one thing that confuses me still," Dabi tilted his head as he thought out loud, "Y/N fought so hard for Eri. I've been wondering how blurred the line is considering she treats her as her own pup."

"Y/N sees herself in Eri, a chance to shape what she could have been," The mood turned somber once again as Hiroshi explained, "She sees too many flaws in herself to count. Ask her what she hates the most and she'll speak her own name. She would do anything to save Eri from hurting the same way she has."

"I only met Eri yesterday, but I can see the resemblance between them even though there's no blood there. They share many of the same behaviors," Even Glitch had pointed out the similarities she'd observed from the brief time she'd taken care of the the child while your alpha tucked you into bed the night before.

"Trauma responses, you mean," Sighing, Hiroshi knew you had a long road ahead of you, as did Eri, "Even so, their bond is a special one. Respect it and treat it as such," Standing up and making his way to a nearby cabinet, he found and tossed a bottle of prenatal vitamins to your alpha, "Make sure she takes these. I know she quits eating in times of great stress."

Dabi caught the bottle and absentmindedly skimmed through the writing on the label, "How do I keep her safe?"

Hiroshi chuckled quietly, "You don't. Y/N can handle herself just fine, especially now that she has her quirk back. Trust her and allow her independence. Give her what Kai refused her. Do you understand?"

"I do," Dabi nodded, although reluctantly considering he still saw it as his job to protect and care for you regardless of how accustomed you were to looking out for yourself.

"Good," Hiroshi seemed pleased with the outcome of the talk and started towards the staircase that led out of the lab and back into the main house, "Come now, Y/N is waiting for us and I have evening house calls to attend to."

Dabi followed the doctor back upstairs, stashing the prenatal vitamins in the pocket of the more casual hoodie he'd temporarily traded his normal jacket out for. The idea had been to remain inconspicuous in the unfamiliar neighborhood and it had worked well. Plus, he knew you loved it when he dressed in what you referred to as his optimal snuggling clothes which apparently mostly consisted of hoodies and sweats according to you.

"Y/N knows how to lock up, but take your time," Hiroshi was already gathering his things to leave, "I'll be gone well into the night."

Leaning against the counter, you barely aknowledged the two of them passing by the kitchen, "Thank you, Hiroshi. I trust we'll speak soon? I require an informant."

"Business, of course," Hiroshi should have known better than to expect you to step away from the Shie Hassaikai when you now possessed more of a chance of retaking your rightful throne, "I'll be in touch. Stay safe, Y/N, and keep treating her well, Dabi."

You turned your attention to the kitchen window that overlooked the driveway, eventually watching the doctor get into his car and pull away. When the front door clicked shut, you heard Dabi's footsteps making their way back to you. Not daring to so much as turn around to look him in the eyes, your nails scraped against the countertop. You couldn't face him yet. Not even when you felt his breath on your neck, his alpha musk heady with want. You wanted to respond, but your mind was distracted.

You suppressed a shudder as he kept dangerously close, lips now ghosting over your skin, "Your mark seems a bit faded, little one."

"Wait, you still-" You hesitated, biting your lip when you felt his hands land on your hips, forcing your body to turn around before caging you in with arms braced against the counter on either side of you.

"Still what?" Dabi's predatory focus broke, concern flashing across his face due to your choice of words.

"You still want me?" The question was genuine, yet painful to speak out loud.

Dabi sighed, "Y/N, I already-"

"I know what you said!" Your palms slammed into his chest, but he didn't budged, "But I'm still weak and I'll only slow you down until this is over with. There's no room for any of that in this life. If you want to walk away, now is your chance. I won't blame you or get upset. Eri and I will figure it out."

"Y/N," The disappointed and hurt etched across Dabi's face stung like salt rubbed in an open wound.

"It's okay, really," But it wasn't, it would break you, devastate you entirely, "Don't worry about me."

"Maybe you've forgotten or maybe you just never learned what a true bonded mate is there for," He paused, studying your eyes, "It's supposed to be for life. Y/N, I'm not leaving you. Not now, not ever."

The promise of protection sparked warmth within you, "Dabi, please-"

"If the conditions are right. There is no shame in ending that connection early if it is harmful," Continuing like he never even processed your interruption, his intense gaze burned into you, he wasn't letting this go, "I recall telling you that it made no difference to me whether or not you could have pups, correct?"

