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In unison, Mine and Shinada sunk to their knees, hands folded in front of them. Daigo smirked, crouching down and planting a small kiss on their foreheads. He lingered on Mine, tilting his head as he cupped his chin, raising it up with a hum.

Mine gulped, nails tensing against his thighs. With another thoughtful hum, Daigo nodded, kissing him again.

“Your turn tonight.”

“Y-yes Daigo. Thank you.”

The three of them still felt new to being a trio, still figuring out how to function through certain spaces. They found their positions quite easily though after discussion – Daigo was always in charge, and Mine and Shinada submitted. Sometimes it was both of them, sometimes just the one, and the other would take on a secondary role, aiding in their play. That’s what tonight was going to be.

Mine would admit he preferred this specific dynamic. His place was between Daigo and Shinada. Despite being taller than Daigo, he was a lot trimmer than both of them, and seeing their thicker bodies pressed against him made him feel smaller, but safer.

Daigo told him to sit on the bed, which he did, legs over the side and back straight.

Shinada tilted his head to his shoulder, then looked up at Daigo for guidance.

“Go join him, Tatsuo.”

He nodded and soon Shinada was sat on his knees behind Mine, breath hot against his neck.

Daigo tugged his T-shirt down a little, still remaining standing in front of Mine and staring him down, before taking his face in his hands.

“I’m starving Daigo-kun,” Shinada said, his whisper tickling behind Mine’s ear.

“Mm, as am I,” Daigo said, raising Mine’s chin higher, “But where to start?”

Mine gulped, closing his eyes for a moment. He felt himself get moved back, the bed springs creaking with the added weight of Daigo crawling on him, pushed to lean against Shinada. His wrists were pinned against his back, and he gulped in anticipation.

He opened his eyes again when he felt Shinada bury his face against the curve of his neck, kissing there softly, emphasising each one with a small “mwah!”

With this distraction however, Daigo made his first move. He gripped Mine at the elbow and the shoulder, sinking his teeth into the bicep with a soft growl.

Mine hissed slightly, though his lips started to curl into a grin. He leaned in to nuzzle a small kiss against Daigo’s cheek – keep going.

Daigo grunted, practically chewing on the mouthful he had before pulling back, panting slightly. He left behind dark purple-red marks, deepest around where his oddly sharp canines had pressed into his flesh.

He smirked, poking the mark hard and getting a small wince in response from Mine.

Shinada joined in now, his tender neck kisses turning into sharp nips as he sucked the skin.

“Careful there Tatsuo,” Daigo said, tracing the lines of Mine’s stomach muscles, “Not too many that can show, you know that rule for Yoshitaka and I.”

“Then he should be so damn tasty around here,” Shinada said. He wrapped his arms around Mine, grabbing both of his pecs in his hands and giving a squeeze. “He doesn’t have much meat on him as is.”

“You more than make up for that.” Mine spoke up for the first time in a while, voice croaked slightly as he wriggled one arm free to place a hand over one of Shinada’s.

“You calling me fat, Yoshi-kun?”

Shinada hissed the question in his ear, playfully, groping his chest more.

Mine half-lidded his eyes, watching as Daigo measured up his thighs with his fingers. “Well. I know I would never fill you up, especially if you’re sharing with Daigo. Your...appetite has caught up to you, certainly.”

Another bite to his neck. “Aren’t you feeling rude today?”

Shinada paused and chuckled. “I like it.”

Mine couldn’t respond to the banter, instead reacted to another bite around his waist, Daigo pushing him further back against Shinada as he gnawed him.

Daigo’s nails dug down into Mine’s stomach, dragging along over and over like he was trying to tear him open. Mine gritted his teeth, lowering his eyes to watch the vivid red marks appearing on his skin, fading for a second before the pressure was reapplied. Soon small flecks of skin started to peel with the repetitive motion, his stomach sore.

He could only let out a small shuddered breath.

Daigo smirked, pushing back his hair as it fell out of place, then licked along the scratches, both soothing and amplifying the pain as he put some pressure there.

“You understand what these marks mean, right Yoshitaka?”

Mine swallowed, nodding. “I’m yours.”

