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Sand in the Hourglass

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Finally, he'd found her. 

It had taken years of searching and he'd pulled in every favor he'd spent the last five hundred years accumulating, but he had found her.

Higurashi Kagome.

He studied the portfolio the private investigator had put together. In a way, it was odd. Five hundred years had passed and yet she looked exactly as he recalled five hundred years before. She had been impervious to time, flitting back and forth freely between two eras, while he'd had to plod along, alone.

Rin had long since died. Jaken had also succumbed to age a century ago and Ah-Un had passed on before that. While some of the daiyokais had survived to the modern era, most had died out long ago.

It was something he'd hoped his actions would remedy, but it was not his only focus.

He wanted to undo his actions from five hundred years before.

Higurashi Kagome would be his. He would make sure of it.

He would not allow her to slip away a second time. He had done nothing, acted upon nothing, fooling himself into believing that a relationship between them would not be feasible. He had rationalized himself into inaction. She, he'd believed, was beneath him. She was human. She was a priestess.

And she was in love with his half-brother.

But now, knowing all that he did, knowing how her relationship with InuYasha had ended, and knowing the misery that had awaited his decision, he would not allow himself to fail a second time. He had the benefit of time now, the knowledge of the past, and of himself, and he would do all that he could to ensure a change.

Sesshomaru closed the portfolio with a graceful motion. It was time to put the plan he'd been developing for centuries into action, ever since he'd learned the truth of her origins. 

Kagome would fall for him by the end of it; he promised himself that. 

Soon, all would be right in the world again.