You could barely breathe properly as you struggled to hold back unwanted tears, "Yes," Suddenly, you found your hands gripping his hoodie, holding on to it like your life depended on it.

"That would mean that staying and going through this with you is what I want just as much as anything else. The topic never came up before because I thought pups were an impossibility and I apologize for that. I'm sorry if I hurt you because I left you uncertain of my intentions," He smiled warmly, brushing some hair behind your ear before carefully cupping your cheeks, "But I have only ever wanted to take care of you, Y/N, even more so now. So please, let me. Let me take care of all of you."

It was impossible to stop the sobs that spilled out as you buried your face against his chest, as you felt his strong arms wrap around you to steady your shaking body, "I hope, more than anything, that they look like you, alpha."

Chapter Text

"Why don't you and Eri go out tomorrow?" Dabi suggested after he heard you shift restlessly on the bench beside him and sigh yet again, "The two have you have been trapped in this place for a week now. Maybe you need some real fresh air and a change of scenery."

Huffing irritably, you stilled your fidgeting, "Why would you even suggest that?" You didn't look at him, but rather continued to vigilantly watch Eri run across the courtyard while she played ball with a clone of herself that Twice had created for her, "I know you'd rather keep us all close. It's safer here, isn't it?"

"It's not always about what I want, Y/N," Dabi looked apologetic, knowing he had to be careful about how he worded this, "I know I've been reluctant to let you out of my sight before, but I also know you hate feeling trapped. I trust you to take care of both yourself and Eri without my help. You're more than capable on your own."

Your eyes snapped to his in surprise, "Do you really think that?"

"Princess, I've always believed in you, but," Dabi still seemed a bit apprehensive about the subject, "Just because I know you're strong doesn't mean I have to like letting you go. I'm just scared of losing you. Now more than ever."

"Hiroshi told you something, didn't he?" You'd known the doctor well enough to safely assume he probably tried to give Dabi some well intended advice.

"That doesn't change the fact that I need you to know I put just as much trust in you as you do in me," He leaned over to peck you on the cheek, "But I also need you to know I can't exactly rewire myself to not feel the need to protect and defend you. You're my omega and you're carrying my pups now. It's-"

"It's instinct," You smiled softly as you finished his sentence, reaching over to comb your fingers through his hair, calming your agitated alpha, "I know and I've never held that against you. My frustrations are my own."

He relaxed and momentarily closed his eyes, soaking up your touch as your hand moved to brush gently against his cheek, though he sighed softly when you pulled away, "I'm here if and when you want to talk about those feelings, little one," You knew he meant it too.

Over the past week, Dabi had begun to subtly shift the way he treated and talked to you. He'd become more laid back when he'd established his claim on you, but this was different. He wasn't just more protective and territorial, he was pushing even harder to make sure you were consistently healthy and happy. Not that he hadn't had your best interests in mind before, but now he was more aware of your mentality from day to day and what triggered negative responses. He was putting more effort into making sure you healed properly.

His involvement in taking care of Eri had changed drastically in a short period of time as well. Before, he'd simply told her to ask you for anything she needed, but lately he'd starting taking more initiative. If he reminded you to eat or suggested a nap, he made sure to check up on Eri as well. It was odd seeing him act so domestic and you weren't sure if he was trying to prove he was capable of being a good father or if he'd finally accepted that he'd eventually have to parent your adopted pup if he planned on remaining by your side.

"When are you going to tell everyone?" Dabi's question caught you off guard considering it hadn't been directly brought up since you visited Hiroshi a week ago.

"I don't know. I don't really know how any of this works," You felt clueless about the whole thing and had shoved the idea if announcing your pregnancy to the back of your mind, "There have been so many different thoughts going through my mind lately."

"Like what?" When you silently shook your head, Dabi's hand landed on your thigh and squeezed gently, "Come on, tell me the first thing that pops into that pretty little head of yours."

"What if I don't get my home back?" It had been weighing heavily on you, "I'm Yakuza whether there's a feud going on between the Shie Hassaikai and the League or not. That will never change. That's where I belong and those are my people. I still want it back just as much as I did when we first discussed it."