“Good boy...and the ones from Tatsuo?”

He swallowed again, feeling Shinada nibble his shoulders, letting out a small eager whine.

“So that I know my place. Below him in the hierarchy.”

“Of course that’s how you put it,” Shinada mumbled, even rolling his eyes slightly.


Daigo simply had to lower his voice slightly for Shinada to be quiet. He then shifted closer, holding Mine by the throat. He applied some pressure with his thumb and forefinger, but not enough that it was choking – they hadn’t properly prepared for that.

Mine raised his chin, watching the light glint in Daigo’s eyes. His expression was so calm, but calculating as those eyes traced down Mine’s neck and over his collarbones. Still sizing him up.

Mine couldn’t help his small shiver though, gulping heavily as Daigo leaned in to kiss him, of course biting his lips as he did. He wasn’t even flexing any of his true power, but all it took was a look and a light touch for Mine to feel this way.

In his ear, Shinada chuckled, hand sliding down to rub the front of Mine’s underwear.

“Doesn’t take much, does it?” he said softly, teasing, as if he could read his mind.

That’s what they were doing now. Playing with him. Prolonging his want for more, just for their own amusement. And his.

Which, admittedly, was part of what they’d discussed. One of the first things they did was lay down some fantasies that could easily be fulfilled.

Mine wanted to feel helpless. Like he had no escape. Of course he actually did, he could easily wiggle his way out if he wanted, a swift knee and elbow to the guts of his partners, but in the space they’d created, he couldn’t. He was nothing but a weak little deer caught by a powerful hunter and his wild dog, and they were toying with him before they slit his throat and consumed him fully.

But the power they exerted over him was exactly what made him feel so safe with them. So rarely was he able to let go and let someone else take responsibility. As intense as it could get, it was somehow relaxing for him.

The moment of peace was immediately cut short as Daigo lunged for his neck, biting down hard.

Mine yelped out, the sound cutting out partially. Like a death cry was a thought that oddly popped to mind.

“Hey! How come you’re allowed to bite there?” Shinada cried, huffing childishly.

Daigo pulled back, raising a brow at the several marks made by Shinada already lining Mine’s throat. Shinada blushed, looking away with a pout.

“Okay, but still. Some rules for me should be rules for you too.”

Daigo just shook his head and laughed, moving to Mine’s chest and biting there.

“I know you both always compliment my breasts,” he said quietly, cupping one of the pecs and lifting it with a dazed smirk. He brushed a thumb back and forth over a nipple, pupils dilating eagerly. “But fuck me Yoshitaka. Yours are insane.”

“Th-thank you,” Mine said, feeling his cheeks start to flush. He was slipping further into a blissful sort of trance, but had enough consciousness left to respond and react.

Shinada, meanwhile, decided to go over where Daigo had just bitten him on the throat, suckling on the indents and reinvigorating their pain.

Mine nuzzled his cheek against Shinada’s face, whining slightly for more attention, which he got in another love bite and more playing with his chest.

Daigo gently planted some kisses down his middle, before pushing his thighs apart. A finger traced the seam of his pants, making him squirm, before Daigo bit down into his left leg.

It felt harder this time, harder than before, enough that Mine spasmed a little at the waist. He moaned deeply, about to try and mumble something about maybe starting to get into some other kind of play, when-

“...fuck. Fuck!” Daigo pulled away, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. “Indigo.”

And immediately Shinada stopped too, raising his head. “The heck did you do?”

Mine couldn’t snap out of it as quickly. He heard the safe word, certainly, but it would take more than that for him to return to ‘normal’, so to speak.

Daigo didn’t answer Shinada, just stumbled off towards the bathroom. Shinada shook his head slightly, moving from behind Mine but still holding him up, carefully holding him by the arms to give him some kind of grounding touch.

“There we go...nice and easy...”

He trailed off, eyes going wide for a second. “Holy crap.”

“ it?”

“I am so sorry Yoshitaka,” Daigo mumbled, rushing back into the bedroom with a damp cloth, “I know I have quite a strong bite but...”

