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The Mysterious Disappearance Of Izuku Midoriya

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“Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you know that I will be having an awesome meet up later in Ebisu, around 7pm. For more details please check my bio! I hope to see you there!” Izuku smiles and waved at the camera; the short video he uploaded to his instagram story while he was walking down what looked to be the busy streets of Shibuya.

Katsuki didn’t really know. In all honesty, he didn’t even care. Izuku was just some random influencer that had mutual friends. He was just another face upon the busy crowd.

The blonde flicked aimlessly through instagram, one hand holding his phone while the other held onto the supporting hoops of the train, his headphones blasting out something or other from his playlist, silencing itself every so often when he checked up on what people were up to.

“What the fuck?! You dropped pizza all over my gucci sliders how do you explain this?!” Denki shouted, zooming in on his spoiled gucci and then turning the camera to the culprit. Mina.

“It’s not like I did it on purpose! Will you stop being a baby and recording everything? It’s not like they were real anyway.”

Katsuki rolled his eyes and clicked off the story. It’s not like he cares what his friends were doing, but he was supposed to be going to a party with them all tonight.

Just as he thinks this a message pops up.

Speak of the devil. Why did he have to get signal right now?

‘Hey Katsuki! Are you getting here early because I need someone to wash my sliders.’

Fucking Denki. Why couldn’t he just wash them himself?

‘I’m on the train. Don’t bother me again.’

With a roll of his eyes, Katsuki zipped his phone in the pocket of his leather jacket and payed attention to where he was; two stops away from his destination.

He wished that he would never leave this train.

But as someone with a kid sat beside where he stood and kept tugging on his ripped jeans he strongly regretted that wish. He had never been more thankful to hear his stop in his life.

He hated kids at the best of times so put him in a situation where one won’t fuck off from around his feet, he will have the strongest urge to just jump off the train all together.

Arriving at the station, Katsuki rushes out the doors and adjusts the backpack he had hanging on one shoulder.

Thank god he was out of there. That train was way too hot with all those sweaty people around.

It was summer. Katsuki’s least favourite season. Where the sun sparked joy in many; in Katuki it sparked annoyance. He was already naturally a hot person so extra heat makes him feel likes he was about to explode or something. Maybe it was also due to how much black he wears too.

Nevertheless, he makes his journey to a small apartment where ‘the squad’ would be meeting up before their treck down to the nearest club.

“He has arrived! The man, the myth, the legend himself-“

“I’m not washing them” Katsuki dismissed, watching as Denki deflated, looking down at his feet in disappointment as if trying to mentally curse the pizza.

“Hey bro. Good to see you, is that bag suggesting you’re staying the night?” Eijiro walks in with Mina and Sero falling behind him as he grabs the bag from Katsuki and sets it beside the coats.

“Yeah. I don’t feel like being bladdered and finding my way back home. Dunno how late the trains are running either.”

“Fair enough dude, you’re on the floor though unfortunately, Mina and Sero have already claimed the sofas…” Eijiro informed as he rubbed the back of his neck nervously.

“Haha! Too late Katsuki! Team double trouble has seen through your plans!” Mina laughed as Sero nodded along with the most serious expression he could muster in this situation, his hands on his hips as he raised his head to look of a higher status.

Katsuki just rolled his eyes “Whatever. The floors fine.”

“Okay boomer. Just destroy our whole segment like that…” Sero sighed and waved him off as he walked back into the living room, everyone following behind him as Eijiro went to get beers for the pre-party.

When he came back into the room he passed everyone a drink and they all cheered to a great night, playing some music from their Alexa to get into the mood.

Katsuki downed around four or five cans after that, satisfied that he was ready to hit the town as he waited for the others to finish while scrolling on his phone.

He noticed that Izuku had posted to his story yet again, he was the only person to have updated his feed and Katsuki liked to keep all his circles greyed out for the satisfaction, so he decided to click on it.

But something made him stop from clicking the screen to pass it. Izuku looked as though he’d been crying and made a piss poor attempt to look as though he hadn’t.

“Hi everyone…I’m so sorry but I’m going to have to cancel the meet-up. I sincerely apologise but something…unexpected has come up. Please don’t worry! I-It’s nothing bad! I just have something I need to take care of…Once again, I’m really sorry, please don’t come to the assigned area and be safe. Bye.”

“What do you think happened?” Eijiro asks, leaning over his shoulder to look at his phone.

He didn’t realise it was playing out loud…

“Oh. I don’t know him he’s just some youtube person I think.”