"Princess," Dabi smirked, "Didn't I tell you I'm going to make sure that happens? Do you still trust me?"

"Of course," You whispered, it hadn't been your intention to make it seem like you doubted him in any way.

He was breathtaking when he was determined, "Then you have nothing to worry about," He leaned over to press a demanding kiss to your lips, stealing your breath for a moment.

Until you heard tiny footsteps come over and interrupt, "Why did you do that to Y/N?" Eri looked equal parts confused and pleased.

"Do what?" Dabi lifted an eyebrow and regarded the child with amusement, "This?" And he kissed you again, this time on the cheek, while you squealed and playfully tried to swat him away.

"Yes, that," It pulled a few delighted giggles from Eri as she noticed you were absolutely beaming from the attention, "Why do you kiss her so much?"

"Because I love her," Dabi explained, "Y/N means the world to me and being with her makes me the happiest I've ever been."

The overly emotional tears were coming, you could feel your eyes already glazing over. Watching the two of them interact was adorable and it gave you hope for the future.

Eri took a moment to process your alpha's words, "When you love someone, that means you don't hurt them, right?"

"That's right," Smiling, Dabi took the question well despite knowing which past events the girl was referencing, "That's why I try my best to take good care of Y/N and now you too."

Twisting her hands together nervously, Eri tried to hide a shy smile, "I think you do a really good job."

Not being able to hold back anymore, you dropped to your knees on the dusty pavement and wrapped her in a tight hug. She was mature well beyond her years, far more than she should have ever had to be, but somehow remained sweet and pure at the same time. Despite the trauma she'd already lived through, she still hoped and appreciated the little things.

"Thank you, Eri," Dabi smiled back and poked her gently on the nose when you finally let go, "I think it's about time for your lunch, isn't it? You hungry?" The girl nodded, "Glitch should be in the kitchen if you want to run along and have her make you some food."

"I will, but what about you?" Her eyes darted between you and Dabi, "Aren't you hungry too?"

"A little, yeah," You weren't entirely sure what Dabi was up to unless this was about you briefly mentioning a back rub sounded nice earlier.

"We'll eat later," He assured her, "Y/N deserves some time to relax though, so I'm going to start a bath for her, okay?" It warmed your heart every time he talked about taking care of you.

"Oh," Eri nodded in agreement, "I'll go play with Glitch and Tomu then!"  You and Dabi returned her cute little wave as she ran off with her copy in tow.

You stifled a laugh over the name she'd chosen and stuck with for Shigaraki, likely picked up from his omega. It wouldn't be all that surprising if Glitch actually encouraged the behavior. He hadn't reprimanded either of them for it as far as you knew, so no harm done. Shigaraki just looked rather embarrassed when Eri used the nickname in front of the rest of the League. It was highly amusing to watch him get flustered over something for once.

"You do still want that bath," Dabi had stood and started gently, but eagerly tugging on your hand, making you realize you'd zoned out in thought, "Don't you, princess?"

"Yes, please," You smiled brightly and allowed him to lead you all the way back to your bedroom.

After opening the door, Dabi gestured for you to enter first, lightly smacking your ass as you stepped across the threshold. The action made you jump in surprise and your cheeks immediately flushed pink. When you hear the quiet click of the door being locked, you knew this wasn't going to be a just bubble bath or a back rub and the thought made excitement rush through your veins.

In an instant, Dabi had his face buried in the crook of your neck while his arms wrapped around you. The warmth of his embrace was just as comforting as it was thrilling. Soft, playful laughter was shared as his hands snuck under your shirt and traced over your scars, connecting them with invisible lines like they were constellations.

It was a moment of bliss as he delicately slid your shirt off, tossing it to the side along with your bra, "So perfect, Y/N," His own shirt came off next and then, with his bare chest pressed against your back, he wordlessly guided you closer to the bed, bending you over the edge once you reached it.

"Dabi," Swaying your hips in an effort to entice him while whining his name encouraged him to continue.

"Stay," He whispered, a single finger trailing down your bare back made you shiver with anticipation.

His hands moved to tenderly squeeze your hips before yanking your pants and panties down in one sudden, jerking movement. You yelped in surprise, the action had thrown you off balance despite your position. It was unexpectedly rough compared to the sweet touches he'd started out with. A warm hand splayed across your lower back to steady you. With your forearms still braced against the mattress, you leaned back against him, feeling him hard and hot through his sweats. You were painfully aware that your own arousal had already begun to soak through your panties before they'd been removed and your alpha's shared excitement made you positively throb with need.