The cloth was pressed against his thigh, the sudden sensation of wet and cold helping to bring him back a bit more. It was then Mine noticed the small smear of blood there, that Daigo was hurriedly trying to clean up.

“You...broke my skin?”

“Again, I’m so, so sorry,” Daigo said, looking away, “I got carried away.”

“Daigo, it’s fine...”

Mine reached out to stroke Daigo’s hair, appreciating the soft texture, whilst glancing at Shinada with a small tilt of his head.

Admittedly, this hadn’t killed the mood for Mine, arguably the complete opposite, but it had clearly frazzled Daigo and thrown him off track. Shinada seemed to understand too, and rubbed Daigo’s back.

“Hey. Let’s call it a night for now, huh?”

Daigo blinked, pulling the cloth away and nodding.

“Yeah. Okay. Sorry, again.”

“Daigo, you know you don’t need to apologise,” Mine said, paying with his tufty sideburn as he traced down his face.

He did still glance at his thigh curiously. It didn’t even look to have been that much blood, a paper-cut’s worth perhaps, but obviously seeing it was different to tasting it. He did get a small tingle in his stomach though – would this leave a more permanent reminder? For the sake of Daigo’s guilt complex, he hoped not, but for his own little pleasure…he prayed it would give him even the tiniest of scars.

Daigo stood up, snapping his fingers. “I’ll go run you a bath, dear. That’ll be nice, right? Ah, Tatsuo, how about you get some drinks?”

Shinada nodded, then looked at Mine, still swaying slightly on the spot as he came back to.

“In a second. Go run that bath.”

Daigo hummed, leaning down to kiss Mine’s forehead softly.

“You did very well, my dear,” he said gently, “Such a good boy.”

“Hey, we’re trying to snap him outta it, not put him deeper! Shoo!”

Daigo hurried off towards the bathroom with a small laugh, leaving Mine and Shinada alone. Shinada carefully took Mine and slowly laid down, resting Mine’s head just under his chest.

Mine blinked hard, hand moving to rest against Shinada’s ribs, head slowly rising and falling with each breath the other man took.

“Thank you,” he mumbled, feeling his brain clear, more like himself again. He closed his eyes for a moment, enjoying the calming just about audible beat of Shinada’s heart. He then blushed, embarrassed. “I’m...uh...sorry for calling you fat earlier.”

“I mean, I am,” Shinada snorted, stroking Mine’s hair, “Not like any of us complain.”

“Especially not right now,” Mine added, moving slightly so he could wrap up Shinada’s middle with a hug, “Very cuddly...”

“Room for one more?”

Daigo leaned against the door frame, smiling at the two. He didn’t wait for an answer though, snuggling up to Shinada’s side with one arm laid carefully over Mine’s back.

“Bath shouldn’t be long, another few minutes.”

Immediately as he said this, Mine wiggled himself so he was sandwiched between the other two.

Daigo chuckled and kissed his forehead again. “You okay?”

“Yeah.” Mine squirmed a little, feeling them press against him. Another way of feeling consumed, safe with them. “Thank you. It was perfect.”

He moved his hand to touch one of his bruises, poking down and shivering slightly. “That bath is going to be wonderful for these though...”

“Think I’ll open that bottle of red,” Shinada mumbled, nuzzling into the back of Mine’s neck, “Hot bath and a glass of wine...that’s luxury.”

“The one that Hokkaido group gave me?” Daigo asked, before wrinkling his nose, “Hm, it’s pretty cheap actually, but still tastes good. Might make something to eat too, I’m pretty peckish.”

“Mm, yeah. Do we have anything? Because I am not going down to FamilyMart at this time.”

“I think there’s some snacks in the fridge...might be a good movie on one of the channels if we check.”

Daigo groaned, sitting up and rubbing the back of his neck. He then placed a hand gently on Mine’s shoulder.

“Hey. Come on, your bath should be ready now.”

Mine sighed, blissfully, and nodded. He rolled over to give Shinada a quick kiss on the cheek, before sitting up and doing the same for Daigo.

“Thank you…”



Mine immediately slapped his hand over his mouth, face bright red and eyes wide.