Eijiro scrunched his eyebrows “you’re telling me you don’t know who Izuku is?”

Katsuki looked around in confusion “Am I supposed to?”

“He’s friends with Shouto. He has millions of followers online!…I wonder what happened to make him cancel like that…I know a lot of people were planning on going.”

Katsuki rolled his eyes “I don’t really care, I don’t even know why I follow him honestly…”

Eijiro bonked him upside the head “He went to school with us you dimwit!”

Katsuki held the back of his head in anger, ready to punch him in the face “WHAT THE FUCK-“

“Guys, if you’re done flirting we were gonna head out” Mina interrupted with a sigh having just finished lacing her boots.

Katsuki scowled and stood up, shoving his phone into his pocket as they began to walk out of the apartment “Fuck that. I’d rather flirt with a fucking shit stain.”

Eijiro held his hand to his heart, mocking offence “I’m flattered Katsuki, truly.”

“Aren’t you a detective now Katsuki? I thought you’d learn to be less vulgar working with all those uptight people” Denki pointed out.

“Who cares who they are? They took me on knowing what I’m like, it was their choice not mine.”

“Well…yeah but you applied for the job” Sero added ever so helpfully, only seeming to add to Katsuki ever-lingering rage.

“Can we stop talking about my life for two fucking seconds or i’m gonna fucking explode!”

“Calm down buff baby, we know you’re all talk” Mina grinned.

“I literally have a gun on me right now!”

Denki huffed “Don’t remind us, you care more about that damn gun then you do about your friends.”

“You bet i fucking do!”

When they arrived at the club, it wasn’t the usual one Katsuki had come to expect.

“Prissy Princess? Who names their fucking nightclub after some prozzie twink?” Katsuki expresses his distaste, looking to his left where someone was puking their guts up in a bush.

Mina sighed and turned to look at him, her serious face somewhat not so serious with those ridiculous rosy 80’s glasses she was wearing.

“Now look here Katsuki. We scavenged through over 25 different clubs surrounding this area to find one that you might like. You do not wanna ruin this one for us or so help me I will take that gun and shove it so far up your ass you’ll be shitting 9mm’s for weeks, understood?!”

Katsuki gulped and looked away while clearing his throat “Y-yeah, got it.”

Mina sighed and took a deep breath before plastering one a bright smile “alright everyone, let’s head on inside.”

Katsuki looked over to where the others stood, all with a look of shock on their faces.

“D-dude, Mina’s kinda hot…” Eijiro blushed, but was knocked out of his trance when katsuki backhanded his dick as he walked past, leaving him out of breath while Denki and Sero fussed over their fallen friend.

Getting past security and stepping into the club, Katsuki could see why tho solace was definitely different, this place was huge! It had at least four story’s, each of which you could see as you looked upward. He could see now why Mina thought he’d be more well suited to this place. The clubs they went to before were always small and crowed, and he was barred from multiple after causing fights. In his defence, someone had tried to spike his drink, but Katsuki wasn’t stupid and kicked the fuck out of the dirty old man, as for the others…well Katsuki didn’t like when people looked at him funny. It was a valid excuse, okay? They looked like they wanted a fight!

“Well Katsuki, what do you think? The first floor is the dance floor, the second is the bar and then we have a casino on the third floor and a lounge on the fourth, pretty neat huh?” Mina enthused having time shout over the loud music.

All in all, this place was pretty legit. Not that anyone would’ve expected with a name like ‘Prissy Princess’.

“Yeah I guess. I’m gonna get a drink, do you want anything?”

Mina hummed for a minute holding a finger to her chin “You can order me a unicorn gin and I’ll be up there soon, I’m just gonna get to know the locals before I head up.”

Katsuki shook his head and rolled his eyes. He’d think she knew everyone here by now by the amount of time she’d spend at Eijiro’s apartment. He swear she basically lived there now.

Thankfully the place wasn’t too crowded, the first floor was pretty solid but thankfully as he climbed higher the crowd had thinned but not so much that he could spot people out from a crowd.

Finally making it to the bar he plopped on the only free seat that was available (lucky) and ordered his and Mina’s drink deciding the others can order for themselves when they make it up here.

“Excuse me,” At the familiar voice he turned around to see a head of green curls that he wasn’t expecting to see at all “you’re Katsuki Bakugou right? I’m Izuku Midoriya!…We went to school together” Izuku laughed nervously trailing off as he saw the confusion in Katsuki’s eyes.