"Mine," He was being impatient, not bothering to entirely remove his clothes so much as pull his own pants halfway down in a hurry, "Aren't you, sweetheart?"

"All yours," You whimpered as his fingers teasingly traced over your folds before being replaced by his length as he rutted against you, coating himself in your slick, "Please, alpha, I need-"

There was no need for you to finish your request. Instead, it was punctuated with a gasp as he suddenly pushed into you, causing you to claw at the blankets, moaning loudly as he sheathed himself to the hilt. His hands firmly gripped your hips as he desperately thrust into you from the very start. There was no pause, only hunger and raw need as he repeatedly buried himself in your heat, reveling in the way your walls squeezed around him, the way you whimpered so submissively, the way you praised how he handled your body.

"You felt so eager, just dripping while waiting for me to fuck you, that I couldn't stand making either of us wait any longer," His hot breath tickled the back of your neck as he spoke to you and goosebumps raced across your skin, "Dirty girl, you enjoy these quickies, don't you?"

"Fuck, yes," You breathlessly responded while keeping a white knuckle grip on the blankets.

Pleasure had already built up to a near breaking point and his intoxicating voice made you shiver with delight. Subconsciously, like any of the other times he wound you up far too quickly, you tried to shift your legs closed and mostly succeeded. However, Dabi only groaned in response, leaning over you with one arm braced against the mattress and the other now wrapped around your waist.

"Damn, baby," Your movement had only encouraged him to up his pace, to try to finish you even more quickly than he had originally planned, "When you do that it just makes that pretty little pussy of yours feel even tighter."

Your back arched beautifully as you buried your face in the blankets beneath you, "Dabi, please," The familiar curve of his smirk could be felt against the sensitive skin of your neck, he had you and he knew it.

"Use your your words, omega," The lowered tone he used demanded you obey, "I'll take care of you. Just tell me what you want," But despite the dominance he displayed, especially with you nearly on your tiptoes while bent over the bed with him entirely in control, there was something soft behind the command.

"Touch me," You gasped, your voice slightly muffled, "Please, alpha, use your fingers."

In an instant, an arm wrapped around your chest, pulling you upright. Your balance shifted and you instinctively bent one of your legs to kneel against the edge of the bed while the other foot remained planted on the floor. Dabi swore under his breath when the new angle allowed him to bury his length even deeper in your heat, pulling a symphony of delicious noises from you as he hit that sweet spot.

The arm that had been wrapped around your waist, dipped down between your legs and you cried out as warm fingers pressed against your clit, "Dabi! Please, I need your knot!" Your head fell back against his shoulder, your breathing heavy, "I'm close, so close."

It was impossible to ignore the way his cock pulsed inside you in response to your words, the way you begged him to take you and finish with you in the most intimate way. His brutal pace remained unrelenting, heated fingers continuing to expertly tease and stroke your clit until you couldn't form a coherent thought or sentence.

Your own words were filthy as you felt yourself come undone, screaming your alpha's name as his knot swelled and you felt his warm release fill you. Your body convulsed and trembled as you orgasmed, but Dabi held you firmly in place against him as his teeth sank into your neck. Your cries ebbed into soft whimpers as your body went lax in his arms and you felt him lap up the blood from your renewed bonding mark.

"Good girl," He murmured, "You always take me so well. All of me."

The praise made you involuntarily clench around him and he chuckled, "Easy," He gingerly turned so that he could sit on the edge of the bed with you on his lap while the two of you remained connected, "I still have to make sure you get your bath, princess."

Still breathing heavily and covered in a light sheen of sweat, you nodded, "You take such good care of me," Tilting your head back to get a glimpse of his face, you smiled, "What did I do to deserve you?"

"I could ask you the same thing, sweetheart," He pressed a gentle kiss to your forehead, "But maybe that's why we work so well."

Chapter Text

The next day, you agreed to give Dabi's suggestion of going out a try mostly due to him bringing it up again over breakfast. Part of you had hoped he'd forgotten about the initial conversation, but you would have been lying to yourself and everyone around you if you refused to admit the idea was appealing. Of course you wanted to escape, never from your alpha or the rest of the League, but from the monotony of waiting for the first wave of the storm to calm.