The whole boardroom went dead silent as his scream interrupted the post-meeting chatter, everyone glancing over curiously. Even Daigo, who had been deep in conversation with Kashiwagi close by, looked over his shoulder to frown at him.

Majima blinked, his finger still extended from where it had just jabbed Mine in one of the band-aid’s on his throat.


“Is there a problem?” Kashiwagi asked, narrowing his eyes at the ones still staring, who quickly dispersed.

“Sorry, I just...” Majima flailed his hand, still eyeing Mine’s neck. “Got distracted. Couldn’t focus on anything else all meeting and just...yeah, sorry Mine-chan. You cut yourself shavin’ or somethin’?”

Daigo covered his own mouth to stifle a small snort of laughter. Mine went more and more red.

“Uh. Yes,” he said, thankful his voice didn’t crack as he spoke, “I was in a rush this morning. Distracted by…things.”

Those things being Shinada giving him lots of groggy kisses as he tried to make breakfast, which led to them making out on the kitchen counter, which led to breakfast burning, which-

Majima’s eye flickered between the two, brow raised. “Ya need a better razor. Hit me up, I know some good ones.”

He paused again, leaning in closer and scoffing. “No need to shave that far down your throat though kid.”

“Yes, I...know that now, Majima-san.” Mine gulped, knowing Majima had noticed the light dusting of stubble across his chin and upper lip. He wasn’t to know exactly what had happened, but it obviously wasn’t a shaving accident. “Thank you.”

Daigo managed to keep most of his composure until a bit later in his office, dragging Mine in behind him and bursting out laughing. It became even harder when he excitedly called Shinada to tell him.

“It’s not that funny!” Mine cried, smirking himself as he started to blush, rubbing the back of his neck, “The band-aids were your idea! I said we should have used makeup.”

“Oh yeah, because we have plenty of that lying about,” Shinada said, in between small squealed giggles on the other end of the line, “Or should we have just smeared Dojima-kun’s eyeliner all over your neck?”

“I still hate that you found that,” Daigo mumbled, rubbing under his eyes as he managed to catch his breath, shaking his head, “This is why I said to avoid the throat.”

“Hey, you did it too Dojima-kun!”

Daigo just scoffed, crooking his finger for Mine to come around the desk. He then grabbed him by the tie to pull him down, peeling up the edge of one plaster to investigate the bruise under it.

“They should clear up in a few days,” he mumbled, gently pressing down to get the small whine from Mine, before adding in a louder voice, “You wanna meet up with us later Tatsuo? I think maybe the makeup route may be a bit better.”

He paused, cupping Mine’s cheek. “Or should we just show them off to the world?”

“After work?” Shinada hummed, seemingly ignoring most of what Daigo had said, as there was the sounds of him opening up drawers and rummaging through them in the background. “Yeah, sounds fun. Six o’clock by Park Boulevard good for you two?”

“Yeah, we should be done by then. I only really have to file Hakuho’s finances today,” Mine said, feeling more tugging around his throat as Daigo pulled him closer.

He smiled, sliding himself onto Daigo’s lap and wrapping his arms around his waist. “I’ll pay for dinner tonight too. Your choice, Shinada.”

“Mmm, I’ll have a good think.”Shinada paused, chuckling slightly as they heard a drawer bump closed. “See you later babes~!”

Once he hung up, Daigo immediately leaned in to start kissing Mine, still holding him by the tie. Mine sighed into it, settling himself into the motions.

He started to wiggle down the knot of Daigo’s own tie, but was interrupted by his phone buzzing in his jacket pocket, as well as Daigo’s message tone pinging.

“What on earth?”

They both reached for their phones, finding the message was from their group chat with Shinada.

“Hm. It’s just a photo. How odd.”

Then they both went very quiet seeing it. Shinada, full view in the bathroom mirror, sticking his tongue out and wearing nothing but a pair of lacy blue underwear that were tight enough to be digging into his thighs and highly emphasising his bulge.

“,” was all Daigo could manage, blush creeping up his face.

“When did he buy those?” Mine mumbled, feeling his mouth go dry very suddenly. He paused, biting his bottom lip. “You think he’ll keep them on for dinner?”

“...fuck, I hope so.”