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Starless Night

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Hers was not a beautiful face and she knew that, but she got a succubus of a body which lured all the pathetic men out of their so called protected shells.

And it was what she needed at that moment. All she wanted. Everything that would be enough for things to work out.

Beyond the glass, a dark shade of grey was painting the sky. The city was looking so dull with its high buildings and their gloomy appearances. She heard lots of things about Seoul; the boys, the girls, the night clubs… So far, the truth didn’t meet her expectations. Maybe it was because she had been there only for a week. And there was a never-ending storm outside, her mother reminded her every time her blue eyes watched the scenery with a dreary expression. She assured the girl once the sun comes out, she would be in love with the city.

Louis hadn’t commented back then, not because she didn’t believe however she didn’t care at all. She wasn’t here for a vacation but for a job assigned by her mother. Moreover, she wanted to make her happy after being the very reason of her big depression for all these years.

She had to amend to her mistakes, every trouble she caused, and this could be her beginning.

After all, her life became something where nothing, but her mother mattered.

On the cozy, emerald green lounge her body lied, this pose making Louis look like a somewhat mermaid, with her soft breasts, slim figure and curvy thighs. Ocean-like eyes focused on her mother’s gestures very carefully. She was swallowing every word that came out of that pinky, wet lips; every mark, every dot and every comma.

Never been a time she gave this much attention to her. What a shame.

But Louis was going to make it up for it, already full of promises to herself.

Pursue that snob guy, marry him one way or another, and live a happy life as a family forever.

Et cetera, et cetera…

“That’s so ridiculous.”

“Son, she is different than every other woman I have met so far.”

That’s what you always say when you meet a new female homo sapien, Jumin thought but never voiced it. His father’s habits, or as media says “womanizer” side was going out of control again. Although, he should have accepted that this woman was looking quite the opposite of his old taste. She was probably in her mid-forties, from a race that does not belong to Asia for the first time, not in shape and had wrinkles all over her face. Now that’s what he would call a… Mother, if only he was younger.

Like really younger, almost as 4 years old.

This wasn’t the last of his problems, however. Oh no, this wasn’t even the tip of the damned iceberg.

“Father, I respect your decisions.” Maybe not the decisions regarding women but hey, he was quite good at ignoring them.

“However,” he continued with a grim expression, “I strongly wish you would not involve me in your love life.” Having a dinner, having a lunch with these women were things he got used to after all these years. Though this time his father came up with something new, probably if he allows, this was going to haunt his dreams for the next century.

“Give them a chance, son!” The man was looking so bright thanks to his brilliant, or should Jumin say horrific, idea.

“That’s too much.” Han Jumin replied with a plain tone, yet there was a storm ongoing beneath the stoic mask on his face.

“You’re just being stubborn!”

Chairman Han was the one who came up with a plan of an arranged marriage for him and again, he claimed himself as a victim. Jumin felt the unfamiliar tingling of despair.

“I don’t even know her name.”

“Then this is the perfect time to get to know her-”

“Isn’t it weird when you think about it? You marry the mother and I marry the child. We are both father and son as well.”

“What about it? We don’t have any blood relations.” He pressed his fingertips to the sides of his nose bridge.

“I am not talking about it. I am just sharing the future statements of the media.”

Chairman Han made a dramatic turn in the meeting room. “People always talk! Even if you are a saint who made Jesus seem like he didn’t try hard enough they will find something and talk.”

Jumin silently wondered how someone as wise as his father could be a child’s toy for such foul women.

He was not even going to talk about the effect of these marvelous relationships he tried to justify determinedly in company’s presence.

If he was talking to someone else, the words I think you are not on your right mind had already been dropped of his lips. Again, the sentence went through the great filter of a businessman before it left the owner.

“Father… You should really think about this.” Jumin crossed his arms. “Do not involve me in it and I will have no criticism for the woman.” At least for a while.

“Son… You’re already passing your age to be a father, to be a dad.” Chairman Han got close to him, there seemed to be the crumbles of a worry on his face. “When will our company have another heir?”

So now was the time to care about the future of their company, while his father was trying his best to ruin the reputation they had.

“At this point, I am afraid that you will try to marry this cat of yours.”

Jumin’s eyes went wide. “Don’t bring Elizabeth the 3rd up to-”

“See? You’re talking like if she’s a real person!”

Under the raven black bangs, eyes shut tight. While Jumin thought his father was the only one who could understand his loneliness it also seemed like he was the one who was the most foreign to his ways to overcome it. Why? Why was it so unbelievable that he did not want to be with a woman who was just after his bank account?

“I… I…” He muttered, so unlike him. The level of Chairman Han’s stubbornness could pull some threads around his neck and it was suffocating.

And finally, the boy gave up.

What was there to lose anyways? Instead he could play the game and gain some control. And flip this bullshit of an idea later on.

“Okay, I’ll go. But a lunch. Not a dinner.” The man’s face brightened up, much to Jumin’s dislike. “And father… Promise me you will not bring up this marriage thing on the table. I will check the girl just for you however shall I find her inappropriate, there will be no such thing like marriage.”

Oh, how kindly he put that into words, in the meantime some of his braincells were reading a manifesto named “Why Women Other Than Elizabeth the 3rd Shouldn’t Be Trusted and Never Be Wed” out loud.

“Excellent! I will inform them at once. You will like Mercedes a lot son, trust me.”

Yes, yes, yes, he sure liked those cars.