With Glitch's seemingly endless amounts of cash in hand, you could at least afford Eri some material happiness. You'd promised Glitch you'd pay her back once you got your own assets back in order, but she always smiled and waved the sentiment away. That was to be expected though. Her cash flow siphoned money from her own parents who were highly successful underground villains. That's all they were good at considering how short their relationship and parenting skills fell. Their daughter held no love for them, but their guilt funding was an entirely different story.

Still, Dabi still wasn't about to let you out of his sight without double checking some things first. Mainly that you wouldn't have any heroes interested in your whereabouts since you already Overhaul and his men thoroughly pissed at you. The solution was a relatively simple one considering hacking the police network was something Glitch could have done in her sleep.

"Y/N doesn't have any active warrants," Your tech savvy friend announced, "She doesn't appear to be a part of any ongoing investigations either. The last charge against her is over two years old and it was dropped, so there's nothing to worry about," She turned her head to smile mischievously at you, "Want to see Dabi's record?"

"Don't you fucking dare," Dabi warned while you just shrugged and shook your head, it didn't really matter to you.

"I'll show you anyway," Glitch winked at you, completely ignoring the way your alpha bristled at the idea.

You didn't really see the point in her pulling up his history. Crimes didn't always make the person. Sometimes motive could tell an interesting story, but the system was biased. It was impossible to see the full picture based on a simple list. Arson and murder, both of which you were guilty of yourself to some degree, would not sway your love for him.

But one detail did catch your eye, the way unknown was listed under name, "Wait, Dabi isn't your real-"

"I should be going," Glitch hurriedly closed her laptop and made her exit.

You had a sneaking suspicion that little piece of information had been the exact reason Glitch had brought his file up in the first place, "We've never talked about your family," In the back of your mind, you'd always had a feeling it was a sensitive subject.

"Eri is probably excited to go out with you today," He switched his focus without a hint of having heard a word you said, kissing you sweetly in an effort to distract you before gently nudging you out the bedroom door, "Best not to keep her waiting."

You sighed in disappointment, but let it go. Dabi would either talk when he was ready or not at all and you would deal with whichever path he chose when he got there. After all, he had once accepted your silence without question or reprimand.

After gathering Eri and a small bag for your outing, you had Kurogiri warp you just outside the district you'd be exploring with her. You should have known better than to think you wouldn't run into some sort of bump in the road though. You'd barely been shopping around for an hour before going on high alert when Eri began bouncing up and down excitedly over a young hero of all people.

"Y/N, look it's Deku!" Eri pointed at a green haired boy who appearered to be a UA student based on his uniform, likely an intern at a local agency judging from his distance from the school.

Your eyes narrowed skeptically as he approached from the opposite direction and you stopped walking, pulling Eri to the side out of the main flow of people, "How do you know him, honey?"

"Last time I ran away. Before-" Eri was jittering nervously now, a sign you'd dug into a negative topic, "His hands were gentle and he was trying to save me, but-"

"But what?" You always got a sickening feeling in your gut when she paused like her mind was replaying a traumatic memory.

"I didn't want him to get hurt because of me," Her head hung hopelessly for a moment and you felt for the girl because you wouls have acted the same way in her place.

As you struggled to fully accept the weight of her words, the more logical part of your mind realized it was too late to change paths without being obvious about it. You were hoping the hero in training wouldn't recognize Eri. If things took a wrong turn now, you knew Dabi would blame himself for urging you to get out and do something in the first place.

"Eri?" It was hard to forget a girl with a horn on her head, reconnecting was inevitable, "I almost didn't recognize you in your new outfit. Who's this with you?"

Studious green eyes examined you suspiciously and you were slightly impressed by the ferocity, "I'm her-"

"She's my mom," Your heart about stopped when she used that word, "I live with her now."

"I see," The boy extended his hand, "What's your name?"

"Y/N," You had no reason to hide your identity, you rarely did so long as your hands remained somewhat clean, "Eri tells me wonderful things about you. I want to thank you now that we've met. Deku, isn't it?"