It wasn’t that Katsuki didn’t know who he was. Obviously he doesn’t remember him from school but he was more confused about the reason he was here, he cancelled a meet and greet to go clubbing? Then again, it wasn’t any of his business.

“Can I help you?”

The guy next to him thankfully saw their interaction and offered Izuku his seat which he gracefully accepted.

“Thank you so much!” He smiles to the man who gave him a friendly thumbs up and walked away.

“A unicorn gin and Pinnacle Caramel Apple.”

Katsuki thanked the bartender as he brought the drinks closer to him, starting to sip on his.

Izuku smiled “Are you here with someone?”

Katsuki huffed “Yeah, I’m here with a whole group actually.”

“Wow, you were always so popular back in school too, you must have a lot of friends!”

Katsuki frowned and shook his head “Being popular doesn’t automatically mean everyone’s your friend…” deciding not to continue, Katsuki turned to face Izuku who was watching him curiously.

“You want a drink?” Katsuki offered, only for Izuku to smile and shake his head.

“Sorry, I don’t drink.”

Katsuki snorted and gestured all around them “Then why are you here?”

Izuku smile fell slightly before he covered it up and Katsuki couldn’t tell if the twinkle in his eye was fake or not “I’m here for a friend.”

Katsuki nodded, feeling as though his detective skills were working overtime, not intentionally of course, but he knew ways around finding out what he wanted to know without explicitly stating it “They plan on leaving you alone all night?”

Izuku kept his smile but the twinkle in his eyes faded “Of course not! I’m just happy they’re having a good time…I’ll make my way back to them soon.”

Katsuki hummed and sipped at his drink again “If they really cared about you, they wouldn’t leave you alone in a huge place like this.”

At this Katsuki had finally managed to make Izuku’s smile fall, but it wasn’t as satisfying as he had hoped it would be and the glistening of tears made him feel so fucking guilty.

“…Do you always look this deep into things?” Izuku asked Katsuki barely hearing him over the music, but he heard enough.

“Sorry I guess. I’m a detective, it’s my job.”

Izuku smiled wobbly and wiped away his tears “That’s amazing Katsuki. I’m so glad you were able to become something…”

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?”

Izuku shook his head and stood up “It was really nice seeing you again Katsuki but I really should be getting back to my friend, I’m not supposed to wonder too far otherwise I’ll get lost,I’m terrible with navigating my way through places haha…I hope you continue to work hard Katsuki, I know you’ll grow to be a very respected Detective someday. I’ll be cheering you on as your number one fan, so I hope you get many interesting cases!”

Katsuki could only watch with shock as Izuku walked away, his heart clench at the words. Someone believed in him…his abilities. He had a fan. Him.

He couldn’t just let him down now, not knowing he had expectations to uphold. And honestly? It felt good…great even. It was like he finally had a chance to prove himself. His efforts would be recognised. It was…surreal to say the least.

“Sorry for the wait! Didn’t mean to leave you hanging on our first date” Mina teased, grabbing her drink and sipping at the glittering liquor.

“Yeah yeah, are we going to fucking dance or what?” Katsuki asked with a smirk and he stood up, taking his drink with him.

“My my, I thought you’d never ask” Mina cheered, grabbing his hand and leading him through the crowd.

Hours later after partying for their lives until 4am, they were hammered, Mina had somehow stolen someone’s furry scarf that honestly looked like cheap tinsel, Sero had neon cello tape down one side of his clothes and face for some reason, Denki had adopted a blow up shark which he tucked under his arm as he ate food with his other hand and Eijiro had someone’s number written on his face as a Santa hat transformed his persona. It wasn’t even Christmas, seriously, where did that come from?

Katsuki unluckily has gotten silly string and different coloured spray dye in his hair. Someone had been having fun waving those things around and Katsuki just so happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“Let’s go ho ho ho home” Eijiro lead, as the rest trailed behind him in fits over his joke.

Katsuki couldn’t help but laugh to, normally he’d be angry at a joke like that but give him a few drinks and he’ll be laughing at anything and everything.

As the turned the corner, the sound of a loud illegal engine came roaring down the street passing them at an insane speed that was way to fast for a 30’s zone.

“I hope you die you idiot! But if you take me for a ride I might reconsider!” Mina roared, the group laughing at her, apart from Katsuki. He found himself watching after the car until he couldn’t see it anymore.

Somehow, he knew something was wrong before anything had even happened.