It didn't matter to you whether he knew that Eri had given up his name or if he was wondering whether you had looked into it yourself. If he had seen Eri with Overhaul, he more than likely already suspected you as being some sort of accomplice rather than a victim. After all, the story your own scars told was kept covered by carefully choosen clothing.

"That's right," He offered a warm and seemed to relax.

"Can Deku come with us to get ice cream?" The way Eri pouted at you made you feel a pang of guilt, she clearly looked up to this boy.

Deku held his hands up and chuckled, "Oh no, I couldn't intrude like that. Besides, I'm sure the two of you have lots of catching up to do."

"Well," There wasn't much it could hurt considering Eri was smart enough to keep Yakuza business to herself and you'd told her very sternly not to ever mention the League that very morning, "You seem to be very special to Eri, so I don't mind. Consider it a thank you of sorts if that helps. My treat."

The two of them looked like a pair of kids in a candy store as soon as the offer fell past your lips. It was funny in a way and immensly ammusing for you to witness. This potential future hero had no idea who he'd run into. Or maybe he did and he didn't mind getting his hands dirty, a detail that could be useful in the future.

"If you're sure you don't mind," Deku was so polite it was hard to tell if he was just a really good kid or if he was painfully naive, "So," He hesitated as the three of you began walking together, him leading the way, "You seem a little young for Eri to be your daughter. Honestly, I didn't quite believe Overhaul when he told me either, but that would make you his omega, right?"

"Former," You expected some line of questioning, but it was still uncomfortable, "Eri is the granddaughter of the man who took me in when I was just a child myself. I helped raise her when her mother abandoned her."

"But your mark is fresh," Deku was observant, you'd give him that.

"You yourself are still just a child," Hopefully playing the elder card would end this topic, "So I don't expect you to understand. Besides, it's no longer Overhaul's mark."

"So you and Eri are safe now?" Those innocent green eyes lit up hopefully.

"We are safe and very well taken care of, but we require a certain level of privacy to keep it that way," That should have been enough of a hint on your end for the boy to drop the topic entirely.

"Of course," Deku was beaming like Eri's wellbeing was all that mattered to him, "I completely understand. I'm sorry if I seemed like I was prying."

"Is this the ice cream shop?" Eri had slowed to a stop in front of an extremely pink building exterior and her jaw dropped.

"Yeah," Deku rubbed the back of the neck nervously, "It's aimed more at younger kids. Hopefully you don't mind, Y/N," He glanced at you, "I just thought Eri would really enjoy the colors here."

You just shrugged with a soft smile. Eri was already awestruck and skipped happily into the shop as Deku held the door open for the two of you. The bell above the door jingled and Eri squeaked out her thanks before running to press her face against the chilled case to see all of the different ice cream flavors.

"There are so many," Her breath fogged up the glass and you stifled a laugh at her genuine sense of wonder over something so simple.

You'd been the same way when Dabi had first introduced you to sweets. Fruit filled taiyaki had become a regular gift from your alpha after you'd devoured the first bag much to his satisfaction. The thought of him made you smile and your hand subconsciously landed on your stomach. You hadn't begun to show yet and you were still a long way from feeling movement, but it was like carrying a part of Dabi with you and it was comforting.

"Are you okay?" Deku asked and you quickly retracted your hand, but once again he was too observant, "Wait, you're-"

Holding a finger up to your lips to silence him, you nodded silently before pointing at Eri in an effort to explain that the child didn't know yet. Deku smiled in understanding and didn't say another word about it.

You refocused on Eri who still had her nose squashed against the glass, "What kind of ice cream do you want, honey?"

"I get to pick?" The child looked as if she was about to explode from excitement when she turned around with her hands clasped together.

"Of course you do," Another reminder of how different everything felt after being rescued from Overhaul's grasp, "Anything you want. You too, Deku."

"Then can I please have the pink one?" Once again she bounced up and down in place, "What are those rainbow things?"

"Sprinkles," The girl at the counter gave an odd look as if to question what kind of kid didn't know such a thing, "There's lots of toppings you can choose from. Different flavored syrups, sprinkles, fruits. You can even put other desserts on top of your main dessert."

"Strawberry is a good choice, Eri," Deku tousled her hair a bit, "I think I'll have the same."

"Just vanilla for me please," You smiled pleasantly over the counter, "Two scoops each and whatever toppings these two want," You lifted Eri so she could get a better look.

"You seem to like pink, don't you?" When Eri nodded shyly, the girl smiled, "Fresh strawberries and cheesecake bites go well together and you can still have your rainbow sprinkles. Of course, that's only a suggestion. Your mom did say you can have whatever you want."

"That sounds good," Eri offered a sweet smile as she quietly agreed.

You mouthed a silent thank you to the girl as she finished getting your orders ready. Deku opted for extra strawberries on his while you kept yours plain. After you paid, you directed everyone to a corner table where it would be easier to speak privately.

You let Eri take the lead in conversing with the Deku and it went well until she accidentally spilled an ever so subtle detail you hadn't been counting on, "And yesterday I got to play with a kid that looked just like me!" She exclaimed with her hands in the air.

You froze and locked eyes with Deku who seemed to be piecing something together. You were unaware, but Twice's involvement with the Shie Hassaikai had been a recent topic at one of Sir Nighteye's briefings. Such a talk would have included a refresher on the League member's quirk. When Deku inhaled like he was trying to detect a scent, your blood ran cold. Dabi had been part of a previous altercation with UA students and you were wondering if this was one of them. If it was, he would likely recognize the scent of someone who had attacked him in the past.

"The one who kidnapped Kacchan," He inhaled deeply this time, recognizing the subtle alpha scent that clung to you, "You've bonded with him."

"Once again, you are still a child and you've likely had a decent upbringing," In that moment, you knew that if he tried anything, all hell would break loose, "I don't expect you to-"

"You're in with the League of Villains, aren't you?" His voice was strained through gritted teeth, bordering on infuriated.

You sighed heavily, "We can do this one of two ways. I can make a scene and burn this entire block to the ground just like I did with the Yakuza compound," A smirk appeared on your face when Deku's eyes widened with the realization that you were just as dangerous as the rest of the League, just as news worthy, "Or you can try to understand why not everything is black and white."

"I can't walk away from a villain," He had a white knuckle grip on the table.

"Can you walk away from a mother trying her best to protect her pup?" That struck something in the boy and you watched most of the aggression melt away, "I have no real reason to harm you, so please don't make me."

"You can promise me that Eri is safe?" If he was adamant about anything, it was the young girl in your care.

"Ask her yourself since you don't seem to trust me," Your tone was tinged with bitterness, heroes were all the same.

Eri, sensing the tension in the air had been staying silent until now, "Deku, please don't take Y/N away from me. He-"

"Might as well use his name, honey," You still glared at the hero in training across from you.

Nodding, Eri continued, "Dabi takes good care of both of us. He's like you," Deku looked like he was about to choke over the comparison, "He's gentle and kind."

"I-" Deku was torn, "I'm sorry."

"Think about what you might be destroying next time you condemn a villain," It came out as a snarl, "Come on, Eri, we have to leave."

Grabbing her ice cream and her hand, you quickly exited the store. That entire conversation had been a mistake. When you tried to see the good in heroes, it always ended badly and it was for that reason you held little to no respect for them.

"Wait!" You could hear Deku's footsteps running after you and you let green flames ignite in your hand just in case, "I thought you should know," He had caught up and you extinguished the fire before he could see it, "We're planning on raiding one of the Shie Hassaikai compounds."

"Why are you telling me this?" His admittance of such delicate information surprised you.

"Because," He looked genuinely sympathetic for the first time since meeting you, "I'm sure Eri isn't the only one you need to protect, is she?" He scribbled down a phone number, a date, and a time on a piece of notebook paper before tearing it out and handing it to you.

"You have no idea who I am," Folding the note neatly and putting it away, you tilted your head, "What if you just made the biggest mistake of your life?"

He crossed his arms and confidently met your gaze, "What if the information I gave you is actually a trap?"

The counter actually coaxed a good natured laugh out of you, "Fair enough."

"We'll have to trust each other," He held his hand out, "Get in and get out. Keep Eri safe above all else. Deal?"

"Deal," Shaking his hand, another smirk appeared on your face, "You might not be so bad for a future hero, Deku. I'll be in touch and," You threw a sly look over your shoulder as you turned away, "Perhaps we can benefit each other in the future."